Private Banking and Wealth Management - BNP Paribas

Private Banking and Wealth Management - BNP Paribas

Private Banking

and Wealth


Private Banking and

Wealth Management

Discretionary Management

The BNP Paribas discretionary Management service is met

by objectives, in accordance with the investment profile

chosen with the client.

Advisory Services

• Advisory service agreement, wide range of products,

including all the mutual funds managed by BNP Paribas

Asset Management (Parvest, a Luxembourg SICAV with

a range of 71 sub funds) as well as other top performing

ones available on the market.

Our Private Asset Managers receive technical support from

our Advisory Desk, the private bank’s network of analysts

and advisers, who are specialists in individual securities of

entire markets. Our analysts monitor all major securities

issues and publish independent recommendations.

Structured Products

• Currency, interest rate, equity, fund linked

• Tailor made strategies

We make use of an extensive range of financial instruments,

based on derivatives and options to implement individual

strategies for private banking clients. These high value-added

products, which include structured products, derivatives,

and credit, satisfy a variety of objectives, such as preserving

capital and taking advantage of rising prices in the markets.

Lending Facilities

• Lending / leveraging against securities

• Loans for residential properties situated

in prime UK and French locations

Specialist Services

Real Estate

The Bank can offer personalised services, notably

“turnkey” assistance for all types of transactions,

particularly in Paris and on the French Riviera.

Also our subsidiary, Agri France, offers clients

transaction information, advice and support, as well

as valuations and property management services for

vineyards, forests, farms, hunting and vacation properties.

Art Services

Our advisory experts help clients diversify their

assets through investments in works of art.

Our specialised staff assists them at all stages of

the decision making process, from seeking out

suitable pieces, quality evaluations and authentication,

to appraisals negotiation, information on tax and

customs issues, and restoration techniques.

Tax and Estate Planning

BNP Paribas Private Bank uses estate planning

techniques to help clients organise their assets

and optimise their mode of ownership and transference.

We also set up specific vehicles to address asset

ownership and transference issues, locally this is

through our Trust Corporation which is fully equipped

to provide the set up, administration, management

and provision of Trustees for Trusts, Managed

Companies and Corporate Trust Vehicles, as follows:

Private Trusts

Private Companies

• Mutual Funds (Trustee/Custodian Trustee)

• Charitable Trusts

• Pension Funds

• Special Purpose Companies

• Limited Partnerships

Our private bankers and trust administrators are

locally based, qualified and experienced in looking

after client assets and affairs. They are able to use

the extensive international network to match client

requirements and suggest solutions when required.

Nigel Draisey

Private Banking


+44 (0)1534 815282

Miles Le Cornu

General Manager

BNP Paribas Trust



+44 (0)1534 815311

BNP Paribas Jersey Branch

BNP Paribas Jersey Trust Corporation Limited

PO Box 158, BNP House, Anley Street, St Helier JE4 8RD

Telephone: +44 (0)1534 815200 Facsimile: +44 (0)1534 739279

BNP Paribas Fund Services Jersey Limited

PO Box 158, Dialogue House, Anley Street, St Helier JE2 3QE

Telephone: +44 (0)1534 709100 Facsimile: +44 (0)1534 709190

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