activate and save the demo as a pdf file - EDP with integrated TDP ...

activate and save the demo as a pdf file - EDP with integrated TDP ...

Employee Development Planning

• Online appraisal system

• Systematic approach to entire EDP process

• Supports development and improvements of performance

• Creates cohesion throughout your organisation


1. Benefits of the EDP system

2. How to get started and register your company

3. How to configure employees and distribute EDP questionnaires

4. How to prepare for EDP

5. How to hold EDP meetings and record notes

6. How to follow up on agreements, and visually present results to employees and your director

7. EDP with integrated Team Development Planning (TDP)

8. Ethics, data access and costs


1. Benefits of the

EDP system?


What EDP offers

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ensures EDP



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Tool for

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Find up-to-date EDP knowledge and help from our website



30 questions

Divided into 5 categories:

• The job

• Work colleagues

• Customers

• The organisation

• The future

Once the questionnaires have been completed, charts showing the

averages are automatically generated for each question and

category. The thin blue line shows the average score across the



Questions can be customised to suit your organisation.

Advantages of our EDP system

• Covers three levels:

• Director

• Manager

• Employee

• Customised questions/issues can be

easily integrated with the tool

• Visual overview of employee responses

by department accessible to the manager

and his director (useful for manager’s EDP


• Facility to benchmark against other


• Facility to send visual overviews to top

management or the HR department

• Improve the quality of your EDP meetings

and save time (save 30-45 minutes per


• All agreements across the department

are grouped into a single overview



2. How to get started and

register your company?


Registering your company

The director registers the company at by

clicking on ”Subscribe” – you will now be redirected to our secure

server, where registration

takes place.

Once you have accepted the conditions, you indicate your type of

organisation (private or public), and enter current registration

data. You will then be allocated the appropriate

EDP questionnaire which may be customised as desired.


Setting up manager accounts

Administration takes place via the director's page. The

director can create (and update) manager accounts,

and assign extra licences where there are more than 30

employees per manager. Once a manager's name and

email address has been set up, they automatically

receive an email containing access information for their

manager’s page. The director can also view statistics

per department from the director’s page.


EDP statistics

The director can see how many

employees in each department have

completed EDP questionnaires (e.g. 2

out of 4 = 2/4).

The director can also send charts to the parent

company, HR department, etc., from the

administration page.


Notification email

Dear Jonna L.,

Your organisation has recently subscribed to EDP, an online appraisal tool, which we hope you will find

both constructive and user friendly.

How do you log in?

We take your security very seriously. Your account is therefore stored on our secure server.

Log in on with the following username and password:


Password: (copy and paste this into the login field)


Save this information in a personal folder on your computer. You will need it on an ongoing basis when

filling in the EDP form. If you are unable to finish the form in one go, you can easily log back in to


If others have access to your computer you should not allow Windows to remember your password. It

will constitute a great safety risk, as others could get access to your EDP minutes.

How does EDP take place?

First, the EDP form must be filled in as accurately as possible. The more honest you are in your

feedback, the more likely you are to have a rewarding EDP process.

Once the director has set up all the manager accounts, each

manager will receive an email containing their manager account

password. Each manager is also automatically set up as an

employee in relation to the director, and will therefore also

receive an email notifying them of their EDP meeting with the

director. Emails are sent via our secure server from

Beware that all questions must be answered with a score between 1 and 6 for the EDP form to be

submitted and continue to the meeting with your manager. Once you have finished, click ‘Submit


New EDP round

Once the EDP round for the current year is over (irrespective of

whether it stretches into the next calendar year), the director

initiates a new EDP round for the entire organisation from the

administration page. The EDP round for the previous year must

now be complete, as all questionnaires will be locked.


3. How to set up employees and

distribute EDP questionnaires?


EDP status

Managers set up each employee on the manager’s page, entering their name and email address.

The status code changes colour as the employee completes their questionnaire ( Unopened, In

progress, Submitted, Completed). The page also contains an overview of agreements and one-year

and three-year statistics for the department.

To edit or add new employees: Click on 'Edit list' and add the

employee or edit an existing employee.

