Annual Report 2011 - Shropshire Historic Churches Trust

Annual Report 2011 - Shropshire Historic Churches Trust





Registered Charity No. 1010690


& REVIEW OF 2011


The Bishops of Hereford and Ludlow

The Bishops of Lichfield and Shrewsbury

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Shrewsbury

The Chairman, Wolverhampton and

Shrewsbury Methodist District

The Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire


Mr Roland Bream, Mr Jerry Bridgeland, Mrs Marian Haslam, Mr Harvey

James, Dr John Leonard, Bishop Alistair Magowan, Rev. Canon William

Price, Mrs Diane Radford, Mr Stephen Winwood, Mr Richard Bifield,

Mrs Sally Bifield, Mrs Gwen Sidaway, Rev. Preb. David Crowhurst,

Archdeacon Paul Thomas.


Mr Stephen Winwood

Parkfields, Pontesbury Hill, Pontesbury, Shrewsbury SY5 0YH



Mrs Erica Watson Todd, 20 Granville Avenue, Newport TF10 7DX

01952-820048 or


Mrs Marian Haslam, 16 Mill Street, Ludlow SY8 1BE



Monument 1642, St Margaret,

Moreton Say.

Monument 1607 St James,


Monument 1678 St Andrew, Quatt.

Front Cover Photograph:

St Michael’s, Madeley.


Mr Harvey James, 20,Alford Gardens, Myddle, Shrewsbury SY4 3RG



Mr Richard and Mrs Sally Bifield,

26 Main Road, Ketley Bank, Telford TF2 0DH



Mr Roland Bream, Stevenshill, Harnage, Shrewsbury SY5 6EG



North Shropshire - Revd Preb David Crowhurst

The Old Coach House, Main Road, Dorrington SY5 7JD


South Shropshire - Mrs Linda Savage

Bishop’s Office, Corvedale Road, Craven Arms SY7 9BT



Mr Jerry Bridgeland

Orchard House, Wigwig Road, Harley, Shrewsbury SY5 6LP



Mr Martin Locke

Church Farmhouse, Astley, Shrewsbury SY4 4BP.



7th May

(May Day Bank Holiday)

Green Man Festival, Clun.

15th May

Annual General Meeting and

tea in Morville church followed

by visit to Morville Hall.

26th May

North Shropshire Tour (visiting

churches at Knockin, Kinnerley.

Melverley, Llanymynech,

Llanyblodwel, Trefonen).

8th June

Visit to Hereford Cathedral

Mappa Mundi/evensong/garden


30th June

Social evening at Ford House

Garden tour/drinks/buffet/slide

show (“SHCT: helping

Shropshire’s churches for 21


28th July

Guided tour of St Martin,

Preston Gubbals and St

Mary Magdalene, Battlefield.

2nd August

Burwarton Show.

18th August

South Shropshire Tour (visiting

churches at Worthen,

Minsterley, Snailbeach,

Westbury, Yockleton and


8th September

Ride and Stride.

23rd September

21st Anniversary Service. Holy

Trinity, Meole Brace, Shrewsbury.

Further details from:

Mrs Diane Radford

32 Foster Road, Bridgnorth,

Shropshire WV16 4LS

Tel: 01746 762089


What is odd about this Flemish 16th century stained glass window in Holy Trinity, Coalbrookdale?. (see page 18 for the answer)



As the Trust is an organisation that I have always admired,

it was a great honour for me to be elected as Chairman

early in 2011. I must pay tribute to John Hall, the then

outgoing Chairman, for the huge contribution that he

made to SHCT’s undoubted success and financial

prosperity. In last year’s Annual Report John Leonard quite

rightly wrote in glowing terms of John Hall’s dedication to

our cause, and I can only add that it was a pleasure to

work with him.

In July we resolved that all members of the Executive Committee

be invited to become Trustees. I was delighted that Richard and

Sally Bifield, David Crowhurst and Gwen Sidaway accepted, and

their energy and enthusiasm are already bearing fruit. Martin

Locke and Linda Savage decided not to join us but Martin is

kindly continuing as Ride & Stride treasurer and as our website

manager. To Linda I say a huge thank you for all her help and

advice during her period in office.


