annual report 2010-2011.qxd - Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood ...

annual report 2010-2011.qxd - Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood ...

Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre

Annual Report


Message From The Chairperson & The Executive Director

"The world is not dangerous because

of those who do harm but because of

those who look at it without doing

anything" Albert Einstein

2010-2011 was a tremendous year for

Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre

(BBNC). It was a year of growth and

consolidation. It was a year of planning

and preparation. It was a year in which we

defined our identity as a neighbourhood

centre and as a service provider. It was a

year where the future was least

for the next three years. Since our days as

the Phyllis Griffiths Neighbourhood

Centre we have defined ourselves as an

organization leader in social inclusion and

community engagement. This year we

began our operating year with a series of

consultations, we asked our membership to

participate, and many did. The

consultation focused on what direction the

neighbourhood centre should take as we

move forward. Our previous strategic

planning process was already 4 years old,

ending in 2009 and BBNC had more or

less achieved, what we had set to achieve

during such period.

Planning for the period of 2011-2014 has

been challenging as we are facing changes

at municipal, provincial and federal levels.

There has a deep recession and continuing

economic uncertainty, the likes of which

we have not seen since the early 20th

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century. On the positive side our

organization is being recognised for our

work with underrepresented groups.

Internally there were also deep changes.

We are being challenged to become more

engaged within the community; from

partnering with sister organizations and

delivering programs to constituencies we

traditionally have not served within a

community that is in constant change.

Our staff and board of directors

encouraged by a group of key volunteers

engaged BBNC in a long, ambitious and

much more detailed consultation and

uncompromising planning process. We

appreciated the dedication and passion of

so many members who actively

participated in the focus groups and

completing surveys we sent out. After the

consultation, there was a retreat on a cold

Saturday in January 2011, the outcome of

Message From The Chairperson & The Executive Director

all of these efforts was our new strategic

direction. You can see our new vision,

mission and strategic direction posted in

both our locations.

There are no surprises that BBNC will

continue working in a tradition of

community development. One of the new

priorities is our determination that BBNC

will become a nucleus of community

engagement and social inclusion. Some of

the participants considered that although

our centre is doing its part in the

development of strategies to be inclusive,

BBNC must become a leader in

community engagement and social


Our new mission statement, our vision and

our strategic directions reflect this

determination. We are pleased to report

that we finished the year with a positive

balance of commitment and dedication.

We have a robust staff group, an

enthusiastic core of volunteers and a

visionary board of directors. We are

looking forward to the implementation

face of the new strategic planning and


Stephanie Whittick

Chair Person, Board of Director

Enrique Robert,

Executive Director

Cover photo: Summer Drop-In Arts Camp participants 2010

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Child And Family Programs

The past year was a hallmark one in the

province of Ontario with the much

anticipated commencement of full day

Kindergarten in September 2010 for 4 and 5

year old children, which is slated to be fully

implemented within 5 years. In view of that

change, the early childhood field for children

from infancy to 3 years, 8 months is in a

position of ambiguity and dismay in all

sectors of programming and services

including child care and family support

programs. Fortunately, in year one of this

transition BBNC's preschool sector did not

receive any negative impacts, although we

foresee many future challenges with

unpredictable government funding resources.

We all can only hope that all levels of

government will get it right for the well being

of young children and their families!


As much as society is always changing and

moving forward, some things remain the

same. Two decades from the initial

introduction of the Family Resource Centre

to the community, the programs, services and

support network continues to operate based

on the need and interest for families to come

together in meaningful ways. During our last

fiscal year, we successfully worked together

with 443 families and 453 children for a

combined group of 896 participants.


As funding stability from the province

persists, OEYC programs continue for

children and families with no associated user

fees and naturally generate a result of high

demand. Consequently, many families and

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particularly the most vulnerable populations,

such as those living in poverty are being

turned away at the doors of Centre's by the

lack of spaces available to register and

participate. This same theme plays out here

at BBNC, as we frequently are challenged by

full classes and waiting lists. In addition, over

the last year we have serviced 359 individuals,

which are twice as many children and

families as the funding provided stipulates.

As an organization, we do our best to

continue to advocate for increased funding

to meet the needs of its community



BBNC was pleased to offer unique programs

like Telling Tales, Art Start and Teeter Tots

to 80 children. Although off to a slow start

in September, our Nursery School

registration picked up the pace quickly and

we celebrated the calendar year by providing

a wonderful program that supports and

promotes Kindergarten readiness skills to 77

children. Polliwogs and Tadpoles summer

camp staff offered 8 weeks of exciting

theme based programming that included

community outings to 60 children aged 3-5


We are thankful for the continued support of

our funders and our loyal partners, and

grateful to our staff, instructors and

volunteers for their enthusiasm and devotion

to BBNC and the families that we serve.

