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Real Foods Festival Shopping Guide

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Making cakes and

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0131 5562231

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• Small Dishes Available Early Evening

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Visit our newly refurbished bistro in the West End

and our lovely café just off the Royal Mile.

Enjoy a taste of the country in the heart of the city.







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The Go-Between

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The Insider

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James Wrobel

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06 Salt ‘n’ Sauce A taste of

what’s happening this


07 Review Roseleaf

08 Review Bread Street


09 Review La P’tite Folie

10 Review The Olive Branch

11 Spotlight A Shore Thing

14 Wine Fish ‘n’ Chips

‘n’ Fizz

15 Review The Shore

17 Recipe Don Ceviche

18 Beer Barley Wine

19 Review The Old Chain


20 Wine The Fringe

21 Out Of Town Review

The Sun Inn

22 Crayfish Parties

23 The Insider The Tortoise

and The Hare

24 Seafood Sundays

25 Real Foods Festival

Shopping Guide

33 Cocktails Serendipity

34 Healthy Eating With


35 Off The Trolley

The Fringe

36 What’s in Season

City Fringe, Sea Fringe!

37 Listings

47 Bite-Sized Deals



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The Just Festival takes place from 2nd –

26th August. The festival partners with over

twelve faith and non-faith committees to

encourage community and peace by exploring

diversity. Bite’s eye was caught by the Death Café

at Punjabi unction on Leith Walk. Discuss death,

drink tea and eat delicious cake.

One Square is serving an International Afternoon Tea

in celebration of the many festivals taking place this

month. Assorted treats for £22 per person, or £27 with a

glass of chilled champagne, daily between 2.30pm and

5.30pm 0131 221 6422.

The Lucky Liquor

Company – Mike

Aikman and Jason Scott

also of Bramble and The

Last Word Saloon have

open this bijou space

which has tiled walls,

high ceilings and a

simple seasonal list of

13 cocktails

– 39a Queen Street

The table is set for an evening

of fine dining, whisky, and

magic at The Scotch Malt

Whisky Society. The

Illusionist’s Table features

Scott Smith, described by STV

as ‘hugely impressive –

2nd-24th August.

Review: Roseleaf

udging by the Granny’s

front room décor and

Jmenus presented inside

old copies of National

Geographic, Roseleaf doesn’t

take itself too seriously.

On this particular Thursday, this bar, come

bistro, come restaurant was seriously busy and

with so much competition in Leith, that was

surely a good sign.

So many appealing starters to choose from,

but I settled for the ‘funky fish cakes’ (£5.50).

I’m not sure what was ‘funky’ about them but

they were fabulous fish cakes. Packed with

flakes of white fish, you could taste all the

flavours of spice and herbs inside. The fiery,

crunchy salad with lemon and honey dressing

brought a freshness and texture to this Thaistyle

dish that I enjoyed immensely.

Sarah went for the veggie option of ‘magical

mushrooms’ (£4.95), which saw the chef sauté

some tasty wild ’shrooms with herbs on a

rather good sweetcorn fritter. The crème

fraîche brought a cold contrast that worked

well with this simple, well-executed starter.

I went for the ‘bad boy belly’ (£13.95) for mains.

It certainly was a bad boy portion! Consisting

of a huge slab of pork belly that was pleasant

enough, although a tad dry for me and lacking

crispy crackling. The chickpea and chorizo

cassoulet was very tasty and brought spice and

an earthiness to the plate. The braised gem

lettuce was certainly the star and great to see

this underused ingredient cooked for a change.

Sarah had the ‘Iron man steak’

(£14.95) – a medium rare, flat

iron steak with two dips

(peppercorn and chimmichuri),

chips and roasted tomatoes.

Arriving theatrically in a cast

iron pan, the steak was mediumrare

as promised and the chips were more than

decent. The peppercorn sauce was bizarre

though; it almost tasted like toothpaste.

I started to reminisce about my childhood as I

was presented with the ‘cookie monster’ (£4.95)

for pudding, white chocolate and crème fraîche

ganache centre, coupled with an exquisite

brown bread ice cream. The two giant dark

chocolate cookies added a bitterness that

balanced the sweetness perfectly.

More childhood memories as the ‘choccy

cherry churros’ (£4.95) reminded Sarah of the

years she spent living in Spain. The cherry and

chocolate dips harmonised well with the

crunchy, yet soft doughnutty sticks.

The staff at Roseleaf were extremely friendly

and efficient and it’s well worth a visit for

good value grub; especially if it’s huge portions

you’re after! (P. Cook)

*TIP* we highly recommend the cocktails!


– 23/24 Sandport Pl, Edinburgh, EH6 6EW

– 0131 476 5268


Opening hours

7 Days all day



Review: Bread Street Brasserie


t was Friday night, Scotland was experiencing

a heatwave and Mr Bite and me had an invite

to eat. Life was good and about to get better.

The décor and menu of this restaurant have been

ramped up under the new management of The

Hilton Group and it now bears the hallmarks of a

classic brasserie; buzzy ambience, efficient,

aproned staff, easy to read menu.

To start I chose crushed broad bean and pea

crostini with lemon, mint and marinated feta

(£6). Herb, salt and citrus hinted at Greek

holidays, the seasonal veg recalled childhood

allotments. The latter had the vibrancy of lush

summer lawns. Mr Bite had pressed ham hock,

leek and carrot terrine, vegetable chutney and

oatcakes (£6). Stripes of deep green and orange

vegetable complemented rustic ham.

Main course for me was parmesan herb crusted

salmon fillet, smoked salmon and dill croquette,

leek velouté (£12). The crispy golden croquette

oozed silky mash. Pink fish perched on a thick

slice of just-charred fennel. Velouté was creamy

and bound every mouthful. I fear I embarrassed

myself as I tucked in with the speed of a swiveleyed

food loon. Mr Bite had fish pie with

poached pollok, prawn, spinach, smoked

haddock, cheddar mash and green salad (£14).

Large mustard dressed leaves covered half the

plate. Huzzah for a real salad! Lettuce is the

business in summer. Abundant fish, nice mash,

the latter a tad salty.

We need to talk about pudding.

A hot tip was offered from a passing critic. Dark

Belgian chocolate cake, caramel sauce and

vanilla ice cream (£5) got the nod and Mr Bite

swooped. A string of adjectives followed

“voluptuous, dark, unctuous, mysterious”. I stole

a spoonful of springy pud rich with flavour but

was distracted by my own syrupy peaches,

hazelnut meringues and mango sorbet (£5).

Scorching crimson skin clashed with burnt

orange flesh, ripe and sweet. The syrup was light

as a fairy, the sorbet, icy and perfumed. A crunch

of crushed nuts and a crumble of sugary

meringue completed every joyful mouthful.

I could nit-pick. More mint and lemon on a

crisper crostini, ditto dill in the croquette,

chewier meringues, but these wee things pale

against the bigger picture. We had eaten six

plates of delicious food which were so much

more than an obligatory nod to the seasons.

They were a rip roaring all guns firing celebration

of British summertime and pregnant with the

promise of good things to come. (S. Wilson)

Bread Street Brasserie

– The Point Hotel, 34 Bread St,

Edinburgh EH3 9AF

– 0131 221 5555


Opening times

Breakfast: 7am-10am (until 11am on weekends).

Lunch: 12noon-2pm, Mon-Sat. Sun 12.30pm to

2.30pm. Pre-Theatre 5pm-7pm.

Dinner: 5pm-10pm

Review: La P’tite Folie


ucked up a few steps at

the foot of Frederick

St, local for New

Towners & a civilised respite

from George St for tourist

hordes & other locals, this

branch (the other serves the

West End in Randolph Place)

has its very own charme et


Both these qualities were personified by

Sophie, who gave us a choice of a window or

cosy ‘inland’ table. The interior table looked

so snug I could have settled in until

lunchtime became pre-theatre, so we opted

for a bright yet still intimate table at the

window to keep us on-message for the

remains of the day, and just one glass of wine

to provide the day’s sunshine. Some

restaurants have tables & eating environment:

some have real ambience. This is one of the

latter, a pleasure to be in.

Our 2-course lunch cost £10.95, and came with

a mini-salad & slices of ficelle & Scottish butter.

We chose from a short wine-by-the-glass menu

ranging from just under £5 to just over £7, with

little in the way of French wines or grape

varieties. If you want to avoid whole-bottle

sharing I would recommend going for the demibouteille

menu of notably nicer wines (in cuter

mini-packaging!) at reasonable prices.

My picky lunch partner’s steamed moules

starter was immediately heralded as ‘possibly

the best mussels ever’. Fresh wide open deep

coral bundles of joy, bathed in a

soothing creamy garlic soup.

Sourced from the west coast,

they find these mussels ‘reliably

the best quality’. Mr Fussy was

also lavish with praise on his

hake dish; softly golden crust

on pristine soft white fish flesh,

garlanded with crunchy toasted

almonds, aromatic white wine sauce & chervil

with its own unctuous pile of mash (jealously


My wild mushroom & olive cake was fairly

heavily seasoned on top of the salty olives –

though I like plenty seasoning; however, the

texture of the incorporated nuts with walnut

dressing was delicious, the whole softened by

being in a brioche-like cake. Marinated gigot

of lamb steaks were enjoyably delicious – the

marination & fine cut ensuring a tender result

when served pink. The French touch again

ensured a jus bursting with flavour, served

with green beans.

A quick noisette (that’s French for macchiato,

Starbucks fans), and we were all set to face

the city centre again with satisfied smiles.

(The Go Between)

La P’tite Folie

– 6 Frederick Street, Edinburgh EH3 7TE


Opening times

12 noon-3pm and 6pm-10pm

(11pm Fri & Sat) closed Sun.



Long lunch Review: The Olive Branch


his bistro has a way

with ingredients.

They are used in

abundance and a signature

style gradually emerged as I

lunched with my friend. We

looked at our plates and

imagined a kitchen

backstage heaped with

colourful herbs, fruit and

vegetables. However, the dishes also have

balance and harmony so what may sound like

a jumble of too many components actually

works wonderfully. Let me explain.

I started with the chickpea and lentil cake

with a mango and radish salsa (£5.25) and my

friend chose the special of scallops with lime

and ginger beurre blanc, radish and cucumber

(£6.50). The scallops were glossy, soft

queenies and Simone commented that none

of the accompanying ingredients

overpowered either the bivalves or each

other. Rather the whole dish was subtle,

balanced and mellow. My cakes were a little

dry but helped by the Puy lentils mixing with

perfumed mango, fresh peppery rocket and

further down amongst the foliage, flecks of

red chilli.

For main course Simone chose braised shin of

beef with a tomato ragoût, gremolata and

buttered mash (£13.95). The meat was rich and

soft and the ragout had Moroccan inspiration,

sweet and spicy and lots of dark green herbs

for colour. I chose the courgette, basil, pine

nut and ricotta tart with Jersey royals and

rocket salad (£10.95). The

courgettes were cooked

nicely al dente and

mingled with creamy

cheese and moreish puff

pasty. Attention to detail

in all the dishes was

apparent, for example, my

leaves had a fine mustard

dressing. Chef obviously

has a flair for flavour combinations and

quantities. It is very skilfully done.

We were definitely up for dessert and I chose

the dark and white chocolate cherry brownie

with coconut ice cream and Simone had the

rhubarb and ginger crème brûlée (both £5.25).

