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Hope, faith and determination have brought this Eye on

Arbonne story to life. I would like to share my Arbonne story,

not to show the power of one, but to share the power of

a decision.

On December 22, 2004, my husband and I moved our little

family from Long Island, New York, to Wellington, Florida.

We sold our home and business that we had worked so hard

for, in order to purchase a chain of restaurants and start a

new life in South Florida. Well, plans change! My husband

quickly realized that we just could not do it. Not knowing a

soul (except for the real estate agent who sold us our home)

in Florida and not wanting to leave my small children to go

back to work, we had to make a decision.


c h r i s t i n a a r i a n a s

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Christina Arianas Region; Wellington, FL

With twin, 5-month-old babies and a 4-year-old little girl, I

felt like we had made the blunder of a lifetime. Feeling hopeless,

I cried and prayed, as we could not go back to our life

in New York because we had basically sold it all. Although

a nurse by trade, I desperately wanted to stay home with my

little baby boys. Then we got an answer: Several days after

Christmas my real estate agent, Lorraine Hernandez (my

soon-to-be sponsor) called me and asked if we had purchased

our restaurant business, and I told her not yet.

Lorraine invited me to take a look at a new business she was

doing and asked me to consider it before closing the deal on

our new business.

That evening, we went to see ENVP Susan Hutton, ENVP

Shannon Johnson and ENVP Sibley Gammon give a

Presentation. After hearing testimonials from these ladies and

learning about the income potential, I quickly realized I had

continued ...

Christina with husband, Peter Arianas, at a

business training.

Christina’s Why:

Daughter, Gianna and

twin baby boys, Stelios

and Elias.

success strategy:

Identify your ‘Why’ that is worth

fighting for and go for it! Do not

let anyone steal your dream.

found the solution to our dilemma. Arbonne represented not

having to get bank loans and being able to stay home with

my babies. All I had to do was work as hard as those successful

ladies who had spoken at that Presentation. The decision

was obvious, so I decided to make Arbonne my new

business. On the way home that night, I thanked Lorraine for

sharing the opportunity and told her I would build the business

and be successful.

Day after day, I would pick up Gianna, my 4-year-old, from

pre-school and take the boys, Stelios and Elias, in the stroller

and head to the mall. I needed to find people to share the

Arbonne opportunity with, and so I did. By extending my

hand in greeting at the playground and speaking to people

in my every day life, I built my contact list. People are truly

looking for an opportunity, if you only take the time to listen.

I attended every meeting offered by my upline that I could,

and I became a student of Arbonne.

Going to NTC 2005 Las Vegas solidified my decision.

Hearing ENVP Cecilia Stoll’s story and her determination

saved my life. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her

ability to fight for her dream, just as she empowered me to

fight for mine. I left NTC and made the decision to become a

RVP by the next NTC in St. Louis, 2006, and I did.

One of Arbonne’s greatest blessings in my life has been the

opportunity to meet some of the most wonderful people I have

ever had a chance to know. I have been fortunate in not only

building a successful Arbonne business, but also building

strong friendships. I have been blessed with a great team of

business partners, who I now consider great friends.

Christina’s Mercedes-Benz car presentation. L–R: AM Shawn Lindstrom; sponsor, Lorraine

Hernandez; Christina; ENVP Susan Hutton and dear friend, Consultant Claudie Merloff.

Christina with beloved sponsor,

Lorraine Hernandez, at her Mercedes-Benz car presentation.

To AM Shawn Lindstrom: Thank you for your love and shoulders,

as a friend and business partner. To DM Jennifer Rosa:

Thank you for all the many late nights at the diner dreaming

of what Arbonne could bring, along with my confidante and

sister-in-law, Soraya Del Valle.

To my entire team: Thank you for sharing your hopes and

dreams with me. To NVP Sherry Tautiva: Thank you for being

you. I appreciate your passion for this business. To NVP

Randee Howard and ENVP Susan Hutton: Your leadership

and dedication to Arbonne has been inspiring.

To my mother, Nellie Chavaria: You gave up so much of yourself

for your children. Thank you for all your sacrifices, and for

all your help with the kids, so I could focus on my goals.

To my dear husband, Peter: Thank you for all of the love and

support, and for believing in me on the days when I did not

believe in myself. But, most of all, thank you for giving me a

reason and a dream worth fighting for — our family.

Arbonne has been the raft in the storm for my family, and we

are thankful for the Arbonne opportunity and the leadership

that has guided us to a safe harbor.

Christina with wonderful teammates. TOP, L–R: Ursula Cuadra, Lisa

Cameron, Christina and Nicole Richard. BOTTOM, L–R: Winnie Jordan,

Michelle Sosa and Lind Tabasky.


The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.


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