The Beacon May 2011 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat ...

The Beacon May 2011 - Beacon Parish of Ditchling, Streat ...





The Revd David Wallis

The Vicarage, 2 Charlton Gardens,

Lewes Road, Ditchling, BN6 8WA

Geoffrey Heath

Andrew Martin

St Margaret’s

(01273) 843165

(01273) 845134

(01273) 846123

Mike Sewell Streat Church (01273) 890366

Mark Moody-Stuart

Doreen Kallman

Richard Allen

Colyeen Blanchard

St Martin’s

(01273) 846525

(01273) 844743

(01273) 842919

01444 246186

Hon Treasurer: Mark Moody-Stuart (01273) 846525

Bookkeeper: Sue Sewell (01273) 890366

Hon Secretary: Margaret Bovill (01273) 845319

Stewardship Officer: Rodney Dodd 01444 250753

Organists and


Hon Organists:

Nick Hancock

John Sandford

Lynette Walker

Lynn Bond

St Margaret’s

Streat Church

St Martin’s

(01273) 841980

07855 957644

(01273) 891005

(01273) 842387

The Beacon

Editor: Graham Sharpless (01273) 845368



Sue & George Hancock (01273) 890298



Jenny Bell

Margaret Moore


(01273) 843194

(01273) 843805

Paul Charman Streat & Westmeston (01273) 844743

Full membership of the PCC can be found on the website at:

The Revd David Wallis’s day off is Friday

The Beacon Parish is a registered charity, number 1132488

Front cover: View from Lodge Hill, Ditchling

The Beacon Churches Calendar May 2011

Morning Prayer at Ditchling:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 9.00am


Eucharist (BCP) Ditchling 8.00am

All Age Eucharist Ditchling 9.45am

Morning Prayer Westmeston 9.45am

Bereavement Service Ditchling 3.00pm

4 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 10.30am


Sung Eucharist Ditchling 9.45am

Morning Prayer Streat 9.45am

11 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 10.30am

14 Sat Wedding of Marco and Jane Ditchling 2.00pm


Eucharist (BCP) Ditchling 8.00am

Morning Prayer Ditchling 9.45am

Family Eucharist Streat 9.45am

Eucharist Westmeston 6.00pm

18 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 10.30am

21 Sat Wedding of John and Amy Westmeston 3.30pm



25 Wed Eucharist Ditchling 10.30am


BEACON EUCHARIST Westmeston 9.45am


To Celebrate

The Royal Wedding

Street Party

Saturday 30 th April

Church Lane, Ditchling


For the zaniest wedding hat!

Come and join the fun and delicious food from 12.30pm

Adults £5.00 Children £2.50

Tickets from the Post Office

or telephone Nicki 842791

If wet the party will be in St Margaret’s Church



Sometimes it’s really good to blow away the

cobwebs and sing God’s praises at the top of

your voice! So, why not come along to an

evening of Hymn Singing on Thursday 5 th May

at 7pm at St Margaret’s, Ditchling.

In Memory of

Departed Loved ones

You are warmly invited to a Bereavement Service

on Sunday 1 st May at St Margaret’s Ditchling at 3pm

At the service there will be an opportunity

for departed loved ones to be prayed for by name.

All are welcome whether you come to church regularly

or not and prayers will be offered not only for those

who have died recently but for anyone that you miss

and once knew.

The service will be followed by tea and cake

for which I very much hope you will be able to stay.

Fr David

In May we remember:

In Memoriam

3 rd Thirza Ann Morrow 5 th Robert (Bob ) Essex

19 th Margaret Florence Tingley 20 th Hyacinthe Amor

20 th Aileen McHugo 24 th Mick Comber

28 th John Barrow 31 st Claude Pascoe


PCC Briefings

On Thursday 24 th March an open PCC Meeting was held at Streat Rectory Barn.

Parishioners had also been invited to attend this meeting to discuss the topic

'Women in the Church of England Episcopate' and a handout was given to all

present. The Barn was full, and those attending, including the PCC, totalled 44.

The discussion was led by Fr David and Colin Juniper who went through the main

points in the handout in great detail. A question and answer session then

followed. Finally a vote was taken on the three main questions:

Questions For Against Abstentions

1. Are you in favour of admitting women to

the Church of England Episcopate?

2. Do you think that any special provision

should be made for those who cannot on

conscience grounds accept that


3. If you think that special provision should be

made, do you think that the provision as

suggested in The Measure is the right way

to do it?


