Fall 2003 - St. Charles Preparatory School

Fall 2003 - St. Charles Preparatory School

Fall 2003 - St. Charles Preparatory School


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the<br />


<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong> Alumni Magazine <strong>Fall</strong> <strong>2003</strong><br />

Inside<br />

Msgr. Clement Faistl ’29 is a<br />

member of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>’ third<br />

graduating class and today holds<br />

the distinction as the longestserving<br />

priest in the Catholic<br />

Diocese of Columbus. He<br />

recounts a lifetime of experiences<br />

that include being an Army<br />

chaplain at the D-Day invasion,<br />

the Battle of the Buldge, and the<br />

Korean War. Page 3<br />

Rev. Jonathan Wilson ’92, says of<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, “I was challenged to<br />

be my best …and encouraged to<br />

achieve excellence in every<br />

respect.” The newly-ordained Fr.<br />

Wilson talks about his journey to<br />

the priesthood and how the<br />

death of his friend and<br />

classmate, Frank Dury, affected<br />

his life. Page 32<br />

Forty alumni from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

<strong>Preparatory</strong> and Aquinas College<br />

High <strong>School</strong>, who died in service<br />

to their country, were honored<br />

last May at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> with the<br />

dedication of a new memorial<br />

grove and marker. Read about the<br />

moving ceremony and a special<br />

tribute to the late Bob Ferris ’56.<br />

Page 11<br />

<strong>St</strong>eve Moore ’00, a member of<br />

Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate’s 2002 national<br />

championship team, entered the<br />

university on a full academic<br />

scholarship, not as a football<br />

recruit. Moore tells about making<br />

the team as a walk-on, his<br />

success in the classroom, and<br />

his experiences from the <strong>2003</strong><br />

Fiesta Bowl. Page 14<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> theatre director Doug<br />

Montgomery provides an update<br />

on several gifted <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

alumni involved in the<br />

entertainment industry. 1979<br />

alumnus, Bernie DeLeo, also<br />

shares his experiences on a<br />

The career Distinctive “rollercoaster” Leader ride in Catholic Education<br />

through show business. Page 15<br />

“Freedom is Never Free”<br />

Memorial Grove Dedication brings together<br />

alumni of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong> and<br />

Aquinas College High <strong>School</strong><br />


the<br />


The magazine for alumni and friends<br />

of Saint <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

Autumn <strong>2003</strong> Volume 18, Number 1<br />

Saint <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

2010 East Broad <strong>St</strong>reet<br />

Columbus, Ohio 43209-1665<br />

www.stcharlesprep.org<br />

Advisory Board<br />

James P. Finn ’65<br />

Chairman<br />

Robert W. Horner III ’79<br />

Vice Chairman<br />

Leonard J. lannarino Jr. ’58<br />

Secretary<br />

Rev. William L. Arnold ’70<br />

Albert J. Bell ’78<br />

Rev. Thomas J. Brosmer ’61<br />

Michael L. Close ’62<br />

Hugh J. Dorrian ’53<br />

Louis V. Fabro ’49<br />

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Mrs. Patricia D. Kletzly<br />

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Richard J.M. Miller ’75<br />

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David L. Pemberton Jr. ’79<br />

Daniel L. Rankin III ’53<br />

Thomas N. Ryan, D.D.S. ’58<br />

T. Jay Ryan III ’76<br />

Henry J. Sherowski<br />

Press C. Southworth III ’65<br />

George G. Vargo ’58<br />

Emeritus Members<br />

Msgr. William A. Dunn ’57<br />

James T. Foley Jr.<br />

Joseph M. Gallen, M.D. ’35<br />

John J. Ritz ’47<br />

Richard R. <strong>St</strong>edman ’54<br />

F. W. “Bill” Sullivan Jr.<br />

Michael M. Sullivan ’58<br />

Administration<br />

Dominic J. Cavello ’64<br />

Principal<br />

Scott M. Pharion<br />

Assistant Principal & Academic Dean<br />

James R. Lower<br />

Assistant Principal & Dean of <strong>St</strong>udents<br />

The Campaign for <strong>St</strong> <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Robert D. Walter ’63<br />

Honorary Chairman<br />

Matthew A. Howard ’58<br />

Co-chairman<br />

Timothy M. Kelley ’76<br />

Co-Chairman<br />

<strong>2003</strong>-04 Annual Fund<br />

Thomas N. Ryan, D.D.S. ’58<br />

Alumni Chairman<br />

Mike and Marcia Kelty<br />

Parent Co-chairs<br />

Alumni & Development <strong>St</strong>aff<br />

Douglas H. <strong>St</strong>ein ’78<br />

Director of Development<br />

Louis J. Fabro ’83<br />

Director of Alumni Affairs & Communications<br />

Cheryl F. Taynor<br />

Development Secretary<br />

Louis V. Fabro ’49<br />

Senior Editor<br />

Principal’s Column<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>’ Enduring Mission<br />

When Bishop James J. Hartley founded <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> in 1923, he envisioned a school that would,<br />

among other things, cultivate and nurture vocations to the priesthood. Since then, nearly 300<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> graduates have become priests, including two featured in this issue — Msgr.<br />

Clement Faistl and Fr. Jonathan Wilson.<br />

Msgr. Faistl graduated from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong> in 1929 and from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

College-Seminary in 1933. The senior priest in our Diocese, last May he celebrated the 66th<br />

anniversary of his ordination. In this issue’s feature story, Faistl says he came to <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

to receive the best education available. It was only “in the years that followed,” he said, “that<br />

the vocation to the priesthood came to me and others at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.”<br />

While just this past May, 1992 graduate Fr. Jonathan Wilson became our diocese’s newest<br />

priest.<br />

Fr. Wilson comments in this issue that<br />

“at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> there was the feeling of being<br />

part of a tradition that had preceded me and<br />

I was now becoming part of. I was challenged<br />

to be my best and it’s where I was<br />

encouraged to achieve excellence in every<br />

respect.” He excelled in academics, serving<br />

as class vice-president and a youth council<br />

leader. Whether it was the priesthood or<br />

some other career, I’m convinced that Wilson<br />

would have been very successful.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> has a long tradition of<br />

producing both lay and religious leaders who<br />

are dedicated to the Church. Three <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> graduates, for example, have gone on<br />

to be bishops. On the other end of the spectrum, meanwhile, several graduates are deacons and<br />

many alumni serve on parish councils and school boards and on various diocesan agencies.<br />

In founding <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, Bishop Hartley understood that every student who enrolled<br />

wouldn’t want to become a priest, so he sought to give students a complete, thorough, and sound<br />

classical training to succeed in whatever vocation or field they eventually pursued.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> to this day has worked to honor Bishop Hartley’s vision and continues to<br />

produce not only religious leaders, but graduates who have succeeded in politics, business,<br />

entertainment, medicine, athletics, and other endeavors. Inside you can read about some of<br />

them. This edition has features on graduates who’ve followed careers in the broad field of<br />

entertainment, ranging from Bob Shay ’63 and television, to Bernie DeLeo ’79 as a playwright<br />

and actor, to James Babson ’93 on the silver screen, to Joey Jones ’92 and his work in computer<br />

animation. Also in this issue is a feature about Christopher Alvarez-Breckenridge ’01, an<br />

upcoming research scientist.<br />

And in this issue is a spread about <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>’ spacious Memorial Grove in honor of our<br />

graduates and those from the former Aquinas College High <strong>School</strong> — 40 in all — who gave their<br />

lives in service to America. The Memorial was dedicated last spring in a moving ceremony.<br />

We pray that the good Lord will continue to bless our efforts here at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> in our<br />

dedication to teach and nurture the Gospel of Christ and instill that inspiring message of hope<br />

in the minds and lives of our students. It is our fervent hope that our students will become<br />

“men of God” and remain true to the call of being their “brother’s keeper.”<br />

On the Cover—<br />

Pictured on the cover is a panoramic view facing Broad <strong>St</strong>reet of those present at the school’s Memorial<br />

Grove Dedication last May. Forty alumni of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong> and Aquinas College High<br />

<strong>School</strong> who died in service to America were honored together with a grove of trees and a special<br />

memorial plaque. Those who attended included family and friends of the honorees; the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

student body, band, choir, and staff; an honor guard from American Legion Post 144; and pipe players<br />

Mike Conners ’78, Martin P. McSweeney ’77, and George A. Fulcher ’77.<br />

Photo contributors:<br />

James Mills, Bob <strong>Fall</strong>er ’63, Al Kauffman and Sportrait Products, Russ Savage and Finocchi Photography,<br />

Louis J. Fabro ’83, Jim Brown, OSU Medical Center Marketing & Communications Department,<br />

Ken Snow and the Catholic Times, Lou Nobile, Dick Schneider, Brian Barnhart ’00, Phil Smith, Michael<br />

King and ThisWeek News, and the Ohio High <strong>School</strong> Athletic Association.<br />

The Cardinal magazine is published for the enjoyment of alumni, friends, and advocates of Saint <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>. Articles in this issue of<br />

“Cardinal” magazine may be reprinted with the written consent of Saint <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>, 2010 East Broad <strong>St</strong>reet, Columbus, Ohio 43209-1665.<br />

Copyright <strong>2003</strong>, Saint <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>. All rights reserved.<br />

2<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

In this half-century old photo, Fr. Faistl is shown in 1951 receiving orders in a makeshift battlefield chapel during the<br />

Korean War. He was one of six Columbus diocesan priests serving in the armed forces at the time and was one of<br />

only two who also had been called after military service in World War II.<br />

Msgr. Faistl: a long life of<br />

remarkable service<br />

Monsignor Clement Faistl has lived<br />

a long life of remarkable service<br />

unlike any other <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

graduate. Or, for that matter, unlike<br />

most graduates of any Catholic school.<br />

As a pastor, he has shepherded many<br />

parishes. As an army chaplain, he comforted<br />

dying soldiers and fortified the<br />

spirit of those in combat during two wars<br />

— World War II and the Korean War.<br />

And, as a missionary, he helped quench<br />

the thirst of people yearning to hear the<br />

inspiring message of Christ.<br />

At age 90, he also happens to be the<br />

oldest living priest in the Columbus<br />

Diocese and the oldest priest-graduate of<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

Born in Columbus, Faistl lived his<br />

early years on Bulen Avenue just south of<br />

Franklin Park. He’s a graduate of the<br />

former <strong>St</strong>. Joseph Cathedral <strong>School</strong>, which<br />

was located on Broad <strong>St</strong>reet just east of<br />

the Cathedral. While there he was coaxed<br />

by his pastor at Holy Rosary, Fr. James<br />

McCarney, to enroll at the new <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>.<br />

Problem was, Faistl at the time was<br />

still only in seventh grade. “I was skipped<br />

a grade because <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> was just<br />

opening and priests were being asked to<br />

send boys to the seminary at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>…so Fr. McCarney passed me to<br />

the eighth grade.” Faistl said he accepted<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />

the offer because he thought it afforded<br />

him an opportunity to get a better education.<br />

“In the years that followed was<br />

when the vocation to the priesthood came<br />

to me and others at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.”<br />

When construction of the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

school building at 2010 E. Broad <strong>St</strong>. was<br />

completed in the fall of 1925, Faistl began<br />

his high school studies there. He and his<br />

freshmen classmates were joined by the<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> freshman and sophomore<br />

classes that had been taught at the former<br />

Sacred Heart <strong>School</strong> about a mile north of<br />

downtown Columbus while the new high<br />

school building was being constructed.<br />

Faistl’s <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> class holds the distinction<br />

of being the first to spend all four<br />

years in the Broad <strong>St</strong>reet school building.<br />

The <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> students had a pleasant<br />

time with many of the professors —<br />

all priests — Faistl said, although he<br />

found a few to be very stern. “It was quite<br />

an experience for us who just left grade<br />

school to meet these men who were<br />

dedicated to their lives as teachers and<br />

priests.”<br />

Faistl worried about passing some of<br />

his courses because he had skipped a<br />

year’s worth of material to enter high<br />

school early. Msgr. John J. Murphy, his<br />

pastor at Holy Rosary, helped him get<br />

acclimated to <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> and the rigorous<br />

studies there, Faistl said. He was a<br />

“source of great encouragement.” Being a<br />

big guy, Faistl also played football for the<br />

Carolians, as they were called then. And<br />

had a different coach every year.<br />

Faistl made it through his courses<br />

(which included four years of Latin and<br />

two years of Greek in the demanding<br />

college prep curriculum) and graduated<br />

from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong> in<br />

1929.<br />

He went on to earn a degree four<br />

years later from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> College-<br />

Seminary, which was housed in the same<br />

building as the prep school. (<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

College suspended operations in 1969.)<br />

Faistl finished his religious studies in<br />

Cincinnati at Mt. <strong>St</strong>. Mary Seminary and<br />

was ordained a priest by Bishop James J.<br />

Hartley on May 6, 1937 in <strong>St</strong>. Joseph<br />

Cathedral.<br />

Out of a family of seven, he and his<br />

younger brother, Francis, became priests<br />

and his sister, Mary, joined a convent.<br />

Francis graduated from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

<strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong> in 1932, but was<br />

transferred to Colorado as a priest because<br />

Bishop Hartley disliked having<br />

siblings serve as priests in the same<br />

diocese.<br />

In his early years as a priest, Msgr.<br />

Faistl served at <strong>St</strong>. Anthony Hospital in<br />

Columbus, <strong>St</strong>. Vincent Parish in Mt.<br />

Vernon, and <strong>St</strong>. Joseph Parish in<br />

Fairpoint, Ohio, and moved on to associate<br />

pastor of Newark <strong>St</strong>. Francis Parish.<br />

While assigned at <strong>St</strong>. Francis, he<br />

recalled “One day I ended up visiting the<br />

pastor, Father Murphy at Holy Rosary<br />

from where I was ordained. Fr. Murphy<br />

wondered why I was not involved in the<br />

army.” At that time — 1943 — World War<br />

II was growing in size and intensity as the<br />

allies battled to reverse aggression in<br />

Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. The<br />

U.S. military buildup was going full force;<br />

by the end of the war in 1945, more than<br />

16.4 million men and women had served<br />

in the U.S. military.<br />

As a consequence, there was a critical<br />

and growing need for priests, ministers<br />

and rabbis to serve as chaplains. Bishops<br />

across the country, and that included<br />

Bishop Hartley, Faistl said, were “encouraged”<br />

to enlist priests for service to the<br />

armed forces. Hartley, for whom Faistl<br />

once served daily Mass, told Faistl that<br />

“he was being pressured by a higher<br />

authority to send young priests into<br />

service.” So Faistl joined the chaplain<br />

corps.<br />

Faistl was uncertain what lay before<br />

him when he entered the chaplain corps<br />

in June of 1943. “When the bishop sent<br />

me into the service, the United <strong>St</strong>ates at<br />

that time was not militarily involved in<br />

heavy fighting, but the armies were being<br />


Continued from page 3<br />

built up.”<br />

Thanks to concern shown by the same<br />

teachers who were his priestly role<br />

models at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> — he mentioned<br />

among them Dr. Paul J. Glenn and Fr.<br />

Joseph Cousins — Faistl said he received<br />

great support from them. They helped<br />

him cope with the military training that<br />

was necessary and, he said, they encouraged<br />

him with their prayers and letters.<br />

Faistl was assigned to a division with<br />

the 101st Airborne as a regimental chaplain.<br />

On D-Day, June 6, 1944, he was with<br />

the group’s 37th glider regiment as a part<br />

of the invasion forces — the largest<br />

assault in history by sea — that landed at<br />

Normandy, France. That day as<br />

machinegun fire sprayed, grenades<br />

exploded, and artillery shells whistled<br />

overhead around him, and artillery shells<br />

whizzed above his head, Faistl bravely<br />

made his way to the dead and dying to<br />

administer last rites and to console the<br />

wounded and frightened.<br />

Chaplains worked in combat as<br />

ministers for soldiers who faced the<br />

danger of death at any moment. Faistl<br />

recounted in a letter he sent to his parents<br />

how “men appreciate the value of<br />

Mass in their time of danger.” When word<br />

got around about a Mass being celebrated,<br />

men who had not been regular attendees<br />

back in the states came from everywhere<br />

to be a part of the service, he said. In his<br />

letter he expressed his hope that the<br />

soldier’s trust in the power of the Mass<br />

“grows and ripens into a new Catholic<br />

manhood when these men return home.”<br />

It was highly dangerous work for<br />

chaplains to tend to the wounded, care for<br />

the dead, assist in graves registration, and<br />

travel about in combat areas to say Mass.<br />

During World War II, 478 chaplains were<br />

killed, third in the percentage of casualties,<br />

behind the infantry and airmen.<br />

By the very nature of their spiritual<br />

work, chaplains sought to be with the<br />

mortally wounded. Their job was to<br />

perform last rites and offer comfort during<br />

what were terrifying moments for both<br />

the wounded and the chaplains. Chaplains<br />

placed their lives in danger over and<br />

over to be in the trenches, foxholes, and<br />

along the front lines with their men.<br />

Without the luxury of a permanent<br />

tent or local chapel, necessity became the<br />

mother of invention when it came time to<br />

celebrate Mass. An altar often took the<br />

form of an old crate or table or the hood of<br />

a jeep. Open areas exposed soldiers and<br />

priests to enemy gunfire, so barns, tree<br />

groves, abandoned homes, and damaged<br />

businesses were used for religious services.<br />

Six months after the invasion of<br />

4<br />

France, Faistl was with the 101st<br />

at the scene of another epic clash<br />

— the famous Battle of the Bulge.<br />

In a determined bid to stop the<br />

Allied liberating offensive across<br />

Europe, German dictator Adolph<br />

Hitler committed 12 divisions to<br />

capturing the key crossroads city<br />

of Bastogne, Belgium. General<br />

Eisenhower, the commander of all<br />

Allied forces in Europe, sent the<br />

101st Airborne and other American<br />

units to hold the city at all costs.<br />

In December of 1944 Faistl and his<br />

airborne comrades found themselves<br />

surrounded and cut off from<br />

Allied support. They were in<br />

desparate straits.<br />

He recounted the tense situation<br />

10 years later at a reunion of<br />

the 101st Airborne Division Association<br />

in Cleveland. “Only by the<br />

grace of God,” he said, were they<br />

able to beat back repeated attempts by the<br />

German army to take Bastogne. “The big<br />

thing in our favor was that the Germans<br />

somehow overestimated our strength.<br />

They kept probing us instead of hitting us<br />

with a full-scale tank attack.” When the<br />

skies cleared to allow air support and the<br />

arrival of reinforcements, the Allies were<br />

able to break the German siege.<br />

Faistl twice was decorated with the<br />

Bronze <strong>St</strong>ar for “gallantry in action” for<br />

his service in the face of mortal danger.<br />

He also won the rank of captain. With all<br />

humility in the world, Faistl downplays<br />

his role in the war. “I didn’t think of<br />

anything remarkable that I did.”<br />

He returned home to the Columbus<br />

diocese in March 1946 for assignment<br />

from the new bishop — Michael J. Ready.<br />

He was assigned as pastor at Millersburg<br />

<strong>St</strong>. Peter and New Boston <strong>St</strong>. Monica<br />

before the politics of the Cold War came to<br />

an explosive head.<br />

On June 25, 1950, North Korean<br />

forces invaded South Korea pitting, the<br />

Soviet-backed communists against the<br />

U.S. supported South Koreans. Faistl<br />

went back into the army in October of<br />

that year and was assigned as chaplain to<br />

the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg<br />

N.C.. There he made more than 10 jumps<br />

as a way to earn the respect of the other<br />

paratroopers in the division.<br />

Faistl was sent to Korea where he<br />

went into combat once again. In a letter<br />

he sent home to his family in August of<br />

1952, he wrote about a trip to the front<br />

line to say Mass. “I went to the 1st battalion<br />

trenches and hunkered down on the<br />

main line of resistance, THE front line<br />

known as the Jamestown line. I never<br />

dreamed this line existed across the<br />

Korean peninsula — a country half way<br />

Airborne “All American”<br />

In July of 1951, Fr. Faistl (far left) and others from the 82 Airborne<br />

Division trained at Ft. Bragg, N.C. for deployment in the Korean<br />

War. In World War II he served as chaplain with the 101st<br />

Airborne’s glider regiment in the D-day invasion and later in the<br />

epic Battle of the Bulge.<br />

around the world from the USA. I fear<br />

the war will not be easy or short.”<br />

For two more years Faistl would<br />

make the hood of a jeep or a wooden<br />

supply crate his altar. Once again he<br />

found himself surrounded by death on a<br />

grisly scale. The “Forgotten War” did not<br />

carry the same moral outcries or stateside<br />

support the soldiers had enjoyed in WWII,<br />

but it was killing Americans regardless.<br />

With the signing of the armistice two<br />

years later in November of 1953, Faistl<br />

was on his way back home again. During<br />

the next 26 years, he served as pastor at<br />

several parishes (<strong>St</strong>. Dominic, Danville <strong>St</strong>.<br />

Luke, and LaRue <strong>St</strong>. Joseph). He served<br />

as a chaplain at Good Shepherd manor,<br />

Grant Hospital, and Our Lady of the<br />

Blessed Sacrament Monastery.<br />

In 1980, at the age of 68, he volunteered<br />

to become a missionary in the<br />

Philippines. He had read that only 13% of<br />

the world’s clergy was serving the Philippines<br />

and South America despite the fact<br />

that 45% of the world’s Catholics lived in<br />

those areas. To help serve the huge<br />

Catholic population in the Philippines,<br />

Faistl journeyed to San Pablo and was<br />

assigned a parish in Laguna. For two<br />

years he said Mass several times a day<br />

and often trekked on foot several miles<br />

over mountains between villages to reach<br />

the people of San Pablo.<br />

Faistl returned to the Columbus<br />

Diocese in 1983 and made his home at the<br />

Vianney residence for several years and<br />

later moved to Christ the King Parish to<br />

live. Faistl was named a monsignor by<br />

Pope John Paul II in October 1995 at the<br />

age of 82. Now 90, alert, and in good<br />

health, he lives at The Villas of <strong>St</strong>.<br />

Therese, his home for nearly two years.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

<strong>St</strong>udent News<br />

Scholar-athlete to Miami (O)<br />

Russell <strong>St</strong>itzlein, named scholar-athlete of<br />

the year last spring by The Columbus<br />

Dispatch, is enrolled at Miami University<br />

(Ohio) to study microbiology. He plans to<br />

go on to medical school. Miami awarded<br />

<strong>St</strong>izlein a full-ride board of trustees<br />

Harrison Scholarship.<br />

In winning the Dispatch scholar<br />

athlete award, <strong>St</strong>itzlein also was awarded<br />

a $6,000 scholarship for his achievement.<br />

<strong>St</strong>itzlein was a starting pitcher (7-2)<br />

for <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>’ <strong>2003</strong> division I central<br />

district finalists and was all-CCL first<br />

team and all-district honorable mention.<br />

As starting center in football, he was<br />

selected second-team all-district, and<br />

helped the Cardinals make it to the<br />

division II regional playoffs. <strong>St</strong>itzlein was<br />

a success in the classroom, too. He was a<br />

<strong>2003</strong> National Merit Finalist and graduated<br />

with a 4.22 GPA, second highest in<br />

his senior class.<br />

Ex-Buckeye Pearson<br />

joins Cards grid staff<br />

Pepe Pearson has<br />

joined the <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> football<br />

staff as an assistant.<br />

He coaches running<br />

backs, helps with<br />

special teams, and<br />

serves as the junior<br />

varsity’s offensive<br />

coordinator.<br />

Former OSU and NFL<br />

player Pepe Pearson<br />

Pearson, played<br />

for the Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate<br />

Buckeyes (1994-97)<br />

and ranks fifth on OSU’s career football<br />

rushing list. He earned all-America and<br />

all-Big Ten honors his junior year and<br />

helped lead the Buckeyes to a 20-17<br />

victory over Arizona <strong>St</strong>ate in the 1997<br />

Rose Bowl.<br />

He played on several NFL teams the<br />

next two seasons (1998-99) before joining<br />

the Rhein Fire of the World Football<br />

League. Pearson scored the winning<br />

touchdown in the Rhein Fire’s 13-10<br />

victory over the Scottish Claymores in the<br />

2000 World Bowl.<br />

Booker Brooks, an assistant coach for<br />

the football Cardinals, was Pearson’s<br />

coach on the Rhein Fire team. In a<br />

chance meeting in Columbus Booker<br />

asked Pearson if he was interested in<br />

coaching. That led to a meeting with <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> head coach Jeff Liebert and<br />

Pearson soon was invited to join the<br />

Cardinal staff.<br />

Also joining Liebert’s staff this year<br />

are assistant coaches Kyle Flynn and<br />

Cyrus Haddad ’02.<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />

These guys are really smart<br />

The <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> In The Know team was a national finalist<br />

in the Panasonic National Academic Tournament at<br />

Disneyworld in Orlando, Fla.last June. Team members<br />

from left — Alex Connor, James Pease, Michael<br />

Lewandowski, Tony Bendinelli, and Alexander Cueto.<br />

In The Know Team takes 6th<br />

in National Tournament<br />

The <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> ITK team accomplished<br />

what no other Ohio high school team had<br />

been able to do for nearly 15 years: make<br />

the finals of the Panasonic National<br />

Academic Tournament at Disneyworld in<br />

Orlando, Florida. Fresh off their victory at<br />

the Ohio In the Know state championship,<br />

this exceptional group of five seniors went<br />

on to finish as the sixth-best team in the<br />

nation.<br />

After they started the tournament<br />

with a bruising loss, they rebounded to<br />

handily win the consolation bracket and<br />

qualify for the next round. The <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

underdogs pulled off a surprising upset to<br />

beat former tournament champions<br />

Maryland and Washington D.C. to make<br />

the finals, where they earned their<br />

remarkable sixth-place finish.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> was only one of two state<br />

teams in the finals not using an ‘all-star’<br />

team made up of the best six handpicked<br />

students from their state. This year’s ITK<br />

Varsity team was made up of Tony<br />

Bendinelli, Alex Connor, Alexander Cueto,<br />

James Pease, and Michael Lewandowski.<br />

Bendinelli, Connor, Pease, and<br />

Lewandowski were National Merit Finalist<br />

and Cueto was a National Merit<br />

Commended Scholar.<br />

Dr. Sarah Vandermeer credited team<br />

chemistry as one of the reasons for its<br />

success. She has served as the ITK<br />

adviser for the last eight years and said<br />

she’s never had such an exceptionally<br />

balanced team. “They didn’t have just one<br />

superstar and a supporting cast. This<br />

group was a team, with each one having<br />

an area that they were strong in, whether<br />

that was art, math, science, etc. Their<br />

knowledge overlapped each other’s and<br />

made for a strong unit.”<br />

Mahler and Ritter win<br />

Jack Ryan Award<br />

Two students — Leif Mahler and Adam<br />

Ritter — share the Jack Ryan most<br />

valuable player award for <strong>2003</strong>. Mahler<br />

earlier was voted the Jim O’Neill MVP as<br />

a member of the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> baseball<br />

team. Ritter won the Ken Flaherty MVP<br />

for his performance on the Cardinal<br />

swimming team.<br />

Playing shortstop, Mahler helped lead<br />

the Cardinals to the Div. I central district<br />

finals with his outstanding defensive and<br />

offensive play. He was voted all-Central<br />

Catholic League, all-district, and all-Ohio.<br />

He batted over .500 in the CCL in which<br />

the team went 10-0 and won the league<br />

crown. Mahler hit safely in all but one<br />

game and had a .962 fielding percentage.<br />

He is headed to the Big Ten to play with<br />

the University of Michigan.<br />

In June, Mahler graduated with a 3.9<br />

GPA. He received the President’s Award<br />

for Education in recognition of keeping his<br />

GPA over 3.5 on a 4.0 scale and scored in<br />

the top 15 percent in math or reading on<br />

the ACT or SAT test. A National Honor<br />

Society qualifier, he earned the <strong>St</strong>ate<br />

Board of Education Award of Merit, and<br />

was a National Merit Commended<br />

Scholar.<br />

He also received the Ohio Wesleyan<br />

University Presidential Scholarship, The<br />

Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University’s Scholar Honors<br />

Program scholarship, and The University<br />

of Michigan Baseball Scholarship. Mahler,<br />

who signed a letter of intent last spring to<br />

play for the Wolverines, plans to study<br />

math or business at Michigan.<br />

Ritter is headed for the University of<br />

Arizona’s swim program, which placed<br />

continued on page 6<br />

Moving to the next level<br />

(From left) Seniors Leif E. Mahler, Cole O. Clougherty,<br />

and Adam J. Ritter sign letters of intent to play Division<br />

I athletics in college. Mahler, son of Susan and Paul<br />

Mahler, is signed to play baseball at the University of<br />

Michigan; Clougherty, son of Coleman and Candy<br />

Clougherty, earned a hockey grant at John Carroll<br />

University; and Ritter, son of Sue and James Ritter, is set<br />

to swim at the University of Arizona.<br />


<strong>St</strong>udent News<br />

Moving to the next level too<br />

(From left) Seniors John C. Duffy, John M. Daniele, and<br />

Eric O’ Brien sign college letters of intent to play<br />

Division I sports. Duffy, son of Anne and Thomas Duffy,<br />

signed to play lacrosse at Notre Dame; Daniele, son of<br />

Paula and Martin Dainele, is headed to Marshall<br />

University for soccer; and O’Brien, son of Dee and Mike<br />

O’Brien, will play lacrosse at The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University.<br />

eighth in the NCAA this year. He anchored<br />

the Cardinal team to a fourth place<br />

finish in the state championships, the<br />

school’s highest ever ranking. He won the<br />

state championship, only the school’s<br />

second-ever, in the 200 yard freestyle, was<br />

ninth in the 500 freestyle, and anchored<br />

the 200 medley to third place and the 400<br />

freestyle to fifth.<br />

A June graduate, Ritter posted a 3.85<br />

GPA his senior year and a 3.23 accum. He<br />

was awarded the Faculty scholarship from<br />

Indiana University, the Buckeye Community<br />

scholarship, the 2002 Ned Reeb<br />

Service Award from the Central Ohio<br />

Swimming Association, and the swimming<br />

and diving scholarship from the University<br />

of Arizona.<br />

6<br />

College destinations of<br />

the Class of <strong>2003</strong><br />

Beloit College, Berklee College of Music,<br />

Bowling Green, Butler University, California<br />

Institute of Technology, Capital University,<br />

Carnegie Mellon, Case Western Reserve,<br />

University, Chapman University, College of<br />

Wooster, Columbus <strong>St</strong>ate Community<br />

College, Denison University, Dickinson<br />

College, Findlay University, George Washington<br />

University, Indiana University, John<br />

Carroll University, Kenyon College,<br />

Marquette University, Marshall University,<br />

Miami University, Morehouse College, Ohio<br />

Dominican University, Ohio Northern, Ohio<br />

University, Ohio Wesleyan, Otterbein<br />

College, Pontifical College Josephinum,<br />

Purdue University, The Juilliard <strong>School</strong>, The<br />

Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University, The University of<br />

Michigan, Tri-<strong>St</strong>ate University, United <strong>St</strong>ates<br />

Air Force Academy, University of Arizona,<br />

University of Chicago, University of Dayton,<br />

University of Notre Dame, University of<br />

Toledo, Vanderbilt University, Vassar,<br />

Wittenberg University, Wright <strong>St</strong>ate<br />

University, Wyoming Seminary Academy,<br />

Xavier University, and Yale.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. Paul parishioners<br />

<strong>2003</strong> graduates from Westerville <strong>St</strong>. Paul (front, from left) Cole Clougherty, Jordan DeVille, Elliot McKinley (back,<br />

from left) Dan Webber, Tom Wickert, Chris Kelley, and Andrew Crago. They’re shown in front of the grotto with their<br />

pastor, Fr. Homer Blubaugh ’60, following commencement.<br />

On to Juilliard<br />

Principal Dominic J. Cavello (below)<br />

presents senior Aaron J. Diehl with the<br />

Bishop Fulcher Memorial Award that<br />

recognizes a senior who has achieved<br />

excellence in creative writing, drama,<br />

visual arts, journalism, or music. Diehl<br />

has been accepted in the jazz studies<br />

program at the prestigious Juilliard<br />

<strong>School</strong> of Music in New York but also<br />

plans to continue his studies in classical<br />

piano.<br />

Diehl met with trumphet great<br />

Wynton Marsalis last spring and then<br />

began an intensive study of the history of<br />

jazz piano. He has already received great<br />

accolades and awards for his musical<br />

abilities. This summer Aaron embarked<br />

on a European tour as a member of the<br />

Wynton Marsalis Septet. Last New Year’s<br />

Eve he was named the first recipient of<br />

the Hank Marr High <strong>School</strong> Jazz Competition<br />

award presented by the Jazz Arts<br />

Group. He’s played with many of the<br />

finest local and regional jazz musicians,<br />

including The Kim Pensyl Quartet, The<br />

Todd <strong>St</strong>oll Quartet, the Interlochen Jazz<br />

Ensemble, Pharez Whitted, Vaughn<br />

Weister, and the Columbus Jazz Orchestra.<br />

Amnahs celebrate<br />

John Amnah leans over to get a hug from his mother<br />

and <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> math teacher, Betty Amnah, after<br />

receiving his diploma. Amnah received Congressional<br />

appointments to both the U.S. Air Force Academy and<br />

the U.S. Naval Academy, and chose to attend the Air<br />

Force Academy. He graduated with a 3.88 GPA, was a<br />

National Merit Finalist, and a National Honor Society<br />

member. He received Navy and Air Force ROTC<br />

scholarships, a National Merit Scholarship, the <strong>St</strong>ate<br />

Board of Education’s Award of Merit, and the<br />

President’s Award for Education.<br />

For service to others<br />

Gabe Woolum received the <strong>2003</strong> Tim Hamburger<br />

Volunteer Award from principal Dominic J. Cavello’64<br />

following the senior class’s Baccalaureate Mass. The<br />

award, which includes a $500 check, was set up to<br />

recognize a <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> student who exemplified the<br />

virtues of “being your brother’s keeper” and to<br />

encourage other students to aspire to the same. Woolum<br />

was honored for his four-year involvement as a tutor<br />

and student coordinator at Broadleigh Elementary<br />

<strong>School</strong>. Faculty member James M. Paccioretti (l) and<br />

Advisory Board Chairman George G. Vargo’58 look on.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

Family affair<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> freshman guidance counselor James E. Ort<br />

presents his grandson, Thomas J. (Jason) Ryan IV, his<br />

diploma. Senior guidance counselor Ted Hummer ’60<br />

and Principal Dominic J. Cavello’64 look on.<br />

<strong>School</strong> blood drive<br />

sought gift of life<br />

The 14th annual <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> blood drive<br />

last April provided the local Red Cross a<br />

hefty deposit for its local blood bank. It<br />

also sought the gift of life for Msgr. Colby<br />

Grimes in his battle with leukemia.<br />

Thanks to the tireless efforts of school<br />

nurse Betsy Mason and others, the Red<br />

Cross collected a record 151 units of blood,<br />

far surpassing any previous year’s total.<br />

Those who donated at least a pint of blood<br />

were also able to provide blood samples to<br />

be tested for the National Bone Marrow<br />

Registry. An active search had been in<br />

progress to find a bone marrow transplant<br />

candidate who matched Msgr. Grimes’<br />

bone marrow type.<br />

Sadly, Grimes lost his fight against<br />

the disease just 16 days later on Good<br />

Friday. He was the Cardinal soccer team’s<br />

chaplain, as well as a great friend to many<br />

students, staff, and alumni.<br />

Pictured that day in the gymnasium are (front) Jimmy<br />

Ference, (top, left) Cole Clougherty, Brogan Ryan, Alex<br />

Lewis, Eliot McKinley, Aren Carducci, Kris Kuskowski,<br />

Ross Owen, Msgr. Colby Grimes, Dan DeMatte, Adam<br />

Kucharski, Sean Mazer, Nick Long, and Brendan Ryan.<br />

High achievement<br />

Anthony J. Bendinelli (photo above)<br />

received the ‘Highest Accum for Four<br />

Years’ Award at this year’s commencement.<br />

He concluded his senior year with a<br />

4.24 GPA and a long list of impressive<br />

academic achievements. He attained a<br />

perfect 1600 score on his ACTs and was<br />

the only male from Ohio to earn an<br />

invitation to the White House as a Presidential<br />

Scholar. He missed that ceremony<br />

to help his In The Know teammates<br />

compete for a national championship at<br />

the Panasonic National Academic Challenge<br />

at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.<br />

The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate ITK champions worked<br />

their magic and finished in sixth place.<br />

Bendinelli was named a National<br />

Merit Finalist and voted by his peers as<br />

the secretary of the National Honor<br />

Society. Other honors he received included:<br />

the National Merit Scholarship,<br />

the <strong>St</strong>. Peter Knights of Columbus Scholarship,<br />

as well as scholarships from the<br />

University of Notre Dame, the University<br />

of Dayton, Vanderbilt University, The<br />

Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University, and Denison<br />

University. But the well-rounded grad also<br />

played football, ran track, and tutored<br />

while in school, and has been working<br />

towards becoming an Eagle Scout. He will<br />

continuing his education by attending the<br />

University of Notre Dame in the fall.<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate Champion<br />

Adam Ritter stands<br />

atop the podium<br />

after he became only<br />

the second <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> swimmer to<br />

win a state<br />

championship when<br />

he finished first in<br />

the 200-yard freestyle<br />

in 1 minute, 39.38<br />

last season. He also<br />

anchored two topfive<br />

relay teams and<br />

placed ninth in the<br />

500 freestyle to help<br />

the Cardinals finish a<br />

school-best fourth<br />

place in state team<br />

competition.<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate and National<br />

Champion<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> junior<br />

Derek Hoye (left,<br />

center) captured the<br />

school’s first-ever<br />

state track and field<br />

championship last<br />

June with a first-place<br />

finish in the Div. I<br />

800-meter run.<br />

Two weeks later he<br />

added a national<br />

championship title to<br />

his resume when he<br />

won the 800 meter<br />

event at the Adidas<br />

Outdoor Track and<br />

Field Championships<br />

in Raleigh, N.C. His<br />

time of 1:50.33 bested<br />

some of the fastest<br />

runners in the<br />

country.<br />


Sports capsules<br />

Basketball<br />

Coach Wally Teeter’s team moved into the “Big <strong>School</strong>” division<br />

this year, finishing the season 9-12 overall and 1-5 in tough<br />

league play. The Cardinals registered its first Division I tournament<br />

win in school history by defeating Mount Vernon 60-49<br />

before losing to Thomas Worthington. Ross Gruenwald was<br />

selected 1st team all-CCL, an honorable mention all-district, and<br />

named to the District 10 coaches’ all-star game.<br />

Wrestling<br />

Dan Nye’s team posted its third-consecutive winning season, a<br />

dual meet record of 10-8, and a second-place finish in the CCL.<br />

The team anticipates a very competitive 2004 because it will<br />

return two all-district wrestlers for next season, as well as 24<br />

other wrestlers. Walter Fyda and Kyle Curtin were selected alldistrict<br />

and Drew Cook was chosen all-CCL.<br />

Hockey<br />

Led by new coach J.D. Kershaw, the team posted a 15-19-2<br />

record. In addition to competing in several very prestigious<br />

events, the Cardinal’s took 3rd place in the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Thanksgiving<br />

