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WORKCHOICE NEWSLETTER 2006 - Workchoice Trust

WORKCHOICE NEWSLETTER 2006 - Workchoice Trust


WORKSHOPS – COMING TOGETHER AND SHARING IDEAS Over the past years, workshops have been offered to Auckland school coordinators and hosting organisations as a forum to share ideas, receive information on planning for success or voice concerns. This year we extended this option to other regions. Those who attended for the first time found it invaluable and recommended that all companies and schools new to the programme should be encouraged to participate. Those who had not attended a workshop for a number of years, recommended that a refresher workshop was necessary every few years. The importance of attending these workshops cannot be stressed enough. The Trust finds that in the build-up to the day, those coordinators that have read the information and attended a workshop are considerably more aware of planning needs and do not feel a sense of the unknown. For example, organised school coordinators have marked the date clearly on the school calendar, have booked their buses and have commitment from supervisors, students, and the school as a whole. Company coordinators have booked a meeting place capable of seating 20 students (such as a boardroom), diarised and confirmed speakers and activities for the visits, and have informed the company of the visits. Although all of the above may seem obvious, the Trust is often let down at the last minute by those who have not followed planning guidelines, which can all be found on our website. FEEDBACK 2006 HOSTING ORGANISATIONS: Wonderful opportunity to raise the profile of engineering/planning and science as a profession. It gives our staff a feeling of giving back and boosts their ego when they see students who essentially want to end up with a job like them. To have a group of 20 teenagers in the office for 1-2 hours reminds us of what our organisation is all about. PARTICIPATING STUDENTS: It has introduced me to different career fields and the importance of work experience. It’s given me more information about business careers and I actually found it interesting. I’ll definitely take business as an option. It has influenced me hugely. I love kids and spending time in the childhood centre reinforced my plan to become a Early Childhood teacher. I now realise that there are many options, University no longer seems the only way to success. We were told that training could be offered to high school graduates and we could be taking a diploma at the same time. SCHOOLS CAREER ADVISORS: It was an absolutely fantastic experience for our students. I can’t begin to tell you what it has done to the feeling of self worth and self esteem for these wonderful young people. This was our first year to be involved in Workchoice Day and I am amazed at the obvious effort that each business had put into their presentation. Our students have benefited in so many ways for the visits. Wonderful opportunity to take students out to industry at work and watch them helping the staff on genuine jobs – this is what schools partnering with industry is all about – excellent!

WORKCHOICE DAY 2007 PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME Our partnership programme is integral to the overall success of Workchoice Day. The Trust, which operates as a not-for-profit organisation, needs to raise substantial funding on top of its current income to be able to operate effectively and to continue developing a valuable service. Recognition and thanks must go to our 2006 partners for their support and commitment to the programme. Many of these partners have provided invaluable support to the Trust over a number of years, which is greatly appreciated. Several of the partners – Geneva Health International, Fonterra, SKF, GBL Personnel and Frog Recruitment – have already agreed to sponsor Workchoice Day 2007. While ongoing partnerships such as these give the Trust greater stability, they are also beneficial to both students and organisations. As we have seen in our statistics, partnerships enable us to meet student demand. But more than this, high-growth industries can ensure a regular flow of future employees to meet their own demands in filling job vacancies. The Trust is presently seeking partners in the ICT, banking, retail and hospitality sectors. If you are interested in finding out more about this, please do not hesitate to contact Kathy McCombe for further information about our partnership packages on 0800 931 080 or email WORKCHOICE DAY PARTNER ENDORSEMENTS Geneva Health has been a supporter and advocate of The Workchoice Trust for a number of years. We were extremely pleased to see that for the first time this year all students who requested to visit a health employer were able to. It is wonderful to see the Workchoice/Geneva Health partnership working so successfully to ensure as many students as possible are exposed to the opportunities the health industry offers now and in the future. Given the desperate need to attract young people into the health industry, it is quite an achievement to see health employers making such a commitment to our future workforce. The Workchoice Trust are the people who provide the vehicle for this to happen and Geneva Health are extremely proud to be able to support such a tremendous initiative, which will make such a huge difference to our community as a whole. Josephine Wallis, Chief Executive, Geneva Health International Workchoice Day 2006 was again a great success with students visiting Fonterra sites across the country on a single day. When you’re at school you may think you know what it’s like to work in a 15 storey office building or in a manufacturing plant that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You might even be able to imagine what it’s like having colleagues in 20 different timezones selling NZ products around the world. But until you can see it, smell it, touch it and feel it for a day, you won’t know if it’s the workplace where you want to start your own career. Fonterra is a proud sponsor of Workchoice Day because it provides a gateway to achieving career dreams. We believe young people should be able to make informed choices about their careers. And we believe it’s up to businesses like ours to help build New Zealand’s future workforce. We know it’s important because they are our future too. Jerry Saville, Group Director Human Resources, Fonterra SKF New Zealand was very proud to be involved in Workchoice Day 2006. Our decision to extend our sponsorship is linked to our vision of "Equipping the World with SKF Knowledge" and the students that we hosted played an important role in spreading that knowledge. The interaction that our staff had with students on the day was wonderful and the knowledge that they played a role in perhaps helping some of them get direction in their careers was fulfilling. The ultimate reward for us will be when some of these students become future leaders of SKF. Bruce Fordyce, Marketing Manager SKF New Zealand FUNDING SUPPORT The Workchoice Trust applied for funding for the development of our new website and was successful with the ASB Bank Community Trust, Trust Waikato and SKYCITY Auckland Community Trust. We were also supported by the way of grants to erect banners in both Hamilton and Whangarei by Hamilton City Council and Whangarei District Council. We thank them all for their support. HOSTING FEE PACKAGES In 2006 the Trust restructured the hosting fee to encourage companies and organisations to host regionally. Packages are available on an individual, multiple and national basis. The more sites involved, the greater the benefits. Due to rising costs, there will be a slight increase in hosting fee packages from 2007. There will be an earlybird rate available to all companies who register before Friday 15 December 2006. This will be based on the price structure for 2006. Visit our website to view. Please contact Kathy McCombe for further information on 0800 931 080 or email kathymccombe@

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