35 3 5

13 17 13

No vote taken

A brief PCC Meeting then followed in which the Annual Report and Financial

Statements of the PCC for the year ended 31 st December 2010 were discussed

and approved for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) to be held on

Sunday 27 th March. The Fabric Sub Committee also requested that funds be

made available to repair the bricks on St Margaret's Church wall facing West


Margaret Bovill, Hon Secretary

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting was held on Sunday 27 th March at St

Margaret's Church. The meeting followed the usual format with the election of

Churchwardens, who have remained the same as last year and election of PCC

with two new members - Carolyn Webb and Mike Middleton. Jane Juniper

resigned as a Deanery Synod Representative but Mike Middleton was elected to

take her place.

Our new Treasurer Mark Moody-Stuart gave a detailed overview of the Financial

Report. The Annual Report which includes the financial report can be found at

Mission Action Plan

Father David's report concentrated

on the Mission Action Plan (MAP)

which every Parish in the Diocese is

required to follow. Parishes are

graded by the Diocese from 1 to 4.

At present we are a 1 but Fr David

felt more realistically we are

probably nearer a 2. The MAP

includes a review of the past, our

present needs and seeking the Holy

Spirit's inspiration to help us build

for the future. We need to

encourage more young people and

children to attend our Services.

Finally Andrew Martin gave a vote

of thanks to Fr David and Sally for

all their hard work in the Parish.

Margaret Bovill, Hon Secretary

A Prayer for Prince William

and Catherine Middleton

The Church of England has issued a

prayer for Prince William and Catherine

Middleton and all couples preparing for

their wedding.

God of all grace,

friend and companion,

look in favour on William and Catherine

and all who are made one in marriage.

In your love deepen their love

and strengthen their wills

to keep the promises they will make,

that they may continue

in life-long faithfulness to each other;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


St Peter & St James Hospice

The Ditchling Support Group sends its special thanks to all the 44 keen players

who took part in the charity Bridge Afternoon - arranged and hosted by

Rosemary Hutson - in the Ditchling Village Hall on Tuesday, 22 nd March and who

generously raised nearly £800 in aid of the Hospice.

Keith Court

400 years of the King James Bible

On May 4 th a Bible Society representative will give a talk on the King James

Bible’s history, followed by a DVD of the up to date work of the Bible Society at

the United Reformed Church, Hassocks at 7.30 pm. All are welcome and I hope

many of you can join us.


The Bible was first printed in

Belarusian nearly 100 years earlier

in 1517-1519 which gave birth to a

golden age of spirituality. But

when under Russian rule the

Belarusians were only allowed to

use the Russian Bible and

Language for worship.

A poet priest Vladimir

Chernyavsky spent 30 years

translating the Bible into modern

Belarusian; he died a month after

handing the precious manuscript

to Bible Society.

Pastor Antoni Bokin with some

friends spent five years with

Vladimir checking the translation.

Antoni explained before he didn’t

want to read the Bible in Russian

but reading it in his native

language changed his life.

Now all worship at Antoni’s

church is in Belarusian. Many who

attend are eager to see the

Scriptures inspire lasting political

and cultural change. Antoni said,

“When the Bible changes a person

it changes everything and has a

great impact on their world view.”

Belarus Bible Society has put the

illustrated Children’s Bible in

Libraries. Alexandra loves coming

to read it, “This is the only place I

can read the Children’s Bible in

Lifting the roof with praise

Pastor Antoni’s congregation are building

a new church. Not adjacent to his house

but around and above it!

While the work continues, they borrow

the premises of a much larger Pentecostal

Church for their Sunday worship. But

every Friday night congregation members

gather in Pastor Antoni’s living room after

work. They come to sing praise and offer

heartfelt prayers for the church and for

their country – Belarus. An immediate

neighbour of the Russian Federation, the

republic gained its independence just 19

years ago.

Like many of the Christians I met there

during a visit to the Bible Society of

Belarus their love for God was tangible.

After decades of Soviet rule and centuries

of foreign control, their prayers for their

country displayed a bold Christian vision.

Freedom, truth, justice and the Lordship

of Christ were the keynotes. And they

were willing to take risks for it. Pastor

Antoni has twice been arrested for leading

worship on unauthorised premises.

Many I spoke to in his congregation were

full of anticipation for the new Belarusian

Bible due to be released this Spring.

History lecturer Andrus Ounchak said, ‘We

had a golden age in the 16 th Century when

the Bible was at the heart of our public

life. Now, 400 years later, my hope is that

our society can be reborn around the


Lindsay Shaw, Creative Resources Officer

Belarusian.” Another girl, Tatiana, brought her Father and said, “Father you

should come and find out what God has for you.”


“We will turn the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power,

and the wonders he has done... Then they would put their trust in God” Psalm

78:4, 7.

Jill Veness

Somervell The Passion of Christ

On Passion Sunday (10 th April) the choirs of St Margaret’s Ditchling and Holy

Trinity Hurstpierpoint combined at Hurst to sing “The Passion of Christ” by Sir

Arthur Somervell, published in 1914. It is a more complex and intricate work

than the better-known and earlier (1887) “Crucifixion” by John Stainer, and

demands much more musicality,

range and sensitivity on the part of

singers and organist alike.

