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Calendar of

World Film




of the



de Cannes

An exclusive

interview with

The Queen

of Beauty

Aishwarya Rai

11-22 MAI 2011



All routes

to Cannes

rom 11th to 22nd of May

2011 the film fraternity of

Fthe world will focus on the

resort town of Cannes in the South

of France. The King of all film

festivals, Cannes is expected to

attract over 200,000 people

including film makers, technicians

and enthusiasts in this 64rth


Cannes film festival, founded in

1946 and held annually at_Palais

des Festivals et des Congrès , is one

of the world's oldest and most

prestigious film festivals. The

festival has become an important

showcase for European films, and is

organized in various sections. The

official selection is the main event of

the festival. 21 films competing for

the coveted Palme d'Or will be

projected in the Théâtre Lumière

.With the creation of Marche du

Film in 1959, the fest is the busiest

movie market of the world. Also

worthy of mention are the

Producers Network and the Short

Films corner.

The 64th Cannes film festival sees

the spotlight on two Americans.

Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris'

opens the festival and American

Actor/director Robert De Niro will

head the 9 member jury that

decides the Palme d'Or. Over 12

days the fest will screen 21 films

from around the world in

competition for the Palme d'Or

along with 19 films in the

supporting sidebar, 'Un Certain

Regard', and a handful of films in

special sessions.

All lights is dedicating this issue to

the 64rth Cannes film festival. With

the 'Queen of Beauty', Aishwarya Rai

attending the 'King of all film

festivals', we had no difficulty in

deciding on the cover story. We have

included a couple of interesting

interviews- one with Mr.Robin Alter

, the founder and CEO of Kreeda

Games, , with Marc Weigert, the

magic wand behind the blockbuster

2012, and the other with the

debutant film director Mr.Sohan

Roy . The article 'Focus Cannes'

features the highlights of the 64th

Cannes Film festival. A calendar of

major film festivals all over the

world is a piece that will come in

handy for every film aficionado.

Whether our path is draped in red

carpets or red thorns are strewn

our way, cinema is our cause and we

will stand up for it, whatever be the


Lakshmy Ravindran









Focus Cannes

Features the Hallmarks of the 64th Festival De



The Charisma Called Aishwarya

- An exclusive interview with the Indian actress

and the most beautiful women in the world

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


14 Official Selection

-A brief coverage on the Festival De Cannes

An Interview with the debutant

director Sohan Roy

24 Journal on World Film Festival

-Gives you a chronological idea on the fests around

the world

30 Interview with Bey Logan

-An expert in Asian Action Cinema

32 Interview with Marc Weigert

-The magic wand behind the blockbuster 2012

Biz Notes on


34 From Fashion to Fascination

-All lights interviews the founder of Kreeda Games

36 Tête-à-tête with Pramod Shinde

-A media entertainment industry expert



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The 64th

Festival De Cannes

hit the media

in January 2011

with the most



Robert De Niro


The American actor, director and producer ROBERT DE

NIRO was announced as the President of the Jury of the

64th Festival De Cannes. By inviting Robert De Niro as

President of the Jury of Cannes, the organizers also want

to pay a tribute to the co-founder of the Tribeca Film

Festival which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2011.

He came for eight films at the Festival de Cannes, two of

which won Palme d'Or: Taxi Driver, in 1976, and ten

years later, ‘The Mission’ directed by Roland Joffe.



A scene from

‘Midnight in Paris’


Midnight in Paris, the new film by Woody Allen was

declared to open the Festival de Cannes on May 11th in

the Lumière theatre, in the presence of the Jury presided

by Robert De Niro.

The romcom, which was shot last year in the French

capital, brings together a broad international cast,

including Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Marion

Cotillard, as well as Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody, Carla

Bruni-Sarkozy, Gad Elmaleh and Léa Seydoux



Film director Michel Gondry was chose to head the short

film and Cinéfondation jury of the 64th Festival de

Cannes, following in the footsteps of Atom Egoyan, Hou

Hsiao Hsien, Martin Scorsese and John Boorman

In 2001, his first feature, Human Nature was selected for

the Festival de Cannes. He was back in 2008 with the

Tokyo! triptych at Un Certain Regard, and presented out

of competition the documentary The Thorn in the Heart

in 2009.



The French Actress

Melanie Laurent will

welcome the Festival Jury

headed by Robert de Niro

during the opening

ceremony on 11 May and

on 22 May she will host

the closing ceremony

during which the prizes

and the Palme d'or are

awarded. She takes over

the role from Kristin


In 2009, Mélanie Laurent

created a sensation in

Cannes with Quentin

Tarantino's Inglourious

Basterds. She has just

completed her first fulllength

film, Les adoptés

Melanie Laurent






The Serbian film-maker Emir Kusturica was honored as

President of UN Certain Regard of the 64th Festival De




The film RESTLESS by Gus Van Sant will open Un

Certain Regard, selection of the Festival de Cannes, on

Emir Kusturica received the Palme d'Or in 1985 for When

Father Was Away on Business. Ten years later, his second

Palme d'Or for Underground made him a member of that

elite group of directors who have twice been honoured.

Accompanied by a jury made up of artists, journalists

and festival directors, Emir Kusturica will award the Prix

UN Certain Regard, together with the other festival

awards, over the closing weekend.



This year Bong Joon-Ho, the Korean Director and

scriptwriter, will Award the Camera d'or to the best first

film presented in the Official Selection, during Critics'

Week or Directors' Fortnight being the President of

Caméra d'or jury.

He was invited to Cannes as part of the Official Selection

with Tokyo! (2008), a trilogy on which he worked with

Leos Carax and Michel Gondry. In 2009, he presented

Mother - an intimate and subtly analytical melodrama

about Korean family life -at Un Certain Regard.

As President, Bong Joon-ho follows in the footsteps of

Bruno Dumont, Abbas Kiarostami, Pavel Lounguine,

Roschdy Zem and Gael García Bernal.

The Caméra d'or will be awarded at the Closing

Ceremony on Sunday May 22nd


From the 64th Festival de Cannes, the organizers will

award an annual Honorary Palme d'Or, which will be

presented during the Opening Ceremony.

This recognition is attributed to an important filmmaker,

whose work is authoritative ... but never got a Palme d'Or.

In the recent past, Woody Allen, in 2002, or Clint

Eastwood in 2009, were awarded this distinction by

President Gilles Jacob, on behalf of the Board of

Directors of the Festival de Cannes. Now, the act becomes

tradition and will be annual, taking place at the opening

of the event.

In 2011, the Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci will

receive this honour

the evening of Thursday, May 12.

Produced by Columbia Pictures, Imagine Entertainment

and 360 Pictures, the film examines the relationship of

two teenagers, played by Mia Wasikowska and Henry

Hooper. Gus Van Sant received the Palme d'or in 2003 for

Elephant and the 60th anniversary award for Paranoid

Park (2007).

The president of the jury, Emir Kusturica, will present

the Prize Un Certain Regard on May 21








Martina GUSMAN

(actress and producer,

Argentina) Martina with

Pablo Trapero, created

Matanza Cine, a production

company where she has

been the executive producer

for some twelve films.

Martina Gusman acted in

three films by Pablo

Trapero: Born and Bred

(Nacido y Criado), in 2006,

Lion's Den (Leonera), in

Competition at the Festival

de Cannes in 2008, and

Carancho, presented at

Certain Regard in 2010.

Nansun SHI

(producer, Hong

Kong/China): Founder of

Film Workshop Co. Ltd.,

which produced many

successful films. Notably,

she was the producer of

Infernal Affairs for which

Martin Scorsese shot a

remake, The Departed.

(actress, scriptwriter,

producer, USA) After her

debut role in 1988 in

Johnny, be Good, she made

her name with two

international successes the

same year: Terry Gilliam's

The Adventures of Baron

Munchausen, and Stephen

Frears' Dangerous Liaisons.

