Volume 5 Issue 3 Genesis Amateur Radio Society, Inc


Volume 5 Issue 3 Genesis Amateur Radio Society, Inc

Volume 5 Issue 5 Genesis Amateur Radio Society, Inc.

Founded 1992

Genesis A.R.S.

Editor: Joe Reynolds KA1GDQ

MAY 2011

America’s Hometown Repeater - N1ZIZ - Plymouth, Massachusetts


John Williams KB1EVY

Vice President

Bob Woodbury N1COP


Ken Kavaljian KB1KVL


Bill Scott K1JZX

Executive Board

John Williams KB1EVY

Bob Woodbury N1COP

Ken Kavaljian KB1KVL

Bill Scott K1JZX

Kevin O’Donnell K1KOD

Tom Sullivan K1TJS

Ron Smith N1PXX

Fred Sanford KA1CQD

Chris Johnson N1IR


Web Page


Genesis Ragchew Net every

Tuesday night at 7:30 pm

on 146.685 MHz PL 82.5.

Meeting is the last Monday

of the month at 7:30 pm at

Plymouth Airport, Gate 2

Conference Room.

Visitors Are Always Welcome

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From the President’s Desk

President of Genesis Amateur Radio Society

John Williams KB1EVY

From The President’s Desk

Its summer time! Well gang Memorial Day weekend came in with a rush.

I would like for all of us to remember what the 30 th of May really is all about. Remembering

our military dead, those who served and what they gave up for us, so we could and can have the

things that we all take for granted. These hero’s gave all for us. I hope that you were able to put

flowers at gravesites of your relatives and stopped by and visited those who have served and

pondered a moment in front of a flag placed at that individual finial resting place.

Maybe there was a cookout or two that you were able to attend and your weekend

was a relaxing one. As for myself, I did attend two cookouts and spent some time traveling. I

enjoyed the gathering, but the travel I could have forgone. Never got any time to use my radios.

We are now speeding our way to our field day. Are you ready? Our event officer

(KB1SRO) will be looking for ya! This year should be a “hum dinger”! So jump on board and join

in on the action. Judy has put forth a program and arranging show and tells with others in the club

that has and is still giving many hours to show the community what amateur radio is capably of. So I

hope you will be attending and demonstrating what our Ham Radio is all about.

In summary, lets show them a good time!

Well it’s time to say my adieu,



The Prez.

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Minutes of E-Board Meeting

Meeting on Saturday May 14, 2011


Discussion centered on:

1) Voting/ election prep/ how to

2) Field day update

3) Scholarship fund update and audit

4) Review of delinquent dues and members.

All board members were present but one.

Minutes of the General Meeting

For May 31, 2011

Opening: Meeting was called to order at 7:30

There was not business conducted so the laptop training could be

presented by our Education Officer.


Closing: The meeting adjourned at 7:45


Call Name












Bill Scott

Kevin O'Donnell

Paul Leavitt

Fred Sanford

Kevin Sullivan

Owen Malaguti

John Williams

Brian Geagan

Joan Smith

Jim Madden

Bill Corey













Judy Attaya Harris

Anthony Attaya Harris

Wilfred Provost

Rick Diaz

Robert Woodbury

Chris Johnson

Chris Querze

John Wittey

Ron Smith

Eric Pierce

Mike Kotarba

Bump Studley

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Letter from the Editor:

By Joe Reynolds KA1GDQ

Hello everyone, and welcome to almost June 2011, my 2 nd Newsletter

since being handed the editor ship of our newsletter.

I want to thank those who got back to me on the past issue. Please send

me any and all ideas you have for Our Newsletter.

June 2011 is upon us. Judy, KB1SRO has been very busy with Field Day Coordination. She

has put many hours into it and we will have a great time. Don’t forget, she needs to know,

if you can come down, even for 1hr or all day or both days. Just tell her when you can be

there to operate, setup, break down and what you can bring for the BBQ. In preparation,

please go to http://n3fjp.com and download the Field Day Logging Program and practice it.