The narration of the story was wellpaced

and beautifully sung by tenor

Nick Chisholm, and the role of Christ

was movingly portrayed by bass Sam

Hancock. Other solo parts were sung

by Claire Ellis, Roger Green, Fran

Dowsett and others from the Choir of

Hurstpierpoint church.

The work concluded with Somervell’s

amazing setting of “Praise to the

Holiest in the Height” in which

organist Anthony Hancock

demonstrated the mighty power of

the Holy Trinity instrument, finishing

with a triumphant five-fold “AMEN”

which rang and echoed around the

rafters of the church.

“Dear Nick, Thank you so much for the

Passion of Christ at Hurst last evening.

It really was a most impressive and

moving performance which made for a

perfect start to Passiontide. We

thought that the two principal soloists

were excellent, the organ

accompaniment to be most

sympathetic and a lovely true soprano

voice. All that together with a really

powerful contribution from the choirs

and everything conducted with such

verve and sensitivity. Do pass on our

thanks and congratulations to all


Richard and Pam Allen

“That was fun! Can we do it again next


A choir boy who took part

The Beacon Churches “100 Club” 2011

The winners of the March Draw were Charles Forster and Rodney Dodds, both

receiving a prize of £20.


Beacon Parish Church Duties May 2011

Time Church Service Lessons Readers Sidesmen

1 2 nd Sunday of Easter

8am Ditchling

Eucharist Acts 2: 14a 22 - 32

BCP John 20: 19 - end

9.45am Ditchling

All-Age Acts 2: 14a -22 - 32

Eucharist John: 20: 19 - end

9.45am Westmeston Morning Exodus 14: 10 -end

Prayer 1 Peter 1: 3 - 9

3pm Ditchling Bereavement Service

8 3 rd Sunday of Easter

9.45am Ditchling Eucharist



15 4 th Sunday of Easter















6pm Westmeston Eucharist

22 5 th Sunday of Easter



29 6 th Sunday of Easter

9.45am Westmeston





Acts 2: 14a -36 - 41

Luke 24: 13 - 35

Acts 2: 14a 3- 41

Luke 24: 13 - 35

Flowers Streat: Sue Sewell

Westmeston: Lyn Bond

Margaret Margaret

Houston Houston


Carl Belfield

Penny Tyas

Doreen Kallman

Derek Walker

Brenda Hall

Flowers Streat: Sue Sewell

Westmeston: Lyn Bond

Di Martin

Nan Crofton

Judy Essex


Yeldham Sue Sewell

Vickey Brandon

Flowers Streat: Holly Maxwell-Gumbleton

Westmeston: Helen Firmin

Acts 2: 42 -end

John 10: 1 -10

Colin French Colin French

1 Peter 2: 19 -end

Joan Styles

Pam Allen

John 10: 1 - 10

Jane Roberts

1 Peter 2: 19 -end Derek Walker

John 10: 1 - 10 Sue Sewell

Sue Sewell

Carol Tester

1 Peter 2: 19 -end

Mark Moody-

John 10: 1 - 10


Shelia Tester

Flowers Streat: Holly Maxwell-Gumbleton

Westmeston: Helen Firmin

Acts 7: 55 - end

Ian Berrill

Ian Berrill Tony

John 14: 1 - 14


Acts 17: 22 - 31

John 14: 15 21

Flowers Streat: Lynette Walker

Westmeston: Brenda Hall


Paul Charman


Myrtle Skelton


Prayer Diary – May 2011

Feast Days

Prayer for the world church &

for this diocese

1 Easter 2 Papua New Guinea

Diocesan Overseas Council


2 George, c 304


New Hampshire (USA)

Stopham and Fittleworth

3 Mark the Evangelist New Jersey (USA)

Wisborough Green, St Peter

4 Philip and James, New Westminster (Canada)


Rural Deanery of Storrington

5 New York


6 Newark (USA)

Ashurst, St James, Steyning, St


7 Newcastle (England)

Beeding and Bramber with


8 Easter 3 Newcastle (Australia)

Inter faith team

9 Julian of Norwich,

Spiritual Writer,

c 1417

Ngbo (Nigeria)