Since then, she has worked

with Philip Kaufman, Phil

Joanou, Gus Van Sant,

John Boorman, Andrew

Nichol, and Woody Allen. In

Mad Dog and Glory,

presented in Cannes in

1993, she played opposite

Robert De Niro. It was with

director Quentin Tarantino

that she took on her most

famous roles, in Pulp

Fiction, which won the

Palme d'Or in 1994, and

then, ten years later, as the

heroine in Kill Bill 1 & 2.


(writer,literary critic,

Norway) Linn ULLMANN

has won numerous literary

prizes for her books: her

first, Before You Sleep came

out in 1999, followed in

2001 by Stella Descending

and then by Grace in 2002.

Her latest novel, A Blessed

Child (2005) has met with

unprecedented critical


Linn Ullmann is the

daughter of Liv Ullmann

and Ingmar Bergman. She

came to the Festival de

Cannes in 1997 to receive

the "Palme des Palmes" on

behalf of her father, Ingmar

Bergman, at the du 50th

Anniversary Ceremony.




11-22 MAI 2011

The jury of the Festival de Cannes will

adjudicate between the 19 films in

competition before naming the winners of the

seven awards, to be presented during the

Closing Ceremony, and which will culminate

in the announcement of the Palme d'Or.

The Jury of the Competition, presided over by

Robert De Niro (actor, director, producer)

welcomed to its ranks:

Johnnie TO (director,


(director, France) After his

First film 'Disorder' release

in 1986 Olivier has made

more than fifteen films,

including Cold Water (L'eau

froide), Irma Vep,

Sentimental Destinies (Les

destinées sentimentales),

Demonlover, Clean and

Boarding Gate, which were

presented at the Festival de

Cannes. In 2010, he

presented Carlos Out of

Competition in Cannes.

Jude LAW (actor,

producer, UK) Jude law

was noticed in Gattaca in

1997, and a series of hits

ensued, in which he

demonstrated his elegant

acting in every film genre.

He has worked with the

great names in film: Steven

Spielberg, David

Cronenberg, Clint

Eastwood, Sam Mendes,

Wong Kar Wai and three

times with Anthony

Minghella, for whom he

played The Talented Mr.


Mahamat Saleh

HAROUN (director,

Chad) In 1994, he made his

first film and went on to

receive a prize at the Venice

festival for Bye Bye Africa,

his second feature film. His

reputation as an auteur was

sealed with Daratt, which

won a jury prize in Venice.

In competition at the

Festival de Cannes in 2010,

he received the Jury Prize

for A Screaming Man.

producer, Hong

Kong/China) Johnnie To

began working in television,

before shooting his first

feature film, The Enigmatic

Case. He continued with

martial arts films,

comedies, and historical

films. It was Breaking

News, selected at the

Festival de Cannes in 2004,

that made his name with

international audiences. He

returned to the Croisette

with Election and Election

2 (2005-2006), followed by

Triangle (2007) and

Vengeance (2009).










Being a regular guest to Cannes, how

do you feel?

It's an honor as Artist to be at one of the most glamorous

international platforms, where Cinema is celebrated with

such grandeur and aplomb. The love and the respect

showered on me by the organizers of the Festival, the

global film fraternity, international media and an

audience is truly overwhelming.

Being at Cannes for L'Oreal Paris has been an absolute

pleasure and to experience this for the tenth consecutive

year has been quite overwhelming. I thank the L'Oreal

by the audience despite of having a

good storyline?

I have never believed in compartmentalizing

cinema........and this has been obvious in my varied

choices throughout my career. The one truth remains,

Good cinema will always be appreciated and honestly, it

comes with no tags. A good story well told creates its own


Nandini' in 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam'

and then 'Paaro' in 'Devdas', both

ords fall short to

describe her beauty.

Her looks are Wabsolutely marvelous and her

charm and wit won her the Miss

World crown. Since winning the

Miss World title, she has

become one of the most popular

stars of India's huge film

industry known as 'Bollywood'.

Throughout the years she has

portrayed almost 40 characters.

From 'Nandini' to 'Sofia', she

has flourished as a great actress

who has captured the hearts of


Paris team and the Cannes Film Festival for inviting me

every year to represent India at one of the most

glamorous red carpets on the world platform, celebrating

cinema, showbiz, beauty, diversity and excellence.

You have worked on blockbuster

movie like Devdas, Robot and Rain

coat - an offbeat cinema. Do you feel

offbeat cinemas are not received much

these characters are brought to screen

by the same director. How would you

draw line between these two


Each film has its own language, moments and character

analysis..... and each character creates for itself a new

world .That's probably one of the most fascinating and

exciting aspects of being an actor. With each film, a



character is conceived by the director in his mind and put

down on paper , and the actor gets this incredible

opportunity to discover, nuance and bring to life this

personality on celluloid who lives on for posterity through

their audience. And i am thankful that in my career I have

had the opportunity to essay some very exciting and

memorable characters with the best of the directors from

the Indian Film Industry ........Nandini, Paro and the very

recent Sofia in all three collaborations which Sanjay Leela

Bhansali (dear friend and director) being memorably

impactful, both personally for me and professionally award


Why is Cannes so important for you,

your take from Cannes

It's been a long association with Cannes; it's a must in my

date diary and a privilege to be at a festival that celebrates

cinema. The festival was the first to open its arms to me and

it will always hold a special place in my heart. I first went to

Cannes for Devdas and the as a jury member and the year

after for the opening of the festival followed by my

appearance for L'Oreal. It was last year that the media

reminded me that the following year i.e. 2011 will be my

10th year consecutively at Cannes. It was been a wonderful


Each film has its own language,

moments and character

analysis..... and each character

creates for itself a new world

.That's probably one of the most

fascinating and exciting aspects

of being an actor. With each film,

a character is conceived by the

director in his mind and put

down on paper , and the actor

gets this incredible opportunity

to discover, nuance and bring to

life this personality on celluloid

who lives on for posterity

through their audience.




Rituparno Gosh created Chokher Bali

and Raincoat. What's your experience

working in both these movies? The

transition to Bengali Culture………..

Both films talked about a woman in a different era, the

characters represented the soul of a woman. The

experience taught me a lot and made me understand the

essence of the strong culture in Bengal.

You are a prominent personality in the

film and fashion world for the past 15

years. Would we able to see you taking

up the Director's Hat?

Every director who I have worked with like Mani Ratnam,

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ashutosh Gowariker and

members of the media tease me about this possible

eventuality and I must say have thus been generously

encouraging me in that direction (pun unintended) At

this point in time my plate's been full, and I have

committedly channelized all creative energies into

every role and film I have been working on. As far as

the future goes, I have learnt to never say never.

Your current projects?

I have narrowed down a couple of scripts /directors I

will collaborate with very soon. You have heard many

of these "rumors" already doing the rounds in the

media, so you almost know the films and directors.

However, as I have always almost repeatedly stated,

that I've never been one to make announcements

independently, and leave it to the director/producer

team to chose the right time, and for us to then do it

together. So I guess you will be hearing very soon.


Official selection


11-22 MAI 2011

Pedro Almodovar back in the

64th Festival De Cannes with his

upcoming thriller

The Skin I Live In

n adaptation of Thierry Jonque's novel Tarantula,

it is in part about the revenge a plastic surgeon

Aseeks against the man who raped his daughter.

But the surgeon is also sort of a psycho whose home life

with his wife is, to say the very least,a bit deviant, and not

quite to her taste. Intense stuff, it seems.

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, Marisa Paredes

Director/Writer: Pedro Almodóvar

Based on the French novel "Mygale" by Thierry Jonquet

Producers: Pedro and Augustin Almodóvar

Production Company: El Deseo S.A.

Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics

Country: Spain

Language: Spanish

In 2009 Pedro Almodovar bought his movie Broken

Embraces which was the director's longest and most

expensive feature. The plot follows the tragic fate of a

former film director, who was blinded in a car accident

fourteen years before. The film has a fractured puzzling

structure, mixing past and present and film within a film

that Almodóvar explored previously in both Talk to Her

and Bad Education. Broken Embraces is built up as

homage to the craft of film making and takes some cues

from Roberto Rossellini's Journey to Italy and

Almodóvar's own Women on the Verge of a Nervous




11-22 MAI 2011

Official selection


House of Tolerance

Bertrand BONELLO, France

125 minutes


Sunday 15th /19:00hrs

Debussy - 22:00hrs Bazin (Press)

Monday 16th 22:30hrs Lumière (Gala)

SYNOPSIS: The dawn of the XXth century L'Apollonide,

a house of tolerance, is living its last days. In this closed

world, where some men fall in love and others become

viciously harmful, the girls share their secrets, their

fears, their joys and their pains...


Tuesday, May 17th 16:30hrs

Grand Théâtre Lumière

Press & Official Screening


Alain Cavalier, France,105 min


Vincent Lindon and Alain Cavalier are pals.

Like father and son. They sip port in bars

dreaming of a film they might make. Together.

Then just once in a while, they don suit and tie.

Play men of power. See how much trouble they

can make. For a laugh.They tell a tall story,

that's part really personal, part, well - just

plain tall. Only, as ever at the movies, there's

that excellent question no one can answer:

is it really all make believe?


Official selection


11-22 MAI 2011


Saturday, May 14th 19:30hrs

Salle Debussy Press Screening

Saturday, May 14th 22:00hrs

Salle Bazin Press Screening

Sunday, May 15th 11:30hrs

Grand Théâtre LumièreOfficial Screening

Sunday, May 15th 22:30hrs

Grand Théâtre Lumière Official Screening

The Kid with a Bike

Jean-Pierre & Luc DARDENNE, France/Belgium/

Italy, 87 min

SYNOPSIS: Cyril, almost 12, has only one plan: to

find the father who left him temporarily in a

children's home. By chance he meets Samantha, who

runs a hairdressing salon and agrees to let him stay

with her at weekends. Cyril doesn't recognize the

love Samantha feels for him, a love he desperately

needs to calm his rage.


Tuesday, May 17th 17:00hrs

Salle Debussy Press Screening

Tuesday, May 17th 22:00hrs

Salle Bazin Press Screening

Wednesday, May 18th 17:00hrs

Grand Théâtre Lumière Official Screening


Naomi KAWASE, Japan, 91 min

SYNOPSIS: The Asuka region is the

birthplace of Japan. Here, in ancient

times, there were those who fulfilled their

lives in the midst of waiting. Modern

people, apparently having lost this sense

of waiting, seem unable to feel grateful for

the present, and cling to the illusion that

all things will move constantly forward

according to one's own plan.

In ancient times, there were three

small mountains that people believed

were inhabited by gods. They were Mt.

Unebi, Mt. Miminashi, and Mt. Kagu,

and they still stand. In that time, a

powerful official used the mountains as

a metaphor for a struggle inside his

own heart. The mountains were an

expression of human karma.

Time has passed into the present.

Takumi and Kayoko, inheriting the

unfulfilled hopes of their

grandparents, live out their lives. Their

tale continues a story of the ages,

representing the uncountable souls

that have accumulated in this land.



11-22 MAI 2011

Official selection


The snows of Kilimanjaro


SYNOPSIS: Despite losing his job, Michel lives happily with Marie-

Claire his wife and their loving children and grandchildren. In love

for more than thirty years, they are proud of their union and political

struggle.This happiness will be shattered when two young armed

and masked men beat them up, tie them up, and snatch their

lifetime savings. The shock will be even more violent when they

discover that this brutal attack was organized by one of the young

workers, by one of their own people.


Saturday 14th / 14:00hrs &

22:00hrs Debussy

The Minister

Pierre SCHOELLER, France, 112 min

SYNOPSIS: The Minister for Transport, Bertrand Saint-Jean, is

woken in the middle of the night by his personal private secretary. A

bus has crashed into a ravine. He goes there, he has no choice. Thus

begins the odyssey of a State official through an increasingly

complex and hostile world. Speed, power struggles, chaos,

economic crisis… In the frantic chain of events, one emergency

replaces another. What sacrifices are men ready to accept? How

long will they last in a State that devours those who serve it?


Thursday, May 19th 11:00hrs

Salle Debussy Press & Public Screening

Thursday, May 19th 16:30hrs

Salle Debussy Official Screening


Official selection


11-22 MAI 2011

Christophe Honoré's film, Les Bien-aimés,

will be screened at the Closing Night of the

64th Cannes Film Festival, on Sunday May 22, 2011


Saturday, May 21th 11:30hrs

Grand Théâtre Lumière Press Screening

Saturday, May 21th 13:00hrs

Salle BazinPress Screening

Sunday, May 22 th TBC Grand Théâtre Lumière

Official Screening

Les Biens - Aimes

Christophe HONORE, France, 135 mn

SYNOPSIS: From Paris in the sixties to 21st-century

London, Madeleine and her daughter Vera waltz in and

out of the lives of the men they love. But not every era

allows us to love blithely and lightheartedly. How are we

to resist the sands of time that attack our most heartfelt



The Greatest

Love Story Ever Told

Bollywood - The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, is the title of a feature film

produced by Shekhar Kapoor exclusively for the Festival de Cannes. It will be

screened out of competition during the 64th Festival that runs from the 11th to

the 22nd of May.

It all began with a conversation with ShekharKapoor, a member of the Cannes

Jury in 2010. Why not make a film that brings together the most beautiful

moments in the history of Indian musical films, with all their moving pageantry

and dance? A few months later, there was Bollywood, The Greatest Love Story

Ever Told. It is a swirling and poignant montage in which Shekhar Kapoor,

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra? and? Jeff Zimbalist pay tribute to this cinema

genre that has contributed to establishing India's identity in the eyes of the

world and to making Mumbaione of the world capitals of film history.




Brilliant Marine

Engineer, a

successful Aentrepreneur, a gifted writer,

the architect of an award

winning documentary, and

the director of one of the

most anticipated Hollywood

movies of the year!

Sohan Roy

-the debutant

with a difference

I was a bit confused about

where to start when

Mr.Sohan Roy cheerfully

waved me into his Dubai

Office. But his unstoppable

energy and the reassuring

smile helped me to find my

words. Some of the ideas

expressed by him to All

Lights go like this……




DAM999 has been rated as one of the

most anticipated movies of 2011.

What are your expectations?

Thank you. We are lucky that the film industry has

accepted the pre-promotions and the interest the movie

has created in the industry trade circle. Yes, we have a lot

of expectations and we are sure that the movie will live

up to the hopes and expectations.

I never expected that a debut movie would generate so

much interest. Perhaps it's the theme of the movie and its

USP's that created the attention.

As a platform for your debut as a film

director, your preference was

Hollywood. What were the challenges

faced by you?

Many people asked me this question on why I was going

straight to Hollywood, when there were many

opportunities to strike gold with regional language films,

considering that the country I come in from has the

second biggest film industry in the world.

But you only live once, so why not start your first shot

from the best.

Also the concept of 'DAM999', I thought had a wider

prospect and the whole world should see it.

The challenges were many. Even thought I had the best

technicians in the world with me, the industry they were

working with was completely different from Hollywood.

Hence both the working systems had to synchronize and

we had to do a lot of hard work initially to make that


Your debut book DAM999 has a strong

social message. What did you want to

convey to your readers?

In 2007, I read an article on Mullaperiyar Dam in Kerala.

Later on in the same year, I had an opportunity to visit

the Dam site along with a team of journalists. More than

the dilapidated condition of the dam, what disturbed me

was the plight of thousands of people living in that area.

They were living under the trauma of the possible

collapse of the dam.

When I started reading more about it, i realized that the

issue was far more alarming than what the public was

aware of. The scenario was exactly similar to that of

Banqiao. In 1975, about 250000 people perished in

China as a result of the Banqiao dam disaster. In

comparison, the situation in Mullaperiyar was even worse



due to the geographical features of the area. The

authorities as well as the people in high places

underplayed the gravity of this humanitarian issue by

projecting it as a mere interstate water dispute.

