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Charity Begins At Home: Maid In Leith


f you are fortunate enough to live in

the North of Edinburgh, it's more

than likely that you are aware of the

extensive flood prevention work

currently underway along the Water of

Leith. Unlike some large-scale public

projects I can think of, the work

continues apace with little delay or


The Water of Leith may be a small,

inconsequential river that meanders

nowhere in particular (sorry Balerno!) but

it is home to a surprising amount of

wildlife, is very tranquil in places and is a

vital resource for many joggers, cyclists &

young families. Unfortunately

maintaining a 13 mile stretch of river is a

costly business and with Edinburgh's purse

looking a bit empty, the Water of Leith

Conservation Trust is in need of an alternate

revenue stream, (snort!) which is where we

can all pitch in and help, through the

wonderful healing power of beer.

Maid in Leith is a light, summery beer which

will (hopefully) be widely available from

August and some of the profits will go to

help the Trust maintain this little-heralded,

but much-loved Edinburgh landmark.

The beer pours a brilliant gold, with a fair

amount of effervescence and a small, but

persistent head, which leaves a delicate

lattice work of lacing down the glass. The

nose is simple, but punchy, with definite

aromas of custard cream and apple blossom.

The palate is drier, thirst-quenching and

seriously quaffable, with a finish dominated

by toasted citrus.

Quite wisely, with a product aimed squarely

at the mass market, both the alcohol and hop

levels are quite restrained. Clearly intended

as a easy going session ale, it succeeds

superbly, which comes as little surprise since

it is brewed by the Williams Brothers out in

Alloa who are masters at this sort of thing.

Their beers are also usually very well priced,

so although I can't be precise, Maid in Leith

should retail for well under £2 a bottle.

To sum up, it isn't made in Leith, isn't

particularly interesting and shouldn't be

difficult to get hold of but it is a wellcrafted

beer of near universal appeal, which

helps to support a decent local charity.

(J Wrobel)

Maid in Leith is a creative project

from The Leith Agency and all of the

agency's profits will be donated to

The Water of Leith Conservation Trust

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