Linda Driscoll

Manager, Child & Family Programs

Youth and Employment Programs


Capacity building and the arts were mainstays

of youth engagement over the past year. An

average of 42 youth per day visited the

centre. Through a project called Fresh Eyes,

over 27 youth increased learning of antioppression

practices. Using workshops and

civic engagement, youth bridged differences

in identity and created a project video. The

drop-in now has stronger norms for creating

an oppression-free youth space.

Through funding by Toronto Public Health,

the drop-in promoted healthy lifestyle

choices for youth by running Project PSA.

This anti-smoking project engaged over 20

diverse youth through workshops and their

creation of anti-smoking PSA posters and


Youth of our youth advisory, Youth

Unleashed and our girls group, Leading

Ladies served as an amazing team. They

provided creative leadership to key projects

and community involvements while

accumulating great skills and volunteer hours.


Through a photography project, our

integrated Camp ONE offered youth a

pictorial way to capture lived experience.

Some of their artful photos now beautify our

space. The drop-in also offered an alternative

camp for youth with disabilities.


Thanks to Volunteer Toronto, the drop-in

underwent a beautiful makeover, awarded

through a $10,000 grant donated by SAPP

Canada. A total paint job approved by our

youth and brand new furnishings have made

the space a warmer, more welcoming space

for engaging neighbourhood youth.

Our staff team thanks the United Way, the

Youth Challenge Fund, the City of Toronto

for supporting us to guide area youth to

successful life pathways.

David Meyers,

Manager, Integrated Programs


This past year was one of "struggle and

economic strife" across all employment

service sectors, with changes in services

province-wide, the Youth Employment

Project continues to ensure that youth facing

multiple barriers have the opportunities to

enhance and develop their life-skills and preemployment

skills during their 4 week

session. As part of our services we are able

to provide capacity building workshops

which assist participants in finding

employment or returning to school.

In 2010/11, we worked with over 130 youth

who benefited from individual counselling,

group workshops, capacity building skills and

resume development. Within our year of

service 94% of participants completed our

project. The ongoing success has been

possible in part to the collaboration of the

community partners and assessment centres -

AYCE (Alternative Youth Centre for

Employment), Operation Springboard,

Toronto Public Health, Churches by the

Bluffs: Food Bank, Toronto Legal Aide

Services and YMCA Scarborough

Employment and Newcomer Services.

Sheldon Monroe

Youth Employment Project Co-ordinator

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Fitness & Wellness, Older Adult Programs



Our fitness and wellness programs

continue to be well attended. Those

programs that are not will be monitored

to see if it makes sense to keep them

running. This will give us an opportunity

to replace them with programs that will

be of more interest to a greater

population. Due to the impact of HST

and the fact that program fees have not

been changed in many years, it has

become necessary to analyze our fee

structure. As a result fitness and wellness

programs have experienced a fee increase

starting in the Fall of 2010. It should be

noted that we have tried to keep the

increase to less than $1.00 per class. For

those members that find this to be a

hardship, the Subsidy Application remains

available. Through popular request, we

have been able to add a couple of

additional classes to our Fall lineup. These

include QiGong, Dance Fit and

Aquafitness classes. We have also added 2

new classes in the form of Zumba and

Shallow Water Workout. We are always

interested in new ideas for classes, and are

always looking for new instructors. Please

forward any ideas to Judy at

Judy Foremski, Coordinator Fitness

and Wellness Programs


This past year has seen some changes in

Older Adult Programs. The return of

our Coordinator, Maureen Wilkins has

been ecstatically received by the members

and she has settled back into the

responsibilities of her job as if she had

never been absent. Her return coincided

with the start of our new "Lunch &…."

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program that provides a nutritious and

delicious lunch before entertaining our

guests with an informative workshop, a

game of bingo, or some trivia. The

program is so popular that it often has a

waiting list. Also popular among our

members is our "Craft for a Cause"

program; where needle-workers gather to

create hand-crafted items for charities that

can use their talents. Our holiday lunch

entertainment was spectacular this past

year - all the Centre gathered for an

educational and fun performance by

drummers, singers, and dancers from the

Native Canadian Centre.

Fitness and wellness programming is

working to keep our over 200 older adult

members staying as active as possible.

Through fitness programs, the health and

wellness workshops, and the informative

resources available at our annual Health

and Wellness Fair, BBNC older adult

members are maintaining their abilities

longer and living healthier and more

active lives.