Invitational and competed for the championship in the<br />

Cleveland Benedictine Christmas Classic. The team gained<br />

greater respect in the South West Ohio High <strong>School</strong> Hockey<br />

League, with the naming of Coleman Clougherty as second team<br />

all-league. Eric O’Brien topped the scoring charts with 28 goals<br />

and 31 assists, making him one of the league leaders in points.<br />

Earning honorable mention status from the league were Michael<br />

Roof, Brandon Eichhorn, Matt Gabriel, and Jason Cummings.<br />

The Cardinals were defeated in the 1st round of the state tournament<br />

4-3 by Gahanna Lincoln.<br />

Swimming<br />

Kyle Goodrich’s team had its best season in school history,<br />

placing fourth at this year’s state swimming and diving championships.<br />

Adam Ritter won the school’s second-ever state title<br />

with his victory in the 200-yard freestyle, anchored two top-five<br />

relay teams and placed ninth in the 500 freestyle. Mike Cohen,<br />

Mitchell Sherman, Patrick Johnston, and Brian <strong>St</strong>romberg<br />

joined Ritter on two top-five relay teams. Chris Doman and Chris<br />

Hetzer paired up for a ninth-place finish in a third relay event.<br />

The team earlier captured its fifth consecutive CCL championship<br />

by winning eight of twelve meet events to easily outdistance<br />

second-place Bishop Watterson. All-CCL selections were Adam<br />

Ritter, Dustin Schick, J.D. Coppel, Brian <strong>St</strong>romberg, Chris<br />

Doman, Jason Fenimore, Mitchell Sherman, Chris Hetzer,<br />

Jordan Toopes, Ben Hetzer, Michael Cohen, Nate Cohen, Chris<br />

Kanalas, John Bishel and John Gramilia. All-district, all-Ohio,<br />

and all- America honors went to Ritter, Sherman, Doman,<br />

Michael Cohen, Hetzer, Johnston, and <strong>St</strong>romberg.<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Basketball Team<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Wrestling Team<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Hockey Team<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Swimming Team<br />

Bowling<br />

Coach Kathleen Mahoney and assistants Charlie Allen and T.C.<br />

Ceasar last November began a 4-day team bowling qualifier<br />

among 41 hopefuls to select the top 15. Thus was born the <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> bowling team. It participated in the Central Ohio High<br />

<strong>School</strong> Bowling Conference and finished its inaugural season<br />

with a 3 and 5 record in the Catholic Division. The varsity<br />

Cardinals placed 12 th and Ben Willard bowled a 614 series to<br />

place 4 th in the league’s regional tournament.<br />

8<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Bowling Team<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

Baseball<br />

Coach Ray Benjamin’s club finished a stellar year with a 21-8<br />

record and won its first Central Catholic League title since 2000.<br />

Season highlights included a 2-0 record against state and nationally-ranked<br />

Bishop Watterson and a perfect 10-0 league record.<br />

Despite being unseeded in the Div.I tournament, the Cardinals<br />

surprised Mount Vernon, Olentangy, and Franklin Heights<br />

before bowing out to second-seeded Reynoldsburg 2-0 in the<br />

central district finals. Players singled out for their play included<br />

all-CCL members Nic Gordon, Andy Grossman, Leif Mahler,<br />

Matt Selhorst, Russ <strong>St</strong>itzlein, and Frank Tedesco. Mahler and<br />

Selhorst were selected to the all-District team, and Russ <strong>St</strong>itzlein<br />

was an honorable mention. Mahler, who signed a letter of intent<br />

to play baseball at Michigan, was voted all-Ohio.<br />

Lacrosse<br />

Coach <strong>St</strong>even Dusseau’s bid to guide the team to a state championship<br />

came up just short as the Cardinals lost 9-7 to Cincinnati<br />

Mariemont in a Div. II state semifinal. The team entered the<br />

playoffs with a 13-3 record; all three loses were against Division I<br />

competition. Named to the Div. II all-Ohio 1st team were: Eric<br />

O’Brien, John Duffy, and Tom Dugan, Named to the 2nd team<br />

were Pat Garlock, Chris Gaines, Josh Vetter, Ben Miller, and to<br />

the 3rd team were Matt Teetor and Scott Voytko. O’Brien and<br />

Duffy were selected to play on the all-Ohio Team in a tournament<br />

in Vail Colo.<br />

Volleyball<br />

Coach Lou Pallay’s team started the year slowly, 0-6, but earned<br />

local prominence with a second place finish at the Pickerington<br />

Tourney losing to state semi-finalist Hilliard Darby. The Cardinals<br />

entered the state tournament on a tear with regular season<br />

victories in 16 of its last 18 matches. The team’s season ended in<br />

the state-qualifying tournament when the fifth-seeded Cardinals<br />

were defeated 9-15, 15-9, 15-8 by third-seeded Dublin Scioto. <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> was led by second team all-Ohio selection, Brett DuBiel<br />

and all-region selections Tom Heban and Joe Gruber.<br />

Tennis<br />

Coach Jim Paccioretti’s team captured its first Central Catholic<br />

League championship since 1999 by beating three-time defending<br />

champion Bishop Watterson in league play. It marked the second<br />

time the Cardinals had defeated the Eagles during the year and<br />

topped off a perfect 5-0 league record. The team finished 11-3<br />

overall and made it to the 3rd round of the Ohio Coaches Tournament<br />

before bowing out to Upper Arlington. Doug Schuda<br />

advanced to the Div. I district tournament and earned all-CCL<br />

status with Aren Carducci, Arthur Cheng, and Ross Owen.<br />

Track and Field<br />

Coach Jeff Pharion’s team ended the year with a spectacular<br />

highlight: the school’s first-ever individual state track and field<br />

championship. It was won by Derek Hoye in the Div. I 800-<br />

meter state finals. Along the way the Cardinals earned their<br />

second consecutive CCL championship by crushing Hartley and<br />

Watterson by 57 and 59 points, respectively. Those who qualified<br />

for the regional tournament were Michael Fowle, Robert<br />

Orellana, Chris Williams, Walter Williams, and Hoye. All-CCL<br />

selections were Brandon Alexander, Tomas Bartholomew, Vince<br />

Fantozzi, Fowle, Hoye, Chris Kelly, Tim Law, Orellana, <strong>St</strong>eve<br />

Reynolds, Andrew Skunda, and Williams.<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Baseball Team<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Lacrosse Team<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Volleyball Team<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Tennis Team<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Track and Field Team<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />


10<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

New memorial honors ex-students of two<br />

Catholic high schools who died in military service<br />

A<br />

unique memorial honoring<br />

the graduates and former<br />

students of two Columbus<br />

Catholic high schools who died in<br />

military service for America from<br />

World War I to the present has<br />

been created at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong><br />

<strong>School</strong> in partnership with the<br />

alumni association of the former<br />

Aquinas College High <strong>School</strong>.<br />

The “Memorial Grove,” consists<br />

of 40 newly-planted crabapple trees,<br />

one for each of the deceased. A<br />

bronze marker, mounted on a huge<br />

stone at the entrance of the grove,<br />

is engraved with the names of the<br />

fallen — 16 from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> and 24<br />

from Aquinas, an all-boys school<br />

that ended operations in 1965.<br />

The memorial was dedicated<br />

May 22 with a religious blessing and<br />

military salute. The somber ceremony<br />

was attended by some 150<br />

people, that included family members<br />

of the deceased, former classmates,<br />

friends, and alumni of both<br />

schools, plus the entire <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

student body of nearly 600.<br />

Engraved on the plaque are the<br />

names of 12 former <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

students who died in World War II, two<br />

who died in the Korean War, one in<br />

Vietnam, and one in the “9-1-1” terrorist<br />

attack on the twin towers in New York<br />

City on Sept.11, 200l.<br />

The 24 former Aquinas students<br />

memorialized on the plaque include one<br />

killed in World War I, 16 who died serving<br />

in World War II, two (plus a priest faculty<br />

member) in the Korean War, and four in<br />

Vietnam. The three-ton granite boulder<br />

on which the plaque is mounted was<br />

donated by Tom Coffman, <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Special guests<br />

Principal Dominic J. Cavello’64 stands with Aquinians<br />

(From left to right) Tony Lisska ’58, Dick Schneider ’57,<br />

Lou Nobile ’57, Robert McQuaide’43, and Henry Nini ’51.<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />

By Louis V. Fabro ’49<br />

Memorial crowd<br />

This is a partial view of friends, alumni, and others who participated in<br />

the dedication ceremonies for the Memorial Grove. Looking towards<br />

Broad <strong>St</strong>reet, the upper section of the photo shows some of the nearly<br />

600 students who attended. The bottom of the photo shows in the<br />

foreground part of the honor guard, the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> band, and, on the<br />

left, the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> choir directed by Doug Montgomery and Johnny<br />

<strong>St</strong>einer.<br />

Class of 1979.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> principal Dominic J.<br />

Cavello ’64, read the names of the <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> students. Paul S. Reiner, a<br />

1964 Aquinas graduate, read the<br />

names from his alma mater.<br />

The Memorial Grove is prominently<br />

located on the Broad <strong>St</strong>reet<br />

side of the recently renovated <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> campus. It’s between the<br />

west wing of the main school<br />

building and the campus theatre.<br />

Nearby is the 13-foot high sculpture,<br />

“with knowledge the whole<br />

world is in your hands,” created in<br />

2000 by internationally renowned<br />

sculptor, Alfred Tibor.<br />

An honor guard from American<br />

Legion Southway Post 144 represented<br />

all military branches and<br />

offered a rifle salute. Two members of the<br />

Columbus Division of Fire honor guard —<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> alumni George A. Fulcher ’77<br />

and Martin P. McSweeney ’77 — played<br />

the bagpipes. Another alumnus, Michael<br />

Connors ’78, played the uillean pipes.<br />

Trumpeters Alex Connor and Dustin<br />

Schick, both from the Class of <strong>2003</strong>,<br />

sounded the mournful TAPS.<br />

Msgr. Thomas Bennett, a 1953 graduate<br />

of the former <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> College and<br />

a member of the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Prep<br />

teaching staff for 38 years, blessed<br />

the Memorial Grove. The <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> chorus, directed by Johnny<br />

<strong>St</strong>einer and Doug Montgomery,<br />

performed the alma mater songs of<br />

both schools and provided a musical<br />

tribute.<br />

“Aquinas alumni are touched and<br />

honored,” said Aquinas alumni<br />

secretary Lou Nobile, “that <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> has set aside on its campus<br />

this memorial grove to honor our<br />

Aquinas alumni as well as those of<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> who died in service to<br />

their country. This not only commemorates<br />

Aquinas graduates who<br />

gave their lives for our country, but<br />

helps preserve the memory of<br />

Aquinas College High <strong>School</strong>.<br />

“<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> and Aquinas have long<br />

and rich traditions in Columbus, and<br />

having the names of our fallen<br />

heroes side by side on this beautiful<br />

memorial plaque seems very fitting,<br />

and certainly is heart-warming to all<br />

concerned,” Nobile said.<br />

Aquinas, as is <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, was an<br />

all-boys Catholic school that served<br />

the Columbus and Central Ohio<br />

community for 60 years.<br />

“We’re pleased and honored,” said <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> principal Dominic Cavello, “to join<br />

with Aquinas<br />

representatives in<br />

honoring men<br />

from our two<br />

schools who died<br />

while serving our<br />

country. It is<br />

right and fitting<br />

that we remember<br />

and honor<br />

them for making<br />

the supreme<br />

sacrifice to allow<br />

us to continue<br />

the benefits of<br />

Greetings<br />

Msgr. Thomas M. Bennett<br />

and Msgr. F. Thomas<br />

Gallen ’40, P.A. greet one<br />

another before the start of<br />

the Memorial Dedication<br />

May 22, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

living in a free<br />

country”<br />

“It’s notable,”<br />

Cavello added,<br />

“that we have<br />

students at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> who are<br />

relatives of Aquinas graduates. And in the<br />

past, there were occasions when one<br />

brother attended <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> while another<br />

was at Aquinas. Thus, we had some<br />

ties between the two schools as well as<br />

continued on next page<br />


Newest memorial is third<br />

at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

The Memorial Grove developed this<br />

spring for former students who died in<br />

the military is the third one dedicated on<br />

the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> campus.<br />

The first memorial was created in<br />

1947 when 12 flowering crabapple trees<br />

were planted along the sidewalk to the<br />

school’s Broad <strong>St</strong>reet entrance to memorialize<br />

the 12 alumni who died in World<br />

War II service.<br />

The late Msgr. Joseph A. Cousins, a<br />

scholarly faculty member who initiated<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> stage productions, and then<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Alumni Association president<br />

Paul Gallo ’36, organized that effort.<br />

The trees were a gift from the school’s<br />

1946 class.<br />

The 1947 ceremony began with a<br />

candlelight procession headed by the <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> choir and a military color guard.<br />

The procession wound its way to Our<br />

Lady of Lourdes Grotto, completed by <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> collegians in 1931, for benediction<br />

of the Blessed Sacrament and<br />

dedication to the Blessed Virgin. Msgr.<br />

Paul J. Glenn, then the school rector,<br />

gave the dedication address.<br />

Disease forced removal of the orginal<br />

memorial trees. With money raised by<br />

the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> student council, a new<br />

strand of 14 trees was planted along the<br />

sidewalk in 1994. They memorialized<br />

the 12 WWII dead and two alumni lost<br />

during the Vietnam War. Principal<br />

Dominic J. Cavello, who served in<br />

Vietnam, delivered the keynote address.<br />

Msgr. F. Thomas Gallen ’40, who taught<br />

at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> for a record 48 years,<br />

blessed the trees.<br />

American Legion Southway Post<br />

144, which provided the honor guard and<br />

conducted the military service for this<br />

year’s ceremony, did the same in 1994.<br />

Those memorial trees remained<br />

until the fall of 2002 when extensive<br />

renovation and landscaping work around<br />

the main school building required their<br />

removal.<br />

continued from page 11<br />

some competition.”<br />

The two schools competed only<br />

occasionally on the athletic field. <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> played in various Catholic leagues<br />

while Aquinas played in the Columbus<br />

City League. Aquinas was the only nonpublic<br />

school to gain membership in that<br />

league. That was made possible through<br />

the personal intercession of one of the<br />

Wolfe family members (owner-publisher of<br />

The Columbus Dispatch) after Aquinas<br />

was first rejected by the league.<br />

12<br />

My Friend Bob Ferris<br />

A<br />

s Catholics we have a lot of saints<br />

whose exemplary lives can show<br />

us how to live. However, I think<br />

what we really need is more people like<br />

Bob Ferris. Bob was a tennis player, but<br />

for some reason when I think about his<br />

life I recall something that was once said<br />

about Ben Hogan, the famous golfer: “I<br />

played golf with him once,” this person<br />

recalled, “and he only said two words on<br />

the whole round, but he said them on<br />

every hole, ‘you’re away.’” In the game of<br />

life Bob was never in the rough, he was<br />

always where he was supposed to be.<br />

Bob was a good son, a good brother, a<br />

good husband and a good father. Very few<br />

men can look themselves in the mirror<br />

and say yes to all four of<br />

those questions. Bob was<br />

a graduate of Immaculate<br />

Conception, <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

and Notre Dame. He had<br />

the fine traditions of those<br />

schools written on his face<br />

and on his soul. All three<br />

schools can proudly say<br />

“He was one of ours”. Bob<br />

consistently did his best in<br />

school. His father was a<br />

railroad engineer so Bob<br />

learned to work at an<br />

early age. As a young boy<br />

he worked on survey<br />

crews for civil engineers. Bob Ferris, ’56<br />

I’ve done that kind of work<br />

and I know that the survey chiefs like<br />

workers who do what needs to be done<br />

without being told. Bob was like that.<br />

At the start of Bob’s sophomore year<br />

in college there was an epidemic called<br />

the Asian flu. Bob missed so much school<br />

that he had to drop out of Notre Dame<br />

and come back to Columbus to work.<br />

Unfortunately he suffered a serious back<br />

injury that would be with him for the rest<br />

of his life. I remember visiting him at Mt.<br />

Carmel Hospital the following summer.<br />

He was in traction and said sometimes the<br />

pain was so severe that his eyes felt like<br />

they were going to bulge out of his head.<br />

I had had back pains myself and he was<br />

right. It is on a par with kidney stones.<br />

But Bob did not complain, he just commented<br />

about the pain. It did not stop<br />

Bob from flirting with the nurses and the<br />

pretty ones all seemed to look for excuses<br />

to visit his room. I was kind of jealous<br />

and thought that Bob was able to do that<br />

because he had two pretty sisters. However,<br />

he was able to do it because he was a<br />

nice person and everybody sensed that.<br />

Like me, Bob was not anything special<br />

as an athlete. However, through hard<br />

work he developed into an excellent tennis<br />

player and made the freshmen team at<br />

Notre Dame. In the 70’s he used to visit<br />

me in Chicago and we would play at my<br />

tennis club. I was able to keep up with<br />

him because he had lost a lot because of<br />

his back injury. He should have said<br />

something like, “Rankin, I’d run you off<br />

the court, if I didn’t have a bad back.”<br />

However, Bob only made jokes about the<br />

corset he had to wear.<br />

Because of Bob’s<br />

injury he attended Ohio<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate for a year or two.<br />

He joined a fraternity, a<br />

Catholic one of course.<br />

The church never said that<br />

we should not enjoy life,<br />

have a beer once in a<br />

while and dance with the<br />

girls. However, don’t<br />

change your values. While<br />

at OSU he met his future<br />

wife, Sue Miller, A perfect<br />

match. She must be the<br />

sweetest girl I have ever<br />

met.<br />

Bob was always<br />

proud of his kids. He<br />

pushed them hard to do their best. Bob<br />

wasn’t rich, but he sent his kids to the<br />

best colleges, Holy Cross, Virginia Law<br />

<strong>School</strong>. Two doctors and a lawyer. His<br />

kids were not spoiled either. His son<br />

Bobby worked for several years in Honduras<br />

as a volunteer doctor.<br />

Bob was among the missing in the<br />

WTC terrorist disaster. In his case<br />

missing is the right word. He is missed by<br />

his family, his friends and his work<br />

associates. I will remember him by trying<br />

to live the way he lived. My parents are<br />

deceased and I never had any siblings.<br />

However, in the years that I have remaining,<br />

I will try to be the best possible<br />

husband and best possible father that I<br />

can. That way, someday, maybe I will get<br />

to play tennis again with Bob Ferris.<br />

Please God, if you are going to fix his<br />

back, you have to fix my knees. Otherwise,<br />

he is going to run me right off the<br />

court.<br />

Jerry Rankin, Class of 1956<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

The Ring<br />

Susanne Ferris stood<br />

quietly last May with the<br />

somber crowd participating<br />

in the formal dedication<br />

of the Memorial<br />

Grove on the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

campus.<br />

Photo illustration<br />

Around her neck she wore<br />

a chain displaying the University of Notre<br />

Dame class ring of her husband, Robert J.<br />

Ferris, one of the 40 <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> and<br />

Aquinas alumni memorialized by the<br />

grove. <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> created the memorial<br />

to honor alumni of the two schools who<br />

died in military and other service to<br />

America.<br />

Robert Ferris, one of the 14 from <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> (Class of 1956) who was honored,<br />

died in the 9-1-1 terrorist attack on the<br />

World Trade Center in New York City.<br />

He was working on the 102nd floor of the<br />

south tower when it was struck, and<br />

eventually destroyed, by a hijacked<br />

passenger plane controlled by four suicidal<br />

terrorists.<br />

Even though he always wore his<br />

Notre Dame ring, Ferris for some unexplained<br />

reason went to work that fateful<br />

day without the ring. Sue discovered the<br />

ring among her husband’s belongings on<br />

his nightstand. For some unknown<br />

reason, he had taken the ring off and left<br />

it on the nightstand. She wears the ring<br />

on a chain in his memory.<br />

Family members and friends of the Ferris family<br />

In the picture above, Mrs. Ferris is the third person from<br />

the left in the first row. Also in that row from left are<br />

Mary Ellen Geyer, (sister of Ferris), Kay Ferris, (sister-inlaw),<br />

and Bernadette Mason (sister). Back row —<br />

Richard D. Mason (brother-in-law), Msgr. William A.<br />

Dunn ’57 (childhood neighbor and lifetime Ferris friend),<br />

principal Dominic J. Cavello ’64, Edward P. Ferris ’57<br />

(brother), and Paul Reiner (Aquinas grad).<br />

Memorial Grove<br />

This is a view of the new Memorial Grove, dedicated in May to 40 former students of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong><br />

<strong>School</strong> and Aquinas College High <strong>School</strong> who died in service to America.<br />

Former Aquinas High had 4,200 graduates<br />

Aquinas College High <strong>School</strong> in Columbus<br />

was operated as an all-boys school<br />

by the Dominican Fathers from 1905 to<br />

1965. Some 4,200 boys graduated from<br />

the school, of which some 2,000 are still<br />

living, according to Aquinas alumni<br />

secretary Lou Nobile.<br />

During most of its nearly 60 school<br />

years, Aquinas was located at Mt.<br />

Vernon and Washington Avenues,<br />

which is now part of the ever-growing<br />

Columbus <strong>St</strong>ate Community College.<br />

As was the case with <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

<strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>, Aquinas held its<br />

first classes in a grade school, <strong>St</strong>.<br />

Patrick, which no longer exists, but is<br />

survived by its thriving parish and<br />

church, <strong>St</strong>. Patrick, at 376 E. Naghten<br />

<strong>St</strong>. near downtown Columbus. (<strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>, founded in 1923, held classes<br />

the first two years at Sacred Heart<br />

grade school, also no longer existing,<br />

but survived by its parish and church.)<br />

Aquinas opened its doors to 62<br />

students in two <strong>St</strong>. Patrick grade school<br />

classrooms on Sept. 12, 1905. Meanwhile,<br />

construction of a building for the<br />

new high school had begun on the site<br />

of the first Roman Catholic cemetery in<br />

Columbus on Mt. Vernon Avenue. It<br />

was ready for use in February, 1906.<br />

Originally named <strong>St</strong>. Patrick’s<br />

College, the new school enjoyed strong<br />

enrollment. Plans were made in 1911 to<br />

enlarge the facilities and to change the<br />

name to Aquinas College, which eventually<br />

became known as Aquinas College<br />

High <strong>School</strong>. (Plans to operate a college<br />

never materialized. A dormitory was built<br />

to board students planning for the Dominican<br />

religious life.)<br />

The last addition, a gymnasium with<br />

an upper floor housing classrooms, was<br />

built in 1925. Excavated dirt for that<br />

structure was used to help build the levee<br />

to protect <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> from potential flood<br />

waters from Alum Creek.<br />

The Aquinas Gym was dedicated by<br />

Bishop James J. Hartley, the founder of<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, on Nov. 1, 1925. Three days<br />

later Bishop Hartley dedicated the newlybuilt<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> College Seminary at<br />

2010 E. Broad <strong>St</strong>., the present main<br />

structure on the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> campus.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> College Seminary operated<br />

in that building from 1931 to 1969.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong> was<br />

moved to the Broad <strong>St</strong>reet building when<br />

it was completed in 1925. The prep school<br />

held classes its first two years, starting in<br />

1923, at Sacred Heart. The prep school<br />

originally was listed as a “department” of<br />

the college seminary.<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />


<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> grad played on<br />

OSU’s national title grid team<br />

SBy Lou Fabro ’49<br />

t. <strong>Charles</strong> graduate <strong>St</strong>even T. Moore<br />

had a great time at the Fiesta Bowl<br />

in Tempe, Ariz., last January when<br />

the Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate Buckeyes upset the Miami<br />

Hurricanes to win the national college<br />

football championship. He not only saw<br />

the game from close range, but played in<br />

the thrilling overtime battle for the<br />

victorious Buckeyes.<br />

And he’s back this year for his third<br />

campaign with the Buckeye football team.<br />

“It was a blast,” is how he described<br />

his Fiesta Bowl experience. With maybe a<br />

touch of hyperbole, he added: “it was<br />

really great knowing that everyone in the<br />

country was watching us.” It was one of<br />

the most-watched — and most exciting —<br />

college football games of all time. For the<br />

record in case anyone has forgotten, Ohio<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate won the national title game 31-24 in<br />

double overtime to complete a 14-0<br />

season, winningest in school history.<br />

While Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate was a decided<br />

3 <strong>St</strong>. C grads earned<br />

grid letters at OSU<br />

<strong>St</strong>even T. Moore, Class of 2000, who<br />

played on Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University’s 2002<br />

national championship team, is the<br />

third <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> graduate to earn a<br />

varsity letter playing football for the<br />

OSU Buckeyes.<br />

The other <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> alumni who<br />

lettered for the grid Bucks were Dan<br />

Connor, Class of ’57, and Tom Vargo,<br />

Class of ’62. Both are attorneys.<br />

Connor earned his OSU letter in 1961<br />

and Vargo in 1965. Several other <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> grads played for the Buckeyes<br />

but didn’t earn varsity letters.<br />

Vargo, as like Moore, was an OSU<br />

grid walk-on. Vargo continued his<br />

involvement in football for many years<br />

after college. He was an assistant<br />

football coach at Watterson from 1968<br />

to 1981 and was <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> head<br />

football coach from 1982 to 1987.<br />

His 1983 team was the first Cardinal<br />

squad to qualify for the state high<br />

school playoffs.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> has a football connection<br />

with Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University that<br />

dates back to 1926 when the Carolians<br />

fielded its first grid team. <strong>Charles</strong> V.<br />

“Flop” Gorrill, who played end for the<br />

Buckeyes in 1923-25, was the first <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> football coach.<br />

14<br />

underdog in the view of bookmakers, and<br />

nearly all sports analysts, soothsayers,<br />

and impartial fans, “we (the Buckeye team<br />

and coaches) always knew we were going<br />

to win,” Moore said. “I just felt we would<br />

win.”<br />

“Our goal was set last summer to go<br />

to the Fiesta Bowl,” Moore recalled. “We<br />

had it marked — Jan. 3, the Fiesta Bowl.<br />

We definitely thought we could win the<br />

national championship. We really worked<br />

hard for it.”<br />

Much credit for Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate’s success in<br />

reaching its ultimate goal of a national<br />

championship, Moore said, goes to the<br />

coaches. Head coach “Jim Tressel is a<br />

very good coach,” he said. “He always<br />

emphasized that we need to work hard to<br />

be a better person, not just a better<br />

player. After a game, he reminds us to<br />

remember who we are; he always emphasized<br />

family, faith, and school academics.”<br />

Moore also is impressed by the work<br />

and commitment of Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate’s assistant<br />

coaches. “They’re so determined — for<br />

example, watching game films for hours.”<br />

But to get to the Fiesta Bowl — let<br />

alone win the national title — the Buckeyes<br />

had to turn in a series of cliff-hanging<br />

victories that left their most dedicated<br />

fans breathless — and non-Buckeye fans<br />

skeptical of Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate’s capability.<br />

Among the close calls, Moore singled<br />

out the Purdue game “as<br />

one of the greatest<br />

thrills.” (Won 10-6 on a<br />

37-yard pass with less<br />

than two minutes left.)<br />

“And so was the Illinois<br />

game (won 23-16 in<br />

overtime).” And the<br />

clincher was the comefrom-behind<br />

14-9 win<br />

over archrival Michigan.<br />

A 2000 graduate of<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, Moore made<br />

the OSU football team as<br />

a walk-on. And that’s a<br />

tale in itself. After all,<br />

how in the heck does a<br />

relative unknown on a<br />

huge campus with 50,000-plus students<br />

win a spot on one of the nation’s bestknown<br />

college football teams? The short<br />

answer is determination and hard work.<br />

An honor student at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> and a<br />

member of the National Honor Society,<br />

Moore played defensive back and running<br />

The spoils of victory<br />

<strong>St</strong>even Moore ’00 displays his national<br />

championship ring to guests at the<br />

Cardinal football banquet featuring<br />

former Notre Dame star Rocky Bleier as<br />

guest speaker last May.<br />

A National Champion<br />

<strong>St</strong>even Moore’00 helped the Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate Buckeyes to their<br />

first national football title in 34 years, a perfect 14-0<br />

record, and Big 10 crown.<br />

back for the Cardinals. But a Buckeye<br />

football prospect he wasn’t.<br />

After starting classes at Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate on<br />

a full academic scholarship in the fall of<br />

2000, Moore said “I asked around what I<br />

needed to do to make the football team.” I<br />

was told (by another student) to improve<br />

my speed and build my strength.” Then 5-<br />

10 and 160 pounds — not exactly a football<br />

prospect, particularly at a Big 10 school —<br />

Moore began a rigorous body conditioning<br />

program.<br />

“I worked extremely<br />

hard,” he said. He<br />

improved his speed, built<br />

his strength, and now<br />

tips the scales at 180<br />

pounds. “It was a lot of<br />

work, but worth it,”<br />

Moore said. “It’s highlevel<br />

competition and<br />

great experience.” Moore<br />

waited until the spring<br />

quarter of his freshman<br />

year to try out — and<br />

make — the team.<br />

Last season — his<br />

junior year academically<br />

and second year as an<br />

OSU athlete — Moore<br />

earned a Buckeye letter jacket. He played<br />

cornerback for the Bucks during their<br />

championship season and is listed on the<br />

current <strong>2003</strong> squad in that position.<br />

Among his teammates are Andy<br />

Groom, a graduate of Hartley High, and<br />

continued on page 31<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

What a piece of work is a man—<br />

Many <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> graduates involved in performing arts<br />

By Doug Montgomery<br />

Iwas thrilled when asked to help put together an<br />

article about <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> graduates involved in<br />

the arts. Not only was it a joy for me to speak<br />

with many of my former students, it was inspiring<br />

to review the varied interests of these men. With<br />

apologies to William Shakespeare, I hope you will<br />

enjoy learning about these talented graduates.<br />

The Directors — …how noble<br />

in reason, how infinite in<br />

faculties . . .<br />

Robert E. Shay ’53 has enjoyed<br />

a long career in television, including<br />

WBNS and the old WLW-<br />

C (now WTVN) in Columbus and<br />

with Group W (Westinghouse)<br />

in Boston and Channels 5 and<br />

11 in New York. He spent eight<br />

years with CBS in New York and<br />

Los Angeles and ten years as<br />

president of Primetime Entertainment,<br />

an international co-production<br />

company based in New<br />

York and London.<br />

“The <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> academic environment,”<br />

Shay recalled, “was<br />

encouraging of independent<br />

thought and challenged me to<br />

deal with life’s decisions and the<br />

human condition in the world in<br />

a fair-minded and compassionate<br />

way. This instilled approach<br />

helped greatly to guide me along<br />

the way.<br />

“The teachers I remember most,”<br />

he said, “were Fr. Sabrey (Thomas<br />

A. ’34), who clubbed me on<br />

the head for not working to potential,<br />

and Msgr. O’Dea (Paul J.<br />

’33), whose whispering voice<br />

belied a brilliant mind and an affinity<br />

for all things Latin.”<br />

Shay married Mary Lou<br />

Dilenschneider, a <strong>St</strong>. Mary of the<br />

Springs graduate, in 1958.<br />

They’ve lived in Manhattan for<br />

the past 23 years and have three<br />

children.<br />

Vince Bennett ’93 is tour manager<br />

for jazz trumpet great,<br />

Terence Blanchard. Vince took<br />

this position last March after<br />

three years as program coordinator<br />

in the jazz department of<br />

the John F. Kennedy Center for<br />

the Performing Arts.<br />

As Blanchard’s tour manager,<br />

Bennett spends most of his time<br />

on the road with noted musician<br />

and the sextet, handling all<br />

travel, hotel, and production activities<br />

for each performance.<br />

Blanchard is among the most influential<br />

jazz composers and<br />

players of his generation on the<br />

strength of poll-topping CDs and<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />

award-winning Hollywood film<br />

scores for movie directors, including<br />

Spike Lee.<br />

Bennett graduated from Arizona<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate University in 1999 with a<br />

degree in interdisciplinary studies<br />

and then joined the Kennedy<br />

Center staff. When not on tour,<br />

he lives in New Orleans enjoying<br />

the easy life of good food<br />

and wine.<br />

Christopher Dake ’94 was the<br />

first recipient of the Father Gilbert<br />

Hartke Scholarship for Performance<br />

and Leadership at<br />

Xavier University in Cincinnati.<br />

He acted and directed at Xavier<br />

and, while president of the theater<br />

department, secured the<br />

most funds the organization ever<br />

raised. His work led to the formation<br />

of the performance studies<br />

minor. He graduated with a<br />

communications degree and<br />

moved to Washington, D.C.<br />

Chris has worked at the John F.<br />

Kennedy Center for Performing<br />

Arts for several years. He’s<br />

with the Center’s development<br />

department working in its major<br />

gift, endowment, and planned<br />

giving office. Chris is charged<br />

with cultivating relations with<br />

donors who annually donate<br />

$25,000 or more in undesignated<br />

gifts to the Center. He also helps<br />

oversee a $300-million capital<br />

campaign for the construction of<br />

two new buildings. In addition,<br />

he’s the coordinator for house<br />

seats for The Kennedy Center<br />

Honors.<br />

The Players — …in form and<br />

moving how express and admirable…<br />

Michael Lorr ’76 graduated<br />

from Ohio Dominican University<br />

in 1980 with a B.A. in business/<br />

theatre. He received a masters<br />

in acting in Ohio University’s professional<br />

actor training program.<br />

Lorr earned membership in Actors’<br />

Equity Association and<br />

soon after joined AFTRA (American<br />

Federation of Television and<br />

Radio Artists).<br />

During the next decade he performed<br />

from California to Florida.<br />

He returned to Columbus and<br />

spent two years with The Columbus<br />

Ensemble Theatre and<br />

was featured in Player’s Theatre<br />

stage productions of Gypsy,<br />

Assassins and Cabaret.<br />

Back in Columbus for good,<br />

Michael has found a wonderful<br />

working relationship with<br />

CATCO. He has appeared in its<br />

productions of The Bat, Wings,<br />

The Good Times Are Killing<br />

Me, Of Mice and Men, The Little<br />

Foxes, All My Sons, and The<br />

Grapes of Wrath. While continuing<br />

to perform, Michael for<br />

the past five years has served<br />

as CATCO’s stage manager.<br />

He’s married to professional director<br />

Pam Hill.<br />

Brian Smith ’76 returned to Columbus<br />

after performing for 13<br />

years in New York as a featured<br />

vocalist in various Manhattan<br />

nightclubs. He also has network<br />

television credits that include All<br />

My Children, The Guiding Light<br />

and Law and Order. He appeared<br />

on the Manhattan Cable<br />

program, Cabaret Beat, and<br />

was featured at the world-famous<br />

Rainbow Room atop<br />

Rockefeller Center. Brian also<br />

appeared in off-Broadway productions<br />

of Finian’s Rainbow,<br />

Annie Get Your Gun, South Pacific,<br />

and Cinderella.<br />

Since returning to Columbus,<br />

Brian has been reunited as a<br />

soloist with the Rick Brunetto Big<br />

Band (Brunetto is the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

band director and music teacher)<br />

and performs with the Dayton<br />

Jazz Orchestra and Vaughn<br />

Weister’s Famous Jazz Orchestra.<br />

Brian last winter had the<br />

honor of performing with the <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> Jazz Ensemble and the<br />