If you see or hear about a contest before Field Day, Practice with it. You don’t even have to

make a contact, just type in their call, the type of station (3A 1F 2B …) and their section

(EMA/WMA,MDC, CFL, SFL, CT, RI, or what ever their section is. The program is very

very easy, and you can go to N1IR’s website (http://www.n1ir.com and then click on GARS

CORNER) and watch the tutorial.

One of the last things I want to mention, is the fun of volunteering for special events, such

as Multiple Sclerosis, American Diabetes Foundation, Triathlons, the Pam-Mass Challenge

and other fund raising events. This is the season. Quite often you will see these posted on

http://ema.arrl.org. This is a great source of information, and I try and pass it over on to our


As I was typing this I saw on the news about the 89+ that have died in Joplin, MO. Please

keep all who were affected by this terrible Tornado, that actually whipped out the area

Hospital, in your thoughts and prayers. They hearts of all GARS Members go out to those

who have been hurt or lost a loved one in this disaster. Please monitor all HF Emergency

Nets for upcoming traffic if you can.

I will be adding a page on next month’s issue that you can print out and hang on your wall.

It will be the Genesis ARS Members Websites. Do you have a personal website? Email me

your website and I will list it on the MEMBERS Website Page. It will also be going on the

club’s website (new site).

Please email me at ka1gdq@gmail.com to send me your link.

Do you want to have an article posted? Send that to me as well. You can even write your

own article for the Newsletter. Again this is your Newsletter.

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News Inside GARS

Repeater Being Used to Support Charities

Our repeater is going to have a few more used this month. As in the past few years

the repeater will be used for the Cape Cod Get-a-Way for Multiple Sclerosis. This will be

on the first day of Field Day June 25, 2011, and could be used on a backup basis on the

2 nd day on June 26, 2011

There is a request for the repeater to be used for the BEST BUDDY RIDE (see below) on

June 4 th . The Request has been approved by our President John Williams, KB1EVY.

This is another bike ride that goes from Quincy to Hyannis on 1 Day.

Field Day Logging Program Tutorial Video on line

The Field Day Logging Program, which was our discussion this month, has a Video Tutorial,

narrated by our own Chris Johnson, N1IR on his website http://www.n1ir.com/p/gars-corner.html.

We suggest that you download the program at http://n3fjp.com/FD.htm

Then watch the video and then try and do logging. We will be using it to log all Field Day Long.

The program is actually very simple. Type in the call sign, hit tab, type in their report (usually 3A or

2A or 1F…..) and then the section (EMA, WV, CT, or whatever their section is). This is the same

program we have used the past few years.

2011 Young Ham Of The Year Nominations Now Open

Download 2011 Nominating Form (Microsoft Word) Here


I would like to nominate Anthony KB1UHV for the young ham of the year. He is an

active member of our club. He fills in as a Net Control. He plays soccer, he assists with Field Day.

Post Signs about Field Day.

Judy, KB1SRO would like to have some volunteers to post some signs. Please see Judy for the

posters she has, if she has no more, then you can print the last page of this newsletter advertising

Field Day 2011.

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Most of these were posted on http://ema.arrl.org, or I received in an email.

Best Buddy Ride Looking for Operators by Jim Bradley KB1IKJ

The Best Buddies International is looking to recruit Ham radio operators to volunteer for the Twelfth Annual Audi Best

Buddies Challenge: Hyannis Port on Saturday, June 4, 2011.

Best Buddies Challenge: Hyannis Port consist of three bicycle rides; 100, 50, or 20-mile which wind through the New

England countryside. The 100 mile ride goes from Boston to Hyannis Port, MA. The 50 and 20-mile routes are contained

within the 100 route.

Assignments will be at five rest stops, in six sweep and recovery vans, and at Craigville Beach finish area in Hyannis

Port. This is an all-day event; the 100 mile ride starts at 0730 and the route closes at 1630. Some assignments will start

at 0630 depending on the assignment.

