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December 2008

My top 6 album

releases this year:

6. Bulletfor My Valentine:

Scream, Aim, Fire.

January 29, 2008. Power

ballads, insane solos,and

head-bang-able tempos

put these guys towards

the top of my list; plus,

the main title pays tribute

to the psychological

challenges our troops in

Iraq face every day.

Smart AND easy to mosh

to? Yes.

5. Dragonforce: Ultra

Beatdown. August 26,

2008. Whether or not

people think their lead

vocalist's voice is metalworthy,

Dragonforce' s

all-star guitarists can simply

rip anybody's face off

with their unimaginably

superb solos.

4. AC/DC: Black Ice.

October 21, 2008.

AC/DC does and always

will be the epitome of

Rock n Roll as well as

Metal. This much anticipated

release shocked

the world yet again with

AC/DC's thunder from

down under.

3. Metallica: Death

Magnetic. September 12,

2008.It almost never gets

much better than

Metallica. Even though

they've mellowed down

a bit in this album, they

stillrock my chart.

2. Disturbed:

Indestructible. June 2,

2008. Disturbed: enough

said. This album has an

updated sound similar to

their first album, The

Sickness,but with better

quality and guitar ripping


Best of this Year

1. Slipknot: All Hope is

Gone. August 20, 2008.

All Hope is Gone ...for

every other metal band. I

at first thought that this

album would be even

mellower than their last

album, Vol. 3: The

Subliminal Verses, but I

guess someone did

something to Slipknot to

make them angry little

cupcakes again,

because this album kicks

and punches almost

every bit as much as

Iowa and their self-titled

debut. With my simplistic

review of this album

shared, metal heads

everywhere should go

check it out. and rock

out to their hearts' content.

My top show of 2008

goes to ...

The always, typically,

and most likely entertaining

bands Slipknot.

Disturbed, Dragonforce,

and Five Finger Death

Punch, who were the

headlining bands of this

year's Rockstar Energy's

"Mayhem Tour" during

the summer which,

thankfully, showed at

Fiddler's Green

Amphitheatre in our very

own Denver, Colorado.

My top picks for up and

coming bands:

1.Job for a Cowboy. All I

can say is to just check

them out. even though

few can interpret what

the lead singer is saying,

they sound great.

2. Brother Von Doom.

When a band that hasn't

~~ __." •• r"'~ ••


Get Smart

been around for very

long gets signed to

Deathcote Records and

even gets advertised on

TV, they have to be

good. BrotherVon Doom

does not disappoint.

3. Don the Reader. Same

situation of Brother Von

Doom, even the same

record company, but

they just do not cut it as

close as Brother Von

Doom does.

4. Carpathian Forest.

They have been around

for a while, but they are

stillcoming up and have

quite a ways to go. Even

though some of their

songs are not even

vocalized in English,they

sure do sound good.

My top special DVD

release of 2008:

My "Stage Attire" awards

of 2008go to ...

1. Adam Dutkiewicz of


2. Dave Brockie (a.k.a.

Oderus Urungus) of


3. Angus Young of


4. SidWilsonof Slipknot

Bryan Marsh

Staff Reporter

Movie Review

Get Smart is a

laugh out loud

comedy that is

good for audiences thirteen

and older. It features

Steve Carell as

agent Maxwell Smart

who is called to duty

when the agency's normal

agents become discovered

and are assassinated

one by one.

Maxwell Smart is teamed

up with Agent 99 played

by Anne Hathaway who

has trouble trusting partnersafter

her last partnership

ended with her having

to get plastic surgery

to remain unknown.

Thismovie is full of

Kori Pothour


Roadrunner United: The

All-Star Sessions: The

Concert DVD featuring

such artists as Joey

Jordinson, Paul Gray,

James Root. and Corey

Taylor of Slipknot; all of Grace

the present members of

Killswitch Engage-except

Adam Dutkiewicz-as well

as the return of ex-lead

vocalist Jesse Leech; as

well as other "all stars" of

other Roadrunner


witty comedy and great

humor. Maxwell Smart

has to learn how to gain

the trust of Agent 99 and

also over the power,

strength, and knowledge

of Agent 86(Dwain

Johnson), who turns out

to be a double agent.

trying to destroy the


Iwould give thismovie

four out of five stars

because of Carell's wittiness

and the overall

great plot throughout the

entire movie. Hathaway

and Carell turn out to be

a great couple on the

movie set and will keep

the audience laughing

through every scene.



Book Review

The adventures of The

Spiderwick Chronicles

began with a letter

that was left at a small

bookstore for authors

Tony DiTerlizziand Holly

Black. Never would they

have imagined the

amazing journeys Jared,

Simon, and Mallory

take, all starting

with moving into their

new, but dilapidated,


Aunt Lucinda has

been sent to an asylum,

their father has decided

to move out. and their

mother is nothing but

unhappy all the time - so

far the Grace children

have not had a good

move. With their father

gone and Aunt Lucinda's

house vacant. the Grace

family moves to the run

down Spiderwick Manor

with nothing to look forward

to, until Jared, his

twin brother Simon, and

older sister Mallory discover

something mysterious

going on in the walls

of their new home. After

finding a book, The Field

Guide, filled with stories

and illustrationsof fairies,

unicorns, and monsters,

the three Grace siblings

are in for nothing but

trouble. Jared, Simon,

Mallory and their new

found friend Thimbletack,

the house brownie, go on

amazing adventures and

soon find out the fate of

the world isin their hands.