As an inhabitant of the area, I could feel the fear, anxiety

and helplessness of the people living there. Hence my

feelings found the shape of words in my debut work


When the movie DAM999 is released,

do you expect a social rethinking

about constructing ecologically

challenging huge dams as a reaction

of the audience?

I am a story teller. I have observed people, their lives and

emotions. Some of those observations created deep,

indelible impressions in me. My fiction, the characters

and the sequence of events are the products of those


Look at what is happening around us- indiscriminate use

of pesticides, massive deforestation and polluting the

rivers, sea and air. The global warming, scarcity for

drinking water and natural disasters are only symptoms-

Symptoms of great disasters to come!

I have raised a question mark against the wisdom of

building huge dams across rivers without proper eco

impact, seismic and geographical studies. If my work

creates a rethinking about this like any socially

responsible person; iam satisfied.

As a change from a normal Hollywood

movie, you have used your movie

THEME as the marketing tool instead

of showing 'stars'. Does it point

towards a new marketing trend in the

film industry?

DAM999 has 9 strong characters as its pillars and they

equally carry the movie forward. No one has more

importance that the other. It would have been difficult to

have 9 A-list actors and hence I thought why not make

the "concept and the story" the main star of the movie.

I don't think that it points towards a new marketing

strength as its mainly the stars who sell the film apart

from the story. At the end of the day you don't want your

film to be a well-intentioned experiment. You want it to be

a film that finds an enthusiastic supportive audience. But

yes innovative strategies do catch the attention.

What do you have in mind as your

next project?

My next movie is on pirates of Somalia, a very

controversial and politically debated issue.

As you would know the piracy and hijacking of ships are

on an increase in coast of Somalia and no one is able to

stop it, not even the naval powers of countries like US,

France etc.

Now the most influential people in the shipping industry

are literally these pirates who have influenced the trade

dropouts in the last few years.

But my movie will not just be an action packed adventure

but will also throw light on the lives of these pirates and

the emotional aspects of the issues which created these


What is your message to the readers of

All Lights?

Cinema is a sublime blend of art, craft and technology

and is above all, a cultural artifact. Cinema has its own

language, which has the power to communicate

universally. A true lover of cinema owes a mighty deal to

the art form. Film magazines do their part to fulfill the




Biz TV Network Presents

A Sohan Roy Film

world's obligation to cinema.

I wish 'All Lights' every success in its mission.

What is more challenging to you- the

complicated formulae of Ship Design

or the portrayal of the delicate

Navarasa of human life?

Ship designing is all about mathematical calculations

based on definite rules and study results. There is no

element of uncertainty involved in it.

But the transactions of human mind are far more

complex in nature. Different persons react to the same

situation in different ways. Why, the same person reacts

to the same situation differently at different occasions!!

What I mean is that human mind does not obey any

behavioral rules or pattern, and hence needs a bigger

canvas to portrait.

If you ask me about the challenge involved…Yes,

understanding the unknown territory is more




W O R L D FI I L M F E S TI IVA L S 2 0 1 1







Palm Springs International Film Festival USA 06-Jan-11 17-Jan-11

Festivus Film Festival USA 13-Jan-11 16-Jan-11

Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival USA 14-Jan-11 16-Jan-11

Sundance Film Festival USA 20-Jan-11 30-Jan-11

Slamdance International Film Festival USA 21-Jan-11 27-Jan-11

International Film Festival Rotterdam Netherlands 26-Jan-11 06-Feb-11

Santa Barbara International Film Festival USA 27-Jan-11 06-Feb-11


Asian Festival of 1st Films Singapore 01-Feb-11 07-Feb-11

Spokane International Film Festival USA 03-Feb-11 13-Feb-11

Fajr International Film Festival Iran 05-Feb-11 15-Feb-10

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival USA 08-Feb-11 27-Feb-11

Berlin International Film Festival Germany 10-Feb-11 20-Feb-11

Movie Extra Tropfest Australia 11-Feb-11 13-Feb-11

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival Ireland 17-Feb-11 27-Feb-11

Adelaide Film Festival Australia 24-Feb-11 6-Mar-11

Cartagena International Film Festival Colombia 24-Feb-11 3-Mar-11

Boomtown Film and Music Festival USA 25 - Feb-11 26-Feb-11

Fantasporto - Oporto International Film Festival Portugal 25-Feb-11 05-Mar-11

Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou Burkina Faso 26-Feb-11 05-Mar-11


Byron Bay International Film Festival Australia 04-Mar-11 13-Mar-11

Birds Eye View Film Festival UK 08-Mar-11 17-Mar-11

San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival USA 10-Mar-11 20-Mar-11

SXSW USA 11-Mar-11 20-Mar-11

Vilnius International Film Festival 'Kino Pavasaris' Lithuania 17-Mar-11 31-Mar-11

Hong Kong International Film Festival Hong Kong 20-Mar-11 05-Apr-11

Diagonale. Festival of Austrian Film Austria 22-Mar-11 27-Mar-11

Cleveland International Film Festival USA 24-Mar-11 03-Apr-11

LA Film + Music Weekend USA 25-Mar-11 27-Mar-11

Guadalajara International Film Festival Mexico 25-Mar-11 01-Apr-11


Faux Film Festival USA 01-Apr-11 03-Apr-11

Istanbul International Film Festival Turkey 02-Apr-11 17-Apr-11

Sonoma Valley Film Festival USA 06-Apr-11 10-Apr-11

Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Films Argentina 06-Apr-11 17-Apr-11

Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film Belgium 07-Apr-11 19-Apr-11

Florida Film Festival USA 08-Apr-11 17-Apr-11

WorldFest - Houston International Film and Video Festival USA 08-Apr-11 17-Apr-11

RiverRun International Film Festival USA 08-Apr-11 17-Apr-11

Sunscreen Film Festival USA 13-Apr-11 17-Apr-11

Indie Spirit Film Festival USA 14-Apr-11 17-Apr-11

Nashville Film Festival USA 14-Apr-11 21-Apr-11

Singapore International Film Festival Singapore 15-Apr-11 24-Apr-11

Copenhagen International Film Festival Denmark 15-Apr-11 25-Apr-11

Ivy Film Festival USA 18-Apr-11 22-Apr-11

Tribeca Film Festival USA 20-Apr-11 01-May-11

San Francisco International Film Festival USA 21-Apr-11 05-May-11

Newport Beach Film Festival USA 28-Apr-11 05-May-11

Los Angeles United Film Festival USA 28-Apr-11 05-Apr-11

Sensoria UK 29-Apr-11 08-May-11


Marfa Film Festival USA 05-May-11 09-May-11

Santa Cruz Film Festival USA 05-May-11 14-May-11

Cannes International Film Festival France 11-May-11 22-May-11

Ohio Independent Film Festival USA 18-May-11 22-May-11

Charleston International Film Festival USA 18-May-11 22-May-11

Accolade Competition USA 20-May-11 22-May-11

The Indie Fest USA 20-May-11 22-May-11



W O R L D F I L M F E S T I VA L S 2 0 1 1



Amsterdam Film Festival USA 31-May-11 01-Jun-11






Kimera International Film Festival Italy 01-Jun-11 04-Jun-11

Transilvania International Film Festival Romania 15-Jun-11 19-Jun-11

Festroia International Film Festival Portugal 03-Jun-11 12-Jun-11

Sydney Film Festival Australia 08-Jun-11 19-Jun-10

San Francisco United Film Festival USA 10-Jun-11 16-Jun-11

Shanghai International Film Festival China 10-Jun-10 19-Jun-11

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival USA 09-Jun-11 12-Jun-11