Trust Chairman, Stephen Winwood.

St George, Pontesbury.

I hope you will all appreciate the thinking behind the

subscription increases Marian Haslam has outlined in her

membership report. Many individuals and churches already give

these new minimum amounts or more, but we need the new

levels to reflect the increase in costs since SHCT was formed.

I want to ensure also that no running costs are met from the

valiant fundraising efforts that continue year on year.

I thank all the people who work tirelessly on our behalf, not only

the Trustees but also our secretary Erica Watson Todd, the

Deanery representatives, the generous people who open their

gardens, Ride & Stride participants and sponsors and, of course,

all our friends, patrons and member churches. We have a huge

network of support and this is most gratifying. We all enjoy the

work we to do deliver SHCT’s charitable objectives and to ensure

its future prosperity. It is important that this pleasure element is

not lost.

I look forward to the future with confidence, knowing that

SHCT is in good heart to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

We are an excellent team. Shropshire has a fine collection of

churches and chapels, and their preservation for future

generations must remain our prime concern.


Stephen Winwood



The Trust was set up by a Declaration of

Trust dated 12th November 1991,

‘having no fewer than four, or more than

twenty-five Trustees’. There are fourteen

at present (their names are on the inside

front cover), who meet quarterly to

consider grant applications from

churches. They serve for five years, but

are eligible for re-election.


To apply the income and capital of the

Trust, at the discretion of the Trustees, to

the maintenance and repair of churches

and chapels in Shropshire, of all

denominations, especially those of

architectural or historical significance. Its

income is derived from subscriptions,

donations, bequests and fund raising

events. The Trust’s secondary function is

to encourage public appreciation of

Shropshire’s many beautiful churches by

means of talks, visits, and touring

photographic displays which visit

churches, libraries, festivals, shows and

other events.


St Mary, Bitterley.

St Bartholomew, Moreton Corbet.

St Nicholas, Newport.

The churches pictured are some of the 29 new

(or re-joined) member churches of the Trust.



Financial Statement for the year ended 31 December 2011

Income General Fund 2011 2010

£ £

Subscriptions and donations 22,922 23,230

Income Tax reclaimed 1,705 1,604

Ride and Stride 24,811 20,260

Income Tax reclaimed 2,378 2,628

Open Gardens Scheme 13,330 9,455

Calendars 4,251 -

Meetings and outings 3,015 5,067

Investment income 17,715 16,592

Legacy - 21,600

Total Income General Fund 90,127 100,436

Expenditure General Fund

Grants paid to Churches 68,000 41,500

Ride and Stride: expenses 44 252

paid to parishes 12,225 10,166

Open Gardens expenses 2,758 2,554

Cost of calendars 1,976 -

Meetings and outings 1,559 2,971

Support costs 3,357 3,315

89,919 60,758

Net Income for year to General Fund 208 39,678

The full statement of independently examined accounts will be available at the Annual General Meeting

on 14 May 2012.

Financial Review

The trust’s income has seen significant increases in respect or Ride & Stride and Open Gardens whilst the

production of a calendar for the first time has produced encouraging sales. So far as expenditure is concerned,

the grants paid to churches have increased by over 60% reflecting our increasing budget for this purpose in

recent years coupled with a reduction in the time between approval of the grant and the related work being


We continue to reinvest a large proportion of our income from investments and we purchased a holding in

M & G Charifund during the year on which the yield is close to 5%. This, and the higher payments for grants,

has reduced substantially the low yielding balance on deposit at the bank. We anticipate an increased income

from investments in 2012 as a result of these actions.

The capital value of our investments reduced during the year in line with the market overall but we hope that

the second half of 2012 will see some confidence returning to the market provided that current problems in

the eurozone and elsewhere are addressed adequately.

The trustees continue to hold the view that we comply with the Charity Commission guidance on public benefit

by virtue of our activities described elsewhere in this report.

Harvey James




The support from Members continues

to raise a substantial amount for the

Trust. Our membership figures at the

end of 2011 are 71 Patrons, 167

Friends, and 152 Member Churches.