My brownie was nicely squidgy, full of cocoa

and sour cherries; summer fruits and Luca’s

ice cream were sublime accompaniments.

Simone said her brûlée was light and

delicately flavoured.

I hadn’t been to The Olive Branch for

anything more than a coffee and snack in

recent years. I had got used to it being there

on its sunny corner site and taken it for

granted. A mistake! This bistro is worthy of

more attention. (S. Wilson)

The Olive Branch Bistro

– 91 Broughton Street, EH1 3RX

– 0131 557 8589


Opening hours

Mon-Sun 11.30am-10pm


A Shore Thing


or visitors to Edinburgh this August Bite

would like to point you in the direction

of The Shore. Hop on a no.16 or 22 bus

and you will be transported to a hotspot for

local foodies.

The Shore is part of Leith and is home to two

of Edinburgh’s eponymous Michelin-starred

restaurants, the Kitchin and Martin Wishart as

well as a number of restaurants and

welcoming pubs.

Fish and seafood are an obvious speciality of

The Shore area. Many restaurants in the city

centre showcase Scotland’s piscine larder (try

Ondine, Kanpai, Café Fish, Fishers, Harvey

Nichols Crustacean Bar) but there is always

something special about eating such dishes

near water; especially considering Leith’s


Leith is Edinburgh’s port and Newhaven (just

along the road) was a fishing village which

became famous for its fishwives. They wore

distinctive striped skirts and carried their

catches of herring and haddock on creels on

their backs to sell in the city centre.

You can still eat haddock in Leith at a number

of restaurants or fish and chip shops. Head to

The Tailend, a stone’s throw from The Shore

proper and half way down Leith Walk.

Alternatively visit The Old Chain Pier in

Newhaven, a most welcoming pub which due

to a glass frontage has the finest views of the

Firth of Forth and a great pub/seafood menu

to boot.

Go al fresco and buy a ‘poke’ of chips at

Pierinos. This fish ‘n’ chip shop is part of

Edinburgh’s food heritage that began around


Teuchters’ Landing alfresco dining

the turn of the century when many Italians

heading for America stopped off in Scotland.

Initially working as ‘hokey pokey’ men, selling

ice cream from barrows, they soon combined

ice cream making with selling fish and chips.

For pubs at The Shore head to Teuchters'

Landing for a pint of prawns which you can

eat outdoors on a floating pontoon and wash

down with some good Scottish ale. Their

sister restaurant next door A Room in Leith

has great fish options too. The King’s Wark is

a well-loved bistro with many a fishy dish

including excellent risotto and chowder.

Go a little more upmarket at either Fishers or

The Ship on the Shore. Both have fine fish

and seafood menus where the produce is

treated with the utmost respect. At both of

these restaurants you will find superlative

wine and champagne lists also. Just around

the corner the two-rosette Mithas puts an

Indian twist on scallops, monkfish, lobster

and mullet.

Oysters at The Ship On The Shore

City Centre

Ondine – luxury, stylish seafood restaurant

with chef Roy Brett –

Fishers in the City – a classic city centre

eatery set in an old converted warehouse on

Thistle Street –

Harvey Nichols Crustacean Bar –

views across the Edinburgh skyline. Sip

champagne and taste the best West Coast

seafood –

Galvin’s Brasserie de Luxe – from

Michelin-starred brothers Jeff and Chris

Galvin and fashioned on a classic Parisianstyle

brasserie –

Café Fish – boho Stockbridge with its

villagey ambience is home to this casual

buzzy restaurant –

The Shore

The Ship on the Shore –

Fruits de Mer ‘Royale’ or Hot

Shellfish Platter, accompanied

by the finest wine or

champagne –

Fishers in Leith – The

original Fishers, nestled on the

historic Shore in Leith and set

in a 17th Century

watchtower –

The King’s Wark

– bustling pub bistro –

Teuchters’ Landing and

A Room in Leith – Sister

establishments which,

between them, serve

everything you could possibly

desire from Scotland’s larder

and bar –

Old Chain Pier –

Welcoming pub with stunning

views of the Firth of Forth

recommend the fish and

chips –


Tapa – for fish and seafood

– tapas-style

Fishers Fish Soup

Serves 4

1 large onion, 1 leek, 1 clove garlic, 2oz butter,

2oz white fish skinless fillet

(haddock,cod,pollok), 2oz salmon, 20z

smoked haddock, 2 pints fish stock, 1 pint

whole milk, ½ pint single cream, mixed herbschives,

parsley, dill, chervil, 8oz cubed new



• Gently fry onions, leek and garlic in


• Add flour and stir for 1 minute.

• Add stock, milk and potatoes.

• Slowly simmer for 20 minutes.

• Add fish and simmer for 8 minutes.

• Add herbs and finish with single cream.

• Bring to boiling point but do not boil.

• Season with salt and pepper and serve




Wine: Fish ‘n’ Chips ‘n’ Fizz


ish ‘n’ chips, the great British

institution, usually faces the

disrespect of being washed

down with Irn Bru, cheap

continental lager or nowt at all.

When I was a lass, the importance

of fish ‘n’ chips was drummed into

us – it’s a meal of love, it was an

event in our household, and the

go-to libation was the strongest

tea that we could muster.

As time rolled on and I hit the

sauce, I upgraded from builders’ tea

to playing around with wines. At

the beginning, this can be

disastrous; most white wines either

lack the acidity to cope with the

batter, lack the flavour to compete

with the salt or lack the subtlety of

fruit and wind up overpowering

the more delicate fish. This lack of

a perfect match became an

obsession – I love my chippy teas,

but I didn’t know what to drink

with them, and beer just didn’t

seem to cut it.

Now, I present to you the results of

some very extensive research. The

ideal pairings are champagne and

sherry. Champagne, though more

ostentatious, is arguably the most

fun match. The fizz in champagne cuts

through the fat and batter, without

shouting over the flavour and texture of

the fish itself; it’s a great match and one

that is championed in some

restaurants now. When selecting

your champagne, choose a richer,

more full-on style. I recommend

Roederer NV (widely available)

and Duval-Leroy Blancs Des

Blancs ’99 (The Fine Wine


Sherry, in particular Manzanilla

seems made for fish ‘n’ chips. This

very dry style has a hint of salt

due to the time it spends

maturing along the coast of

Cadiz. It’s a very particular style,

with a light nuttiness which pairs

beautifully with beer batter and

cod. It can feel odd to be drinking

a fortified wine with something

such as this, but it’s one of my

favourite treats – especially out

of plastic cups on an impromptu

picnic. Villeneuve Wines,

Henderson’s Wines and Edinburgh

Wine Merchants all have

excellent ranges of sherries.

If you’re after a more traditional

pairing, Loire whites often work

well as they have the necessary

acidity and balanced fruit.

Muscadet and the Sauvignon from

less expensive appellations such

as Quincy are good shouts. Despite my

research, I'm confident that there is still

something to be said for a cup of overbrewed

Yorkshire tea. (F. Bentley)

Review: The Shore


e-acquaintance with

a lost friend can be

a marvellous thing.

And such was the case

when I recently revisited

The Shore. Previously a

regular haunt of mine,

walking into the elegant

oak-panelled and mirror-adorned bar that

adjoins the restaurant, the welcome was as

warm as I remembered.

Looking over the menu, we enjoyed an

aperitif whilst awaiting our table – nice to

see a place buzzing on a dreich Tuesday. The

restaurant (now part of the Fishers group)

offers inventive fare featuring Scottish

ingredients, with seafood at the centre of a

number of dishes.

Seated beside the restaurant’s huge windows,

my dining partner and I had high hopes for

our starters. We were not disappointed. My

squid with chorizo, chickpeas and roast

peppers (£6) had a great balance of flavours.

Tender seafood, moist pimentón sausage and

earthy pulses worked beautifully with a fruity

tang and chilli heat. Across the table was a

hockey-puck of ham and potato hash cake

(£5.75), crisped in breadcrumbs, and

generously adorned with hollandaise and

poached egg. Real comfort food!

Mains were slightly more eclectic. Diningpartner’s

hake (£13.50) was another

triumphant combination – perfectly cooked,

translucent fish on a bed of courgette

ribbons, with rich, stockpoached

Puy lentils

matching the salty

meatiness of the

pancetta. My fusion of

lamb chops, cottage

cheese, lettuce and

anchovies (£17.50) sort

of worked. The lamb was very tender and

came with a flavoursome gravy, but was in

danger of being overwhelmed by the

accompanying herb-infused cottage cheese.

Wilted little gem, sun-blush tomatoes and

anchovies produced a good salad, but this

maybe contrasted too much with the lamb.

Our portions were certainly generous; somuch-so

that second thought was nearly

given to desert (£5.25 each). But not for long.

A rich chocolate brownie with caramelised

banana and ice cream was great. Ginger

pannacotta, with rhubarb compote, was an

unusual, yet winning combination.

It was great to be sat in The Shore again, being

served good food and quaffable wine (crisp

white Heredad De Peñalosa Verdejo - £22 a

bottle) in an unhurried, unfussy manner. With

its velvet banquettes, stripped wooden tables,

tongue and groove walls and muted décor, it

isn’t a restaurant that’s trying to be trendy. Yet

the honesty of its ambience, the quality of

the dishes, and friendliness of the service

make for a very welcoming dining experience.

Glad to make your acquaintance again, old

friend! (Chris Berry @scrummyscran)






136 Bruntsfield Place

EH10 4ER

0131 229 5566



Turn your passion for Nutrition into a career!

Become a Nutritional Therapist

through part-time study in Edinburgh with CNM, the

UK’s leading training provider in natural health

Find out more at our free-to-attend Open Evenings on 6th August &

3rd September, 6.30pm to 8.30pm – Napier University, Craiglockhart

Campus, Off Glenlockhart Road, Edinburgh EH14 1DJ

Reserve your place for either event by calling 01342 410 505

or email

Don Ceviche


his sea bass ceviche is the signature dish at

the soho based Peruvian restaurant,

Ceviche. Founder Martin Morales founder

of the restaurants (ans I Tunes!) , describes this

dish as the “Daddy of Ceviches”.

Serves 4

1 large red onion, very thinly sliced

600g sea bass fillet (or other white fish), skinned

and trimmed

Half a teaspoon of Medium Red Chilli / Amarillo

Chilli Tiger’s Milk (see below)

A few coriander sprigs, leaves finely chopped

1 limo chilli, deseeded and finely chopped

1 sweet potato, boiled and cut into small cubes

Fine sea salt

• Wash the sliced red onion and then leave it to

soak in iced water for 5 minutes. Drain

thoroughly, spread out on kitchen paper or a

clean tea towel to remove any excess water

and then place in the fridge until needed. This

will reduce the strength of the onions and

help to keep them crisp.

Divide between serving bowls and serve


Amarillo Chilli Tiger’s Milk

Tiger’s Milk is the name given to the marinade for

cold cooking this dish with.

Put a 5mm piece of fresh root ginger (cut in half), 1

small garlic clove (cut in half), 4 roughly chopped

coriander sprigs and the juice of 8 limes in a bowl.

Stir and then leave to infuse for 3 minutes. Strain

the mixture through a sieve into another bowl.

Add ½ teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon of

chopped deseeded and devained medium red

chilli or Amarillo chilli.


by Martin Morales published by Weidenfeld

& Nicolson in hardback on 4 July 2013 at £25.


