Gigantic Expanding Spheres! (p.9) - Prof Bunsen

Gigantic Expanding Spheres! (p.9) - Prof Bunsen

Gigantic Expanding

Spheres! (p.9)






Dear Fellow Educators, Home Schoolers & Science Enthusiasts,

Welcome to our 2013 Catalogue of amazing, intriguing and hard-to-find

science related items.

We use and demonstrate many of our items on a daily basis during our visits to

classrooms in Victoria. They are the ones that work for us, so in order to assist you, we have

drawn up a list of suggested products that will complement the Australian curriculum (see p 41).

We supply notes and classroom tips with many of our products, enabling you to integrate these

items seamlessly into your curriculum.

Thanks for your continued support and wishing you a fulfilling science teaching year!


Carl Ahlers

Table of Contents

Chemistry 3 - 11

Sound & Waves 12

Electricity & Magnetism 13 - 17

Light & Colour 18 - 22

Renewable Energy 23 - 25

Energy & Forces 26 - 37

Fun Science 37

Periodic Table 38 - 39

Lab Stuff 40

Ordering Info 42

Order Form 43




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• All prices in this catalogue are in AUD and inclusive of 10% GST.

• We gladly offer a 100% guarantee on all our products. If for what ever reason a product does not live

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World Record


Super Bubble Mix

Our Super Bubble Concentrate is imported from the USA and

is the BEST bubble concentrate available. Known as beeboo®

Big Bubble Mix it has set the World Record for the “World’s

Largest Free Floating Bubble” measuring an amazing 2,984

liters! Simply dilute the 100 ml concentrate with tap water, stir

and start making HUGE bubbles.

Required: A metal coat hanger as bubble hoop, wool & shallow


Included: 100 ml concentrate (prepares 1 litre solution) &


Age: 5+

M05 A$ 13.50

Density Tubes Kit

This is a very special density column. Students drop a mixture of

blue and white beads into a tube, add alcohol, water and salt and

. . . the beads will auto-separate. But then amazingly the two bead

layers slowly move closer together to the middle of the liquid layer

. . . How can beads float in the middle of the liquid? What part

does the salt play? Can be used over and over. Original idea by

Lynn Higgins of Polymer Ambassadors.

Included: Plastic tubes with lids (6), 48 beads,

special salt, instructions & worksheets

Required: Isopropyl alcohol (20 ml per tube)

from hardware store .

Age: 8+

F18 A$ 12.00



Touchable Bubbles in a Test Tube

You can catch them in your hand or on your finger.

These long-lasting bubbles can be levitated by our Fun Fly Stick!

Packed in a plastic ‘test tube’.

Age 5+

G20 A$ 3.90 each


Chemical Heat Pack

A neat heat pack that will have students experience a

very useful and fun phase change: a liquid turning into a

solid instantly! Simply click the metal disc floating in the

supersaturated sodium acetate solution and three notable

changes will take place:

• liquid to solid;

• a light colour change &

• a temperature change.

Can be recycled many times by boiling the pack in hot water

for 4 minutes.

Age: 6+

H08 Hand Shape A$ 4.50

H09 Square (9.5 x 9.5 cm) A$ 4.50

Heats to 55ºC


Prices include GST

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Colour Changing Putty

Stretch it, shape it and bounce it! It is a great non-Newtonian liquid, but

when it heats up, its real colour comes out. The heat sensitive colour

pigments change colour from orange to yellow from the heat of your

hand, sunlight or excessive stretching. Heat with a hair dryer and then

pop in the fridge. Fun!

Included: 50 grams (pocket pack) in plastic tub

Age: 5+

M20 A$ 8.50

Glow Jumping Putty

Cool glow-in-the-dark putty that bounces,

stretches, snaps, tears and moulds to any

shape you like. Turn off the lights and play

catch-in-the dark. Lots of fun!

Simply expose the putty to light or a UV

source such as our UV Torch and it will

glow like crazy for a long time.

14g putty in container

Age: 6+

M57 A$ 4.50

Disappearing Ink

Disappearing ink is surprisingly very

educational! It should have a permanent

place in all acid-base indicator lessons.

Engage students by squirting them with

ink on their lab coats, and then explain

the acid - base


Included: One 30 ml bottle

Age: 6+

M03 A$ 1.25

Magic Polymer Balloons

Squeeze a small quantity of the polymer paste onto the

tube and slowly inflate the balloon. The balloon is pinched

off at the blower and is fun to bounce and toss in the air.

Or stick balloons together to create animal shapes. Lots

of fun. Holes in the balloons are simply sealed by pinching

the films together. One tube of 20g can create up to 30

balloons depending on the size.

Safety: Polymer is made in Germany, is non-toxic and has

passed all toy safety standards

Age: 5+

G43 A$ 6.00

Red Cabbage Colour Crystals

Students will discover the science of fizzy things, make a

breathalyzer and pH paper and discover the magical colour changes of

kitchen chemicals and cabbage indicator. Half a scoop of the colour

crystals will indicate the pH of almost any solution.

Contains: Food grade stable red cabbage extract, scoop & great


Age: 8+

M32 A$ 6.00

Goldenrod Indicator Paper

Hard to find Goldenrod paper is coated with a dye (from your kitchen) that acts as an

acid-base indicator. In fact it’s the world’s largest acid/base indicator strip and can be

used in many classroom science experiments.

Goldenrod paper turns bright red when in contact with bases

(ammonia, sodium bicarbonate) and back to its normal golden

colour when in contact with acids (vinegar, lemon juice, etc.)

Each sheet is 21.6 x 27.9 cm in size.

Age: 5+

M29 A$ 6.00 per pack (10 sheets)


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Blaster Balls

Explosive toys! A great

exothermic reaction blast from

the toy shop. Catch one ball

while holding the other and the

striking balls will produce a bang.

Perchlorate and sulphur reacts


Many blasts per pair.

Age: 7+

M51 A$ 2.50 (one pair)

Crystal Tree

This crystal tree blossoms in full colour as the

solution moves up the paper tree due to

capillary forces. Fully grown within hours. A

tree, growth solution and base cup is provided.

Add food colouring to the branches to get

coloured blossoms.

And - it is recyclable!

Age: 6+

M02 A$ 2.00 each

The Melting Snowman

Build a snowman from the ice-white jumping putty and sit back

and watch him go the way they all do - ending up in a sorry looking

puddle with a hat on top. But can putty melt? Silicone based jumping

putty is a special substance that exhibits both liquid and solid

properties. You can build it up as many times as you like with no

frostbite risks.

Included: 70 g of putty in a neat sealable tub with a number of

snowman parts

Age: 5+

M58 A$ 12.50

Crystal Birds

Simply open up the plastic egg containing a paper bird, add the solution and watch as the

bird’s colourful crystal feathers come to life. Fully grown in 12 hours and can be


We will supply a

selection of the 6

different types


Age: 6+

M43 A$ 3.50 each

Bomb Bags

Explosive fun. Squeeze the bag, and then toss it.

The chemical reaction in the bag produces CO 2


that causes it to expand and eventually explode

with a loud pop. Uses non-toxic kitchen chemicals.

No flames.

Age: 6+

M07 A$ 0.65 each

Prices include GST

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Oozing Polymers!


Instant Worms School Lab Pack

Open up a can of worms! One of the coolest

science labs we have ever experienced. Simply

squirt the Worm Builder liquid into the Worm

Medium liquid and the most amazing polymer

worms will form!

No PVA or borax.

Slime School Lab Pack

Our handy school lab pack contains all the chemicals

required by 20 students to produce 50 ml of Slime

each. You will be ready to go in a minute! Age: 6+

Contents: PVA pre-dissolved (takes the hassle

out of this tedious job) and coloured; borax powder;

syringes (7); sticks (20); lids (20); cups (20);

instruction sheet and science info.

M10 Slime School Pack A$ 20.00

M10R Chemical refill pack A$ 14.00

Conveniently packed for 20 students.

Contents: Three containers with worm builder powder;

worm medium powder; plastic cups (32); sticks (20);

syringes (10); instructions and science info.

Age: 7+

M11 Worms School Pack A$ 24.00

M11R Chemical refill pack A$ 18.00

Laundry Bag Slime

PVA laundry bags are used in hospitals to minimise the risk of linen

cross-infection. You can use these water soluble bags to prepare PVA

solutions for Slime. One bag makes 1 liter of PVA solution (or 1 liter of

slime) and all you need to supply is a saturated Borax solution (from the

supermarket). Easily coloured with food dyes.

Age: 7+

One pack consists of 5 bags plus instructions. Makes 5 ltr of slime.

M44 A$ 10.00 per pack

Poly-Ox (Polyethylene oxide)

This self-siphoning gel seems to defy gravity. Simply

dissolve 2 g of the powder in iso-propyl alcohol and

water to form an extremely viscous, non-Newtonian

fluid. This fluid has amazing properties! It will flow

uphill and the entire glob will siphon itself

into a lower beaker.

Included: 50 grams to

prepare at least 5 liters

of Poly-Ox gel.

Age: 11+ (with adult assistance)

M52 A$ 12.00

6 order online:


Paramagnetic Putty

This is both funny & amazing! This high bounce putty will engulf any strong magnet in its vicinity. It is both a jumping and

paramagnetic putty. Place a blob of it near a strong neodymium magnet and observe! Will keep kids mesmerized for hours.