Rick Brunetto Big Band in “A Tribute<br />

to Frank Sinatra.”<br />

Brian is an account executive<br />

with Muzak and lives in<br />

Westerville with his wife of 16<br />

years, Anne.<br />

Mark Alan Gordon ’78 is an<br />

actor and teacher in New York<br />

City. He attended the Sundance<br />

Theatre Institute where he originated<br />

the role of Bob in Chuck<br />

Mee’s Wintertime and as<br />

Fabrizio in Heather McDonald’s<br />

When Grace Comes In; he performed<br />

those roles for the La<br />

Jolla Playhouse and the Long<br />

Wharf Theatre. Mark also originated<br />

the role of Daniel in<br />

McDonald’s Available Light at<br />

Arlington’s Signature Theatre.<br />

Actor Mark Alan Gordon<br />

Other original stage plays include<br />

Romulus Linney’s<br />

Ambrosio and True Crimes. His<br />

200 regional productions include<br />

Merchant of Venice (with Hal<br />

Holbrook) at the Shakespeare<br />

Theatre of Washington, D.C.,<br />

Roy Cohn in Angels in America<br />

(Pts. I & II), and several television<br />

roles on Law & Order and<br />

Law & Order: Special Victims<br />

Unit.<br />

A founding member of NYC’s<br />

famed Signature Theatre Co.,<br />

Mark assisted Michael Kahn of<br />

that organization in the direction<br />

of the Obie Award-winning<br />

Sleep Deprivation Chamber by<br />

Adrienne Kennedy. Mark has<br />

taught for the Caymichael Patten<br />

<strong>St</strong>udios, at New York University,<br />

the University of Vermont, and<br />

the Hangar Theatre Lab. He was<br />

the artistic director for the<br />

Champlain Shakespeare Festival<br />

from 1986 to 1989.<br />

Mark most recently completed<br />

filming for another Law & Order<br />

episode and spent two months<br />

in Dallas in Big Love by Chuck<br />

Mee for the famed Dallas Theatre<br />

Center.<br />

Ken Taylor ’78 is the co-host<br />

of The Screening Room with<br />

Debbie Matenopoulos on The TV<br />

Guide Channel. He began his<br />

career as a radio entertainment<br />

editor and reporter for several<br />

radio stations in Central Ohio and<br />

in Los Angeles. He later moved<br />

on to become a host for E! Entertainment<br />

Television’s E! News<br />

Daily where he provided celebrity<br />

information everyday.<br />

Ken is no stranger to the big<br />

screen. He has had actor roles<br />

in big budget films, including<br />

Mighty Joe Young and Scream<br />

3.<br />

You can catch Ken on the TV<br />

Guide Channel at five minutes<br />

before the hour.<br />

Dan Polletta ’82 graduated<br />

from John Carroll University in<br />

1986 and has been with public<br />

radio ever since. After working<br />

part-time at WKSU-Kent, Dan<br />

became the evening jazz host<br />

at WCPN-Cleveland in 1987.<br />

In addition to his work on this<br />

50,000-watt National Public Radio<br />

affiliate, Dan produced and<br />

was host for several concert<br />

broadcasts that were distributed<br />

nationally by NPR. He has written<br />

about the music in the jazz<br />

reference book, MusicHound<br />

Jazz: The Essential Album<br />

Guide and for the NPR and Public<br />

Interactive web sites. Dan<br />

also has written album notes for<br />

several jazz recordings.<br />

Eric Weisheit ’82 graduated<br />

from Bowling Green <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

with a BAC degree in<br />

1986 and won the best actor<br />

award that same year. He performed<br />

at Huron Playhouse for<br />

two years; a highlight was his<br />

role of Mortimer in Arsenic and<br />

Old Lace.<br />

Eric Weisheit (r) in a performance of <strong>St</strong>ephen Crane’s literary<br />

classic, The Red Badge of Courage, with the ArtReach Touring<br />

Theatre.<br />


He became a member of CATCO<br />

here in Columbus in 1987 and<br />

appeared in Fool for Love and<br />

The Widow Claire. Eric joined<br />

ArtReach Touring Theatre in Cincinnati<br />

and toured the country in<br />

productions of Beauty and the<br />

Beast and The Red Badge of<br />

Courage. He then took became<br />

production manager and resident<br />

director. His stage adaptation<br />

of Alice in Wonderland<br />

toured nationally from 1994-<br />

1996.<br />

Eric went on to earn a masters<br />

in the College Conservatory of<br />

Music at the University of Cincinnati<br />

in 1992. He taught acting<br />

at CCM for two years, performed<br />

in numerous productions, and<br />

was accepted into the advanced<br />

playwriting class where<br />

his play, Summa Diem, was critiqued<br />

by noted playwright, Edward<br />

Albee. For his thesis role<br />

he portrayed Fuat Salim in the<br />

world premiere of the Mozart<br />

opera/drama, Zaide, which was<br />

performed in the Julliard Theatre<br />

at Lincoln Center in New York.<br />

Eric has performed in and directed<br />

numerous regional productions.<br />

They include The Zoo<br />

<strong>St</strong>ory at The Mercury Theatre in<br />

Denver, and playing the title role<br />

in the world premiere of<br />

Duveneck: Portrait in Words<br />

and Music at the Carnegie Theatre<br />

in Covington, KY.<br />

He has been a member of several<br />

improv troupes, including<br />

ComedySportz, ETC etc., and<br />

TheatreSports. Eric attributes<br />

his love for theatre to a desire to<br />

meet girls in high school. It<br />

worked. His wife is actress<br />

Shelley Gilbert. They have a<br />

daughter, Clara, and live in Cincinnati.<br />

Mitch Barnes ’83 continued to<br />

perform in one way or other<br />

since his days on the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

stage. He was active in the theatre<br />

department at Bethany College,<br />

worked as a DJ, and as an<br />

anchor for Bethany’s nightly<br />

newscasts. After graduating<br />

from Bethany in 1987, Mitch<br />

worked as a reporter for WTRF-<br />

TV7 News in Wheeling, W.V. He<br />

returned briefly to the Columbus<br />

area and worked as a part-time<br />

DJ at WHTH in Newark while<br />

serving full-time as director of<br />

the YMCA Black Achievers Program.<br />

He moved on to college admissions<br />

work with Denison University<br />

in Granville and served as<br />

faculty advisor for its studentrun<br />

radio station. Mitch has<br />

worked for and taught at the<br />

Culver Military Academies in Indiana<br />

since 1992. He’s head<br />

coach of the Culver speech team<br />

and in just seven years has expanded<br />

a five-member team into<br />

a 30-member squad that has<br />

Movie and television actor<br />

James Babson<br />

become a force in northern Indiana<br />

forensics.<br />

For the past three years, he’s<br />

fused his performing abilities<br />

with his avid love for music. He<br />

and his musical partner, Rick<br />

Goetz, have been performing<br />

throughout northern Indiana as<br />

Freudian Slip: Pseudo-Unplugged<br />

Rock Duo. With Mitch<br />

singing lead vocals and performing<br />

percussion, and Rick playing<br />

both electric and acoustic<br />

guitars, this duo has built a loyal<br />

following and is starting to<br />

branch into Ohio and West Virginia<br />

for shows. Summer <strong>2003</strong><br />

was the beginning of The 436<br />

Tour: 4 cities, 3 states, 6 days.<br />

Freudian Slip performed in Columbus<br />

on July 25. For more information<br />

on Mitch and Freudian<br />

Slip, check out its website:<br />

“http://www.nd.edu/~srobert4/<br />

internal”<br />

Roderick Paulette ’84 has<br />

been a professional comedian<br />

for the past eleven years, touring<br />

the country playing comedy<br />

clubs and colleges. His comedy<br />

is a blend of clever observations,<br />

biting sarcasm, and real life experiences.<br />

He has appeared on<br />

Rascals Comedy Hour and Comedy<br />

Central’s Short Attention<br />

Span Theater.<br />

Rod, who in 1995 finished second<br />

at the Vail comedy competition,<br />

recently completed a short<br />

film entitled, Turkey Day, which<br />

will be released in October. He<br />

also appeared in a recent feature,<br />

Jacked Up, for Artisan Pictures.<br />

This fall he will debut his<br />

one-man show, Rod Paulette,<br />

Without the Mic, in Columbus.<br />

He also plans to begin work on<br />

The Last Ride, a short film he<br />

wrote and will direct.<br />

James Babson ’93 most recently<br />

played Rudolf Hess in the<br />

highly-publicized CBS miniseries,<br />

Hitler: The Rise of Evil, televised<br />

this summer. James is a<br />

graduate of Carnegie Mellon<br />

University with a fine arts degree<br />

in drama. He appeared in<br />

the Oscar-nominated film,<br />

Shawshank Redemption, the<br />

off-Broadway production of<br />

Sincerity Forever, the American<br />

premiere of After the Rain, and<br />

the Brecht Centennial Festival<br />

production of Baal.<br />

James traveled to Europe to play<br />

Rosencrantz and the<br />

Gravedigger in Hamlet, staged<br />

at the Globe in Prague. With one<br />

foot in Europe and the other<br />

America, he is establishing a list<br />

of impressive film credits, including<br />

League of Extraordinary<br />

Gentlemen with Sean Connery,<br />

Luther, starring Joseph Finnes<br />

and Alfred Molina, the Yves<br />

Simione miniseries, Napoleon,<br />

with Isabella Rossellini and<br />

Gerard Depardieu, and two additional<br />

miniseries, Doctor<br />

Zhivago and Children of Dune.<br />

He currently is working in<br />

Prague on Hellboy with Ron<br />

Perlman, John Hurt, and Selma<br />

Blair.<br />

Nathanael Buckley ’93, shortly<br />

after graduating from Hope College<br />

in 1997, moved to New York<br />

to pursue a career in dance.<br />

Nathanael is a founding member<br />

of both the Isabel Gotzkowsky<br />

and Friends and the <strong>St</strong>efanie<br />

Nelson Dance Groups.<br />

He has danced with the Anna<br />

Sokolow Players Project, the Erik<br />

Hawkins Company (Martha<br />

Graham’s partner), Julio Rivera/<br />

Contemporary Motions Dance<br />

Company, Elke Rindfleish, Fiona<br />

Marcotty, HT Chen and Dancers,<br />

and many other companies.<br />

He was a featured performer in<br />

the premiere of the musical, The<br />

Fires. He recently performed<br />

with Meredith Monk in Quarry<br />

and performed as a dancer and<br />

singer in the Spoleto Festival.<br />

Nathanael received a scholarship<br />

to study at the Merce<br />

Cunningham <strong>School</strong> where he<br />

worked as Mr. Cunningham’s<br />

personal assistant, and also<br />

choreographed a number of his<br />

own works. His future plans<br />

include more work with Meredith<br />

Monk and additional ventures into<br />

experimental dance/theatre<br />

projects.<br />

Dan Maceyak ’93 has performed<br />

on Broadway and in regional<br />

theatre. He recently completed<br />

a national tour of the musical<br />

South Pacific with Robert<br />

Goulet and is continuing his musical<br />

theatre career in New York.<br />

Derek Argobright ’94 is working<br />

as an actor and producer in<br />

New York. After stops at Southern<br />

Methodist University and<br />

Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University and auditioning<br />

in Central Ohio, Derek<br />

transferred to New York University.<br />

Taking acting and dramatic<br />

writing classes when he could<br />

find time, Derek graduated from<br />

NYU with a B.A. in English. He<br />

immediately enrolled in a twoyear<br />

professional conservatory<br />

program at The Atlantic Theater<br />

Company.<br />

In 2000, he performed in a showcase<br />

of David Mamet one-act<br />

plays directed by founding company<br />

member, Jordan Lage. He<br />

later worked on the production<br />

team for the television series,<br />

Law & Order. During this time,<br />

he also produced an off-off-<br />

Broadway production of Life<br />

and Limb by Keith Reddin.<br />

Last year, Derek appeared in the<br />

Law & Order season premiere<br />

episode, “American Jihad”. He<br />

also appeared in the Law & Order<br />

episode, “Sheltered” aired<br />

toward season’s end.<br />

He currently is in rehearsals for<br />

an Atlantic Theater Company<br />

staged reading/workshop with<br />

his friend, Jordan Lage, and<br />

looks forward to season 14 of<br />

Law & Order.<br />

Bill McKinley ’95 graduated<br />

from Wittenberg University with<br />

a B.A. in psychology and theatre<br />

in 1999. After graduation,<br />

he continued with the IFA and<br />

conservatory programs at the<br />

Second City Theatre in Cleveland,<br />

graduating in 2001. From<br />

1999 to 2000, he worked for<br />

COSI helping to establish its museum<br />

theatre program.<br />

He has performed and directed<br />

locally since 1999. He has appeared<br />

with two local improv<br />

groups, Full Frontal Nudity and<br />

Slipshod Theatre Co. He currently<br />

can be seen in a TV commercial<br />

for a Columbus law firm.<br />

Bill lives in Dublin with his wife,<br />

Mandy (whom he met during a<br />

production of Our Town in 2000),<br />

and their two dogs.<br />

Rich Arthur ’97 is working all<br />

over the world as a model and<br />

actor. After being a host for an<br />

MTV remote, his acting and modeling<br />

career has taken him to<br />

New York, Rome, Los Angeles,<br />

and Hong Kong. He most recently<br />

was doing a photo shoot<br />

in Manila.<br />

<strong>St</strong>eve Haggard ’98 is a recent<br />

graduate of the Theatre <strong>School</strong><br />

at DePaul University where he<br />

earned his fine arts degree in<br />

acting. Favorite roles include<br />

Wesley in Sam Shepard’s<br />

Curse of the <strong>St</strong>arving Class and<br />

Skinhead Boy in Naomi Iizuka’s<br />

Model Rich Arthur<br />

Polaroid <strong>St</strong>ories. Since graduation,<br />

<strong>St</strong>eve has appeared in several<br />

Chicago productions, including<br />

In the Blood by Suzan Lori<br />

Parks. This fall he will appear in<br />

The Writer’s Theatre of<br />

Chicago’s production of Our<br />

Town.<br />

Look for <strong>St</strong>eve in a national<br />

Snickers bar commercial scheduled<br />

to air this fall during Monday<br />

Night Football telecasts.<br />

Josh Young ’99 is completing<br />

his final year at New York University.<br />

He’s the first person to<br />

successfully double-major in<br />

drama and cinema studies, two<br />

of NYU’s most difficult degree<br />

sequences. Josh spent two<br />

years studying at Playwright’s<br />

Horizons where he directed a<br />

stage adaptation of Reservoir<br />

Dogs, acted in several short<br />

plays, and worked as stage<br />

manager. This year he continues<br />

his training at The Atlantic<br />

Theater Company.<br />

Josh has appeared in the NYU<br />

graduate production of Women<br />

of Troy and in an off-Broadway<br />

production of Othello<br />

for Mud/Bone Productions.<br />

Luke Mess ’00 is in his fourth<br />

year at Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate where he is<br />

majoring in theater with an emphasis<br />

on acting. At OSU he has<br />

performed in productions of<br />

Electra, <strong>St</strong>. Joan, Twelfth Night,<br />

and Comic Potential. He recently<br />

helped launch a new theatre<br />

company in Columbus,<br />

Hand-dog Theatre Co., where<br />

he played George in Glengarry<br />

Glen Ross at the Short North<br />

Playhouse. This summer he<br />

studied acting at the American<br />

Conservatory Theatre in San<br />

Francisco. Look for Luke in future<br />

OSU productions and in a<br />

WETCO production of Keely and<br />

Du at the Dublin Theatre this<br />

winter.<br />

Nick <strong>St</strong>ofocik ’00 will graduate<br />

this winter with a fine arts degree<br />

in Performance Theater<br />

from Ohio University. While at<br />

O.U. he has appeared in Criminal<br />

Hearts, The overnment Inspector,<br />

Iphigenia, Scapin, The<br />

Maids, and Life is a Dream.<br />

He performed in summer 2002<br />

at the Monomoy Theater on Cape<br />

Cod in productions of South Pacific,<br />

As You Like It, and The<br />

Show-Off. This summer Nick<br />

studied acting in Croatia with<br />

leading European directors.<br />

Nick this fall will play Jack in an<br />

Ohio University stage adaptation<br />

of William Golding’s The Lord of<br />

the Flies. Future plans include<br />

auditioning for the Ohio Theatre<br />

Alliance and an eventual move<br />

to Chicago to pursue his acting<br />

career.<br />

16<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

Brandin Bowman ’02 will begin<br />

his second year at the College<br />

Conservatory of Music at<br />

the University of Cincinnati as a<br />

theater design & production major<br />

with an emphasis in technical<br />

production.<br />

This past season he worked as<br />

a scenic carpenter for 12 productions.<br />

He was the pyrotechnics<br />

operator for One Flew Over<br />

the Cuckoo’s Nest, fly-crew<br />

chief for The Marriage of<br />

Figaro, in the makeup crew for<br />

The Wild Party, and worked<br />

floor crew for the opera, Pelleas<br />

et Melisande. He also was<br />

wardrobe master for the world<br />

premiere opera, The Memory<br />

Game.<br />

This year he will be assistant<br />

technical director for Marat/<br />

Sade, properties artisan for the<br />

winter opera, and master carpenter<br />

for The Mystery of Edwin<br />

Drood and Hansel and Graetel.<br />

Jonathan Nawn ’02 is a sophomore<br />

at The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

majoring in theatre with a<br />

minor in dance. He has performed<br />

in two student- produced<br />

plays and was the assistant<br />

to the director at OSU for<br />

Comic Potential. He will study<br />

in London this summer with the<br />

OSU theater department.<br />

Dan Foley ’03 is continuing his<br />

studies as a theater major at<br />

Ohio University this fall.<br />

The Musicians — . . . in action<br />

how like an angel. . .<br />

Tony Monaco ’78 is among the<br />

finest jazz organists in the world<br />

and a leader in a revival of the<br />

Hammond B3 organ in jazz. Inspired<br />

by Jimmy Smith, Hank<br />

Marr, Dr. Lonnie Smith and others,<br />

he has been performing<br />

professionally since he was 16.<br />

Organ great Joey DeFrancesco<br />

produced Tony’s first national<br />

album, Burnin’ Grooves, and<br />

joined the session on piano. Tony<br />

added horns to his second release,<br />

Master Chops T, released<br />

in 2002. His third national release,<br />

Intimately Live at the 501,<br />

climbed the Radio Jazz charts<br />

to No. 15. His fourth session on<br />

Summit Records, A New Generation,<br />

features Tony’s trio and<br />

special guests, The Joey<br />

DeFrancesco Trio.<br />

The Tony Monaco Trio has performed<br />

at every major festival<br />

and outdoor concert in Central<br />

Ohio and has expanded to regional<br />

and national tours. He<br />

plays with two outstanding musicians<br />

from Columbus, Louis<br />

Tsamous on drums and Robert<br />

Kraut on guitar.<br />

This Sept. 27, The Tony Monaco<br />

Trio will be featured at the King<br />

Jazz keyboardist Tony Monaco<br />

Arts Complex Theater in Columbus<br />

with special guests Gene<br />

Walker and jazz immortal, Jimmy<br />

McGriff.<br />

Jeffrey Horvath ’99 is completing<br />

work for his undergraduate<br />

degree in music/composition at<br />

Miami University. Jeffrey has<br />

been an active member of Miami’s<br />

men’s glee club for four years<br />

and has written a choral work<br />

exclusively for the group comprised<br />

of more than 100 men.<br />

The piece, which is a setting of<br />

the Edgar Allan Poe poem,<br />

Alone, is titled “Demon in my<br />

View.” He received a composition<br />

scholarship for submitting<br />

this choral piece, as well as two<br />

other similar works.<br />

Jeffrey last May traveled with<br />

members of a Miami University<br />

touring chorus to Finland, Estonia,<br />

Russia, and Denmark, performing<br />

in eight concerts in two<br />

weeks. This mixed choir also<br />

performed two choral-orchestral<br />

pieces with symphonies in<br />

<strong>St</strong>. Petersburg, Moscow, and<br />

Talinn. Jeffrey hopes to pursue<br />

composition at the graduate<br />

level, incorporating song-writing<br />

and sound production into his<br />

studies.<br />

Andrew Magee ’02 is at the<br />

University of Notre Dame where<br />

he is pursuing a dual degree in<br />

music (organ performance) and<br />

engineering (computer science).<br />

He studies with world-renowned<br />

organists Drs. Craig<br />

Cramer and Gail Walton. His recent<br />

performances include a<br />

recital in the Basilica of the Sacred<br />

Heart at Notre Dame.<br />

Andrew this past year sang and<br />

did occasional solo work with<br />

the Notre Dame Liturgical Choir<br />

for its weekly television Mass,<br />

broadcast nationally over the<br />

Hallmark cable channel. During<br />

the current academic year, Andrew<br />

will be participating in an<br />

international study program in<br />

Angers, France, where he will<br />

have the opportunity to study the<br />

organ at the Conservatoire National<br />

d’Angers.<br />

Phil Barbone ’03 is enrolled this<br />

fall at the Berklee College of<br />

Music in Boston as a guitar major.<br />

Aaron Diehl ’03 this fall began<br />

work on a degree in jazz studies<br />

at the Julliard <strong>School</strong> in New<br />

York. He was recently invited<br />

onstage to perform with the Lincoln<br />

Center Jazz Orchestra in<br />

Indianapolis and won the first<br />

Hank Marr High <strong>School</strong> Jazz<br />

Competition, sponsored by the<br />

Columbus Jazz Orchestra.<br />

Last spring, when the Columbus<br />

Jazz Youth Orchestra traveled<br />

to New York for the “Essentially<br />

Ellington” competition at Lincoln<br />

Center, Aaron began a musical<br />

relationship with trumpet great<br />

Wynton Marsalis.<br />

“Aaron’s intelligent, has humility,<br />

and a requisite level of soul,<br />

“Marsalis said of Diehl. “And<br />

even more shocking are the<br />

things you can’t teach. It’s very<br />

rare in kids today with the decay<br />

of our culture: he has integrity.”<br />

Commenting further about<br />

Diehl, Marsalis said: “I don’t think<br />

there’s another piano player in<br />

the country who’s in high school<br />

who can play with two hands<br />

on stride piano. There are very<br />

few in the world who can do<br />

that.”<br />

This summer Aaron embarked on<br />

another musical journey: as a<br />

member of the Wynton Marsalis<br />

Septet touring Europe. I spoke<br />

with Aaron in July when the<br />

band was performing in Milan. I<br />

asked him what it was like to<br />

perform with the most influential<br />

jazz performer in the world. “It’s<br />

a very exciting opportunity,”<br />

Aaron responded. “At the same<br />

time it is a harsh, difficult learning<br />

experience.”<br />

Marsalis recently signed with<br />

jazz giant, Blue Note Records,<br />

and Aaron played for producer<br />

and recording executive Bruce<br />

Lundvall. “I’m not in any hurry to<br />

record,” Aaron commented. “I<br />

want to get a lot of stuff together.”<br />

The Authors — …in apprehension<br />

how like a god…<br />

Bob Beier ’91 is living in a hunting<br />

cabin in the Mississippi Delta<br />

where he’s completing his first<br />

novel. He has published short<br />

stories both on the web and in<br />

print and has given readings in<br />

New York City and Boston.<br />

Bob graduated from Carnegie<br />

Mellon University in 1995 with a<br />

fine arts degree in theatre. Before<br />

deciding to cease the pursuit<br />

of professional acting, Bob<br />

had leading roles in several off-<br />

Broadway productions and featured<br />

roles with the Three Rivers<br />

Shakespeare Festival in<br />

Pittsburgh, and participated in<br />

developing a play slated for<br />

Broadway. His voiceover work<br />

includes radio spots for<br />

Heineken, National Geographic,<br />

and Japanese Anime.<br />

He has worked at the Museum<br />

of Modern Art as a curatorial<br />

assistant for the Jackson Pollock<br />

retrospective. His own artwork<br />

has appeared in a group<br />

show entitled Visions in Light.<br />

Bob recently worked for major<br />

league baseball as a legal assistant<br />

in the baseball<br />

commissioner’s office. He and<br />

his girlfriend, Jasmine, give their<br />

best to all at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

Ian Hinz ’95 studied playwriting<br />

at Ohio University with <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Smith, the noted author of<br />

Blackstarline, which premiered<br />

at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago.<br />

While at O.U. he performed<br />

with the improv comedy<br />

troupe, Bodhisattva, and taught<br />

introductory acting classes. He<br />

was the production manager for<br />

the Ohio Valley Summer Theatre<br />

three years ago.<br />

Ian worked for the Ensemble<br />

Theater in Cleveland during the<br />

2000-2001 season as production<br />

stage and tour manager and<br />

assistant technical director. He<br />

played Kipple Patrick in Full Moon<br />

by Reynolds Price and The Youth<br />

Chorus leader in <strong>St</strong>eelbound by<br />

Allison Carey. He played the role<br />

of Dr. Anagnos in the <strong>2003</strong> Columbus<br />

Children’s Theatre production<br />

of The Miracle Worker.<br />

This summer he was the clubhouse<br />

manager for the Toledo<br />

Mudhens baseball team.<br />

Meanwhile, Ian is having preliminary<br />

talks with DOBAMA Theater<br />

in Cleveland about a workshop<br />

and possible production of<br />

a piece tentatively titled, The<br />

Sublime, and is evaluating other<br />

options in Columbus and Cleveland.<br />

Jon Skovron ’95 attended<br />

Carnegie Mellon University on an<br />

academic grant. While there,<br />

studied for a summer at the London<br />

<strong>School</strong> of Speech and<br />

Fiction writer Jon Skovron<br />

Drama, during which time he<br />

could be seen nightly as the lead<br />

in a small theater above a pub in<br />

a Neil Simon one-act entitled<br />

Fools. During his final year at<br />

CMU he was named, “Best Supporting<br />

Actor in a Comedy” by<br />

the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for<br />

his portrayal of Costard in<br />

Love’s Labours Lost.<br />

He also played Launcelot-Gobo<br />

in Merchant of Venice, and Bottom<br />

in A Midsummer Night’s<br />

Dream. (“I couldn’t seem to get<br />

away from Shakespeare’s<br />

clowns,” he said.) Ian graduated<br />

from in 1999 from CMU with<br />

a fine arts degree in theatre and<br />

a minor in history.<br />

He has since turned his attention<br />

to writing fiction. He has<br />

been published on Drexel<br />

University’s online journal, in the<br />

literary magazine, Lynx Eye, and<br />

most recently, on the awardwinning<br />

website, Chiaroscuro,<br />

produced by Leisure Books<br />

Press.<br />

Ian now is working for the Tony<br />

Award-winning Roundabout<br />

Theatre Company as a project<br />

coordinator for its production of<br />

Master Harold…and the Boys<br />

starring Danny Glover. He and<br />

his wife, Gretchen, live in Brooklyn<br />

and plan to move in October<br />

to Seattle. Meanwhile, they<br />

were looking forward to the arrival<br />

of their first child.<br />

For a very entertaining interlude<br />

and information about his writing,<br />

check out Jon’s website at<br />

www.jonnyskov.com.<br />

The Artists — …the beauty of<br />

the world, the paragon of<br />

animals...<br />

Tom Mancuso ’62 lives in Los<br />

Angeles where he teaches English<br />

as a second language at<br />

the Art Center College of Design<br />

in Pasadena. He and alumnus<br />

Joey Jones (see below) were<br />

in the same Art Center computer<br />

class two years ago. “I didn’t tell<br />

him what year my class graduated.”<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> had an important role<br />

in forming his imagination, Tom<br />

said, adding: “I have two undergraduate<br />

degrees, one in<br />

English/pre-med and one in fine<br />

arts. I have two masters degrees,<br />

one in fine arts and one<br />

in classical civilizations; I don’t<br />

think any education of mine was<br />

as challenging or as exhilarating<br />

as the education — and the<br />

teachers — of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.”<br />

Joey Jones ’92 started his professional<br />

life in architecture. He<br />

graduated from The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate<br />

University in 1997 with a B.S. in<br />

architecture with a concentration<br />

in computer modeling. His<br />

experience in animating simu-<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />


lated walk throughs of his<br />

virtual spaces sparked his<br />

interest in film, and he continued<br />

his studies at Art<br />

Center College of Design<br />

in Pasadena, Calif.<br />

At the Art Center, he completed<br />

his M.S. in 2002<br />

with a thesis on character<br />

animation and film.<br />

While working on his masters<br />

in 2001, he received<br />

a nine-month grant in the<br />

entrepreneurial fellowship<br />

program from the National<br />

Science Foundation to<br />

conduct research on animation<br />

technology developed<br />

at the California Institute<br />

of Technology. The<br />

goal of that grant was to<br />

train scientists and artists<br />

on how to collaborate and<br />

develop ideas for the market<br />

place.<br />

While working on his masters,<br />

Joey co-directed and<br />

produced a short animation<br />

piece titled Little Red<br />

Plane. The short animation,<br />

completed in 2002,<br />

has been screened in<br />

more than 50 film and animation<br />

festivals in 15 different<br />

countries around<br />

the world, including the<br />

Cannes Film Festival as a<br />

part of Kodak’s Emerging<br />

Filmmaker Showcase.<br />

Little Red Plane is slated<br />

to be adapted into a<br />

children’s book next spring<br />

through ibooks publishing<br />

and Simon and Schuster.<br />

As a result of the overwhelming<br />

success of<br />

Little Red Plane, Joey and<br />

three other members of his<br />

crew founded an animation<br />

studio named<br />

Shadedbox Animations.<br />

Based in Los Angeles,<br />

“I have two<br />

undergraduate<br />

degrees, one in<br />

English/pre-med<br />

and one in fine<br />

arts. I have two<br />

masters degrees,<br />

one in fine arts<br />

and one in<br />

classical<br />

civilizations;<br />

I don’t think any<br />

education of<br />

mine was as<br />

challenging or as<br />

exhilarating as the<br />

education —<br />

and the teachers<br />

— of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.”<br />

—Tom Mancuso ’62<br />

Shadedbox produces animation<br />

and visual FX for<br />

film, broadcast, and<br />

games. Currently,<br />

Shadedbox is developing<br />

its first full-length feature<br />

film, Let’s Get Francis!<br />

with Disney Feature Animation.<br />

Joey in 1998 married Mara<br />

Martinez whom he met<br />

four years earlier the second<br />

day of architecture<br />

class. They live in Pasadena<br />

with his drums.<br />

For more information on<br />

Shadedbox, visit “http://<br />

www.shadedbox.com”<br />

and for more information<br />

about Little Red Plane, visit<br />

“http://www.littleredplane.<br />

com”<br />

David Anthony ’02 is developing<br />

his craft in filmmaking<br />

in New York City<br />

at The <strong>School</strong> of Visual<br />

Arts where he’s involved<br />

in numerous student and<br />

professional film projects,<br />

two of which were his<br />

original creations.<br />

After completing his first<br />

year on the dean’s list for<br />

academic performance,<br />

David decided to focus his<br />

talents on the school’s cinematography<br />

program.<br />

Through relationships with<br />

both SVA and New York<br />

University film students, he<br />

has begun to construct<br />

links that will be vital in this<br />

collaborative industry.<br />

With the craft of cinematography,<br />

as well as his<br />

skills of acting and writing,<br />

David plans to construct<br />

an environment in<br />

which he can produce and<br />

shoot his own masterpieces.<br />

I want to thank all of the<br />

men for sharing their experiences<br />

with me.<br />

Please remember that we<br />

all appreciate what you<br />

gave to <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> while<br />

you were here, and we will<br />

continue to follow your<br />

work. I hope other alums<br />

will get in touch with us<br />

and let us know what<br />

they’re doing.<br />

A special note to those of<br />

you who worked with me<br />

in the theater: Thank you<br />

for everything. You made<br />

each day enjoyable and<br />

truly brought joy to my life.<br />

You taught me how to<br />

know the face of right<br />

—King John, Act V, sc.2.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> grad spins madcap tale<br />

of ups and downs in entertainment world<br />

By Bernie DeLeo ’79<br />

Bernie DeLeo is trying to<br />

“bag the Hollywood<br />

Lottery.”<br />

18<br />

He cannot flatter,<br />

he, an honest mind<br />

and plain, he must<br />

speak truth!<br />

—King Lear, Act II,<br />

sc.2<br />

I graduated from<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> in 1979.<br />

While there I acted<br />

in six plays — three<br />

of them musicals —<br />

under Doug<br />

Montgomery’s<br />

direction — and got bitten by the bug.<br />

The Acting Bug. It was the only thing I<br />

wanted to do with my life. So I set out for<br />

Catholic University’s legendary drama<br />

department, which produced Jon Voight &<br />

Susan Sarandon, (notable Hollywood film<br />

stars) in Washington D.C. to become an<br />

actor.<br />

I had a ball, regularly pulled down<br />

leads, met the gal who I’d eventually<br />

marry, made forays into the professional<br />

theater community in DC — and wrote<br />

plays on the side to amuse myself when I<br />

wasn’t in a show. After graduating with a<br />

BFA (bachelor of fine arts) in acting<br />

(Worthless Degree #1), I hung around the<br />

nation’s capitol working at two respected<br />

theater companies — and I had two plays<br />

produced. Not bad for a 22-year old…or so<br />

I thought.<br />

Feeling I was ready for bigger and<br />

better, I went to Chicago; a booming<br />

theater town in the mid-80’s and promptly<br />

fell on my face. Didn’t act for a whole<br />

year, got very depressed, wrote more<br />

plays as therapy, and thought maybe the<br />

Good Lord was giving me a sign. I left<br />

acting and hightailed it back East to New<br />

Jersey’s Rutgers University for a masters<br />

in playwriting (Worthless Degree #2). In<br />

my second year of the program, I had a<br />

play move to New York City, win an off-off<br />

Broadway theater festival, got published<br />

and landed an agent. Heady times and I<br />

felt I was on my way. Next stop, Broadway,<br />

right?<br />

Three lean years later of word processing<br />

to pay exorbitant Manhattan rent<br />

with my now-wife, I had a play produced<br />

in 1992 on my old DC stomping grounds<br />

that gained me some national press — but<br />

not in a good way. (Entitled) Illegal<br />

Motion,” about corruption in college<br />

sports, it starred (former) NFL Hall of<br />

Fame Redskins (fullback) John Riggins,<br />

who actually did a decent job. Too bad my<br />

director fumbled the play way behind the<br />

line of scrimmage – but guess who got<br />

tarred and feathered for it in national<br />

papers?<br />

Waking up and seeing the hard road<br />

that theater would be — and with $200 in<br />

the bank and my first child on the way —<br />

I realized it was time to leave the stage<br />

and turn my abilities to actual moneymaking<br />

endeavors, namely TV & film.<br />

Luckily, months later, I hooked up with a<br />

Hollywood agent who just happened to<br />

represent a rising novelist by the name of<br />

John Grisham, right before The Firm<br />

(Grisham’s blockbuster book) exploded —<br />

and suddenly, I was working with a<br />

Player.<br />

Thus began much flying back and<br />

forth to the West Coast (on my dime, of<br />

course) and having meetings with all sorts<br />

of producers, studio executives toadies and<br />

Hollywood hangers-on. It was exciting at<br />

first to an East Coast neophyte; they liked<br />

my work! They said they were fans! But<br />

no one was buying my scripts, and you<br />

quickly learn that flattery is the coin of<br />

the realm in case you hit it big so everyone<br />

you’ve met can suck up to you quickly<br />

to get your next hit. I soon saw the truth<br />

behind Dorothy Parker’s famed observation<br />

about that whole world: “Hollywood is<br />

the only place where you can die from<br />

encouragement.”<br />

In the meantime Child #2 was born. I<br />

got a grunt job at HBO (NY) in the legal<br />

department to make ends meet and try to<br />

get on a career path there, while I read<br />

scripts for a film executive in the evenings.<br />

Somehow, I managed to find time<br />

to write four screenplays and five TV<br />

scripts — which didn’t sell — and I was<br />

thinking of throwing in the towel for good.<br />

I got a break, though, when a classmate<br />

from Catholic (University) got her<br />

own show and hired me on the writing<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

staff. Life’s Work ran on ABC (television)<br />

during the 1996-97 season, and I commuted<br />

back and forth from NY to L.A. on<br />

weekends. Sound glamorous, being bicoastal?<br />

It ain’t, trust me. Okay, so there<br />

were some cool perks. I worked on the<br />

Disney studio lot, and would regularly see<br />

Tim Allen dining in the commissary and<br />

Ellen DeGeneres hiding in her trailer<br />

from her stalker.<br />

Bonnie Raitt told me I was talented<br />

— I could’ve been hit by a bus right on the<br />

spot and died happy. We worked in the<br />

office across a short plaza from Sally<br />

Field, and it was surreal. It was the most<br />

fun job I’ve ever held — and the most<br />

insane. I’ve never laughed as hard in a<br />

room full of comedy writers, but the hours<br />

were brutal: 10 am to 2 am almost every<br />

single day. Weekends too.<br />

I realized that the studio basically<br />

owns you, and it was good thing my family<br />

stayed in New York — because I’d never<br />

see them. I wondered if this was really<br />

the life for me, but the Fates decided for<br />

me. Our show didn’t come back the next<br />

year and I didn’t get hired for another<br />

show. So much for my sitcom career.<br />

I went back to HBO and had a film<br />

script gathering steam with producers<br />

attached, as well as the Emmy-winning<br />

director of Lonesome Dove. Alas, that<br />

project went down in flames too. With<br />

despair setting in once again, another<br />

lucky break came along. (Sensing a<br />

pattern here in the Entertainment Industry?<br />

Like big highs and low lows? Yes,<br />

“rollercoaster ride” would be a most apt<br />

description.)<br />

In late 1997, I met up with two investment<br />

bankers who wanted to make<br />

independent films — and I talked myself<br />

into a job as their creative head. Our<br />

company, Filbert <strong>St</strong>eps Productions,<br />

proceeded to make our first film, a steaming<br />

cow pie called Forever Fabulous,<br />

starring Jean Smart, Robert Wagner,<br />

Jorja Fox of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)<br />

and Emily Procter (CSI: Miami and<br />

West Wing).<br />

We didn’t set out to make a flop — but<br />

the two L.A. producers we hired to show<br />

us the ropes turned out to be sharks<br />

(surprise surprise), made a mess, and left<br />

us holding the bag. Welcome to the movie<br />

business. (Should you happen to catch it<br />

on Lifetime Movie Network or you’re<br />

stuck watching it on an American Airlines<br />

flight, I beg your forgiveness.)<br />

God bless our investor who gave us<br />

another shot. We took all the harsh<br />

lessons we learned from the first film and<br />

made a winner on the second round. Two<br />

Family House proceeded to win the<br />

Audience Award at the Sundance Film<br />

Festival in 2000 and put us on the map.<br />

And yes, being at Sundance with a film in<br />

play was just way cool, I have to admit.<br />

The film was released in the fall of 2000<br />

by Lions Gate Films and wound up on a<br />

number of year-end “best film” lists (and<br />

it’s available at most major video stores<br />

and on Amazon.com, he plugged shamelessly).<br />

Yet despite having a critical hit on<br />

our hands, we lost money on that film too.<br />

My partners decided we’d need to make<br />

films with “other people’s money”, not<br />

theirs. Wouldn’t you know it — this new<br />

business plan coincided with the stock<br />

market tanking and the economy’s crash?<br />

— and there was no “other people’s<br />

money” left to fund something as frivolous<br />

as indie films.<br />

We’ve spent the past three years<br />

scrounging for funds, trying to attach<br />

stars to scripts, and it’s been a tough road.<br />

On the side though, a budding Australian<br />

director in Sydney got his hands on a<br />

Bonnie Raitt told me I was<br />

talented — I could’ve<br />

been hit by a bus right on<br />

the spot and died happy.<br />

We worked in the office<br />

across a short plaza from<br />

Sally Field, and it was surreal.<br />

It was the most fun<br />

job I’ve ever held — and<br />

the most insane.<br />

screenplay of mine and loved it. We<br />

partnered up and spent three years<br />

chasing funding which took us to L.A.,<br />

London, and Milan. But after we exhausted<br />

all possibilities, the guy decided to<br />

shoot it mega-cheap with a bank loan —<br />

using his house as collateral. Yes, it’s a<br />

crazy business.<br />

Temporarily Yours, a romantic comedy<br />

and my first filmed script, shot in<br />

Sydney last summer. I was there to coproduce<br />

and take on a small role, and had<br />

the time of my life. I looked around the<br />

set one night, which overlooked Sydney<br />

Harbor under the stars, and thought,<br />

“This is just THE COOLEST DAMN<br />


And that’s the addiction of the entertainment<br />

industry — you get one taste,<br />

and you want it again and again. Despite<br />

unemployment, empty bank accounts, no<br />

security, a bleak-look future, there’s<br />

nothing like being on a stage or movie set<br />

and realizing your dreams. A year later,<br />

the film still isn’t finished — and was<br />

rejected in rough form by a half dozen<br />

major film festivals. The inevitable<br />

comedowns always suck. But you keep<br />

plugging away.<br />

Last year, my wife and I decided it<br />

was time to get out of New York and give<br />

our kids a normal suburban life, and we<br />

moved back to Washington D.C. (where<br />

we had met). We live in suburban Virginia<br />

with our two kids, and couldn’t be<br />

happier in a house with a yard and SPACE<br />

after 16 years in cramped quarters in<br />

Manhattan.<br />

The highs and lows continue daily,<br />

and I constantly think about walking away<br />

to something more stable and lucrative.<br />

But another break comes along, and you<br />

get back on the ride. I continue to write,<br />

although I’m on my fourth set of agents<br />

and getting tired of the runaround you get<br />

as a lowly screenwriter.<br />

I’ve had Danny Aiello, Melanie<br />

Griffith, and Reba McEntire interested in<br />

projects of mine, which all fizzled. I came<br />

close with a script last year that attached<br />

(actor) Pierce Brosnan as the male lead —<br />

but still, the studios said no. That one<br />

really hurt. I’m almost done with Screenplay<br />

#11, and hope this one finally bags<br />

the Hollywood Lottery.<br />

Things have picked up at our little<br />

film company and we just might get to<br />

make another movie after all. If that<br />

doesn’t work out? Well, I’ve three novels<br />

swirling in my head — on to another<br />

challenge. It’s a harrowing yet exhilarating<br />

business I jumped into after my happy<br />

days in the plays at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>. It’s<br />

DEFINITELY not for the faint of heart. If<br />

I could go back in time to my high school<br />

self and tell him to do something more<br />

practical with his life, and spare him much<br />

heartache, despair and penury, I just<br />

might. But High <strong>School</strong> Me would never<br />

listen.<br />

A few things broke this week on the<br />

producing front, and heck, we might just<br />

get to make another movie again. That’s<br />

the hard part about the Biz – constant ups<br />

and down that can whipsaw your emotions<br />

& spirits. WHAT DID YOU GET ME<br />


Bernie DeLeo ’79 has seen and done it<br />

all in the artistic world. I felt that Bernie’s<br />

observations about a life in the arts<br />

reflected what so many of us have gone<br />

through. I know that my venture into<br />

professional theatre was a constant<br />

rollercoaster of emotion, and many of the<br />

men I spoke with reiterate that sentiment.<br />

Bernie, thanks for sharing your life with<br />

us. — Doug Montgomery<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />


Alumni News<br />

Louis J. Fabro ’83 and former Pittsburgh <strong>St</strong>eeler<br />

running back Rocky Bleier pose following the Cardinal<br />

football team’s dinner in May.<br />

From the director’s chair<br />

Thank you to many<br />

I look back on my first year as <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

alumni and communications director with<br />

a true sense of gratitude. <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

always has ambassadors spread good<br />

words about our school, volunteers who<br />

give of their time and talents, and generous<br />

benefactors who provide financial<br />

support. In the spirit of all those people, I<br />

pledge another year of hard work with the<br />

hope of making <strong>2003</strong>-04 an even better<br />

year. Meanwhile, I offer my appreciation<br />

to:<br />

Bob Selhorst ’74 and his catering<br />

company, Mass Appeal, for your great food<br />

and the professionalism in handling<br />

events like the Borromean Lecture<br />

luncheon, Memorial dedication and Feast<br />

Day receptions, as well as the many class<br />

reunions.<br />

Sr. Margaret Hoffman, our chapel<br />

sacristan, for helping to organize and<br />

select the liturgy for events held on behalf<br />

of the alumni. Those include our “First<br />

Friday” Masses, the Memorial Grove<br />

dedication, the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Feast Day<br />