• Cut the fish into uniform strips of around 3 x

2cm. Place in a large bowl, add a good pinch

of salt and mix together gently with a metal

spoon. The salt will help open the fish’s pores.

Leave this for 2 minutes and then pour over

the tiger’s milk and combine gently with the

spoon. Leave the fish to ‘cook’ in this

marinade for 2 minutes.

• Add onions, coriander, chilli and the cubed

sweet potato to the fish. Mix together gently

with the spoon and taste to check the

balance of salt, sour and chilli is to your liking.

Photo © Paul Winch-Furness


Beer: Barley Wine


o after several days of head scratching

I have to throw in the towel and

admit I have very little to say about

light, summer drinking, ignore my brief and

instead use this opportunity to share with

you my experience of the single most

notable beer to past my lips since the last


Being in the trade comes with a few perks;

in this instance, first dibs on a case of some

rather old barley wine. The Whitbread

Celebration Ale, brewed in 1992 to celebrate

the 250th anniversary of the now defunct

brewer. Now 21 years is a fine old age for

any drink, but barley wines are among the

most resilient of beers and being both

bottle conditioned and over 11% abv I felt

pretty confident that it should be palatable.

Once opened, after a fair bit of palaver (box,

paper, wax, crown top and cork) it poured

almost entirely flat, totally opaque and

walnut brown. It had a fair bit of haze and a

general feeling of muddiness.

Not the prettiest of drinks then. The nose

however was explosive; fig roll, crushed

black peppercorns, raisins, treacle and

aniseed. The full-bodied, boozy palate had a

fair selection of these dark fruit and spice

flavours alongside a streak of battery licking

acidity. The beer started to show its age in

the finish which had a funky, yeasty oxidised


After half an hour and two or three glasses,

the beer sort of fell apart, the sweet fruit

flavours dried up and were overwhelmed by

the yeast notes. The last mouthful both

looked and tasted like a blend of Old

Oloroso Sherry & Bisto. Despite this it

remained (just about) drinkable.

There was no denying that it was past its

best and within a year it would be

undrinkable, but for one glorious evening

really hit the spot.

The following week my esteemed colleague

shared with me his 1997 bottle of JW Lees

Harvest Ale, another long in the tooth

Barley Wine, but this still held itself

together and was tasting remarkably fresh; it

even had a decent head and a hint of bubbly


I have to stress that these decrepit old beers

are not to everyone’s taste, but to the right

person and in the right circumstances they

can offer a tasty connection to the recent

past. (J. Wrobel)

Review: Old Chain Pier

his gastro pub

perches on the

Twaters edge and a

full glass frontage provides

cracking views of the Firth

of the Forth. You can

almost feel the water

tickling your toes.

Quirky wallpaper and

simple wooden tables form

the right atmosphere for a

casual welcoming pub. The food is

homemade and there are four cask ales on


Mr Bite and me settled in and ordered

starters, spicy calamari for me (£5.25) and

dressed crab with parmesan crisps for him

(£4.75). Mr Bite’s starter was by far the better

choice. The crisps were a nice delicate

alternative to bread, crab was heaped on top

with avocado added to the mix and there

were lime wedges on the plate.

Unfortunately the batter on my overcooked

squid was soggy. A shame as the chilli kick

was good.

For main course Mr Bite ‘treated’ himself to

beer battered haddock and chips (£11.45). The

batter was so crispy and the haddock flaky

and is there anything better than fish ‘n’ chips

by the sea? You could try the pot of mussels

or fish platter for two, also on the menu. The

chips were well cooked and crispy which we

both liked and the mushy peas had a fine

flavour with a dash of vinegar

added. I chose the sea bass

fillets with roasted chorizo,

cauliflower purée and crushed

new potatoes. The fish was

overcooked I suspect from

sitting on the pass, the chorizo

lacked spiciness. The potatoes

had an excellent flavour as did

the creamy cauliflower purée.

For pudding Mr Bite had the

dark chocolate and hazelnut marquis with

homemade French chocolate ice cream

(£4.95) which was really good and full of

crushed nuts. I had lemon posset with ginger

shortbread and strawberries. The posset was

refreshing and zingy but the biscuit was

bought in rather than homemade.

The Old Chain Pier is a little gem which ticks

a lot of boxes. Staff are friendly, there is

outside seating, it is child and dog friendly

and a jazz band were setting up as we left.

This is all good and with a little more

attention to the cooking, consistency and

presentation of the food it could be great.


The Old Chain Pier

– 32 Trinity Crescent, Newhaven,

Edinburgh EH5 3ED

– 0131 552 4960

Opening hours

Open 7 days



Wine: The Fringe


unning from venue to venue dodging

the rain and drinking warm wine from

plastic cups – it must be the Fringe.

Whilst the choice of wine at venues isn’t

always inspiring there are plenty of options

around town to get your wine fix whether

your embracing the Fringe or escaping it.


I have two favourite haunts for a wine reviver

between shows; both have an eclectic

winelist and a flexible approach to serving.

Tucked down Thistle Street, The Bon Vivant

has something for everyone with one of the

best winelists in Edinburgh. The wines are

often overshadowed by the inventive

cocktails but everything come’s by the glass,

carafe and bottle and goes beyond the usual

New Zealand Sauvignon. All of this and a

great menu with their canapé sized ‘bites’

which help to fortify you for the next round.

When in the Old Town head for Divino

(pictured), a grown up oasis just off the

grassmarket. They have an interesting, Italian

wine dominated list, but what makes them

great is their use of enomatic machines so

you can ‘try before you buy’ or get a flight of

five themed small measures adding up to a

small glass of wine.

The Bon Vivant, 51 Thistle Street

Divino, 5 Merchant Street.

Escape to the seaside

If you’re having a day or weekend off of

Fringing, heading out to the shore at Leith or

North Berwick can feel like a proper holiday,

and with places like The Ship in Leith or

Lobster Shack in NB you can be in seafood

heaven in no time. Plus you can afford to splash

on a glass of bubbles having saved on tickets.

All fizz does not come equal and when it

comes to seafood you need to make sure

you’re getting something with a good dose of

acidity and dryness to balance the texture,

like a squeeze of lemon. This means

champagne, cava or traditional method wines

(made like champagne but from elsewhere,

look for crémant, or English or Californian )

rather than prosecco.

Lobster Shack, North Berwick Harbour

The Ship, 24-26 The Shore, Leith.

We’re an Edinburgh based wine

company who run wine and food


Next event – Fringe Special Thirsty

Thursday | 29th August | Bon Vivant’s


See for details

Out of Town Review: The Sun Inn


was out of the foodie

loop. People kept

lowering their voices

reverentially and asking me

if I had been to The Sun Inn.

When I replied no, they

would insist, oh you must

it’s fab.

And so, Mr Bite and me found ourselves

heading east one Sunday evening in our trusty

camper Clovis, the sun setting behind us.

A pint of Holy Coo from the Borders Brewery

kept him happy whilst I dunked freshly baked

bread, all crispy crust and springy texture, into

a chilled roasted vine tomato dip.

To start, I had a Jenga tower of expertly

seasoned crispy polenta chips which I used to

scoop up a gloriously gooey goats’ cheese

fondue. Honey gazed figs completed the

plate. Whilst my index digit scraped ramekin,

Mr Bite polished off crab claw meat, chilli and

spring onion linguini, roast garlic and lemon

butter; which he declared “a perfectly

balanced dish.”

Main course for m was pan-seared mackerel

fillets, apple and watercress salad and potato

croquettes, and fennel fondue. The latter was

more a jam as it had been caramelised with

OJ and brown sugar for hours. The resulting

sweetness was yummy with the moist

succulent flesh. I found the croquettes a tad

rustic and under-seasoned. Mr Bite had

ordered from the specials, braised and rolled

shin of Border’s beef, butter

pastry cottage pie,

horseradish mash, Savoy

cabbage. Good, hearty

Sunday fare but he singled

out the mash for most praise;

fresh horseradish, fiery

without being eye-watering.

I chose one of my all time favourite puds,

Eton mess and it was perfectly good but Mr

Bite’s dessert was a showstopper. Milk

chocolate cheesecake (3 inches tall!) with

chocolate ganache and an iced espresso shot.

The plate was sprinkled with cocoa gravel and

dotted with plump raspberries.

The AA voted The Sun Inn winner of Scottish

gastro pub of the year 2013 and you can see

why. Numerous dishes use the best local

suppliers’ produce. They are cleverly devised

and have consistency of execution and

quality. And if you need more, it is

exceptional value for money; 2 courses for £15

and 3 for £18 on a Sunday.

If you haven’t been, you must, it’s fab!

(S. Wilson)

The Sun Inn

– Lothianbridge, Dalkeith EH22 4TR

– 0131 663 2456


Opening hours

12 noon-2pm & 6pm-9pm

Sun 12 noon-7pm



The Swedish Crayfish Party

With Yelp and Bite Magazine


love Scandinavians; like the Dutch and

other Northern Europeans they seem to

have a really laid-back attitude to life

which comes across to uptight Brits as quirky,

and slightly wacky. This is perhaps epitomised

in the tradition of the crayfish party or

kräftskiva. The parties are held in Sweden in

August and Edinburgh’s very own Swedish bar,

Joseph Pearce, is holding parties this month.

Here is the Bite guide to the Swedish Crayfish

Party to prepare you for a unique eating and

drinking experience:

Clothing: It is tradition to wear colourful

hats and bibs to catch all that crayfish juice.

Along with paper tablecloths and lanterns

these depict the man in the moon. Red,

yellow and blue are the colours used.

Food and Drink: The crayfish are piled

high and have been boiled and doused with

fresh dill. They are served cold and eaten

with your fingers. The Swedish love sucking

every last bit of crayfish, even the eyes! They

are served alongside, bread, salads and strong

tart made with Vasterbottenpaj cheese

(please see for

recipe). There is also beer and plentiful

Aquavit shots to aid the singing of Swedish

drinking songs.

Songs: As soon as the crayfish are served,

the host usually leads the guests in singing

Helan Går (pronounced helan gor), a drinking

song. After two verses, everybody raises their

snaps glasses and yells Skål! (Cheers!). The

drinking songs and the shots traditionally

continue well into the night or event the next


Joseph Pearce is holding Swedish Crayfish

Parties on the 19th, 20th and 26th August.

Yelp and Bite Magazine have

reserved their very own table on

August 20th and tickets are £18

(includes Aquavit tasting) reduced

from the normal price of £25.

For tickets please go to

Joseph Pearce

– 23 Elm Row, Leith Walk,

Edinburgh EH7 4AA

– 0131 556 1310

The Insider:

The Tortoise and the Hare


t drab Kehl station, my partner waves

me off on the arduous journey back

to Edinburgh (she’ll fly from

Switzerland later). I change at Strasbourg for

Paris but there is plenty of time for a daunder,

so it’s off to my favourite fly blown square in

Krutenau for a bit of people watching. As

usual, improbably, the lrish Bar is rammed

with locals eating British grub. On a tiny side

street, an old woman shuffles about outside

an empty restaurant, fussing at the place

settings. I take pity (wrongly) and ask for a

table; half an hour and half a carafe of wine

(5.50€) later I’ve devoured the best Cassoulet

I’ve ever tasted. So busiest doesn’t always

mean best!