The next year looks bright for Older

Adult Programs. The recent formation of

our Seniors Social Committee will help us

to develop better trips and activities that

more accurately reflect the wants of our

members. A thorough survey among

members showed us where we are doing

well, what needs improvement, and what

skills older adults would like to develop.

More programs reflective of these

identified needs will be developed from

among existing resources, through

developing partner arrangements with

other community agencies, and through

seeking funds from foundations and

government grants. Look out for new

programming coming soon.

Judith Allen,

Interim Older Adult Program Co-ordinator

Active & Able Programs


Fostering community access for the disability

community through capacity building

initiatives was a highlight of our program's

work this past year. Together with our

engaged members and great partners, over

430 community members with disabilities

and health barriers directly participated in

programs, services and initiatives that

fostered inclusion and accessibility.

recommendations for action is being


Highlights of our ongoing partnership with

the Ethno-racial People with Disabilities

Coalition (ERDCO). were TTC and antiviolence

forums and the launching of a

quarterly newsletter, The Echo, that

highlights stories and issues through

the lens of racialized people with disabilities.

With the ongoing support of the program,

community members with recreational

barriers improved their health by

participating in over 22 BBNC wellness

programs, with low impact aquatic programs

leading the charge. Responding to increasing

demand, we incorporated more wellness

education into our programming, including

the well received Living a Healthy Life with

Chronic Illness series offered by the CCAC.

Moving to partnerships, our ground-breaking

Expanding the Reach Project, led by

Scarborough Women's Centre, switched to a

training phase that helped empower several

women with disabilities to access leadership

and facilitation training. This was a watershed

phase and we are thrilled to report that the

subsequent application to Ontario Trillium

Foundation for 3year funding was successful.

Through Safe Engaged Environments-

Disability (SEED), a 3 year, multi-partner

project, 33 workshops on safety issues, were

provided, advancing strategies for improving

safety for this population. 384 persons with

disabilities attended. A manual with

Despite their evident aspirations and abilities,

people with disabilities continue to face

multiple barriers to full participation in our

society. Thus, advancing their access rights

requires sustained, collective action. Our

team extends warm thanks to our rich

community of partners, funders, advocates,

residents and volunteers who join hands with

us every day to build a society more inclusive

of persons with disabilities.

David Meyers,

Manager, Integrated Programs

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SHARE Christmas Program

18th Annual SHARE Christmas Program

SHARE Christmas sponsors and

volunteers are amazing! With your

involvement we were able to sponsor

record numbers of families with

Christmas hampers containing much

needed food and clothing. Fresh fruits

and vegetables were included for the first

time this year. Parents were overwhelmed

with the outpouring of support that was

provided to their children. Birchmount

Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre is proud to

facilitate this wonderful community

commitment to helping families in need.

As always, the numbers speak for


for their hamper program

• A local seniors building with food

and gifts

• Out of the Cold with donated

winter clothing for street people

• Families with over $3,000 in fresh

fruit and vegetables

• Chelsea, a lovely teenager in need

of a prosthetic eye

The graph below illustrates the growth of

the program year over year. The last

column indicates the TOTAL number of

people the BBNC SHARE Christmas

program assisted this year.

BBNC's Support-a-Family Program -

1,163 people, 389 families, 167 seniors,

619 children

But, it even gets better…. we were also

able to assist.

• A local New Canadian Co-op, with

toys, hats/mitts, and books for a

family celebration day

• Christmas festivities, for the Youth

with Disabilities Cooking class

• Christmas festivities, for the

disabled participants in the Active

and Able program

• Second Base - a shelter for youth,

with food and new clothing

• A local church that was short items

Why not check out the website now to

see how you can get involved

Judy Foremski,

SHARE Christmas Coordinator

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Volunteering Program

The 2010 - 2011 year was an exciting year in

the life of volunteering here at BBNC.

Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre

received a grant through the Ontario Trillium

Foundation to hire a full time Volunteer

Coordinator. The purpose of the position

was to create a harmonized and sustainable

volunteer program, as well as to help engage

underrepresented groups within the


In order to investigate the interest within the

community, as well as to spread the word of

the amazing work done here at the centre, 14

Public Education Events and 7 training

workshops were facilitated with a total of

823 participants. One of the most significant

findings from the focus sessions with the

current volunteers was that the vast majority

expressed the need to understand the larger

organizational ideology of BBNC and the

community that is served. Also of interest

was that approximately 25% of the

volunteers self-identified as people with

special needs.