Edinburgh International Film Festival UK 15-Jun-11 26-Jan-11

Moscow International Film Festival Russia 17-Jun-11 26-Jun-11

Spectre Film Festival France 18-Jun-11 22-Jun-11

San Antonio Film Festival USA 22-Jun-11 26-Jun-11

Festival Film Merveilleux France 30-Jun-11 02-Jul-11


Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Czech Republic 01-Jul-11 09-Jul-11

Jerusalem International Film Festival Israel 08-Jul-11 17-Jul-11

Fantasia Festival Canada 08-Jul-11 27-Jul-11

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival Korea 15-Jul-11 25-Jul-11

Indianapolis International Film Festival USA 15-Jul-11 25-Oct-11

DaVinci Film Festival USA 15-Jul-11 17-Jul-11

Giffoni International Film Festival Italy 12-Jul-11 21-Jul-11

Comic-Con Film Festival USA 21-Jul-11 24-Jul-11

Durban International Film Festival South Africa 21-Jul-11 31-Jul-11


Sarajevo Film Festival

Bosnia and

Herzegovina 22-Jul-11 30-Jul-11

Melbourne International Film Festival Australia 21-Jul-11 07-Aug-11

Action On Film International Film Festival U S A 22-Jul-11 30-Jul-11

Expresión en Corto International Film Festival Mexico 22-Jul-11 31-Jul-11

Tulsa United Film Festival USA 28-Jul-11 01-Aug-11


Locarno International Film Festival Switzerland 03-Aug-11 13-Aug-11

Rhode Island International Film Festival USA 09-Aug-11 14-Aug-11

Vancouver Queer Film Festival Canada 11-Aug-11 21-Aug-11

Australian Movie Convention Australia 15-Aug-11 19-Aug-11

Norwegian International Film Festival Norway 17-Aug-11 25-Aug-11

Indonesian Film Festival Inc. Australia 20-Aug-11 29-Aug-11

Fresh Film Fest International Film Festival Czech Republic 25-Aug-11 29-Aug-10

Montreal World Film Festival Canada 27-Aug-10 07-Sep-10

Venice Film Festival Italia 31-Aug-11 10-Sep-11


Telluride Film Festival USA 03-Sep-11 05-Sep-11

British Urban Film Festival UK 03-Sep-11 05-Sep-11

Chicago United Film Festival USA 09-Sep-11 15-Sep-11

Toronto International Film Festival Canada 09-Sep-11 19-Sep-11

Rome International Film Festival Italy 09-Sep-11 10-Sep-11

San Sebastián Film Festival Spain 17-Sep-11 25-Sep-11

Great Lakes International Film Festival USA 22-Sep-11 29-Sep-11

Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival Trinidad & Tobago 22-Sep-11 05-Oct-11

Williamsburg International Film Festival USA 22-Sep-11 25-Sep-11

Edmonton International Film Festival Canada 23-Sep-11 01-Oct-11

DocMiami International Film Festival USA 22-Sep-11 25-Sep-11

Friars Club Comedy Film Festival USA 23-Sep-11 26-Sep-11

Haifa International Film Festival Israel 23-Sep-11 30-Sep-11

Coney Island Film Festival USA 23-Sep-11 25-Sep-11

The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival USA 24-Sep-11 26-Sep-11



W O R L D F I L M F E S T I VA L S 2 0 1 1




New York Film Festival USA 24-Sep-11 10-Oct-11

Calgary International Film Festival Canada 24-Sep-11 03-Oct-11

Vancouver Film & TV Forum Canada 27-Sep-11 30-Sep-11

San Diego Film Festival USA 29-Sep-11 03-Oct-11

The Clearwater Film Festival USA 29-Sep-11 03-Oct-11

Woodstock Film Festival USA 21-Sep-11 25-Sep-11

Canberra Short Film Festival Australia 30-Sep-11 02-Oct-11

Vancouver International Film Festival Canada 30-Sep-11 15-Oct-11


Project Twenty1 21-Day Filmmaking Competition USA 01-Oct-11 03-Oct-11

Korean Film Festival in Australia KOFFIA Australia 01-Oct-11 05-Oct-11

Scottsdale International Film Festival USA 01-Oct-11 05-Oct-11

Open St. Petersburg Student Film Festival Beginning Russia 01-Oct-11 06-Oct-11

WildRivers 101 Film Festival USA 01-Oct-11 11-Oct-11

Filmshift Festival and Screenplay Contest USA 03-Oct-11 09-Oct-11

Artivist Film Festival USA 05-Oct-11 09-Oct-11

Blue Water Film Festival USA 06-Oct-11 09-Oct-11

Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival USA 07-Oct-11 09-Oct-11

Eugene International Film Festival USA 06-Oct-11 09-Oct-11

DC Asian Pacific American (APA) Film Festival USA 07-Oct-11 16-Oct-11

GSIFF International Film Festival USA 07-Oct-11 17-Oct-11

Pusan International Film Festival South Korea 06-Oct-11 14-Oct-11

Chicago International Film Festival USA 06-Oct-11 20-Oct-11

Hamptons International Film Festival USA 13-Oct-11 17-Oct-11

Gotham Screen Film Festival & Screenplay Contest USA 07-Oct-11 17-Oct-11

Mill Valley Film Festival Argentina 07-Oct-11 17-Oct-11

Oxford International Film Festival USA 08-Oct-11 16-Oct-11

FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival USA 07-Oct-11 09-Oct-11

Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival Canada 11-Oct-11 17-Oct-11

Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma des Antipodes France 11-Oct-11 17-Oct-11

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma Canada 12-Oct-11 23-Oct-11

Syracuse International Film Festival USA 13-Oct-11 17-Oct-11

New York United Film Festival USA 14-Oct-11 20-Oct-11

Telluride Horror Film Festival USA 14-Oct-11 16-Oct-11

Urban Mediamakers Film Festival USA 14-Oct-11 16-Oct-11

Bel Air Film Festival USA 13-Oct-11 18-Oct-11

Festival Internacional de Cine Valdivia Chile 14-Oct-11 19-Oct-11

Philadelphia Film Festival USA 14-Oct-11 24-Oct-11

FirstGlance Film Fest Philadelphia TwentyTen USA 14-Oct-11 17-Oct-11

Abu Dhabi Film Festival UAE 13-Oct-11 22-Oct-11

Hawaii International Film Festival USA 14-Oct-11 24-Oct-11

Heartland Film Festival USA 13-Oct-11 22-Oct-11

Jacksonville Film Festival USA 13-Oct-11 16-Oct-11

Valdivia International Film Festival Chile 14-Oct-11 19-Oct-11

Downbeach Film Festival USA 14-Oct-11 16-Oct-11

Williamstown Film Festival USA 15-Oct-11 24-Oct-11

ImagineNATIVE Film Festival Canada 19-Oct-11 23-Oct-11

International Christian Film Festival In South Africa South Africa 15-Oct-11 17-Oct-11

ZedFest Film Festival & Screenplay Competition USA 15-Oct-11 23-Oct-11

Hollywood Film Festival USA 20-Oct-11 24-Oct-11

Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival Malaysia 20-Oct-11 24-Oct-11