Note: The putty is not a magnet itself but responds to a magnetic field (paramagnetic). 

Included: 15g black putty in a plastic egg container.
Works well with

any of our neodymium magnets (p.14). 

Age: 5+ 

M17 A$ 4.20


required with

magnet use

Make Your Own Slime

Add the powder to the jar, mix some water

in, stir and you’ll get toy shop quality slime,

instantly. Fun to make, fun to play with.

Another thixotropic liquid with peculiar


Included: Plastic jar with polymer powder

Age: 5+

M59 A$ 4.95

Made from


New Supplier

Better Quality!

Silly Putty

Did you know? The best selling toy in history is a chemical

toy! Now you can own this toy too. Discover the peculiar

properties of Silly Putty, a dilatant compound with pretty

unique properties.

15g putty in container.

Age: 5+

M19 A$ 2.90 each

Thermoplastic Polymer

Plastics that can be heated and reformed over and over

are known as thermoplastics. Polycaprolactone is a

great thermoplastic. It melts at 58 to 60 °C so it can

conveniently be melted in hot water. Can be moulded, cut

and extruded. Use over and over.

Safe & Biodegradable

Age: 9+


A$ 15.00 (150g)

DIY Bouncing Ball Kit

What a great introduction to polymers! Students

pour the coloured powder into a plastic mould and

submerge it in water for one minute to polymerize.

Then open the mould and Voila! - their own high

bounce ball creation for recreation.

Each kit makes two balls.

Age: 6+


A$ 4.50 per kit

Prices include GST

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Super Thirsty Molecules!

Instant Expanding Snow

What a blizzard! You’ll be amazed - add water

and the powder will EXPAND 40 times in

volume before your eyes to produce fluffy, dry,

white snow. As used in the filming industry.

And the best: Prepared snow will shrink in days

and expand again with water.

Safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

Age: 6+

Warning: Slippery when wet.

Single Pack M12 A$ 4.00

(makes 700 ml snow)

Contents: Instant snow polymer, measuring cup,

spoon and instructions.

School Lab Pack M13 A$ 27.00

(makes 6.6 liters snow)

Enough powder so that 20 students can

produce at least 330ml snow each.

Contents: Instant snow powder (80g) ; plastic

cups (25); measuring spoon (5); instruction sheet

and science info.

Snow Refill Pack 80g M13R A$ 22.00

Snow Bulk 350g M06M A$ 72.00

Snow Bulk 500g M06L A$ 89.00

Instant Wet Snow

Prepare instant wet, shiny and sparkling snow from powder

and water, ideal for outdoor fun.

The snow powder is added to water and stirred to form a

clear gel and fluffs up into snow on stirring. Can be coloured

with food dye. Snow can not melt but will shrink when water

evaporates and expand again when water is added.

Included: Instant snow polymer

and instructions.

Safe, non-toxic and bio degradable.

Age: 6+

Warning: Very slippery.

Super Slurper

The same powder

found in disposable baby

nappies will teach osmosis and super absorbance

instantly. You can simply reverse the process by

sprinkling table salt on the gel.

Age: 6+

M14 A$ 12.00 (100g)

M14L A$ 28.75 (400g)


M24S 200ml A$ 9.00 (Makes 13 liters)

M24L 1200ml A$ 39.00 (Makes 80 liters)

Now absorbs 400 times its

mass in water at

a great speed!





Turn water into gel instantly!



Used by


8 order online:


Expanding Cubes and Spheres

Super absorbent polymers absorb large volumes of water when placed in water and are turned into

hydro gels. The volume change can be an incredible 250x of the original volume and is fully reversible.

The gelled polymer contains up to 95% water so it has the same optical density as water and

becomes invisible in water . . .



Expanding Spheres (Gigantic)

This is the most amazing absorption demonstration we have experienced! Grow gigantic

water spheres in hours! Pop the 15 mm soft spheres in water and in 48 - 72 hours (2 - 3

days) you will have gigantic water gel spheres up to 77 mm in diameter! And as they

contain 98% water, the clear spheres will be invisible in water. Add food colouring to the

water (3 drops per 250 ml water) to produce coloured water spheres. Leave them out

of the water and they’ll shrink back to the original size, then recycle them by expanding

in water again. They make great decorations in flower vases but no one can resist the

amazing slippery gel feel!

Age: 6+ with adult supervision.

M45 A$ 8.00

(~25 spheres)

Expanding Spheres (Large)

Amazing water spheres! Pop these 3.3 mm rock-hard spheres in

water and within hours you will have 20 mm

jelly-like spheres! That’s a 220 times increase in volume! Leave

them out of the water and they return to the original hard spheres.

Then expand them over and over. Bounce, roll or squeeze them or

germinate seeds amongst them. Loads of gelled fun!

Available in clear, red, green or blue.

Please indicate your choice.

Age: 6+ with adult


M46 A$ 7.00

(~500 spheres)

Expanding Cubes

These tiny gel-like cubes will expand

dramatically when dropped in water. After a

few hours you will have large gel-like cubes

that are invisible in water. Or add food colouring to the

water to produce coloured cubes. Leave them out on the

shelf and they become small cubes. Can be expanded

many times into irresistible, slippery giant jelly cubes.

Age: 6+ with adult supervision.

M47 A$ 7.00

(~100 cubes)

Expands to



Safety: Made from non-toxic super absorbent material, these

spheres are safe & fascinating to touch but due to the small size

are NOT classified as TOYS. We recommend adult supervision.

Super Expanding Crocodile

Experience the exceptional growth of creatures in water to more

than 27 times their original mass. (Our crocodile increased from 77g

to 1640g in a month!)

Integrate math and science classes by making students graph and

investigate the growth of these creatures in length, width, mass and

volume. Then reverse the process by evaporating the water and

make the creatures return to almost their original size.

Please note: It takes 3 to 4 weeks to fully expand.

Age: 7+ or as a demonstration for younger students.

M16C Crocodile A$ 5.75

Super thirsty croc!



Prices include GST

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The Fascinating Oscillating

Reaction Kit

Prepare a solution and watch it change to amber then to purple

and back to clear. Watch as it repeats the colour cycle again and

again. Then do experiments to learn how it works and discover

the Briggs-Rauscher reaction’s mechanism. The oscillation can

be performed a number of times (~15). Excellent explanations.

Contains: Chemicals & equipment

Hydrogen peroxide (3 %) is required, but not included.

Age: 12+

M37 A$ 19.00

Rubber Flubber Experiment Kit

This kit is all about natural rubber latex and its

science. Prepare rubber balls, foam rubber, erasers,

rubber stamps, rubber bands, water proof cloth and

cast a rubber dinosaur.

All experiments come with solid chemical explanations.

Each experiment can be peformed a number of times.

Contains: Chemicals & equipment

Age: 9+ with adult supervision. Not recommended for

anyone allergic to latex or proteins.

M34 A$ 19.00

Crash Proof Test Tubes

All plastic soft drink bottles start out as small PET “preforms” –

or what we have labeled, “crash proof test tubes” for the classroom.

Each tube holds 40 ml and is 14 cm tall.

They have numerous GREAT safe applications in the classroom, some of which are:

• Collecting & storing liquids;

• Growing expanding spheres (p. 9);

• Preparing a density column or wave simulator;

• Storing of sedimentation or sand layers;

• Germinating seeds using different mediums; etc.

The screw-on caps act as test tube stands too.

Age: 6+

M39T Tube A$ 0.70

M39C Cap A$ 0.15

Kitchen Science Pack

Perform six amazing experiments with

everyday kitchen materials. Generate

electricity by using a fork and tomato,

launch a rocket fueled by baking soda

and vinegar, create a table top volcano

with bubbly “lava”, decipher a secret

message, study fingerprints and more...

Age: 9+

M18 A$ 24.00

10 order online:


Crystal Growing Kit

Growing these beautiful crystal clusters simply requires

the dissolution of the chemicals in hot water. Crystal

clusters will grow within one to two weeks. Great for

classroom discussions of supersaturated solutions.

Assorted colours.

Teach: Crystallization, super saturated solutions, solids

Age: 8+

M42 A$ 15.00

Bimetallic Jumping Disc

How much force can be created by the differential

expansion rates of two dissimilar metals? Simply rub

the shiny side of the disc with your finger to heat it, pop

it face up on the table and as the two metals in the disc

contract at different rates, the disc unexpectedly jumps

up to 30 cm high! Use over and over.

Size: 25 mm diameter

Teach: Thermal expansion of metals

Age: 10+

H10 Pack of 10 A$12.00

Magnesium Pencil


If you have read our book Expose, Excite,

Ignite!, below, then you will know why we

sell magnesium pencil sharpeners. They

burn brightly in steam and can power

a clock! 

M08 A$ 1.30 each


It is the second most abundant element on

Earth and makes up 25.7% of the Earth’s

crust. It has lustre and never tarnishes. It is

a poor conductor of electricity but does the

processing in all computer chips.

Included: ±100g chunks of various sizes

M26 A$ 14.00

Expose, Excite, Ignite!

An Essential Guide to Whizz-Bang Chemistry by Carl Ahlers

In this book you will find activities that are SIMPLE, reasonably SAFE (hey, this is about

combustion) and oh so SPECTACULAR. You’ll get step-by-step instructions

and photos, all easily implemented in your classroom and lab - guaranteed instant

student engagement.