At the executive meeting held in May

2011, we decided to raise the annual

Church Membership subscription from

£10 to £25, commencing from 1st

January 2012. The cost of postage has

increased and also the cost of producing

our annual report. We do hope that

Church Members will understand that

this increase is necessary, if we are to

continue to make grants, and will

continue to support the Trust.

The executive committee was reluctant to make

these increases due to the present financial climate.

We sincerely hope you will understand as we should

not like to lose you as a member.

Patrons annual subscription will not change.

We always welcome new members. If you would

like to join the Trust please contact me, Marian

Haslam (membership Secretary.) or visit our website to download a

membership form. These are also available at our

events or from other Officers.

Marian Haslam

St Peter’s, Melverley is one

of only 27 timber- framed

churches in the country.

It was also decided to increase individual

Friends annual subscription minimum

amount from £10 to £20 and to create a

new category- joint membership.

Subscription rates have not risen since

1991 when the Trust was founded, but

because the increase is substantial, it was

decided that there should be no further

increase for at least the next 5 years. This

increase for Friends will come into effect

in January 2013.

Just to add to the complication, the Trust

has decided to move our banking

arrangements to bank with The Charities

Aid Foundation bank (CAF bank) where

our bank charges will be greatly reduced.

Unfortunately, it will therefore be

necessary for all members who pay by

bankers order to complete a new form.

Church members will have the new

bankers order form enclosed, to be

completed as soon as possible, I will send

Friends new forms as appropriate.


Scaffolding at All Saints, Broseley.

Repaired ceiling at St Michael, Loppington.


A message to PCCs, Churchwardens, Treasurers, Fundraisers and Donors

Requests for grants should be made through the Secretary, who will forward an application form, provided the

project fulfils the Trust’s criteria. Grant application forms can also be downloaded from the website:

The Trust will only assist churches and chapels in regular use. It cannot assist with church halls, extensions to existing

buildings, or the provision of toilet or kitchen facilities within a church or chapel building. Disability access will only

be considered if the ancient fabric is involved. A considerable amount of information is requested (though no more

than is required by other grant-awarding bodies).

Applications are considered and grants allocated at quarterly meetings of the Trustees. It is essential that application

forms are obtained and returned in good time for each quarterly meeting. Late applications do not give sufficient

time to fully understand all the details and may result in postponement to the next meeting. Delay may also occur if

insufficient detail is provided. It is therefore wise to involve your church architect at an early stage. Financial figures

must add up correctly!

The grant offer can be held by a church for up to three years; payment will only be made following the receipt of an

architect’s interim certificate or an appropriate invoice. The cheque, together with a certificate to mark the award, is

presented by one of the Trustees at a suitable service at the church or chapel.

Erica Watson Todd (Secretary)


St Alkmund, Shrewsbury.

St Chad, Shrewsbury.


Church Grant (£) Description of proposed works

Acton Burnell 7,500 New tiles and battens to south elevations of roof. New rainwater goods.

Billingsley 7,000 Metalwork in bellcote rusted leading to damage to masonry.

(incl 3,000 from Art Fund).

Broseley 3,000 Repairs to large coping stones.

Calverhall 1,500 Roof repairs due to theft of lead. Coping stones to vestry.

Cheswardine 3,000 Repairs to paintings in the church. (from Art Fund).

Cleobury Mortimer 4,000 Re-wiring.

Kinlet 5,000 Repair to east window. Repairs to chancel east wall.

Melville Methodist Church 3,000 Repairs and replacement of church windows.

Montford Bridge 4,000 Repair of guttering supports and replacement of downpipes.

Dressing or replacement sandstone blocks at south west and

north east corners of nave.

Moreton Corbet 5,000 Rot in roof trusses. Repairs to flashing. Chancel wall painting.

Quatford 5,000 Repairs to chancel roof after lead stolen.

Ratlinghope 500 Restoration of windows.

Shawbury 2,500 Repairs to outside stonework.

Shrewsbury St Chad’s 7,500 Replacement of dome lead. Stone repairs caused by rusting iron cramps.

Stanton Lacy 7,000 Stabilising of north and west walls. New battens to roof.

Tuck Hill 1,000 Replacement of cast iron guttering and down pipes.

Wellington Christ Church 6,000 Replace main roof and tower roof. Stone repairs to pinnacles and tower.

