DC Wire Mesh Welding Machines - IDEAL-Werk C. + E. Jungeblodt ...


DC Wire Mesh Welding Machines - IDEAL-Werk C. + E. Jungeblodt ...

DC Wire Mesh

Welding Machines

GAD 500 series

For economic production of Industrial Wire Mesh:

Double cross wire panels, Deck Mesh, Shelving Mesh, Fencing Mesh

Oustanding experience and innovation since 1923

IDEAL-Werk C.+E.Jungeblodt GmbH+Co. KG

P.O. Box 15 08 • D-59553 Lippstadt/Germany • Fax: +49 (0) 2941 20 61 69

E-Mail: info@ideal-werk.com • Internet: www.ideal-werk.com

„Be one step ahead“

... in the manufacture of fencing mesh, industrial mesh, double cross wire

panels, shelving mesh and similar wire products

DC Welding - to produce

welds of superior quality

● Improved flatness of finished

mesh products

● Easy to programme –

mesh panels with top and

bottom cross wires and panels

with top cross wires only

● Equal 3 phase current load

ensures efficient energy

utilisation when welding with

DC technology

Welding portal type GAD 530

for DC welding


Line wire feeding with line wire

loading carriage for wire upto

3.000 mm length - changing table

for presetting of V-type magazines

during machine operation

Pneumatic welding

units available in different

widths for most efficient

set-up of welding circuit

W = 48 mm F = 2700 N

W = 70 mm F = 3500 N

W = 90 mm F = 5000 N

● Automatic loading of straightened,

pre-cut wire from well-proven


● Cross wire magazines can be adjusted

for single or multiple tracking – second

cross wire magazine for different cross

wire diameter or length also available

● Line wire loading carriage – single or

double unit – for ejecting of line wires

into V-shaped guiding rails – special

magazines for loading of flat steel wire

● Automatic unstacking devices for

precise stacking of welded panels

outside of machine


device for

welded and


fencing mesh

Automatic Wire Feeding Systems

Opened welding portal

with easy access to all

components - lateral

magazine for lower cross

wire feeding


Automatic Manufacturing Lines

... for fencing mesh, protecting mesh for plastic containers,

shelving mesh etc.

Mesh Welding Machines

can be equipped with the

following devices: bending

units, stamping units,

additional welding units for

completing product range,

automatic processing of

wire mesh panels through

a complete manufacturing

line, including unstacking

● Other features include:

In-line hydraulic presses for

producing V-shaped

pressings in mesh fencing

panels - single or double

cross wire and automatic

production of welded and

formed fencing panels

Hydraulic knee press for

the production of V-shaped

fencing mesh


GAD 516

GAD 520

GAD 530



2 – 8

3 – 8

3 – 8




3 x 250

3 x 300

3 x 300


Welding width







length mm

2000 alt. 3000

2000 alt. 3000


GAD e 03/04

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