Due to the length of the route a mobile radio is preferred. Hams assigned to sweep and recovery vans should also have

a mag mount antenna. Rest Stop may use handheld radios, but should have access to a mobile radio, along with

sufficient batteries for your radio.

All volunteers will receive a volunteer t-shirt, food and beverages after the ride at finish area, and that warm fuzzy

feeling you get from doing a good thing! Transportation back to the start will be provided for hams assigned to sweep

and recovery vans.

Unfortunately, due to capacity limitations, volunteers are not permitted to attend the post ride lobster bake and

concert without meeting the same $1550 fundraising goal of the riders, walkers, and runners.

This will be the first time Hams will be used for this event. Your participation in this event will help to ensure the safety

of the riders and make this event a success.

If you can help with this event or have questions contact Jim Bradley, KB1JKJ at kb1jkj@arrl.net, with your Name,

Callsign, E-Mail Address and T-Shirt Size?

MA RMV Snafu With Ham Plates Submitted by k9hi on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 15:07

Do you have a MA ham radio license plate? Do you need an inspection


According to Kevin Paetzold, K1KWP and other amateurs, you might run into a bit of a snafu

getting your car inspected--at least for the moment.

Paetzold says he went to get his car inspected on May 12, and was told that the Registry of Motor

Vehicles "cannot process inspections" for ham radio plates at this time.

According to Paetzold, "After hearing this from my inspection station I was able to verify this with

the RMV itself."

K1KWP was told there is supposedly "a fix in the works which should be available next week". He

adds, "The guy at the RMV told me [over the phone] that they changed their software to not accept

anything but alphas and numbers. Therefore, 'slant bar' (the character that represents the "lightning

bolt" on the plate) no longer works."

In the meantime, those who have stickers that expire in May will just have to keep their fingers


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YLRL 2011 Convention, Quincy MA

Submitted by k9hi on Fri, 05/13/2011 - 10:30

The Young Ladies Radio League will hold its 2011 convention July 21-24, 2011

at the Best Western Adams Inn, Quincy, MA. Activities include an all-day tour of

Boston, including the Freedom Trail; a general meeting; tours for the OMs; a

luncheon tour of the Adams Historical Site in Quincy; a tour of the Marconi Site

at Cape Code National Seashore; and a possible tour of ARRL Headquarters in

Newington, Connecticut.

Hotel reservations must be made by June 21 to obtain the convention room rate.

For more information, see the convention flyer at http://tinyurl.com/43xrshn.

Organized in 1939, YLRL is a nonprofit organization of women Amateur Radio licensees. With a

membership of approximately 800, it is international in scope. Approximately 100 of its members

are DX YLs.


by Judi KB1SRO

The Whitman Amateur Radio Club members and South Shore

Fox Hunters had a hunt in the Bridgewaters on May 24th,

Saturday at 10 am. Fox Frequency was 146.535Mhz simplex

with coordination on the Whitman repeater on 147.225 Mhz.

Joe KA1JBE, Dino KB1RXQ, and Laura KB1UTH volunteered to

be the fox. The Fox was hiding in East Bridgewater, off of

Belmont Street, in the soccer field parking lot. First hunter in was

"The Bruce" NI1X, who came in in an hour and 10 minutes

followed by seconds was Richard KB1TEH. Third in was Roy

KA1CYV followed by John N1PRK and Judy KB1SRO. 5th in

was Jim KB1PFL. 6th place was an unknown Fox Hunter.Fun

was had by all! (see photo at the end of the newsletter)

NEWS From Amateur Radio Newsline

NewsLine is an Amateur Radio News Audio and written news site. Many repeaters and local clubs

have it accessible during their nets or via EchoLink. Newsline gets updated every week and you can

go to the web and download the audio. This is a nation wide Amateur Radio News Audio Program.