While it was understood that there would be

interest within the community for greater

opportunities to volunteer, the sheer volume

has been unexpected. During this fiscal year,

146 volunteer inquiries and 93 general

interest inquiries were made. We also

experienced a tremendous growth with 56

Student Internship requests from colleges

and universities. While we could not fully

meet this particular need, we were able to

take on 3 students, with a projection of this

growing to 8 - 10 interns within the next 3


As if the year was not exciting enough, a

donation of $10,500 was made available

through the Volunteer Toronto Employee

Volunteer Program participants SAP Canada

in order to renovate and refurbish the BBNC

Youth Drop-In Centre! Youth were engaged

in the entire process - from determining the

colour scheme to the placement of the

furniture! What an amazing process!

416-396-4310 •


Volunteering Program

From this exciting event then came the

SHARE Christmas program. A training

program was implemented for new and

experienced volunteers assisting with the

program. The training was scheduled over 3

days to ensure that as many volunteers as

possible received consistent information

about the program, the purpose of the

program and how each stage worked.

Ultimately from a volunteer perspective, it

was a hugely successful program. 193

volunteers contributed well over 4000 hours,

the bulk of the hours between December 1st

and 17th. We also had 12 corporate teams

who came in to assist. These were groups

who not only sponsored families, but also

wanted to have more direct hands on

experience with the SHARE Christmas

program and resulted in an additional 116

volunteers participating in the program.

New community partnerships were also

formed throughout the year and BBNC is

now a member of the Scarborough

Association for Volunteer Administration

(SAVA), a professional body that advocates

for the growth and development of

volunteerism in Scarborough and for

professionalism in volunteer administration.

As a new member of SAVA, it was also a

privilege when I was elected Membership

Chair for SAVA.

From January through March of 2011,

training opportunities for volunteers focused

on "Self-Management of Chronic

Conditions"; "Conflict Resolution"; and

"Program Development". The program

development workshop was particularly well

received as volunteers emphasized a strong

desire to take ownership of programs that

would provide opportunities within the

community. This is certainly one of the

major focuses as we move forward into the

next program year.

It has been a true pleasure working with such

a dedicated group of individuals and I

certainly look forward to the next year as we

grow and build an even stronger volunteer


Linda Curley

Volunteer Coordinator

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Statement of Operations: Revenue

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12 • 416-396-4310

Statement of Operations: Expenses

Statements of Financial Position

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Mission, Vision and Values Statement

(Approved by the Board of Directors on March 24, 2011)


Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre works with diverse individuals, families and

communities to overcome barriers and achieve health and well-being. We do this by fostering

social inclusion, developing skills and abilities, and collaborating with our partners to facilitate

access to a range of flexible and responsive programs and services.


We envision a strong and inclusive community in which community members are empowered

to fully participate in opportunities that improve the quality of life for all.

We define these values as follows:


Respect: We believe that every person has the right to be met with compassion, accepted in

a non-judgmental way, and treated with respect and dignity.

Diversity: We embrace diversity in our clients, agency and community, and support nondiscriminatory

policies and practices. Diversity refers to different racial and cultural

backgrounds, age, gender, sexual orientation, and visible and invisible challenges.

Inclusivity: We actively seek ways to welcome the members of our community and ensure

they have the opportunity to participate in meaningful ways.

Capacity: We nurture the development of individual and community capacity by offering

programs and services that enhance independence and build upon abilities.

Equitable Access: We commit to removing barriers that restrict individuals and groups

from accessing our services and participating in our programs.

Collaboration: We believe that each of us is enriched when we are able to work

collaboratively with one another to share experiences, perspectives, information, knowledge

and supports.

Integrity: We employ honesty and ethical decision-making practices in all that we do.

Accountability: We recognize that our community has entrusted us with an important

responsibility, so we take care to be responsible and accountable for the management of our

agency within available resources.

Mission, Vision and Values Statement


1. Focus on organizational responses that enhance our capacity to deliver accessible

and responsive services

Conduct a community needs assessment

Work in collaboration with strategic partners

Address access barriers

Review and update current programs

Develop targeted outreach/communication plans

2. Strengthen our internal infrastructure to ensure service excellence

Support board development, recruitment and succession planning

Develop core competencies in our board, staff and volunteers

Improve planning, communication and coordination across programs

Update and implement key operational policies and practices (including HR policies)

