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Dissolving self

The intelligence does not lay in the internet, it is more

in the way how you execute your


In orter to explain your point of view it has become

normal to talk in pictures, using

metaphors, anecdotes explaning or describing a


We tend to walk around in our lives with closed eyes.

So when it comes to watching TV or a movie we love

to see those forbidden acts.

Some people change place due to free choice others

are forced to leave, some can bring there belongings,

other must leave as they are.

All we need is love, don’t worry -be happy, wild thing

-you make my heart swing, stand by me, oh what a

wonderful world, we are the champions, I can’t get


Dissolving self

Dissolving self

When the conception of this work began the idea was to create

an environment for the process of dissolving borders and barriers,

to dissolve, in order to create.

For us space is something good, something connecting people and

mind. In conflict with this, we experience a world where literally

everything is put into boxes, packed-in and packed-up. Daily life

boxed in different files and folders. So for us the storage-box

became a visible, concrete expression of the structures of modern

life. The way we live and interact in this complex fast moving life,

the box has became our inspirational source. People always on the

move, are we on the edge to become modern nomads, travelling the

world from our sofas, nailed to our TV’s, computers, palms, cellphones,

-our new boxes...?

The borders of travelling is dissolving. The box is no longer what

it was, just box for storage and transportation. No today we go

beyond this – the box has become a doorway through which we

move in time and space, through which we communicate, it’s no

longer a protecting environment for physical or mental goods, in

fact control is something less and less guaranteed – you don’t

know what can come out of the box. The world is constantly

accessible, but not necessarily fair or beautiful.

In Dissolving self, we make combines; storage boxes with songtitles

and sound-scapes. Songtitels that twist the perception while

watching the images in the boxes. Ambient sounds that prepare the

space mentally for memories, maybe to set of chains of associations

and memories. We see our work as a construction-site, -a buildingspace.

Environments with light, shadows, collors and sounds, a

space to be moved inside, merging with the images and the sounds

in order, -to dissolve, to create, -to open your mind.


Artist: Jonnson/Aguirre

Object: Dissolving Self

Technique: Environment / light-installation


Variable size

Date: 2007

Material: storage-boxes, backlite-prints on acrylic

glass, light, cables, wood, clamps, cardboard

Equipment: 3 CD-players, 3 sets of active- speakers,

3 sound-scapes

Object description:

An environment with boxes for storage and transport, some with photographic

images lit up from inside. Boxes placed in a despoiled diversity.

As single pieces or in groups. An environment which sometimes can

remind of an overturned attic or basement where someone just left

without sorting the order back. Somehow it reminds of a landscape or a

construction site.

Clamped to some of the boxes are cardboard strips with written songtitles.

Ambient sounds comes and goes, sporadic and quietly overlapping

music-fraces from major popsongs with loops of urbanic noises.

Together the environment of Dissolving self creates an atmosphere full

of metaphors and associations, -which can be felt like windows into our


further information: Jonnson/Aguirre tel.: +46 -731 -560 019 mail:

Jonnson/Aguirre Dissolving Self / 2007

this is a grasshopper project

Prod. Sheet JA1/07

...some people change place due to free choice, others are

forced to leave, some can bring there belongings, other must

leave as they are.

All we need is love, don’t worry - be happy, wild thing you

make my.., dancing queen, stand by me, oh what a wonderful

world, we are the champions, I can’t get no…

contact: Jonnson/Aguirre

+46 -731 -560019 mail:

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