Pulborough, St Mary

10 Nicaragua

West Chiltington

11 Niger Delta North


12 Pancras, Martyr, 304 Nike (Nigeria)

Storrington, St Mary

13 Nnewi (Province of the Niger)

Sullington and Thakeham with


14 Matthias, Apostle Nord Kivu (Congo)

Rural Deanery of Westbourne

Prayer Topic

Rosie and Richard being

married tomorrow

For Parents

John, Bishop of


For Lennie Beard whose

funeral is today

God’s guidance in the

appointment of a new

deputy head at St

Margaret’s School

Thanksgiving for music

United Nations World

Health Day

The Sussex Guild Craft

Fair in Ditchling

For reconciliation

That the Cross of Christ

may never be hidden

Thanksgiving for all that

helps us understand the






Feast Days

15 Easter 4


Mission and Renewal


16 Caroline Chisholm,


Prayer for the world church &

for this diocese

North Central Philippines


Bosham, Holy Trinity

17 North Dakota (USA) South Dakota

Chidham, St Mary

18 North Eastern Caribbean &


Compton, The Mardens,

Stoughton and Racton,

Stansted & Forestside

19 Dunstan, Archbishop

of Canterbury, 988

North Kerala (South India)

Westbourne, St John the


20 Alcuin of York, 804 North Queensland (Australia)

Funtington with Sennicotts,

West Stoke

21 Helena, 330 North West Australia

East Dean, Singleton and West


22 Easter 5 Northern Argentina

Finance department, Church


23 Northern California (USA)

Southbourne with West


24 John and Charles

Wesley, 1791 and


Northern Indiana (USA)

Archdeaconry of Lewes &

Hastings: Philip Jones, AD

25 The Ven Bede, 735 Northern Izon (Province of

Niger Delta)

Rural Deanery of Battle &


26 Augustine, 1st

Archbishop of

Canterbury, 605

Northern Luzon (Philippines)

Ashburnham with Penhurst

Prayer Topic


Unity over the issue of

Women Bishops

Those who preach

God’s blessing upon Holy


The Diocese

Those who are oblivious

to the story of Holy Week


For all who await


For missing loved ones

Resurrection of our Lord,


For rest

Young Christians


Feast Days

Prayer for the world church &

for this diocese

27 Northern Malawi

Battle, St Mary the Virgin

28 Lanfranc, monk, Northern Mexico

archbishop, scholar,


Bexhill, St Peter

29 Easter 6 Northern Michigan

Church House

30 Josephine Butler,

1906; Joan of Arc,


31 The Visit of the

Blessed Virgin Mary

to Elizabeth

Northern Philippines

Sidley, All Saints

Northern Territory (Australia)

Bexhill, St Mark

Prayer Topic

The Bereaved

Animal companions

For Heather and Aidan

being married today


Heart of Sussex walk – Sunday 26 th June 2011

It’s a double celebration this year, for the British Heart

Foundation. The South Downs sponsored walk comes of age.

This will be the 21 st Heart of Sussex Walk, and the BHF is now in

its 50th year. Hundreds of families, mums, dads, grannies,

grandpas, children and of course many dogs too have enjoyed

this spectacular walk over the South Downs.

There is a choice of four starting points, and all walkers finish in

Alfriston where there is a well earned BHF tea waiting. In

Alfriston there will also be minibuses to take you back to your starting point to

collect your car. You can choose to walk the full 21 miles from Clayton Windmills

or start at Falmer 15 miles, Southease 8 miles, or Firle 5 miles.

The mid Sussex Branch of the British Heart Foundation hope this will be their

biggest walk yet, so please come and join them on this fabulous family day out.

Some of the most ground-breaking, innovative and important achievements in

heart health research over the past 50 years have been made thanks to work

supported by the BHF.

For further details please look on where you can register on

line, or contact Simon Cartwright on 01444 482751 or our regional office 01892





For all your building requirements

OVER 25 YEARS Experience

• extensions

• loft conversions

• kitchen & bathroom specialist



Visit our website


For free advice and estimate

Call now 07961123054




An entertaining miscellany of music and song

Saturday 14 th May at 7 pm

In St Margaret’s Church, Ditchling

In Aid Of The Ruth Fund

The Programme will include

The Vivace! Choir

The Sussex Harmonisers

Letitia Keyes & Dionysios Kyropoulos - Opera

The Double Reed Dazzlers

Olivia Buckland - Viola

Flanders and Swann

The Organ

Raising funds for the education of the four Rwandan boys whose lives

were devastated by the Rwandan Genocide. Bernard the eldest boy

succeeded in gaining a First Class Degree at Makarere University. The

other brothers are endeavouring to follow in his footsteps.

Tickets £10

to include a glass of wine and canapés in the interval

available from Sue Hancock 01273 890298

There will be an auction of dinner for 10 people in your home

cooked by a Chef, Michelin starred, with Waitress service.