Onward to Paris, where I have time for a beer

in the Belle Époque splendour of Le Train

Bleu restaurant at Gare de Lyon, whilst

thinking of my partner in her pen at Basel

Airport, followed by some onion soup and a

game of spot the banker – it is rhyming slang

– in the Art Nouveau (splendour again) of

Terminus Nord. Before crossing the road to

Gare du Nord, where the ‘Les Grande Lignes’

sign never fails to make me nostalgic for the

golden days of rail travel.

In London I decide to break my journey with

a stay at Soho House. “It took me ages to find

you,” I tell the oleaginous duty manager.

“Why thank you,” he preens. “We are

deliberately difficult to find.” Oh no. I know

where this speech is going…yet another of

those ‘oasis of calm in the centre of the city’

type places. And I’m not wrong. So it will

inevitably follow that every time I try to

leave my room a uniformed, palpably nervous

member of staff will hove into view and ask,

while wringing their hands: “Erm, can we help

you sir”? Whilst they shoot pointed glances

at the doorman, as if to say, “How did he get

past you”?

Never mind, last minute ticket to One Man,

Two Governors trousered, I head into

Chinatown for the controlled hysteria (like

eating in a lift with the entire Chinese

Olympic Team but my, the food!) that is the

Four Seasons restaurant. Next morning, in the

glass cathedral grandeur of the restored Saint

Pancras Station, I gargle a glass of bubbly

before setting off for the Edinburgh train.

People ask why I’m afraid of flying; whisper it,

maybe I’m not!



Seafood Sundays in

East Lothian and Fife

njoy two recommendations on the beautiful coastlines around Edinburgh.

EAll that is needed is sun and bliss is surely guaranteed?

The Lobster Shack

Firstly, a jaunt out to North Berwick will take

you to the Lobster Shack. This is straightoff-the

boat luxury seafood. Chips, salad,

tea, coffee and … wait for it … champagne

(heavens above) are also available. Last time

we visited we had three half lobsters, two

with garlic and herb butter and one with a

sweet chilli dressing hand-cut chips,

coleslaw and potato salad come with the

crustaceans and the crab bisque is a must.

We joined other diners sitting around the

harbour and ‘got stuck in’. Lobster from Fife

and from the East Coast is the best I have

tasted anywhere and this seafood shack

certainly does it justice. The perfect Sunday

lunch was eaten whilst people watching and

enjoying views of the magnificent Bass Rock.

Moreover, being canny, I saved the shells for

a lobster stock made later that evening.

The Lobster Shack – North Berwick Harbour

– Simply follow your nose or visit for more details.

Crail Harbour Gallery and


My friend ‘The Dowager’ suggested an

East Neuk trip to investigate the repair of

one of her broken pottery cats. Having a

free day and a definite alternative agenda

I agreed. My destination was in fact the

Crail Harbour Gallery and Tearoom which

is a real little gem if you like fish, cake

and art. It has a small patio outback with

fabulous views of the Isle of May, flowers

and a mouth-watering seafood menu.

Dressed crab with sea salt crisps, salad

and mayo times two please with double

chocolate and lemon drizzle cakes to


Crail Harbour Gallery and Tearoom

– Shoregate, Crail, Fife KY10 3SU

– 01333 451896



The Real Foods

Festival Shopping Guide

vegetarian • special diet • Fairtrade • organic

locally sourced • seasonal • fruit & vegetables

super foods • raw foods • natural body care

natural healthy ethical shopping

50 years providing wholefoods to the nation

Real Foods shops

37 Broughton Street, EH1 3JU

Tel: 0131 557 1911

8 Brougham Street, EH3 9JH

Tel: 0131 228 1201

Open 7 days a week



eal Foods has all the vegetarian, free-from, organic,

Fairtrade, local and seasonal food products you

need to see you through this year's Festival fun

and beyond. Edinburgh's original health food shop is

celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Having begun

as an organic fruit and veg stall in 1963, we now stock

over 10,000 products and ship worldwide – In this guide we present to you a

small selection from our wide ranging catalogue.

Product prices shown in this guide are correct at time of going to print and

are subject to change.

Gifts They Will Love

Beautifully presented gifts all year round

The new Faith in Nature gifts range makes it easy to give loved-ones, friends and colleagues the

best that nature has to offer. With gloriously fruity hair care and luxurious foam bath/shower gel

sets to suit every mood, these beautiful gifts keep on giving.

OFFER: Also look out for 25% OFF all Faith in Nature bath and soap singles at Real Foods in-store and

online during August.

Breadshare Organic Hand Cut

Seaweed Oatcakes 150g

Delicious wheat-free organic oatcakes from local communitysupported

bakery Breadshare. Individually handcut and made using

the simplest ingredients – organic oatmeal, water, organic rapeseed

oil and dried seaweed. No flour, no added salt or sugar, no palm oil.

They come in five varieties: Irish Dulse, Sugar Kelp, Nori (purple laver

used in sushi), Spirulina and Mixed Seaweed. Packed in sixes, they

are perfect for lunchboxes, snacking and eating on the go.

shop at

Exciting New

Infusions from


Supernature's multi award-winning cold

pressed rapeseed oil is now available in

sensational tasting lime, orange and

lemongrass. These new flavours and the

rest of the range are all available in 250ml

or 100ml bottles or in one of our new 4 x 100ml packs, Thai range (Lime, Coriander,

Lemongrass, Chilli) or Citrus range (Lemon, Orange, Lime, Original). Available at Real Foods

or online at Prices start from just £2.45 for a 100ml bottle.

Don’t miss the chance to try these at in-store tastings at Real Foods during September.


BetterYou B12 Oral Spray

Vitamin B12 is a vital vitamin which contributes to the

reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Boost from BetterYou

contains B12 in the bioavailable form of methylcobalamin

together with chromium and green tea extract, all

associated with energy production and body metabolism.

The combination is delivered orally under the tongue,

quickly entering the bloodstream. With a great apricot

flavour, Boost is suitable for both vegetarians

and vegans. A great companion for an active

lifestyles. Just £11.95 buys you well over a

month supply of B12 boost at Real Foods

Sukin Hydrating Body Lotion 500ml

This aromatic body lotion, designed to hydrate the skin and lock in moisture,

restores the skin’s moisture balance by deeply nourishing to help soothe dry

skin. Enriched with an infusion of aloe vera, nettle, horsetail and burdock

combined with rosehip, avocado and jojoba oils to hydrate thirsty skin and

improve skin elasticity. Suitable for all skin types especially dry and sensitive.

Available from Real Foods at £16.28. This product is Vegan, paraben free,

carbon neutral and available from Real Foods for just £16.28.

Watch out for Sukin freebies on Real Foods Facebook page this August

shop at


Skinny Noodles

Skinny Noodles are made from the root of the konjac plant and are high in glucomannan,

proven to control blood sugar, assist in weight loss and improve cholesterol control. With only

6.4 calories per 100g and no fat, sugar, gluten, wheat or dairy, this amazing noodle is the

perfect alternative to pasta. Whether actively dieting or simply looking for a low calorie way to

bulk up your meals, look no further than Skinny Noodles. This skinny product comes with a

skinny price of £1.75 per pack at Real Foods.

Clearspring Organic

Virgin Coconut Oil

Clearspring organic cold pressed, virgin

coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts

which are peeled, shredded, pressed and

simply filtered. Highly nutritious, flavour full

and unpasteurised as well as free from

cholesterol. It is often classified as a

‘functional food’ because it provides many

health benefits beyond its nutritional

content. Being heat stable it is perfect for

frying and roasting and adds a delicious

nutty slightly sweet flavour. Prices starting

from £4.19 at

Green People Organic SLS

Free Toothpaste

Ideal for sensitive gums our SLS free toothpastes

promote salivary secretions, strengthens gums,

reduces swelling and soothes inflamed gums and

mouth ulcers. Organic essential oils and Myrrh

protect against bacterial growth, one of the main

causes of gum disease. Aloe Vera, rich in enzymes,

vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and essential amino

acids, is added to strengthen and soothe sensitive

gums. Available from Real Foods in 50ml tubes these

make for a very handy size for your travels abroad so

organic smiles all round with prices starting at £3.50.

shop at

Lavera Organic Self Tanning

Lotion 150ml

Indulge and feel good this summer without the sun... and

naturally. Lavera’s certified organic Self Tan has won

innovation awards, smells great and works using only

natural and organic ingredients. When (if ) the sun comes out

we have a range the mineral sun protection without

synthetic enhancers, again certified organic to protect your

skin and your family’s skin. And don’t forget to re-moisturise

with after sun an essential part of keeping your skin supple.

Buy in store or at at £13.50 for 150ml.


The Raw Chocolate Company

We have a range of six silky smooth Raw Chocolate bars

in two sizes, our unique and multi-award nominated Raw

Chocolate Mulberries, Goji berries and Raisins are a great

hit all over the world and we also produce Raw Supreme

foods, giving you the freedom to come up with your own

sublime creations. Our products are Vegan, Fairtrade and

Organic and our factory is renewably powered. The full

range of products is available from Real Foods and with

prices starting at just 99p you’ll find it hard to get a

healthier raw chocolate product for less.

Belhaven Fruit Farm

IceDelight Desserts

Fat-Free, Dairy-Free, and Full of Fruit!

Belhaven Fruit Farm have blended their home grown

Scottish fruit with an authentic Italian recipe to create a

unique, luxuriously creamy dessert. IceDelight comes in

five delicious flavours: Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackcurrant,

Lemon and Gooseberry & Elderflower. Each serving has

less than 90 calories.

Present this voucher in-store for 50p off any 550ml tub of IceDelight at Real Foods.

Offer expires 31/8/13. Subject to stock availability.

shop at


Ultimate Refreshment and Hydration

Vita Coco is the UK's number one natural coconut water. Low calorie,

bursting with naturally occurring electrolytes and with zero fat, Vita

Coco offers you a truly natural route to hydration. Buy at Real Foods

for just £1.79.

Win 3 x 330ml cases of Vita Coco Natural

Coconut Water at Real Foods this Summer

in our Vita Coco treasure hunt


Rocks Organic

Fruit & Vegetable


A nutritious and delicious

organic juice drink made with a

blend of fruit and vegetables, this

range of 4 flavours gives you one

of your 5 a day in every 245ml

serving. Available from Real

Foods at £3.49 for a 735ml bottle.

Booja-Booja Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Dreamily creamy these cute mini pots are perfect for picnics,

luscious for long lunches and superb for summer strolls in the

sun. Each tub contains a generous single serving, with a spoon in

the lid to make it easy to enjoy on the go. Available in 3 delicious,

award-winning varieties: Hunky Punky Chocolate, Coconut

Hullabaloo and Keep Smiling Vanilla M'Gorilla. Available in-store

at Real Foods from as little as £1.99.

shop at

Alara Gluten-free

Scottish Oat Cereals

Alara is the 1st cereal company in the world

to be organic certified, Coeliac Society

approved, Fair Trade Foundation certified and

to achieve Zero Waste. Our newest range

features organic gluten-free Scottish oats.

Their rich, nutty flavour has developed under

the summer sun and unspoiled nature of

Scotland. With no added sugar or salt, these

cereals provide balanced nutrition and are

made in the UK.

Great British Beans

and Peas from


Perfect for soups, dhal, curries, dips, falafel,

salads and much more! Hodmedod's

pulses are delicious, nutritious and all

grown on British farms. Split dried fava

beans are especially versatile and easy to

use – they don't even need soaking. Black

badger peas have a superb nutty taste

and firm texture. Each pack includes a

booklet of recipes from around the world.

