JPIIHS View Book/Brochure - John Paul II HS

JPIIHS View Book/Brochure - John Paul II HS

“Seek to Serve”


“I make my own the words of Saint Paul: ‘I have

great confidence in you, I have great pride in you;

I am filled with encouragement, I am overflowing

with joy...’ (2 Cor. 7:4).”

— His Holiness Pope John Paul II

“Every day at John Paul II High School has its

successes, challenges, and opportunities for

learning more than I ever imagined. It has

helped me build a strong foundation for college

and whatever else I pursue throughout my life.”

At John Paul II High School, we believe

in the balanced development of mind,

spirit and body. John Paul II High School is

a coeducational, Catholic, college preparatory

school, sponsored by the Diocese of Dallas that

opened its doors in 2005. Our community is

a diverse body of students and educators that

strives for excellence, values individuality, fosters

a passion for learning, assists students who

hear Christ’s call to religious or teaching vocations, encourages

Christian service, and instills a respect for others.

John Paul II High School Students

John Paul II High School students are scholars, athletes, and

artists. They excel in many areas, meeting and exceeding the varied

challenges facing young people today. They are able to perform in

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such exemplary ways through the support and guidance of our gifted

faculty, coaches and staff, who provide inspiration, confidence, and

resources necessary for success. Our teachers are committed to their

profession and approach their calling with commitment and love.

We are dedicated to helping our students identify and cultivate their

unique gifts. Students are able to explore a variety of opportunities

throughout their academic careers, discovering their own personal

strengths along the way. They are encouraged

through our philosophy of individualized attention

and our low student-to-faculty ratio.

An Exceptional Place of Learning

John Paul II High School is an exceptional place

of learning, dedicated to providing a superior

spiritual, academic, athletic, and artistic

experience in a competitive college preparatory

environment and committed to creating Catholic

leaders. Virtually all John Paul II High School students are college

bound, focused and ready to make an impact on both the local and

global levels.

“ There are many paths that students might

take. My job is to guide them along the right

path, and open the doors to their options.”

One of John Paul II High School’s greatest assets is a commitment

to academic excellence, as demonstrated by the remarkable faculty.

Several members of the faculty are Advanced Placement (AP)

consultants or readers in their respective fields. They serve as

expert presenters, seminar trainers or readers for AP college-board

curriculum courses. Highly skilled and accomplished in their fields,

the faculty overall demonstrates a passion for knowledge which guides

the students in their pursuit of a love of learning.

John Paul II High School Teacher

“My teachers at John Paul II High School have

generously given of their time, knowledge, and

their faith in my potential. They have helped

me discover my own talents and taught me how

to deliver on those talents. Now, I am ready and

prepared for the next step.”


Learn, think, decide, communicate: to become a

productive and responsible citizen, dedicated to selfless

service to God and community.

John Paul II High School Student Creed

Our goal is to graduate students who will

be leaders and critical thinkers, committed

to service, and rooted in their Roman

Catholic faith. While here, we want our students

to explore their talents and potential. Knowing

that all are given special gifts and talents by God,

they are able to take risks. Having learned the

importance of living a mindful and gracious life,

they will set forth to live the example of love and

hard work, prepared to extend themselves, transcend

expectations, and demonstrate their belief in God as they navigate

the challenges of the 21st century.


John Paul II High School’s curriculum is a rigorous four-year college

preparatory program designed to meet the most exacting requirements for

entrance into colleges and universities across the globe. John Paul II High

School prepares students for their next step in the continuous educational

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process. It is an important and valuable experience in personal growth —

intellectual, physical, moral, and most importantly spiritual.

We offer more than 35 pre-advanced placement and

advanced placement courses. These courses are, as

are all our courses, based on national standards. We

encourage all our students to experience the advanced

placement model at some level as an opportunity

to gain exposure to college level courses and

requirements. Courses are also offered at the college

preparatory level.

Cutting-edge Technology

All students have a tablet laptop so they can fully utilize the best-in-class

wireless and multimedia technologies incorporated throughout the

campus. Our JPII-Net allows teachers to post homework assignments,

test scores, and other information that students and parents can access

using a code issued by the school. All students have a school email

account that gives them 24/7 contact with classmates, teachers, and the

administration. In addition, the school uses the DyKnow program that

allows for collaborative real-time sharing of information, notes, and

lesson plans among the students and between teacher and student.

“ It was for God’s faithful people to make creative

use of the new discoveries and technologies for the

benefit of humanity and the fulfillment of God’s

plan for the world.”

— His Holiness Pope John Paul II

Students use both traditional textbooks and electronic books

throughout their years at John Paul II High School.

John Paul II High School Fine Arts Department

John Paul II High School has a comprehensive Fine Arts Department

that encompasses art, band, choir, dance, drama, musical theatre, and

orchestra. The Fine Arts Department strives to give the students of

John Paul II High School a broad spectrum of opportunities that allow

them to explore many different avenues of artistic expression.

Each discipline of John Paul II High School's Fine Arts program

covers a wide variety of techniques and genres with key emphasis on

performance, production and creative problem-solving.

“As I watch our students walk through the halls

of John Paul II High School, I am moved by their

kindness and humbled by their intellect. Their

ability to help at the community level through

their Christian Service is evident; but I am

encouraged about the future. Their potential to

help, and ultimately, heal our world is immense.”


We will make a difference in the world by walking

in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II.