Mass, and class reunions.<br />

Greg Krivicich ’75 and his Marcy<br />

Design Group for their generosity and<br />

creativity in the layout and design of the<br />

Cardinal magazine and printed materials<br />

for the school and the development office.<br />

Thanks also to Susan Gruber and her<br />

family for their help with programs for the<br />

Feast Day Mass and Memorial dedication,<br />

among others.<br />

My father, Louis V. Fabro’49, for his<br />

work as public relations advisor with the<br />

Campaign for <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> and as senior<br />

editor of the Cardinal magazine.<br />

Mike Sweeney ’82 of the Beer Dock<br />

20<br />

East, <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> parent Mike Scurria of<br />

the Central Beverage Group, and honorary<br />

alumnus Dan Tarpy of Glazer’s<br />

Distributors of Ohio, for their continuous<br />

generosity in providing beverages and<br />

prizes for events such as the Jack Ryan<br />

Golf Outing, silent auction, and homecoming.<br />

To class reunion committee members,<br />

a special thank you for inviting me to<br />

share in your events. It’s a privilege and<br />

pleasure to sit and share stories of your<br />

triumphs and adventures and feel the<br />

special bond that unites all alumni and<br />

friends of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>. Thanks to reunion<br />

leaders Msgr. James Hanley (’43); Hugh<br />

Dorrian, Orlando Iacoboni, Pat O’Reilly,<br />

Dan Rankin, and Doug Scherer (’53); Len<br />

Iannarino (’58); Bob Cull, Jim Saad, John<br />

Connor, and Bob Walter (’63); E. Paul<br />

Smith and Brandon McNeal (’93); Homer<br />

Beard ’46; and Dick Brehm ’46 (Platinum).<br />

I certainly want to remember in my<br />

thanks class representatives who call to<br />

encourage classmates to attend the<br />

Platinum Reunion and and for their work<br />

in updating class lists. Those men include:<br />

William Geiszler ’40, Col. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Gambs Jr.’41, Msgr. James Hanley ’43,<br />

Fr. Pete Essman ’44, Derrell Hauser ’45,<br />

Dick Brehm ’46, Philip Hall ’47, Albert<br />

Bell ’48, Bob Albert ’49, James Altman ’50,<br />

Ron Eifert ’52, Jack O’Reilly ’52, and<br />

Homer Beard ’46 who called members of<br />

the 1928-1939 classes..<br />

A “thank-you” to Fr. Fred Loyd ’62,<br />

who has been elected to succeed Marion<br />

Smithberger ’72 as alumni board president.<br />

Fr. Loyd not only helped launch the<br />

alumni association’s “First Friday” Mass,<br />

but also is the 7:30 a.m. Mass celebrant.<br />

And thanks to Marion, who steered the<br />

alumni board these past two years with a<br />

steady hand and helped me countless<br />

times with his knowledge, organization,<br />

and experience.<br />

Thanks also to the other leaders on<br />

the alumni association board: Rob Ryan<br />

’89, who chaired the alumni’s golf outing<br />

for many years; Joe Wolf ’87, for running<br />

the alumni softball tournament; Gerard<br />

Barrow ’72, for his help at all alumni<br />

group events. And thanks to the rest of<br />

the board members for volunteering time<br />

and talents and their commitment to<br />

helping bring our alumni closer to the<br />

school and each other.<br />

You can reach me by e-mail at:<br />

lfabro@cdeducation.org, by phone at 614-<br />

252-9288 ext. 21, or by mail at 2010 East<br />

Broad <strong>St</strong>reet, Cols., OH 43209. Please<br />

update me on your current address, phone<br />

number, e-mail address, and life happenings.<br />

Until then...<br />

Alumni Association<br />

President’s Column<br />

The <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Alumni Association<br />

is an organization<br />

that depends on<br />

volunteers to help<br />

organize and<br />

conduct events at<br />

alumni functions.<br />

Without your help,<br />

Marion Smithberger ’72<br />

we accomplish a<br />

little less than we<br />

could using your talents and energies.<br />

When asked to volunteer to do something,<br />

the answer often is — in unison —<br />

“I’d love to but I’m so busy...” When we<br />

ask for volunteers from the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Alumni Association, it’s an opportunity to<br />

renew old friendships, to make some new<br />

ones, and have some fun. Doesn’t that<br />

sound a lot better than “we need you to<br />

organize a golf outing?” It’s important how<br />

we ask.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> alumni are leaders in<br />

almost every field of endeavor. There are<br />

priests, doctors, and leaders in business,<br />

politics, and other endeavors. A strong<br />

alumni association helps you to stay<br />

connected with other graduates and help<br />

one another. We are proud of you, and we<br />

hope that you are proud of us.<br />

Even though we are a fledgling group,<br />

our potential is huge. Our present volunteers<br />

are helping to build what we hope<br />

will some day be one of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>’ most<br />

significant assets. We want to be around<br />

to help organize alumni events and<br />

maintain the tie through which those<br />

alums can stay connected to the school<br />

and with each other.<br />

Association president-elect Fr. Fred<br />

Loyd ’62 this year began offering Mass on<br />

First Fridays at 7:30 am in Mother of<br />

Mercy Chapel, which is followed by a<br />

friendly session of coffee and goodies. We<br />

welcome all alums and their families, as<br />

well as faculty and students.<br />

This Mass sometimes is a starting<br />

point for other celebrations. A recent one<br />

was when we honored the Bell family for<br />

their Campaign generosity by blessing the<br />

new “Cardinal Circle” monument at the<br />

driveway curve in front of the school’s<br />

main entrance. We also pray for our<br />

alums serving in the armed services and<br />

offer other special petitions. Please join us<br />

if you can but even if you cannot, take a<br />

moment wherever you are at 7:30 on each<br />

Friday to pray with our <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> family.<br />

Looking ahead, a big event is the<br />

homecoming football game against<br />

DeSales on Friday, Sept. 26. The alumni<br />

association will serve as host to a pregame<br />

cookout and post-game pizza party.<br />

Bob Selhorst ’74 makes sure that no on<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

leaves hungry. (For those of you who have<br />

an aspiring son or grandson who is thinking<br />

about attending <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, this is a<br />

good event to bring them.) Festivities<br />

begin at 6 p.m. The game is at 7:30.<br />

Our Alumni Association is open to all<br />

grads. We welcome you to be a part of it<br />

or pass along any ideas for our group to<br />

consider. We would love to hear from<br />

you. We’re all part of this family, so don’t<br />

linger behind. You are welcome to contact<br />

me at marion@cbalaw.org to join.<br />

‘Open’ course to host<br />

Alumni Outing<br />

Golfers, mark your calendars! On Sunday,<br />

October 12 th at 1:00 p.m., the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Alumni Association will host the 21 st<br />

Annual <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Alumni Open. This<br />

year’s shotgun event will be held at the<br />

Rattlesnake Ridge Golf Club in Sunbury,<br />

home of the <strong>2003</strong> U.S. Open local qualifier.<br />

$50 a person includes golf, cart,<br />

cocktail and prizes. To reserve your<br />

foursome today, or be a hole sponsor for<br />

$150, contact Louis J. Fabro ’83 (614-252-<br />

9288 ext. 21, or at<br />

lfabro@cdeducation.org).<br />

Alumni Association<br />

governing board<br />

Officers<br />

Chairman – Rob Ryan ’89<br />

President - Marion Smithberger ’72<br />

Vice-President- Rev. Frederick Loyd ’62<br />

Secretary/Treasurer – Matt Weger ’89<br />

Chaplain – Rev. Michael Reis ’59<br />

Members<br />

Homer Beard ’46<br />

Deacon Paul Belhorn ’59<br />

Gerard Barrow ’72<br />

Philip Caito ’72<br />

Kevin Conners ’77<br />

John Daulton ’92<br />

Dave Dorward ’59<br />

Mike Giasi ’96<br />

Jack Gibbons Jr. ’81<br />

Tim Klunk ’75<br />

<strong>St</strong>even Meier ’81<br />

Andy Piccolantonio ’96<br />

George Rieser ’46<br />

Bob Selhorst ’74<br />

Joe Wolf ’87<br />

Ex-Officio<br />

Principal – Dominic J. Cavello ’64<br />

Director of Development –<br />

Douglas H. <strong>St</strong>ein ’78<br />

Director of Alumni Affairs and<br />

Communications – Louis J. Fabro ’83<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />

Alumni Mothers’ Luncheon<br />

Ladies, you are invited to attend the <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> Alumni Mothers’ Luncheon on<br />

Sunday, October 26th at 1:30 p.m. in the<br />

campus theatre’s Cavello Center. Come<br />

and reminisce about your son’s schools<br />

days, catch up with old friends, and meet<br />

new ones. Enjoy a relaxing lunch featuring<br />

finger sandwiches, soup, and a variety<br />

of desserts and hot teas.<br />

Invitations are going out to mothers<br />

from the last 10 graduating classes, but all<br />

mothers of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> alumni are invited.<br />

Call Kathleen Cavello at 614-237-9572 for<br />

luncheon reservations. Tickets are $20<br />

and the deadline to RSVP is Friday,<br />

October 10.<br />

Coffee break<br />

Some of those who attended “First Friday” Mass in<br />

August gathered afterwards in the Development Office’s<br />

conference room for coffee and conversation. From left,<br />

Tony Bendinelli ’03, Chris Kelly ’03, Sue and Tom Ryan<br />

’52, John Mullin’54, Betty Fickell (mother of Fr. Loyd<br />

’62), Fr. Fred Loyd ’62, Len Iannarino ’58, George Rieser<br />

’46, Ty Tomson ’03, Marion Smithberger ’72, and Homer<br />

Beard ’46<br />

You’re invited to ‘First<br />

Friday’ Mass<br />

The <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Alumni Association has<br />

inaugurated a monthly event that feeds<br />

the soul, and, incidentally, the stomach as<br />

well. Mass is held in Mother of Mercy<br />

Chapel at 7:30 a.m. every first Friday, and<br />

is meant to bring together alumni, students,<br />

faculty, and friends. Alumni president<br />

Marion Smithberger ’72 regards first<br />

Friday Mass as a “chance to share the<br />

continuing journey of religious and<br />

spiritual growth in the presence of the <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> community.”<br />

Father Fred Loyd ’62 spearheaded the<br />

idea and has served as celebrant since the<br />

first morning Mass in April. Special<br />

prayers are made on behalf of the many<br />

friends, graduates, and benefactors of <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> who can’t be there in person,<br />

especially those serving in the armed<br />

forces and supporting services. Camaraderie<br />

and a light breakfast follow afterwards<br />

in the Alumni and Development Office’s<br />

conference room. We look forward to<br />

seeing you there!<br />

<strong>St</strong>ill another coaching<br />

award for legendary Jack<br />

Ryan<br />

With more than<br />

350 athletes,<br />

athletic directors,<br />

coaches, and<br />

friends on hand,<br />

former <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

and Hartley head<br />

coach Jack Ryan<br />

was posthumously<br />

awarded the<br />

inaugural High<br />

<strong>School</strong> Coaches<br />

Award by the<br />

Columbus Chapter<br />

of the National Football Foundation and<br />

College Hall of Fame. The award was<br />

given at the group’s annual scholarathlete<br />

awards banquet last February 11.<br />

It’s the latest in a long string of<br />

awards bestowed on legendary Jack Ryan,<br />

one of Central Ohio’s most successful,<br />

beloved — and entertaining — coaches.<br />

“You think about the countless numbers<br />

of people he influenced over the<br />

years, and I think (Jack Ryan) was an easy<br />

choice,” said Larry Larson, a well-known<br />

Columbus sports columnist and radio<br />

personality. It was Larson who recommended<br />

that Ryan should receive the<br />

organization’s first coach’s award.<br />

Chapter president Mark <strong>St</strong>ier, a<br />

linebacker for the 1968 national champion<br />

Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate Buckeyes, said the award will<br />

be presented annually to a former Central<br />

Ohio high school football coach who was<br />

devoted to the betterment of the game<br />

and the young men who competed under<br />

his leadership.<br />

<strong>St</strong>ier said the award recognizes the<br />

beneficial influence a coach can have on<br />

young players, both while playing during a<br />

season, and more importantly afterwards<br />

when applying lessons to leadership,<br />

commitment, teamwork, honor, and<br />

integrity.<br />

Larson, the “dean of high school<br />

sports,” said Ryan was someone all<br />

coaches in all sports admired, respected,<br />

and looked up to. “The fact that he is in<br />

the (high school) football, baseball, and<br />

basketball Hall of Fame speaks for his<br />

coaching; but the fact that he was in<br />

education for 50 years speaks to the other<br />

side of him.”<br />

Jack Ryan began his coaching career<br />

in 1936 as a part-time reserve basketball<br />

coach at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> while working on his<br />

degree at The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University. He<br />

was hired full-time in 1938 as the school’s<br />

only lay teacher and head varsity cage<br />

coach. Ryan soon became head coach for<br />

football and baseball, too, and compiled a<br />

continued on page 22<br />


Alumni News<br />

Jack Ryan, continued<br />

distinguished record in all three sports<br />

during a 26-year career at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

He left <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> in 1964, a year<br />

before the school was scheduled to convert<br />

to a seminary prep and discontinue its<br />

regular sports program. Hartley High<br />

hired Ryan as a teacher and head football<br />

and baseball coach. He retired in 1992<br />

and died in 1996.<br />

Ryan was inducted into the National<br />

High <strong>School</strong> Sports Hall of Fame in Palm<br />

Desert, Calif. in 1994.<br />

Esteemed guests<br />

Mother of Mercy Chapel was the site of a Mass of Thanksgiving for the <strong>2003</strong> Platinum Reunion attendees. The<br />

reunion Mass and luncheon are held each year to honor alumni and spouses from the school’s early classes. This<br />

year’s reunion included those from the classes of 1927-1952 and several priests and a deacon were on hand to help,<br />

concelebrate the Mass. They are (from left) Deacon John Vellani ’59, Msgrs. Robert Schmidt ’35, Carl Clagett ’47,<br />

James P. Hanley ’43, Thomas Bender ’48, Fr. <strong>Charles</strong> Essman ’44, and Msgrs. William Dunn ’57 and Thomas Bennett.<br />

Softball tourney<br />

The annual alumni softball tournament was played<br />

under glorious weather conditions July 26 at Berliner<br />

Park. Forty-five graduates played in the saturday event<br />

which included a picnic lunch, t-shirt, and drinks for the<br />

$15 registration fee. This year’s championship pitted the<br />

Class of ’91/’92/’96 against the Class of 2000, with the<br />

‘old timers’ coming out on top.<br />

From left, Justin Arends ’98, Kevin Kidd ’96 , Joe<br />

Wolf ’87, Chris Milne ’00, John Cropper ’00, Gerard<br />

Barrow ’72, Mike Rankin Jr.’03, <strong>St</strong>eve Bauman ’98, Dan<br />

Rankin ’96, Andrew Chelton ’00, and Greg Rahm ’00.<br />

Summer Reunions<br />

1943<br />

The 60-year class reunion was celebrated<br />

Thursday, July 10. Activities got rolling<br />

with a tour of the renovated campus and<br />

countless discussions on how things<br />

looked“in our days.” Graduates and their<br />

guests then attended Mass in the Mother<br />

of Mercy Chapel, celebrated by one of<br />

their own: Msgr. James Hanley. The<br />

group traveled over to the T.A.T. Restaurant<br />

to meet up with more of their classmates<br />

for a cocktail reception and dinner.<br />

Msgr. Hanley, the reunion’s organizer,<br />

displayed some of his high school memorabilia.<br />

One item was his diploma, which<br />

lists the entire faculty on one side and the<br />

senior class roster on the other. Even six<br />

decades after graduating, some classmates<br />

continue to meet at this restaurant on a<br />

monthly basis! What could be a better<br />

testament to the firm bonds that <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> men form?<br />

Golden Anniversary<br />

Members of the Class of 1953 gathered during the July<br />

25 weekend to celebrate their graduation from <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> 50 years ago. From left, first row — Daniel Auer,<br />

Orlando “Ike” Iacoboni, Ernie Kletzly, Edward Miller,<br />

Msgr. Edward F. Spiers, Jack Bell, Tom Bracken, Pat<br />

DeSantis, and Joe Tracy. Second row —Tim Faherty,<br />

Hugh Dorrian, Lawrence Hoffman, Richard Ellis, Jack<br />

McAndrews, Doug Scherer, Jack Baumann, and Dwight<br />

Mottet. Third row — Clare Rubadue, Dan Rankin, Joe<br />

Meara, David Chase, Tom Schleub, Pat O’Rielly, Richard<br />

Wroblewski, and Clement Amorose.<br />

“Cardinal Circle” dedicated<br />

Three generations of the Bells were present for a<br />

ceremony to recognize a sizeable contribution made to<br />

the school’s Campaign by their family. A memorial<br />

plaque bears the Bell family name and designates the<br />

newly-created front entrance driveway “Cardinal Circle.”<br />

Shown from the left are Albert L. Bell ’48 and his wife,<br />

Jean, principal Dominic J. Cavello ’64, Brian Bell ’08,<br />

Albert J. Bell ’78, his wife Carla, and daughter Kristin<br />

Bell, Phillip ’10 and Kathleen (Bell) Greco.<br />

22<br />

1953<br />

A stag party at Planks on Friday, July 25,<br />

kicked off the group’s 50-year class reunion.<br />

Mass was celebrated by Fr. Fred<br />

Loyd ’62 in the school’s Mother of Mercy<br />

Chapel. Msgr. Edward F. Spiers ’31,<br />

former <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> teacher, athletic<br />

director, coach, and disciplinarian was a<br />

special guest. He joined his former<br />

students in their class picture. He also<br />

stayed for the cocktail reception and<br />

dinner in the Cavello Center banquet<br />

facility. Dan Rankin filled in for principal<br />

Dominic J. Cavello and gave an abbreviated<br />

“<strong>St</strong>ate of the <strong>School</strong>” update. He was<br />

followed at the microphone by Doug<br />

Scherer and other classmates who talked<br />

about their “<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> experiences.”<br />

Reunion committee members included<br />

Hugh Dorrian, Orlando Iacoboni, Pat<br />

O’Reilly, Rankin, and Scherer.<br />

1958 Class Reunion<br />

The Class of 1958 celebrated its 45-year reunion in July.<br />

From left, front row — Bill Resch, Ed Bernans, Jim<br />

Howard, Joe Bossetti, Sam Hoffman, John Sauter, Jim<br />

Murphy, Jim Devine, and John Connor; second row —<br />

Joe Funaro, Bill Eberts, Mike Sullivan, Charlie Pickard,<br />

Ron <strong>St</strong>anton, Matt Howard, Tom Ryan, Alex Laymon,<br />

and Paul Martin; third row — George Vargo, Len<br />

Iannarino, Buddy Capuano, Denny Hayes, Bob Dodd,<br />

Bob Lowry, Dave Brannigan, and Fred Gottemoeller.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

1958<br />

The Class of 1958 celebrated its 45-year<br />

reunion the weekend of July 11-12. Their<br />

festivities naturally started off with a golf<br />

outing at Blackhawk Golf Course Friday<br />

morning with 20 golfers. The class met<br />

for an informal gathering Friday evening<br />

at the Cavello Center for beer, wine,<br />

sandwiches, and lots of conversation..<br />

Principal Dominic J. Cavello talked to the<br />

group about recent campus improvements<br />

and the academic state of the school.<br />

George Vargo led everyone on a tour of<br />

the campus and school building. Msgr.<br />

James Ruef (pastor at Holy Name Parish)<br />

on Saturday celebrated an afternoon Mass<br />

in Mother of Mercy Chapel and the class<br />

adjourned to the Cavello Center for a<br />

cocktail reception and dinner (catered by<br />

Buddy ’58 and Kay Capuano from Old<br />

Summit Town Restaurant). In all, 31<br />

classmates attended the weekend gettogether.<br />

Friends for life<br />

<strong>St</strong>. Mary of the Springs alumna Carol Heide Morris hugs<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> friends Dick Burk (l) and Bill Butler. The 1963<br />

graduates from <strong>St</strong>. Mary’s, <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, and Aquinas<br />

high schools held a combined class reunion party last<br />

July at the home of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> alumnus Bob Walter ’63.<br />

1963<br />

Sixty percent of the 61 classmates attended<br />

their 40-year class reunion during<br />

the July 4th weekend. They joined Friday<br />

night for Mass celebrated by classmate Fr.<br />

Pat Sheridan in Mother of Mercy Chapel.<br />

A barbecue dinner followed in the Cavello<br />

Center. Bob Cull, Bob Mottet, and John<br />

Connor provided the food and drinks while<br />

grill duties were handled by Katie and<br />

school principal Dominic Cavello. That<br />

evening Bob Corna unveiled a conceptual<br />

model for enclosing the school’s rear<br />

courtyard to form a commons and fine<br />

arts center beneath; that really captured<br />

the group’s attention. Bob Walter served<br />

as host for the Saturday night social at his<br />

home; graduates of <strong>St</strong>. Mary’s of the<br />

Springs and Aquinas’ classes of ’63 were<br />

among the invited. The class raised more<br />

than $6,200 to present to <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> in<br />

memory of their deceased classmates.<br />

It seems like only yesterday…<br />

The Class of 1998 observed its 5-year reunion in July.<br />

From left, first row — Gabe Skunza, Adam Price, E.<br />

Paul Smith, J.J. Frencho, Ryan Woods, and Justin<br />

Thomas; second row — Justin Rising, Kevin Ewald, Art<br />

Roehrenbeck, Chris Million, Ron Whisler, Mike<br />

Kelleher,Dan Tibbs, and Chea Romine. Last row — Seth<br />

Auman, <strong>St</strong>eve Bauman, Adam Teeters, Brandon McNeal,<br />

Aleck Landgraf, and Andrew Cush.<br />

1998<br />

The five-year reunion celebration took<br />

place Saturday afternoon on July 12 in the<br />

sun-drenched <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> courtyard.<br />

Nearly 40 guests and graduates attended.<br />

Brandon McNeal and E. Paul Smith<br />

organized the afternoon picnic which<br />

included a keg of beer, soft drinks, snacks,<br />

and pizza. Classmates enjoyed sharing<br />

stories from their “old” <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> days.<br />

That went on until 11:30 that night.<br />

Highlights of the day included a visit from<br />

Sr. Margaret and a group visit to see<br />

Father Bennett in his <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> residence.<br />

Class Reunions for<br />

2004<br />

Golden Anniversary<br />

Class of 1954<br />

Class of 1959<br />

Class of 1964<br />

Class of 1967<br />

Class of 1974<br />

Silver Anniversary Class of 1979<br />

Class of 1984<br />

Class of 1989<br />

Class of 1994<br />

Class of 1999<br />

Preparations are getting underway to<br />

organize your upcoming class reunion.<br />

To be part of a reunion<br />

committee please contact alumni<br />

director Louis J. Fabro ’83 at 2010<br />

East Broad <strong>St</strong>., Cols., Oh 43209 614-<br />

252-9288 ext.21 or at<br />

lfabro@cdeducation.org<br />

NCAA Champion<br />

Marc Courtney-Brooks of Kenyon College stands atop<br />

the podium as a National Swimming Champion. The<br />

2000 <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> graduate led Kenyon College to its 24th<br />

consecutive NCAA Division III swimming<br />

championship. He won seven events and was named the<br />

Division III swimmer of the year for the second<br />

consecutive year. Courtney-Brooks set new NCAA III<br />

records in the 200 and 500 freestyle and 400 medley<br />

relay. He also owns Kenyon College team records in the<br />

500 freestyle, 200 medley and 400 medley relays, and 800<br />

freestyle relay.<br />

Honorary Football Captain<br />

Former Pittsburgh <strong>St</strong>eeler running back, Rocky Bleier,<br />

holds a specially-framed football letter designating him<br />

an “Honorary <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Team Captain.” Tom O’Leary<br />

’64, a <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> advisory board member and Bleier’s<br />

football teammate at the University of Notre Dame,<br />

presented the letter. Bleier was the featured speaker for<br />

the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> football program dinner in May. (From<br />

left) O’Leary ’64, Mairead Fyda, Bleier, Katy Paolini,<br />

daughter of former <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> coach Jack Ryan, and<br />

current <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> football coach Jeff Liebert.<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />


Alumni Notes<br />

Bucknell sophomore Jonathan<br />

Hemmert ’01, a standout on the<br />

school’s soccer team, displays<br />

the National Scholastic College<br />

All-America Team Academic<br />

Award he received for posting a<br />

perfect 4.0 grade point average<br />

during his fall semester last<br />

year.<br />

2001<br />

Jonathan Hemmert, a<br />

Bucknell sophomore and member<br />

of its soccer team, was<br />

named to the 2002-03 Verizon<br />

academic all-district II university<br />

division men’s soccer first team<br />

last November. He posted a perfect<br />

4.0 grade point average<br />

during the fall semester and was<br />

named to Bucknell’s dean’s list.<br />

He started 12 of 16 games,<br />

racked up 10 assists (third on<br />

the Bucknell all-time single-season<br />

list) and ended the season<br />

tenth in the nation in assists per<br />

game.<br />

2000<br />

Dru Belli is a junior at Morehead<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate University where he is<br />

majoring in exercise science and<br />

24<br />

Berndt Brothers<br />

Mark Berndt ’97, center, is all smiles on his wedding day last May.<br />

Flanking him are his brothers, Mike ’00 (l ) and Matthew. They are<br />

the sons of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> receptionist Laurie Berndt. Mark is a<br />

Lieutenant JG in the navy and stationed on the guided missile<br />

cruiser USS Hue City.<br />

pursuing a minor in<br />

Kinesiology. He recently was<br />

elected president of his fraternity,<br />

Kappa Sigma, as well as<br />

president of the Interfraternity<br />

Council (IFC). On course to<br />

graduate in May of 2004 he<br />

plans on attending graduate<br />

school to pursue a major in exercise<br />

physiology. He is currently<br />

also the head student athletic<br />

trainer at Morehead <strong>St</strong>ate,<br />

working with the football squad<br />

during the fall and spring.<br />

Tony Castricone is a senior at<br />

Ohio University and its play-byplay<br />

broadcaster for men’s<br />

baseball and women’s basketball<br />

teams. He is also a sideline<br />

reporter for the Ohio Sports Television<br />

Network.<br />

Marc Cornell, a junior at Ohio<br />

University and starting pitcher<br />

for the Bobcats baseball team,<br />

was selected by the Cincinnati<br />

Reds in the fifth round of the<br />

June’s baseball draft.<br />

The right-hander is considering<br />

his options of remaining for his<br />

senior season at OU or signing<br />

a professional contract with the<br />

Reds.<br />

1998<br />

Don McClure graduated magna<br />

cum Laude from Central Michigan<br />

University in 2002 with a<br />

bachelor of music degree in violin<br />

performance. At CMU, he<br />

served as concertmaster of the<br />

university orchestra and was a<br />

member of the Midland, Michigan<br />

Symphony Orchestra. After<br />

completing a year’s study of<br />

philosophy and theology at<br />

Xavier University in Chicago in<br />

2002, he was accepted in the<br />

ACE (Alliance for Catholic Education)<br />

program at the University<br />

of Notre Dame, a graduate<br />

service program that culminates<br />

in a Master of Education degree.<br />

As a requirement for the program,<br />

he teaches 3rd grade at<br />

an under-resourced Catholic<br />

school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana,<br />

where he now resides.<br />

Brandon McNeal earned a political<br />

science degree from Ohio<br />

University in 2002. He works<br />

with the Harcourt-Brace Company<br />

in its educational measurement<br />

division. He plans to attend<br />

graduate school in 2004 in the<br />

hope of joining the FBI or National<br />

Security Agency in the<br />

future.<br />

E. Paul Smith graduated with a<br />

bachelor of science in business<br />

administration from The Ohio<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate University in 2001. After<br />

working for Kodak in New York,<br />

he returned to Columbus and is<br />

working for The Limited. He is in<br />

Otterbein College’s MBA graduate<br />

program.<br />

Daniel J. Tibbs earned his<br />

bachelor of science (cum<br />

laude) from Miami University in<br />

2001 and currently is at the University<br />

of Louisville studying for<br />

a clinical doctorate in audiology.<br />

1997<br />

Jonathan Lutz earned zoology<br />

degree from The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

in 2001. During his college<br />

years he spent time in Ecuador,<br />

Mexico, Spain, Alaska,<br />

Arizona, Wyoming and West<br />

Virginia. After a short stint with<br />

the Peace Corps, he has moved<br />

to Cleveland to start on his masters<br />

of public health program.<br />

Dan Hickey earned a degree in<br />

management information systems<br />

from The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

in 2001 and worked at<br />

Marathon Ashland Petroleum. He<br />

now is a branch supervisor for<br />

Ohio Savings Bank in Columbus.<br />

He recently bought a house in<br />

Dublin and enjoys playing golf.<br />

John Hykes graduated in 2001<br />

from the University of Alabama<br />

and spent the next fall working<br />

as a campaign organizer for a<br />

delegate race in Southwest Virginia.<br />

From that experience he<br />

ended up in Baltimore, working<br />

for Martin-Lauer Associates, a<br />

political fundraising and consulting<br />

firm for Democratic candidates<br />

throughout the state. He<br />

married Kelli Leigh Arthur on<br />

Nov. 20, 2002.<br />

1994<br />

Michael Lutz and his wife are<br />

completing construction of their<br />

first house in Grove City. He<br />

works for an environmental<br />

consulting firm in Dublin.<br />

James Molholm was<br />

awarded a master of environmental<br />

science degree at<br />

Miami University’s Institute of<br />

Environmental Sciences. He is<br />

working on various environmental<br />

remediation/development<br />

projects in the Chicago area as<br />

well Wisconsin, Michigan, Indi-<br />

No pushovers<br />

Miles Thomas ’02 (r) and Hal Epler Jr.’85, help out at Schmidt’s<br />

concession stand at the Greater Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest last<br />

July. Mike went to <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> on a four-year Walt Plank Scholarship.<br />

ana, and (hopefully soon) Ohio<br />

with Weston Solutions, Inc. He<br />

recently moved to the Wicker<br />

Park area of Chicago.<br />

1993<br />

Jeff Carr recently was named<br />

the chief information security<br />

officer and head of information<br />

technology mergers and acquisitions<br />

integration at General<br />

Electric Aircraft Engines. Jeff<br />

was formerly co-founder and<br />

COO/CIO of ZoomTown Inc. at<br />

Cincinnati Bell Telephone, the<br />

country’s first and most successful<br />

broadband DSL network<br />

community. Jeff is training for the<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon<br />

and competing in Masters<br />

Swimming.<br />

Andrew Filliatraut graduated<br />

from Ohio University’s College of<br />

Osteopathic Medicine and is finishing<br />

his residency in internal<br />

and emergency medicine. He<br />

and his wife, Jennifer, have<br />

been married two years and live<br />

in Bay Village, Ohio.<br />

Michael Pione is a project engineer<br />

for Turner Construction.<br />

He graduated in civil engineering<br />

from Ohio University and<br />

completed an MBA at Capital<br />

University in 2002. His projects<br />

included working two and a half<br />

years on the $130 million Nationwide<br />

Arena, a year on the $200<br />

million Ohio <strong>St</strong>adium renovation,<br />

and a year at Mount Carmel East<br />

Hospital project.<br />

Robert E. Ryan III is teaching<br />

math and religion at an all-boys<br />

Jesuit high school in Phoenix,<br />

Ariz. He is also the school’s director<br />

of community service.<br />

1992<br />

Michael K. Harlow is working<br />

as an aide to Congressman<br />

<strong>St</strong>eve Chabot in Cincinnati.<br />

1991<br />

Tom Clarke lives with his wife,<br />

Julie, and son, Sean, in Grosse<br />

Pointe, Mich. Tom graduated from<br />

the Kellogg Graduate <strong>School</strong> of<br />

Management and is an automotive<br />

consultant with Carlisle &<br />

Co.<br />

Marcus Whitehead earned a<br />

BS in human factors engineering<br />

at Wright <strong>St</strong>ate University in<br />

1996, went to work for Delphi<br />

Corporation as an industrial engineer,<br />

and received a MS in<br />

systems engineering in 1999<br />

from WSU. He earned his “Ergonomist”<br />

(CPE) designation/accreditation<br />

the next year and his<br />

“professional engineer” (PE) license<br />

designation/accreditation<br />

in 2002. He attended Fiesta<br />

Bowl national championship<br />

game in Tempe, Ariz. and has<br />

accepted position as a Manufacturing<br />

Engineer at Axle Alliance<br />

(owned by Daimler Chrysler) in<br />

Detroit.<br />

1989<br />

John Carollo and his wife are<br />

working in Bahrain as certified<br />

athletic trainers for the Kingdom<br />

of Bahrain’s Olympic committee.<br />

They applied for positions<br />

posted on the internet and have<br />

lived in Bahrain for almost three<br />

years. They work in the government-<br />

run sports medicine center<br />

and travel with teams when<br />

needed. John and his wife have<br />

traveled to Turkey, Korea, Egypt,<br />

Thailand, Germany, England,<br />

Dubai, UAE, and Japan, and<br />

have worked with many of the<br />

kingdom’s national sports teams.<br />

Eric Lutz is an environmental<br />

consultant specializing in indoor<br />

air quality and mold remediation.<br />

1988<br />

Scott Casey is an attorney in<br />

the United Parcel Service legal<br />

department in Atlanta Ga.<br />

David O’Reilly and Andrea have<br />

been married five years and<br />

welcomed their first child, Finn<br />

Padraig, on June 21, 2002.<br />

David owns and runs his own<br />

systems development / consulting<br />

business.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />

David Postlewaite is a district<br />

sales manager for American<br />

Honda Motor Company. He<br />

moved back to Columbus last<br />

January after living in Oklahoma,<br />

Nebraska, Washington, D.C.,<br />

and Charlotte, N.C.<br />

1987<br />

Robert P. Cassady is a technician<br />

for Qwest Communications;<br />

he “helps people with two<br />

websites make changes to their<br />

DIA/DNS settings, firewalls,<br />

frame circuits, etc.” He has<br />

been with Qwest since 1997<br />

and lives in Columbus.<br />

Sean Kelley works as a CPA<br />

for PricewaterhouseCoopers in<br />

Denver. He was happy to move<br />

to Colorado because he loves<br />

the outdoors. When he’s not<br />

working, he enjoys skiing, hiking,<br />

and mountain biking in his<br />

backyard, also known as the<br />

Rocky Mountains. He also enjoys<br />

touring national parks whenever<br />

he can find some free time.<br />

Eric Sagun graduated from the<br />

University of Dayton in 1991. He<br />

owned a political consulting firm<br />

for almost eight years and advises<br />

statewide Republican<br />

candidates and officeholders<br />

and political parties in Ohio on<br />

campaign fundraising. His clients<br />

include former Attorney General<br />

Betty Montgomery, treasurer Joe<br />

Deters, Supreme Court Justice<br />

Deborah Cook, Sen. Mike<br />

DeWine, John Kasich, and the<br />

Ohio and Franklin County Republican<br />

Party.<br />

1986<br />

Michael Durbin, who completed<br />

his 13th year at Morgan<br />

<strong>St</strong>anley, returned last year from<br />

living in London. He, his wife,<br />

Julie, and three children live in<br />

Darien, Conn.<br />

Brad Hunsucker recently<br />

bought a <strong>St</strong>anley <strong>St</strong>eemer franchise<br />

in Lincoln, Neb. He ran<br />

operations for that company for<br />

seven years in Hartford, Kansas<br />

City, and Denver.<br />

1985<br />

Arthur Wall completed his training<br />

in emergency medicine and<br />

is working in the University of<br />

Cincinnati emergency medicine<br />

department. He and his wife,<br />

Elizabeth, have four children.<br />

1984<br />

Brian <strong>St</strong>iltner is an assistant<br />

professor of religious studies<br />

and director of the Hersher Institute<br />

for Applied Ethics at Sacred<br />

Heart University in Connecticut.<br />

He is in his fifth year and<br />

will be applying for tenure. He<br />

hopes to launch a Catholic <strong>St</strong>udies<br />

program.<br />

1983<br />

<strong>St</strong>eve Valachovic, who earned<br />

a degree in industrial and systems<br />

engineering from The Ohio<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate University in 1989, is vice<br />

president of business development<br />

at CMS Communications.<br />

Before joining CMS, he was a<br />

principal with Andersen Consulting<br />

working in product design<br />

and development. He previously<br />

had been a partner at<br />

marchFIRST. Prior to that he<br />

was with Andersen Consulting<br />

(Accenture) for nine years.<br />

<strong>St</strong>eve and his wife, Lori have<br />

three children and live in<br />

Grandview. Their house was<br />

featured at the <strong>2003</strong> Decorator’s<br />

Show and was on public tour<br />

last May. Proceeds from the<br />

tour’s ticket sales went to the<br />

Women’s Board, which helps<br />

sponsor exhibits and programs<br />

at the Columbus Museum of Art.<br />

1982<br />

Jack P. Burns has been a<br />

Franklin County deputy sheriff<br />

for almost 14 years. He currently<br />

is assigned to the patrol division<br />

where “I keep the West Side safe<br />

for democracy five nights a<br />

week.”<br />

Major John “Ike” Eichner has<br />

been involved in spacecraft and<br />

launch vehicle design, development,<br />

and operations, and was<br />

a lead launch engineer at Cape<br />

Canaveral, Fla.<br />

John is a space systems engineer<br />

with the Air Force. He is<br />

assigned to a Pentagon unit in<br />

Virginia, where he lives with his<br />

wife, Megann, who teaches first<br />

grade and also works for the<br />

Walt Disney Company.<br />

Eric Weisheit returned to the<br />

Buckeye <strong>St</strong>ate after spending<br />

four years in Denver. He now<br />

lives in Cincinnati with his wife<br />

of 14 years, Shelley, and 5-year<br />

old daughter, Clara. Eric is the<br />

midwest regional sales manager<br />

for Travelers Express<br />

MoneyGram.<br />

1981<br />

Peter C. Gallagher graduated<br />

from Ohio Northern University<br />

with a triple major in accounting,<br />

finance and computer science.<br />

He worked at Deloitte & Touche<br />

in Columbus as an auditor and<br />

then as a systems consultant<br />

and transferred to their office in<br />

Charlotte in 1989. He specialized<br />

in real estate and construction,<br />

which led him to the CIS Consulting<br />

Group, where he is one<br />

of the principal owners and vice<br />

president of consulting. He and<br />

his wife, Cherie, have been married<br />

six years and have two<br />

children. They live on the<br />

Catawba River/ Lake Wylie. He<br />

is an avid “wakeboarder” and<br />

fisherman and he coaches<br />

youth sports (soccer, basketball<br />

and Tee-ball) at the local YMCA.<br />

Rob Nourse recently became<br />

the national retirement plan relationship<br />

manager for Nationwide<br />

Financial Services. He and his<br />

wife, Kathy, live in Cincinnati.<br />

1978<br />

Rob Brisley lives in Charlotte,<br />

NC where he is a captain in the<br />

Charlotte Fire Department and<br />

also serves as their public information<br />

officer.<br />

1977<br />

<strong>St</strong>eve Miller is a sales executive<br />

with NFL Office Works in<br />

Atlanta, Ga selling contract commercial<br />

office furniture. He and<br />

his wife, Karen, have two children.<br />

He is a member of the One<br />

Hundred Black Men of America<br />

as a mentor and coach, and volunteers<br />

in the community. “I cherish<br />

my educational experience<br />

at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> and enjoy hearing<br />

about the growth and success<br />

of the school and all of its graduates.<br />

“A big hello to all my classmates.”<br />

1975<br />

Thomas J. Prunte recently<br />

was elected by the board of directors<br />

of Nationwide Insurance<br />

to associate vice-president in the<br />

Office of General Counsel. His<br />

responsibilities include manager<br />

of the life and health legal divi-<br />

<strong>St</strong>arts as part-timer, rises to Columbus Dispatch sports editor<br />