Get your fingers on the pulses for just



eal Foods are open all year round, 7 days a week,

8 till late. We are your one-stop-shop for anything

Rvegetarian, free-from, organic, Fairtrade, local and

seasonal and you can shop from a vast array of over

10,000 products in-store and online, with free delivery

for online orders over £24 anywhere in the UK. Every

month, in-store and online, we offer over 250 products

on promotion, plus everyday we have 3 new half price

offers. Shop in-store and if you’re an early riser, you can

take advantage of our 10% Early Bird Discount card*.

We also offer 5% discount to students and senior

citizens in both our stores at all times**.

*Early Bird is only available in-store at present.**We reserve the right to

request appropriate ID to prove student or senior citizen status.

shop at

Treat yourself



£5 OFF the best selection of vegetarian,

organic, free-from, Fairtrade, seasonal &

locally sourced foods in Edinburgh and online

Please tear off and bring this advert with you to receive your

FREE £5 voucher* when you spend £15 or more in one of our stores,

or enter code ‘bigbite’ at checkout when shopping online to

get £5 off immediately when you spend £35 or more.

Terms and conditions apply: Offer expires 30.09.13.

*The free £5 voucher can only be used on your next visit to Real Foods stores.


Fairtrade Organic Vegetarian Special diet


Cocktails: Serendipity

I blame Ciaran.

It was, unusually, a perfect

summer's evening. The

Edinburgh sky was like

something out of a Colin Baxter

photograph, all pastel blues,

oranges, pinks and reds. The

walk home, following some

fantastic Indian tapas at Mother

India’s Café was wonderful. We

felt like bedazzled tourists on

our first visit to an exotic

location and not the cynical

Edinburghers we’d grown to be.

D suggested we get a bottle of

wine to finish the evening in

style. So we popped into Vino

on Broughton Street and that's

where Ciaran introduced me to

Ron Millonario. Something, he

said, they had just taken stock of and

something, he said, I would probably like.

Now, as you will already have guessed, Ron

Millonario is not some dodgy geezer in a

trilby flogging knocked off watches and

jewellery but is, in fact, a rum. Actually it's a

very special rum and its full title is ‘Ron

Millonario Solera 15 Reserve Especial’. It’s a

rum that’s distilled in Peru (yes I did say Peru),

using three old Scottish column stills. It is

then matured using a 4 tier solera system in

American and Slavonian oak. The result is a

rum that is lush, sweet, undeniably moreish

and, to my mind, one of the

best there is.

It is instantly recognisable, in

that it comes in a bottle that’s

wrapped in woven toquilla

straw, much like an earlier

version of another classic South

American rum. When poured it

has a dark golden brown hue

and does not need any ice or

lime added.

It has a rich, persistent nose of

raisins, prunes, spice and cloves.

And then comes the taste -

butter toffee, Demerara sugar,

sultanas, dates, perhaps best

described as a liquid sticky

toffee pudding. The flavour

lingers and leaves you with the

sensation that you’ve just

finished your grandad’s best toffees whilst

drinking a glass of old fashioned cola.

All in all a rum that you just want to keep on

drinking. And that's why I blame Ciaran. Yes,

he was right, I most certainly do like it.

However my introduction to Ron Millonario

Solera 15 Reserve Especial was rather too

indulgent and I write this with a bit of a foggy

head. Nevertheless I will continue to seek out

Ron Millonario wherever I can find it.

Ron Millonario is available at Vino for £45.95.

(M. Earl)


Healthy Eating With: CNM

ow can you try to make sure that you

don’t fall victim to the dreaded

H'traveller's tummy' a few days into your

long-awaited holiday at your dream destination?

Before you go, as a preventative it can be a good

idea to take a good quality probiotic

supplement, such as acidophilus, (available from

your health store) for a couple of weeks. Follow

instructions on the pack. This will ensure that

your gut has plenty of the beneficial bacteria

that you will need to help fight any harmful

bacteria that may attempt to take hold while

you're there.

You could also try packing Grapefruit seed

extract which comes in very small handy sized

containers and is an amazing anti-bacterial

substance. Try using 4-6 drops into a full glass of

water (300 ml) 30 minutes before or two hours

after meals 1-3 times per day. This may help to

ensure that the nasty bugs that were hoping to

invade your tummy, won't get the chance.

Be sensible whilst away, by avoiding raw and

peeled fruits and vegetables, undercooked

meats, seafood, sauces, dairy foods, food from

street vendors or buffets, drinks containing ice

or unclean water.

If you get an upset stomach but don't want to

take any medications, there are some simple,

natural remedies you can try: Grated apple left

to turn brown, or slightly green, unripe bananas

can help to soothe and 'bind' you. Also,

chamomile and black tea have both been used

to help ease the symptoms. If symptoms are

severe or prolonged, seek medical attention.

‘Traveller’s Diarrhoea’ can leave you dehydrated

and lacking important minerals. Help rebalance

your system by drinking plenty of bottled water,

plus cleanly prepared vegetable juices and

broths to replace lost salts and minerals. Bon


By Sam Folcarelli, Director of Studies at the

College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in


You can find out more about training with

CNM for a career in Nutritional Therapy, by

attending one of CNM’s free Open Evenings in

Edinburgh. Next dates:

Tuesday 6th August 2013, or Tuesday 3rd

September from 6.30pm-8.30pm.

For more details or to reserve your place call

01342 410 505, email

or visit

Off The Trolley: The Fringe


have to admit – I'm not one for comedy.

It makes me feel awkward and

embarrassed, and I can do that myself

quite easily without having to pay £12. But I

do like food. I find it makes even standup go

down. And so, Fringe catalogue in hand, I've

found a few shows that I would sample, in

the name of food, drink and the festival


First up is Shakespeare for Breakfast.

Now in its 22nd year, it offers – as the name

suggests – Shakespeare and breakfast (in the

form of coffee and croissants). It has a regular

10am slot, which means you can combine

eating with culture in a gentle start to the

day. Another show that looks worth its salt is

Beard Envy: comedy with free beards

and biscuits. I like the sound of that. For

an evening outing, Dinner with the King

of the Swingers combines jazz with Italian

food at Vincaffe. But the award for most

intriguing meal-based show goes to Dinner

is Swerved, which offers a 'multi-sensory

interactive dining experience' at a secret

venue where guests are taken through a

'playful…gastronomic wonderland' –

definitely sounds fringe-worthy!

If you're willing to put food aside and explore

the world of drink, there are plenty of

choices. High rollers and bubble-enthusiasts

may wish to try the Champagne Tutored

Tasting at the Pommery Bar, if for no other

reason than to see inside the beautiful Signet

Library. Or, pair sparkling wine with music at

the Champagne Cabaret at the slightly

early happy hour of 4pm. From 8-11 August,

the Hendrick's Carnival of

Knowledge is the home for all things food

and gin. Offerings include The Dark Arts of

the Cocktail, A Genteel Tipple Through Gin in

Literature, a hands-on cocktail master-class,

and a multi-course, multi-cocktail dinner

extravaganza at Feast of Learning. A Brief

History of Beer, a self-described

'docudramedy', offers a tribute to the world

of brewing while the Malt Whisky

Demonstration for Beginners does

exactly what it says on the tin. More whisky

tasting is also available at Moonshine,

Medicine and the Mob which brings the

prohibition to life with drama and (more

importantly) drams.

So in the midst of all the standup, there's

plenty of room for a little sit down, a glass of

something, and a bite to eat. Bon appetite!

(R. Edwards)

All show details available at



What’s in Season:

City Fringe, Sea Fringe!


ho can say what the weather is going to be like this

month. Hopefully we won’t be hit by a monsoon.

Remember the loch that appeared in the Meadows

during the Taste Festival? You needed more than wellies I can

tell ya!

If there is a heatwave, and the prognosis looks good, try

heading for the coast to escape the city chaos. You could do

no worse than a wee jaunt out of town, heading to North

Berwick for Fringe by the Sea. On the 9th, you will find lurking

in the Baby Spiegeltent, the queen of haggis - Jo Macsween;

Edinburgh culinary nice guy, Neil Forbes and grub guru,

Christopher Trotter. All three will be demonstrating, cooking

and blethering at the Food Day Out event. If the weather is

glorious, (well we live in hope of a decent August) take a

picnic too and head for the beach afterwards.

Frankly, I ain’t into sand in me sarnies; much prefer solid

ground and a barb. Now I don’t know if you know this, but

Vogrie Country Park and Dalkeith Country Park both offer BBQ

facilities. Have a gander at their websites for further info. I

think we can be a bit more inspired than the normal victuals

associated with al fresco dining. Ditch the butties, burgers and

bangers and instead try venison skewers, lamb koftas with

tzatziki, flatbreads, Scotch eggs and quiche (homemade of

course). Add interesting salads made from seasonal veg along

with cooked grains heavily perfumed with fresh herbs.

Try this month’s recipe for sweet bruschetta. Toasted bread

topped with fragrant fruits, chocolate, ricotta, honey and

lavender wafts you off to a hidden Italian cove! (L.Harris)

Lea writes and is

@BakersBunny on Twitter



Stone fruit – plums, peaches,

apricots, cherries

Crusty bread – sourdough, walnut

or pumpkin but not sliced white!

Oil – sunflower, walnut or


1 square chocolate per slice of



Lavender flowers

Flower honey or lemon curd


• Roughly chop fruit, you want it

to look rustic, just like a

savoury topping for bruschetta.

• Cut a thick slice of bread and

brush with oil. Place in a hot

grill pan or on a bbq. Griddle

until charred.

• Rub hot toast with a square of

chocolate. Top with fruit and

dot with ricotta

• Drizzle with honey or curd;

sprinkle lavender over the top.

Great for breakfast!

Apricots, nectarines, artichokes, chicory, courgette, runner beans,

John Dory, skate, crab, grouse, hare.


Bistros and Brasseries

Bijou – A local eatery for breakfast, lunch &

dinner, or maybe just a cheeky glass of wine. An

ever changing menu, available in 3 different sizes,

bijou, medium and main – you choose. Private

Dining available. Free wifi. 2 Restalrig Road

Edinburgh, EH6 8BN – 0131 538 0664


The Edinburgh Larder Bistro – at the west

end corner of Prince’s Street, with its light

interior and conservatory, is the ideal place to

enjoy seasonal Scottish food. The Edinburgh

Larder team works closely with local farmers,

fishmongers, fruit and vegetable suppliers to

bring you the best of local Scottish produce.

Sample Scottish Spirits & Beers, carefully

selected wines from Woodwinters and

Edinburgh-based Artisan Roast coffees and

Eteaket teas. Open 12noon-2.30pm & 5.30pm-

10pm Mon-Sat (pre-theatre menu available

5.30pm-6.45pm). Sundays 12.30pm-3.00pm.

Excellent value weekday dining from £8.95.

1a Alva Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4PH – 0131 225


Elbow – Eat ... the freshest produce from cakes

to steaks. Drink ... grape to grain and everything

in-between. Enjoy ... the little things that count. .

Bar open 11am-1am, 7 days.Lunch, dinner & snacks

daily from 11am –10pm. Burger & a cocktail £10

every Wednesday all day! Monday Movies,

Tuesday Pub Quiz, Friday's Live Music & D.J's.