Food not included

We hope this will be as an enjoyable and well supported event as last year


Traidcraft Coffee Morning

Saturday May 7 th , 10 am – 12 noon

2 Ashurst Cottages, Plumpton.

All welcome

Encouraging Rural Ministry

Church and Countryside Conference 2011

Exploring the key challenges and opportunities with lay and

ordained ministry in the countryside today

Thursday 12 th May, 10 am to 4 pm

Sussex Rural Business Centre,

Plumpton College, BN7 3AE

Keynote speaker: Tim Gibson, author of

Church and Countryside: Insights from

Rural Theology.

Cost £5.00 per person,

bring your own lunch.

For more information or to book a place,

please contact Helen Swyer 01273 421021,


Streat Barn Garden

Saturday 14 May 9.30 am

Please come and help look after

Streat Barn Garden. An hour or two

is all it takes. Please bring any tools

you have. Refreshments will be


For more details please contact Fiona

01273 891145 or 07903 123326


Tuesday 31 st May 2011

Westmeston Parish Hall

starting at 7.15pm

Everyone is welcome to join

the friendly team of players.

The next whist drive will be

held on Tuesday 28 th June

For more details contact

Doreen Kallman on 844743


What’s On in May 2011

1 Sun Bereavement Service, St Margaret’s Ditchling p 3 3 pm

3 Tue

4 Wed

5 Thu

7 Sat

10 Tue

11 Wed

12 Thu

14 Sat

17 Tue

Ditchling Downs WI meeting, Friends Meeting

House, East Gardens, Ditchling

Bible Society Talk on the History of the King

James Bible, United Reformed Church, Hassocks

Ditchling WI meeting, Unitarian Church in the


p 19

p 6

p 19

7.30 pm

2.30 pm

Sing God’s Praises, St Margaret’s, Ditchling p 3 7 pm

Traidcraft coffee morning, 2 Ashurst Cottages,


Newick Decorative and Fine Art Society

lecture, Plumpton Village Hall

Frugal Lunch, Friends Meeting House

AGM of the Society, Ditchling

Village Hall’s Lower Hall

Church and Countryside Conference 2011,

Sussex Rural Business Centre, Plumpton

College, BN7 3AE

p 15

p 26

p 25

p 15

10 am

2.15 pm

12.30 pm

8 pm

10 am

Come and help look after Streat Barn Garden p 15 9.30 am

RSCM Sussex Area Festival, Chichester


Celebratory Concert in Aid of the Ruth

Fund, St Margaret's Church, Ditchling

Women’s Fellowship meeting, 16 Clayton

Road, Ditchling

18 - 21 The Ditchling Story, Ditchling Village Hall

19 Thu

Hurst Deanery Confirmation, St Peter's Church,


p 14

p 19

5.30 pm

7 pm

7.30 pm


31 Tue Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall p 15 7.15 pm


What’s On in June 2011

Ditchling Film Society film Bright Star, Ditchling Village

2 Thu


8 pm

9 Thu Peter Owen Jones, St Margaret’s Ditchling 7.30 pm

British Heart Foundation Heart of Sussex walk

26 Sun

Hurst Deanery Evensong, St Margaret’s church, Ditchling 6 pm

28 Tue Whist Drive, Westmeston Parish Hall 7.15 pm


BBC Presenter of

‘Around the World in Eighty Faiths’, ‘Extreme Pilgrim’ and

‘How to live a Simple Life’

Will be reading from his new book and taking questions

St Margaret’s Ditchling

Thursday 9 th June 7.30pm

Tickets £10

Includes refreshments

In aid of the Sri Lanka Orphanage Appeal


Ditchling Women’s Groups

Ditchling Downs WI

Our speaker for our April meeting was Romy McCabe whose talk was entitled ‘I

married the Vicar’. She started her talk by saying that she had been introduced

to her husband by a friend on a blind date when he was at theological college in

Cambridge. Seven months later they were married and she was thrust in at the

deep end as the wife of a curate with no training and very little understanding of

what the rest of her life was to be like. She was told that she should wear a hat!!

She found it very difficult when parishioners deferred to both her and her

husband deferentially, which was most unnatural. She obviously coped by

having a wry sense of humour which came out with her very interesting talk.

She and her husband are now retired and as she said they now know what a

weekend is.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd May at the Friends Meeting House,

East Gardens, Ditchling, 7.30 pm for 8 pm. Visitors are very welcome. Enquires

Tel. Barbara Dollings 01273 843892

Barbara Dollings

Ditchling WI

The speaker on Thursday 7 th April was Jonathon Fryer, who gave us a wonderful

and funny talk “The Humorous side of Acting”. He has worked with lots of

famous actors and actresses, spanning fifty five years, and gave us sketches of

comedians such as Rob Wilton and Jimmy Edwards etc. We also had a lovely

Easter Tea, the regular Flower of the Month and, for this meeting, a grand raffle.