Total grants offered £72,500

Photographs (Bottom left):

Over the last 20 years the Trust has helped nearly 170 churches,

and given nearly £450,000 in grants aid.

Repairs at St John the Baptist,

Hughley; Grant presentation at

Hughley, St Alkmund, Shrewsbury

and St Chad, Shrewsbury.



2011 was the eighteenth consecutive year that we have

run the Open Garden Scheme and, I am pleased to say it

proved to be another record year. A total of £24,560

was raised of which half was given to nominated

churches. This fine result brings the total raised for the

Trust itself over this period to over £13,100.

Apart from two very wet Sundays at the beginning of June,

which severely affected attendance at 6 events, the weather was

reasonably kind to us and over the season we had nearly 4,200

visitors - an increase of one third on 2010.

10 events raised £1000 or more. Morville claimed top place with

£2640 followed by Stevenshill/Harnage Farm with £1913. The

event at Mawley Hall raised £1539 and at Stokesay Court

£1534. The Trail at Bishops Castle raised £1494, at Harley £1400

and Eaton Constantine £1388, Preston Brockhurst raised £1136,

just ahead of Golding Hall at £1134, Rivendell at Broseley raised

exactly £1000.

Our congratulations and thanks are due to them all, and in no

lesser measure to all the smaller events. I believe we offer a wide

and interesting range of events which are appreciated by our

many visitors.


Stokesay Court.

“Rivendell”, Broseley.

Golding Hall.

Right: Esme’s garden (Meole


We broke one other record during the year in having 3 separate

events supporting one church. The lucky recipient was St Peters,

Cound which received a record total of £1723 from the scheme

during the year.

We have a programme full of promise for 2012 – Upton Cressett

Hall (near Bridgnorth) is opening for the first time when both the

garden and house will be open, and new Garden Trails are being

run in Ruyton-XI Towns, Sambrook, Burlton and Shrewsbury (in

support of St Alkmunds) Mawley Hall will be opening again as

will Stokesay Court together with many of our stalwart

supporters at Morville, Cardington, and Sherrifhales, just to

mention a few.

The plans are laid and I do hope that members will support as

many of the events as possible. Opening one’s garden calls for

great effort and dedication and the only way we can reward all

those who so tirelessly support us in this way is to go and visit

their gardens, even if it is raining!!


Finally I must thank Gay, my wife for all her secretarial work, for

keeping me up to scratch, and for ensuring that our programme

has the widest covering in the media.

Roland Bream




Once again, Ride and Stride provided a massive fillip to the

Trust’s funds. As well as being an important source for

generating money which can be handed out in grantaiding,

it is a wonderful occasion for having fun, visiting

Church buildings, and meeting so many wonderful people.

No longer a ‘natural’ on the saddle, I myself took a 12-mile

walk around the west of Bridgnorth, visiting six churches,

none of which I had ever been in, and having a thoroughly

good day, in perfect weather for walking.


Riders from Clungunford cycled 35

miles visiting 10 churches raising a

record £1,093.


Riders and Striders at Cound.

Joost and Mandy at Cressage


Refreshments at Condover church.


We are most grateful to the Churches which take part – and this

year welcomed some more non-Anglican Churches who took

part. At the time of writing the money raised from Churches is

almost £23,603 which together with the Tax Rebate we will

receive under the Gift-Aid scheme gives a grand total of

£26,659. A really excellent result, and well done everybody! 94

Churches have contributed this money (there are just over 400 in

the County altogether). 200 walkers and cyclists took part and a

few horse-riders. Horse-riding is now permitted within the

scheme’s Insurance arrangements. (Cars are not, and should not

be used, but if they are, participants ought to notify their own

insurers to ascertain whether they are in fact covered.) And on

all occasions where the traditional format is to be varied, it is

worth having a word with the County Organiser to check that

the Public Liability extended for this event does, in fact, cover

the variation you have in mind. I am not an expert in insurance

by any means, but I can check with a man who is!

We are also most grateful to the large number of churches who

each year open their doors, many being manned by volunteer

church sitters as welcomers, and for the refreshments provided.