133-135 East Claremont Street, Edinburgh

– 0131 556 5662 –

The Shore – Next to the famous Fishers

restaurant on The Shore sits this classic bistro

from the same owners with wood panelling, huge

mirrors, open fires and hearty satisfying food. The


food is a creative mix of classic British dishes

with a modern European twist. Set lunch Mon-Fri,

2 courses £13, 3 courses £16. Bar snack menu also

available all day. Live folk and jazz musicians

entertain customers in the bar on Tuesdays and

Sundays. Open everyday from noon-late. 3 Shore,

Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6QW – 0131 553 5080


The Olive Branch – With its large windows

and relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place to

enjoy a relaxing brunch, lunch or dinner in the

company of friends or family, with children under

14 welcome until 8pm. Using the best local

produce, we aim to provide inventive seasonal

dishes with a Mediterranean feel, as well as

classic comfort food. Open Mon to Fri 11.45 to

10pm, Sat and Sun 10am to 10pm. 91 Broughton

Street, EH1 3RX – 0131 557 8589 –

Stac Polly Brasserie, Gin & Wine Bar –

Scottish lunch menu with meat, fish, vegetarian

options and sharing platters. Light bites from

mid-afternoon and throughout the evening.

Selection of premium Scottish and London gins

and beautiful, modern Scottish décor. Open 7

days a week from 12 noon until midnight. Mon-

Sat 12noon-2pm. Brunch 12.30-3pm on Sundays.

29-33 Dublin Street Edinburgh EH3 6NL

– 0131 5562231 –


One Square – a vibrant bar and restaurant,

offering a modern, uniquely British take on the

classic grand café, serving an inventive range of

dishes by award-winning Executive Chef,

Malcolm Webster, from breakfast and afternoon

tea to late-night dining, all with views of

Edinburgh Castle. The bar features over 40

different varieties of premium gin. Open daily

from 7am to midnight, food served until 11pm.

1 Festival Square, Edinburgh EH3 9SR – 0131 221

6422 –





Calistoga Central & Sideways Wines –

Current Holders of ‘Speciality Restaurant of the

Year’ at Scottish Restaurant Awards. Edinburgh’s

original and only Californian restaurant. Our

unique fresh food is prepared by our great

kitchen team who are inspired by the flavours of

California. Wine List of over 100 Californian

wines at only £5 above shop prices. Try us or

book one of of unique Wine, Whisky or Beer

Tastings Dinners. Private Dining.

70 Rose St. Lane North, Edinburgh EH2 3DX

– 0131 225 1233 –

Fish and Seafood

Fishers in the City – A spacious and stylish

space – the epitome of a classic city centre

eatery. Set in a converted warehouse on cobbled

Thistle Street the comtemporary surroundings

offer the perfect venue for a casual lunch or

initmate night out. A firm favourite with locals

and visitors for fabulous Scottish seafood. Set

lunch & pre-theatre menu, 2 courses £13, 3 courses

£16, everyday 12 noon-6pm. Open everyday from

12 noon - late. 58 Thistle Street, Edinburgh EH2

1EN – 0131 225 5109 –

Fishers in Leith – has been the last word in

Edinburgh's finest casual dining for 21 years. The

original Fishers is nestled on the historic shore of

Leith. Set in a 17th century watchtower it has two

beautiful dining areas, the round room and bar and

the restaurant as well as outside dining. All offer

great atmsophere and, of course, fabulous Scottish

seafood – Set lunch & pre-theatre menu, 2 courses

£13, 3 courses £16. Open everyday from 12 noon -

late. 1 Shore, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6QW – 0131 554

5666 –

The Ship on The Shore – Seafood

Restaurant and Bar. Sustainable Scottish seafood

served with simplicity and style complemented

by a carefully chosen and extensive wine and

champagne list. Try the fruits de mer for two or

the oysters, both with champagne. The Ship also

serves lobster, smoked salmon, mussels, crab,

monkfish, bass and much more. Seasonal

specialities include game and meat dishes.

Outside seating. Food served Mon-Sun noon-

10pm. 24-26 The Shore – 0131 555 0409.


La Garrigue – Regional French Cuisine and

Terroir Wines from the Languedoc/Roussillon. A

restaurant where ‘Chef Jean Michel Gauffre brings

warm Languedoc to your plate’ (Peter Irvine,

Scotland The Best). Simple and stylish with the

relaxed ambience of a French bistro and a firm

favourite with locals and tourists alike. Winner of

the Good food Guide Readers’ Restaurant of the

Year 2010. Also Gordon Ramsay’s Best French

Restaurant 2010. Open 7 Days for Lunch & Dinner.

31 Jeffrey Street – 0131 557 3032


La P’tite Folie – Informal, bustling bistro with

mixed clientèle. Favourites include moules frites,

steak frites, beef bourguignon, duck, etc. Extensive

wine list. 2 course lunch £10.50, noon-3pm. Dinner

a la carte 6-11pm. Closed Sundays. Large groups

catered for, set dinner available.

9 Randolph Place – 0131 225 8678

61 Frederick Street – 0131 225 7983

L'Escargot Blanc – First floor West End

restaurant. Sit beside a window and reminisce of

the bohemian Latin Quarter or Marais district of

Paris. Traditional French and classic dishes such as

garlicky Snails, Rabbit in Dijon mustard, Shetland

lamb Navarin or Cassoulet, iles flottantes and

tarte tatin. Provenance is paramount here and

expect to find imported goods from well reputed

producers only. Open Mon-Thurs 12 noon-2.30pm

and 5.30pm-10pm. Friday and Sat 12 noon-3pm

and 5.30pm-10.30pm. Closed Sunday.

17 Queensferry St – 0131 226 1890 to make a

reservation –

L'Escargot Bleu – “French twist using the

best of Scotland” The Auld Alliance is alive and

well! Chef Patron Fred Berkmiller seeks out

others that share his passion for excellence.

Producers of Scotland for 1st class quality meat,

fresh water fish, handpicked fruits and vegetables

whilst his partner Betty will proudly serves you

Hervé Mons exclusive selection of French cheese.

Recommended by the Michelin Guide and listed

in the best 5 restaurants by Peter Irvine/

Scotland the Best. Open Mon-Thurs 12 noon-

2.30pm and 5.30pm-10pm. Frid & Sat 12 noon-3pm

and 5.30pm-10.30pm. Closed Sunday, (open 7 days

during August) 56 Broughton Street

– 0131 557 1600 to make a reservation



Los Cardos – Fresh Mex Burritos, Quesadillas and

Tacos made-to-order with choice of grilled

marinated chicken, steak, haggis, and slow-cooked

pork. Vegetarian and vegan options also available.

Fresh made guacamole and choice of five salsas

ranging from Mild to Extra-Hot. Delivery to EH3,

EH5, EH6, EH7 and EH8 postcodes. 281 Leith Walk

– 0131 555 6619 –

Kurdish / Middle Eastern

Hanams –Authentic cuisine in the heart of

Edinburgh and and voted one of Britain’s Top 5

Middle Eastern Restaurants by the Telegraph. The

menu features falafel and baba ghanoush,

charcoal cooked shish kebabs and mouthwatering

exotic ices and desserts. There is an extensice Dry

Bar and shish balcony(blankets provided!). Open 7

Days. 3 Johnston Terrace, EH1 2PW - 0131 225 1329


Pomegranate – Middle Eastern Street Food

and Shisha Bar. Cold and hot mezes, kebabs, a

wide selection of vegetarian dishes, main courses

and mouthwatering desserts. BYOB with no

corkage charge. Non-alcohol bar available plus

Shisha pipes. 1 Antigua Street, Edinburgh,

EH1 3NH – 0131 556 8337




The Dome – Located in the city centre, The

Dome is situated on the site of the Old Physician’s

Hall designed and built in 1775 by James Craig, the

celebrated planner of Edinburgh’s New Town. After

major refurbishment, this listed building became

The Dome which opened in 1996. The Dome

houses 2 restaurants, namely The Grill Room & The

Club Room. A La Carte Lunch & Dinner Menus are

offered in both restaurants. The Dome favourites

include The Dome Club Sandwich and The Dome

Burger. Local Scottish produce is used wherever

possible. The menus are created to include a

flavour of Scotland and Europe. The Grill Room is

open seven days from 12 noon until Late. The Club

Room is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

from 10 am until 5 pm: Thursday, Friday and

Saturday from 10 am until Late. The Club Room is

closed on Sundays.

14 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PF.

Reservations – 0131 624 8624.

Field – This restaurant as its name suggests

loves 'field-fresh food' and is proud to showcase

Scotland's larder in a menu of tasty, innovative,

seasonal dishes. The wine-list is carefully chosen

and tempting. A cosy, unpretentious,

neighbourhood restaurant in the University / Old

Town area. which also happens to be superb

value for money 2 Courses £11.95 / 3 Courses

£14.50. 41 West Nicolson Street, EH8 9DB - 0131




667 7010 - - Sittings:

Tues-Sat 12 noon - 2pm and 5.30pm-9pm.

The Forth Floor Restaurant, Bar &

Brasserie – The best in contemporary eating

and drinking & un-paralleled views from the

Castle to the Firth of Forth. Executive Chef Stuart

Muir uses fresh seasonal Scottish produce to

create food of the finest quality by matching

modern flavours with classical techniques. Fresh,

sustainable seafood available from the Seafood

Bar whilst the Brasserie offers round the clock

eating. Brasserie: Mon-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 11am-

5pm; Restaurant: lunch – Mon-Fri 12 noon-3pm, Sat

& Sun 12 noon-3.30pm, dinner, Tues-Sat 6pm-10pm.

Book on line at

– 30-34 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh,

EH2 2AD – 0131 524 8350

a room in leith and teuchters landing, a

room in the west end and teuchters bar

– Two well-loved Scottish bistros attached to

two well loved bars. The emphasis is on quality,

fresh, locally sourced Scottish food and drink .

Spend the day with us meandering between bar

and restaurant! The west end, 26 William Street,

EH3 7NH – 0131 226 1036. Leith, 1a Dock Place,

EH6 6LU – 0131 554 7427 –

No11 Hotel & Brasserie – Open from

10.00pm-22.00pm seven days a week, serving

light lunches, luxury afternoon teas and fine

dining dinners. Our food has an emphasis on

quality ingredients from artisan suppliers. We are

just five minutes from Edinburgh Playhouse

Theatre. 11 Brunswick St, Edinburgh EH7 5JB

– 01315576910 –

No. Ten Restaurant – Attached to the

Royal College of Surgeons this restaurant is

tucked away from the hubbub of the old town

but also close to the Festival Theatre and other

arts venues. There is a carvery from 12 noon-7pm

serving marinated roasts, seasonal vegetables,

starters and desserts and also a Scottish, seasonal

à la carte menu 7pm-10pm – 0131 662 2080 –

Stac Polly – Stac Polly is one of Edinburgh's

original restaurants for authentic Scottish food

and atmosphere; now in its 23rd year. Stone walls

combine with flickering candles, crisp linen and

twinkling glasses to give a truly Scottish

experience. Expect a menu of exciting

interpretations of modern and traditional cuisine

using locally sourced produce. We have a fantastic

selection of Scottish beers and a fine array of

single malt whiskies at both Dublin Street and St

Marys Street Bistro. Private dining rooms at Dublin

Street and St Mary's Street Bistro. Open 7 days.

New menus online –

29-33 Dublin St – 0131 556 2231

38 St Mary’s St – 0131 557 5754

Turquoise Thistle – Fine dining in a relaxed

atmosphere. A La Carte Menu from 5pm; pretheatre

menu from 5pm-7pm. Bar area serving

signature cocktails and a great selection of

Scottish beer and lager in convivial surroundings.