We will be at the Unitarian Church in the Twitten (Ditchling) for our next

meeting on Thursday 5 th May at 2.30 pm when we have the WI Resolutions.

Visitors are very welcome.

Joan Sayer, 01273 845255

Women’s Fellowship

This month we look forward to a talk by Maralyn and Keith Hine on their work in

India. We will meet on Tuesday 17 th May at 7.30 pm at Jenny Bell’s home, 16

Clayton Road. Please will you let her know (01273 843194) if you are coming.

Pam Burr


1 st Ditchling Scout Group

Beavers – An indoor camp-fire was held one evening which will lead to the

opportunity of learning new camp-fire songs during the weeks ahead. For

Mothers’ Day, boys made decorated biscuits and presentation boxes. On a

warmer evening a Scavenger Hunt was held at Stoneywish followed by a

‘healthy’ picnic. The opportunity was taken to unveil the Beavers’ new activity t-

shirts which are going to be used during the summer.

Cubs – Thanks to Colin Jerrey an evening of football was held at Downlands

Community Centre. For Mothers’ Day, chocolate truffles were made under the

direction of Simon Hedger-Grace. The boys had a chance to enjoy an evening

with a theme of percussion instrument playing.

We congratulate Thomas Preston who has gained his Chief Scout’s Silver Award,

the highest award a Cub can gain.

Scouts – One evening was devoted to revising skills in First Aid and particularly

outdoor emergencies. Another night was a leather-work evening giving everyone

the opportunity to make for themselves new woggles. At the end of term a visit

to Andrew’s field gave everyone the chance to get ready for the summer with

fire-lighting and cooking hot dogs and burgers.

We congratulate both Douglas Porter and Freddie Sandercock who have gained

their Chief Scout’s Gold Award which is the highest award a Scout can gain. It is

planned that these badges will be presented at a special ceremony during our

forthcoming Cub/Scout Camp in April to be held at the Broadstone Warren Scout

Campsite in Ashdown Forest. We understand that our District Commissioner will

be visiting our camp.

Alec Gaskin, Group Chairman

The Final Move! from Canon John and Millie

I remember breathing a huge sigh of relief when on a lovely June day in 1998

and upon on my retirement from the Parish of Warnham, I moved into a flat in

Horsham. This was, I firmly believed, my last move, and where I would spend the

rest of my life. Praise the Lord, no more removal vans! Since joining the church I

had experienced no less than eight moves in the U.K, as well as moving to and

from Hong Kong, Tanzania, Thailand, and The Netherlands. This final move to

Horsham was I believed, definitely the last. (continued on page 23)


The Final Move (continued)

Not so! By the invitation of the Bishop of Horsham, Streat Rectory summoned

and with it eleven wonderful years of ministry amongst parishioners and friends.

Again with the blessing of the Bishop, we were later able to purchase the

Rectory convinced that this really would be our last watering hole.

But for many reasons, that is not to be. By the time you read this we will be

safely ensconced in No. 11 the Cedars, in St George’s Retirement Village. We

have so much to be thankful for. Still only four miles from Streat and

Westmeston means we can keep contact with all our old friends. We already

know many residents in the village, and look forward to meeting more. But the

icing on the cake is that I can continue my ministry to the C.of E. patients,

housed in Alzheimer wards in the grounds of St Georges. This includes fortnightly

Communion’s and visiting patients in their rooms if they are not able to attend

the services. St Georges comes within the boundary of the Beacon Parish, which

means Father David, can continue to use me if needed. I wait to see whether

there is an opportunity for further ministry amongst the Village community

itself. Vocation doesn’t cease with age, and as long as I am able, I am willing to

serve my Lord in any way that arises.

I praise God for the ministry he has afforded me during my time in Streat and

Westmeston. I am immensely proud of so many of my ex parishioners who are

playing important roles in the New Parish. I am also grateful that I have been

able to extend my ministry into Ditchling as and when the opportunity arose. .

During our years in Streat we have kept an open house ( I wonder just how

many cups of tea or coffee Millie has made during that time!) and would like to

assure you that the same welcome will be afforded to any who come to visit us

at No 11, The Cedars. But whether you come or not there will always remain a

place in our hearts and prayers for you all. You have meant so much to us, and

still do. We thank you for enriching our lives so wonderfully during the last

eleven years.

We take with us many memories and reminders of ministry .and expressions of

thanks. I treasure them all, but none more than the following.

A thank you to Canon John

Dear Canon John we’d like to say

Great big thanks to you today!

You made our children’s church such


You taught us all about God’s son

You helped us laugh and sing and pray

We’re going to miss you from today

Children’s Church, Streat, Sunday 28th January 2007.


But we understand you need a rest.

And we promise that we will do our best

To carry on our songs and praise

The way you taught us too

And so to end we’d like to say

God Bless you.

