Biometrics Brochure - West Virginia Department of Commerce

Biometrics Brochure - West Virginia Department of Commerce

West Virginia Provides Access to:

Biometrics Markets

• Cutting-edge Biometrics Research

• Skilled Biometrics Work Force

• Lower Operating Costs

• A Quality Lifestyle

West Virginia is your best access point for succeeding in the highly

competitive global biometrics market. The state’s thriving cluster of large

and small biometric companies, government agencies, university research

facilities and business resources create an environment that ensures

profitable success.

This rapidly growing West Virginia network of identification-based science

and biometrics technology also provides major opportunities to form

partnerships that will enhance your business capabilities and growth.

Concentrated in north-central West Virginia, this unique area was referred

to as the “Silicon Valley of America’s biometrics activity” by Wes Bush,

President and COO of the Northrop Grumman Corporation.

The East Coast location provides convenient access to major U.S. markets,

including Washington, D.C., and government agencies in need of biometrics


West Virginia’s biometrics enterprises enjoy competitive advantages as a result of

lower operating costs and cost of living:

West Virginia’s cost of doing business is 12.9 percent below the U.S. average

West Virginia has the nation’s third lowest employee turnover rate, according to

the 2006 U.S. Census Bureau

• The state has the second lowest industrial electricity costs in the United States

• The state’s cost-of-living is over 4% below the national average, according to

the American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association

Qualified graduates of the country’s first biometrics degree program at

West Virginia University are available to help start or expand your business.

West Virginia also is home to a relaxed lifestyle, beautiful landscape and an

abundance of outdoor recreational resources, making it the ideal place to live and

do business.

World-Class Biometrics and

Identity Management Assets

The concentration of biometrics and identity-management assets within

West Virginia is unequalled in the world. Together, companies, government

agencies, research universities and technology business services form a

comprehensive source of information and provide resources that enable your

business to exceed its goals.

Government Agencies

Biometric Research

West Virginia University

World-class academic programs and cutting-edge research make WVU a recognized

international leader in the field of biometrics and identity management.

Biometrics Degree Program

Companies and agencies in West Virginia take advantage of the first U.S.

Biometric Systems undergraduate degree program, which provides students

and future workers the foundation necessary to design, implement and

evaluate automated biometric systems.

At the graduate level, WVU offers two programs, a Graduate Certificate in

Information Assurance and Biometrics and for certain Masters level programs,

students can pursue an emphasis area in biometrics.

• Center for Identification Technology Research (CITeR)

CITeR was the first in the United States to be funded by the National Science

Foundation as an Industry/University Cooperative Research Center. Focusing

on biometrics identification technology, CITeR is where industry, government

and academia join together to provide advanced biometrics research solutions.

The CITeR has enabled WVU to be the lead academic partner for the FBI’s new

Biometric Center of Excellence.

• Biometric Knowledge Center (BKnC)

The goal of the BKnC is to foster and facilitate biometrics research, working

with state and federal agencies to expand biometric opportunities and growth.

• Office of Technology Transfer

Assisting companies in commercializing biometrics knowledge and intellectual

property, this office also helps companies access the university’s extensive

biometrics resources.

Marshall University

The Marshall University Forensic Science Center is dedicated to providing the

highest quality forensic analysis and is the first university to partner with a state

crime laboratory on the CODIS database.

• The Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) is a West Virginia database

that enables federal, state and local crime labs to exchange and compare

electronic DNA profiles, linking crimes to convicted offenders. Marshall

University’s CODIS Laboratories receive bar-coded, anonymous samples and

create distinct DNA profiles.

• Through a Master of Forensic Science degree program, students have access

to state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality faculty. The Science Center

employs one of the most skilled DNA work forces in the country, consisting

entirely of Forensic Science graduates.

FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division


Located in Clarksburg, W.Va., CJIS has the largest biometric database in the

world. The Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System developed by

Lockheed Martin, contains the fingerprints and corresponding criminal history

information of more than 53 million subjects.

Department of Defense Biometrics Fusion Center (BFC)

The BFC is the biometrics technology center of excellence for the U.S. Army. The

Clarksburg, W.Va., facility performs test and evaluation of Commercial Off-the-

Shelf (COTS) biometrics and is synchronizing and integrating existing and new

technologies throughout the Department of Defense.

FBI Biometric Center of Excellence

The new Biometric Center of Excellence in Clarksburg, W.Va., was created by the

FBI Science and Technology Branch to coordinate biometric and identity management

activities within the FBI. The Center will facilitate research, development and

training relative to biometric technology and systems.

Bioscrypt’s VisonAccess 3D Face Reader during Qualified Product

List performance tests by Biometric Services International LLC

National Biometric Security Project (NBSP)

Biometric Services International, LLC (BSI)

The NBSP is a leading biometric testing, training and acquisition support organization.

Established after the events of September 11, 2001, to increase national

security and personal identity protection through biometrics, NBSP continues

to serve as an independent organization that provides unbiased support of the

biometrics industry.

The NBSP pioneered the concept of independent biometric product certification,

a process known as Qualified Product List (QPL).