By Louis V. Fabro ’49<br />

Dispatch sports editor<br />

Ray <strong>St</strong>ein ’77<br />

Urged on by Mark<br />

Naegele, a close friend<br />

and fellow 1977 <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> graduate, Ray<br />

<strong>St</strong>ein applied 23 years<br />

ago for a part-time<br />

Friday night job of<br />

taking phoned-in sports<br />

scores, which Mark was<br />

doing then at The<br />

Columbus Dispatch.<br />

Mark recalled that<br />

Ray wasn’t sure what he<br />

wanted to do at that<br />

time. I told him: “You<br />

would be perfect for this<br />

kind of work. You’re good with details, dealing<br />

with people, and have a good memory.”<br />

Ray applied and was hired as a part-timer.<br />

Today, Ray is sports editor of the Dispatch,<br />

one of the largest metropolitan newspapers in the<br />

United <strong>St</strong>ates. He has a staff of some 35 reporters,<br />

copyeditors, and columnists, plus part-time people<br />

who, as Ray once did, answer the phone from<br />

callers reporting high school sports scores.<br />

“I found my calling,” Ray said about his entry<br />

job. Soon after he began volunteering to cover<br />

various sports events for the newspaper. Meanwhile<br />

he attended The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

where he took several journalism courses.<br />

Eventually becoming a full-time member of the<br />

sports staff, Ray, according to the Dispatch announcement<br />

about his promotion to sports editor,<br />

“quickly worked his way up the ranks.” His assignments<br />

included everything from high school sports<br />

coverage to Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate football. He worked as a<br />

copyeditor and in 1995 was promoted to assistant<br />

sports editor.<br />

Asked about Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate football — which is<br />

typically the No. 1 sports topic, a feverish one, in<br />

Central Ohio — Ray said “it’s the engine that<br />

drives sports in Columbus and around the state.<br />

For that matter, it’s the king of the sports world, at<br />

least, here in Columbus.” He added: “It won’t<br />

change — at least not in my lifetime.”<br />

However, he admitted, “the Central Ohio<br />

sports landscape has changed considerably. We<br />

have a much larger smorgasbord of sports. There<br />

is room for diversity of interests.”<br />

One aspect of being sports editor that appeals<br />

to Ray is dealing with people. “Sports is an opinion<br />

activity,” Ray said, and, of course, there’s no<br />

shortage of opinions among sports fans. “I really<br />

enjoy the interaction with readers.” That would<br />

include the numerous phone inquiries and commentaries<br />

he receives and his weekly Sunday<br />

letters column. “If I can please four out of ten<br />

readers, that’s good,” he said.<br />

Ray is the oldest of four brothers. Others<br />

include Doug, Class of ’78, who heads up the<br />

development department at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, and Tim<br />

and Greg, who attended other high schools. Ray is<br />

married to Rita Price, a Dispatch reporter, and<br />

has two sons, Benjamin, 11, and Tim, 3.<br />

Mark Naegele, who steered Ray to his sports<br />

writing, earned a journalism degree at Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate<br />

in 1982. Thanks to a tip from Ray about a job<br />

opening at the Newark Advocate, Mark was hired<br />

by that newspaper in 1984 and a year later became<br />

sports editor.<br />

He moved on to the Mansfield News Journal<br />

in 1988 and the following year again became sports<br />

editor. Mark joined the Lima Citizen (many<br />

journalists are inclined to move about) in 1992 and<br />

hearing from Ray about an opening at the Dispatch,<br />

he returned to that newspaper the following<br />

year. He’s a copyeditor in that newspaper’s Accent<br />

department.<br />


Alumni Notes<br />

Carolian Pipers<br />

George A. Fulcher III ’77 and Marty P. McSweeney ’77, members of<br />

the Columbus Fire and Police Pipes and Drums, perform Amazing<br />

Grace at the memorial dedication ceremony at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

sion as well as regulatory compliance.<br />

Tom received his bachelor’s degree<br />

from The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

and his juris doctorate<br />

from Capital University Law<br />

<strong>School</strong>.<br />

He is very active in his four<br />

children’s sports, school, and<br />

church activities. “<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

provided me with the foundation<br />

to succeed and was a factor in<br />

obtaining my first job. I am very<br />

close to a group of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

classmates, and families and<br />

kids get together on an annual<br />

basis even today.” He says the<br />

bonds and friendships with his<br />

classmates at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> are<br />

deep and long lasting.<br />

Timothy VanEcho was promoted<br />

to executive vice president<br />

of BBC&M Engineering in<br />

January <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

1974<br />

Frank P. Whyte is an emergency<br />

room nurse at <strong>St</strong>. Ann’s<br />

Hospital in Columbus. He had<br />

worked in the ER at Grant Hospital<br />

for eight years. Prior to becoming<br />

a nurse, he was the<br />

chief deputy coroner for Clark<br />

County, Washington. His wife,<br />

Kitty, is the sister of John ’72 and<br />

<strong>St</strong>eve ’76 McVey. Frank has<br />

signed a contract with Publish<br />

America in January, to publish<br />

his medical-legal suspense<br />

novel, “Hearts of Gold.” It should<br />

soon be available at most book<br />

outlets.<br />

1972<br />

Christopher T. Leister lives<br />

in <strong>Charles</strong>ton, W.V. with his wife,<br />

Beth, and their three children<br />

Brian, Laura, and Carolyn. He is<br />

senior vice president/national<br />

sales manager and CEO of West<br />

Virginia Cable Network for West<br />

Virginia Media.<br />

26<br />

1969<br />

Terrence R. Heffernan was<br />

named a partner with the firm of<br />

Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co.,<br />

L.P.A. in Columbus. He earned a<br />

B.S.S.W. at The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

in 1979 and graduated<br />

from Capital Law <strong>School</strong> in 1982.<br />

He is a member of the Columbus<br />

Bar Association, and is a member<br />

of the American Association<br />

of Medical Society Executives,<br />

Creditors International,<br />

and the Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate Bar<br />

Association’s real property section<br />

committee.<br />

1967<br />

Bill Lutz is working in the juvenile<br />

division of the Franklin<br />

County public defender’s office<br />

and honing his saxophone skills<br />

to teach music upon his retirement.<br />

1966<br />

Fr. William T. Kessler has<br />

been appointed to the College of<br />

Theology at the Pontifical College<br />

Josephinum, it was announced<br />

by the Most Rev. Gabriel<br />

Montalvo, Vatican ambassador<br />

to the United <strong>St</strong>ates. A 1966<br />

graduate of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong><br />

<strong>School</strong> and 1970 graduate<br />

of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> College,<br />

Kessler has served the Columbus<br />

Diocese as an associate<br />

pastor, pastor of Our Lady of<br />

Lourdes, and a teacher at<br />

Bishop Watterson High <strong>School</strong>.<br />

He previously taught at the Pontifical<br />

College Josephinum, Ohio<br />

Northern University, and Kenyon<br />

College. He has served as the<br />

episcopal vicar for communications,<br />

editor of The Catholic<br />

Times, pro-synodal judge of the<br />

tribunal and vice president of the<br />

presbyteral council. He has<br />

been a member of the diocesan<br />

ecumenical and interfaith commission,<br />

the administrative council,<br />

and the bishop’s committee<br />

on school integration.<br />

1965<br />

Richard C. Notebaert, chairman<br />

and CEO of Qwest Communications<br />

International Inc.<br />

(see story in fall, 2002 issue of<br />

the Cardinal), has been appointed<br />

by President George W.<br />

Bush to serve as a member of<br />

the National Security Telecommunications<br />

Advisory Committee.<br />

The NSTAC is a CEO-only<br />

advisory group of up to 30 telecommunications<br />

and technology<br />

industry executives that advises<br />

the president and other White<br />

House officials. The group<br />

meets several times annually<br />

and provides industry-based<br />

analysis and recommendations<br />

on a wide range of policy and<br />

technical issues related to telecommunications,<br />

information<br />

assurance, infrastructure protection,<br />

and other national security<br />

and emergency preparedness<br />

concerns.<br />

1964<br />

Joe Boetcher, in 1969, after<br />

leaving <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, earned a B.<br />

A. in philosophy summa cum<br />

laude, and a Phi Beta Kappa from<br />

Ohio University. After some time<br />

in the army he attended The Ohio<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate University College of Law<br />

and graduated in 1976 with<br />

a Juris Doctor degree. He entered<br />

the U. S. Navy Judge Advocate<br />

General Corps (JAG) in<br />

1977 and remained in the Navy<br />

until he retired in 1995. In 1984<br />

he earned a Master of Laws<br />

(LL.M.) degree in health care law<br />

and forensic science from<br />

George Washington University.<br />

He moved to Las Vegas, tired of<br />

retirement, and started attending<br />

the University of Nevada-Las<br />

Vegas in 1996. He’s earned a<br />

masters degree in kinesiology, a<br />

certificate in gerontology, and a<br />

certificate in college teaching.<br />

He is in the Psychology Ph.D.<br />

Program and expects to com-<br />

Happy couple<br />

Frederick W. Jestand ’64 and his<br />

bride, Catherine Coquelin, were<br />

all smiles in May when they<br />

were married in the governor’s<br />

garden at the Chateau Ramsay<br />

in old Montreal.<br />

plete his M.A. by the spring and<br />

then do his dissertation. He and<br />

his wife, Laurie, have been married<br />

24 years and enjoy attending<br />

concerts, plays, shows, art<br />

galleries, and sporting events.<br />

Fred Jestand attended The<br />

Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University for a year<br />

after graduation. He joined the<br />

air force and spent the next 20<br />

years in places like Vietnam,<br />

Korea, Japan, Italy, New Mexico<br />

and Lowery Aie Force Base in<br />

Colorado. He retired in 1986,<br />

having earned a BA in journalism<br />

through the University of<br />

Maryland while at Lowery. He<br />

moved to San Diego in 1987 and<br />

now is the department head of<br />

logistics engineering and field<br />

engineering for BAE Systems.<br />

Fred has four children and four<br />

grandchildren, and was remarried<br />

this past May in Montreal.<br />

1963<br />

Louis J. Asmo owns a private<br />

company named Charity Gaming<br />

Equipment, Inc. It assists<br />

charities in conducting fundraising<br />

events. Asmo recently<br />

completed four real estate<br />

courses (three A’s and one B)<br />

at Columbus <strong>St</strong>ate University. “I’m<br />

very upset about the B. Imagine<br />

getting a B at Aquinas!! How<br />

demoralizing for a <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

graduate,” he quipped. (One of<br />

the Columbus <strong>St</strong>ate buildings<br />

formerly housed Aquinas High<br />

<strong>School</strong>) He will sit for his state<br />

exam for licensing soon. Asmo<br />

played in the <strong>2003</strong> World Series<br />

of Poker — his 7th year in a row<br />

in the event — and was one of<br />

the top 100 players on the “odds<br />

board”. He finished around 300th<br />

out of 839 players. “I did win a<br />

world series championship back<br />

in 1997, but that is old news,”<br />

he said.<br />

Michael J. Baumann has four<br />

children and three grandchildren.<br />

He works at M.J. Baumann<br />

& Co., Inc. and enjoys fishing,<br />

hunting and spending time with<br />

his grandchildren.<br />

Joseph R. Boyle has been<br />

married to Judy (Lewis) for 35<br />

years. They have four daughters<br />

and two grandchildren. He<br />

is principal of Oakwood High<br />

<strong>School</strong> in suburban Dayton. He’s<br />

been a high school principal for<br />

23 years, previously at Bishop<br />

Hartley High in Columbus and at<br />

Grandview Heights.<br />

Bob Brehl, who is retired from<br />

the U.S. Navy reserve, works<br />

at Ft. Detrick in Maryland as a<br />

medical analyst. He and his wife<br />

built a house and barn on some<br />

acreage near Washington, D.C.<br />

They raise and show Irish Wolfhounds<br />

Dick Burk is the chief architect<br />

for information technology at the<br />

U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban<br />

Development in Washington,<br />

D.C. He and his wife Carole (nee<br />

Smoler) have three boys and live<br />

in Fairfax <strong>St</strong>ation, Va.<br />

John Connor and his wife,<br />

Susie, have been married for 33<br />

years. They have three children<br />

(including Alex, a <strong>2003</strong> <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> graduate who’s a freshman<br />

at George Washington University)<br />

and three grandkids.<br />

John owns and operates apartment<br />

buildings and lives in<br />

Powell, Ohio.<br />

Bob Corna is an architect developer<br />

in Cleveland. He and his<br />

wife, Lucinda, have three children.<br />

Bob Cull is a detective for the<br />

Bexley Police Department where<br />

he has served for 28 years. He<br />

and his wife, Mary, have three<br />

children.<br />

David Dingledy and his wife,<br />

Janice, will celebrate their 31st<br />

wedding anniversary in December.<br />

They have two children and<br />

live in Holbrook, Mass. David<br />

retired from Boston Public<br />

<strong>School</strong>s in June after 33 years<br />

of service. Dingledy says he<br />

enjoys a variety of volunteer activities<br />

and leisure time as well<br />

as working part-time as a college<br />

teacher and in real estate<br />

sales. “Special greetings to<br />

Msgr. Gallen, whom I’ve finally<br />

joined in retirement and who<br />

continues to cast a light of inspiration<br />

enriched with warm<br />

memories my way,” Dingledly<br />

added.<br />

Bob <strong>Fall</strong>er has been married to<br />

Janice for 35 years and lives in<br />

Marietta, Ga. They have two<br />

children and two grandchildren.<br />

He works in franchise development<br />

with the Honey Baked Ham<br />

Company. He enjoys playing golf<br />

— badly — and “lovin’ life!”<br />

Tom Farley has a daughter<br />

who’s a senior at Kent <strong>St</strong>ate<br />

University and a son who’s a<br />

freshman at the University of<br />

Arizona. Tom is an internal services<br />

manager at Xyron Semiconductor.<br />

Besides his day job,<br />

he owns a successful mobile<br />

disc jockey company called<br />

“Tunes to Go” in Portland, Ore.<br />

Dick Ferris – and his wife,<br />

Joyce, have been married 30<br />

years. He retired in 1993 from<br />

Altma, after 23 years, and<br />

started a law practice in<br />

Williamsburg, Va., specializing in<br />

estate, trust, business planning<br />

and after-death estate administration.<br />

He also does some<br />

teaching at William and Mary<br />

College. When fully retired,<br />

Ferris plans to travel, golf, boat,<br />

and “read all the books I should<br />

have read from the summer book<br />

list at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.”<br />

John R. Gall is an attorney at<br />

Squire, Sanders and Dempsey,<br />

in Columbus. He is married to<br />

Maryann (Baker).<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

Nelson Greene retired last fall<br />

from Citigroup after 35 years. He<br />

and his wife, Jane, have been<br />

married for 35 years, have two<br />

children, and live in Hilsborough,<br />

Calif. “As the years roll by,” he<br />

said, “I appreciate how lucky we<br />

were to have such a great group<br />

of guys and a great experience<br />

at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>!”<br />

Goerge Gottemoeller lives in<br />

New Haven, Mo. He is self-employed<br />

as a furniture and cabinet<br />

maker. He and his wife,<br />

Madeline, have three children.<br />

Gary Gugliemotto is the assistant<br />

vice president for the<br />

Federal Homeloan Bank of San<br />

Francisco. He and his wife,<br />

Nancy, have two children, three<br />

grandchildren, and live in<br />

Sonoma, Calif.<br />

Mike Hanrahan lives in Columbus<br />

and has spent the last five<br />

years working at James A. Saad<br />

LLC.<br />

Bob Hetterscheidt continues<br />

with his private practice in<br />

downtown Columbus. He has<br />

two children.<br />

James Holtschulte retired<br />

three years ago from the Department<br />

of Veterans Affairs and is<br />

living in Cape Coral, Fla. He loves<br />

retirement and spends time running<br />

and biking.<br />

Mike Howard has been teaching<br />

34 years, the past 25 at<br />

Cleveland <strong>St</strong>. Ignatius High<br />

<strong>School</strong>. He has served as chair<br />

of the history department for the<br />

last 19 years and is the president<br />

of the faculty association.<br />

He and his wife, Ellen, have one<br />

child and two grandchildren.<br />

Dan Kerscher is general counsel<br />

with the Don M. Casto organization<br />

in Columbus. He has<br />

been married to Mary Ann for<br />

36 years and they have three<br />

children.<br />

Donald Knapp has been working<br />

for IBM for 30 years. He and<br />

his wife, Diane, have three children<br />

and live in Hickory, N.C.<br />

Dave Mager is an architect<br />

with VOA Associates. He has a<br />

son and a granddaughter and<br />

lives in Florida.<br />

Robert W. Mottet and his wife,<br />

Sandra, live in Bexley. He owns<br />

a car lot and a local restaurant.<br />

Tom Murphy works in the grocery<br />

business for Roundys<br />

wholesalers. He and his wife,<br />

Christine, have been married for<br />

35 years and live in Columbus.<br />

They have three children and<br />

one grandchild. “I’ve always<br />

been amazed at George<br />

Gottemoeller flawlessly fielding<br />

ground balls with a small first<br />

baseman’s mitt,” he commented<br />

about his former classmate.<br />

Robin Phelan ’63<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />

Rick Mynark has been the CEO<br />

at Pulask Memorial Hospital in<br />

Indiana since 1985. He’s been<br />

married to Judith for 13 years<br />

and recently retired from the air<br />

force reserves as a lieutenant<br />

colonel.<br />

Robin Phelan is a partner with<br />

Haynes and Boone, LLP, an international<br />

corporate law firm<br />

with nine offices throughout<br />

Texas, Washington, D.C. and<br />

Mexico City. Robin was named<br />

one of “America’s top 100 restructuring<br />

professionals” in the<br />

<strong>2003</strong> edition of the K & A Restructuring<br />

Register: America’s<br />

Top 100. The Register is a peer<br />

group-selected listing of nationally-recognized<br />

attorneys and<br />

financial advisors specializing in<br />

reorganization, restructuring,<br />

insolvency, and bankruptcy matters.<br />

He earned a double major<br />

in accounting and finance in<br />

1967 and a law degree, cum<br />

laude, at The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

in 1970.<br />

James A. Saad owns the law<br />

firm of James A. Saad LLC and<br />

<strong>St</strong>ar Title Agency LLC. He and<br />

his wife, Marilyn, have been<br />

married for 30 years, have two<br />

children and live in Dublin, Ohio.<br />

Joe Sabino is executive director<br />

of NCS/Omnicare, a pharmacy<br />

that services nursing<br />

homes and long-term care facilities<br />

in central, western, and<br />

southeast Ohio. He’s been married<br />

to Evelyn for 34 years and<br />

they have three children.<br />

Jim Sharon served four years<br />

in the navy submarine force during<br />

the Vietnam War. He worked<br />

as an engineer for Exxon Chemical,<br />

which was sold (the film division)<br />

to Tredegar Film Products<br />

and where he still works after<br />

more than 33 years. He’s been<br />

married to Maureen for 33 years,<br />

have two children, and live in<br />

Crystal Lake. Ill.<br />

Herb Spiers lives in Manhattan<br />

and loves theatre, opera, film,<br />

and art. He is a fine-arts dealer<br />

and consultant and owns a<br />

graphic arts studio.<br />

Tom <strong>St</strong>epanovsky Jr. serves<br />

as technical support manager<br />

for the five automotive service<br />

operations centers that provide<br />

emergency road services for<br />

Auto Club south, the AAA affiliate<br />

that covers Florida, Georgia,<br />

and a good part of Tennessee.<br />

“The real upside of living in<br />

Florida continues to be that I<br />

won’t have to move anywhere<br />

once I start slowing down, if<br />

ever,” he said. Tom devotes<br />

most of his free time to a nonprofit<br />

organization know as<br />

Neighborly Care Network. He and<br />

his wife, Nerina, have three children<br />

and 12 grandchildren.<br />

Gabe <strong>St</strong>erling works at R.S.<br />

Beall Investments, Inc., in<br />

Bedford, Tex. He and his wife,<br />

Deborah, have 4 children.<br />

Joseph Edward Sulick Sr. is<br />

director for plans/requirements/<br />

resources in the Air Force frequency<br />

management agency in<br />

Alexandria, VA. He earned an<br />

undergraduate degree at The<br />

Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University, a masters<br />

degree in business administration<br />

from <strong>St</strong>. Edward’s University,<br />

and a master of science<br />

degree in national resource<br />

strategy from the National Defense<br />

University. He started his<br />

Air Force career in 1968. He has<br />

served at Dover Air Force Base<br />

in Delaware; at Elgin AFB in<br />

Florida; at Langley AFB in Virginia;<br />

and is currently at the Air<br />

Force frequency management<br />

center in Virginia. His military<br />

decorations include the Meritorious<br />

Service Medal, the Air<br />

Force Commendation Medal and<br />

the National Defense Service<br />

Medal. He is a member of the<br />

New York Academy of Sciences<br />

and the Air War College.<br />

Tim Sullivan and his wife of<br />

25 years, Karen, have a son<br />

and live in Granville. He spent<br />

Special surprise<br />

<strong>St</strong>eve Van Heyde ’61 had a<br />

memorable 60 th birthday last<br />

May when he was inducted as<br />

the new president of the<br />

Columbus Athletic Club.<br />

Friends surprised <strong>St</strong>eve with a<br />

replica <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> letter jacket<br />

modeled after his original coat<br />

which had been lost.<br />

34 years as a process development<br />

engineer for Owens-Corning<br />

and is a partner in Cerberus<br />

Co. He is a partner in Big League<br />

Baseball of Newark, a local training<br />

facility.<br />

Paul Theado retired in 2000<br />

after 29 years at Lorenz Equipment<br />

Co. He and his wife, Nancy,<br />

have been married for nine years<br />

and have three children. Paul is<br />

playing a lot of golf and enjoying<br />

life in Pickerington, Ohio.<br />

Bob Walter is the founder and<br />

CEO of Cardinal Health, Inc., the<br />

second largest drug wholesaler<br />

in the United <strong>St</strong>ates with total<br />

revenues of more than $56 billion.<br />

He and his wife, Peggy,<br />

have three children, five grandchildren,<br />

and live in Dublin, Ohio<br />

(see story in fall, 2002 issue of<br />

the Cardinal).<br />

Patrick Whalen drives a tractor<br />

trailer for CFI Trucking. He is<br />

on the road for 3-4 week<br />

stretches and drives all over the<br />

country and Canada. He and his<br />

wife, Shirley, have six children,<br />

13 grandkids, and two more on<br />

the way.<br />

Jim Wiles is a partner with<br />

Wiles, Boyle, Burkholder, &<br />

Bringardner CO LPA. He and his<br />

wife, Paula, have a son and live<br />

in Columbus.<br />

Marion Worley reports that he<br />

is beating prostate cancer after<br />

undergoing surgery and radiation.<br />

He’s been in remission since<br />

1999 and still works full-time. He<br />

was an Ohio Department of Traffic<br />

engineer from 1967 to 1997,<br />

and has been a traffic engineer<br />

for Barr Engineering since 1988.<br />

He and his wife, Mary Ann, have<br />

three sons, all of whom graduated<br />

from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> (’90,’91,<br />

and ’95). They have three<br />

grandchildren. “Enjoy life and do<br />

for others as much as you can!,”<br />

he advises.<br />

Frank Zauner has worked in<br />

property management since retiring<br />

from the air force.<br />

He enjoys the challenge of<br />

working with over 6,000 apartments,<br />

but says he’s enjoying it.<br />

He umpires high school girls fast<br />

pitch softball and recreational<br />

slow pitch softball. He recharges<br />

his batteries March through November<br />

using his river camper<br />

each weekend. He has two<br />

children and three grandchildren.<br />

He lives in Richmond, VA.<br />

1959<br />

<strong>St</strong>eve Breech reports that his<br />

daughter, Lesley L. Breech,<br />

M.D., is an assistant professor<br />

of obstetrics and gynecology<br />

with the Emory University <strong>School</strong><br />

of Medicine at Grady Memorial<br />

Hospital. She is among a growing<br />

number of doctors in the field<br />

of pediatric gynecology, who<br />

specializes in providing reproductive<br />

health care services to<br />

young adults. She is presently<br />

the medical director of a teen<br />

wellness clinic at one of Emory<br />

University’s hospitals.<br />

1953<br />

Daniel P. Auer spent two years<br />

at The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University and<br />

several years working in the<br />

retail marketing and hardware<br />

industry after graduating from <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>. He spent three years<br />

in the U.S. Army Security<br />

Agency in Rothwesten, Germany,<br />

where he monitored Russian<br />

military units on training missions.<br />

He graduated from Ohio<br />

Dominican College in 1972 with<br />

a teaching certificate in German<br />

and English, all while working in<br />

the Law Library of the Attorney<br />

General of Ohio. Dan retired from<br />

the Central Ohio Transit<br />

Authority’s transportation division<br />

and is a candidate for the<br />

Third Order Secular of the<br />

Franciscans of Padre Pio Fraternity.<br />

Clement J. Amorose graduated<br />

in 1958 with an economics<br />

degree from The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

in 1958. “I was in Air<br />

Force ROTC at <strong>St</strong>ate and passed<br />

pilot’s training physical and mental<br />

test, but turned it (a commission)<br />

down because the fact is,<br />

I don’t like flying! I received the<br />

Army’s inevitable draft notice<br />

and, promptly, joined the Marines,”<br />

Amorose said. After two<br />

years in the Marines he went<br />

into the securities business and<br />

for over 30 years he has worked<br />

in that industry, managing branch<br />

offices for NYSE member firms<br />

in Florida, Indiana, New York, and<br />

California. He rose from financial<br />

advisor to various management<br />

positions and up to executive<br />

vice-president of Thomson<br />

McKinnon Securities (now Prudential<br />

Securities) and works in<br />

its San Francisco office. He has<br />

been married to “Sunny”<br />

(Eleanor), a Central High graduate,<br />

for over 39 years. They<br />

have four children and four<br />

grandchildren.<br />

John P. Bell retired from Indiana<br />

University in 2000 after 30<br />

years as a historian specializing<br />

in Latin America and Inter-<br />

American Relations. He graduated<br />

from Tulane University and<br />

awarded a fellowship for graduate<br />

study by the Danforth Foundation.<br />

He spent the next three<br />

years with the Coast Guard,<br />

which took him to all three American<br />

coasts, Mexico, and a stint<br />

in Asia. He served as a U.S.<br />

Foreign Service Officer and has<br />

lived extensively in Latin America<br />

(Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru,<br />

Venezuela, and Guatemala). He<br />

met his wife, Dora, while doing<br />

research in Guatemala. They<br />

were married in 1962 and live in<br />

Key Biscayne, Fla. They have<br />

three children and three grandchildren.<br />


Alumni Notes<br />

Tom Bracken majored in Sociology<br />

at John Carroll University<br />

in Cleveland and met his future<br />

wife, Janette Longo from<br />

Ursuline College for Women.<br />

“The rest reads like this: Graduated,<br />

married, army, couple of<br />

dumb interim jobs, IBM, six kids,<br />

New Jersey, Georgia, early retirement,<br />

living the good life in<br />

my robe and pajamas in Blowing<br />

Rock NC.”<br />

Pat DeSantis retired from his<br />

family’s Columbus business,<br />

DeSantis Florist, in November of<br />

2002 after working there “forever!,”<br />

he said. “Absolutely love<br />

retirement and if the rain ever<br />

stops, I can play golf any day of<br />

the week.” He and his wife, Patti,<br />

have been married for 43 years<br />

and have four children, ten<br />

grandkids and two great-grandchildren.<br />

He and Patti and moved<br />

to a condo eight years ago and<br />

love it. “You can find me on the<br />

deck most days because SHE<br />

makes me smoke outside!”<br />

Hugh J. Dorrian became Treasurer<br />

of the City of Columbus in<br />

1966 and three years later was<br />

appointed City Auditor. Since<br />

then he has won nine consecutive<br />

elections to the office of City<br />

Auditor, most recently in 2001.<br />

Dorrian in 1991, visited Moscow,<br />

Leningrad and Pushkin, Russia<br />

to confer with academic and<br />

municipal finance officials and<br />

returned the following year to<br />

conduct an accounting/auditing<br />

seminar for Russian officials<br />

28<br />

and aspirants. In 2000 Hugh received<br />

the lifetime achievement<br />

award from the Ohio Government<br />

Finance Officers’ Association<br />

and in 1992, he received the<br />

“Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice” (“For<br />

the Church and the Pope”) medal<br />

from Pope John Paul II. He and<br />

his wife, Janice, have four children,<br />

including son, Hugh, who<br />

was president of his <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Class of ’89. The elder Dorrian<br />

majored in accounting and<br />

earned a degree in business administration<br />

in 1959 from The<br />

Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University.<br />

E. Ramon Hosler graduated<br />

from the University of Dayton in<br />

1957 with a degree in chemical<br />

engineering. He earned a masters<br />

in chemical engineering in<br />

1959, from the University of Illinois<br />

and went on to obtain a<br />

doctorate two years later. He<br />

worked at Westinghouse Electric<br />

Corp. and the Bettis Atomic<br />

Power Laboratory from 1961-<br />

1979.<br />

He served as Professor of Engineering<br />

in the department of<br />

mechanical, materials, and aerospace<br />

engineering from 1979 to<br />

2001 and was awarded Professor<br />

Emeritus status in 2002. He<br />

now is regional assistant vice<br />

president for Education. Hosler<br />

has been married to Judy Lorenz<br />

for 47 years. They live in<br />

Maitland, Fla., and have five children,<br />

nine grandchildren, and<br />

one great-grandchild.<br />

Alumni celebrate ordination Jubilees<br />

Msgrs. Lawrence J. Corcoran, Michael A. Nugent,<br />

and Robert R. Schmidt have shared many milestones<br />

together during their priestly careers. So it<br />

was only appropriate that last April they celebrated<br />

the 60th anniversary of their ordinations together<br />

as well.<br />

Lawrence E. Hoffmann, Jr.<br />

was an engineering manager<br />

with the Union Metal Mfg. Co.<br />

from 1958 to 1984, Aerolite, Inc.<br />

until 1986, and Outdoor Display<br />

and Fabricating. In 1987 he<br />

moved to Sandy Lake, PA, and<br />

worked at Flexospan <strong>St</strong>eel<br />

Buildings Inc. until his retirement<br />

in 2002. Hoffmann earned a degree<br />

in mechanical engineering<br />

from The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

in 1958. He received “the meritorious<br />

service award” from the<br />

Canton Regional Society of Professional<br />

Engineers” and assisted<br />

in writing The Specifications<br />

for the Design of <strong>St</strong>ructural<br />

Supports for Highway<br />

Signs and Luminaries, adopted<br />

by the American Assoc. of <strong>St</strong>ate<br />

Highway and Transportation officials.<br />

He taught CCD for ten<br />

years in Canton and is currently<br />

on the music selection committee<br />

studying the U.S. Bishops<br />

new changes for Sunday Liturgy.<br />

Orlando Iacoboni had a 41-<br />

year banking career with Ohio<br />

National Bank, BancOhio and<br />

National City Bank in Columbus.<br />

He retired as vice president in<br />

1998. He attended The Ohio<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate University from 1953-<br />

1954, then joined the army and<br />

was stationed with the 33rd Infantry<br />

at Fort Kobbe, Panama<br />

until 1956. Orlando and his wife,<br />

Judy, celebrate their 30th wedding<br />

anniversary in December.<br />

They have one daughter. Judy<br />

is a paralegal with Joe Ryan, a<br />

1954 <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> graduate. Orlando<br />

is an avid golfer and<br />

bowler, and works part-time at<br />

the Arlington Marathon filling station.<br />

Ernie P. Kletzly retired in 1998<br />

as vice president of special accounts<br />

from the Great –West<br />

Life and Annuity Insurance Co.<br />

after 33 years with the company.<br />

He earned a Bachelor of<br />

Business Administration from<br />

The University of Notre Dame in<br />

1957. He and his high school<br />

sweetheart, Marilyn Knight,<br />

have been married for 44 years.<br />

They have four children and four<br />

grandchildren.<br />

Pat Mazuzan retired after a<br />

multi-year career in high tech<br />

sales. He and his wife, Marilyn,<br />

are enjoying life as theatre ushers<br />

for four Washington area<br />

playhouses. They find the time<br />

to hike in the eastern mountains<br />

and enjoy visiting historic sites.<br />

They have two children and two<br />

grandchildren.<br />

Jack McAndrews received a<br />

master degree in political science<br />

from The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

and went on active duty<br />

with the U.S. Air Force. His original<br />

three-year ROTC commitment<br />

lasted until he retired 23<br />

years later. He served the Air<br />

Force abroad in Korea, Tokyo,<br />

Spain, Vietnam, and in the U.S.<br />

in several locations. He worked<br />

13 years for Martin Marrietta<br />

Corp. (now Lockheed Martin) in<br />

aerospace research and air traffic<br />

control systems in Denver<br />

and Washington. He’s been a<br />

consultant for information technology<br />

companies in the Washington<br />

D.C. area for the last 10<br />

years. While working at the Pentagon,<br />

he met and married his<br />

wife, Mary Ann. They have three<br />

children.<br />

They were honored during the Mass of the<br />

Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, in Holy Cross<br />

Church in downtown Columbus. The three were<br />

ordained April 17, 1943 in <strong>St</strong>. Joseph Cathedral<br />

by Bishop James J. Hartley, the founder of <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>. They were classmates<br />

and 1939 graduates of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> College.<br />

Two graduates of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong><br />

<strong>School</strong> celebrated significant jubilees last spring.<br />

Fr. William A. Metzger ’55 celebrated the Silver<br />

anniversary of his ordination on May 27, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

Fr. Bernard J. McClory ’45 celebrated his 50th<br />

anniversary on May 30, <strong>2003</strong>. A third <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

graduate, Msgr. Edward F. Healey ’36, celebrates<br />

his 60th year as a priest on December 18th.<br />

Msgr. J. Colby Grimes, the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> soccer<br />

team’s chaplain, who passed away on April 18,<br />

<strong>2003</strong>, would have celebrated his 25th on June 10,<br />

<strong>2003</strong>.<br />

Celebrate 60 years as priests<br />

Msgrs. Michael A. Nugent, Robert R. Schmidt, and Lawrence J.<br />

Corcoran concelebrated mass at Holy Cross Church in Columbus<br />

on April 17, <strong>2003</strong>, which was the 60th anniversary date of their<br />

ordination.<br />

Joseph F. Meara majored in<br />

biological science at The Ohio<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate University and graduated<br />

from the OSU <strong>School</strong> of Medicine<br />

in 1960. His residency in<br />

pathology at OSU was interrupted<br />

by a tour of duty with the<br />

army during which he served as<br />

medical officer in Korea and at<br />

Ft. Belvoir, VA. He completed his<br />

residency at the Cleveland<br />

Clinic, practiced in Detroit for five<br />

years and returned to Columbus<br />

in 1972. Here he was affiliated<br />

with Mt. Carmel Hospitals until<br />

his retirement in 1998. He and<br />

his wife, Johanna, have been<br />

married 42 years, and have five<br />

children and eight grandchildren.<br />

Edward J. Miller entered the<br />

Jesuit Order after graduating<br />

from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>. He spent seven<br />

years at various Jesuit institutions<br />

before leaving the order to<br />

pursue a career in science. He<br />

graduated from the University of<br />

Rochester in 1964 with a Ph.D.<br />

in biophysics and accepted a<br />

position at the National Institutes<br />

of Health in Bethesda, MD. There<br />

he began what became a career-long<br />

research program involving<br />

studies on connective<br />

tissue proteins. In 1971 he accepted<br />

a professorship in the<br />

department of biochemistry at<br />

the University of Alabama Medical<br />

Center in Birmingham, and<br />

has lived there since. He has<br />

closed his research lab but remains<br />

a part-time employee<br />

teaching medical and dental students<br />

at the university. He married<br />

his wife, Kathleen Maurin,<br />

in 1964. They have three children.<br />

Dwight Mottet was commissioned<br />

an air force officer,<br />

served tours in Germany and<br />

France, and was a supply officer<br />

with the <strong>St</strong>rategic Air Command<br />

at Plattsburg Air Base,<br />

New York. He earned a masters<br />

of science degree (with<br />

honors) in logistics management,<br />

from the Air Force Institute of<br />

Technology in 1965. Mottet<br />

worked with the department of<br />

energy where he served as director<br />

of the management and<br />

administrative division, fossil energy<br />

program. He also was the<br />

vice president of a small management<br />

consulting firm specializing<br />

in information systems, and<br />

education. Dwight graduated<br />

from The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

with a degree in geology.<br />

Sadly, his wife of 37 years,<br />

Janet, passed away in 2000.<br />

Dwight now lives near<br />

Fredericksburg, Virginia. He<br />

travels and is an active member<br />

in a number of Civil War societies:<br />

Friends of Wilderness Battlefield<br />

(president), the Blue and<br />

Gray Education Society, and the<br />

Civil War Preservation Trust.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

Pat O’Reilly is a partner in the<br />

firm of Heapy Engineering, LLC.<br />

which provides engineering design<br />

services for plumbing, fire<br />

protection, electrical, and ventilation<br />

for industrial buildings. He<br />

has been at Heapy for over 30<br />

years. Pat had been married to<br />

Geri Zoog for over 40 years and<br />

raised two children before she<br />

passed away in 1998. He married<br />

Bernadette Melchiorre in<br />

November of 2001, and they<br />

spend time traveling and remodeling<br />

their home. He earned a degree<br />

in business administration<br />

from the University of Dayton in<br />

1958 and an associate’s degree<br />

in mechanical engineering.<br />

Daniel L. Rankin graduated<br />

from The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University<br />

College of Dentistry in 1959,<br />

served in the navy from 1959 to<br />

1961, and has served in private<br />

practice since then in Hilliard,<br />

Ohio. He and his wife, Nancy,<br />

have been married for 45 years.<br />

They have six children and 19<br />

grandchildren. He has served on<br />

the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> advisory board<br />

for 20 years, and it’s possible<br />

that in the near future he could<br />

have five grandsons and two<br />

nephews attending <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

at the same time!<br />

Clare A. Rubadue served in the<br />

Ohio Army National Guard from<br />

1955 to 1986, retiring as a First<br />

Sergeant. He earned a degree<br />

in business administration/accounting<br />

from Franklin University<br />

in 1975. He worked for Albers<br />

Super Market from 1953 to 1974,<br />

Contract Companies until 1978,<br />

and Mculloh and Associates until<br />

1980. He worked for the Ohio<br />

state auditor from 1980-1996,<br />

where he retired as district audit<br />

manager. He’s worked in the<br />

office of U.S. Congressman Ted<br />

<strong>St</strong>rickland since 1977 as a military/veterans<br />

case worker. He<br />

and his wife, Rose, have been<br />

married for 46 years and have<br />

four children and seven grandchildren.<br />

Doug Scherer works with The<br />

Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University libraries.<br />

He is a 1958 graduate of The<br />

Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University and first<br />

briefly attended <strong>St</strong>. Bonaventure<br />

University. In 1967 he earned a<br />

masters degree from OSU and<br />

married Ellen Crawford. They<br />

had three children.<br />

Tom Schleub graduated from<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> College in 1957 and<br />

took graduate courses at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

Mary’s Seminary in Cincinnati. He<br />

subsequently earned undergraduate<br />

and masters degrees<br />

in education from The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate<br />