Ditchling Film Society

Please note we are not showing a film during May because of the Local Election

taking place in the Village Hall.

Therefore, our next film will be on Thursday, 2 June 2011 when we are showing

Bright Star, a beautifully crafted account of the poet John Keats’s romance with

Fanny Brawne. The film’s title is a reference to a sonnet by Keats - “Bright Star

would I were steadfast as thou art ….” which he wrote whilst he was with Fanny.

Set in London in 1818, the pair are initially at odds with one another but slowly

an intense and obsessive love affair develops between the 23 year old Romantic

poet Keats, (Ben Wishaw) and Fanny Brawne, (Abbie Cornish) a stylish

dressmaker. The secret affair is only revealed in 1865, ten years after Fanny’s

death. The film is defiantly unfashionable in its romantic treatment of their love

murdered by the false choice between love and art, and sacrificed to a petty

tangle of money worries, social scruples and irrelevant male loyalties.

Ravishingly filmed by Jane Campion, (of The Piano fame), the film with its

exquisite scenery, beautiful musical score and superb costumes is a feast for the

eyes. Quoting from the Guardian “very few films allow you to listen to the

sounds of silence between the lines of dialogue: the sounds of birdsong, or the

rustle of clothing, or footfalls in a country lane,” but this film does just that.

Director: Jane Campion. France/UK/USA 2009. 119 min.

The film will be shown in Ditchling Village Hall. The film starts at 8.00 pm. Doors

open at 7.30 pm. Free coffee and biscuits beforehand and ample free parking

behind the hall. Guests and temporary members are welcome for a small charge

payable at the door.

Rowena Cager and Melanie Samuel

AGM of the Society

You are cordially invited to the Annual General Meeting of the

Society to be held on Wednesday May 11 th in Ditchling Village Hall’s Lower Hall

at 8 pm.

Non-members who would like to know more about how the website functions or

the benefits that membership of the website society brings its members are very

welcome, with no pressure to join anything! Do come along and join the

discussion, with a glass of wine or juice to help things along.


We aim update you with progress in making the website more accessible and

user friendly and in making it more attractive to view. We will give you the

viewing statistics and information on how it is being used. We will tell you about

the facilities that the site has to offer that are being used and those that are

available but not being used as much they might be to your advantage.

Our plans for future developments will be outlined, and there will be the

opportunity for discussion. Any suggestions about how the website could be

improved will be very welcome.

We look forward to seeing you on May 11th. You enter the lower hall from the

same level as the car park at the rear of the building or via the short flight of

steps at the eastern end of the front of the hall building. For contact details see / Events.

John Willis, Chairman

Newick Decorative and Fine Art Society

Tuesday May 10 th at Plumpton Village Hall 2.15 pm

Francis Bacon, Lucien Freud and David Hockney were part of the quite

extraordinary art scene of 1960s London. Bacon’s tortured images depicted a

nightmarish world, his emotions tearing through the very canvases. Hockney’s

are kinder easier on the eye with their brilliant use of photographic collage and

Freud’s dispassionately portrayed the human form in all its glory and harsh


These three artists, above all others, shaped modern art in the latter half of the

20th Century. The lecturer is Michael Howard who is a practising artist, a painter,

sculptor, printmaker and ceramicist. He has exhibited at the Royal Academy and

his work is represented in the Manchester Art Gallery and in many private

collections here and abroad.

This will be a really exciting and intriguing lecture; we look forward to seeing

you! £5 on the door for non-members, tea and biscuits afterwards. If you

require any additional information please contact Marjorie Blunden 01825

723250 or Carole Burgon 01273 890301.

Annette Shelford


Nature Notes

Well Spring has arrived and with it all the wonders of Nature in the countryside.

These days of continuous sunshine in early April, have brought out the wayside

flowers and the associated butterflies. The world seems to be a far better place.

Blossoms have come out almost overnight and many of the signs that winter is

over are here. After only a few bright days the Orange Tip butterflies that lay

their eggs on the Lady’s Smock or Milkmaids plants were patrolling the waysides

which, for me is a sign of Spring equal to hearing the Cuckoo.

It cannot cease to amaze, me certainly, how accurately by date the summer

visiting birds arrive in this country. Many people keep records of the first date on

which the first sighting of each migrant is seen and they are remarkably similar

within a few days each year regardless of the weather. Probably a sustained

period of fine weather enables a large number to get here together whereas in a

spring with poor conditions though the first ones make the journey successfully,

the bulk of the population may arrive later.

I had the pleasure of again visiting Portland Bird Observatory at the beginning of

April when and where the migrants make their first landfall on this promontory

into the Channel. Being further west than Sussex, we found species less likely to

occur here in any numbers. The first bird we ringed was a male Pied Flycatcher,

followed by a male Redstart. Both these are worth checking in the reference

books as they are stunning.

