Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co.,Ltd. contributes to ...

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co.,Ltd. contributes to ...

Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co.,Ltd.

contributes to Environment and Energy Conservation



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IJP Marking System

Continuous ink jet printier is marking equipment for

various products in industry.

The featutes are high speed printing,

non contact printing,clear printing and flexible printing.

Product line up

PXR Series

Print samples

PB Series

Touch Panel pictures

Electric Chain Hoist

Hitachi Chain Hoist is widely used to make cargo handling more efficient.

Highly reliable machines enables long life and safety operations.

Models for various applications are also avilable.


Top Energy Effcient Transformer



Hitachi screw compressors active in China

Comment from Hitachi members

Mr. He Hao


Industrial Equipment Systems Group

Hitach(China) Ltd.

In this project, the cooperation of all of the members including the dealers, Hitachi Industrial

Equipment Systems, the Shimizu Plant, Hitachi Industrial Equipment (Nanjing) Co.,Ltd., and Hitachi

(China) Ltd. enabled us to acquire an order. Like the present successful example, we would like to

continue to collaborate closely with the related parties, make efforts to be of use to the customer, and

strive to further increase sales including developing markets with other companies in the same field.

Mr. David Wu

Senior Exective

Industrial Equipment Systems Group

Hitach(China) Ltd.

Against the background of the recovery of the Chinese economy, I am very pleased to say that we

were able to deliver a large number of compressors to the Ju Teng Group which highly evaluates

Hitachi compressors.

At present, more than 90 Hitachi compressors are in use, and in the future we would like to maintain an

awareness of problems and make proposals that are useful to the customer, in order to meet the

customers expectations.

VoltAge21(), an information bulletin

with a circulation of 30,000 in Japan, is globalized,

and the English version is now delivered to you.

The original version provided customers in Japan

with information about the environment and

energy saving, as well as our products. It has

been delivered to a number of customers and

supported by them. We wish to enlarge the

boundaries of such communication to the world.

Your continued support would be highly


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