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Converting Rollers - Menges Roller Company, Inc.

Converting Rollers - Menges Roller Company, Inc.

Grooving & Serration

Grooving & Serration Services for Converters - Reduce Waste, Increase Uptime, Run Smoother Menges Roller offers a multitude of grooving and serration options, each designed to solve particular problems in the handling and processing of paper, foil and film. These rollcovering & grooving options can be applied to new or refurbished rollers. Combined with the proper rollcovering compound, our precision-machined patterns cause substrates to feed smooth and flat. Our rolls help converters take control of viscous liquids and gelatinous adhesives, making them layon even and thin. So take back control of your web. Speak to your Menges sales engineer today and finally solve those persistent problems. MENGES WEB SPREADER: This roll is ideal for smoothing wrinkles in thin-gauge materials such as foils, paper and film. Available in durometers from 25 to 90 Shore A, it’s tough enough for continuously running lines. Web spreaders usually run in idler positions, but they can be placed in almost any problem area. We can convert your existing roller to a web spreader or manufacture a new roller with this very effective pattern. MENGES HERRINGBONE Used as not only a web spreader, but also as a feed roller, a Menges herringbone roller is ideal for boardly products such as SPS board, corrugated and other hard to feed/hard to align products. Paired with one of our proprietary rubber compounds – it will stand up to your harshest “in-feed” applications. DIAMOND SERRATION Used for many applications, but most often in flexible packaging, this groove format performs superbly and is used by many OEMs as a layon roller. It has excellent channeling abilities to move air or liquid away from substrates. FLUTED ROLLER SERRATIONS This roller is used in applications where lateral serrations can be beneficial, such as spreading thicker adhesives and handling rigid or weighty stock. Your Menges sales engineer can advise you on which groove pattern would be most effective in solving your particular material handling problem. CIRCUMFRENTIAL SERRATIONS This roller is very effective at aligning substrates for in-feed operations. It allows materials to pass between rollers without being crushed. Menges custom-serrated rollers can be used in pairs and may be strung to eliminate wrapping-up of substrates where webs change direction. Groove and serration work is always enhanced by the proper rollcovering compound. Menges started out as a rollcovering house, so we understand the chemical, thermal and physical characteristics of today’s elastomers. We can cover your roller with any compound on the market today - rubber, silicon or urethane-based. Menges can also formulate custom compounds to meet specific requirements. In addition to rubber web spreaders, we make aluminum herringbone web spreaders. Rollcovering for Results Faster Linespeeds Scrap & Waste Reduction Less Down-Time Improved Process & Product Quality We custom-made these roller cores, covered them with our Tiger Max thermal plastic urethane, and then grooved each to perform a specific material handling task. Special Options for Special Needs Acid & Alkali Resistant Compounds Anti-Static Treatments FDA Approved Applications These are for a flexible packaging customer. We made the shafts, covered in Hypalon 65 (durometer Shore A) and grooved with our Menges herringbone pattern.

Roll Crowning / Profiling - For Uniform Roller Contact, Contact Menges Roller For rollers used in nip and squeegee applications, crowning can be the single most important factor in determining performance. Crowning counters the effects of roller deflection, which is basically a slight bending in the rollers. In a typical nip system, roller ends tend to make tight contact and squeeze the web material tightly, while the middle section will have airspace or play. Figure 1 demonstrates this clearly. Negative Effects of Non-Crowned Rollers are Easy to See: Uneven distribution of adhesives between laminate layers Coatings are spread unevenly Poor web alignment Downtime is increased Rollcoverings wear-out quicker Machines have a shorter lifespan All these factors negatively effect product quality and your shop’s reputation...but Menges Roller can help! Figure 1 - Non-Crowned Rollers in Nipping System In a nipping or squeegee system, if rollers are not crowned, converters will see uneven contact and pressure, resulting in poor laminating and decreased product quality. Menges to the Rescue: Menges Roller utilizes specialized software tied to advanced machinery to creates the perfect parabolic profile. Specifying a roller’s crown must done cautiously - a few mils (.001”) can make a huge difference - and Menges Roller is uniquely qualified to handle this complex task for converters. To calculated the proper Cosine Curve, or diametric crown deficiency, we take a number of factors into consideration, including operating load, desired nip pressure, roller specifications and other relevant throughputs. Sometimes called “profiling,” crowning is a service few fabricators can fulfill and seldom with our degree of accuracy. Figure 2 - A Properly Crowned Rollers from Menges Although this illustration is exaggerated a bit to make the point, a crowned roller will have a parabolic arch, with the angle and size being determined by a range of factors Testing Your Roller’s Profile - Nip Impression Paper At Menges Roller, rollers are our lifeblood and passion, which is why we’ve developed products to enhance and measure the performance of rollers for the converting industry. Our Nip Impression Paper is a breakthrough product that allows operators to measure the “even-ness” of nip pressure. This special paper is inserted into your nipping crimp, where visible impressions are made to show areas of proper nip pressure or where contact is poor, indicating a need for profiling services. Available only from your Menges Roller Sales Engineer, this important product allows you to determine if rolls need to be crowned, reverse crowned, and in which portion of the roll. Balanced is Better Unbalanced rollers can cause damage to bearings and machinery. In some cases, poorly-balanced rolls can damage substrate stock. Menges has invested heavily in sophisticated computer-interfaced alignment and balancing machines. Using this technology, every new roller is static and dynamically balanced, ensuring smooth and true functionality over long-term use. We do offer our balancing services as an ala-carte service, and we are happy to balance your existing rolls. You’ll see a decrease in vibrations, longer component life and a smoother flow of materials.

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