It is an opportunity for churches to have an Open Day, and show

off some of the things which our county’s rich heritage of

ancient church buildings is known for. In some places, church

sitters have actually attracted sponsorship on their ‘sitting’. In

places where people feel they can neither cycle nor walk, why

not ask some younger people in the area where they have good

will for the church if they would do the energetic bit, on the

understanding that the more senior members about will

generate the sponsorship. And don’t forget that many people

‘outside’ the ordinary life of the church nevertheless value

having it in their village or town and will support in sponsorship

if requested.

Justgiving, an on-line facility, is an important new method of

raising funds. By emailing people in your address book – maybe

from afar – you can generate even more sponsorship, which can

be given by plastic card direct through this online facility. Round

the country those who are using Justgiving are finding that their

donations have in total increased up to ten-fold.


Gift Aid is also an important source of

income for the Trust. This year we shall

claim for just over £3,000 from the tax

authorities; had all donations been so

designated (and it is appreciated that not

all donors and sponsors are tax-payers

eligible for the scheme), another £2,000

or so could have been claimed. Every

pound generated will be given back,

50% to generating churches

immediately, and 50% in grant monies,

so every little helps!

My thanks are due to several people:

Martin Locke, my predecessor as County

Organiser, has been treasuring the

moneys raised; Linda Savage, in the

Bishop’s Office at Ludlow, helped with

the printing of letters and forms for the

Ludlow Archdeaconry. As the

Archdeacon’s Office in Salop was ‘in

interregnum’ over the crucial period, not

only the previous Archdeacon but also his

PA having retired at Christmastime, the

printing facilities which had traditionally

been undertaken there for the Salop

Archdeaconry had to be ‘contracted out’

and I was extremely grateful to the Vicar

and the Parish Administrator at Oswestry

Parish Church (S Oswald, King & Martyr)

for coming to our rescue. This next year,

to try and reduce postage and

administrative costs, more of the

necessary kit of forms and information

will be made available on-line on our

web-site rather than on paper.

Chiefly however, thanks are due to the

church and chapel communities around

the county, with their Local Organisers,

backed up by the Deanery

Representatives, and the welcomers,

sponsors, riders and striders, all of whom

made the day and its excellent result

happen. Thank you all very much. Like

me you may now be cleaning your boots

or oiling your cogs ready for the next

great event – Saturday 8th September


Revd Preb David Crowhurst,

County Organiser.



Our display stands have, as usual, been up at the two public

shows we attend each year – Clun Green Man and the

Burwarton Show – at many of the open gardens weekends

and also at a number of member’s events during the year. In

addition, Rev Richard Hayes has again kindly housed one of

our stands at St Almund’s, Shrewsbury and the other was

for a time at St Mary’s, Shrewsbury. If any member would

like to have one of the stands at their own church for a

period do please call Richard or Sally on 01952 614319.

We keep in regular contact with our local press contacts and,

courtesy of Gwen Sidaway and Jerry Bridgeland, our excellent

autumn lecture by Katherine Swift at Mawley Hall merited an

eye-catching double page report with photos in the Shropshire


Shropshire Star contacts have been kept informed of our

activities and this year in particular, with details of the publication

of our first ever calendar. About which Rev William Price writes:

Two years ago a friend sent me a Christmas present of the calendar of the

Dorset Historic Churches Trust. I thought that perhaps the Shropshire

Trust could follow suit, and the Trustees agreed to produce a calendar for

2012, to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Trust.


Clun Green Man Festival.

Calendar launch at Preston Hall.

Calendar front cover.


RC Cathedral tour.

Chapel of the Epiphany, Peplow.

St Luke, Sambrook.


Selecting at most 55 churches from over 500 places of Christian worship

was a challenge. I decided to include, as far as Church of England

churches in regular use were concerned, only member churches of the

Trust, spread right across the county. (Even so, some people have refused

to buy the calendar because their church is not shown!) Richard Bifield

travelled all over Shropshire to take superb exterior and interior

photographs, and Meryl at Creative Digital Printing designed the calendar

with great professional skill.

Our grateful thanks go to those many people who distributed the

calendar throughout our large county and to those churches and

individuals who bought copies. We hope that the calendar will help to

raise the profile of the Trust and will also encourage people to visit our

historic churches. The calendar will also serve as a permanent

photographic record of these fascinating buildings. We hope to produce a

calendar for 2013, to feature 55 more churches.