University. He retired from the<br />

Columbus Public City <strong>School</strong>s<br />

where he served 33 years. In<br />

addition to serving as a teacher,<br />

he was a principal at Centennial<br />

and Brookhaven High <strong>School</strong>s.<br />

He and his wife Carole have four<br />

children and four grandchildren.<br />

Richard L. Thompson served<br />

four years in the army as a communications<br />

specialist and had<br />

tours of duty in Europe and Ft.<br />

Carson, CO. Before his military<br />

service, he attended Xavier University<br />

in Cincinnati, Ohio. He retired<br />

from Deluxe Corporation<br />

(the world’s largest business<br />

and personal check printing<br />

company) where he spent most<br />

of his career in sales. He also<br />

had his own business from time<br />

to time in the past. Richard has<br />

been married to Mary Ann<br />

(Gallagher) since 1955 and they<br />

have four children and eight<br />

grandchildren. Mary Ann is a<br />

graduate of Our Lady of Victory<br />

High <strong>School</strong> in Columbus. He has<br />

been a licensed radio amateur<br />

(Ham) since 1962 and holds an<br />

advanced class license from the<br />

FCC. To see a recent photo and<br />

his amateur radio related bio, visit<br />

www.qrz.com, then type in<br />

wb0dul (that’s a zero) and click<br />

on “Get Callsign’.<br />

Paul J. Tracy earned an accounting<br />

degree from The Ohio<br />

<strong>St</strong>ate University. A naval ROTC<br />

member at OSU, he was shipped<br />

off to supply corp school in San<br />

Diego. He married Elizabeth<br />

O’Dea a week before shipping<br />

out, with Msgr. O’Dea presiding<br />

over the wedding ceremony.<br />

Two years later he moved to<br />

Cleveland, and four years later<br />

was off to work for Republic<br />

<strong>St</strong>eel. In 1965 (armed with his<br />

CPA) he joined American Koyo<br />

and worked the next 17 years<br />

for the Japanese company (making<br />

over 30 trips to Japan). In<br />

1981 he and his wife, Elizabeth,<br />

opened up four women’s shoe<br />

stores and began a small accounting<br />

and tax business. They<br />

sold off the shoe stores and accounting<br />

business but continue<br />

to work on a limited basis in the<br />

tax business. He and Elizabeth<br />

have five children and twelve<br />

grandchildren.<br />

LeRoy R. Walter retired from<br />

the Federal Aviation Administration.<br />

He and his wife,<br />

Genevieve, have seven children<br />

and eight grandchildren.<br />

Theodore J. Wolfe served in<br />

the army and spent eight years<br />

at P&G in marketing. He went to<br />

work for Welch’s and remained<br />

there 28 years until retiring in<br />

1995. He’d served as executive<br />

vice president and as a member<br />

of the board of directors. In 1995<br />

he began a new ‘career’ as an<br />

astronomer in Florida where he<br />

constructed one of the first totally<br />

robotic, remote telescope<br />

systems in the country. Over the<br />

last eight years he has produced<br />

color images of deep-space objects,<br />

which has led to publishing,<br />

teaching, and lecturing on<br />

astronomy. Ted married Nancy<br />

Kupper from Upper Arlington<br />

High <strong>School</strong>. They have four<br />

Fr. <strong>Charles</strong> F. Klinger ’61<br />

children. Ted earned a liberal arts<br />

degree from The University of<br />

Notre Dame in 1957, and a masters<br />

degree in business from<br />

Columbia University in 1958.<br />

The Clergy<br />

Fr. <strong>Charles</strong> F. Klinger, Class<br />

of 1961, is the new pastor at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

Paul Church in Westerville, Ohio.<br />

He attended <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> College<br />

in 1962 before heading off to<br />

The Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University. There<br />

he earned undergraduate and<br />

masters degrees in history and<br />

went on to earn a doctorate at<br />

the University of Minnesota.<br />

Klinger pursued an academic<br />

career for a time at <strong>St</strong>. John’s<br />

University in Minnesota and at<br />

other schools. In 1979 “I decided<br />

that God was calling me to the<br />

priesthood after all (long story).”<br />

At the age of 36 he began theological<br />

studies at Catholic University<br />

in Washington, D.C. and<br />

graduated in 1982. He spent one<br />

year as a deacon at <strong>St</strong>. Paul in<br />

Westerville before his ordination<br />

in June of 1983.<br />

His first priestly assignment after<br />

ordination was at <strong>St</strong>. Mary’s<br />

in Marion. He taught religion at<br />

Marion Catholic High <strong>School</strong>,<br />

was an associate pastor at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

Brendan parish in Dublin, and<br />

was given his first pastorate at<br />

<strong>St</strong>. Joseph in Plain City. Fr. Klinger<br />

taught history at the Pontifical<br />

College Josephinum from 1985-<br />

1991. He subsequently served<br />

12 years as pastor at <strong>St</strong>. Nicholas<br />

Parish in Zanesville.<br />

Fr. Klinger is both a Cleveland<br />

Browns and (“God bless them!”)<br />

an Indians fan, and in his free<br />

time he enjoys classical music,<br />

movies, and walking.<br />

Fr. <strong>Charles</strong> A. Haluska, who<br />

taught at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> from 1953-<br />

1963, celebrated his 87 th birthday<br />

Dec. 5, <strong>2003</strong>. He moved in<br />

to the Jenning’s assisted living<br />

center in Garfield Heights, Ohio,<br />

after living in Coshocton County<br />

and becoming a great friend to<br />

the people of Sacred Heart<br />

Church there.<br />

New Arrivals<br />

Aaron Hatcher ’91 and his wife,<br />

Jennifer, welcomed their first<br />

child, Alexander <strong>St</strong>even, Dec.13,<br />

2002.<br />

Tom Clarke ’91 and his wife,<br />

Julie, welcomed their first child,<br />

Sean Patrick, April 23, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

Kevin Kranz ’85 and his wife,<br />

Diane, welcomed Jacob Edward<br />

to their family June 17, 2002.<br />

Scott Casey’88, and his wife<br />

LeAnna, welcomed their first<br />

child, Aidan Raymond, May 9,<br />

2002.<br />

David O’Reilly’88 and his wife,<br />

Andrea, welcomed their first<br />

child, Finn Padraig, June 21,<br />

2002.<br />

Alumni Weddings<br />

Mark A. Berndt married Andrea<br />

Beier May 31, <strong>2003</strong> in Toledo,<br />

Ohio.<br />

Thomas Michael Holliday ’90<br />

married Sarah Catherine<br />

Wickline Dec. 31, 2002 in Mother<br />

of Mercy Chapel at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

Fred Jestand ’64 married California<br />

native Catherine Coquelin,<br />

May 22, <strong>2003</strong> in the Governor’s<br />

Garden at the Chateau Ramsay<br />

in Montreal, Canada.<br />

Paul Miracle ’92 married Cindy<br />

Freedman Oct. 12, 2002 in<br />

Mother of Mercy Chapel at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

Michael <strong>St</strong>ephen Probst ’89 married<br />

Erica Ann Horne Dec. 28,<br />

2002 in Mother of Mercy Chapel<br />

at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

David Probst ’91 married Lauren<br />

Gibson Oct. 5, 2002 in Mother of<br />

Mercy Chapel at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

Tom Reichelderfer ’88 married<br />

Heidi Dixon Nov. 30, 2002 in<br />

Mother of Mercy Chapel at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

Anthony Shawver ’98 married<br />

Betsy Haid January 11, <strong>2003</strong> in<br />

Mother of Mercy Chapel at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

Christopher Widell ’97 married<br />

Jennie O’Rear April 11, <strong>2003</strong> in<br />

Killee, Texas, near Fort Hood.<br />

Jim Zinc ’89 married Cindy Collins<br />

Nov. 16, 2002 in Mother of Mercy<br />

Chapel at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

In Memoriam<br />

James J. “Jim” Achatz, Class of<br />

1942, passed away February<br />

10, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

Amy M. Altman, wife of Joseph<br />

H. Altman’80, passed away on<br />

July 10, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

George “Barney” Bleifuss, Class<br />

of 1940, passed away on April<br />

2, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

John W. Brown, Class of 1951,<br />

passed away June 12, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

Richard D. Crabtree, father of<br />

Richard M. ’83 and John D. ’86,<br />

passed away on May 9, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

John <strong>St</strong>even Carr, Class of 1963,<br />

passed away on February 8,<br />

<strong>2003</strong>.<br />

William Salvatore “Sam” Cecutti,<br />

attended <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> from 1944-<br />

1946, brother of Albert<br />

Cecutti ’46, passed away, Feb.<br />

25, <strong>2003</strong><br />

Donald A. Connor Sr., Class of<br />

1949, passed away January 29,<br />

<strong>2003</strong>.<br />

Dick DeShetler, Class of 1952,<br />

brother of Don DeShetler ’54,<br />

passed away November 20,<br />

2002.<br />

Fr. Authur J. Dimond, <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

College Class of 1947, passed<br />

away on April 29, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

Edward J. Duffy passed away<br />

December 28, 2002.<br />

Arthur E. Enke, father of Msgr.<br />

Paul P. Enke ’64, passed away<br />

on January 20, <strong>2003</strong><br />

Msgr. J. Colby Grimes passed<br />

away on April 18, <strong>2003</strong>. He was<br />

a graduate of Watterson High<br />

<strong>School</strong>, and served as the chaplain<br />

for the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> soccer<br />

team.<br />

Father William Karath, <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

College Class of 1968, passed<br />

away on January 11, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

Elizabeth M. (Bette) McGee,<br />

mother of Kevin Mcgee ’68,<br />

passed away on March 23,<br />

<strong>2003</strong>.<br />

John C. “Jack” Meder, Class of<br />

1940, passed away on May 10,<br />

<strong>2003</strong>.<br />

Sean G. Mullin, son of John P.<br />

Mullin ’54, passed away on<br />

March 1, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

John F. O’Ryan, Class of 1942<br />

passed away on January 30,<br />

<strong>2003</strong>.<br />

<strong>St</strong>ella Louise Pardi, mother of<br />

Paul E. ’49 and James ’52 ,<br />

passed away on May 21, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

Hilda Prunte, mother of John E.<br />

’72, Tom ’75, Dominic ’77, and<br />

grandmother of Thomas, a <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> junior, passed away on<br />

February 13, <strong>2003</strong>. She and her<br />

deceased husband, John, established<br />

the John and Hilda<br />

Prunte Endowment Fund at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

Father Jerome K. Raiser, who<br />

graduated from <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> College<br />

in 1954, passed away June<br />

5, <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

James W. Visintine, Class of<br />

1959, passed away on May 13,<br />

<strong>2003</strong>.<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />


Alumni Notes<br />

Genetic research<br />

Christopher Alvarez-Breckenridge ’01 studies under the<br />

direction of Dr. Charis Eng, a world-class geneticist who<br />

directs the human cancer genetics program at the<br />

university’s Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and<br />

Richard J. Solove Research Institute. Photo courtesy<br />

Jim Brown, OSU Medical Center Marketing &<br />

Communications Department.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> graduate wins<br />

high acclaim at Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate<br />

Christopher Alvarez-Breckenridge’s<br />

advisor at Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate University refers to<br />

her prize pupil as “extraordinary — one<br />

that comes once in 10 years.” Alvarez-<br />

Breckenridge, a 2001 graduate of <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>, is enrolled in the university’s<br />

honors program and is pursuing degrees<br />

in molecular genetics and in classics.<br />

Earlier this year he was presented the<br />

option of enrolling early in the College of<br />

Medicine’s M.D./Ph.D. program but chose<br />

instead to savor the moment of his undergraduate<br />

experience.<br />

“My plan has been to finish my biology<br />

prerequisites this year and take all<br />

graduate-level molecular genetic classes<br />

to solidify my knowledge that apply to<br />

research,” he said. “I can prepare myself<br />

better for med school by growing my base<br />

of knowledge in genetics. My fourth year<br />

will be focused on classics.” Alvarez-<br />

Breckenridge also joined a fraternity,<br />

Sigma Phi Epsilon, which has exposed him<br />

to a “balanced view” of college life.<br />

Alvarez-Breckenridge expects to reach<br />

senior standing early — sometime this<br />

year — and to graduate in 2005. He plans<br />

to enter medical school, a goal he first set<br />

when in the eighth grade during a family<br />

trip to Lourdes, France. “I felt a calling to<br />

become a doctor,” he said. “I want to make<br />

a significant impact on people’s lives.”<br />

And Alvarez-Breckenridge is preparing<br />

to do just that by working under the<br />

direction of Dr. Charis Eng, a world-class<br />

geneticist who directs the human cancer<br />

genetics program at Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate’s acclaimed<br />

Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital<br />

and Richard J. Solove Research Institute.<br />

Alvarez-Breckenridge was introduced to<br />

Dr. Eng during his junior year at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

30<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> — an introduction made possible<br />

by his mother, Carmen, who was visiting<br />

with an Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate colleague. “In life, you<br />

have multiple mentors,” Alvarez-<br />

Breckenridge said. “I view a lot of my<br />

teachers at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> as mentors and<br />

friends of mine. I turn to them for help<br />

and guidance.” He said his mentor, Dr.<br />

Eng, is always there for support and he<br />

often seeks her advice. “She writes letters<br />

of recommendation for me and speaks on<br />

my behalf in whatever capacity she can,”<br />

he said.<br />

“Christopher is extremely intelligent<br />

and already is showing the signs of some<br />

independent scientific thought,” Dr. Eng<br />

said. “Just as importantly, he is personable<br />

and is a real team player. I predict<br />

that he will climb to the highest echelons<br />

of academia in time, given the proper<br />

mentorship, which I have pledged to him,”<br />

she said.<br />

Crediting his parents, Carmen and<br />

David, for always providing him the best<br />

education possible, Alvarez-Breckenridge<br />

said higher education brought his parents<br />

together. “They met as students at the<br />

Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.”<br />

“My mother,” he added, “emigrated<br />

from Cuba in 1962 and earned her masters<br />

at OSU. She taught liturgical music<br />

at the Pontifical College Josephinum and<br />

for the past 25 years has been employed at<br />

Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate in Hispanic <strong>St</strong>udent Services.<br />

She is also choir director at <strong>St</strong>. Michael<br />

Church in Worthington.<br />

David Breckenridge, Alvarez-<br />

Breckenridge’s father, is a lieutenant<br />

colonel in the U.S. Air Force and a recruiter<br />

for that service. He visits <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> several times a year to talk to<br />

students interested in the Air Force<br />

Academy and careers as an officer. He<br />

previously served as director of admissions<br />

for OSU Newark.<br />

Alvarez-Breckenridge said he first<br />

became interested in genetics through his<br />

advanced placement biology class at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>. He achieved the highest marks<br />

in his senior class and graduated with a<br />

4.29 GPA. In addition to being named an<br />

advance placement distinguished scholar,<br />

Alvarez-Breckenridge was an officer in<br />

student council and the National Honor<br />

Society and played baseball. He founded<br />

the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Science Club under the<br />

direction of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> science teacher,<br />

Mike Arends, and initiated the Club’s<br />

scholarship fund by donating $500, which<br />

was matched by an anonymous member of<br />

the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Advisory Board.<br />

His service at Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate includes<br />

serving as the current president of Mir-<br />

rors, the sophomore honorary society,<br />

which has adopted a service project to<br />

raise money for cancer research at The<br />

James. Alvarez-Breckenridge last year<br />

was inducted into Helix, the honors<br />

society for the biological sciences, and is a<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Goldwater Scholarship nominee. As<br />

her understudy makes progress in the lab<br />

and classroom, Dr. Eng, the OSU cancer<br />

genetics scientist, has taken note of all<br />

these achievements and concludes,<br />

“Christopher is an ideal role model for<br />

all.”<br />

Grad conquers trail<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> graduate Brian Barnhart ’00<br />

successfully finished his solo walk of the<br />

Appalachian Trail Oct. 27, 2002 as his<br />

family and girlfriend cheered his finish.<br />

“Lots of cheers, tears, photos, and half an<br />

apple pie capped my mountain-top celebration,”<br />

he said. Barnhart hiked 2,168 miles<br />

in 122 days from Maine to Georgia.<br />

Brian said that many people have<br />

asked him what was his favorite part of<br />

the trail. “I can think of areas in every<br />

one of the 14 states through which I<br />

walked,” he replied, “and remember views<br />

that can take one’s breath away. I certainly<br />

have a list of places to which I will<br />

return in the future, but the whole trail<br />

itself is amazing. The scenery and the<br />

people I met along the way created an<br />

experience of a lifetime that I would<br />

certainly recommend to others.”<br />

Brian Barnhart ’00 displays a <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> banner on<br />

Springer Mountain in Georgia, the southern terminus of<br />

the Appalachian Trail which he hiked.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> grad played on OSU’s national title grid team—continued from page 14<br />

Jason Bond, a graduate of Watterson. And one of the assistant<br />

coaches also is a former Central Catholic League athlete. He’s<br />

Luke Fickell, a DeSales graduate and former all-American who<br />

holds the record for the most consecutive starts as a Buckeye<br />

football player.<br />

The son of Sue and John Moore, <strong>St</strong>even has a sister, Jayme,<br />

who’s a 1994 graduate of Hartley High <strong>School</strong>. She earned a<br />

degree at Notre Dame University in biology and business in 1998<br />

and, as an honor student in OSU’s College of Law, earned her<br />

degree last June. She now works for a Columbus law firm.<br />

A graduate of Columbus Academy Grade <strong>School</strong>, Moore said<br />

he decided to enroll at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> because he felt “it was time<br />

for a change.” He added: “<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> prepared me well for<br />

college. I never have any problem keeping up or keeping ahead<br />

(in the classroom) at Ohio <strong>St</strong>ate.”<br />

Moore is majoring in finance and aviation. He’s been a flying<br />

enthusiast since his grade school years. He began flying in the<br />

eighth grade and flying solo when he was 16. He continues to<br />

pilot planes in the early morning hours.<br />

Commenting about his experience as an OSU football player,<br />

Moore said “running out of the tunnel onto the Ohio <strong>St</strong>adium<br />

field before the game is one of the greatest feelings you can<br />

have.” He added: “You really don’t notice the crowd (of 100,000-<br />

plus fans) much except when they get really loud at crucial<br />

times.” And there certainly were plenty of those heart-stopping<br />

occasions during the nerve-racking 2002 season.<br />

Faculty and <strong>St</strong>aff News<br />

<strong>St</strong>aff changes announced<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> has two new faculty members for the <strong>2003</strong>-2004<br />

academic year. They are Andy DeJaco and Richard La Brake.<br />

DeJaco teaches calculus, computer, and graphic arts. La Brake<br />

teaches religion.<br />

DeJaco earned a masters degree in electrical engineering<br />

from the University of Michigan and a science degree from the<br />

University of Dayton. La Brake holds a bachelor’s degree in<br />

theology from Ohio Dominican University.<br />

Richard LaBrake<br />

Andy DeJaco<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong> is proud to offer this special<br />

keepsake for its alumni and friends!<br />

To commemorate our school’s 80-year anniversary, the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> campus has been reproduced as viewed<br />

from Broad <strong>St</strong>reet in a full-color 15 x 3.75 inch keepsake by Cat’s Meow Village. On the back of each<br />

wood block collectible you’ll find interesting facts about the school and its history.<br />

Available exclusively through Cardinal parents Robert and Janice Benjamin at Just Because Gifts and<br />

More. Each piece is $40 and delivery charges will vary depending on weight and destination.<br />

To order, visit the store’s website at www.justbecausegifts-more.com.<br />

You can also call or visit the store at<br />

6660 East Main <strong>St</strong>reet in Reynoldsburg<br />

Phone: 614-759-1621 • Fax: 614-759-7690<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education 31

In thanksgiving<br />

Fr. Wilson celebrated his<br />

first Mass, Sunday, June<br />

1, at <strong>St</strong>. Agatha Church.<br />

Concelebrators included<br />

Msgr. F. Thomas Gallen<br />

’40 (right), Fr. Peter<br />

Gideon ’67 (left, rear) and<br />

some 25 other priests and<br />

deacons. (Photo courtesy<br />

of The Catholic Times<br />

photographer Ken Snow)<br />

Newest priest in diocese recounts road to ordination<br />

J<br />

onathan F. Wilson ’92 became the<br />

Columbus Diocese’s newest priest<br />

last May 31 when he was ordained<br />

in <strong>St</strong>. Joseph Cathedral by Bishop James<br />

A. Griffin. He continues a long line of<br />

nearly 300 priests who graduated from <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong> and/or the<br />

former <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> College.<br />

Commenting about his high school<br />

years, Wilson said: “At <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> there<br />

was the feeling of being part of a tradition<br />

that had preceded me and I was now<br />

becoming part of. I was challenged to be<br />

my best and . . . I was encouraged to<br />

achieve excellence in every respect.”<br />

Wilson did very well academically and<br />

was offered many scholarship awards. He<br />

Lunch guest<br />

Fr. Jonathan Wilson ’92 was the guest speaker at the<br />

Catholic Men’s luncheon in the Cavello Center last May,<br />

three weeks before his ordination.<br />

32<br />

was a member of the National Honor<br />

Society and named a National Merit<br />

Finalist. He was involved with the<br />

Diocesan Youth Council, participated in<br />

athletics all four of his years at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>, and was elected senior class vicepresident.<br />

“It was pretty obvious that he was<br />

definitely one of the leaders of our class,”<br />

said Michael Harlow ’92, a friend of<br />

Wilson’s at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>. “The question was<br />

where would he apply those leadership<br />

skills?”<br />

At the time, Wilson didn’t know<br />

either. “Looking back to high school,”<br />

Wilson said, “I experienced a struggle to<br />

put Christ first. I’m grateful that during<br />

those times I had . . . positive influences<br />

in my life, so that by the time I left <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> I was seeking to do God’s will in<br />

my life.”<br />

Wilson said he had examples of good<br />

Catholic priests at <strong>St</strong>. Agatha where he<br />

went to grade school. At <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, he<br />

said, “I had the privilege of having two<br />

priests, Fr. Bennett (Thomas M.) and<br />

Monz (Msgr. F.Thomas Gallen ’40), both of<br />

whom witnessed to me another side of the<br />

priesthood that I had not seen growing<br />

up.”<br />

In his customary humble manner,<br />

Gallen expressed surprise at Wilson’s<br />

comments. “Evidently I had more of an<br />

effect on his life than I knew,” he said.<br />

Wilson kept in touch with Gallen during<br />

his years in the seminary. “I always<br />

prayed that he would go into the priesthood,”<br />

Gallen said, “because I thought that<br />

was his intention when he was at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>.”<br />

The experience in high school of<br />

having two priests who were so very well<br />

respected by his classmates influenced<br />

Wilson’s feelings about the priesthood as a<br />

career choice. “But the culture of the<br />

world,” Wilson admitted, “does not encourage<br />

following a career to the priesthood,<br />

and boys being boys, it wasn’t always easy<br />

at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>,” he said.<br />

Proud parents<br />

JoAnn and Chuck Wilson pose with their son, Fr.<br />

Jonathan Wilson ’92, after his ordination at <strong>St</strong>. Joseph<br />

Cathedral last May. (Photo courtesy of The Catholic<br />

Times photographer Ken Snow).<br />

But Wilson’s deep faith was evident to<br />

Harlow. “He had an amazing gift,” Harlow<br />

said. He was able to talk openly about his<br />

faith and to speak to other high school<br />

students who were struggling with their<br />

faith.” He discussed his faith not only at<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, but at other schools, too.<br />

As a member of the Diocesan Youth<br />

Council his junior and senior years,<br />

Wilson helped organize youth rallies,<br />

participated in Christian leadership<br />

conferences, and was a youth group leader<br />

on many retreats with students from<br />

around the state.<br />

Wilson credits those experiences for<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

helping guide him. “One must want to do<br />

God’s will before you can consider a<br />

vocation,” he said. “I experienced in those<br />

moments an invitation from the Lord to<br />

give more of myself, to be more open to<br />

what his will in my life might be.”<br />

His classmates, meanwhile, considered<br />

him their spiritual leader — the most<br />

likely to pursue the priesthood. Wilson,<br />

however, still wasn’t sure the priesthood<br />

was his calling. But he did know he was<br />

called to serve Christ.<br />

Leaving <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, Wilson enrolled<br />

at Franciscan University in <strong>St</strong>eubenville,<br />

Ohio, a Catholic school of 2,000 students.<br />

He didn’t choose the school to become a<br />

priest, Wilson said, but he knew that such<br />

a possibility existed. It seemed to be a<br />

place “where regardless of what vocation<br />

he chose, it was where he could grow his<br />

Catholic faith.”<br />

When he graduated from Franciscan<br />

University in 1996, Wilson was still<br />

undecided on whether to pursue a priestly<br />

vocation. He moved to West Virginia to<br />

help with a carpeting business in which<br />

his father had invested. A short time later<br />

he’d become the outlet manager and<br />

worked in that position for the rest of the<br />

year. Finally, he got the call.<br />

He had been involved in a parish<br />

helping teach high school CCD classes and<br />

working with a youth group he started.<br />

That was when things came together for<br />

him.<br />

“I realized my real love and desire was<br />

to serve the Lord as a priest,” he said.<br />

Going all the way back to high school I<br />

had the belief that God had a will for my<br />

life, and I was seeking to know what that<br />

life was.” And that was as a priest in the<br />

Catholic Church.<br />

Wilson said he had a sense that he<br />

was called to the priesthood as far back as<br />

high school, but it was just a vague sense.<br />

He felt it in college sometimes, but other<br />

times he didn’t. But it was where everything<br />

in his life was pointing.<br />

Deciding to answer the call, Wilson<br />

attended the Pontificia Università della<br />

Santa Croce, in Rome, Italy from 1997 to<br />

1998. He continued his studies at <strong>St</strong>. John<br />

Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver<br />

from fall of 1999 to the spring of 2000. He<br />

went on to the Pontifical College<br />

Josephinum where he graduated summa<br />

cum laude this year from the <strong>School</strong> of<br />

Theology with a masters degree in theology.<br />

Looking back to his graduation at<br />

Franciscan, Wilson noted that among his<br />

group of close friends at that school, eight<br />

eventually became religious sisters and<br />

eight became priests. He noted gleefully<br />

that one of his friends was to be ordained<br />

continued on page 34<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> classmate’s illness was heroic<br />

for priest and school<br />

A seminal event for Wilson’s <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

class was the diagnosis of cancer their<br />

classmate Frank Dury received during<br />

their sophomore year. “Frank’s illness<br />

allowed Jonathan to show some of us<br />

where his talents were when it came to<br />

matters of faith,” classmate Michael<br />

Harlow said. “Our class’ experience and<br />

the struggle we went<br />

through while one of our<br />

classmates was slowly dying<br />

was a lot easier to handle<br />

with Jonathan around.”<br />

Wilson and Dury had<br />

attended school together<br />

since they started first<br />

grade at <strong>St</strong>. Agatha. Wilson<br />

led several rosary devotions<br />

during Dury’s battle and<br />

counseled many classmates<br />

throughout his ordeal.<br />

Frank M. Dury<br />

Frank Dury passed away<br />

their junior year and was remembered<br />

at commencement with the presentation<br />

of an honorary diploma and inclusion in<br />

the class graduation picture.<br />

“I had been his classmate for 11<br />

years,” Wilson said. “He gave me a<br />

truly heroic witness of acceptance in his<br />

battle with leukemia.” Despite his<br />

terrible illness and weakened condition,<br />

Dury occasionally attended class and<br />

continued his studies at home.<br />

It was at the end of that battle when<br />

Wilson realized that although learning<br />

was important, there was a family<br />

dimension to the school. It was a community,<br />

and that fact shone through<br />

brightly. The way the faculty and staff<br />

reacted to Dury’s illness, and later to his<br />

death, it was evident to Wilson “that <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> was a special place.”<br />

The scene has been described many<br />

times, but never without evoking teary<br />

eyes and a heavy heart: That day in mid-<br />

April 1991 that Dury left <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> for<br />

the last time. Principal Dominic Cavello<br />

surprised Dury by having the entire<br />

school line the front driveway to honor<br />

him. As he was driven away for treatments<br />

in Minneapolis, Dury was cheered<br />

by his schoolmates as his van slowly<br />

made its way to Broad <strong>St</strong>reet. He was a<br />

true fighter as evidenced by his determination<br />

to beat his illness and his promise<br />

to return to <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>. He was<br />

never able to fulfill that promise, but his<br />

courage in fighting his affliction was,<br />

and remains, an inspiration to all.<br />

Dury’s mother, Joan, was truly<br />

touched by the spectacle. She recalled<br />

the event as more of a salute than a<br />

farewell. “It was an overwhelming feeling<br />

of love and support from the faculty and<br />

students. I’ve never felt so much love,”<br />

she said. Frank Dury passed away on May<br />

24, 1991.<br />

In June, the executive committee of<br />

the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> National Honor Society<br />

recommended the Borromean<br />

Chapter of NHS rename its<br />

annual scholarship award The<br />

Francis Michael Dury National<br />

Honor Society Scholarship at<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>. The fund was<br />

established as part of the <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> Endowment in May<br />

1992. The award is given<br />

annually to a student who has<br />

earned a 3.5 GPA. and who<br />

through his character, leadership<br />

and service is working to<br />

better himself and <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>.”<br />

“Looking back, it was a powerful<br />

experience of community,” Wilson said.<br />

“It was evident to me that the teachers<br />

really cared about my friend, Frank, and<br />

his friends and family. And I began to<br />

realize it was much more than just about<br />

learning. I’m grateful for the family<br />

commitment or attitude they (teachers<br />

and staff) had toward the students, especially<br />

the way they helped my friend when<br />

he was sick.”<br />

Wilson feels that the Lord used that<br />

tragedy to call him to be responsible for<br />

his own life, and that each day was not a<br />

given.<br />

A day of fun<br />

With Dominic Cavello’s permission a group of friends<br />

(from left, Josh Hathaway, Andy Halk, Jonathan Wilson,<br />

Frank, and Andy Garabis) skipped school on April 15,<br />

1991. Using the premise of the movie “Ferris Bueller’s<br />

Day Off”, they visited a museum and attended a<br />

Cleveland Indians baseball game on their day of<br />

adventure.<br />


<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> classmate’s illness was heroic for priest and<br />

school—continued from page 33<br />

in <strong>St</strong>. Patrick Cathedral in New York and<br />

another by the Holy Father in Rome. By<br />

comparison his ordination was to be in<br />

downtown Columbus at <strong>St</strong>. Joseph Cathedral.<br />

The day after his ordination, he<br />

celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving at his<br />

home parish of <strong>St</strong>. Agatha. Music for the<br />

ceremony was provided by a choir, a<br />

pianist, harpist, and soprano soloist. “It<br />

was simply gorgeous,” said Msgr. Gallen,<br />

who taught music at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> for many<br />

years. “There must have been 30 priests<br />

and deacons there (to concelebrate) and<br />

the Church was filled.”<br />

Jonathan’s parents, <strong>Charles</strong> and<br />

JoAnn Wilson of Columbus, gave their son<br />

a chalice and ciborium that he used for his<br />

first Mass.<br />

If anyone deserved a great deal of<br />

credit for his priestly vocation, it was his<br />

parents, Wilson said. When he addressed<br />

the Catholic Men’s luncheon in May, a<br />

month before his ordination, he told the<br />

group what a profound impact on his<br />

openness to a vocation his parents made<br />

to him. “They served as models on how to<br />

live out their Catholic faith and helped to<br />

foster in their children the desire to do<br />

God’s will.”<br />

One of Wilson’s classmates, James<br />

DeSapri, said he remembered Wilson’s<br />

family being very spiritual, and that<br />

Jonathan drew a lot from them. Wilson is<br />

grateful that he was spared the expectations<br />

some parents have that their children<br />

attend the right schools and pursue<br />

the right careers. “They gave me the<br />

freedom to pursue God’s will when I had<br />

other options,” he said. “I was free from<br />

that so I could pursue vocations and not<br />

feel bound by material or worldly ambitions.”<br />

DeSapri said that any parish will be<br />

lucky to have Wilson. “When you combine<br />

being outgoing and his positive<br />

motivation, and being patient, you end up<br />

with a really outstanding priest. “I’m sure<br />

his congregation is going to know that<br />

right away,” DeSapri added.<br />

Boards and Advocates<br />

Thanks for the privilege<br />

By George G. Vargo, ’58<br />

Since I entered <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> nearly 50<br />

years ago as a member of the Class of<br />

1958, the school has played an influential<br />

role in my life. <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> has been a<br />

defining experience in my life because of<br />

the special relationships I formed as a<br />

student and continued to experience as<br />

advisory board member and board chair.<br />

One of the more meaningful gifts an<br />

advisory board chairman receives in<br />

return for serving<br />

is the privilege of<br />

meeting many<br />

wonderful young<br />

men and their<br />

families. I also<br />

became much<br />

better acquainted<br />

with the excellent<br />

faculty and staff of<br />

George G. Vargo ’58<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>. I will<br />

never be able to<br />

repay <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> for these friendships. In<br />

a funny kind of way, my service to the<br />

school is one of the best bonuses I ever<br />

received.<br />

I thank my fellow Board members for<br />

serving and loving the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> way. I<br />

worked most of my years with school<br />

principal Dominic Cavello and his outstanding<br />

and caring staff. I can say<br />

without a doubt that <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> is blessed<br />

because of its outstanding administration.<br />

It has been a pleasure to serve <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

under Dominic’s leadership.<br />

The torch has been passed to Jim<br />

Finn, class of<br />

1965, our new<br />

Board chair. Jim<br />

feels deeply about<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> and<br />

the school’s<br />

future. It will be a<br />

pleasure to remain<br />

on the Board and<br />

continue to serve<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

James P. Finn ’65 Robert W. Horner III ’79<br />

Advisory Board Transitions<br />

The <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Advisory Board recently<br />

elected new officers and added five new<br />

members.<br />

James P. Finn, Class of ’65, was<br />

elected board chair and Robert W. Horner<br />

III, Class of ’79, was elected vice chair.<br />

Len Iannarino ’58 was reelected secretary.<br />

Finn is principal of Gardner Inc.; Horner<br />

is an attorney and partner at Kegler,<br />

Brown, Hill, and Ritter; and Iannarino is<br />

retired. Finn succeeds George G. Vargo<br />

’58, president of Tanna Inc., who was<br />

board chair for many years.<br />

The new board members are Albert J.<br />

Bell ’78, Thomas J. Horvath ’65, Joseph<br />

M. Isbell ’83, David L. Pemberton Jr. ’79,<br />

and Dr. Thomas N. Ryan ’58. Bell is vice<br />

chairman and chief administrative officer<br />

of Columbus-based Big Lots, Inc.; Horvath<br />

is an attorney who specializing in probate<br />

administration, guardianship, and estate<br />

planning; Isbell is a district partner with<br />

Bravo! Development, Inc.; Pemberton is<br />

president and chief operating officer for<br />

Suburban Natural Gas Company; and<br />

Ryan is a dentist in Bexley.<br />

Albert J. Bell ’78<br />

Thomas L. Horvath ’65<br />

Joseph M. Isbell ’83<br />

David L. Pemberton Jr. ’79<br />

Dr. Thomas N. Ryan ’58<br />

34<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

Development Update<br />

Development Report<br />

Happy birthday <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> Prep.<br />

That’s right, the<br />

wonderful school<br />

that was founded in<br />

1923 as a scrawny<br />

newcomer, has<br />

officially become an<br />

octogenarian — a<br />

very fit and robust<br />

Douglas H. <strong>St</strong>ein ’78<br />

octogenarian that<br />

still has the knack<br />

for attracting and producing future leaders.<br />

It’s a true blessing — and delight —<br />

to all of your dedicated supporters that<br />

you turn 80 this September.<br />

What’s truly special about this birthday<br />

celebration is the fact that the school’s<br />

founding tenet of 80 years ago remains<br />

the cornerstone today: attract qualified<br />

boys from all parts of Columbus and<br />

surrounding areas and make it possible —<br />

oftentimes with the financial support of<br />

others — for each and every one of them<br />

to attend. No obstacles. Just opportunities.<br />

This annual process began once again<br />

this August 26 when <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> welcomed<br />

165 freshmen who represent the future<br />

Class of 2007. Wide-eyed, but ready for<br />

challenges, they walk the same hallways<br />

and sit in the same classrooms pretty<br />

much as you, your son, or grandson did.<br />

Some things have changed on the<br />

campus but the curriculum and work ethic<br />

remains constant. It’s wonderful, for<br />

example, when the school principal<br />

himself teaches each and every student in<br />

his freshman year. That way an assessment<br />

can be made in the early stages of<br />

each student’s career at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

All of us know how much the world<br />

has changed, and all of us can count on <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> preparing the Class of 2007 to<br />

cope with a changing world when it leaves<br />

here four years from now as the 80th<br />

graduating class. But, for the time being,<br />

let’s hope all are exposed to the annual<br />

rite of “re-focusing” which might include<br />

the traditional, “Gentlemen, look out the<br />

window…” advice. Or perhaps the<br />

“Gentlemen, look to your right; now your<br />

left….” or “All of Gaul is divided into three<br />

parts…” Having made it through after<br />

those — and other — sobering reflections<br />

you have what it takes to call yourself a<br />

Carolian.<br />

And so we close with a “Happy 80th<br />

birthday <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.” You are an important<br />

part of my life. How about yours? And<br />

thank you, all loyal Carolians, faculty and<br />

administrators, parents, grandparents and<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />

siblings for showing <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> 80 years<br />

of love, devotion and support. With God’s<br />

grace, the sun never sets on the <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> Family.<br />

Doug <strong>St</strong>ein (’78)<br />

Director of Development<br />

A Dramatic Transformation<br />

If it has been more than a year since<br />

you’ve driven past “2010 East Broad,”<br />

please make it a point to stop by and see<br />

the dramatic transformation that has<br />

beautified our campus and highlights the<br />

school’s classic colonnade entrance.<br />

Generous response to our ongoing<br />

Campaign for <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> has made<br />

possible a beautiful new front entryway<br />

and renovated front courtyard. A functional<br />

new semi-circular driveway has<br />

been built and dedicated as “Cardinal<br />

Circle.” Thanks to a special partnership<br />

with friends and colleagues – once rivals,<br />

perhaps – we have a new and attractive<br />

memorial grove of flowering crab apple<br />

trees that memorializes <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

alumni and former students as well as<br />

those from Aquinas College High <strong>School</strong><br />

who made the ultimate sacrifice in service<br />

to the United <strong>St</strong>ates and defense of our<br />

freedom.<br />

Late this summer, ground was broken<br />

in the rear courtyard for a new elevator to<br />

service our students and visitors with<br />

physical limitations. The school also is<br />

well on its way to securing the campaign’s<br />

primary goal of $10 million.<br />

“<strong>St</strong>udent financial aid is the cornerstone<br />

of this capital campaign,” said<br />

Principal Dominic Cavello ’64. “Since July<br />

2001, <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> benefactors have initiated<br />