This book will show you how to:

• make a pencil sharpener burn white hot under water;

• make an egg explode in an “eggsothermic” reaction;

• make a wind-up toy car explode in a puff of smoke;

• prepare hydrogen gas from kitchen chemicals;

• make a Pringles tube sing and fly skywards;

• do a sugar dust explosion in a coffee tin;

• launch a real rocket using sugar based fuel;

• run a clock on a pencil sharpener;

• extract silicon from beach sand and more . . .

For: Middle & High School Science teachers

Z12 A$ 15.00 (soft cover, 110 pages)



Prices include GST

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Singing Rods Set

This amazingly simple demonstration will bring to life complex

concepts such as resonance and natural frequency of vibration!

Hold the rod in the middle with one hand, apply rosin to the thumb

and forefinger and slide your fingers repeatedly along the rod to

make the rod resonate at a high pitch. Excellent for discussing

nodes, anti-nodes, wavelength and frequency.

Included: Two aluminium rods of different lengths, a bag

of rosin, Prof Bunsen’s classroom notes.

Age: 12+

S01 Set: Two rods & rosin A$ 42.00

S02 Extra bag of rosin A$ 11.00

Sound Tube

A captivating simple demonstration.

Twirling the tube at different speeds

produces up to five different resonant

tones. It teaches Bernouilli’s principle


Colours may vary.

Age: 6+

S04 A$ 4.00 each

Slinky Spring - Wave Modeler

This is the original Slinky Spring for endless walking, juggling,

flipping and action motion fun. Invented 68 years ago by

Richard James, a US naval engineer, the slinky idea

came about when a tension spring fell off his desk and

started “walking”.

Great for modeling standing and longitudinal (sound) waves.

Size: 55 mm diam, 50 mm high

Age: 5+

S05 A$ 9.00

The Original


Light Modulation:

Photo Phone Kit

How much fun can one have with a complex principle such as

amplitude modulation? A lot! Plug a torch into a CD player’s or iPod’s

earphone socket and transmit the sound on the light beam to a solar

panel. The solar panel is connected to an amplified speaker that will

make the signal audible.

Included: Pre-amp kit, solar panel, components, instructions

Required (not included): Torch (A), MP3 player (B), amplified speaker

(C), soldering iron, 9V battery.

Age: 12+

E01 A$ 32.00



12 order online:


The Fun Fly Stick is the world’s first portable toy Van de

Graaff generator and like it’s bigger brother, it too has a moving

rubber belt on the inside.

The wand removes electrons from objects so they carry the

same charge and are then propelled from the wand.

If gravity is balanced - the objects will levitate in mid-air.

It is COMPLETELY safe! No shocks or zaps!

This item is an absolute must for ALL science teachers - the

perfect introduction to electrostatics, with numerous fun

activities that can be performed. 
See a video and download

a file on our website on amazing things you can do with the


Required: 2 x AA batteries

Age: 6+


Fun Fly Stick

You get one Fun Fly Stick with 5 mylar flyers and a full

instruction booklet and will be able to do all the activities

that the kit can do.

E17 A$ 28.00

Fun Fly Stick Science Kit

You get one transparent Fun Fly Stick, 10 mylar flyers, a

25 piece kit and detailed illustrated experiment booklet so

students can power a lamp, bend water, run an electrostatic

motor & drummer, explore a Leyden jar and much more.

A comprehensive electrostatics science kit!

E16 A$ 32.00

Fun Flyers Re-fill Pack

A set of spare mylar flying toys: three spheres, one hourglass,

one butterfly.

E17R A$ 7.00


Demonstrate magnetic fields in an awesome way!

Ferrofluids are composed of nanoscale particles

(< 10 nanometers) of magnetite, hematite or other compounds

containing iron in a carrier fluid.

It becomes strongly polarised in the presence of a magnetic field

and produces some peculiar and incredible liquid formations.

Included: 60 ml ferrofluid in bottle & instructions

Age: Can be very messy so better for middle school

and older kids or as a teacher demonstration.

E24 A$ 42.00 (60ml)



Works great

with our





Photo: Gregory Maxwell

Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 13


Magnetic Accelerator

This could be the most amazing science demo of the decade!

A plastic channel supports two neodymium magnets each associated with three steel balls. Now - roll the loose ball slowly towards

the first group. As it approaches the magnet, it accelerates and amazingly shoots off the steel ball at the other end at a high speed!

This ball activates the second group and the end ball flies off at a fantastic speed.

Yes – this is known as a Gaussian rail gun too!

Watch as students try to figure this out and then experiment with other

combinations . . . three balls and a magnet, four balls and two magnets . . .

Included: Steel balls (7), neodymium magnets (2), channel track (1),

Prof Bunsen’s notes

Age: 9+

E14 Magnetic Accelerator A$ 32.00

E14M Additional magnets A$ 6.00 each

E14S Additional steel balls A$ 1.50 each

Amazing Demo!



Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium rare earth magnets are made of

a combination of neodymium, iron and boron

(Nd 2 Fe 14 B) and form some of the most powerful

permanent magnets known.


Imagine fiddling with 125 powerful 5 mm neodymium magnets, each so

strong, they can hold 225 grams! Snap, pull, tear, mould, squeeze and

construct an endless variety of shapes with the balls. It is not a toy for

children - rather an amazing adult desk top novelty that is simply irresistible. 

Included: 125 neodymium magnet balls of 5 mm diameter with a free pouch

to keep your magnets safe. No instructions. There are hundreds of videos on


By purchasing this product the buyer acknowledges that he/she is aware


1. this is not a toy for children and 

2. that the ingestion of magnets can be extremely hazardous.

Age: 14+

E31 A$ 19.50 (125 magnets)

Rod Magnet D5 x 20 mm

Combine these magnets with steel ball bearings to create large,

stable structures. Nickel-plated. Poles positioned on flat surfaces.

E18D A$ 6.00 (Set of 4)

Disc Magnet D15 x 7 mm

Strong general use neodymium magnet used in our magnetic



E14M A$ 6.00 each

Cube Magnet 10 x 10 mm

Neodymium cube magnets are somewhat unusual. It takes more

than determination to separate two of these strong magnets from

each other.


E18C A$ 7.00 (Set of 4)

Energy Ball

This ping-pong ball is sensitive to minute electrical currents

and will light up and sound when its metal strips are touched

simultaneously. Often used as a teaching tool to demonstrate

the function of an electrical switch with a group of students

holding hands.

Size: 40 mm diameter

Age: 7+

E06 A$ 9.00


Magnets are NOT toys and not intended to be

used by young children. Choking hazards exist

with all magnets and strong magnets can injure

through pinching or chipping.

14 order online:


Magnets Discovery Set

This nifty kit includes a number of ferrite

magnets, a plastic boat and instructions to

introduce over 20 magnet activities. To name

a few: Magnet as compass, measure the force

of a magnet, magnet driven boat, magnetic

roulette, make a magnetic ladybug and a

fluttering butterfly, move a caterpillar, make a

jack-in-the box, etc.

Age: 7+ with adult supervision

E34 A$ 6.00

Lenz’s Law Tube

This is one of our favourite

demos in the physics

classroom! As the powerful

neodymium magnet drops

through the aluminium tube,

eddy currents are generated

in the tube and these oppose

the movement of the magnet.

The resultant force slows

the magnet down so it falls

at constant speed taking 10

seconds to emerge.

Included: One thick walled

aluminium tube, a neodymium

magnet and instructions.

Age: 10+

E03 A$ 39.00

AC/DC Demonstrator

There is no easier way to show the difference

between AC and DC current! Use 3 to 6 V DC and

AC power to light up the LEDs and students will

easily observe the characteristic lighting patterns.

Included: Two LEDs mounted on a 30 x 150 mm

board with 1 metre leads with alligator clips.

Required: Batteries and AC power supply.

Age: 12+

E35 A$ 10.00

Large: 30 x 725mm

World’s Simplest Motor

This clearly demonstrates what

Faraday discovered: Current

carrying wires will move in a

magnetic field. Coil the wire, set

the magnet on top and voila -

you’ll have a whizzing electric

motor in minutes. The easily

assembled motor can run up to 5

hours on a simple D-cell

(if you want). 

Included: Full kit with base,

magnet, wires & instructions.

Required: One D-Cell battery.

Age: 8+

E15 A$ 8.50




These strong rare

earth magnetic hooks

will hold objects with

a mass up to 30 kg!

They are great for

suspending objects

in the classroom for

demonstrations, such

as pendulums.


A$ 15.00 each

Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 15


Lemon Clock

Two copper and two zinc strips are inserted

into a lemon and the electronic clock is

connected. Electrons flowing from the zinc to

the copper electrodes will power the clock. Can

be used with potatoes, oranges, grapefruit or

soft drinks.

Teach: Science of batteries, electrochemistry,

voltaic cells

Included: Two copper strips, two zinc strips,

LCD clock, wire and instruction sheet.

Age: 7+

E45 A$8.50

Volta Cell Kit

Power a music module using a soft drink, vinegar or citric acid with two metal

electrodes. This voltaic cell is a great introduction to primary cells. The kit can

be used for electrolysis too or with any electrode you have, as long as they can

be clipped into the spring holders.