Mumbai Film Festival India 13-Oct-11 20-Oct-11

Viennale - Vienna International Film Festival Austria 20-Oct-11 02-Nov-11

Africa in Motion Film Festival United Kingdom 27-Oct-11 06-Nov-11

Tallgrass Film Festival USA 20-Oct-11 23-Oct-11

St. John's International Women's Film Festival Canada 18-Oct-11 22-Oct-11

Tokyo International Film Festival Japan 22-Oct-11 30-Oct-11

Seattle International Film Festival USA 25-Oct-11 29-Oct-11



W O R L D F I L M F E S T I VA L S 2 0 1 1




VIEW Fest Italy 21-Oct-11 23-Oct-11

Chilereality Documentary Film Festival Chile 27-Oct-11 07-Nov-11

Super Shorts International Film Festival 2010 UK 29-Oct-11 31-Oct-11

International North South Media Forum Burkina Faso 29-Oct-11 31-Oct-11

Istanbul International 1001 Documentary Film Festival Turkey 29-Oct-11 03-Nov-11

British Horror Film Festival UK 29-Oct-11 04-Nov-11

New Jersey Independent South Asian Cine Fest USA 29-Oct-11 30-Oct-11

Kerry Film Festival Ireland 30-Oct-11 31-Oct-11

International Filmfestival Landau - La.Meko Germany 30-Oct-11 06-Nov-11

Canberra Film Festival Australia 31-Oct-11 05-Nov-11


American Film Market USA 02-Nov-11 09-Nov-11

Golden Horse Film Festival Taiwan 03-Nov-11 20-Nov-11

Denver International Film Festival USA 03-Nov-11 14-Nov-11

Minneapolis and St Paul International Film Festival USA 03-Nov-11 13-Nov-11

Cine//B Film Festival Chile 03-Nov-11 09-Nov-11

24fps International Short Film Festival USA 03-Nov-11 09-Nov-11

Brisbane International Film Festival Australia 04-Nov-11 14-Nov-11

Naples International Film Festival USA 04-Nov-11 06-Nov-11

Virginia Film Festival USA 04-Nov-11 07-Nov-11

River's Edge Film Festival USA 04-Nov-11 07-Nov-11

Brisbane International Film Festival Australia 04-Nov-11 13-Nov-11

Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival Denmark 04-Nov-11 14-Nov-11

World Film Festival of Bangkok Thailand 05-Nov-11 14-Nov-11

Hollywood East Film Festival USA 05-Nov-11 07-Nov-11

Shockfest Film Festival USA 09-Nov-11 18-Nov-11

Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival Canada 09-Nov-11 15-Nov-11

CINESONIKA: The First International Film and

Video Festival of Innovative Sound Design Canada 11-Nov-11 21-Nov-11

MockFilmFest USA 12-Nov-11 13-Nov-11

Costa Rica International Film Festival Costa Rica 12-Nov-11 14-Nov-11

25th Mar del Plata International Film Festival Argentina 12-Nov-11 21-Nov-11

Zero Film Festival USA 13-Nov-11 21-Nov-11

Mar del Plata International Film Festival Argentina 13-Nov-11 21-Nov-11

Jordan Short Film Festival Jordan 15-Nov-11 06-Dec-11

Breast Fest Film Festival Canada 16-Nov-11 20-Nov-11

Encounters International Short Film Festival UK 16-Nov-11 21-Nov-11

Stockholm International Film Festival Sweden 17-Nov-11 28-Nov-11

11th Sleepwalkers Student and Short Film Festival Estonia 19-Nov-11 21-Nov-11

Dawn Breakers International Film Festival USA 20-Nov-11 24-Nov-11

Gijón International Film Festival Spain 19-Nov-11 27-Nov-11

Tokyo Filmex Japan 20-Nov-11 28-Nov-11

International Film Festival of India India 22-Nov-11 02-Dec-11

WILDsound Film Festival Canada 25-Nov-11 28-Nov-11

London United Film Festival United Kingdom 26-Nov-11 27-Nov-11

Jakarta International Film Festival Indonesia 27-Nov-11 03-Dec-11

Cairo International Film Festival Egypt 30-Nov-11 09-Dec-11


Bahamas International Film Festival 01-Dec-11 05-Dec-11

International Film Festival of Marrakech Maroc 03-Dec-11 11-Dec-11

River to River. Florence Indian Film Festival Italy 03-Dec-11 09-Dec-11

The Stepping Stone Film Festival India 06-Dec-11 13-Dec-11

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival Nepal 09-Dec-11 13-Dec-11

International Film Festival of Kerala India 10-Dec-11 17-Dec-11

Dubai International Film Festival UAE 12-Dec-11 19-Dec-11

* The festival dates are subject to change


Official selection





Jack is the eldest son of a

Distributed by Fox Searchlight

family set in the 1950s.

The story travels through

the innocence of childhood

to his disillusioned adult

years as he tries to

reconcile a complicated

relationship with his father.

Jack finds himself a lost

soul in the modern world,

seeking answers to the

origins and meaning of life

while questioning the

existence of faith.

Cottonwood Pictures/Plan B Entertainment/ River Road Entertainment Presents...


Directed By Terrence Malick

Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Fiona Shaw, Joanna Going and Jessica Chastain

A group of people react

after discovering that

the earth is on a

collision course with

another planet. Among

the group two sisters

respond to the coming

cataclysm in different

ways; one of them

melancholic and the

other more normal.

E1 Entertainment/Canal+/Nordisk Film Presents...


Lars von TRIER

Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Rampling,

John Hurt, Alexander Skarsgård, Stellan Skarsgård, Brady Corbet and Udo Kier



Official selection







An encounter with

Bey Logan

ey Logan is a respected expert on East Asian

cinema, particularly Hong Kong action cinema.

BHe is currently directing the film 'Snow Blade'.

Logan began his career as a writer and editor on martial

arts magazine Combat. He is also notable as a

screenwriter, film producer and as a martial artist. His

notable screenplay is for Jackie Chan's film, The

Medallion. He has also written scripts for the

documentaries Jackie Chan: My Story (1998) and Jackie

Chan: My Stunts (1999).

Early Life

I was born in the town of Stamford, England, and raised

in a city called Peterborough. My parents were ordinary

middle class folk, my father was an accountant, my

mother a nurse, but, for some reason, for as long as I

could remember I was fascinated by Asian culture,

martial arts and movies. From a very young age, I knew

that my life and work would be focused in this direction,

and they have been!

Influence and Inspiration

My initial influence and inspiration came from the late,

great Bruce Lee. Since then, I've been lucky to work with

and learn from some of the greatest names in the

industry, including Jackie Chan, Harvey Weinstein, Tsui

Hark, Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen and many more. Today,

I'm inspired by the influence and memory of my parents,

and by the bright promise of my children.

You're an expert on Asian cinema.

What is your perspective on Asian

Cinema and Market?

I think the Asian industry, in terms of both production

and distribution, is constantly evolving in an exciting way

and that there is also a considerable international market

for both current and vintage films from the region. I am

excited to be part of the Asian film culture, both as a filmmaker

and as an authority on the action genre. I think as

we move into this new century, Asia, and particularly

China, will play an increasingly major role in the world

film market.

After being worked as a writer,

producer and an actor, which part do




you think you enjoyed the most?

I'm also directing my first film, 'Snowblade', and really

enjoying the challenge. I would say that the aspect that

gives me the greatest satisfaction is still writing, and

seeing my work in print or on the screen. As I make the

transition into the next stage of my career, I'll be focusing

more on writing, as I think that's where my greatest

strength lies.

You've been actively involved in the

Hong Kong movie industry for a

number of years, as a writer, producer

and occasionally an actor. So does it

feels like you've come a long way since

first visiting Hong Kong when you

were 19?

course, he has his moods, like anyone, but, for a

superstar of his status, he remains unaffected and

approachable. He has the greatest work ethic of anyone I

know. I hope we can cooperate again in the future.

Could your brief on your current

project (Snow Blade)?

It's a very dark, bloody, sexy swordplay actioner, very

different from the kind of films I've done in the past. It's

definitely aimed at being a cult classic. The story itself is

quite straight forward; a swordswoman has to kill seven

people before the full moon sets, but the way we tell it is

quite fresh.

I feel blessed, because, if I could go back in time and tell

my 19 year old self what lay ahead, I think he would be

very happy! I know a lot of people who somehow lose

track of the dreams of their youth, but, in my own case,

those dreams still inform me and my work today.

Has special effects diminished the real

action in films?

I think the action remains as exciting as it was. I do think

that these huge vistas of incredibly CGI fake backgrounds

and armies are to the detriment of otherwise wonderful

period epics. I guess people play so many videogames

these days, they have a different concept of what looks


You've worked many times with Jackie

Chan. How was your experience

working with Jackie Chan?