There are two document buttons beside each employee: CV (to

regularly update the employee's CV), and Notes (to record things

the manager needs to remember).


Distributing EDP questionnaires

Click here to send

them individually

The manager can distribute EDP questionnaires to all

employees at once (click: Send questionnaires), or

individually (click: Send)



Click on ? symbols

to display help

This is an example

of a help dialog



4. How to prepare for EDP?


Preparing for EDP meetings

Using the account password provided, employees access their

EDP questionnaire and respond to approx. 30 questions within

five categories. They enter scores between 1 (low) and 6 (high).

They can also enter a comment for any response.


5. How to hold EDP meetings

and record notes?


EDP meetings - process

Completed by employee in advance

Write notes here

The employee fills out the EDP questionnaire in advance, and

the manager has access to this during the EDP meeting.

Discussion is based around the employee's responses, and a new

column appears to record notes along the way. Once the EDP

meeting is over and the notes have been entered, click on

’Submit' and both parties automatically receive an email

containing notes from the meeting.


EDP meetings - process (cont...)

During the EDP meeting, the manager should be very aware of making specific agreements along the

way in relation to the employee's skill development and goals for the year ahead. These are

immediately entered under the last two points at any point during the meeting. Agreements are

automatically copied over into the next EDP round...

... where they are listed under agreements for 'last year'. This

means you can evaluate last year's agreements during EDP and

review the results!


6. How to follow up on agreements

and present visual results

to employees and your director?



From the manager’s page the manager can now click on

'Agreements'. All agreements that have been made with the

given person are then displayed in a clear overview, which can be

used as a basis for action.


Agreement overview

The leader can check off agreements in the overview as they are


Agreements relating to skills development can be sent to the HR

department, etc.

Agreements (including their status) are automatically carried over

into the EDP screen for the following year. Fulfilled agreements

are shown in green – unfulfilled agreements in red.


Visual presentation of results

The manager can view six

visual presentations of

the department's results

following EDP:

One for each of the five

categories like the chart

shown here, and an

overview chart showing

the score distribution for

all questions across the

whole department.

The five categories are

discussed at an employee

meeting and an action

plan must be agreed.


Visual presentation of results


Confidential EDP meetings between

each employee and the manager

The manager takes the six charts to his EDP

meeting with his director, who uses them as a

guide and basis for manager development. The

director also has access to the overview charts.



Confidential EDP meeting

between the manager and director






7. EDP with integrated

Team Development Planning (TDP)


EDP with integrated Team Development Planning (TDP)

• Our EDP system has integrated support for Team Development Planning (TDP)

• The manager selects relevant participants from the department and places them into groups.

He can also select employees managed by other managers in the company (e.g.

interdisciplinary projects)

• The system contains a draft TDP questionnaire which can be used as is or adjusted and


• The system manages distribution of the agenda, preparation material and minutes from the

TDP meeting, which are automatically emailed to all participants

• An overview is generated of all TDP agreements from each group, and from all groups in the


• This ensures agreements will be followed up before the next round of TDP


8. Ethics, data access and costs


Ethics and access to data

• The EDP questionnaires are stored on a secure server (

• The meeting discussion and notes are internal and confidential between the given employee

and his or her line manager

• If the manager leaves the organisation no-one is entitled to access the confidential statements

in the EDP questionnaires – but the new manager has access to charts and statistics

• This is one reason why it is important for the average charts and agreements from EDP

meetings to be passed on in the system – so accumulated knowledge is not lost

• The director only has access to the average charts


• The net-based EDP system costs DKK 1,199 (approx. € 158) for each manager, covering up to 30

employees, including changes to up to five questions. This fee covers set up costs and the

licence for the first year. Integrated support for TDP is included

• A licence costs DKK 899 (approx. € 119) per year for each following year

• Questions may be further customised at a cost of DKK 275 (approx. € 36) per question

• Rapid and effective support is available if you run into problems

• You are always welcome to draw on our extensive employee and manager development

experience and expertise. This will be charged separately

• All prices exclude VAT


The End


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