May 27, 2010

For more Amateur Radio News, please go to NewLine at http://www.arnewsline.org/

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06/19/2011 7/17/2011 8/21/2011 | Flea at MIT

Location: Cambridge, MA

Type: non-ARRL Hamfest

Sponsor: MIT Radio Society, Harvard Wireless Club, MIT Electronics Research Society, &

MIT UHF Repeater Assn.

Website: http://www.swapfest.us


Exam Session

06/11/2011 | Braintree MA 02184-5337

Sponsor: Braintree Radio Club

Location: Watson Library

Time: 9:00 AM (No walk-ins)

Learn More

06/20/2011 | Fall River MA 02720-3720

Sponsor: Bristol County Repeater Assoc

Location: Union United Methodist Church

Time: 7:00 PM (Walk-ins allowed)

Learn More

06/11/2011 | Falmouth MA 02540

Sponsor: Falmouth ARA

06/25/2011 | Plymouth, MA

Sponsor: Genesis Amateur Radio Society

Location: Plymouth Municipal Airport

Location: Town Hall

Time: 9:00 AM (Walk-ins allowed)

Time: 9:00 AM (Walk-ins allowed)

Learn More

Learn More

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Upcoming Ham Events for June 2011

Submitted to GARS2 Reflector by Jack Buckley W1AKN

This Week on the Radio

This week:

June 10 -- NCCC Sprint Ladder

June 11 -- Portugal Day Contest; Asia-Pacific Sprint (SSB)

June 11-12 -- DRCG Long Distance Contest (RTTY), VK Shires Contest; CWops

Mini-CWT Test; GACW WWSA CW DX Contest; REF DDFM 6 Meter Contest

June 11-13 -- ARRL June VHF QSO Party

June 12 -- SKCC Weekend Sprint

June 15 -- NAQCC Straight Key/Bug Sprint

Next week:

June 17 -- NCCC Sprint Ladder

June 18 -- Feld Hell Sprint; AGCW VHF/UHF Contest

June 18-19 -- West Virginia QSO Party; Stew Perry Topband Challenge; All Asian

DX Contest (CW); SMIRK Contest

June 19 -- WAB 50 MHz Phone Contest

June 20 -- Run for the Bacon QRP Contest

June 22 -- SKCC Sprint; NAQCC Straight Key/Bug Sprint

June 22-23 -- CWops Mini-CWT Test

All dates, unless otherwise stated, are UTC. See the ARRL Contest Branch page, the

ARRL Contest Update and the WA7BNM Contest Calendar for more information. Looking

for a Special Event station? Be sure to check out the ARRL Special Event Stations Web


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This page will list any items by Genesis Members or other hams who wish to sell Amateur Radio

Related Equipment .

To have it posted here in the Genesis ARS Newsletter, please email Joe Reynolds at


Items for Sale From:

George Manning Scholarship Fund:

1. Kenwood TS-830S with the following accessories for $850 or Best Offer

a. MC-50 Microphone

b. Matching Speaker

c. Kenwood Antenna Tuner

d. External VFO

2. Full Military CW Station, in Original Military Wooden Boxes $500 or Best Offer



I have my Icom V8000 2 meter rig. It is been benched right now looking 125.00 or BO

John, KB1EVY



I have for sale:


$400 complete - just checked out by Ralph

KW MC 60 mic With 440

KW SP940 Spkr with 440

SPECIFICATIONS: See the GARS Website Swap Shop Page


KW R2000 with HF and VHF modules $400 just checked out by Ralph and


SPECIFICATIONS: See the GARS Website Swap Shop Page


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Vibroplex Bug Original Standard circa 1965

$75 most eBay sales $100 plus

The Vibroplex Original is a genuine piece of history. First patented in 1904, the Original

is still manufactured today, using tools and dies very similar to those used by its inventor,

Horace G. Martin, when he revolutionized the telegraph industry with his "Bug." The Bug is

designed for code speeds ranging from approximately 20 wpm on the low side to 50+ wpm

on the high side. Today, operators using the Original can have the same experience

pioneer telegraph and railroad operators felt over a century ago. Owning this beautifully

crafted instrument will link you to a great tradition. The quality and pride of ownership of a

Vibroplex Bug cannot be matched. Weight 4 lbs. Cord not included.

