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Dare to dream and work to win, for dreams can and do come true.

As children, we were used to dreaming. Then somewhere along the

way, we lost that precious ability. With Arbonne, the ability to dream

is restored because dreams really do come true!

ENVP Jennifer Simon had arranged for Dr. Celia Goodson to come

to Evansville to speak on the topic of wellness for women. After I heard

Dr. Goodson speak my whole life changed. I will forever be indebted

to her, and to Rayna Kolb for advertising the event. I was a nurse, but

I had never been exposed to all that I learned that day.

My first Arbonne product experience was with the Prolief Natural

Balancing Cream, followed by two additional product exposures.

After that, all I needed to know was what this company was all about

and how to sign on. On October 15, 2004, I signed up as a

Consultant just to get the discount. In November of 2004, I started

conducting my own wellness Presentations in an effort to help others.

In November, I also traveled to Nashville to learn more about the company.

When I looked around the room and noted the characteristics of

all the Consultants, and heard President Rita Davenport speak, I knew

I was in the right place. Rita said Arbonne was about being kind and

nice to others. The company was all about helping people,

promoting an environment of teamwork, sharing products that generated

amazing results, and offering others an opportunity that had the

potential to change their lives. I saw Arbonne as a business that would

potentially allow me to own my life.

r o s i e b r o w n

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Rosie Brown Region; Boonville, IN

Jennifer took me under her wing and taught me something new every

day. She supported me every step of the way, patiently answering my

thousands of questions. The leader sets the pace for his or her team.

Everybody on Jennifer’s team helped one another. It did not matter if

you were in the same leg or not. ERVP Stacey Shanks and NVP Yvette

Walts were especially supportive and kind to me.

Along the way, the most incredible people joined our team, and our

Region was born. My husband, Dave, created the name of our

Region’s theme, Natural Renewal, to reflect my personal transforma-

continued ...

Rosie and husband, Dave.

Rosie and sons, DM Aaron and DM-in-qualification Jason.

Rosie and granddaughter, Sierra and daughter, Jennifer.

success strategy:

Keep your focus on helping

other people to succeed.

tion and describe our team’s mission. I am an RVP today only because

of Dave’s help and support. He took care of our home while I worked

my full-time J.O.B. by day, and my Arbonne business at night and on

weekends. Everyone told me we would work hard for a season so we

could enjoy the rest of our lives. It was hard, but worth it. It is our season

now, Dave. Thank you for all your sacrifices and support.

Every single Consultant, DM and AM on our team contributed to the

birth of our Region. I owe it all to them for their dedication, care and

concern for other people. I am so blessed to work with such wonderful

men and women of high integrity. We worked so hard, reminding

each other that we, too, would make it to the top!

On January 1, 2005, I became a District Manager. On March 1,

2005, I promoted to Area Manager. Then I stalled through a long

pregnancy … nine months as Area Manager. It was a time of learning

and growth for me and our team. ERVP Connie Howard made our

lives so much easier in the fall of 2005 by teaching us to lead with her

business plan. Connie, we will be forever grateful to you!

At NTC 2005 Las Vegas, Jennifer gave me a laminated picture titled,

“This Mercedes-Benz is reserved for Rosie Brown.” I placed

that picture in my office. People would come by and ask, “Is

that your car?” I would say, “Uh-huh!” with outward confidence,

yet trembling inside.

Somewhere along the way, I decided to do what I had been taught

— to write down my goals. On my picture, I placed a large purple

note that said, “RVP, December 31, 2005.” Toward the end of

November 2005, we were at the same volume we closed in the previous

months. I had all but given up on the goal. Then, on the last day,

something magical happened. Our team volume doubled … a true

miracle. The angels were watching over us, showing us the way. In

December, our numbers were not there. Just before Christmas, with

tears in my eyes, I sent a message out to the team telling them to

Rosie and ENVP Jennifer Simon, ENVP Cheryl Kemp, AM Sheila

Woodall, DM Celia Goodson and NVP Yvette Walts.

Rosie with DM Karla Hatfield, DM Kelly Pennington, EAM Karla Wingo, EDM Tiffany

Moss, ERVP Stacey Shanks, ENVP Jennifer Simon and EDM Carol Lundy at NTC 2005

Las Vegas.

remember what was important this time of the year — friends and family.

At Christmas break, I took my picture home and displayed it in my

kitchen. However, on Christmas Day, I put it away. I was ashamed.

I did not want my family to see it. Then after Christmas, Jennifer called

me on the way home from Nashville to inquire about our WebStats.

She followed up with an e-mail titled, “You can do this!” I reflected on

her words a few minutes, dug out my picture, and then sent an e-mail

to our team titled, “We can do this!” The rest is history … another

miracle, the miracle of our team.

Our incredible team put me behind the wheel of that white Mercedes-

Benz convertible. The car is wonderful, but the real gift is the ability to

replace my corporate job with the freedom to work from home.

I want to thank all of the leaders in our Region, DMs, Kelly Pennington,

Karla Crowder, Libby Ketchem, Dr. Jeff James, Julie Kruse, Aaron

Conger, Chris Dewig and Sherri Moll; EDMs, Lisa Williams, Tiffany

Moss and Cindy Helfrich; AMs-in-qualification Sandy Pfister, Dr.

Penny Ploch, Sara Fischer and Carol Lundy; and AMs Tammie Dewig,

Cheeba Sobotka and Marie Stone. I cannot wait for the day that I see

each of you behind the wheel of your own white Mercedes-Benz!

I intend to spend the rest of my life sharing the gift of Arbonne with

others and encouraging others to dream. See you at the top!

Rosie and some of the Natural Renewal team at

Recognition Night.


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Rosie and ENVP Jennifer Simon at

Recognition Night.


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