17 new endowed scholarship funds;<br />

five new endowment funds to support our<br />

great faculty; three endowments to<br />

support technology; an endowment to<br />

support the performing arts; and another<br />

endowment to establish the Borromean<br />

Lecture Series,” he pointed out. Our<br />

intention was to raise $3 million in new<br />

endowments for student financial aid that<br />

will provide an additional $150,000 annually<br />

for need-based scholarships and we<br />

are well on our way to achieving that<br />

goal,” Cavello said.<br />

In total, <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> during this special<br />

campaign has received $9,750,000 in<br />

private support from alumni, parents and<br />

grandparents, faculty and staff, and select<br />

members of the community. Thanks to<br />

these efforts, the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Endowment<br />

and the school’s endowed funds at The<br />

Catholic Foundation have now reached<br />

the $5 million mark.<br />

“All of the campaign’s extraordinary<br />

achievements,” noted Doug <strong>St</strong>ein, director<br />

of development, “would not be possible<br />

without leadership volunteers and the<br />

generous giving of 500 people who are<br />

truly committed to <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.”<br />

<strong>St</strong>ein also credits the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Advisory Board and Dominic Cavello for<br />

“having the vision to adopt an aggressive<br />

campaign plan, especially in a time of<br />

crisis.” The school’s campaign plan was<br />

adopted three months prior to the tragic<br />

events of Sept. 11, 2001. “Our leaders<br />

could have adjusted the goal prior to the<br />

public launch date, but to their credit they<br />

stayed the course,” <strong>St</strong>ein said.<br />

“The outreach efforts of our campaign<br />

committee members, many of whom are<br />

Advisory Board members, proves that<br />

fund raising at a great school like <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> isn’t limited to one or two people<br />

– it’s everybody’s job. When the campaign<br />

plan was adopted, they made a commitment<br />

to each other and the school. That’s<br />

why <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> has been so successful<br />

and that’s what it takes to be a leader,” he<br />

said.<br />

<strong>St</strong>ein said the school has been blessed<br />

with an “all-star campaign committee,” led<br />

by Bob Walter ’63, Matt Howard ’58, and<br />

Tim Kelley ’76. “What these three have<br />

done has re-defined the way <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

builds partnerships that lead to private<br />

support.”<br />

<strong>St</strong>ein also credits the campaign phase<br />

leaders for helping <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> get close to<br />

reaching its goal. “We’re two or three gifts<br />

away from going over the top. The volunteers<br />

who have gotten us to this point are<br />

Len Iannarino ’58 and Press Southworth<br />

’65, who co-chaired the alumni phase;<br />

Msgr. Paul Enke ’64, chairman of the<br />

clergy phase; and Dan Tarpy and Jim<br />

Lower, co-chairs of the parent phase. “I<br />

cannot begin to impress on our community<br />

how important it was to receive<br />

support from our major gift committee<br />

members and co-chairs. Those of us who<br />

work on this campaign every day recognize<br />

the efforts of people such as Rich<br />

Crabtree ’83, Jim Finn ’65, Chuck<br />

Gerhring ’74, Bob Horner ’79, Tom<br />

Mackessy ’77, Tom O’Leary ’64, Katy<br />

Ryan Paolini, Dr. Pat Rankin ’61, Dr. Dan<br />

Rankin ’53, Jay Ryan ’76, Dr. Tom Ryan<br />

’58, Mike Sullivan ’58 and George Vargo<br />

’58. “<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> will never be able to repay<br />

these individuals,” <strong>St</strong>ein said. “It has<br />

been a great experience working with Lou<br />

Fabro ’49. Lou is an excellent example of<br />

an alumnus who has served this school<br />

with all his heart and soul. His expertise<br />

with the written word and positioning our<br />


Development Update<br />

campaign’s progress has been indispensable.<br />

Thanks to superb leadership like<br />

this, our school has reached new heights<br />

that only a few might have thought<br />

possible.”<br />

Recent Activities Support The Campaign<br />

for <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Tri-Captains<br />

Jack Ryan’s 1963 football captains Jim Wiles (l), Bob<br />

Walter (c), and Bob <strong>Fall</strong>er enjoy their 40-year class<br />

reunion, held at Walter’s home last July. For the special<br />

occasion, Walter wore his original letter sweater from<br />

his days at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

More than $6,700 was raised recently by<br />

the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Class of 1963 to establish<br />

the Class of ’63 Alumni Memorial<br />

Fund. The new scholarship fund, which<br />

honors deceased alumni from the class,<br />

was initiated as part of the class’s 40-year<br />

reunion party for which Class of ’63<br />

alumnus, Bob Walter, graciously served<br />

as host. Also invited to that 40-year<br />

reunion party were the ’63 alumni from<br />

Aquinas College High <strong>School</strong> and the<br />

alumnae from <strong>St</strong>. Mary of the Springs.<br />

The Aquinas alumni contributed $2,600 to<br />

augment the Fr. John R. Smith Aquinas<br />

Alumni Scholarship at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>. Father<br />

Smith was a revered teacher and<br />

respected disciplinarian at Aquinas.<br />

The family and <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> classmates<br />

of Bob Ferris, a member of the Class of<br />

1956, have established the Robert J.<br />

Ferris ’56 Memorial Fund at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

Ferris died in the World Trade Center<br />

when it was destroyed in the Sept. 11,<br />

200l terrorist attack. Jerry Rankin of<br />

Philadephia, a ’56 classmate, served as<br />

host to a brunch the morning of May 22 at<br />

the Columbus Country Club to initiate the<br />

Ferris Fund. The brunch coincided with<br />

the dedication of the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>/Aquinas<br />

Memorial Grove. Among the 40 alumni<br />

who are commemorated on a bronze<br />

plaque in that memorial is Bob Ferris.<br />

The family, friends, business associates,<br />

and <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> classmates of the<br />

late John W. Brown, a graduate of the<br />

Class of 1951, recently established the<br />

36<br />

John W. Brown ’51<br />

Memorial Fund at<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>. Brown<br />

died May <strong>2003</strong>.<br />

The Casey<br />

Mentel ’93 Memorial<br />

Fund was<br />

initiated at <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> in December,<br />

2002 to honor<br />

Patrick Casey<br />

Patrick Casey Mentel ’93<br />

Mentel, a member<br />

of the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Class of 1993 who<br />

died in 1995. The Class of 1993’s 10-year<br />

reunion planning committee, which<br />

included Michael Allen, Andy Bartz,<br />

Craig Donley, Anthony Mampieri,<br />

Michael Pione, Kyle <strong>St</strong>rahler, has<br />

adopted Casey’s fund as part of their 10-<br />

year reunion service project to support <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong>.<br />

Dave Pemberton Jr., Class of 1979,<br />

has initiated the Pemberton Family<br />

Scholarship at <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> as part of the<br />

family’s support of the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> campaign.<br />

The new scholarship will provide<br />

one “full-ride” scholarship, renewable on<br />

an annual basis, for the duration of the<br />

campaign and beyond.<br />

In May, Anonymous donor #1 initiated<br />

a $100,000 endowment designated toward<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> need-based scholarships.<br />

In August, Anonymous donor #2<br />

initiated a $50,000 bequest through the<br />

donor’s estate plan to benefit <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

scholarships.<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Cardinal Walk Surpasses Goal<br />

The students of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> have come<br />

through again. The school’s 20th annual<br />

Cardinal Scholarship Walk, coordinated by<br />

the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>St</strong>udent Council, raised<br />

$25,589 to help meet the ongoing financial<br />

assistance needs of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> students<br />

and their families.<br />

“It’s our school’s 80-year tradition that<br />

In the homestretch<br />

(From left) <strong>St</strong>udents Liam Shanahan, Mark Fleming,<br />

Dustin Schick, Matt Teetor, John Duffy, Michael Kelley,<br />

and Joe Sauer walk along Clifton Avenue near the<br />

school’s rear entrance as they complete the annual 5-<br />

mile Cardinal Walk<br />

no boy shall be denied a <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

education due to a lack of funds,” said<br />

faculty member and <strong>St</strong>udent Council<br />

moderator, John O’Neil. “<strong>St</strong>udents know<br />

that if they are not successful on the<br />

Cardinal Walk, many of their fellow<br />

students could be affected. They truly are<br />

‘their brothers’ keepers.’” O’Neil said this<br />

year’s walk was a <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> community<br />

effort. “Not only did students participate<br />

in collecting donations, but many of my<br />

fellow teachers did also.”<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> principal Dominic Cavello<br />

said during the current 2002-<strong>2003</strong> academic<br />

year more than $250,000 in scholarships<br />

and grants were distributed to <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> students who demonstrated need<br />

and academic potential. “I am extremely<br />

proud of the students and the effort they<br />

put forth on behalf of their friends and<br />

classmates,” Cavello said. “The Cardinal<br />

Walk is an important part of our development<br />

program. I am grateful to our<br />

<strong>St</strong>udent Council officers, and to John<br />

O’Neil, for their leadership and direction.”<br />

Creating Legacy Through A <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Endowment<br />

The Campaign for <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> committee<br />

gratefully acknowledges the following<br />

endowment funds that have been established<br />

since July 2001 to support scholarships,<br />

faculty, and school technology<br />

improvements:<br />

John W. Brown ’51 Memorial Fund;<br />

Margaret A. Crabtree Endowed Fund;<br />

Robert L. Dilenschneider Fund; Robert J.<br />

Ferris ’56 Memorial Fund; Finn Family<br />

Chair; Grote Family Endowed Fund;<br />

Msgr. <strong>St</strong>even Hawkins Scholarship Fund;<br />

Father Ted Hesburgh Endowed Scholarship<br />

– as part of the Timothy M. Kelley<br />

Family Fund; Matthew A. and Elizabeth J.<br />

Howard Family Endowment; Casey Mentel<br />

’93 Memorial Fund; (Jack ’52) O’Reilly<br />

Family Fund; John J. and Hilda M.<br />

Prunte Endowment; Richard C. Notebaert<br />

Family Scholarship Fund; Mahler Family<br />

Endowed Fund; Saint <strong>Charles</strong> Class of<br />

1962 Endowment; Saint <strong>Charles</strong> Class of<br />

1963 Alumni Memorial Endowment; Saint<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> Class of 1972 Endowment; Saint<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> Class of 1975 Endowment; Saint<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> Class of 1978 Endowment; Saint<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> <strong>St</strong>udent Aid Fund; Saint <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Teacher Enrichment Fund; Saint <strong>Charles</strong><br />

Technology Fund; Southworth Family<br />

Endowed Fund; Paul and Ardine Tracy<br />

Scholarship; Robert F. Wolfe & Edgar T.<br />

Wolfe Foundation Scholarship Fund.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

<strong>2003</strong>-04 Annual Fund Scheduled<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> will<br />

resume its traditional<br />

Annual Fund<br />

drive this September.<br />

This year’s<br />

appeal will focus<br />

primarily on<br />

augmenting the<br />

school’s existing<br />

Dr. Thomas N. Ryan ’58<br />

Alumni Chair<br />

<strong>2003</strong>–2004 Annual Fund<br />

Mike and Marcia Kelty<br />

Parent Co-Chair<br />

<strong>2003</strong>–2004 Annual Fund<br />

need-based scholarship<br />

funds and the<br />

creation of new<br />

scholarships.<br />

Thomas N. Ryan,<br />

D.D.S., a 1958 <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> graduate<br />

who lives and<br />

practices in Bexley,<br />

will serve as the<br />

alumni chairman of<br />

the fund drive. Dr.<br />

Ryan and his wife,<br />

Lynn, are members<br />

of <strong>St</strong>. Catharine<br />

Parish in Bexley.<br />

Mike and Marcia<br />

Kelty, parents of a<br />

current <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

student, will serve<br />

as the parent co-chairs of the Annual<br />

Fund. Mr. Kelty is chief operating officer<br />

for Scotts Company in Marysville. The<br />

Keltys are members of <strong>St</strong>. Brigid of<br />

Kildare Church in Dublin. The Annual<br />

Fund appeal will be distributed to all <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> alumni, parents, and grandparents,<br />

and previous-year benefactors who<br />

are not presently paying on a campaign<br />

pledge.<br />

Designate <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> in Your Estate<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> gives special recognition to<br />

alumni, parents, and friends who name <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong> in their wills.<br />

Benefactors with documented bequests<br />

are eligible to become members of The<br />

Borromean Society, the school’s major<br />

donor recognition society. To receive<br />

recognition for your bequest, please<br />

contact the Alumni & Development Office<br />

at (614) 252-9288 and request a<br />

Borromean Society registration form.<br />

Unlike a cash gift, a bequest will not<br />

provide you with an income tax deduction.<br />

However, your estate will receive an<br />

estate tax charitable deduction for the fair<br />

market value of your charitable bequests.<br />

It is also worth noting that a bequest to<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> can establish a permanent<br />

fund which provides a lasting memorial to<br />

the donor, the donor’s family, or those the<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />

Conceptual Plan for Atrium Announced<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> leadership has announced<br />

the school is considering a conceptual<br />

building expansion that would enclose<br />

the rear courtyard with a four-level<br />

structure built of steel and glass. The<br />

structure, for which ground would be<br />

broken ground in 2004, would provide<br />

the school an expansive commons area<br />

for daily use by all students and faculty<br />

as well as a new fine arts center. Plans<br />

and a model of the concept were created<br />

by 1963 alumnus, Bob Corna, an architect<br />

in Cleveland and has been reviewed<br />

by the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> administration and<br />

Advisory Board.<br />

“The atrium is a high priority<br />

because it would create an enclosed<br />

space on the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> campus that<br />

would be utilized by every student,<br />

every day,” said Principal Dominic<br />

Cavello ’64. “In effect,” Cavello said,<br />

“the proposed atrium expansion would<br />

make it possible for <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> to add<br />

much-needed classrooms, a fine arts<br />

center, and a new student commons —<br />

a growing concept in high school<br />

education — that strengthens community-building<br />

among the student body.<br />

Community is something <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

stresses and the proposed<br />

commons would help facilitate<br />

that goal,” he said.<br />

Planning for the proposed<br />

atrium, Cavello emphasized,<br />

is ongoing. As part<br />

of that process, the school is<br />

seeking firm estimates of<br />

costs to build and operate the<br />

expansion. Cavello said the<br />

proposed atrium addition will<br />

be the first made to the<br />

original school building since<br />

1937, when the Mother of<br />

Mercy chapel was attached to<br />

the school’s east wing. The<br />

east wing, itself, was extended<br />

to the north in an<br />

expansion completed in 1931.<br />

The original school building<br />

was constructed in 1924-25.<br />

donor wishes to honor. It is recommended<br />

that you consult with a member of our<br />

Development staff to draft an endowment<br />

description to guide the use of your<br />

endowment once it is established. This<br />

confidential description will remain in our<br />

files until your bequest is received, or you<br />

can begin the endowment now with an<br />

The original case statement for the<br />

Campaign for <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, noted campaign<br />

co-chair Tim Kelley ’76, included a second<br />

phase for construction of a new arts<br />

center and creation of additional classroom<br />

space. “The atrium concept,” he<br />

said “offers a wonderful opportunity for <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> to realize those goals that were<br />

outlined in our original campaign proposal,”<br />

Kelley said.<br />

“Creation of a student commons,”<br />

Kelley added, “makes a strong statement<br />

about <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>’ emphasis with its<br />

students about the importance of community.<br />

This is something I believe that all<br />

alumni, parents, and school benefactors<br />

appreciate.”<br />

“Once <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> reaches its original<br />

campaign goal of $10 million — and that<br />

will be soon — this expansion project will<br />

be blended in the campaign’s originallyannounced<br />

‘stretch’ goal to raise an<br />

additional $2 million to benefit the students,”<br />

reported Doug <strong>St</strong>ein, director of<br />

development. Funding for the proposed<br />

expansion, <strong>St</strong>ein added, would come from<br />

private, leadership-level gifts. The Campaign<br />

for <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> was initiated in July<br />

200l and is scheduled to end in June 2005.<br />

outright gift and supplement the fund with<br />

your bequest. Your attorney, accountant<br />

and other advisors can give you more<br />

detailed information about the tax consequences<br />

of your estate plans. <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

<strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong> Development Office,<br />

2010 East Broad <strong>St</strong>reet, Columbus, Ohio<br />

43209.<br />


Development Update<br />

Crabtree was ardent supporter<br />

of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

by Louis V. Fabro ’49<br />

“Rick Crabtree was an ardent advocate of <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> and, together with his wife, Margaret,<br />

greatly admired <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> and all it stands for,<br />

especially the school’s strong dedication to Catholic<br />

education.”<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> principal Dominic Cavello offered<br />

this comment upon the death of Richard D. “Rick”<br />

Crabtree last May. The Crabtrees had two sons<br />

who were <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

graduates. They are<br />

John D., Class of ’86,<br />

and Richard M. “Rich”<br />

Crabtree, Class of ’83.<br />

Indicative of their<br />

strong commitment to<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong>, Rick and<br />

Margaret Crabtree in<br />

2001 made a six-figure<br />

contribution to the<br />

school for the “Richard<br />

Rick Crabtree<br />

38<br />

D. and Margaret M.<br />

Crabtree Endowment<br />

Fund to benefit the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> faculty. Mrs.<br />

Crabtree, a teacher by profession, taught and<br />

served as principal in Columbus diocesan schools,<br />

the latest at <strong>St</strong>. Catherine.<br />

Mr. Crabtree, 62, died May 9 after fighting<br />

cancer for two years. He was president and chief<br />

operating officer of Nationwide Mutual Insurance<br />

Company from 1996 to 1999. Headquartered in<br />

Columbus, Ohio, where it was founded, Nationwide<br />

is one of the largest property-casualty insurers in<br />

the United <strong>St</strong>ates.<br />

“Under Mr. Crabtree’s direction,” according to<br />

a company statement, “Nationwide Insurance<br />

experienced an unprecedented transformation<br />

through expansion and growth.” Nationwide’s<br />

current president and COO, Galen Barnes, said:<br />

“Companies like Nationwide develop a legacy of<br />

dedication and commitment. Rick gave 34 years of<br />

diligent service to help create Nationwide’s legacy.”<br />

Adding a personal note, Barnes said, “Rick’s devotion<br />

to his family, church, philantrophic endeavors<br />

and this community were truly extraordinary.”<br />

Crabtree joined Nationwide in 1965 as an<br />

underwriter in Canton, Ohio, quickly rose through<br />

a series of management positions that led to<br />

various executive promotions and eventually to the<br />

company presidency in 1996. He and his wife made<br />

their residence in Annapolis, Md., after his retirement.<br />

Mass of Christian burial was celebrated for<br />

Mr. Crabtree in historic <strong>St</strong>. Mary Church in Annapolis.<br />

A work in progress<br />

A new stone sign greets people entering the <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> campus at<br />

the school’s Broad <strong>St</strong>reet entrance. The wrought-iron sign that was<br />

on the front lawn now is at the school’s Clifton Road entrance.<br />

Almost finished<br />

Workers assemble one of four new entrance pillars that face Broad<br />

<strong>St</strong>reet. The old stone columns were disassembled and are buried<br />

under the front lawn.<br />

Hands-on project<br />

Principal Dominic Cavello’64, maintenance engineer Jeff Broadnax,<br />

and assistant principal Jim Lower help position the statue of <strong>St</strong>.<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> Borromeo in front of the school’s main entrance.<br />

Campaign for Saint<br />

<strong>Charles</strong> Benefactor<br />

Honor Roll<br />

The following benefactors have<br />

made a commitment to The Campaign<br />

for <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> during the<br />

period of July 1, 2001 to August<br />

30, <strong>2003</strong>. If you have made a<br />

gift or pledge to the campaign<br />

and your name did not appear<br />

on this list, or “the Cardinal” has<br />

made an error in the spelling of<br />

your name or otherwise, please<br />

contact:dstein@cdeducation.org<br />

All subsequent donors and<br />

pledgers to the campaign will be<br />

recognized in future school publications.<br />

Mr. Anthony E. Absi<br />

Accenture LLP<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Adams Jr.<br />

Mr. Mark Adams<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Albers Sr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Albert<br />

Dr. James W. Allen<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Altman<br />

Mrs. Laura Andrews-Francis<br />

Anonymous benefactor #1<br />

Anonymous benefactor #2<br />

Anonymous benefactor #3<br />

Anonymous benefactor #4<br />

Anonymous benefactor #5<br />

Rev. William L. Arnold<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Austin<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Ayers<br />

Mr. Andrew N.C. Babson<br />

Ms. Cara Bahr<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Ballantyne<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Banta<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Barcza<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Bartholomew<br />

Mr. Andrew W. Bartz<br />

Mr. Bradley J. Bauer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Baughn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Baumann<br />

Mr. Michael J. Baumann<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Baumann<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Bayne<br />

Mr. Otto Beatty III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Begeman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Belisle<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Bell<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Albert L. Bell<br />

Dr. John P. Bell<br />

Msgr. Thomas G. Bender<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Bendinelli<br />

Msgr. Thomas M. Bennett<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Bettendorf<br />

Carl & Barbara Billhardt<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Bily<br />

Mr. Michael W. Bissmeyer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Black<br />

Mrs. George S. Bleifuss<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Blum<br />

Mr. Jerry M. Bodman<br />

Mr. <strong>St</strong>ephen Boller<br />

David D. Bolon & Shari Temple<br />

Dr. Joseph L. Borowitz<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Borton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Erik B. Bower<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Boyle<br />

Mr. Thomas E. Boyle<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bozymski<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Bracken<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Brady<br />

Ms. Susan Brattain<br />

Mr. Robert Brehl<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Brennan<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

Mr. & Mrs. William Bringardner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Bringardner<br />

Bob & Judy Broderick<br />

Rev. Thomas J. Brosmer<br />

Mr. Ronald Bruno<br />

Mr. <strong>St</strong>even H. Bryant<br />

Dr. & Mrs. William G. Buoni<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Burk<br />

Mr. Thomas A. Burke<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Burton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. C. Andrew Bush<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Freddie Butcher<br />

Mr. E. William Butler<br />

Byers Chrysler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Caito<br />

Mr. Lawrence E. Call<br />

Mr. Thomas A. Campbell<br />

International Masonry, Inc.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Casey<br />

Mr. J. Patrick Cassidy<br />

Dr. Andrew J. Catanzaro<br />

Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Cavanaugh<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dominic J. Cavello<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bradford K. Chelton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cherry<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Victor Ciancetta<br />

Msgr. Carl P. Clagett<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clancey<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Clark<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Clarke<br />

Mrs. John W. Cleary<br />

Mr. Philip T. Cleary<br />

Mr. Michael L. Close<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Coleman J. Clougherty<br />

Coady Construction<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Deane Cobler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Coffman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Cohan Jr.<br />

Mr. Michael E. Collins<br />

Mr. & Mrs. A. Terrence Conlisk Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Conlon Jr.<br />

Mr. Daniel D. Connor<br />

Hon. John A. Connor II<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Connor<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Coppel<br />

Msgr. Lawrence J. Corcoran<br />

Mr. Robert Corna<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Crabbs<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Crabtree<br />

Mrs. Richard D. Crabtree<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Cropper<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Crumrine<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cull<br />

Mr. Michael B. Cull<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cummins<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Curtin<br />

LTC & Mrs. Edward B. Cush<br />

Msgr. John A. Cymbor<br />

Mr. William S. Davis<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Gary Davis<br />

Mr. Robert L. Dawes<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Chester J. DeBillis<br />

Mr. Brian M. Decker<br />

Bob & Terri DelCorso<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard C. DeLeo Jr.<br />

Mr. John A. DeMastry<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark DeMatte<br />

Mr. J. James Deutschle<br />

Mr. Colin D. Devine<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Devine Jr.<br />

Mr. Timothy J. Devine<br />

Mr. James Dew<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Peter DeWitt<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. DiCesare<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dietrich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dilenschneider<br />

Mr. James T. Dillard Jr.<br />

Mr. Ronald Dillard<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David O. Dingledy<br />

Laurie & Jon DiSabato<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Dodd Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Dorrian<br />

Mr. John E. Dorrian<br />

Mr. John Dowd<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Downes<br />

Mr. Lawrence J. Doyle<br />

Mr. John M. Dreska<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Philip T. Driscoll<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Drumheller<br />

Mrs. John C. Duffy<br />

Mr. Paul J. Duffy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. George Dunigan II<br />

Msgr. William A. Dunn<br />

Dr. Dennis R. Durbin<br />

Mr. Michael R. Durbin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Dury<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Eberts<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Eifert<br />

Mr. Terrence T. Ellis<br />

Mrs. Jeanine M. Emrich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Endres<br />

Msgr. Paul P. Enke<br />

Mr. James Erwin<br />

Rev. <strong>Charles</strong> P. Essman<br />

Ms. Jane H. Euwer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Fabro<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Louis V. Fabro<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Fairholm<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. <strong>Fall</strong>er<br />

Mr. William S. Fannin Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gino A. Fantozzi<br />

Mr. Richard Favret<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James V. Felty<br />

Ms. Cheryl A. Ferkany<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Ferris<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Ferris<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fetters<br />

Mr. William J. Fields<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Finn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Finn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Finn<br />

Mr. J. Richard Fisher Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Fishking<br />

Mr. J. Christopher Flanagan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Foley Jr.<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Jon L. Forche<br />

Dr. Robert J. Forche<br />

Mr. James N. Fortkamp<br />

Mrs. Dominic S. Francisco<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Franz<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Freeman Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Fritz<br />

Mr. William C. Fulcher<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Fultz<br />

Mr. Donald F. Gable<br />

Ms. Katherine Gage<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Gall<br />

Msgr. F. Thomas Gallen<br />

Mr. Peter R. Gallen<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey K. Gano<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Garth Garlock<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> W. Gehring<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Gelhaus<br />

Tom & Deanna Gerlacher<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Gernetzke<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Gibbons Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Gibbs<br />

Mr. John L. Gibson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Gilham<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Gilmour<br />

Mrs. Elmer Gleich<br />

John & Carole Goodrich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Gordon<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Gordon<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Graham<br />

Mr. & Mrs. A. Nelson Greene<br />

Most Rev. James A. Griffin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Griffith<br />

Mr. & Mrs. J. Colby Grimes<br />

Msgr. Kenneth F. Grimes<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Grote<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Gruber<br />

Mr. & Mrs. George L. Gugle IV<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gugliemotto<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Guinan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Roy K. Gutmann<br />

Mr. John J. Guzzo<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Haas<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Haldeman<br />

Mr. Philip Hall<br />

Mr. Timothy H. Hamburger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Haney III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hanna<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hanson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harlow<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Harmon<br />

Mr. Robert L. Harmon<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hart<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Hartmann<br />

David & Elizabeth Hasson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dale A Hatem<br />

Estate Of Msgr. <strong>St</strong>ehpen Hawkins<br />

Rev. Timothy M. Hayes<br />

Tom & Elaine Hayes<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Paul Heban<br />

Dr. Daniel J. Heinmiller<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Heller<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Hemmer<br />

Mr. Ray Highfield<br />

Ms. Annette Prunte Hilaman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Chip Hill<br />

Mr. Daniel G. Hilson<br />

Sister Margaret Hoffman<br />

Michael & Elana Hohl<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Hohman<br />

Dr. John E. Hohmann<br />

Mr. Ryan Hohman<br />

Mr. Christopher S. Holgate<br />

Mr. William Holland<br />

Mr. James D. Holtschulte<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Hondros<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Horn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Horner III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Horner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Horvath<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Howard<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Howard Jr.<br />

Mr. Michael J. Howard<br />

Mr. Christopher T. Hughes<br />

Mr. George G. Hughes<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Huntzinger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas W. Huntzinger<br />

Msgr. Ralph J. Huntzinger<br />

Drs. Mark & Elizabeth Hurst<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Hutson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Iacobone<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> D. Iannarino<br />

Deacon & Mrs. Francis Iannarino<br />

Mr. Leonard J. Iannarino Jr.<br />

Mr. <strong>St</strong>ephen G. Igel<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Igoe<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Inbusch<br />

Mr. Fred Jaconetti<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Jander<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Janotka<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Michael R. Jennings<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Miller<br />

Mrs. Dedger Jones<br />

Mr. & Dr. Shelby Jones<br />

Dr. Paul M. Jurkowitz<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Kazor<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William Keller<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Kelley<br />

Mr. Terrence P. Kelley<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Kelley<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Kelley<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kelty<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Kerins<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Kerscher<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Kessler<br />

Dr.& Mrs. Julian A. Kim<br />

Ms. Gale King<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kitsmiller<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Klages<br />

Mr. Matthew J. Kletzly<br />

Mr. Michael L. Kletzly<br />

Rev. <strong>Charles</strong> F. Klinger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse H. Klingler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark H. Klingler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Klunk Sr.<br />

Mr. Donald J. Knapp<br />

Mrs. Albert Koenig Jr.<br />

Mr. Mark D. Kotlinski<br />

Kevin & Diane Kranz<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kreber<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Kuhn<br />

Ms. Patricia Kuhns<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard A. Kulp<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kusan<br />

Mr. Paul R. Kush<br />

Mr. Jeffrey E. Kuzma<br />

Mr. Frank J. Lally<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> B. Landenberger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Larrimer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Latham<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Laufersweiler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Lauzau<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David K. Lawler<br />

Mr. Thomas M. Leard<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lee<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Leister<br />

Mabel Leitch Trust<br />

Mr. Bryce A. Lenox<br />

Dr. & Mrs. George S. Lewandowski<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Lombard<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Adolph Lombardi<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robin M. Lorms<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lower<br />

Dr. & Mrs. James P. Mackessy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Mackessy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Mackessy Sr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Mackessy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Mackessy<br />

Joe & Agnes MacKinnon<br />

Mr. David Mager<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Mahler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Mahler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bart P. Mahoney<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Torrence A. Makley III<br />

Tim, Vicki, Aaron & Kelsey Malone<br />

Mr. Anthony J. Mampieri<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Mangone<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Manierre<br />

The Marian Foundation<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Marmion Jr.<br />

Mr. John M. Marmion III<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Edward A. Marque<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Martin<br />

Mr. Jeffrey A. Martin<br />

Dr. Louis G. Martin<br />

Mr. Paul F. Martin<br />

Mr. Paul W. Martin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Mason<br />

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Thomas J. Mazuzan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael McConahay<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark McCord<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon McCutchan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis McFarland<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth McGill<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael McGrath<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John McGregor<br />

Mr. John P. McIntosh<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William McKinley<br />

Mr. Bruce McNamara<br />

Mr. Jeffrey E. Meacham<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Meara<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Melaragno<br />

Mr. Timothy Melia<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Mess<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Meyers<br />

Mrs. Ann R. Milem<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen Moore<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Mottet<br />

Mr. Vincent E. Mueller<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Munczinski<br />

Ms. Mary Margaret Murnane<br />

Mr. Thomas M. Murnane<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Denis J. Murphy<br />

Mr. Edward W. Murphy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Murphy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Norm Murphy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Murphy<br />

Mr. Jerry J. Murray Jr.<br />

Mr. <strong>St</strong>ephen M. Mustard<br />

Mr. Richard H. Mynark<br />

Mr. Edward F. Nardini<br />

Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> Nebel<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Nester<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Nester<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Norris<br />

Mr. Brandon C. North<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Norton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Notebaert<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Nourse<br />

Mr. Shawn P. Nye<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. O’Leary<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>St</strong>udent Council<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John H. O’Neil<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John J. O’Reilly<br />

Dr. Kevin P. O’Reilly<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick F. O’Reilly Jr.<br />

Mr. Patrick J. O’Reilly<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Oakley<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Oberlander<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Obradovich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ochab<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy R. Paolini<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Pardi<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Park<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>even G. Park<br />

Mrs. David B. Patrick<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Pecinovsky<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen N. Pellican<br />

Mr. David L. Pemberton<br />

Mr. David L. Pemberton Jr.<br />

Mr. Jeffrey E. Pharion<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Pharion<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Pharion<br />

Mr. Merrill D. Phelan<br />

Mr. Robin E. Phelan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> M. Pickard<br />

Mr. James P. Pickard<br />

Mr. Thomas G. Pillifant IV<br />

Mr. Michael A. Pione<br />

Donald & Julie Poirier<br />

Ms. Carol Pope<br />

Mr. David M. Postlewaite II<br />

F.W. & Mary Sullivan Foundation<br />

Mr. Francis P. Preve<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Prunte<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Purcell<br />

Mrs. Jean Raab<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> W. Radich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Rafferty<br />

Ms. Donna E. Raley<br />

Mr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Ralston<br />

Dr. John A. Ramseyer Jr.<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Rankin III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Rankin<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Rankin<br />

Dr. Patrick L. Rankin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Terrence P. Rankin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy S. Rankin<br />

Dr. Thomas S. Rankin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> W. Rath<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Reasbeck<br />

Mr. David L. Reida<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reidelbach<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reigle<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Reilly Sr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Reiner<br />

Rev. Justin J. Reis<br />

Rev. Michael J. Reis<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Reynolds<br />

Mr. & Mrs. M. Neil Rinehart<br />

Mr. Mark D. Ritter<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ritz<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew D. Rogerson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Rohyans<br />

Ms. Patricia Rugola<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />


Development Update<br />

Mr. Robert E. Ryan III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Ryan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Ryan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ryan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Ryan<br />

Mr. Thomas Ryan<br />

Mr. Thomas J. Ryan Jr.<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Ryan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ryan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Saad<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Sabino Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Saik<br />

Saint <strong>Charles</strong> Mothers Club<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Salyer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Sauter<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Scanlon<br />

Dr. Arthur T. Scherer<br />

George & Betty Schlotterer<br />

Mr. Mark J. Schmitt<br />

Mr. Michael J. Schmitt<br />

Mr. <strong>St</strong>ephen J. Schmitt<br />

Mr. J.T. Schmitt<br />

Mr. Daniel R. Schneider<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Schreick<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Schroeder<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Schuda<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Donald C. Schuele<br />

Mr. Francis R. Schwinne<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Schwochow<br />

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Scurria, D.D.S.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Scurria<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Seghi<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Seidt<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Sekinger<br />

Mr. Joseph C. Servick<br />

Mr. David Seuberling<br />

Mr. James W. Sharon<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Sharpe<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Sherowski<br />

Mr. Burkley Showe<br />

Mrs. Rita Siemer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Simmons<br />

Mr. Donald J. Smeltzer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Marion E. Smithberger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Smucker<br />

Mr. Brad Smucker<br />

Msgr. David V. Sorohan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Press C. Southworth III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Spagnuolo<br />

Ms. Beverly J. Speasmaker<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Speidel<br />

Dr. Herbert R. Spiers<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Sprosty<br />

Rev. Francis M. <strong>St</strong>anton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert <strong>St</strong>edman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. <strong>St</strong>edman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William L. <strong>St</strong>ehle<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Andrew M. <strong>St</strong>ein<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. <strong>St</strong>ein<br />

Paul and Susie <strong>St</strong>ein<br />

Mr. Thomas <strong>St</strong>epanovsky Jr.<br />

Mr. Gabriel S. <strong>St</strong>erling Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Greg <strong>St</strong>onerock<br />

Ms. Charlotte <strong>St</strong>out<br />

Mr. Kyle J. <strong>St</strong>rahler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas <strong>St</strong>rausbaugh<br />

The <strong>St</strong>rausbaugh Family<br />

Mr. Gerald R. <strong>St</strong>relecky<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Loran F. <strong>St</strong>utz<br />

Ms. Deborah <strong>St</strong>ype<br />

Mr. & Mrs. F. William Sullivan Jr.<br />

Mr. Kevin A. Sullivan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Sullivan<br />

Mr. Ryan P. Sullivan<br />

Ms. Susan Sullivan<br />

Mr. Timothy Sullivan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Swearingen<br />

Mr. Shawn Sweeney<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Tarpy<br />

Mr. Jonathan Tarpy<br />

The Frank Tedesco Family<br />

Mr. & Mrs. J. <strong>St</strong>ephen Teetor<br />

Mr. Paul L. Theado<br />

Mr. Fergus A. Theibert Jr.<br />

Mrs. Sue Dell Thoman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Thomas<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Thomas<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Thon<br />

Mr. David A. Thornton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Tonti<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Tornes<br />

Mr. Thomas A. Tracy<br />

Mr. P. Joseph Tracy<br />

Mr. John C. Tracy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Trapp<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Tyznik<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Valachovic<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Van Meter<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Vandermeer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. George G. Vargo<br />

Mrs. Mary Vaughn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Verhoff<br />

Dr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen Vincent<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Vonau<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bert Vonderahe<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin J. Voytko<br />

Mr. L. Tad Wagenbrenner<br />

Mr. Michael J. Wagenbrenner<br />

Mr. Thomas G. Wagenbrenner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Waggoner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Wagner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Wagy<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur A. Wall III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Walter<br />

Rev. Michael Watson<br />

Mr. Frank A. Weirick<br />

Col. Jerry Welch<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Welling<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wenger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. George N. Wenger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Wenger III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Wenger<br />

Wenger Temperature Control<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Roy L. Wentz Jr.<br />

Dr. <strong>St</strong>ephen E. Werner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Werst III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Whitehead<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Whyte<br />

Joseph & Kara Wickham<br />

Mr. Michael J. Wihl<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Francis Wilamosky<br />

Rev. Arthur W. Wiles<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Wiles<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Wiles<br />

Mr. Thomas J. Wiles<br />

Mr. & Mrs. R.H. Willcox<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James K. Williams Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James K. Williams III<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Wodarcyk<br />

Robert F. & Edgar T. Wolfe<br />

Foundation<br />

Mr. Theodore J. Wolfe<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Wollett<br />

Mr. & Mrs. H. Richard Wood<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Youger<br />

Mrs. & Mrs. Ronald P. Younkin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>eve Yurkovich<br />

Mr. Francis X. Zang<br />

Mrs. Linda Zarlengo<br />

Col Frank G. Zauner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Zelasko<br />

Zieg Management Group<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Zink<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen Zonars<br />

Mr. John Zook<br />

The following gifts to The Campaign<br />

for <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> have been<br />

made in honor of the following:<br />

Lte. John Andrew Brattain<br />

Cole Bryant<br />

Peter, Nick and Annie DeWitt<br />

Kyle Goodrich<br />

Tyler Hively<br />

Lamarr W. Holland<br />

Beau <strong>St</strong>rausbaugh<br />

Chance <strong>St</strong>rausbaugh<br />

Doak <strong>St</strong>rausbaugh<br />

Matt <strong>St</strong>rausbaugh<br />

Victor <strong>St</strong>rausbaugh<br />

Ryan Thon ’04<br />

Sean Thon ’09<br />

Henry & Patricia Wickham<br />

The following gifts to The Campaign<br />

for <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> have been<br />

made in memory of the following:<br />

Anthony Alan Austin<br />

John W. “Jack” Cleary ’45<br />

Msgr. Joseph A. Cousins<br />

Susan Allison Dillard<br />

Robert F. Emrich<br />

Msgr. Colby Grimes<br />

Rev. Arthur McGovern, S.J.<br />

Patrick Casey Mentel ’93<br />

Joseph Patrick Nebel ’78<br />

Mary Jo Ryan<br />

<strong>2003</strong> Benefactors<br />

Honored<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong><br />

<strong>School</strong> gratefully acknowledges<br />

the following benefactors,<br />

who provided a gift<br />

between July 1, 2002 and<br />

June 30, <strong>2003</strong>. On behalf of<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> students, faculty<br />

and staff, thank you for your<br />

generosity.<br />

Mr. Anthony E. Absi<br />

Msgr. George J. Adams<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Adams Jr.<br />