Included: Clear cell & lid, copper & zinc, electrodes, springs, electronic

music module.

Age: 10+

M60 A$ 7.50

Thermoelectric (Peltier) Device

By applying DC electricity to this device temperature differences are

generated between the front and back (Peltier Effect) and you will generate

hot and cold surfaces. Furthermore, by exposing the front and back to two

different temperatures, electricity can be generated (Seebeck Effect).

Application: Power the Multi Purpose basic car (p 35) or use as


Included: Peltier device 40 x 40 mm, heat sink, container & dish

Age: 10+

E36 A$ 32.00

Peltier Effect

Electricity from



Seebeck Effect

Capacitor 10F 2.3V

This large volume capacitor stores electrical energy that can be used in storage

experiments to power devices. Safe to use, no shocks produced.

Application: Charge with any hand crank generator (p17) and power the

multi-purpose basic car (p 35).

Size: 10 (diam.) x 20 mm

Age: 10+

E37 A$ 7.00


order online:

Hand Crank Generators


AT Hand Crank Generator

This is a sturdy, powerful, 15 V hand generator. Students can view the gears, motor and

wiring through the clear ABS plastics body. Simply change the polarity by reversing the

rotation direction of the handle. The wires are integrated into the body so students can

not accidentally make wrong connections.

Size: 152 x 110 x 40 mm; 1 meter cord with alligator clips; easy-grip handle

Application: Replace batteries. DC power supply for electrolysis, motors, capacitors,

physics and renewable energy experiments. Students can distinguish between different

loads by experiencing the torque on the handle. It can also act as a motor with another

set connected.

Age: 10+

E38 A$ 25.00

Multi-Purpose Hand Crank Generator

This is a smaller, entry-level hand generator with maximum output of 7 V.

Supplied wired-up and ready to go with a LED and electronic music module.

The transparent ABS body makes the inner working parts visible. Simply

change the polarity by reversing the rotation direction of the handle.

Size: 106 x 53 x 70 mm; 1 meter cord with alligator clips

Application: Replace batteries. DC power supply for small electric motors,

capacitors, electromagnets, lighting lamps & renewable energy experiments.

Students can distinguish between different loads by experiencing the torque

on the handle.

It can act as a motor with another set connected.

Age: 7+

E39 A$ 10.00

Great for primary students!

Micro Electric Motor

A tiny electric motor with an off-centered weight on its axle

to produce vibrations. Usually used in mobile phones to alert

the caller but great for classroom or hobby use to propel a

BristleBot robot. Requires 1.3 V and 10 mA current. Works

very well with our mini solar module (E41)

Size: 6 mm (diam.) x 15 mm with leads (very small)

Age: 10+

E40 A$ 3.00 each

Solar Modules

Mini Solar Module 75 mW

This tiny solar module is made from monocrystalline silicon and the front laminated in epoxy. It

produces an open circuit voltage of 1.64 V and short circuit current of 55 mA in full sun. It has

two 30 mm wires and is great for small solar projects such as the powering of BristleBots,

electronic music modules or charging of capacitors.

Max. output 75 mW; Operating current 50 mA; Operating voltage 1.5 V

Size: 30 x 25 x 2.7 mm

Age: 7+

E41 Only A$ 2.00 each



Charges the Energy

Conversion Car (p.35) in less

than 2 minutes!

Solar Module 600 mW

This is an efficient solar module made from polycrystalline silicon and encapsulated

in an epoxy. It consists of 3 cells that produce an open circuit voltage of 1.7 V and

short circuit current of 415 mA. It has wires and is seated in a plastic holder that will

fit to the multi-purpose basic car (page 35).

Max. output 600 mW; Operating current 400 mA; Operating voltage 1.50V

Size: 110 x 60 x 3 mm

Age: 7+

E42 A$ 14.50

Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 17


Ultra Violet Torch

With this efficient 12-LED torch you can

brighten-up UV sensitive beads, paint with light

on glow-in-the-dark surfaces, search for

security markings, check out minerals and

much more. Produces visible

fluorescence even in daylight.

Uses 3 x AAA batteries (not included).

Length: 9.5 cm

P29 A$ 24.00

3D Mirascope

Place any small object in the Mirascope and the

scope will create a clear real image of the object

that can be viewed from all sides. But try to touch

it and your finger passes right through it!

Size: 14 cm diameter

Included: Two mirrors, a stand, frog (object) and


Age: 6+

P34 A$ 18.00

UV Detection Beads

UV detection beads are off-white when not exposed to

UV light but colours brightly to four different colours when

exposed. Students can make up bracelets that will detect

the Sun’s UV component. The beads can change colours

thousands of times.

Age: 7+

P07 200 beads A$ 13.00

Photo Luminescent Paint

This “Glow in the Dark” (GID) face paint has great

phosphorescent properties and can easily be applied by hand or

brush to a hardboard. This will produce a handy GID surface to demonstrate

that UV light is much more energetic than red light.

Included: Bottle with 75 ml light-green pigment paint.

Age: 6+

P06 A$ 13.00

Glow in Dark Sheet & Pen

Shine the UV light pen on the GID phosphorescent sheet and you can

draw light pictures and create amazing shadows or even study the

efficiency of sunscreen products. The sheet is also activated by our

UV Torch (above).

Included: Sheet (150 x 200 mm), UV light pen

Age: 6+

P42 A$ 8.00

Solar Beads

Photochemical fun with UV sensitive colour changing beads.

String the beads on the rawhide lace to form a bracelet and

experience the colour changes as they get exposed to various levels

of UV from the sun.

Included: 30 beads, rawhide lace & instructions

Age: 7+

The beads are similar to our UV Detection Beads.

P10 A$ 6.00


order online:


Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit

Prepare a cool blue chemical light in the dark, learn about

chemiluminescence, fireflies and the quantum leap.

Then use a dirty coin to produce a glow and make bleach light up the dark.

All experiments come with solid chemical explanations.

Each experiment can be performed a number of times.

Included: Chemicals & equipment

Age: 10+ with adult supervision

M35 A$ 19.00

Cool Chemical Light Powder

This luminol containing powder mix has light energy stored in its molecules. Simply combine

a small scoop of it with some dilute bleach solution and the light will be released. Or combine

it with a tiny bit of nappy soaking detergent (sodium perborate) from the supermarket to get a

brighter light.

Then perform the renowned homicide detective blood test. Simply use a small blood spot from

a supermarket meat tray to do the crime lab test.

Included: 7 g of luminol mixture, pipette & small scoop

Required: A very small amount of bleach, clear plastic cups, teaspoon

Age: 10+ with adult supervision

M22 A$ 6.00

Photochromic Paint

Sun and UV sensitive colour changing paint. Have fun with photons - change the colour of

paint using sunlight or a UV source! Draw a picture or write a message that will only become

visible under sunlight and disappear in the shade. Make a ‘photographic’ print of an object

using the sun and relate this to the chemical reaction in eye vision.

Paint a picture and determine which objects will absorb the UV rays from the sun,

such as your UV sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, etc.

Included: 4 grams of non-toxic water based paint & paint brush and full instructions

Age: 8+ with adult supervision

P05 A$ 6.00

The Spectator Light Kit

This kit covers the basics of colour. Students turn white light into

spectra, use the coloured filters to analyze the spectra and find out

more about absorption, reflection, diffraction & interference.

Age: 5+

M30 A$ 6.00

Great Value Kit!

Sun Blueprint Paper

Let the sun do the chemistry. Simply place any object on a sheet,

expose it to the sun for a few minutes, immerse the sheet in water and

watch as a permanent image appears. A great

example of a photochemical reaction where two substances react

in the presence of UV light to produce a new compound.

Included: Twelve sheets of 10 x 10 cm UV sensitive paper

Required: Small objects, a UV source (indoor black light)

or the sun and water

Age: 7+

M21 A$ 10.00

Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 19


Rainbow Glasses: Multi Axis

Get a much more colourful perspective of the World.

Rainbow glasses have diffraction grating lenses and disperse

white light into its constituent rainbow colours. Any light source

becomes a rainbow. Loved by all ages.

Age: 5+

P12 A$ 1.25

Best Seller!

Rainbow Glasses: Single Axis

These 500 lines / mm diffraction grating glasses will make the study

of light and colour fun and easy. They separate light from any source

into its spectral components in one axis only. Great for producing

spectra from an overhead projector and for spectroscopes.

Age: 5+

P36 A$ 1.50

Anaglyphic 3D Glasses

Anaglyphic glasses are used for viewing

3D images in print, movies, websites,

games and computer applications. The

viewer is fed the same object in contrasting

colours and slightly offset to produce

two different perspectives. This creates a

3D effect in the viewer’s mind.

Many anaglyphic images are available

online. See Downloads for information.

Age: 5+

P23 A$ 1.70

Rainbow Peepholes

Great fun with diffraction gratings

for the little ones. Each colourful

cardboard disk holds a special

diffraction grating film (“rainbow

lens”) that separates light into its

constituent rainbow colours. Students

simply hold it up at any light

source and a rainbow spectrum

will magically appear.

A great teacher incentive.

Age: 5+

P24 Pack of 10 A$ 8.00


Solar Eclipse:

10th May 2013

Solar View Glasses

Absolutely safe for direct solar viewing of

solar eclipses, sun spots and other solar

phenomena. They have an Aboriginal

theme and carry the dates of the Total

and Annular Solar Eclipses in Australia on

14th Nov 2012 and 10th May 2013.

