Exit Interview Form (Rehabilitation Science PhD)


Exit Interview Form (Rehabilitation Science PhD)

Exit Interview Questionnaire – PhD Rehabilitation Science

Department of Physical Therapy


Student Name:______________________________ Faculty Advisor:__________________________

This questionnaire is designed to facilitate the discussion between you and your advisor during your Exit

Interview. Please fill it out as completely as possible before your exit interview appointment. The

questionnaire will be used to guide and focus your comments on the PhD program. We look forward to meeting

with you and considering your suggestions to improve our PhD program.

Please rate and comment upon your experiences regarding the following categories:

1. Infrastructure:

Excellent Good Fair Poor

a. Access to classroom and laboratory space

b. Access to equipment

c. Access to technical support and computing



2. Faculty/Advisor and Committee Mentoring:

Excellent Good Fair Poor

a. Availability to students

b. Supervision available when I needed it

c. Provided appropriate guidance in my program of

study and feedback on my progress

c. Provided appropriate guidance in my dissertation

topic selection and feedback on my progress

d. Provided appropriate guidance and direction

regarding organization and content of my written

dissertation and submission of manuscripts


3. Skill development and Climate:

a. Skill Development

1) Coursework was sufficient and helpful in my preparation

to begin my research

2) I improved my problem-solving skills

3) I learned to develop ideas and present and defend them

4) I sharpened my analytical skills

5) I developed an ability to plan and carry out my own work

6) I developed comfort with factual scientific principles

b. Climate

1) A good seminar program for graduate students was provided

2) The ambience of the faculty and department stimulated my


3) I had opportunities to be involved with other graduate students

and in the broader research culture of the institution

4) I felt supported by those involved in my work

5) The qualifying examination process was fair and


More than

Enough Adequate Too Little


What were the most positive aspects of your experience in the PhD in Rehabilitation Science program?


What elements of the Rehabilitation Science PhD program would you like to see changed? What

suggestions do you have for each of the changes?

What else would you like to discuss about the Rehabilitation Science PhD program? Be specific.

Please rate the value of your education. Value is defined as the ratio of the quality divided by the cost of

your education.











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