Mr. Mark Adams<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Adzima<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Akre<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Albert<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Allen<br />

Dr. James W. Allen<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Altman<br />

American Advertising<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Monte Amnah<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Dale M. Anderson<br />

Mrs. Laura Andrews-Francis<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Angelo<br />

Anonymous benefactor #1<br />

Anonymous benefactor #2<br />

Anonymous benefactor #3<br />

Anonymous benefactor #4<br />

Arbonne International<br />

Mrs. Nina Ansel<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Arends<br />

Mrs. Kitty Argobright<br />

Ms. Bonnie Ariff<br />

Rev. William L. Arnold<br />

Arshot Investment Corporation<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Augustine<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Austin<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Ayers<br />

Mrs. Carol Ayogu<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Babson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Keith J. Bagrus<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Ball<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Ballantyne<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph R. Ballenger<br />

Mrs. Eileen Banning<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Banta<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Barbone<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Barcza<br />

Mrs. Rita Barnes<br />

Dr. & Mrs. James Barr<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Bartholomew<br />

Mr. Andrew W. Bartz<br />

Mr. & Mrs. George Basham<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Baumann<br />

Mr. Michael J. Baumann<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Baumann<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer F. Baumer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Bayer<br />

Mr. Otto Beatty III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Begeman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Belcher<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Belisle<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Bell<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Albert L. Bell<br />

Dr. John P. Bell<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David P. Belli<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bender<br />

Msgr. Thomas G. Bender<br />

Mrs. Marylee Bending<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Bendinelli<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Benjamin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>eve Bennett<br />

Msgr. Thomas M. Bennett<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Berndt<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Bettendorf<br />

Mr. Pat Bigler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Carl F. Billhardt<br />

Mr. Michael W. Bissmeyer<br />

Ms. Monica Blaine<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Blakeslee<br />

Mrs. George S. Bleifuss<br />

Mr. Jason C. Blum<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Bobulski<br />

Mr. Jerry M Bodman<br />

Mr. Val Boehm<br />

Mr. <strong>St</strong>ephen Boller<br />

David D. Bolon<br />

Dr. Joseph L. Borowitz<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Bostic<br />

Ms. Susan Bottigi<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Bourgeois<br />

Mr. John Boutselis<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Donald Bowen<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Erik B. Bower<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Boyle<br />

Mr. Thomas E. Boyle<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bozymski<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Bracken<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Brady<br />

Ms. Susan Brattain<br />

Mr. Robert Brehl<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Brennan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William Bringardner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Bringardner<br />

Mrs. Susan Bringardner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Broderick<br />

Rev. Thomas J. Brosmer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Brown<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Brunetto<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Brust<br />

Mr. <strong>St</strong>even H. Bryant<br />

Ms. Viola D. Bryson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Buening<br />

Dr. & Mrs. William G. Buoni<br />

Ms. Betty Burchfield<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Burchfield<br />

Mr. Randy Burchfield<br />

Mr. Tim Burchfield<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Burk<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon W. Burke<br />

Mr. Thomas A. Burke<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burkley<br />

Dr. & Rev. Robert Burnard<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Burton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. C. Andrew Bush<br />

Ms. Katrina Bush<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Busher<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Busse<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Freddie Butcher<br />

Mr. E. William Butler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Butler<br />

Byers Chrysler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Byrum<br />

Mr. Christopher J. Cage<br />

California Sun<br />

Mr. Lawrence E. Call<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Callahan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Callahan<br />

Mr. Thomas A. Campbell<br />

Ms. Susan Canan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Domenico Canini<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Carducci<br />

Mr. Finnian M.K. Carstens<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Carswell III<br />

Mr. David Carto<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Scott C. Casey<br />

Ms. Monica Cassidy<br />

Mr. J. Patrick Cassidy<br />

Mr. Kenneth J. Castrop<br />

Dr. Andrew J. Catanzaro<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dominic J. Cavello<br />

Center of Science & Industry<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>even Chamberlain<br />

Champps Americana<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bradford K. Chelton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Cheng<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cherry<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cherry<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Chinnock<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Chrissan<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Victor Ciancetta<br />

Msgr. Carl P. Clagett<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clancey<br />

Mr. & Mrs. F. Raymond Claprood Jr.<br />

Ms. Betty Clark<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Clark<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Clarke<br />

Mrs. John W. Cleary<br />

Mr. Philip T. Cleary<br />

Mr. Michael L. Close<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Coleman J. Clougherty<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Deane Cobler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Cohan Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jan Cohen<br />

Collateral Mortgage Capital<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas G. Collis<br />

Mrs. Fern Colon<br />

The Columbus Anthenaeum<br />

Columbus Blue Jackets<br />

Foundation<br />

Mrs. Katherine Condo<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Chuck Conkey<br />

Mr. & Mrs. A. Terrence Conlisk Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Conlon Jr.<br />

Mr. Daniel D. Connor<br />

Hon. John A. Connor II<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Connor<br />

Ms. Nancy Conroy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Martin H. Conroy<br />

Ms. Joan E. Conroy<br />

Brigid Conway<br />

Cookies By Design<br />

Ms. Deborah Cooper<br />

Mr. Frank D. Copeland<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Coppel<br />

Mr. Daryl W. Corbett<br />

Msgr. Lawrence J. Corcoran<br />

Mr. Robert Corna<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Austin Cornell<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Coughlin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Coughlin<br />

Mr. John Cousins<br />

Cover To Cover Books<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Cowden<br />

40<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

Mr. Marion E. Cowden<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Coyle II<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Crabbs<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Crago<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Crawford<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Orlando B. Crimmel<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Cropper<br />

Mr. Michael B. Crowley<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cull<br />

Mr. Michael B. Cull<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Sean D. Cull<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Cullen<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cummings<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Francis G. Curran Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Curtin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William Cusack<br />

LTC & Mrs. Edward B. Cush<br />

Msgr. John A. Cymbor<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Ed Dagenfield<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Cristino Damo<br />

Ms. Lorraine Damron<br />

Ms. Dianna Daniel<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Daniele<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Daniels<br />

Mr. William S. Davis<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Gary Davis<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Deak<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Chester J. DeBillis<br />

Mr. Brian M. Decker<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Deegan<br />

Mrs. James L. Deibel<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen A. Deibel<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ted Deibel<br />

Col. & Mrs. Robert E. Del Corso<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard C. DeLeo Jr.<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Eric DeLeon<br />

Mr. John A. DeMastry<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark DeMatte<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Dent<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David DeRoberts<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David DeRubertis<br />

Mr. Dale Deubler<br />

Mr. J. James Deutschle<br />

Mrs. Barbara DeVille<br />

Mr. Colin D. Devine<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Devine Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Devine<br />

Mr. Timothy J. Devine<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Peter DeWitt<br />

Mr. Aaron J. Diehl<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dilenschneider<br />

Mr. Ronald Dillard<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David O. Dingledy<br />

Dinneen Excavating Co.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jon DiSabato<br />

Mr. A.E. Diwik<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Dodd Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Doman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Donovan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Donovan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Doon<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Dorrian<br />

Mr. John E. Dorrian<br />

Ms. Kelli Douglas<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Downes<br />

Mrs. Jaqueline Downey<br />

Mr. Lawrence J. Doyle<br />

Mr. John M. Dreska<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Philip T. Driscoll<br />

Drs. Erkis, Kristal & Forche<br />

Drs. Coulman, Baker, Love & Haase<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Drumheller<br />

Mr. Jacob J. Drumheller<br />

Mr. Jeremy R. Drumheller<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher DuBiel<br />

Dr James Barr & Dr Joe Carducci<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Duffy<br />

Mr. Paul J. Duffy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Duffy<br />

Mr. David Dulinski<br />

Mr. & Mrs. George Dunigan II<br />

Ms. Toni Dunleary<br />

Msgr. William A. Dunn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Durbin<br />

Dr. Dennis R. Durbin<br />

Mr. Michael R. Durbin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Dury<br />

Ms. Susan Dutton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>even Easter<br />

Eastmoor Electrical Contractors<br />

Mrs. Scarlett Ebenhack<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Eberts<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen Eckman<br />

Mrs. Beverly Eddy<br />

Ms. Cathie Edwards<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Eichhorn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Eifert<br />

Father Craig Eilerman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>anley Ellis<br />

Mr. Terrence T. Ellis<br />

Mrs. Jeanine M. Emrich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Endres<br />

Msgr. Paul P. Enke<br />

Mr. Kirk Ernst<br />

Mr. James Erwin<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Evans<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ewald<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Ewart<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> Ewing Jr.<br />

Target Take Charge of Education<br />

Mr. Richard L. Ey<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Fabro<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Fabro<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Louis V. Fabro<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Fairholm<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. <strong>Fall</strong>er<br />

Mr. William S. Fannin Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gino A. Fantozzi<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Farrell<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Favazzo<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Favret<br />

Mr. Richard Favret<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fenimore<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Ference<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Ferris<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Ferris<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fetters<br />

Ms. Debra Fields<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Finn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Finn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Finn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Finneran<br />

Mr. Joe Finocchi<br />

Dr. & Mrs. William D. Fiorini<br />

Mr. J. Richard Fisher Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Fishking<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Denis F. Flaherty<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Fleming<br />

Mrs. Jeanette Fleming<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Fleming<br />

Flowerama<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Flynn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Foley Jr.<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Jon L. Forche<br />

Dr. Robert J. Forche<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Forrest<br />

Mr. James N. Fortkamp<br />

Mr. Bruce Fowler<br />

Ms. <strong>St</strong>ephanie Frampton<br />

Mrs. Dominic S. Francisco<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Franz<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Frash II<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Freeman Jr.<br />

Dr. Bernard L. Friedman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Fritz<br />

Mr. William C. Fulcher<br />

Mr. & Mrs. George Fulton<br />

Mrs. Mairead Fyda<br />

Mr. Donald F. Gable<br />

Mrs. Terri Gaborcik<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gabriel<br />

Dr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>even Gaines<br />

Ms. Carolyn Anne Gale<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Gale<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Gall<br />

Msgr. F. Thomas Gallen<br />

Mr. Peter R. Gallen<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Gallo<br />

Mr. Jeremy K. Gano<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Ganobsik<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jose Garabis<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Gardner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Garth Garlock<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Garver<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Gates<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Gavin<br />

Ms. Jean M. Gavin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> W. Gehring<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Gelhaus<br />

Mr. Thomas L. Gerlacher<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Gernetzke<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Gessner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Giasi<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Gibbons Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Gibbs<br />

Mr. Billy Gibson<br />

Mr. John L. Gibson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Gilham<br />

Ms. Barbara Anne Gilkes<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Gilmour<br />

Mrs. Elmer Gleich<br />

Ms. Sue Lusk-Gleich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Gleich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gohr<br />

Mr. Sam Goldstein<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Golian<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Goodman<br />

Mr. Michael Goodman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John E Goodrich<br />

Mrs. John W. Gordon Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Gordon<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Gordon<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Marty Gottesman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Grady<br />

Graeter’s Ice Cream<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Graham<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gramila<br />

Mr. & Mrs. A. Nelson Greene<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Greger<br />

Rev. G. Michael Gribble<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jess Griffith<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>an Griffith<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Grilli<br />

Mr. & Mrs. J. Colby Grimes<br />

Mrs. Daniel G. Grimes<br />

Msgr. Kenneth F. Grimes<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Groom<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Grossman<br />

Group One Realty Inc.<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Gruber<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gruenwald<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Gruesen<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell P. Gruesen<br />

Mr. & Mrs. George L. Gugle IV<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gugliemotto<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Guthrie<br />

Mr. John J. Guzzo<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Haas<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Haas<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hackbarth<br />

Mr. Ted Haddad<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Haddad<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Haldeman<br />

Mr. Leo E. Hall<br />

Mr. Philip Hall<br />

Mr. Timothy H. Hamburger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Hal Hamilton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Hammar<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. Haney III<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Haney<br />

Msgr. James P. Hanley<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hanna<br />

Mr. David H. Hanrahan Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hanson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hanson<br />

Ms. Judy A. Hardy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harlow<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Harmon<br />

Mr. Robert L. Harmon<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Harris<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hart<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Harvey<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Hasson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dale A Hatem<br />

Ms. Sandra Hay<br />

Rev. Timothy M. Hayes<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Hayes<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Hazelbaker<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Paul Heban<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Heffernan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Heiden<br />

Mr. Kurt Heidtman<br />

Dr. Daniel J. Heinmiller<br />

Mr. Keith A. Helfer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Heller Sr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Heller<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Heller<br />

Mr. Bernie Helmuth<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Hemmer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Henterly<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Herbert<br />

Ms. Cathy Hester<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Hetzer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Heuser<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Hibbett<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bryan F. Hickey<br />

Ms. Annette Prunte Hilaman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Chip Hill<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hill<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hively<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Hoberg<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J.P. Hoffman<br />

Sister Margaret Hoffman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hogan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Hohl<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Hohman<br />

Dr. John E. Hohmann<br />

Mr. William Holland<br />

Ms. Susan D. Holmes<br />

Mr. James D. Holtschulte<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Hondros<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Horn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Horner III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Horner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Horton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Horvath<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Houghton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Howard<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew A. Howard Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>eve Hoyt<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Hrabcak<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Hudelson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Regis Hudock<br />

Mr. Mike Hudyk<br />

Huffman’s Market<br />

Mr. Christopher T. Hughes<br />

Mr. George G. Hughes<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Hummer Jr.<br />

Msgr. Ralph J. Huntzinger<br />

Drs. Mark & Elizabeth Hurst<br />

Mr. Scott Hurt<br />

Mrs. Danette Huth<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Hutson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Hykes<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Tex S. Hysell<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Iacobone<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> D. Iannarino<br />

Deacon Francis Iannarino<br />

Mr. Leonard J. Iannarino Jr.<br />

Mr. Richard Iannarino<br />

George J. Igel & Co. Inc.<br />

Mr. George J. Igel<br />

Mr. <strong>St</strong>ephen G. Igel<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Inbusch<br />

Mr. Fred Jaconetti<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Peter James<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Jander<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Janotka<br />

Mrs. Linda Jenkins<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Michael R. Jennings<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen Jepsen<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Miller<br />

Joint Implant Surgeons Inc.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jokovich<br />

Mr. David C. Jones<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Don Jones<br />

Mrs. Rose Jones<br />

Mr. & Dr. Shelby Jones<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Jones<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Jordan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William Jordan<br />

Dr. Paul M. Jurkowitz<br />

Mr. Joe Karlovec<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Katz<br />

Fredric Kaufmann, D.D.S.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kavanaugh<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kawalec<br />

Mrs. Patricia Kearns-Davis<br />

Dr. & Mrs. James Keating<br />

Ms. Martha Keech<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Kelch<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Kelleher<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William Keller<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Kelley<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Kelley<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Kelley<br />

Ms. Marjorie B. Kelly<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kelly<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Kelty<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Kerins<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Kerscher<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Kessler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William Khourie<br />

Mr. Yeshiareg Kifle<br />

Ms. Joni Kirovsky<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kitsmiller<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Klausing<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Klein<br />

Mrs. Rita Klein<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Kleshinski<br />

Mr. Matthew J. Kletzly<br />

Mr. Michael L. Kletzly<br />

Rev. <strong>Charles</strong> F. Klinger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse H. Klingler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark H. Klingler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Klunk Sr.<br />

Mr. Timothy J. Klunk<br />

Mr. Donald J. Knapp<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Knight<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Knox<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Knox<br />

Mrs. Albert Koenig Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kohler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kondas<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Korth<br />

Mr. Mark D. Kotlinski<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Kranz<br />

Mr. Jack Kreber<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kron<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Kuhn<br />

Ms. Patricia Kuhns<br />

Mr. & Mrs. J. Peter Kuhns<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard A. Kulp<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kuppich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kusan<br />

Mr. Paul R. Kush<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Kuskowski<br />

Mr. Jeffrey E. Kuzma<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Bjorn Kvammen Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Kyser<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Landes<br />

Ms. Regina Langen<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Larrimer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Latham<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Latorre<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Laufersweiler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Lauzau<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David K. Lawler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Leach<br />

Mr. Thomas M. Leard<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />


Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lee<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Leister<br />

Mr. Bryce A. Lenox<br />

Mrs. Donald J. Leonhardt<br />

Ms. Vivian Lermond<br />

Mark Levy, D.D.S.<br />

Dr. & Mrs. George S.<br />

Lewandowski<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kent Lewis<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Liebert<br />

Lion Construction Services<br />

Lion Management Services<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Locher<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Alex K. Loehrer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Lombard<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Adolph Lombardi<br />

Mrs. Mary Ann Long<br />

Ms. Mary Kathleen Long<br />

Mr. Robert E. Longenbaker<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Lorenz<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robin M. Lorms<br />

Mr. Michael J. Lorr<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Lovatt<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lower<br />

Rev. Frederick A. Loyd<br />

Mr. & Ms. Richard W. Luchtenberg<br />

Rev. Kevin Lutz<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Lynch<br />

Dr. & Mrs. James P. Mackessy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Mackessy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Mackessy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Mackessy<br />

Mr. Joseph L. MacKinnon<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John J. MacKinnon<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Doug MacLean<br />

Mrs. Mary Ellen Magee<br />

Mr. David Mager<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Mahler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Mahler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bart P. Mahoney<br />

Ms. May E. Mahoney<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Torrence A. Makley III<br />

Dr. James Male<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Malinowski<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Malone<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Mangone<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Manierre<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Mapes<br />

The Marian Foundation<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Marmion Jr.<br />

Mr. John M. Marmion III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew D. Marquana<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Edward A. Marque<br />

Mr. Jeffrey A. Martin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Martin<br />

Dr. Louis G. Martin<br />

Mr. Paul F. Martin<br />

Mr. Paul W. Martin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Mascia<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Mason<br />

Judge & Mrs. James W. Mason<br />

Christopher D. Masoner, D.D.S.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Masys<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Mazer<br />

Col. & Mrs. Thomas J. Mazuzan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Mazza<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dean McAllister<br />

Mr. Thomas McAuliffe<br />

Mr. Michael J. McCabe<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Cam McCartney<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Don McClure<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael McConahay<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark McCord<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth McGill<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael McGrath<br />

Mr. John P. McIntosh<br />

Mr. <strong>St</strong>ephen & Dr. Sara McIntosh<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David E. McKee<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William McKinley<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth McKinley<br />

Mr. Jeffrey E. Meacham<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Meadows<br />

Mr. <strong>St</strong>even D. Meier<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Melaragno<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Melchi<br />

Mr. Timothy Melia<br />

Ms. Arcadia Melnyk<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Merkle<br />

Mr. & Mrs. H. Ben Merkle<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Mess<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Meyers<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Michalec<br />

Mid Ohio Oncology/Hematology<br />

Mr. Mike Middough<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Migitz<br />

Mrs. Ann R. Milem<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Miller<br />

Ms. Joyce Miller<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Miller<br />

Mr. Jim Mills & Dr. Rebecca<br />

Devillers<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice N. Milne III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Minner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mitchell<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Montgomery<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Alan Moore<br />

Mr. Arthur M. Moore Jr.<br />

Mrs. Shirley Moore<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen Moore<br />

Mr. & Mrs. A. Bosa Mora<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Moran<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Morgan<br />

Ms. Kim R. Morrison<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Motil<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Mottet<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Mould<br />

Ms. <strong>St</strong>acey H. Mudd<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mueller<br />

Mr. Vincent E. Mueller<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Murdock<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Murdock<br />

Mr. Thomas M. Murnane<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Denis J. Murphy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Murphy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Norm Murphy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Murphy<br />

Mr. <strong>St</strong>ephen M. Mustard<br />

Mr. Richard H. Mynark<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Carell Nappier<br />

Mr. Edward F. Nardini<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Brett A. Navin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Nawn<br />

Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> Nebel<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Nentwich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Nester<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Nester<br />

Mrs. Diane Niedzwiecki<br />

Rev. Paul A. Noble<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Norris<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Norton<br />

Ms. Teresa Norton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin R. Nose<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Nourse<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ben H. Nye Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Nye<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Nye<br />

Mr. Shawn P. Nye<br />

Greater Columbus Swim Team<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Oberlander<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Obradovich<br />

Ms. Teresa O’Brien<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ochab<br />

Olentangy Pediatrics<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard O’Grady<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John O’Handley<br />

Mrs. Linda O’Horo<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. O’Leary<br />

Ms. Sunny O’Neal<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John H. O’Neil<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John J. O’Reilly<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick F. O’Reilly Jr.<br />

Mr. Patrick J. O’Reilly<br />

Organized Closets<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Ort<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Owen<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Owens<br />

P.K. O’Ryan’s Irish Pub<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Paccioretti<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bert Pack Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> A. Pagnotto<br />

Ms. Sundina Palmer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Panda<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher K. Paolini<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy R. Paolini<br />

Mr. Doug Pardi<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Pardi<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Park<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>even G. Park<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pascucci<br />

Mrs. David B. Patrick<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Patton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Pavol<br />

Dr. & Mrs. William S. Pease<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Pecinovsky<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Pelland<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen N. Pellican<br />

Mr. David L. Pemberton Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Pena<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Petrella<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pettit<br />

Mr. Jeffrey E. Pharion<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Pharion<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Pharion<br />

Mr. Merrill D. Phelan<br />

Mr. Robin E. Phelan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> M. Pickard<br />

Mr. James P. Pickard<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene H. Pierce Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Pignatelli<br />

Mr. Thomas G. Pillifant IV<br />

Mr. Michael A. Pione<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jason C. Plank<br />

Ms. Mary Plank Underwood<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Planty<br />

Mrs. Margaret Kopp Plapper<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Poirier<br />

Mr. John Porter<br />

Mrs. Marianne Porter<br />

Mr. Chuck Postlewaite<br />

Mr. David M. Postlewaite II<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Powell<br />

F.W. & Mary Sullivan Foundation<br />

Dr. & Mrs. James J. Powers<br />

Mr. Francis P. Preve<br />

Ms. Betsey Priestley<br />

Ms. Maria Prisco<br />

Mr. Michael S. Probst<br />

Dr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen F. Probst<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Prunte<br />

Ms. Sarah D. Pschesang<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Purcell<br />

Mr. Thomas Pusecker<br />

Quarry Market<br />

Mr. Donnie G. Quigley<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Quinn<br />

Mrs. Jean Raab<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Randall Rabold<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> W. Radich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Rafferty<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William Rahde<br />

Mr. Jim Rall<br />

Mr. & Mrs. J. Christopher Ralston<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Ramseyer<br />

John A. Ramseyer, Jr. D.D.S.<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Rankin III<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Rankin<br />

Dr. Patrick L. Rankin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy S. Rankin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> W. Rath<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Rath<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Reasbeck<br />

Mr. Benjamin C. Recchie<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Reed<br />

Rev. J. Lawrence Reichert<br />

Mr. Ken Reid<br />

Mr. David L. Reida<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reidelbach<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Carson Reider<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Reidy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Reilly Sr.<br />

Mrs. Bertha Reiner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Reiner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Reis<br />

Rev. Justin J. Reis<br />

Rev. Michael J. Reis<br />

Mr. Frank X. Resch<br />

Ms. Susan Reulbach<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Reynolds<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Riehl<br />

Mrs. Francis P. Rieser<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rieth<br />

Mr. John D. Rinehart<br />

Mr. & Mrs. M. Neil Rinehart<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Ritter<br />

Mr. Mark D. Ritter<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ritz<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Robinson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Randal Robinson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Robinson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Rodeman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>anley Rodock<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Roeble<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Rogers<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew D. Rogerson<br />

Ms. Jennifer Rohletter<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Rohyans<br />

Mrs. Janice Roof<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Corey Rose<br />

Mrs. Ann Rotondo<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Meade Rudasill<br />

Ms. Nancy Jane Ruetsch<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Rugola<br />

Ms. Patricia Rugola<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rupp<br />

Mr. & Mrs. S. William Rushay<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Ryan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Ryan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ryan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan J. Ryan<br />

Mr. Timothy M. Ryan<br />

Mr. Thomas Ryan<br />

Mr. Thomas J. Ryan Jr.<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Ryan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ryan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Saad<br />

Mr. P. Ronald Sabatino<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Sabino Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William Saefkow<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Salyer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Samuelson<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Scott Sanders<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Sandor Jr.<br />

Ms. Diane Sanyal<br />

Mr. Matt Saultz<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Sauter<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen Savko<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Scanlon<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Schaefer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Philip W. Schaeffing<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Schick<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Brent A. Schiff<br />

Ms. Susan Schlairet<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey C. Schleicher<br />

Mr. & Mrs. George F Schlotterer Jr.<br />

Mr. Richard P. Schmidt<br />

Mr. Joseph T. Schmitt<br />

Mr. Mark J. Schmitt<br />

Mr. Michael J. Schmitt<br />

Mr. <strong>St</strong>ephen J. Schmitt<br />

Mr. Daniel R. Schneider<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Schneider<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Schreick<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Schroeder<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Schubert<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schuda<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Donald C. Schuele<br />

Mr. Francis R. Schwinne<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Schwochow<br />

Dr. & Mrs. David Scurria<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Scurria<br />

Ms. Susan S. Searcy<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Robert R. Seghi<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Seidt<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Sekinger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Selid<br />

Mr. Joseph C. Servick<br />

Mr. David Seuberling<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Seybold<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Shanahan<br />

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Shanahan<br />

Mr. James W. Sharon<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Sharpe<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William T. Sharpe<br />

Mr. William T. Sharpe<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Sheehan Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Sheets<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mo-How Shen<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sherman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Sherowski<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Shields<br />

Mrs. Toni Shively<br />

Mrs. Rita Siemer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sigrist<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Simmons<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Sinan Sisbot<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Sivinski<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Skunda<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Skunza<br />

Ms. Rebecca L. Slatter<br />

Mr. Donald J. Smeltzer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Smith<br />

Mr. Dennis J. Smith<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Smith<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Philip W. Smith<br />

Ms. Trisha Smith<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Marion E.<br />

Smithberger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Smucker<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Snell<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joel Snyder<br />

Msgr. David V. Sorohan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William Southworth<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Press C. Southworth III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Spagnuolo<br />

Ms. Anne E. Spaine<br />

Ms. Beverly J. Speasmaker<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Speidel<br />

Dr. Herbert R. Spiers<br />

Mrs. Patricia Spiert<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Sprosty<br />

<strong>St</strong>. Aloysius Catholic Church<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Theatre Department<br />

Rev. Francis M. <strong>St</strong>anton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael <strong>St</strong>avreff<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David <strong>St</strong>ebelton<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert <strong>St</strong>edman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. <strong>St</strong>edman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David W. <strong>St</strong>egman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. William L. <strong>St</strong>ehle<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Andrew M. <strong>St</strong>ein<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>St</strong>ein<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. <strong>St</strong>ein<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. <strong>St</strong>ein<br />

Mr. George <strong>St</strong>einbrenner<br />

Mr. Johnny <strong>St</strong>einer<br />

Mrs. Vickie <strong>St</strong>einer-Davenport<br />

Mr. Thomas <strong>St</strong>epanovsky Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Peter <strong>St</strong>ephens<br />

Mr. Gabriel S. <strong>St</strong>erling Jr.<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew <strong>St</strong>ewart<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael <strong>St</strong>iff<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dane <strong>St</strong>inson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>even L. <strong>St</strong>itzlein<br />

Rev. Jerome D. <strong>St</strong>luka<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Michael <strong>St</strong>ock<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Greg <strong>St</strong>onerock<br />

Ms. Charlotte <strong>St</strong>out<br />

Mr. Kyle J. <strong>St</strong>rahler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. <strong>St</strong>ranges Jr.<br />

Mr. Matthew T. <strong>St</strong>rausbaugh<br />

42<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas <strong>St</strong>rausbaugh<br />

Mr. Gerald R. <strong>St</strong>relecky<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael <strong>St</strong>romberg<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Loran F. <strong>St</strong>utz<br />

Mr. & Mrs. F. William Sullivan Jr.<br />

Mr. Daniel P. Sullivan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sullivan<br />

Mr. Kevin A. Sullivan<br />

Mr. Michael M. Sullivan<br />

Ms. Susan Sullivan<br />

Mr. Timothy Sullivan<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Victor E. Swartz<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Rick Sweaney<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Swearingen<br />

Mr. Michael J. Sweeney Jr.<br />

Mr. Shawn Sweeney<br />

Swiss Air Heating & Cooling<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Tarpy<br />

Mr. Jonathan Tarpy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Taylor<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Taylor<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Taylor<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Taynor<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Taza<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Tedesco<br />

Mr. Kenneth E. Teeters<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Teeters<br />

Mr. & Mrs. J. <strong>St</strong>ephen Teetor<br />

Shari Temple<br />

Mr. Paul L. Theado<br />

Mr. Fergus A. Theibert Jr.<br />

Mrs. Sue Dell Thoman<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Thomas<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Thomas<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Thomas<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Mark E. Thompson<br />

Ms. Rita A. Thompson<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Thon<br />

Mr. David A. Thornton<br />

Maeder-Quint Tiberi Funeral<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Tighe<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tilton<br />

Tommy’s Pizza & Subs<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Tonti<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Toopes<br />

Top Notch Finishes<br />

Mr. Thomas A. Tracy<br />

Mrs. JoAnne Trees<br />

Mr. Theodore Turocy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Turner<br />

Ms. Veronica Lee<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Tyznik<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Ulrich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ulrich<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Vaccaro<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Valachovic<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Van Meter<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John Vance<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Vanderhorst<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Vandermeer<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Varga<br />

Mr. & Mrs. George G. Vargo<br />

Mrs. Mary Vaughn<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Dale L. Veach<br />

Ms. Vanessa L. Velez<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Verhoff<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Harvey R. Vesha<br />

Dr. & Mrs. John Vetter<br />

Village Merchants<br />

Dr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen Vincent<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Vonau<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Vonau<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bert Vonderahe<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin J. Voytko<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Wackerly<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Wade<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Wagner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Wagner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Wagy<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Walden<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur A. Wall III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Walter<br />

Mr. & Mrs. David Warren<br />

Rev. Michael Watson<br />

Ms. Donna Weber<br />

Lt. Col. & Mrs. Jon A. Wegner<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>uart Weibel<br />

Mr. Randall S. Weibel<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Clem Weidenbenner<br />

Mr. Frank A. Weirick<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Weis<br />

Col. Jerry Welch<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Welling<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Wells<br />

Lair’s Hallmark<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Wenger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. George N. Wenger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Wenger III<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Wenger<br />

Wenger Temperature Control<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Wentworth<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Roy L. Wentz Jr.<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Whisler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. White<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Whitehead<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Whitlatch<br />

Mrs. Christie Whitt<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Whyte<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James Whyte<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>Charles</strong> Wickert<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Wickham<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Craig W. Wiehe<br />

Mr. Michael J. Wihl<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Francis Wilamosky<br />

Fr. Art Wiles<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Wiles<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Wiles<br />

Mr. Thomas J. Wiles<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Jake Will<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Willard<br />

Mr. & Mrs. R.H. Willcox<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James K. Williams Jr.<br />

Ms. Julie A. Williams<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Willis<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Winkel<br />

Ms. Mary Jane Wirthman<br />

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Wodarcyk<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Wodarcyk<br />

Mr. Joseph A. Wolf<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Wolf<br />

Mr. Theodore J. Wolfe<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald S. Wollett<br />

Mr. & Mrs. H. Richard Wood<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Duane Woodruff<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Woodruff<br />

Ms. Marian Woolum<br />

Ms. Tracy Wyatt<br />

Ms. Suzie Yeager<br />

Mr. Tegan York<br />

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Youger<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Young<br />

Mrs. Floyd Younkin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald P. Younkin<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>eve Yurkovich<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zaksheske<br />

Mr. Francis X. Zang<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>even Zeehandelar<br />

Mr. & Mrs. W. George Zeitler<br />

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Zelasko<br />

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Zink<br />

Mr. & Mrs. <strong>St</strong>ephen Zonars<br />

Mr. John Zook<br />

Service is priority of <strong>St</strong>udent Council<br />

By John O’Neil, advisor<br />

The Saint <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>St</strong>udent Council has always sought to make service a<br />

high priority for its members and the school. If we cannot equal the deed of<br />

our patron saint <strong>Charles</strong> Borromeo, who sold his inheritance and gave the<br />

proceeds to the destitute, then at least we can commit to community outreach.<br />

It is by this means that we strive to keep homelessness, hunger, and<br />

need in the minds and hearts of our students.<br />

During the Christmas season, Saint <strong>Charles</strong> homerooms provide homeless<br />

families, under the care of a local shelter, gifts for each of its family<br />

members. This is quite a challenging project, involving much coordination<br />

and a short timeline, coming to finality during the first semester exam<br />

week. This effort on the part of our faculty, students, and parents truly<br />

reflects our school community’s care and concern for our fellow brothers<br />

and sisters. While numerous students help to deliver these gifts, I only wish<br />

that more of our students could see the project come to full fruition and<br />

their gifts placed in the hands of their adopted families.<br />

The Christmas gift project is in tandem each year with a weekly monetary<br />

collection during the season of Advent, the fruits of which are presented<br />

to Saint John’s Community Kitchen to benefit the food pantry. As<br />

the need facing Saint John’s mounts each year, I am proud that our students’<br />

responsiveness to the plight of the hungry increases. We must<br />

remain continually mindful that, although hunger and homelessness continually<br />

beset humankind, we can make a difference in the fight against<br />

them.<br />

The holy season of Lent is observed in service with school wide support<br />

of the food pantry at Saint <strong>St</strong>ephen’s Community House. A weekly monetary<br />

contribution supplements a nonperishable food drive in which each grade<br />

level is assigned a specific, “most-needed” item to collect. Again, I am<br />

pleased that Saint <strong>Charles</strong> students recognize the seriousness of hunger and<br />

malnutrition in our immediate community. I hope that the trend of students’<br />

volunteering service during and beyond their Saint <strong>Charles</strong> years will<br />

continue to benefit agencies such as Saint <strong>St</strong>ephen’s.<br />

The third major school wide student service effort comes in the dizzying<br />

final days of the school year. This important project is the Cardinal Walk<br />

Scholarship Drive. It was started 20 years ago to give students a part in<br />

raising tuition assistance resources for fellow Carolians from financiallylimited<br />

backgrounds.<br />

I am exceedingly proud of our students’ support of the Cardinal Walk.<br />

When the project first began, it was the goal to raise $10,000. Since 1989,<br />

each new goal has been met and surpassed in every year but one. In 2001,<br />

the student body raised $30,753; in 2002, $28,104; and most recently this<br />

spring, despite a somber economic climate, they exceeded their goal of<br />

$25,000. In fifteen years, nearly $250,000 in financial aid money has been<br />

raised by students.<br />

Clearly our students understand that challenges and hurdles such as the<br />

hunger, homelessness, and financial hardship of others “after all, are part of<br />

our work.”<br />

In addition to these major service projects, <strong>St</strong>udent Council members<br />

fulfill numerous other roles. They are frequent servers and bearers at<br />

Mass. They represent the school community on specific occasions as<br />

needed. They plan and carry out social and community-building events such<br />

as dances and the annual Circus Day celebration in May. And of course they<br />

represent their peers, providing a channel of input for student concerns and<br />

ideas. Just this spring, the <strong>St</strong>udent Council renewed its connection with the<br />

Ohio Association of <strong>St</strong>udent Councils, which will increase the opportunities<br />

for members of student government to experience leadership training<br />

events. Jason Ryan’03 and Michael Kelley ’03 inaugurated our involvement,<br />

attending a valuable retreat weekend in April.<br />

It is to this truth that so much of what happens at Saint <strong>Charles</strong> is<br />

dedicated: “we are our brother’s keeper.” The motto of the <strong>St</strong>udent Council<br />

aspires to that same end: In servitute Deo et civitati et fratribus—”In<br />

service to God, to our community, and to our brothers.” With due acknowledgment<br />

to the critical support of our parents, teachers, alumni and benefactors,<br />

we hope to keep our gaze fixed on that ideal, and just possibly to<br />

wedge securely in place one stone in the building of God’s Kingdom.<br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />


Dean’s Calendar Comments of Events<br />

Date and Time<br />

Event and Location<br />

Date and Time<br />

Event and Location<br />

Fri. Oct. 3 at 7:30 a.m.<br />

Sun. Oct. 12 at 1:00 p.m.<br />

Sun. Oct. 26 at 1:30 p.m.<br />

Tue. Nov. 4 at 10:40 a.m.<br />

“First Friday” Mass in Mother of Mercy<br />

Chapel. All friends, alumni, students,<br />

and staff welcome.<br />

The 21 st Annual <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Alumni<br />

Open. At Rattlesnake Ridge Golf Club in<br />

Sunbury. $55 includes golf, cart, lunch,<br />

beverages, and prizes. To register or<br />

sponsor a golf hole for $150, contact Louis<br />

J. Fabro at 614-252-9288 ext. 21 or at<br />

lfabro@cdeducation.org.<br />

Alumni Mother’s Luncheon. Cavello<br />

Center. All mothers of <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong><br />

alumni are cordially invited. Call<br />

Kathleen Covello at 614-237-9572 for<br />

reservations. Tickets are $20. RSVP by<br />

Friday, Oct.10.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Feast Day Mass.<br />

Presentation of Borromean Medals and<br />

Principal’s Award. <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> gym.<br />

No First Friday Mass in November.<br />

Tue. Nov. 4 at 10:40 a.m.<br />

Thur. Nov. 21 at 7 p.m.<br />

Fri. Dec. 5 at 7:30 a.m.<br />

Sat. Dec. 6 at 6:30 p.m.<br />

Thur.-Sun. Dec. 4-7<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Feast Day Mass.<br />

Presentation of Borromean Medals and<br />

Principal’s Award. <strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> gym.<br />

No First Friday Mass in November.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> Alumni Association board<br />

meeting. Holy Angels Library. All alumni<br />

are encouraged to attend.<br />

“First Friday” Mass in Mother of Mercy<br />

Chapel. All friends, alumni, students,<br />

and staff are invited.<br />

Mothers Club Silent Auction<br />

Cocktail reception, dinner and auction at<br />

Hyatt on Capital Square.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> drama department presents<br />

its fall production The Lord of the Flies,<br />

in the campus theatre. Call the school<br />

office at 614-252-6174 for show times<br />

and tickets.<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

The Distinctive Leader in Catholic Education<br />

Cordially Invites All Greater Columbus Area Eighth Grade Boys<br />

and Their Parents To An<br />


Sunday, November 2, <strong>2003</strong><br />

at 3 p.m. in the Campus Theatre<br />

Meet the Faculty, <strong>St</strong>udents, Administration, Board, and Alumni Tour<br />

the Campus and Facilities at 2010 East Broad <strong>St</strong>reet in Bexley<br />

For Information, Call (614) 252-6714<br />

Saint <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

2010 E. Broad <strong>St</strong>.<br />

Columbus, Ohio 43209-1665<br />


Non-Profit Org.<br />

U.S. Postage<br />

PAID<br />

Columbus, Ohio<br />

Permit No. 373<br />

44<br />

<strong>St</strong>. <strong>Charles</strong> <strong>Preparatory</strong> <strong>School</strong>