We also ringed many Willow Warblers. Of interest was the fact that almost all of

these were also males, by their wing length, showing how the males migrate first

to find the best breeding territories and claim them before the arrival of the

females a few days later when established. By the plumage and wing lengths

many of these were of the northern population that breed far up in Scotland or


As I write this in the second week of April, the Swallows have returned to the

stable yards and several Nightingales can be heard down the woods. A good

place to hear them is beside Streat Lane opposite Sandpit Cottages where three

or four are singing strongly. Being only single brooded, they finish singing by the

first week of June.

If any of you are fortunate and have Swallows breeding in any outhouses that

are within reasonable reach and would like the young to be ringed with rings

carrying the address of the British Museum and a unique number so that they

can be traced anywhere in the world, please contact me on 890070 when the

nestlings are quite small. The best time would be when the first dropping appear

under the nest,

Reg Lanaway


The Beacon in the Past

Below are excerpts from previous issues of the Ditchling Beacon.

40 years ago

In his letter for May 1971, the Vicar commented on the recent Annual Church

Meeting. “These were, I think, good and certainly well attended.” At the meeting

he churchwardens referred to “the condition of the churchyard wall on the West

Street frontage. Owing to recent deterioration emergency measures will be

necessary”. The Electoral Roll at that time “stood at 231 names”.

Much of the time was taken up with financial affairs and last year “there was a

deficit of £250 on the general account and all our reserves had had to be

ploughed into the Vestry Fund”. The Vicar pointed out that “we will really need

to increase out annual income by at least £400 in order to remain solvent”. He

and the Treasurer “made urgent appeals for more Church members to make

covenants”, particularly as at the income tax rate at the time “£1 covenanted is

worth £1.63p to the Church”.

New Vestry

In addition the vestry was proving more costly than had been expected and “the

final overall cost of the vestry could be as high as £8,000, an increase of £1,700

on the original estimate”. A total of £5,150 was available meaning that up to a

further £2,650 was urgently needed.

Football Club

The committee of the recently formed football club included the Vicar as

Chairman and Mr Lovegrove, St Margaret’s organist and choirmaster, as Vice-

Chairman. The club was formed with “11 boys and steadfastly grew to a

satisfactory 16”. Out of seven matches played they won two, lost four and drew


British Legion

To celebrate the 50 th Anniversary of the British Legion the Ditchling Branch

organised a “Drumhead Service to be held on the Village Green at 3.00 p.m. on

Sunday, 23rd May”. The service “will be available to all denominations and be

conducted by their Padre, the Rev. A. Way, supported by the Choir and the Bexhill

British Legion Band”.

20 years ago

The Vicar included a letter from the Parish Priest of St Edward and St Luke, part

of which is reproduced here:

“As Easter approaches I am writing to offer best wishes and prayers to you and

your congregation from the Catholic Community of St. Edward the Confessor,


Keymer and St. Luke, Hurstpierpoint. Many of our people have been involved

during Lent in ecumenical groups of one kind or another and have found them

enormously enriching.”

“During his recent visit to our parish, our Bishop once again emphasised the

importance of the work for Christian Unity, and I know that out people are

anxious to find new ways of working closely together.”

900 th Anniversary

The organisation of celebrations for the 900 th anniversary of the founding of

Ditchling Parish “have now been put by the Parochial Church Council into the

hands of Mrs. Virginia Broadbent who will be responsible for coordinating, and

in some cases planning, the events which will mark this important year in the life

of the village”.

Flagpole and Seat

The Vicar mentioned that the “flag-pole base has been refixed and very soon we

should have the pole itself gracing the mound by the South Porch. Joy Sinden and

her family are arranging to replace a seat near by which is a memorial to their

parents. There will be a suitable brick base to prevent wear to the grass and to

provide an all-weather surface for the enjoyment of visitors.”

Graham Sharpless

Specialists in Landscape Planning

Garden Construction Waterscape Landscape

& Waterscape Maintenance Service



TEL: (01273) 843283, FAX: 842335

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Newsagents & Stationers

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Greetings cards Stationery

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For practical services

from friendly people

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Inheritance tax planning

Family matters

Services for businesses

32-34 Keymer Road, Hassocks

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If you would like to contribute to our magazine on church and village

community matters, or receive further copies, please get in touch with:

Graham Sharpless, 23 North Court, Hassocks, BN6 8JS

Tel: 01273 845368 E-mail:

Copy deadline for the June 2011 edition is

Friday 20 th May

Contributions should, where possible, be sent by email to the email

address above either in the body of the email or as a Microsoft Word

file. For events please ensure that all necessary details are included,

such as title, venue, date, time, ticket prices and availability.

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