At Hotel Indigo, 59 York Pl, EH1 3JD - 0131 556

5577 -

The Whiski Rooms – Glamorous new sister

venue to the award winning WHISKI on the Royal

Mile. With iconic views over the mound to

Edinburgh, it's an all day dining bar &

bistro/restaurant serving fresh Scottish food.

Stocking an impressive range of premium spirits,

wines and Scottish beers,ciders and over 300

whiskies. Beside the bar is a specialist whisky shop

where you can buy the bar's range and more. Daily

whisky tastings.

– Whiski Bar & Restaurant, 119 High Street,

Edinburgh, EH1 1SG, 0131 556 3095.

Whiski Rooms Bar & Bistro, 4-7 North Bank

Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2LP, 0131 225 7224,

Whiski Rooms Shop, 0131 225 1532,


Iggs and Barioja – Est. 1989 and recently

featured in Channel 5’s Restaurant Inspector.

Modern Spanish Cusine and Tapas using the finest

ingredients imported directly from Spain

alongside the best of local, seasonal Scottish

produce. 2 AA Rosettes. An excellent wine list

which has won many accolades including the ‘AA

Most Notable Wine list Award’.

Iggs, 15 Jeffrey Steet – 0131 557 8184 and

Barioja, 19 Jeffrey St – 0131 557 3622

Tapa – With its white-washed, high-vaulted

walls adorned with a stunning floor to ceiling

antique bull fighting poster and live Flamenco

guitarist on Friday & Saturday evenings, Tapa in

Leith evokes memories of lazy summer holidays

spent with family and friends. Sunday afternoons

are a must as their Andalusian Head Chef prepares

Paella in the restaurant while you eat! The perfect

tonic if you have over indulged the previous

evening! 19 Shore Place, Edinburgh EH6 6SW –

0131 476 6776 –

Tex Mex

Tex Mex – Donald Mavor, head chef and

proprietor brings the heart of Mexico to your

table, emphasising traditional Mexican food with

an authentic menu. Try the flaming fajitas and the

potent Margaritas ‘the best in town’. Good fun,

tasty food and very affordable.

64 Thistle Street – 0131 260 9699


Bars and Bar Food

The Abbotsford – Guest ales served at a fine

‘island bar’. Est. 1902 specialising in beers from


Scottish independent breweries. Lunch & dinner

served in the bar or in the restaurant ‘Above’.

3-5 Rose Street – 0131 225 5276 –

Boda Bar – A cosy, friendly bar with a subtle

Swedish twist. Regulars, Leithers, Students and

Tourists mix together are all welcome. When you

book the backroom for more than 15 people you

get a small, free buffet. Here you can try the

lovely Idun’s Elderflower cider, Aquavit and many

odd shots. Every Monday is live music and on

regular basis there are Bar Boot Sales. Check web

page for all events: Open

Mon-Fri 2pm-1am, Sat noon -1am and Sun 1pmmidnight.

229 Leith Walk 0131 553 5900

The Canons’ Gait – A Real Ale/Gastro pub in

Edinburgh’s Old Town offering a selection of Ales

from Scottish micro breweries. This bar has gained

a reputation for it’s impressive bar food. The

menu includes traditional dishes such as

Crombies sausage and mash, fish ‘n’ chips, haggis

etc, more ambitious daily specials and

outstanding desserts. All offer superb value for

money and always with the emphasis on home

made and seasonal produce. There is also a large

Cellar Bar available for free hire, book early to

avoid disappointment! Food served: Mon-Sat

noon-8pm. 232 Canongate, High Street,

Edinburgh, EH3 8DQ – 0131 556 4481



The Cumberland Bar – 1-3 Cumberland

Street - Spacious bar with lots of rooms and beer

garden. Eight real ales on tap. Plus good wine list.

Mixed clientele, pet-friendly. Good bar food

available for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

– 0131 558 3134 –

Element –Tucked away just off Princes Street

in amongst the boutiques of Rose Street you will

find Element. The bar has long since established





itself as the perfect place to eat, drink and relax

right in the heart of the Edinburgh. Whether you

fancy a quick drink after work, a bite to eat or a

long lazy lunch, Element will deliver above and

beyond. 110-114 Rose St EH2 3JF, – 0131 225 3297


Jake’s Place – A rustic bar and kitchen serving

the best in American and Scottish craft beer, malt

whisky, bourbon and rye. A succulent fusion of

American and Scottish street food. Opening

hours: Mon-sat 12 noon-1am; Sun 12.30pm-1am

– 9-13 Market Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DE

– 0131 226 1446 –

Joseph Pearce – Joseph Pearce's popularity is

testament to the warm and genuine welcome it

extends to a diverse clientele. During the day a

raised area to the back is a family-friendly haven,

stocked with all the toys, highchairs and feeding

paraphernalia that junior patrons and their

beleaguered parents could require. From 5pm a

more grown-up but equally laid-back atmosphere

pervades, making Pearce's a favourite haunt of a

cool crowd seeking simple relaxation or perhaps

taking part in one of the regular jogging. Many will

be there to enjoy the Scandinavian-tinged menu

of gravadlax, pork meatballs with root vegetable

mash in a plum sauce or smoked haddock with

crisply roasted hasselback potatoes and poached

egg, all washed down with a great draught and

bottled drinks selection Open Sun-Thurs 11ammidnight,

Fri-Sat 11am -1am.

23 Elm Row 0131 556 4140.

The Guildford Arms – Edinburgh's finest Real

Ale Bar - perfect to enjoy food, cask ales, malt

whisky and imported beers.- Ten taps of (mostly

Scottish) cask ales from Scottish micro-breweries.

Regular beer festivals. food served all day.

1-5 West Register Street – 0131 556 4312


The Huxley – The new home of social

entertaining in Edinburgh. Located in the city's

West End, The Huxley is the perfect place to

relax, refuel and gather with friends. An informal,

casual space has been created and the menu is

über on-trend with its focus on burgers and hot

dogs. The former are all made with chuck steak

whilst ‘dogs’ include, ‘naked’, ‘chilli-cheese’,

‘kimchi’ and ‘Chicago’ versions. Small plates and

boards of tempting tapas also feature and bottled

and cask beers from around the world shape the

drinks list. 1 Rutland Street, EH1 2AE – 0131 229

3402 –

Nobles – With this café bar and venue, the

Phoenix has risen from the flames. Since reopening

this classic Victoriana bar has very quickly

established a top reputation as a classy watering

hole, fine eatery and live music hub and continues

to charm critics and customers alike. Nobles has a

warm, inviting and contemporary feel whist

maintaining it's traditional, bold wood and stain

glass heritage. The menu is locally sourced and

expertly prepared to an exceptionally high

standard. Music also plays a large part in the day to

day life of Nobles so expect to see top drawer,

original live music from Tuesday through to Sunday

following food service. Real ales, a fantastic wine

list, high speed wi-fi, fresh Fairtrade TM coffee plus

various organic loose leaf teas complete the

experience. Opening times 12pm-1am Monday to

Friday, 11am-1am Saturday & 10am-1am Sunday.

Children & Dry well behaved dogs are welcome.

44a Constitution Street, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6RS

– 0131 629 7215 – –

The Old Chain Pier – Under the new

management of Billy and Peter Ross, this

Newhaven bar has a glass frontage with views

over the firth of forth which allow one of the

finest panoramic views in Edinburgh. The water

almost laps your toes. Real ales, bottled beers,

wines and whiskies. Fresh, homemade pub food

made on the premises daily. Child and dog

friendly, beer garden. 32 Trinity Crescent,

Edinburgh, EH5 3ED – 0131 552 4960

The Queens Arms –A hidden jewel, below

the cobbles of Frederick Street and steeped in

Scottish history. This New Town pub provides a

home from home for locals and tourists alike.

With an amazing selection of real ales, Scottish

Whiskies and a twist on some classic cocktails

you're guaranteed to enjoy this cosy wee pub.

49 Frederick Street, EH2 1EP – 0131 225 1045


Roseleaf Bar Café – A cosy wee bar café in

the heart ‘o’ Leith serving fresh juices, real ales,

homemade ginger beer, cracking coffee, loose

leaf teas & “Pot-Tails!”... cocktails in teapots! All

served up in Grannies finest bone china.

Wholesome brunchies, lunchies, din-dins &

munchies served from 10 till 10 everyday with

daily changing specials including Sunday roasts &

home baked bread and cakes all made with luv!

All locally sourced, free range & organic where

possible cause it tastes really, really good! Free

WIFI, wheelchair & child friendly. Open from

10am-1am everyday. For bookings call

0131 476 5268 or email

23-24 Sandport Place, Leith


The Salisbury Arms – In the shadow of the

majestic Arthur's Seat and opposite the

Commonwealth pool. A beautifully refurbished

country-style pub in the city, log fires, leather

couches and a stunning restaurant area. Serving

quality home cooked food with an interesting

wine list and cask ales. 58 Dalkeith Rd, Edinburgh,

EH16 5AD – 0131 667 4518

The Sheep’s Heid – village pub & restaurant

in Duddingston and Edinburgh’s oldest surviving


watering hole. Pull up a chair near the roaring fire,

dine on Scottish seasonal food or in the warmer

months, kick back in the beer garden. Real ales on

tap, wine list and a skittle alley available to hire

for parties. 43-45 The Causeway, Edinburgh, EH15

3QA – 0131 661797. Open everyday.

Sofi’s – Sofi’s bar is the port in the storm, it is

the little squeeze in a hug, it is home from home.

So feel free to sink in and snuggle up, with a glass

of wine, or a pint of beer. On Friday and Saturdays

it is more like a party in the kitchen with many

delightfully tasty cocktail s on offer. Lots of

events: Sing Songwriters nights, Clothes swaps,

Knitting nights, Film nights and variety of cool

parties. Check webpage:

Open Mon-Fri 2pm-1am, Sat noon-1am Sun 1pm -

1am. 65 Henderson Street 0131 555 7019.

The Street – A popular mixed bar at the top of

the very funky Broughton St. By day the glass

front makes it an ideal place to relax inside or out

with a coffee & people watch, whilst at night it

attracts a livelier crowd with a buzzing

atmosphere. Good pub food such as homemade

burgers & enchiladas until 9pm, and snacks such

as nachos, homemade chilli & potato wedges

until midnight Sun-Thurs. Premium selection of

beers, wines & spirits and cocktails and

Rekordelig cider on draft! Open 12pm-1am Mon-

Sat, 12.30pm-1am Sun. 2 Picardy Place, EH1 3JT –

0131 556 4272


Victoria – Victoria’s philosophy is that everyone

who is nice is welcome to join the party. The

drinks range is chosen and proven by staff and

regulars, including beers from at least thirty-five

different countries and their own-brand Iduns

swedish cider. Events include a language café

every Monday, live acoustic music every so often

and irregular speed-dating singles nights. Any




sense of gimmickry is nicely underplayed, though.

With a child-friendly ethos during the day, a warm

and moodily lit atmosphere at night, a wellstocked

bar and very friendly service, all you need

for a great local is right here. Check facebook for

all events. Open Mon-Fri 2pm-1am, Sat noon -1am

and Sun 1pm- midnight.