• Biometric Services International, located in Morgantown, W.Va., is a

wholly-owned subsidiary of NBSP. Its operations support government and

private sector clients that have responsibilities for national security and civil

infrastructure protection. BSI is the only facility in the world exclusively

dedicated to biometrics that has achieved ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Biometric Experimentation and Advanced Concepts

Center (BEACON)

Lockheed Martin has been a pioneer and world leader in advancing biometrics

technology. The company designed and maintains the FBI’s Integrated

Automated Fingerprint Identification System in Clarksburg, W.Va., and

has received a billion-dollar FBI contract to develop the Next Generation

Identification system.

The new system will incorporate palm print, iris and facial recognition capabilities

and multi-modal fusions, combining analysis of more than one biometric

for greater certainty of matches.

• BEACON was opened in White Hall, W.Va., by Lockheed Martin to serve as a

cooperative center for biometrics research.

The BEACON Center brings together Lockheed Martin staff, customers and

industry partners to develop integrated biometrics and identity management

solutions. The BEACON Center will support the Next Generation Identification


Biometrics and Technology Business Services

West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation


The WVHTC is focused on training and supporting the high-technology industry

through commercialization services, business collaboration, capitalization

assistance, technology management and world-class office and lab space.

• Criterian Independent Labs

This initiative of the WVHTC evaluates Information Assurance (IA) technology

products to validate vendor security claims and make the software eligible for

Department of Defense use.

• INNOVA Commercialization Group

INNOVA provides business development services required to take biometrics

products from prototype to market. Services include technical assistance

resources, business support services and Small Business Innovative Research

(SBIR) assistance.

West Virginia Biometrics Initiative (WVBI)

The WVBI is an initiative of the I-79 Development Council, a regional economic

development organization. The WVBI enhances the biometrics industry in

West Virginia by developing basic-knowledge infrastructure, building regional

capability and creating biometrics marketing and branding strategies.

The goal of the WVBI is to have local industries and other partners collaborate on

every major federal biometrics Request for Proposal.


National Technology Transfer Center (NTTC)

Through technology evaluation and market assessment, the NTTC, located in

Wheeling, W.Va., determines a technology’s commercial potential. The NTTC

offers information technology support for knowledge management and integrated

solutions for the collection, analysis and distribution of information for government

agency and public service needs.

Northrop Grumman National Work Force Center

Northrop Grumman Corporation, a global defense and technology company,

opened a National Work Force Center in Fairmont, W.Va., in September, 2007.

The center is part of a new initiative by the company to provide high-quality,

cost effective technology centers within the United States. It will develop

software and troubleshoot technical problems for clients.

Begin a Profitable Partnership with

West Virginia

West Virginia is ready to deliver the resources and work force necessary

for your biometrics initiatives to succeed. With the assistance of one of the

world’s most dynamic and leading biometrics clusters in the world, West

Virginia is ready to partner with you.

The West Virginia Small Business Development Center (WVSBDC) has

technology expertise to assist companies focused on innovation and the

transfer of technology from idea to commercial product. The Small Business

Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)

programs will assist organizations with proposal preparation.

The West Virginia Development Office can support your business by providing

a comprehensive assistance package:

• An Economic Opportunity Tax Credit for qualified companies to offset up to

80 percent of specified business taxes for a period of up to 13 years

• A Strategic Research and Development Tax credit that allows for up to 100

percent tax offset for R&D projects. R&D expenses are exempt from sales


• A tax credit for high-tech manufacturing businesses to offset 100 percent

of the Business Franchise Tax and 100 percent of the Corporate Net

Income tax for 20 consecutive years

• Low-interest direct business loans from the West Virginia Economic Development

Authority [WVEDA] for business location or expansion projects

• Low-interest financing for qualified public or private entities through the

West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council

• Training solutions to meet your specific needs, including the Governor’s

Guaranteed Work Force Program. The state offers analysis of labor availability,

recruitment, assessment, evaluation and candidate screening based

upon your criteria

“It’s clear that the north-central region

of the state is the Silicon Valley of

America’s biometrics activity.”

Wes Bush

President and COO, Northrop Grumman Corporation

A graduate student at WVU demonstrates the use of iris scan technology

Convenient Access to Washington, D.C., and

Major Industrial Centers

West Virginia’s strategic location is within overnight driving distance of half the

U.S. population and about one-third of the Canadian market.

The state’s highway system includes six interstate routes, providing strategic

access to transshipment points by rail, water and air to meet advanced “just-intime”


Many successful companies like Toyota, DuPont, Bayer, and Mylan,

Inc., have already discovered a profitable place to do business, a high quality of

life and a beautiful state.

Today, the expanding West Virginia biometrics market, with its world-class research

capabilities, facilities and resources is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Contact us at 1-800-982-3386 or and discover what

West Virginia can do for your biometrics business.

Photos are courtesy of Lockheed Martin Corporation, West Virginia University, WVU Center

for Identification Technology Research, Bioscrypt Inc., and National Biometric Security

Project and Biometric Services International, LLC.

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