A more durable solution than

standard bitumen

Toyota’s Altona plant in Melbourne is a key global manufacturing

centre, producing 420 vehicles every working day. It is dubbed

the ‘most modern car plant in the Southern Hemisphere’. To keep

an operation on this scale working smoothly, every cog must

be well-oiled and every element of the plant in top condition,

including the hard standing surfaces around the factory.

After 10 years of service, the plant’s hard standing asphalt

area had reached the end of its service life. The heavy static

loads imparted by giant size storage containers had gradually

taken their toll on the existing asphalt surface and resurfacing

was required.

A harder-wearing and more durable solution was requested by

the site contractors. Shell Bitumen came up with a heavier duty

asphalt binder to the standard replacement C320 bitumen surface.

“To date, the pavement is performing exactly

as intended – over two years after it was

laid, it is still showing no signs of any

deformation or failure.”

Brendan Camilleri,

Sales Manager for the main contractor

Pioneer Road Services PTY Ltd

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Withstanding heavy loads

Shell Multiphalte 1000/320 binder was selected to help ensure

the asphalt mix was capable of enduring the heavy loads exerted

by the daily comings and goings of heavy plant, machinery and

storage containers.

Prior to resurfacing, 50mm was profiled off the existing pavement

structure and an emulsion tack coat was then applied. The final

product comprised a 14mm dense graded asphalt, incorporating

Shell Multiphalte 1000/320 bitumen.

In total 4600m 2 of Toyota’s terminal was milled out and

resurfaced. The work was carried out during the winter period but

despite the cool temperatures, there were no workability issues

with the asphalt, and 98% compaction was achieved (compared

to the target of 94%).

Toyota Australia manufactured a record

148,931 vehicles and 112,415 engines at

the Altona plant in 2007

Using Shell Multiphalte 1000/320 will help to improve pavement

fatigue resistance properties and rutting resistance, compared

with conventional bitumen.

This should help to provide a longer pavement life and improved

in-service performance.

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