Richard’s new talk on behalf of the Trust: “Shropshire’s finest

and most interesting churches” has had its first airings at Ditton

Priors and Abdon and is available to any PCC or church group

who might like to book it as part of a fund- raising event

(contact Richard on 01952 614319 or email For up-to-date information

on the Trust, its news and activities, do visit our website:

Richard & Sally Bifield



The pattern of events has been

similar to those in recent years,

combining our business of

supporting churches with social

functions in some of Shropshire’s

most interesting buildings.

In early May, Tim Bridges (Victorian

Society and Herefordshire Diocesan

advisor) led a tour of some fine south

Shropshire churches (Claverley, Quatford,

Tuckhill and Alveley), whilst in August,

the Reverend William Price focused on

the north eastern part of the county

visiting Peplow, Stoke on Tern, Child’s

Ercal and Sambrook.


Right: RC Cathedral, Shrewsbury.


Our Summer Social was held at Cound Hall, by kind permission

of Mr and Mrs David Sykes-Waller. The evening started with a

walk across to Cound Church (through rather damp grass) where

John Leonard gave a short impromptu talk about the building.

Back in the Hall, David Sykes-Waller spoke about the history of

the Hall and the ongoing process of restoration. Although the

weather dictated against an evening stroll around the garden, we

all enjoyed our meal in the delightful setting of the Hall.

For our Annual General Meeting, we visited Moreton Corbet

Church, in the shadow of the imposing former castle. William

Price gave us a brief history of the Church, fondly recalling that he

had given his first sermon in the building. After the business part

of events we drove, by a variety of routes, to Preston Brockhurst

Hall where we were guests of Mr and Mrs Christopher Corbet for

tea and walks around the splendid gardens.

At the end of July William gave us another of his skilful

expositions, this time on the splendid, if little-visited Roman

Catholic Cathedral on Shrewsbury’s Town Walls. Designed by the

great A.W.G. Pugin and son E.W. Pugin and funded by the 16th

and 17th Earls of Shrewsbury the cathedral boasts some excellent

stained glass windows by Hardman and Margaret Rope.


Summer social at Cound Hall.

Annual lecture held at Mawley Hall.

Tea at Clee St Margaret.


Stained glass window by Kempe,

St Mary Duddleston.

Kempe’s signature “wheatsheaf”

In October, we returned to the venue of one of our ‘Open

Gardens’ – Mawley Hall, near Cleobury Mortimer – as guests of

Mr and Mrs Rupert Galliers-Pratt. After drinks and delightful

canapes produced by Roslin Caterers, Mrs Kathryn Swift gave us

a most interesting talk based on her second book, The Morville

Year. We are eagerly awaiting her next book and, thus, the

opportunity to invite her to talk again to us.

The Committee is extremely grateful to all of our hosts, speakers

and tour guides for giving us most interesting experiences

throughout the year.

Jerry Bridgeland




Almighty God our heavenly Father,

We remember before you now

The churches in this county of


and the houses of worship they use.

Make the doors of our churches

Wide enough to receive all

Who need human love and fellowship

And a Father’s care;

And narrow enough to shut out

All envy, pride and lack of love.

In them

May the tempted find help,

The sorrowing receive comfort,

The careless be awakened to repentance,

The penitent be assured of your mercy,

And there

May all your children renew their


And go on their way in hope and joy;