He comes as advertised, he's 'Mr. Nice Guy'. On

'Medallion', particularly, I was working with him day and

night, and he's such a generally good and kind person. Of



arc Weigert is one of the most talented and

most wanted Visual Effects Project

MSupervisor of the film Industry today. After

completing his studies in directing and producing at

the Film akademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany,

Marc worked on commercials and produced a few

small TV features. His experience in working with

Silicon Graphics computers, with Alias Wave front

software used in Terminator 2 and his urge for

working on 3D animation led him to create the

outstanding visual effects for the movies like

Independence Day, The Triangle and 2012.

How was your experience in

working with the movie 2012? And

the Association with Film Maker

Roland Emmerich



The Magic wand

behind the blockbuster


‘Independence Day', ‘The Triangle'

and now ‘Anonymous'

Both Volker and I have a great relationship with

Roland Emmerich, since we've known each other for

a very long time. We know his style, and what he likes

and doesn't like, so there's a nice "shorthand" way of

communicating. Roland trusts us, so that's why we're

co-producers (executive producers on "Anonymous")

and visual effects supervisors at the same time. And

on "2012", as on other movies, I took care of the

entire pipeline for creating the film. I've worked

closely with the folks at Sony Pictures, to put a fully

digital pipeline into place, from shooting the film to

the last frames of color correction at the end. It was a

400 Terabyte server that was built for that purpose,

and let us access any frame of film that was shot by

any unit anywhere within seconds. Through

automation, it would convert the film frames we'd

need and rename them correctly to fit our own tools,

and move them to our computers. The system that

we started has now grown to over 15 Petabyte, and

can handle several of Sony's movies at the same time.

We integrate as many departments as we can. Right

now, we have the art department, costume and VFX

in one place, on one network, for "Foundation". We

will also add editing and digital intermediate (color

correction) into that same pipeline. "2012" was

extremely challenging, since we had our Uncharted

Territory team of over 100 people, and then 14 other

VFX companies that were working for us. And the

movie had a fairly short time frame of 16 months

from beginning to final delivery. Usually you have 18-

24 months on a big Hollywood feature.




How do you choose a movie to work


There are usually two criteria for us: One is the story.

What's the project about? It's a very personal decision, for

instance, as we both don't like horror films very much, so

we usually turn them down. It also needs to be

challenging. Something new, that hasn't been done before,

or at least the WE haven't done before (like the 10.5

earthquake scene in"2012", or building the entire city of

London in the 16th century in "Anonymous").

Second criteria are the people involved. Who is the

director? The other producers? Since we are usually the

very first people to start on a movie (most of the time

already during the script development phase), and the

very last to finish (during or after color correction), it's a

long time. At a minimum one year, but if "Foundation"

gets the green light for a whole trilogy, it will be about 5

years! And we work long hours, and a lot of weekends, so

it's very important that you like the people you work with.

You must get along well with the other creatives, and have

a constant dialogue, where nobody is afraid of

constructive criticism, and you have fun working

together. Because that's what makes the film better and


Independence day and 2012 can be called as two

blockbuster hits in your film career. How different was

the working experience? Can you rate the visual effects

aspects of 1996 and 2009.

Visual Effects and the way we're making movies have

changed tremendously in the past 10-15 years. On

Independence Day, we used mainly miniatures, and very

little computer animation. Most shots were already

composited digitally, but we had a 10 month miniature

shoot with 2-4 teams shooting simultaneously. As a

comparison, on "2012" we shot only 3 days miniatures.

Pretty much everything was computer generated. So

you're a lot less outdoors (I actually miss that), and

spend most of your time in dark rooms with lots of

computer screens.

Your upcoming movie Anonymous…

"Anonymous", also directed by Roland Emmerich, is

about the prevalent theory that Shakespeare was not the

author of the works attributed to him. The film is about

the power of the written word, in a world where freedom

of speech was still just a vague idea.

We have created about 30 minutes of visual effects for

the film. We built the entire city of London (around the

year 1600) in the computer, and built several palaces and

manors for close-up shots. It was really exciting to work

on a "non-VFX"-movie, and use the VFX only in an

invisible way, to tell the story and to create a time period

that's long gone.

Uncharted Territory

Founded in 1999 by Volker Engel and Marc Weigert.

"Uncharted Territory is an unusual company, because we

are a production company, but we also build up a visual

effects studio for each film. For "2012", we had over 100

artists working on about a third of the movie, and

creating two of the biggest sequences in the film.

Normally, we create all the effects for a film in-house

(which we did on "Anonymous" again), but for "2012" we

knew from the beginning, that it would be too much to

handle. So we separated the screenplay into several

major sequences, and gave some of them away to other

big VFX companies like Digital Domain, Sony Pictures

imageworks, Double Negative, Scanline and Hydraulx" -

Marc Weigert


Biz Notes on Cinema

From Fashion to

Fascination ….

An interview with

Mr.Robin Alter

CEO and founder of Kreeda Games

ideo games and smart phone games are catching

up like fire. People of all age groups find

Vrelaxation and pleasure in games. Games find an

increasingly prominent role in the modern entertainment

and media industry.

Mr.Robin Alter, CEO and founder of Kreeda Games opens

up his mind to All Lights….

What motivated you to choose

Mumbai for your business?

Having worked across Asia-Pacific and the US, the

opportunity for games in India was clear. Coupled with

the growth in economy, internet penetration and mobile

phones, there was a compelling reason to start a


Winner of Golden cursor award for

Best MMO -CNBC TV 18 & Animation

express (2009) - A brief outline on

this honor

There were hardly any MMOs launched in India,

particularly with Indian content and themes. We had put

in place all the necessary servers, data centers, billing

and advertising mechanisms required and launched our

DanceMela MMO after it had been localized and tested.

We also provided all the in-game CRM and marketing

services needed to bring greater awareness and success

to the game.

Could you brief me the projects and

the way they were executed?

We had spent over 6 months localizing a Chinese game

with new graphics, clothing, music, dance moves related

to Bollywood and Indian themes. This award was given

for the depth and quality of our localization efforts.

How do you see the gaming industry

to go in next 20 years?

I believe the gaming will become much more integrated

into our daily lives and accessible across platforms

including PC, websites, mobiles, and TV. People will be

able to play casually, while they are on the move and

where ever they have a free moment to play.

How do you see the market for Smart

Phone Games?

The SmartPhone market is poised for massive, rapid

growth this year. With the introduction of 3G and lowcost

Android phones, in a market with over 800Million

mobiles users. Growth is inevitable.

What are the challenges and hurdles

in gaming industry?

Viable monetization models are still to be explored. They

are likely to take a different model than that have worked

in other countries but will certainly have advertising and

micro-transaction elements. Incentivizing players to pay

and enable them to conduct transaction easily is

currently the biggest challenge

How is regional and cross-cultural



Biz Notes on Cinema

gaming accepted in the market?

Most games that are played in India are from other

counties and most closely aligned with US tastes.

However, Indian content, themes and languages will

emerge and become a big facilitator to the growth of

gaming in India

Please brief about the management of

the organization, the technical team

and office locations?

The management team is led by seasoned veterans in

the gaming and media industries. The entire team is

located in Mumbai India.

The Projects undertaken and the

ongoing ones?

We have been developing multiplayer social games for

the Web and for SmartPhones. We have 3 social games

and 5 SmartPhones games in development and produce

multiple casual games for clients internationally.

How challenging is providing games

to the social networking sites?

Most sites are keen to acquire good new content. But

that is not a big challenge.

What makes KREEDA different from

other Gamers?

Kreeda is at it's core a creative shop with unique skills

in social game design. Backed with our experience of

running online games we bring a lot of technical and

operations knowledge to each system we build to

support an exciting and viral gameplay at the players


“Finding reliable outsource partners is difficult; Very

difficult. However, every once in a while you find a company

who are professional, reliable and give you exactly what

you ask of them. Kreeda's team completed their first project

with us in good time, kept us informed and helped

creatively in a situation where the timeframe or budget

didn't allow for much. As a result of the good service we

received, we contracted them to help us again further with

other projects and they provided the same excellent service.