Monitor our progress towards shared goals

Pursue viable space options that enable program expansion

3. Engage and empower our members/community to address issues that impact their


Consult with our clients and members

Mobilize community assets and abilities

Expand capacity building and leadership development efforts

Create new connections

BBNC Board of Directors 2010-2011


Stephanie Whittick


Maurice DeSantos


Janet Fitzsimons

Terry Girardin

Shirvington Hannays

Zenon A.G. Iwachiw

Anu Narula

Md Mahfuzur Rahman

Sue Geddis

Patsy Russell

Rabindra Nath Sabat

BBNC Staff


Enrique Robert


Rameseshan Byravanarasimhan


Linda Driscoll


Iris Cherrie

Elizabeth Baron


Sadia Freeman

Nisha Pragg-Singh


Elizabeth Baron

Erin Morrison


Sheldon Monroe


Joanna Hong


Renee Beckles


Linda Edward


Levine Torcato


David Meyers


Felicia Christmas

Nimco Farah


Athena Wong


Felix Turcotte


Judith Allen


Robin Simmons


Maureen Wilkins


Linda Curley


Sartaz Ahmed

Olivia Hyde

Cole Singleton



Judy Foremski

Partner Staff



Rob McMulkin


Bridgette Metcalfe

Zeyna Shah


Kevin Behar

Stephanie Cifuentes

Adu Dasgupta

Brandy DuMont

Tylin Lee

Brehanna Hall-Ramsuchit

Sara Harvey

Jamal Richards

Mercedes Richards

David Quintero

Andrew Taylor

Irene Tran

Former Staff

Najma Datoo

Eleanor Pinney

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Funders & Supporters

We wish to thank the

City of Toronto, Parks,

Forestry and Recreation,

for their partnership and

continuing contributions

to BBNC.

BBNC programs and

services have been made

possible through the funding

and support of the following:

City of Toronto-Children’s

Services Division

City of Toronto-Parks,

Forestry & Recreation

City of Toronto-Social

Development &

Administration Division

Ontario Early Years


Ontario Trillium Foundation

Service Canada

The Morrow Foundation

United Way of Greater


BBNC Funders

West Scarborough Boys

and Girls Club

BBNC Supporters

BBNC acknowledges the

generous donations from our

community supporters:

Individual Donors

Luis Acosta

Mark Alexander

Doreen Alford

Joan Alford

Irshad Ali

Judith Allen

Linda Allison

Eldy Ampuero

Diana Angelopoulos

Christina Armour

Mary Ellen Armstrong

Tim Arnold

Valentina Artamonova

Mary Auchterlonie

Pam Ayearst

Robert Ayling & Dr. Phillip John

Ran Bai

Joe Bairos

Vicki Balen

Marine Balendra

Jane Barbeau

Patricia Barbet

Ingrid Barenscheer

Duane Barrett

Laura Barwell

Stephanie Batt

Martial Bazinet

Helen Bedkowski

Allison Bedoya

Marnie Benedict

Antonio Benvenuto

Lynn Berryman

Anuj Bhatnagar

Lisa Bhimsingh

Rosemarie & Peter Birkholz

Todd Blayone

Joseph Bonnici

Susan Booker

Gail Bornestein

Heidi Bornstein

Paulina Boulet

Jeannie Bouley

Debbie Bradley

Gillian Bradley

Stefanie Bradley

Irene Bragan

Mary Briadico

Jim Bridger & Susan Tuck

Gilbert Brown

416-396-4310 •


Anne Brugmans

Linda Bruton & Eric Milotzki

Daniel Bryson

Lin Budd

Lorraine Burbage

Laura Cameron

Lori Campbell

Margot Carleton

Marie Castelli

Celia Chan

Raymond Chan

Grace Chang

David Chapates

Paula Charles

Amelia Charlton

Donna Charlton

Jason Chen

Iris Cherrie

Elida Childe

Sandy Chiovitti

Chrisitine Chiu

Betty Chow

Carol Christidis

Winston Chung

Elsie Clarke

Rose Clavet

Karlene Clustie

Corry Codner

Margaret Coelho

Eric Cohen

Michelle Cohen-Solomon

Anna Colagiacomo

Cathy Collins

Doreen Connell

Jane Cook-Lauder

Nancy Cooper

Tony Cornacchia

Lisa Costa

Lynda Cottenden

Alan Coulter

Lorne Covant

Lynda Cowan

Scott & Lynda Cowan

Ernest Crawford

Maureen Crook

Maria Cruz

Judi Cummings

Linda Curley

Joanne Daciuk

Connie D'Agnello

Cheryl Dale

Kerrie Danis & Brian Halloran

Inez Danukarjanto & Paul Park

Gianna Dassios

Darek Daubert

Eric & Joanne Davidson

Kelly Dawson

Maggie De Bruyne

Teri Deering

Elaine DeMerchant

Maurice DeSantos

Nancy Deveau

Penny DeVincenzo

Rhandir Dhillon

Lisa DiCarlo

Ana Dixon

Kelly Donaher

Adam Donald

Joyce & Alan Dorman

Susana Douaire

Witold Dreger

Linda Driscoll

Dawn D'sa & Trevor Craford

Jim Dubbin

Ginette Dubois

Maggie DuFour

Susan Easton & Robert Burt

Carl and Doris Escoffery

Kiersten Eyes & Colin Smilie

Tal Fadel

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Funders & Supporters

Funders & Supporters

Michael Ferguson

Nancy Ferrante

Anthony & Serafina Filicetti

Jennifer Fish

Dede Fitzpatrick

Marilyn Flanagan

Julie Flannery

Catherine Fleming

Jacqueline Fleming

Mark Foley

Michael Fong

John & Judy Foremski

Marie Foster


Minas Fournaris

Ann Fox

Mark Francolini

Colleen Franklin

Nicki Franklin

Peter Frey & Constance Kilgour

Kathy Fur

Bhavana Fyvie

Pat Gappayr

Collin Garnham

Patti Garn-Moore

Susan Gauthier

Erik Geddis

Susan Geddis

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18 • 416-396-4310

Funders & Supporters

Funders & Supporters

Elizabeth Nowell

Marlene Nyilassy

Ed & Sheri Ogden

Chris O'Hagan

Joanne Osterlund

Joanne & Don Pameli

Christina Pantzos

Angie Papadopoulos

Jenny & Young Park

Linda Parsley & the Midland

Moms & Grandpa

Kristiina Paul

Joanne Pay

Craig Peppard

Kenneth Phipps

Bruce Pinn

Cheryl & John Pirie

JG Pittman

Jessie Poh & Eric Brombacher

Lucy Policelli & Bill Minaji

Sharon Port

Josephine Povolo

Kathrine Pummell

Todd Race

Maryanna Radeff

Sam Radhakrishnan

Tracy Ramirez

Deborah Rassos

Elinor Reading

Mary Reeve

Andrew Reeves

Graham & Jeannie Richardson

Samantha Robinson

Elizabeth Ritchie & Ian McComb

Irma Robitaille

Diane Robitaille & Charles Weiss

Kim Rodrigues

Barb Rodwell

Andre Romanov

Elaine Roper

Debbie Rose

Paula Rouss

Alla Rozenbaoum

Stephanie Rullo

Cathy Russell

Jamie Saari

Barb Saunders

Meghan Savigny

Robert & Ruth Mary Sawatsky

Edward Scherer

Valerie Schmitchen & Mattehw Pill

Desiree Schroer

Pat Sgambati

Nan Sgambati

Rhonda Sharp

Heather Sinardo

Alfa Singh

Rose & Hardeep Singh

Judi Singleton

Lauren & MikeSingleton

Pranavan Sivakumar

Bill Slatterly

Sherry Smeaton

Debbie Smith

Doreen Smith

Leta Smith

Lisa Smith

David So

Dave Spedding

Kara Spedding

Danielle Stamp

Ken Stamp

Jennifer Staples

Gary Stead

Marilyn Steen

Lori Stein

Lillian Stermac & Randy Cooper

Greg Stokes

John Strachan

Cheryl Streete

Stephen Stutz

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Caroline Sui

Joan Sule

Myriam Sutherland

Karyn & Robert Swaffield

Angie Sweeney

Lynn & Peter Sweet

Ron Taylor

Gia Thompson

Larry Titchner

Sharon Todkill

Jeffrey Tso

Teresa Tsuji & Mr. David Lamb

Susan Usik

Laura Vananderkooy

Darcie Vany

John Veltkamp Jr.

Kate Venn

Lidia Vietturetti

Joan Voyame

Carol Wagner

John & Krista Walessa

Mary Walton & Dennis McCrae

Junyee Wang

Kimberley Watson

Doug Welch

Michele Welch

Paula Wemp

Anne Wentzel

Jennifer White

Sara Whittaker

Stephanie Whittick & Angelo Tauro

Grace Wigley

Judy Wilkings

Maureen Wilkins

Dana & Lena Willard

Anne Williams

George Williams

Jennifer Willis

Dorothea Winnan

Susan Wise

Joan & John Witte

Ching Wong

Chun Ming Wong

Roger Wong

Christine Wood

Cindy Worron

Jale Wright

Maxine Wright

Audrey Young

Louri Young

Crystal Yuen


Agincourt Civitan

Alterna Credit Union

Banerjee & Associates Ltd.