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Mr T S Acton Mr V Nicholson

Mr A C A Arrol Mrs V Nicholson

Lord Barnard Mr A P Osborne

Mr G A Barratt Mr G Paris

Mr R Betham Mrs G Paris

Mr J R Bettinson Earl of Plymouth

Lady Boyne Miss O Preston

Earl of Bradford Mr and Mrs J Ravenscroft

Mr J Bridgeland Mrs M L Redwood

Mrs S A Bury Mr G Rollason

Mr A Clark Mrs S Sanders

Mr J W Cole Mr R C Sawtell

Mrs J W Cole Scott and Newman Ltd

Mr J Conneely Mrs G A Sidaway

Miss B J Cousens Dr P E Smith

Mrs C A S Cundy Mr D Sugden

Mr R Currell Mr E M A Thompson

Mr P T Davies Tanners Wines Ltd

Mr R J Dean Mr J T Udale

Mr D J Dixon Mrs C Ullmer

Mr A C Dyball Mr K Vine

Mr C A Eade Cllr B Williams

Mr G Elliott Mr A H P Williamson

Mr D P Evison Mr S J Winwood

Mr D O Fitzhugh

Mrs I Forbath

Mr F V Ford

Mr G Frost

Mr C Gill

Mr H van Gorkum

Mr W H Grove

Mr J G Haslam

Mrs M K Haslam

Revd R Hayes

Mr A Heber-Percy

Mr T Heywood-Lonsdale

Mr H J Hill

Mrs M A Hyde

Preb D and Mrs Jenkyns

Dr E M Leonard

Dr J C Leonard

Mrs R Lockhart

Mrs D M J Marsh

Mr S W Martin

Cllr C J Mellings

Mrs M Mitchell

Mrs J Morris-Eyton

Mr C O Motley

Lady Newborough

Mrs M J Nicholls




St Mary, Bettws-y-Crwyn.

St Eata, Atcham.

St James, Stirchley, Telford.

Back cover photograph:

Pulpit at St Alkmund, Whitchurch.



The answer to the question on

p.3 – the figure on the right

has six fingers on his hand!

Bridgnorth (30)

Mrs Diane Radford

Tel 01746 762089

Mrs Lesley Wilkinson

Tel 01746 764338

Vivien Bellamy

Tel 01952 727999

Clun Forest (27)

Mrs Pat Harding

Tel 01588 660169

Ludlow (36)

Mrs Gwen Sidaway

Tel 01299 270957

Condover (35)

Mrs Yvonne Bridgeland

Tel 01952 511977

Mrs Jane McMillan

Tel 01694 771424

Pontesbury (22)

Stephen Winwood

Tel 01743 791690

John Whiteside

Tel 01743 791147

Shrewsbury (22)

Peter and Margaret Nicholls

Tel 01743 362389

Oswestry (20)

Mrs Blanche Harbron

Tel 01691 682043

Wrockwardine (13)

Mrs Louisa Howard

Tel 01952 510424

Edgmond (24)

Mrs Ruth Taylor

Tel 01952 604473


David Harding

Tel 01902 372744

Ellesmere (14)

Edward and Amanda Bevan

Tel 01691 622838

Hodnet (20)

Reg Anslow

Tel 01630 685584

Telford (10)

Richard Bifield

Tel 01952 614319

Telford Central Team (6)

Mrs Barbara Crawforth

Tel 01952 591508

Telford Severn (11)

The Revd Michael & Gillian Pope

Tel 01952 883960

Wem/Whitchurch (20)

Martin Locke

Tel 01939 210639

In brackets: number of

churches in the deanery



Acton Burnell



Ashford Bowdler

Ashford Carbonell





Bishops Castle


Bolas Magna


Bomere Heath - Methodist


Bridgnorth St Marys

Broseley with Benthall










Clee St Margaret

Cleobury Mortimer

Cleobury North w Burwarton










Donnington Wood


Eaton Constantine

Eaton under Heywood


Edgmond Methodist Chapel






Gobowen w Hengoed




Heath Chapel

High Ercall



Hodnet w Peplow Chapel

Hope Bagot

Hope Bowdler


Hopton Castle









Lee Brockhurst




Little Drayton

Little Ness

Little Wenlock









Monkhopton w Upton


Montford Bridge


Moreton Saye

Moreton Corbet


Much Wenlock



Neen Savage

Neen Sollars





Oswestry St Oswalds

Oswestry Holy Trinity


Pulverbatch St Ediths





Ruyton X1 Towns









Shrewsbury, All Saints

Shrewsbury St Alkmund's

Shrewsbury, St Chad's

Shrewsbury St Georges

Shrewsbury, St Giles


Stanton on Hine Heath

Stanton Lacy


Stoke St Milborough






Tuck Hill




Upton Magna

Waters Upton

Welsh Frankton



Weston Lullingfield


Wheathill w Loughton








Wrockwardine Wood


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