All materials used are of optical density

5 or greater and meets the necessary

transmission requirements - see

Only to be used under adult


P13 A$ 1.70

Diffraction Grating Film

Diffraction gratings are used for the viewing and analysis of light

spectra. Our gratings are of the highest optical quality and consist of

single axis diffraction film (500 lines / mm).

Mount the grating on the top of the overhead projector to produce

a bright spectrum on the white board. Great for making hand held

spectroscopes too.

Film size 15 x 15 cm

P21 A$ 9.00 each

20 order online:

See Downloads on

website for ideas


Fresnel Lens

A light and robust flat lens with one face cut into a

series of steps. Many science room applications:

magnification (3x), solar energy, demonstrating the

formation of inverse images and for reading.

Virtually unbreakable, hard to scratch and made

of plastic. 

Size: 123 x 68 mm in plastic bag 

Age: 6+ with supervision (can start fire with sunlight)

P16 A$ 1.20 

Glass Prism

What is more classic in Science than a Bunsen Burner?

A prism producing a rainbow spectrum! An equilateral prism

has three sides of equal length and refracts a light ray twice

as it passes through the prism. Our high quality prism is

made from optical glass.

Size: 50 mm height with equilateral sides of 30 mm

Age: 10+ (due to fragile nature of glass)

P30 A$ 9.50

Polarized Filters

What a discovery! 3D Glasses used in movie theatres

are a cheap source of polarized filters for the science


Simply cut the paper glasses in half and students can

inspect mica, TV screens, LCD watches, cellotape and

stress lines in plastic forks!

Age: 7+

P37 A$ 2.30 (two filters in one paper spectacle)

Illusion Science Pack

You won’t believe your eyes with the classic illusion trick cards!

Experience the swirling illusions produced by the illusion spinner,

view and create 3D pictures. Over 20 fun optic activities packed

in a neat hand carry pouch. It’s cool science. And it comes with


Age: 9+

P11 A$ 24.00

RGB Strobe Ring

The primary colours of white light are red, green & blue

(RGB). The whitish glow of the ring is made up of fast

flickering red, green & blue LEDs. When you swing

your ring bearing hand in a circle, white light amazingly

‘separates’ into the three primary colours. Fascinating

to watch!

Age: 6+

P39 A$ 6.00

Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 21


Make Your Own Telescope

Observe the moon and distant objects with

your self-made Kepler telescope. It has a 30x

magnification, finder scope, eyepiece and

objective lens (34 mm) and is easy to assemble

following the clear instructions. Simply slide and

glue the cardboard tubes together and install on

the wooden stand. The main body can be painted

or decorated.

Included: All parts and glue, you supply

masking tape and scissors.


Body: 38 (diam.) x 500 mm

Stand: 310 mm tall

Age: 10+ with adult supervision

P43 A$ 18.00

Make Your Own Microscope

This is a great introduction to microscopes as

students not only see the parts (eyepiece, objective

lens, tubes, LED light) but also assemble the

microscope from these parts. Each student will end

up with a 40x magnification hand-held microscope

with an LED light that they can use to observe

familiar objects around them such as leaves,

newsprint, stamps, pencils, insects, etc.

Included: All parts, batteries and glue.

You supply masking tape and scissors.

Dimensions: 30 (diam.) x 165 mm

Age: 9+ with adult supervision

P44 A$ 11.00

22 order online:


Solar Energy Kit 1

A simple and basic introduction to solar energy.

Simply connect the two wires to the solar panel

with the nuts provided, position the panel in the

sun and see the motor powered. A great way to

demonstrate the conversion of solar energy into

electrical energy. The fan or discs can be used

with the motor for different visual outcomes.

Mounted on a light weight car chassis, the fan

can propel a car in full sunlight. The panel can be

powered indoors by a powerful light bulb. Many

renewable energy applications.

Included: Solar panel, electric motor, fan, 4

discs, labels, solar energy booklet

Age: 10+ with adult assistance

E46 A$ 13.00

Solar Energy Kit 2

Dive into the World of Renewable Energy with

this amazing kit. You get 8 solar cells, each

rated at 0.4 V ; 100mA and can connect them

in series or parallel or combinations to establish

the best output for your application. Experiment

with different voltage or current outputs. The

solar cells are mounted in a tray and the electric

motor has its own stand. The panels can be

powered indoors by a powerful light bulb. Many

renewable energy applications.

Included: Solar cells (8), electric motor, fan,

tray, solar energy booklet, stand, spanners,


Age: 12+ with adult assistance

E47 A$ 21.00

Solar Grasshopper

In sunlight the eyes jiggle, legs wiggle

and antennas sway to-and-fro as the

grasshopper dances.

No construction needed - it is ready to do

its solar dance in the sun or under a bright

desk lamp.

Size: 45 (l) x 25 (w) x 20 (h) mm

Age: 5+

E04 A$ 5.00

Solar Spider

This solar spider will lie quietly in wait of the sun

and then start wriggling around.

Will scare the living daylights out of any

unsuspecting victim.

Size: 89 (l) x 60 (w) x 18 (h) mm

Teach: Solar energy,

energy conversions

(in humans!)

Age: 5+

E05 A$ 6.50



Solar Racer

This has to be the world’s smallest solar

car! It surely is an example of what our

transport future holds.

Place the racer on a smooth surface in

the sun and it will scoot off at speed.

Size: 3.3 x 2.2 x 1.4 cm

Age: 6+

H16 A$ 6.00

Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 23


Solar Modules

Page 17

Aussie Solar Cooker

Start using the Sun’s free energy today. Prepare a tasty meal to

convince students of the Sun’s huge energy contribution.

Within a few hours of sunshine the Solar Cooker can prepare

tasty meals for 5 to 6 people cooking at gentle temperatures and

preserving nutrients without burning.

The Solar Cooker consists of cardboard and reflective foil and is

shaped to reflect maximum sunlight onto a black cooking pot that

coverts radiant energy into thermal energy.

A heat-resistant bag (2 included) around the pot acts like a

greenhouse by allowing energy in but preventing heat to escape

via convection or conduction.

Size: Folded 35 x 35 cm

Unfolded 90(l) x 60 (w) x 34 (h)

Mass: 0.65 kg

Age: 8+ with adult supervision

H18 A$ 34.00

Stirling Engine Kit

When air is heated it expands and when it is cooled it

contracts. This principle makes the cyclical motion of a

Stirling engine possible. It is a simple, environmentally

friendly heat engine, continuously converting thermal

energy (heat) from an external source (your body) into

mechanical energy. The engine runs on heat from a cup

of hot water or your warm hand.

This is a quality German made product and easy to

construct. Takes an hour with average skills.

Full instructions included.

Required: Screwdriver and wood glue

Age: 14+

E30 A$ 79.00



Solar Vacuum Heat Collector Tube

One of the best inventions of the decade from Australia! The solar

vacuum heat collector tube is the best thermal collector on the

market. It consists of a strengthened double-wall borosilicate

glass tube with the area between the inner and outer walls

evacuated. This acts as a thermos to keep heat from escaping

into the atmosphere via conduction and convection.

While the outer wall is fully transparent to allow solar energy to

pass through unimpeded, the inner layer is treated with a selective

black optical coating which absorbs IR energy radiation with

minimal reflection.

As the tubes are round, they act as passive tracking solar

collectors too. In full sunlight pasteurization temperatures can be

reached in less than 30 minutes and water will boil in 50 minutes.

See website + video.

Size: 58 (diam.) x 500 mm These tubes are tough

enough for use in classroom demonstrations.

Age: 12+ with adult supervision

H13 Only A$ 12.00 each



Let the sun

boil water!

24 order online:


Solar Science Pack

Explore the science of solar heating. Build a miniature solar water heater

from the panel and tubes supplied to heat and pasteurize water. Then

turn a foil cardboard into an amazing solar cooker, naturally fueled by

solar energy. Fry a marshmallow or cook some food using the Sun.

Age: 9+

E09 A$24.00


Clean Water Science Pack

Construct a water filter column from the supplied components to filter

your prepared dirty water. Then purify water using a solar distillation

process and solar pasteurization process. Our Solar Vacuum

Heat Collector Tube (p 24) can add further value to this important

environmental pack.

Age: 9+

E12 A$ 24.00

Eco Science Toys

Go Green by preparing fun science toys from kitchen waste materials.

Create a tornado in a soft drink bottle, make a gravity powered walking

toy and a hover disc from a waste CD, build a CD racer, make a string

walkie talkie, prepare a shopping bag parachute and more.

Included: 12 page colour instruction booklet and all important parts. You

supply the recycled material.

Age: 8+

E11 A$ 24.00


Eco Biker Wind Power Kit

Create memorable, educational moments! Clip the Eco-Biker to a bike’s

handlebars or anywhere with a breeze and watch as the fan powers a

LED light. The stronger the wind, the faster the Eco-Biker pedals and the

brighter the LED shines.

Age: 8+

E13 A$ 17.50



Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 25


The Drinking Bird

Probably the best known ‘classical science toy’ of all time!

The bird acts as a simple heat engine as it converts a

temperature difference into cyclical motion.

Age: 10+ (fragile glass)

H01 A$ 14.00

Not a toy!