LDG AT-897 auto tuner for the FT-897D new in box $200

$297.99 1 year ago

Description: Bolt on wide range autotuner for the Yaesu FT-897. No cooling fan! Latching

relays means no current draw once tuned. Provides access to CAT port for computer

control of the radio.

Yaesu VR5000 communications receiver with DSP module $600 - $1100 new 2

years ago

The Yaesu VR-5000 provides sophisticated wideband reception. Coverage is from 100 kHz

to 2600 MHz (2.6 GHz) less cellular, in AM, FM-Narrow, FM-Wide, LSB, USB and CW. This

radio features a real-time bandscope that can display: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 5.0

or 10.0 MHz. of spectrum. You get 2000 alphanumeric memory channels grouped into 100

banks. The priority channel may be set for 1, 2, 5 or 10 seconds. According to lab tests

recently performed by Passport to World Band Radio, which they have granted permission

to Universal to reproduce, "bandwidths measure 17.2, 8.7 and 3.9 kHz for the AM mode,

and 4.0 kHz for SSB -- all with superb-to-excellent skirt selectivity and good (70 dB)

ultimate rejection."

Alinco DJ-X2000 wideband receiver 10KHz - 2.15GHz with cell phone freqs

UNBLOCKED "K" model $400 $835 3 years ago

Description: Alinco's new scanner, Range 0.1000 - 2150 MHz. Features include, Bug

detectors, Frequency counter; Digital TCXO; Voice inversion; Digital recorder (160 sec);

CTCSS decode/scan Bandscope; Attenuator (10/20dB); Alpha-tags; 24 hour on/off timers;

Battery level indicator; Selectable battery saver; Selectable LCD/key light; FM stereo

headphone jack; PC Interface; Radio Cloning; Ability to capture strong RF's nearby (Kinda

like a built-in Opto Scout Frequency counter).

RCI 2950 to the For Sale

Tweaked/tuned, Speech Compressor module, and Mod-ed RCI 2950 40w AM, FM, SSB,

CW 10 and 12 meter mobile $300

FROM N1PXX EMAIL rattdogcom@comcast.net

I have a wooded roof rack for a car with three Emergency revolving lights on it. On each end there

is a 2-bulb sealed beam revolving grote light. In the middle is a 4-bulb sealed

beam revolving grote light, all three revolving lights has a Amber ( orange-ish ) lens. The value is in

the lights themselves with the heavy duty wiring cable. If you went to

replace these lights,they would cost you at least $263.00

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This light bar since all three lights are Grote seal beam lights have been put to the test and they out

shine any modern Emergency bar light system daytime,nighttime,foggy weather etc.

If you want take them off the roof rack ( junk the roof rack ) and someone professionally mount

them on your vehicle or mount them on a newer roof rack.

My price is for the light units themselves only the roof rack just comes with it.

My price is $175.00 firm. Anyone interested contact Ron N1PXX contact information ii on

the roster. Thank you and 73 N1PXX


FROM KB1KVL EMAIL: kn1kvl@gmail.com

For Sale:

PowerMaster VSWR and Power Meter with HF-6m 3 KW coupler SO-239 connector. Complete with

original manual and CD. Sells new for $475

Asking $375 Lower 48 States ONLY


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JUNE 25 & 26, 2011



Ending June 26 @ 2pm














Please contact Judy, KB1SRO for more information.

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The picture is of today's fox hunt. In the picture it is the following: Bruce NI1X, Roy KB1CYV, Richard

KB1TEH, John N1PRK, Walt W1WCF, John KB1ODS, Dino KB1RXQ, Joe KA1JBE, Judy KB1SRO, Anthony

KB1UHV,and Laura KB1UTA.

Richard came in first followed by Joe,Dino and Laura.third was Walt, fourth was Bruce, fifth was John,

Judy and Anthony sixth was John. Fun was had by all!

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