Chapter 1

In Pursuit of Growth

and Innovation

Steve Bell

Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty.


Jacob Bronowski

Scientist and author of The Ascent of Man

◾ Why Lean IT plays an essential role in the ability of the enterprise to

run, grow, and transform

◾ Why sustained success requires a dynamic balance of operational

excellence and innovation

◾ Why a new approach to governance can help drive innovation and

alleviate uncertainty across the IT portfolio

◾ Why it’s more important to be a “learner” than a “knower”

The CIO is sitting in a large and well appointed but empty conference room,

a cup of cold coffee beside him as he thumbs through his fifty-page project

portfolio. Casually he says to me, “Ten percent of my annual $1 billion budget—over

one hundred million dollars—is waste. It’s not adding value to our

business or our customers.” Then he stops. He leans forward, lowering his

voice: “You and I both know it’s probably much more than that—I just can’t

say it openly.”

Do the math. If even 10% of the IT annual spend is waste, what is the

value of discovering and permanently eliminating that waste? And what


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