Pop Pop Boat

Another classic science item and one of the simplest steam engines around.

Invented in the 1920’s, these boats can teach many scientific principles. The

candle flame or a few drops of cooking oil will make the 13 cm boat chug along

for hours. Fascinating to watch in a circular tray filled with water. It is great for

demonstrating the transformation of chemical energy to mechanical energy.

Also see our DIY Pop Pop Boat online.

Supplied with a candle tray and two candles.

Age: 8+ with supervision (open flame!)

H15 A$ 10.50

Not a toy!

Thermochromic Things

Experience a heat sensitive colour changing periodic table,

thermochromic paper and see who is hot and who is not

with liquid crystal film.

Contains: liquid crystal film and thermochromic papers &

periodic table.

Age: 9+

M31 A$ 6.50

Ice Melting Blocks

An amazingly cool teaching aid! Two blocks very

similar in appearance melt ice cubes at hugely

different rates. And even more - it is the ‘cold’ one

that does it the best! And then when you measure

the surface temperatures, you find that they both

have the same temperature! 
Great for provoking

scientific reasoning and inquiry with two unexpected

(discrepant) events.

Included: Two ice melting blocks, two o-rings,

full instructions

Required: Ice cubes and IR thermometer (optional)

Age: 10+

E33 A$ 32.00

Nitinol Memory Wire

Experience a fascinating kind of self-healing with Nitinol wire.

Nitinol is a shape memory alloy that will, when heated, sharply

return to a predefined shape that it has been “trained” to

remember. Also known as muscle wire, the re-alignment of the

internal crystal structure is very powerful and can not be resisted.

The memorized shape can be changed in a Bunsen flame.

Supplied in 0.5m lengths

Age: 7+

H14 A$ 15.00 (50cm)

26 order online:



Water Rocket Launcher

An empty soft drink bottle is filled ¼ with water and positioned

over the rubber stopper on the launch pad.

The car tyre pump compresses the air in the bottle and ... the

stopper releases the bottle up to 30 meters or more.

The pre-assembled launcher has an adjustable rubber stopper

in order to adjust the pressure build-up (and eventual altitude)

before launch.

Experiment with double bottle rockets and fins!

Prof Bunsen’s extension ideas included.

Required: Car tyre pump, plastic soft drink bottles (any size)

Age: 10+ with adult supervision.

Warning: High pressure build-ups are achieved.

R09 A$ 30.00



Best Seller!

Bottles + Air = Fun

Bottle Jet Drag Racer

See all of Newton’s Laws in action. The special low friction wheels and axles are

easily mounted to the chassis and an empty bottle acts as air reservoir. The air in

the bottle is put under pressure and a jet of air propels the car through a small pin

hole nozzle.

Included: Plastic wheels, axles, car valve, bottle lid, chassis and detailed instructions.

Required: Plastic soft drink bottle (any size), hand pump, matches and scissors.

Age: 7+

F01 A$ 5.50

F01B Pack of 10 A$ 48.00

Pressure Pumper Classroom Kit

Students will pump away to investigate & uncover

amazing facts about air, temperature and humidity.

Has air got mass?, what is temperature?, how to

create condensation by removing air, make a fog

machine, and more.

These investigations are ideal for middle school

students. Developed by Prof Bunsen Science and

supplied with classroom worksheets.

Included: Car tyre valves (5), special bottle cap (5),

thermometer strips (5), Prof Bunsen’s notes & classroom


Required: Car/bicycle tyre pump, plastic soft drink

bottles (1.5 l or 2 l), electronic balance (±0.1 g)

Age: 11+

F14 A$ 36.00

Fountain Connection

This is the modern version of Hero of

Alexandria’s age old water fountain. The

connector and two tubes are screwed onto two

soft drink bottles and a fountain erupts every

time the bottles are turned over. Have students

work out how air flows between the bottles and

gravity’s role.

Required: 2 soft drink bottles

Age: 5+

F06 A$ 8.00 each

Tornado Tube

The Tornado Tube simply joins together

two soft drink bottles in the shape of an

hourglass with water used in place of

sand. Simply swirl the liquid around and

a twisting spiraling vortex appears.

Required: Two soft drink bottles, water,

food colouring (optional)

Age: 5+

F08 A$ 2.20 each

Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 27


Balloon Racer

Blow up the balloon, position the racer on the floor, release . . . and it will

zoom across the floor with a whistling sound.

Great for teaching Motion & Newton’s Third law.

Size: 167 x 85 x 32 mm

Included: One racer, two balloons, 1 whistle, 1 sticker set

Age: 7+

F37 A$ 4.00

See all components online

Air & Water Pressure Kit

Such a fun way to get to know about Boyle’s law! Use the

large cylinder and piston with the other tubes to investigate the

compression of air and water. A number of experiments are

possible from the included worksheet but the best is the making

of an air gun to shoot the safe foam stoppers (included).

Or use the tube to shoot potato pellets!

The safety guard protects your hand from any injuries.

Age: 9+ with adult supervision

F38 A$ 9.00

Fire Syringe

Watch a small wad of cotton burst into flames when it is exposed

only to the heat of rapidly compressed air. Vividly demonstrates

the adiabatic ignition principle of the diesel engine (with no spark

plugs). The auto-ignition temperature of cotton is around 229 0 C

and that is what the air gets up to in the tube!

Included: Base, cylinder, fiber pack & replacement o-rings.

Teacher demonstration only.

H03 A$26.00

Start fire

with air



Mighty Missile Launcher

This is such a clever design and set-up. The air in

the balloon is squished from it with a blow of the

hand and the missile zooms off to 3 meters. You

can adjust the amount of air, direction and angle

of flight. Students can try to reach a target by

changing the variables. A cool & neat design!

Safety: Missiles have soft foam points but eye

protection is recommended. 

Included: Launcher, balloon, 4 missiles 

Age: 7+ with supervision

F33 A$ 10.00

Four Wheel Project Kit

This kit is ideal for projects needing free

running wheels, axles and a base to

mount components such as an electric

motor, fan, solar cell, balloon, etc.

Included: 4 wheels, 2 axles, tape,

210 x 60 x 3 mm plastic board chassis

and rubber tube.

Age: 7+

F03 A$ 2.80

F03B Pack of 10 A$ 24.00

28 order online:



Mess up unsuspecting victims’ hair by blowing a vortex of air

towards them. The Airzooka blasts a harmless invisible vortex

of air up to 10 meters away. To operate, simply pull back on

the elastic handle and release - it is designed for over 2000 ‘pull

backs’. This is a novel product that never runs out of ammo!

Teach: Air is everywhere but due to the molecular size and kinetic

energy - invisible.

Your Airzooka’s colour may vary from that depicted. Supplied in a

colourful gift box.

Size: 27 long x 27 cm diameter

Age: 9+

G27 A$ 32.00

Rocket Balloons

These rocket balloons provide interesting and fun lessons in

physics, specifically Newton’s Third Law. Use the straw to fill

up the balloon with air, point skyward and let it take off with a

screaming sound.

Twelve balloons & six straws per pack.

For indoor or outdoor use.

Age: 7+

G21 A$ 4.80 Pack of 12

Balloon Helicopter

Up, up, and away! Connect the blades, rotor and fill the

balloon. Your helicopter is ready to lift off with a whistling

sound. Each pack contains three blades, two balloons

and one rotor.

Age: 7+

For indoor or outdoor use.

G19 A$ 2.30 each

Mighty Seltzer Rocket

Pour water into the rocket, add half of an alka seltzer tablet, replace the cap and

step back. Get ready for lift-off! Rocket comes with fins attached as well as clever

inner design so the CO2 generation only starts when the rocket is inverted. Get

flights of up to 9 meters. Adult supervision and eye protection required. Not for

indoor use.

Included: Four alka seltzer tablets, rocket and instructions.

Age: 8+ with adult supervision

F24 A$ 10.00

GasZoom Rocket Components

With the plastic tubes, rubber lids & components you supply,

students can prepare their own GasZoom rockets. This is a fun

rocketry workshop that will blast their minds with opportunity!

Download the instructions file from our website so students can mix

their own fizzy rocket fuel tablets.

Included: 25 plastic tubes, rubber lids

You provide (see instruction sheet): Chemicals, cups, fins, glue,

safety glasses, spoons, etc.

Age: 10+

F17 A$ 14.00 (25 pack)



Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 29


Vacuum Container & Pump

This affordable hand vacuum pump and container can be used to

do a number of investigations on the effect of reduced pressure.

The wide mouth allows for easy transfer of objects and it has a

pressure indicator.

Applications: Reduced pressure experiments, perform the bell-invacuum

demonstration using a battery and buzzer.

Size: 120 mm (diam.) x 115 mm (h)

Age: 10+

F12 A$ 24.00

Students can easily:

• expand a small balloon under reduced


• boil water at 75˚C and understand while

boiling water up a mountain is a problem;

• watch a marshmallow & shaving

cream expand

Vacuum Stoppers

Students can now perform a number of exciting vacuum

investigations right at their work stations. Our unique rubber

stopper will block airflow to a plastic or gas syringe tip

so when the plunger is extracted, a vacuum is created.

Syringes are available from medical or lab suppliers.

F28 A$ 6.00 (10 stoppers)

Lil’ Sucker

Science never sucks, or does it ...?