265 Leith Walk 0131 555 1638.

The White Horse – The bar is an institution on

the Royal Mile where it has been serving thirsty

locals and tourists alike in several different guises

since 1742. Come along for a glass of wine, pint,

meal or simply a coffee and a slice of cake. Great

bar menu available. The White Horse is also a free

fringe venue in the private stable room to the rear

of the building throughout the festival. Opening

times: Mon-Thur 12 noon-11pm, Fri & Sat 12 noon-

12 pm, Sun 12 noon-11pm.

266 Canongate – 0131 557 3512


Edinburgh Larder – A relaxed bright and

welcoming café with a delicious selection of

local, good quality food using organic/seasonal

ingredients whenever possible. Great coffee from

Artisan Roast, teas from Eteaket, lovely

homebaking inc. superb cakes! Fully licensed with

tasty local craft beer and cider. Free WiFi,

wheelchair and child-friendly. Open from 8am-

5pm Mon-Thurs and 9am-5pm Sat-Sun.

15 Blackfriars Street, EH1 1NB – 0131 556 6922

Hemma – A newly opened café/bar with great

brunch, lunch, buffet, smörgåsbord platters,

dinners and last but not least cakes. A family

friendly haven daytime and a party place at night

with 12 well chosen draughts on tap and an

extensive cocktail list. It is a big place where you

can bring 130 of your friends and have a great

party on the mezzanine level. Every Friday is a

after work DJ starting from 6pm. Other events like

networking meetings, promotional events, Vintage

pop up shops and plenty others are occurring on

a frequent basis. Come and have a look! Open

Sun-Thurs 11am-midnight Fri-Sat 11am -1am. Tun

Building, 75 Holyrood Road.

– 0131 629 3327.

I Heart Café – Licensed café and coffee shop.

Great food, drinks, sofas and tunes at the top of

Leith Walk! Breakfast, all day menu and weekend

brunch. Great coffee & Eteaket teas, pastries,

cakes & sweet treats, sharing platters & deli

nibbles, lovely vino & cool beers. Open 7 days

Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 10am-5pm.

26-27 Haddington Place, EH7 4AF

– 0131 556 1672.

Union of Genius Soup Café – You need

soup – and we have soup; the best soup in

Scotland! Our soups won the Good Soup Guide's

Best Soup in Scotland award 2013. Each day we

serve six different soups, flavour-matched with

four artisan breads. We always have veggie and

vegan options, and most of our soups are

naturally gluten-free. We have Artisan Roast

coffee and a gorgeous range of hot chocolates

from Coco and The Chocolate Tree. Open 9am-

4pm Monday-Friday. 8 Forrest Road, EH1 2QN,

– 0131 226 4436 –

Craft Pattisserie and Café

La Cerise – is a fresh and innovative patisserie

cake and coffee shop that will leave you hooked

on Café Culture. Individual cakes, celebration

cakes, pastries, award-winning home-made icecream

and more – all made fresh on the premises.

All products are hand-crafted fine foods made

from the best quality ingredients. Many are

gluten-free and they use free-range eggs. From

homemade soups that will transform your

lunchtime into a five-a-day brain-booster, to cakes

and desserts that evoke sheer ecstasy, and

delicious savoury items. 199 Great Junction Street

(corner Bangor Road), Leith, EH6 5LQ – 0131 555

6065. LRT buses: 1, 7, 10, 14, 21, 34, 36. Open Mon-

Fri 8am-6pm.

Farm Shops

Hopetoun Farm Shop – offers some of

Scotland's finest foods including fresh local

produce from the surrounding Hopetoun Estate

plus a wide range of produce from award winning

Scottish suppliers. Open 7 days a week the Farm

Shop butchery provides a range of fresh beef,

lamb, game and poultry whilst the delicatessen

offers a mouth watering selection of Scottish

cheeses, pies, cakes and cold meats. Hopetoun

Farm Shop, Newton, Broxburn. EH52 6QZ

– 01506 830 716 –

Food Events

Eat Walk Edinburgh – As recommended by

the BBC Good Food Magazine, this is a fabulous

way to learn about Edinburgh whilst sampling its

culinary delights at top venues. Tours start in the

Old town at 2pm and finish in the New Town at

5.30pm. Along the way you will visit 6 premises

and enjoy one of their signature dishes plus a

couple of wine tastings and a malt whisky. For

more info and to book, please visit

Foodie Gift Shop

Cranachan & Crowdie – Purveyors of Fine

Scottish Food, Drink & Gifts, this Royal Mile gem is

Edinburgh’s leading speciality food & gift shop,

selling only Scottish products. Choose a unique

present or create a tantalizing Scottish food

hamper filled with award winning delights. Their

range includes scrumptious Scottish must-haves

such as smoked venison and salmon, cheese,


chutney, shortbread, tablet, chocolate, haggis,

black pudding, tea, coffee, beer and spirits.

Beyond the array of edibles are quality Scottish

gifts including Harris Tweed, earthenware, handblown

glass and an exclusive range of ex-whisky

barrel pieces. Open daily 11-6. 263 Canongate,

Edinburgh EH8 8BQ

– 0131 556 7194


Ice Cream

La Cerise – Award winning artisan ice cream. 5

Bronze awards at the Royal Highland Show 2012.

All ice-creams are gluten-free and are home-made

using Scottish milk and Scottish cream. No fat

substitutes or flavourings. All available as cones or

in tubs to eat-in or take-away and a huge range of

flavours which include the exotic and well as

classic favourites. 199 Great Junction Street

(corner Bangor Road), Leith, EH6 5LQ0131 555

6065- LRT buses: 1, 7, 10, 14, 21,

34, 36. Open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm.

Local Cooking Lessons

Eat-In Edinburgh – Love food and wish you

could cook it? Whether it's cooking better for

your family, impressing your friends or gaining

some more confidence in the kitchen Eat-In

Edinburgh provides affordable cooking lessons for

everyone. All you need is a kitchen and we'll bring

the rest. Eat-In Edinburgh also offers kitchen

assistance and home-cooked meals to those who

are unable to cook for themselves. Email – or call 07702

011451 or go to


Fish ‘n’ Chips Pierinos – Situated in the

heart of the Shore area of Leith, Pierino’s is

renowned for it’s traditional Fish & Chips,




Takeaway Favourites and authentic Italian Pizzas

and Pasta, which is achieved by paying special

attention to every fine detail and only using the

very finest ingredients. Pierino’s have been

offering traditional Fish & Chips since 1983. You’ll

also find an array of other favourites, such as

homemade Pizzas, Burgers, Kebabs, Pasta and

great value Meal Deals. If you are looking for the

best Fast Food in Edinburgh, then order online for

delivery or collection with our easy to use

website. Call 0131 477 7727 or order online at

11 Bernard Street, Leith, EH6 6PW

Los Cardos – Fresh Mex Burritos, Quesadillas

and Tacos made-to-order with choice of grilled

marinated chicken, steak, haggis, and slowcooked

pork. Vegetarian and vegan options also

available. Fresh made guacamole and choice of

five salsas ranging from Mild to Extra-Hot.

Delivery to EH3, EH5, EH6, EH7 and EH8

postcodes. 281 Leith Walk – 0131 555 6619


Tea Rooms

Hanna Cherrie’s Tea Shop – quirky,

friendly tea room and book exchange in

Stockbridge. Nice relaxing music too. Serving

light, healthy lunches and salads as well as

Scottish/Irish Cheese Boards and Italian/Spanish

Meat Boards. Gorgeous range of home-baked

cakes and fresh scones with gluten and dairy free

options. Afternoon Teas by reservation. Open

Tues-Sun 5.30pm-5.30pm with later fesival hours.

35 Hamilton Place, EH3 5BA - 0131 343 1142.

Wine Bars

10 Wine Bar – A vibrant and contemporary

space, offering an extensive list of wines supplied

by Corney & Barrow, A large selection of beers

and spirits are also available along with tapas,

light snacks and sharing plates. 10 Hill Place, EH8

9DS – 0131 662 2080 –

Open 12 noon-10pm.

Le Di-Vin – is Edinburgh’s most sophisticated

Wine Bar beside La P’tite Folie restaurant on

Randolph Place. You can enjoy complementing

charcuterie with your favourite wine as most are

sold by the glass. Open Mon-Sat 12 noon ‘til late.

Closed Sundays. 9 Randolph Place, EH3 7TE

– 0131 538 1815 –

Wines Online

Bacco Wine – Independent Italian wine and oil

specialists. Delivering only the best Italy can

offer. Free delivery on any 6 bottles case and

special discounts in the Edinburgh area.

Wine Stores

Henderson Wines – Independent wine

merchant. Wine ranges from £5 a bottle on offer

wines to £100 plus on fine clarets and

champagne. A good range of collectable Malt

Whiskies up to £300 a bottle. 100+ beers

available. Collectable spirits also. Home delivery.

109 Comiston Rd – 0131 447 8580 and new shop

now open at 23 Roseburn Terrace

– 0131 337 4444.

Sideways Wine Store – Californian wine

specialist. Over 150 wines and beers available.

Free delivery in Edinburgh area. Buy direct from

70 Rose St. Lane North, Edinburgh

EH2 3DX – 0131 225 1233


Vino Wines – Local, Independent and

Different. The best wines of the world, the UK,

world craft beers and specialist artisan spirits.

Branches at Grange Loan, Stockbridge,

Morningside and Broughton St – – @vinowineshops

Bite-Sized Deals

For full details and info on all events and offers –

SOS Kitchen – 3 Day Detox

£75 (normal price £99)

Whether you want to lose weight, detox, prepare for a big

event, or just eat truly healthy and delicious food, SOS

Kitchen delivers tailored food packages direct to your door.

Local, organic, fresh and prepared by chefs. No shopping,

no cooking, no hassle, just health!

Swedish Crayfish Party

£18 – normal price (£25)

Kräftskiva parties are held in Sweden in August and

Edinburgh’s very own Swedish bar, Joseph Pearce, is

holding such parties. Bite had teamed up with Yelp to hold

a party on Tuesday August 20th 7pm where you can join us

for a fun evening of food, singing and Aquavit!

The Edinburgh Mela

Pair of Tickets for £5 – (normal price £8)

The Mela is a festival of world music, dance, fashion and

food which takes place at Leith Links on Saturday 31st

August and Sunday September 1st. This year The Orb will


Punjabi Cookery Classes at Punjabi

Junction – 15% off of all classes

Learn how to make authentic Punjabi Curry with Rice and

Chapatti in under 2 hours. You do not need to bring anything;

all ingredients provided. Just cook and take great

food home for your loved ones.



TEL 0131 624 8624 • FAX 0131 624 8649


Incorporating: The Grill Room, The Club Room,

Conference and Private Dining Facilities, The Garden Café

The Grill Room – A la Carte Lunch and Dinner Menus are served under the majesty of

the Dome itself from 12 noon, every day. Reservations are taken for Lunch and Dinner

(excluding Lunch on Saturdays when tables are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis).

The Club Room – Coffees, Sandwiches and A la Carte Menus are available in the

luxurious yet comfortable surroundings of The Club Room which is open from 10 am

every day during August. Reservations are taken for Lunch and Dinner (excluding Lunch

on Saturdays when tables are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis).


– A wonderful selection of Hot and Cold Food, Coffees, Teas and Drinks are served

in The Garden Café. Tables in the Café are allocated on a first-come,

first-served basis. The Garden Café is located at the rear of the Dome building

with access from Rose Street.

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