BBNC Line Dancers

BBNC Nursery School

BBNC Tai Chi

Beach Metro News

Beech IGA

Birchmount Boys & Girls Club

Birchmount Pool Staff

BMO Governance & Metadata Team.

BMO Info Mgmt

"BMO Tech & Ops"

Body Moves

Bread King Bakery

C.A.W. Canada

Chubb Insurance Company

of Canada

CHUM Charitable Foundation

City of Toronto Christmas Bureau


Courcelette Community Council

Curves Danforth

Dr. Birek's Office

Eli Lilly

20 • 416-396-4310

Funders & Supporters

Funders & Supporters

Enrico's Pizza

F.K. Morrow Foundation

Gillespie Building Consultants Inc.

Harlequin Enterprises Ltd

International Financial Data Services

Ipsos Camelford Graham

john st.

Kiwanis Club of Riverdale

Meridian Credit Union

Nelson Education

Providence Villa

Pulse Group Inc

Quadra FNX Mining Ltd.


RBC Dominion Securities

RBC gennext

RBC Private Banking

Re/Max Realtron Realty Inc.,


RGA International

Save the Children

Scarborough Central Lions Club

Scarborough Sharks Novice B team

Scotia Capital Inc

Scotiabank Collections

Sun Valley Supermarket

Sunnybrook Hospital

TD Insurance

The Garden Shop

Total Vacations and Red Tag


U.W. Communications Dept.

U.W. Marketing Dept.

University Health Network

Valuemart Danforth

Wimpy's Diner

Zellers Scarborough

zulu alpha kilo

Schools and Churches

Anson Park Public School

Avalon Montessori School

Birchcliff Public School

Birchcliff Heights Public School

Birchmount Park. C. I.

Blantyre Public School

Bliss Carman Senior Public School

Boardwalk Montessori School

Bond Academy

Chine Drive Public School

Clairlea Public School

Courcelette Public School

Danforth Gardens Public School

Fairmount Park Junior School

Fallingbrook Heights Baptist Church

General Brock Public School

George Harvey Collegiate Institute

H.A. Halbert Public School

J.G. Workman Public School

John A. Leslie Public School

John McCrae Public School

Kew Park Montessori Day


R.H. King Collegiate

Regent Heights Public


Robert Service Public School

St. Maria Goretti Catholic School

St. Nicholas Church

Walter Perry Public School

BBNC Community



ASAAP-Alliance for South

Asian Aids Prevention

Adult Interactive Committee

Aisling Discoveries, Child

and Family Centre

Albert Campbell Library

Ann Johnston Health


Barrier Free Access To

Swimming Project

Birchmount Park Collegiate

416-396-4310 •



Seeking Opportunities

Black Coalition for Aids Accessing Resources-


Operation Springboard

Canadian Occupational


Therapists Association Link

Cardinal Newman

Toronto Community

Catholic Cross-Cultural Housing Corporation


Toronto Public Health

Churches by the Bluffs:

Toronto Works Health and

Food Bank

Safety Legal Clinic

Community Living Toronto, Tropicana Community

Scarborough Region Services

Credit Canada

United Way of Greater

Field To Table (Food Share) Toronto

G.A.B.-Girls Addicted to Vocational Pathways Inc.