Students will discover the truth about air pressure and “suction” forces

using this clever drink holder. Slide the rubber ring over a soft drink can and it will

make the can stick to any smooth surface!

Lifting it will require a force of 983N (at sea level) or a clever flick of the finger to

cheat scientifically.

Age: 7+

F11 A$ 6.50 each

Pressure Mat

This mat will prove instantly that science never sucks. It only pushes or pulls!

Drop the rubber mat on a smooth flat surface and suddenly students can’t lift it

up. You can even lift a small table or lab stool with it, all because of air molecules’

constant motion. Indispensable when talking about the atmosphere or air


Size: 30 x 30 cm. Special tear resistant rubber.

Age: 7+

F19 A$ 28.00

30 order online:


Walligator Climbatron Robot

The Walligator is a robot with four powerful ‘suction’ cup feet. It can scale any

smooth surface such as glass, mirrors or plexiglass vertically or horizontally. Its

internal air pressure pump constantly changes the air pressure below the rubber feet

so that the higher atmospheric air pressure in the room can push the

Walligator against the surface: “Science never sucks, only pushes or pulls”,

Walligator has moving eyes and a visible pumping mechanism with an

auto-reverse mechanism so it reverses once it hits a barrier.

This is a great gift and is supplied with full instructions.

Size: 17 (L) x 11.5 (W) x 7 cm (H)

Required: 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Age: 8+

F36 A$ 14.00

The Mouse Trap Car

Mousetrap vehicles provide fun while students learn about

levers, pulleys, springs and energy conversions. The kit comes

complete with all that is needed to construct a very effective

mouse trap car.

Included: Wheels, mouse trap, chassis, axles, adhesive tape,

other small components and complete instructions.

Required: Scissors & oil

Age: 8+

F04 A$ 6.50

F04B Pack of 10 A$ 55.00

Glue CDs to

the wheels

to make it

run further!

Trebuchet Kit

Students will love hurling mallows and jelly babies around the room while

learning more about forces & projectiles.

Our in-house developed Trebuchet kit is easy to glue together from thick

pre-cut cardboard parts and the assembly is a fun educational project

in itself.

Included: Cardboard parts, axle and bearings, sling thread and pouch,

release washer, drive weight and trigger mechanism + instructions.

Required: Wood glue & projectiles 

Age: 10+

F15 A$ 15.50 per kit

Da Vinci Catapult

Among Leonardo Da Vinci’s enormous body of work was the

Codex Atlanticus, a twelve-volume set of drawings and writings,

which included designs for weaponry. Now you can build and test

your very own, working, scale model of his catapult taken from

the Codex Atlanticus.

Have fun assembling the ingenious design and then test it by

flinging the soft clay balls (included) over 4 meters. The model is

made of wood and when fully assembled measures 41 x 25 x 16

cm. It is the perfect gift to educate and entertain.

Age: 10+

F16 A$ 49.00

Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 31


Mini Balancing Eagle

An intriguing toy providing valuable lessons on the centre of

gravity. The Eagle’s centre of gravity is below its beak so it

balances on anything: pen point, your finger, nose tip . . .

Assorted colours. 8 cm wingspan. Stands included.

Age: 5+

F23 A$ 11.00 Pack of 12

Monkey Parachutists

A troop full of parachuting fun! Students can release them

from various platforms such as helium balloons with ice

switches, propeller planes, rockets, etc. Study influence of

air resistance on size of parachutes and more.

Age: 5+

F31 A$ 6.00 Pack of 12

Horizontal Levitator

A gentle spin from your fingers will make this levitator spin for

some time. The magnetic levitation causes very low friction

levels and a near-perpetual motion state.

Supplied in a gift box.

Size: 11 cm

Age: 7+

F39 A$ 11.00

Great gifts!

Levitron ® Platinum Pro

The Levitron ® has been called “The best new science toy in a

generation” by members of the American Association of Physics

Teachers, and is the perfect gift for the inquisitive person. 

Spin the top - and watch it float! It floats free in space, supported

only by a strong magnetic field that, with the aid of precession and

gyroscopic motion, keeps the Levitron® suspended in midair for

more than 2 minutes. 

Included: Full set-up with instruction sheet, physics guide and

FREE Levitron Self Starter 

Learn more about the Physics on our website. 

Age: 12+ with adult assistance 


Free self-starter


Gyroscopes are sophisticated spinning tops that resist changes to the axis of their

spin. Our high quality gyroscopes are made in the USA by the original company

that popularized gyroscopes in 1917. Each gyroscope is packed in a clear styrene

box with starting string, pedestal and instructions for several amazing tricks.

Age: 8+

F05 A$ 22.50

32 order online:


Blaze Chopper

Catapult the flying chopper

into the air with the elastic

launcher and it will return

in a bright array of spinning

colours. The LED light

brightens up the vivid neon

colours (‘fluorescence’)

in its descent. Best flown

at dusk.

Included: One unit with


Age: 9+


A$ 1.80 each

AstroBlaster TM

Multiple Collision Accelerator

Take four high bounce balls, thread them on a

plastic spindle and drop them straight downward

onto a hard surface . . . watch out!

The top ball blasts off to heights up to 10 times

the original drop!

The AstroBlaster TM is an amazing physics

classroom aid for teaching the Law of

Conservation of Momentum. Great for visualising

impulse and momentum and discussions on car

crash & super nova physics. 

Included: Spindle with four elastic balls, two spare

red balls, one pair of safety glasses 

Age: 8+ with adult supervision. Safety glasses


F07 A$ 18.50

Newton’s Cradle

This classic desktop display is still irresistible.

Lift one ball and let it go. Then two and

three . . . Great for teaching Newton’s Laws

of Motion, conservation of momentum and

energy transformations. Or just for staring at

the periodical motion. Compare the working

with our magnetic accelerator. (pg 14)

Size: 14.0 (l) x 12.0 (w) x 14.3 (h) cm

Age: 8+

F22 A$ 25.00

Visit our web store for more information on the Hydrocar Hydrogen Racer (H12)

and the Wind Pitch Turbine Kit (H05). Super clean energy teaching kits.

Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 33


Air & Water Powered Car

Students start out by investigating the compression differences

between air and water. They then construct the air powered car

from the parts supplied. The construction is easy and all parts

simply snap together. The air tank is filled with air using the syringe

and the car is ready for a test run. Simple but very effective.

Included: All parts & instructions

Age: 8+

F49 A$8.00

Wind & Elastic Powered Car

An easily assembled, low friction lightweight car that can be

powered using elastic potential energy (direct elastic band or

propeller with elastic band) and wind energy. Also includes string,

straw and hook-up wire to propel the propeller assembly along an

aerial cableway.

Age: 7+

F34 A$4.90

PEA Wind Up

This tiny dynamo marches, tumbles and hops over small obstacles.

Go little tough guy! Wind it up and see the conversion of potential

energy to kinetic energy as it wobbles across the floor.

In assorted colours.

Size: 40 × 30 × 35mm

Age: 7+

F42 A$ 14.50

Cotton Reel Tractor

In ages past when cotton thread came on wooden reels, these home-made

toys amused everyone. Now your students can put their own tractors

together using the cardboard parts and glue.

Mechanical energy can be stored in the stretch of a rubber band and

students can investigate the amount of energy transferred to the rubber band

vs. the distance traveled. A fun inexpensive classroom activity (± 1 hour).

Included: Components for 10 tractors & instructions with detailed sketches.

Required: Scissors and white (wood) glue

Age: 10+

F02 A$ 15.00 (Pack of 10)

34 order online:


Energy Conversion Car

You are the energy source. Generate electrical energy with the hand crank generator, store the energy in a capacitor and convert the

energy to sound, motion and light energy in the car. Simple and easy connection of components with no wires. No batteries required,

this is sustainable stuff. Useful at all Primary School levels.

Included: Racing car with built-in capacitor, hand crank generator with wires, miniature bulb unit, LED unit, buzzer unit and motor with

pinion gear and full instructions.

Teach: Electricity generation, polarity, energy conversion,

energy storage, potential energy, kinetic energy

Age: 7+

F43 A$ 16.00

Quick and Easy


Hand crank generator included!

Multi-Purpose Basic Car

This is a very versatile platform to demonstrate the powering of a

car using wind -, solar -, thermo -, chemical- and electrical energy.

Experiment with series and parallel connections and compare

energy sources. Can also be powered with any of our hand-crank

generators (p17).

Included: Car body, battery holders, wires, propeller, components,

motor, axles & wheels. Fully illustrated instructions.

Required: 2 x AA batteries

Optional - not included: Solar module (p 17), Capacitor &

Peltier device (p16)

Teach: Electricity generation, sustainable energy sources, energy

conversion, energy storage, potential energy, kinetic energy

Age: 11+ Wire connections may be challenging for younger


F44 A$ 9.00

Power car with



Heat differences*

Wind Cells

Converts energy easily and visibly

* Buy components separately


or Capacitor

more products & descriptions online 35

Prices include GST


Amazing Classroom / Home Robotic Kits

Walking Robot Kit

Students construct a running robot from the cardboard, wooden

and electrical parts included. The robot lifts the left and right leg in

perfect sequence. See video on website.