John Paul II High School Vision Statement

The John Paul II High School community

is committed to helping students deepen

their Roman Catholic faith. Although John

Paul II High School is a Catholic school, all faiths are

respected and all students are encouraged to deepen

their relationship with God.

Spiritual Life

Our theology program helps root all students in the

sources of the Catholic faith as they investigate the

purpose and history of the Church, as well as the

moral and social justice principles which guide a

Christian in making decisions. Our campus ministry department

complements the mission of the school and theology department by

helping students develop their personal relationship with God through

Mass and the Sacraments. The Eucharistic Celebration is held on a

regular basis with the entire school population. In everything we do,

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our students will see God present. And, in particular, He is present in

our student body — present in the gifts He has given them.

Class retreats play an important role in the spiritual development

of the students at John Paul II High School. Students are given the

opportunity to build lasting relationships with their classmates while

they explore their faith.

Students also have numerous opportunities to participate in a variety

of clubs and organizations. There is a venue for all students to become

an integral part of the life of the school and develop their individual

leadership skills. Students are encouraged to start new clubs and

organizations within their interest areas.

“ To develop leaders who are critical thinkers and

effective communicators, committed to service and

rooted in faith.”

John Paul II High School Mission Statement

Christian Service

At John Paul II High School, students are introduced

to Christ’s imperative to serve the needy and the

marginalized. We teach this mission and the theology

that supports it in the classroom, and through action.

Accordingly, we require students in each grade level

to participate in our Christian Service program.

Supervised by the Christian Service Coordinator, the

program complements their academic experience by assisting students

to develop an orientation towards Christian service. Each year

students volunteer at such service sites as nursing homes, hospitals,

soup kitchens, half-way houses, and schools in an effort to reflectively

live out what all are commanded to do as Christians. Armed with

confidence in their abilities and grounded in strong faith, John Paul II

High School students seek to serve. And serve they do — with more

than 20,000 hours of volunteer service each year.


“ Young pilgrims, Christ needs you to enlighten

the world and to show it the ‘path to life’ (Psalm

16:11). The challenge is to make the Church’s ‘yes’

to life concrete and effective.”

— His Holiness Pope John Paul II

“Sports at John Paul II High School have taught

me the value of teamwork and leadership. Our

coaches inspire us to help others be successful

whether it’s in the classroom or on the field.

To them what resides in our hearts is just as

important as our athletic potential. It’s this

philosophy that will help us win at everything

we do.”

At John Paul II High School, we believe

athletics are an important aspect of wellrounded

students, encouraging and

stretching them in ways that benefit them

both emotionally and physically. We also

believe that students learn life lessons on the field

of competition, helping them become the leaders

of tomorrow as they learn how to win and lose

with integrity and honor. As they learn the rules of

their sport, as they practice to improve their own

performance, as they prepare to deal with their

opponents, they see the value of preparation —

in every endeavor, not just in sports. Through athletics, students also

see the value of teamwork, learning responsibility and accountability

as they see firsthand how teammates interact and how the actions of

one affect the whole team. And most importantly, they learn how to

act unselfishly for the benefit of others.

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Fulfilling Potential

The John Paul II High School approach to athletics is identical to

the school’s educational philosophy. The goal is always for students

to learn more about themselves, to recognize their

talents and to develop them. The coaches and staff

provide them with individualized attention and

guidance in helping each student fulfill his or her

potential. Our coaches also serve as excellent role

models, providing leadership and direction to help

student-athletes reach their goals.


John Paul II High School fields teams in 14 sports

and participates in local, regional, and state

competitions. Many of the teams have won or placed

at a district, regional, or state level. John Paul II High

School teams compete with other private schools through the Texas

Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS).

The campus offers two competition gymnasiums, a fully equipped

cardiovascular and weight training center, a new Olympic style track and

field complex and a football/soccer field as well as other athletic facilities.

“ We are able to combine daily school life with an

extra layer of guidance and love, following the

example of Pope John Paul II and given to

us by Jesus Christ. It is here that John Paul

II High School truly sets itself apart. ”

John Paul II offers the following athletic programs:



Cross Country (boys & girls) Basketball (boys & girls)

Soccer (boys & girls)


Swimming (boys & girls) Baseball


Track (boys & girls)

Tennis (boys & girls)

Golf (boys & girls)

Drill Team


— Thomas W. Poore, M.Ed.

President of John Paul II High School


We hope to hear from you.

Please join us in our pursuit of educational excellence.

Our graduates are leaders and critical thinkers

committed to service and rooted in their Catholic

faith. While here, they have explored their talents and

potential. Knowing that all are given special gifts and

talents by God, they are able to take risks. Having

learned the importance of living a mindful and

gracious life, they are prepared to set forth to live the example of love

and hard work.

We invite you to explore our school community where students are

encouraged to learn, think, decide, and communicate to become

responsible citizens dedicated to selfless service to God and community.

If you or someone you know is interested in the excellent college

preparatory education provided by John Paul II High School, please let

us know.

“What I believe my experience at John Paul II

High School has taught me is simple — to be

a servant leader and inspire others to use their

gifts for the good of this world.”

John Paul II High School

900 Coit Road

Plano, Texas 75075


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“ The future of the world and

of the Church belongs to the

younger generation, those

born in this century, who will

reach maturity in the next. ”

— His Holiness Pope John Paul II, 1994

John Paul II High School

900 Coit Road • Plano, Texas 75075

Phone: 972-867-0005 • Fax: 972-867-7555

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