Warden Woods

JVS Toronto

Community Centre

Ontario March of Dimes West Scarborough

Operation Springboard Neighbourhood

Parkinsons Foundation Community Centre

Parks, Forestry &


Recreation: Adapted &

YMCA Scarborough and

Integrated Services Newcomer Services

R.H. King Academy


Scarborough Arts Council

Scarborough Women’s


Second Base Youth Shelter

22 • 416-396-4310

Funders & Supporters



Asha Abdi-Dahir

Chad Abrahams

Nancy Ahn

Judith Allen

Sharon Armogan-Doan

Jasmine Attridge

Liam Auchterlone

Mary Auchterlone

Bibi Bacchus

Denzil Baker

Melissa Baksh

Elizabeth Baron

Angela Basil

Milton Basil

Shima Bassiri

Lexi Beaudoin

Renee Beckles

Jorden Benoit

Jucelmo Bento

Maddie Biel

Leah Blain

Peter Blake

Robert Bluett

Jean Bouley

Cody Bridger

Gregory Burns

Claire Burt

Jacquie Busby



Laura Cameron

Margot Carleton

Dallas Carter

Maria Cedrone

Ruth Chamale-Abarca

Isabelle Chatiguy

Samson Chau

Daisy Chen

Simon Chen

Iris Cherrie

Kathy Christie

Juliane Clemente

Paul Cloutier

Tammy Collins

Claire Connelly

Pat Conway

Linda Curley

Jessica Dale

Mary Dall

Lateasha Damond-Austin

Natasha Dehaney

Maurice DeSantos

Funders & Supporters

Connie Devcho

Sue Geddes

Toula Dileo

Elisa Geddo

Karen Direkze

Jacob George

Kelly Donaher

Chris Gibson

Craig Donlan

Catherine Girard

Linda Driscoll

Terry Girardin

Mary Duff

Kate Goodwin

Cara Earle

Marie Graf

Ashley Eeg

Paul Gray

Mohammed Ehsan

Kevin Guan

Stephanie Esliger

Sandra Guevara

Nimco Farah

Joanne Hale

Lookman Fasasi

Karen Hamilton

Isabelle Fellini

Jean Hammond

Mike Ferguson

Lenard Hardwick

Ashley Fernie

Rachel Harrison

Dede Fitzpatrick

Greta Haseeb

Andrew Foremski

Kaitlyn Hines

Eric Foremski

Dona Hird

John Foremski

Michael Hogan

Judy Foremski

Joey Hoikeun

John Forsythe

Joanna Hong

Nicki Franklin

James Howard

Jessica Freedman

Carolyn Howard

Sadia Freeman

Mahado Hussein

Kisho Garesaligam

Jack Irwin

416-396-4310 •


Umran Isik

Manju Jakhu

Nevethan Jeyachandran

Thiethan Jeyachandran

John Joseph

Angie Joyce-McKinnon

Margaret Jurocko

Shannon Kaviuk

Raquella Khan

Adrien Lacko

Barb Lacosse

Carter Langelaan

Dmitry Lepekov

Debbie Lord

Zhen Lu

Barbara MacGibbon

Francesca Mackie Mikaelum


Dembele N'Deye Mama

Bernadette Mamo

Marian Mamo

Callum Mandsley

Ethan Mandsley

Lesley Mann

Sandy Matos

Ian McCombe

Dennis McCrea

Michelle McMullin

Brendan McQuade

Ashley Meek

Charlene Mendes

David Meyers

Kusum Mistry

Lorna Mitchell

Jenna Mohabr

Sheldon Monroe

Vinod Monteiro

Emily Morin

George Morrison

Candace Morrison

Jacques Morvan

Jordyn Morvan

Dana Morvan

Noah Mroueh

Victoria Muir-Burecea

Karen Murphy

Sumaya Musse

Nicole Neeson

Andy Ng

Yui Jhun Ng

Ahn Nguyen

Terry Nichol

Maureen Nolan

Jenny Northcott

Nuala O'Beirne

Christa Opus

Jennifer O'Reilly

Vishal Padharia

Alicia Palma

Angie Pan

Becky Paparousis

Ken Park

Neeta Parray

David Parsons

Kim Parsons

Joanne Pay

Elizabeth Penny

Shivanie Persaud

Jeanne Pimentel

Alwynn Pinard

David Pittman

Virgil Popa

Pat Radwick

Mahfuzur Raham

Amanda Ram

Parvina Rasulova

Elizabeth Reid

24 • 416-396-4310

Funders & Supporters

Amanda Reynolds

Elizabeth Ritchie

Enrique Robert

Lesley Rodwell

Barb Rodwell

Sydney Rotman

Daniel Rozen

Nancy Rozen

Hannah Rushton

Patsy Russell

Roman Sekyrka

Nan Sgambati

Shafia Shaikh

Chris Shannon

Rhonda Sharp

Paul Sharp

Jacob Sharp

Robin Simmons

Robert Simpson

Ken Sinclair

Rachel Singer

Nisha Pragg-Singh

Alyssa Smith

Debbie Smith

Cathia Sonson

Linda Sparks

Anita Stanley

Funders & Supporters

Andrea Stanley

Michelle Welch

Jason Stanley

Donna Wheelans

Jennifer Staples

Haley Wheeler

Brennan Stewart

Stephanie Whittick

Nastassia Subban

Maureen Wilkins

Junko Suzuki

Athena Wong

Sean Sweeney

Matthew Wright

Edmund Tam

Zijian Ying

Alex Tayler

Justine Tenzer

Zol Zervos

Sydney Thib

Yuan Linda Zhang

Jennilynn Thomas

Diana Thomson

Kristian Tine-Malloy

Jason Tingley

Elias Tobia

Iuyna Tzacfiack

Narayanan Vanninuthu

Micaela Vellozo

Kathleen Venton

Geneva Venton

Kristina Vetter

Mary Walton

Ellen Ward

Donna Warrender

Jasmin Welch

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