Included: All parts and glue

Required: Tape, scissors, cutting knife, screwdriver and

1 x AA battery

Age: 12+

F45 A$ 16.00



Obstacle Avoiding Robot Kit

This robot uses sensor switches located on both sides of its body

to automatically turn around when it hits an obstacle. It is made

from the cardboard, electric motors and other parts included.

Included: All parts and glue.

Required: Tape, scissors, cutting knife, screwdriver and 2 x AA


Age: 12+

F46 A$ 16.00



Talking Coin Bank Kit

Construct a coin bank parrot that will flap its wings and talk each time you

drop a coin. You can record your own voice and change the message as

many times as you like.

Included: Complete voice recording

module with batteries, all parts

Required: Tape & scissors

Age: 12+

F47 A$ 12.00



36 order online:


Hovercraft Kit

A fun project that teaches the air lift principle utilised in a

hovercraft. The cardboard hovercraft floats on and is propelled

by air.

Size: 300 x 240 x 105 mm when constructed.

Included: All parts, electric motor, battery holders and glue.

Required: Scissors, tape and hobby knife, 2 x AA batteries.

Age: 10+

F48 A$ 14.00



Cola-Mentos Fountain Kit

The demonstration involves dropping several Mentos candies

into a bottle of Cola. The resulting eruption is caused by

rapidly expanding carbon dioxide bubbles on the surface of

the Mentos. Our kit utilises a unique way of “delivering” the

Mentos into the soft drink without any loss of the drink through

side holes.

Supplied with Prof Bunsen’s instructions and secret tips for the

making of the ultimate fountain.

Required: 2 liter Cola soft drink, side cutter and kitchen foil.

Age: 5+

M38 A$ 10.00





Crunchy Freeze Dried Ice Cream

Crunchy Ice Cream is real ice cream, but does not require any

refrigeration or freezing. It is freeze dried ice cream, originally

developed for the NASA Apollo space missions. With a texture a

little like the inside of a violet crumble, take a bite and experience

the ice cream melting in your mouth.

Crunchy Ice Cream is proudly made in Australia.

B05 100 ml bag A$4.50

Only avaliable from May 2013

Flying Monkey

Watch the amazing Flying Monkey soar as you sling it into the air

with a sling-shot pulling action. The masked monkey can fly up

to 15 meters and makes a real-life screeching sound as it flies.

Teaching energy conversions, forces, Newton . . . ?

Age: 8+

G29 A$ 11.00

Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 37


The most beautiful Periodic Table in the World

The science of art! After four years of painstaking photography, Theodore

Gray has produced a masterpiece that has been branded “The most

beautiful periodic table in the World”. The quality and clarity of the images are

extraordinary and makes this poster a true collector’s item.


A. The Elements: Large Poster

This is the super large poster with lots of relevant data on the

back too. It comes laminated and is printed on high quality paper.

View images of both sides of the poster on our website.

Size: 68 x 134 cm (That is 1.34m!)

ZO9 A$ 69.00

Now larger, laminated

and double-sided!

B. The Elements: Letter Size

The letter size prints are great for individual student

use or as classroom motivators. The images are small

but sharp and pretty. The back side features the basic

physical data of each element (atomic weight, melting

point, boiling point, density)

Size: 21 x 28 cm

ZO2 A$ 1.90


order online:


Fun Periodic Table Poster

A friendly Introduction to Chemistry at a super price!

Each element’s use is depicted in a cartoon style sketch.

Developed in South Africa.

A1 size (59 x 84 cm) on 150gsm coated paper.

Age: 5+

Z01 A$ 10.00

Periodic Table Mug

The periodic table on a coffee mug. Now you can get

the guys in the tea room excited too. The dishwasher

proof ceramic mug makes a great gift for all the

chemistry geeks out there. Supplied in an open gift box.

G28 A$ 17.50 each

Periodic Table Cups

The perfect cup for classroom

rewards, a science party or the next

science teacher gathering. Each

cup holds 300ml.

G06 A$ 0.85 each

Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online



K-Type Thermometer Probe

This is a small and inexpensive insertion thermocouple to be

used with any K-Type thermometer.

Very handy in the lab for measuring liquid temperatures or for

inserting into soft objects.


Temperature Range: -50 to


Probe Length: Approx.

7.5 cm

Cable Length: 150 cm

H21 A$ 8.00

Thermometer, K-Type

A reliable and durable pocket-size digital thermometer suitable for

the lab, workshop or in the field. It has a measurement range from

-50 to 750°C and is supplied with a thermocouple that measures

from -50 to 350°C.


Dimension: 108 x 72 x 24 mm

Read all Type K Thermocouples

Resolution: 0.1°C

Accuracy: 0°C to 500°C:

± 0.75%

Power supply: 9V battery

H20 A$ 19.00

iSlice Cutter

The iSlice cutter features a high-tech zirconium-oxide ceramic

blade that never rusts, never needs replacement and stays


It has many uses in the classroom & lab. Cuts articles from

newspaper, opens plastic packaging but cannot cut your finger!

Every classroom or office should have one - no - at least five!

G15 A$7.70

Thermometer, IR Digital

A hand held, non-contact IR thermometer for measuring

of surface temperatures.

It fits in your pocket and has a wide temperature range of

-30 to 230 °C with LCD display.

The distance to spot size ratio is 1:1 with response time

less than 1 second and the reading held for 10 seconds.

Other specs:

Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit

Auto power off at 90 seconds

Resolution: 0.1 deg °C

Accuracy: 0 - 65 °C: ~1 °C

Uses 2 x LR44 / AG13 batteries (included)

Size: 84 x 24 x 18 mm, Weight: 20 g

H17 A$ 19.00


order online:


Age ~











Our product suggestions to compliment The Australian F-10 Curriculum

Foundation Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15






can be




can be

combined &


A change in

state of

matter is

caused by

heat changes


properties of


influence their


Solids, liquids

& gas

properties &

their behaviour

Changes to

materials can

be reversible

or irreversible



can be




Properties of

different states

of matter are

linked to

particle motion

& arrangement


change bring

about new


Atoms are made

of protons,

neutrons &


link to the



reactions, new


energy transfer

Periodic Table

Types of


reactions &

their different


M05 p3

G20 p3

G43 p4

M58 p5

M19 p7

M59 p7

M13 p8

M45 p9

M46 p9

M47 p9

M16C p9

M07 p5

M10 p6

M11 p6

M44 p6

M40 p7

M14 p8

M28 p7


M31 p26



H08 p3

H09 p3

E33 p26

M05 p3

G43 p4

M28 p7

M40 p7

M24S p8

M14 p8

M45 p9

M34 p10

S04 p12

F18 p3

H09 p3

M58 p5

M07 p5

M10 p6

M59 p7

M19 p7

M40 p7

H08 p3

M20 p4

M03 p4

M32 p4

M29 p4

M11 p6

M10 p6

M45 p9

M46 p9

F18 p3

M02 p5

M43 p5

M42 p11

E12 p25

F18 p3

M29 p4

M51 p5

M07 p5

M52 p6

M34 p10

E24 p13

E31 p14

M32 p4

M29 p4

M51 p5

M35 p19

M22 p19

M21 p19

E16 p13

Z12 p11

H14 p26

M37 p10

H03 p28

Z09 p38

Z02 p38

Z01 p39

G06 p39

The size and

shape of





Light &

sound can



by many

sources and

can be


A push or

pull affects



or shape of

an object

Heat is

generated in


ways and


Forces act on

objects directly

or from a


Light can be


reflected &




Energy from


sources can




change when


forces act on



Energy appears in

many different

forms and can

cause change in


Energy transfer

explained using

wave & particle


Energy is

transferred but

always conserved

Motion of

objects linked to

laws of physics

Demos only:

F08 p27

F37 p28

G21 p29

F31 p32

S04 p12

P34 p18

P42 p18

P10 p18

P12 p20

P24 p20

E34 p15

H16 p23

H01 p27

G21 p29

G19 p29

F37 p28

F33 p28

F03 p28

F49 p34

F34 p34

F48 p37

H08 p3

H09 p3

M20 p4

E09 p25

H15 p26

M31 p26

E33 p26

H10 p11

E17 p13

E16 p13

E14 p14

F01 p27

F06 p27

F08 p27

G27 p29

G21 p29

G19 p29

F31 p32

F23 p32

F39 p32

F07 p33

F02 p34

M20 p4

M57 p4

P07 p18

P34 p18

P29 p18

P05 p19

M30 p19

M21 p19

P12 p20

P16 p21

P30 p21

P43 p22

P44 p22

E17 p13

E16 p13

E06 p14

E03 p15

E15 p15

E45 p16

M60 p16

E38 p17

E39 p17

E46 p23

E47 p23

E13 p25

F43 p35

F44 p35

H10 p11

H16 p23

R09 p27

F01 p27

F24 p29

F17 p29

F05 p32

F22 p33

F07 p33

F49 p34

F42 p34

F02 p34

H08 p3

H09 p3

S01 p12

E41 p17

E42 p17

E46 p23

E47 p23

H18 p24

H13 p24

E09 p25

E13 p25

F17 p29

F04 p31

F34 p34

F49 p34

S01 p12

S05 p12

E01 p12

E14 p14

E14 p14

E30 p24

F04 p31

F13 p32

F07 p33

F43 p35

F44 p35

G29 p37

Prices include GST

more products & descriptions online 41



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By Phone:

Australia: (03) 5241 9756

NZ: (09) 3361001

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