There now exists an excellent ongoing relationship between

Menue Americas and Kreeda which I hope we can maintain

for many years."

Mike Jones, Director, Program Management Office.

Menue Americas Corp, 1405, Spring St, Atlanta, Georgia 30309 USA


Phone: +14 049393609

Work done by Kreeda - Reference Link/s:

"I chose Kreeda to help us with our art at PlayFirst because

they noticed technical details other art houses didn't. They

asked lots of questions. Their art is very good. It's carefully

considered, technically and visually. Their process is top

notch, with clear presentations at each delivery, thorough

consistent communication and attention to details."

Chuck Eyler, Art Director for Social and iGames

PlayFirst Inc., 160 Spear Street,

Suite 1300 San Francisco, CA 94105 USA


Phone: +192 54877654

Work done by Kreeda - Reference Link/s:






As CEO, he also leads Professional Services, Sales,

Marketing and Game Design.

25 years in Services Delivery, Business Development and


Ran professional services divisions at companies like

IBM and independently consulted with clients such as

Telstra, China Telecom, Muze and Reliance India.

6 Years in technology implementation in K-12 Education

and 10 years in Entertainment, Telecom and Finance


B.S. from Carnegie-Mellon University


Biz Notes on Cinema

Tête-à-tête with

Pramod Shinde

A Media Entertainment Industry Expert

Moser Baer - launches USB drives preloaded

with Blockbuster movies.

This is one of the high end

Technological revolution in Ancillary

markets of Movie distribution. Your

words on it….

With the shrinking volumes of DVDs, VCDs sales & Blue

Rays yet to catch up, manufacturers are trying to garner

market share through new & innovative inventions like

USB drives, I Pods etc which have a readymade market of

young & trendy consumers. With 3-5 movies in single

device even consumers are enjoying a high quality movie


What challenges do you face currently

in Indian Market of Home Videos?

With the proliferation of the internet & better

connectivity, we could see the Indian Film Industry

being adversely affected. Piracy in the form of downloads

& easy availability of pirated CDs has taken away the

Home Video Revenue share. With pirated CDs available

within hours of Home Video launch & before the

theatrical release of the film, Home Video Business is

showing a negative trend.It is imperative for us to take a

strong stand against piracy backed by Govt support &

strict enforcement of anti-piracy laws.

How do you find the piracy market

affecting the DVD and CD market?

How has it affected Moser Baer?

Piracy Continues to be a major concern for the Film

Industry. Technological advancements such as

digitization of film content & delivery has helped arrest

anti piracy to a great extent. However, a concerted Public

Private Partnership is needed to tackle the deep rooted

bane of piracy. With the Content Cost growing

considerably in recent times making profits is becoming

relatively difficult with low cost pricing strategy of


Among the top two media

manufacturers in the world- How

would you comment on the

positioning in this market?

Moserbaer with its robust manufacturing capacity wanted

Moserbaer Entertainment Ltd-

Product Manager-3 yrs

Role: Content (Films & Non Films) acquisition

from across the globe for Theatrical, Satellite,

Home Video & Digital Release in India &

Neighboring Countries. Was Business Head for

Bhojpuri Division. Responsible for Creation,

Marketing & Syndication of local content. Created

a niche vertical of World cinema successfully.

National Film Development Corporation Ltd

(NFDC LTD)- 10 yrs

Role: International Marketing. Responsible for

Content Acquisition from Indian Producers &

syndicating the same in overseas markets.

Import foreign films for Indian Distribution. Line

Production Activities.FCT sales for Doordarshan.

Sale of NFDC Film Rights for Satellite, Home

Video & Non Commercial screenings in India.

Dalal Street Journal Group (DSJ)

Branch Manager-2 yrs

Role: Ad Sales for Magazines.



Biz Notes on Cinema

to grow its market share & venturing into home video

business was a step towards it. India being the largest

consumer of films & Indians still preferring to watch

films at home Moserbaer had a readymade market.

How does your research and

development enhance your Product


India being a diverse and multi-language country,

strategies differ as per the state. With regional films

dominating in some states, innovative packaging &

attractive pricing were the need of the hour. South has a

more captivating market, where quality plays a more

important role. West has a different requirement where 5

films in One CD has more demand. Accordingly products

were made, packaged & priced.

It is understood that Moser Baer has

been known as the first storage media

company in the world to ship HD

DVDs - Brief outline of the USPs and

the competitor in this

With innovations taking place across the globe in optical

media space, Blur Rays/ HD DVDs were invented in order

to have better home viewing experience. Blue Rays with

5.1 Dolby Digital Sound Track, Crystal Clear Picture

Quality and Customized Menus gives viewers a Theatrical

experience at home. To capture this growing market,

Companies started investing in R & D &Moserbaer was

one among them.

With all the fuss about the great images on HDTVs,

particularly from Blu-ray, it's easy to forget that sound is

half the experience-maybe even more. Blu-ray offers more

than just great video. By making use of its generous datastorage

capacity and new ways to encode audio, it offers

an audio experience that's a significant step beyond the

digital movie sound formats we've lived with. In fact, it's

arguably equivalent to the sound the engineers and

filmmakers heard during the mastering session.

What are your new plans and

strategies in Home Video


With films releasing on DTH simultaneously with

theatres, Home Video business has affected severely. New

release strategies are worked out in order to give

consumers more than his theatrical experience. Hence

value added behind the scenes, Directors Cut, Stars Docu

features are added along with the film. Merchandised

items are bundled along with DVDs. In some cases films

are released directly on Home Video skipping the


How do you cope with the changing

consumer behavior in this industry?

Consumers are demanding value for money. Multiple

films in single disc are more in demand. Value added

packs with better visibility across the counter strategy are

adopted by companies to have edge over the competitors.

Publicity on films are created across Social media

platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc where groups &

communities are created & targeted. Mobile & Internet

marketing are eating the pie out of the normal TV, Radio,

Print& OOH advertising.

Lowest-cost manufacturing of optical

media in the world - How would have

Moser Bear benefited from this

competitive strategy?

Cost of manufacturing being almost negligible, it's the

cost of acquiring content that is hampering Home Video

growth. To sustain one need to sell in volumes & hence

Moserbaer adopted the lowest Cost module enabling the

common men to have his share of entertainment.


Get to Know it

Roaring Silence

hen an American mother and daughter travel

to India to find the girl's biological parents,

Wthey find more than they ever expected. The

Indian mother's story of betrayal and heroism to bring

the girl into the world will change the two forever and

open their eyes to events they had no idea were going on.

There are at least 100 million women missing in this

world according to numerous reports. According to the

provisional 2011 Indian Census, there are 940 females to

1000 males and only 914 to every 1000 in the newborn

to 6-year-old bracket. Female Feticide (selective sex

abortion) started in India with the introduction of the

ultrasound though female infanticide has been around

much longer. Roaring Silence takes place in India and is

the story of just one woman and her struggle to save her

unborn daughter. This film is a social issue feature based

on a true story written in the book Female Feticide: A

Curse by Dr Harshindar Kaur. Dr Harshindar has been

honored by the United Nations for her work on raising

awareness of female feticide and has been invited to give


a speech at the United Nations in June.

“I grew up in America and in the 80's, you never saw

Indian people on television. I stopped to watch and it

turned out to be a documentary on female feticide in

India. Those images stuck in my mind. The reasoning

behind people committing these crimes were revolting",

says Director Uzma Xina Kang. Kang is joined by a

growing team of film professionals that feel the same way.

William Orendorff has joined forces with her to create a

screenplay that is both compelling and educational.

Through one woman's story, you see the injustices that

have been passed down for generations. Kristin Pitcher of

Pitcher PR brings 10+ years of experience in marketing

and publicity to the table. She has worked for FOX and

DIRECTV among others.

Roaring Silence is in pre-production and the Indian

portion of the casting will take place in India in July. For

more information on this project, please contact Roaring

Silence Productions, LLC at





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