DiTerlizzi and

Holly's five books, The

Field Guide, The Seeing

Stone, Lucinda's Secret.

The Ironwood Tree, and

The Wrath of Mulgrath

take reader's on a wild

ride meeting fairies,

elves, boggarts, and

even goblins. These five

outstanding books make

up The Spiderwick

Chronicles, a story worth

reading at any age.



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The holiday season is

approaching quickly

and before we know

it Christmas and New

Year's will be long gone.

What we've got on our

minds for this month are

the best ways to keep

you and your significant

other happy during the

busy holiday vacation.

Time flies and we

truly understand what it

means to be completely

drowned in homework

and extra curricular

activities. Three weeks of

freedom will be great for

you to get some alone

time and also some

down time with that love

of yours, but how do you

make time for both? It's


Start off by getting

together and talking

about plans for the

break. You and your significant

other will most

likely have set plans with

the family and can work

around those times.

Instead of trying to spend

every single day together

work out some days both

of you have free time to

grab a quick lunch or

head out to the movies.

Compromising is the key

- even though we know

how hard that can be.

Give each other enough

time to see friends or just

have some time to yourself

for relaxation and

getting over the stresses

of school.

Unless you've

already got something

planned together for

Christmasday, try picking

a day before or after the

25th and set it aside just

for you two. Exchange

gifts with one another

and have a special dinner;

thiswill take the stress

off of being surrounded

by family members and

trying to keep track of

your mate at the same


The holiday season

isa wonderful time to

get closer to one another

and reconnect with yourself

- be sure to make

time for both. We hope

that you all have a wonderful

Christmas and

bring in a great New

Year. See you in January!

"Above all, be

true to yourself,

and if you cannot

put your

heart in it, take

yourself out of it."

-Unknown Author

, , I'm just playing

because my parents

are making me!"

"Well, my friends are

playing, so I'm going to

too." "I don't want to go

to practice ..." These are

common phrases heard

everyday by athletic

players. There is something

wrong with this picture.

Are sports not meant

to be played for fun of

the game? Should they

not be enjoyable? Really,

if a person does not want

to participate in a sport

for his/her benefit, then

there isno reason to play

that sport at all. Many

outside factors seem to

affect the "desires" of


A friend, for example

is one reason some

choose to playa sport. If

a close friend isplaying a

sport, it iseasy for him/her

to convince another to

play the sport as well. The

friend who wants to play

can give reasonssuch as:

"It will be so much fun."

"Oh, come on, we get

out of school more." Or

"Hey, at least it is a way

to stay in shape." Yes, I

do agree that staying in

shape is a good thing,

but not with the given

motives behind the issue.

A sport is meant to be

enjoyed and looked forward

to. If there is no

desire behind the eyes of

the beholder, then there

is no need to place oneself

into the position of


On the flipside, a student

who chooses not to

play sports can also persuade

his or her friends

not to playas well. The

student who does not

play sports can give

excuses and reasons as

to why playing the sport

would be bad, like: "Only

losersplay that sport." Or

"you will never get to

play anyways, you suck."

The way these excuses

are used are degrading

and quickly change the

minds of others.

Another reason that

students tend to play

sports is because their

parents insist upon it. I

can understand that parents

want their children

to stay active, but if a

sport is forced upon a

student, then it isa waste

of everyone's time. All

the parents will hear is

complaining; other, more

dedicated athletes will

missout on playing time

that the "unwilling" student

will take up; and the

coach of the given sport

will spend time teaching

someone who is not willing

to learn with an open


The last reason why

some choose to play

sports is simply because

they are expected to. A

last name or a parent or

a sibling who was good

at a sport can make

playing a sport very hard

to turn down. If the

younger sibling did not

playa certain sport, then

everyday he or she

would hear about it in

one form or another.

They may receive dirty

looks, confused glances,

or even hurtful remarks.

Thingslikethat can simply

make playing the given

sport a lot easier.

When making the

decision to play a sport

or not, let the decision be

your own. For those who

try to convince others,

STOP! It is nobody's

choice but the individual

deciding whether or not

to play. Do not let outside

influences or opinions

aid in the choices

that need to be made.

"A man who

does not think for

himself does not

think at all."

-Oscar Wilde

To Mr. Roger's

To 8th grade artists,


To vending

To the last hour art

To underclassmen for

awesome magic Dakota lewis, Erin machines

class for taking care of

standing in the halltricks

he shows

Bauer, and Emilv

being turned off

the flag everv dav

wavs blocking them

the senior class

during the morning

bv the front office


Perona, showcased • all the time

To Mathew Aguilera,


To earlv To Rvan DeasV,lach •





Bailev Bair, Beckv release Garner, Carlos Morales,

To the price

Estes, and Sheleana davson Jalisa Crapo, and Angela of pop being To having

Mangum for being Fridavs Goodman for being • raised to school all

selected for Junior

selected for High School

$1.25 five davs a

High Honor Band

As compiled by: Megan Claybrook Honor Choir week




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December 2008

Tanner Parmely

Staff Reporter

The six weeks

between November

and Christmas break

seem like an ample

amount of time, but the

interval flies by relatively

fast. The short weeks,

Thanksgiving break, and

testing days make the

weeks go by quickly for

most students. With time

rushing by, students

sometimes find it hard to

keep everything in line.

Stressstartsto become a

large factor.

"-mlllI __


Students Stress Out Due to Midterms

Second-Graders Perform Thanksgiving Play

Brooke Emond

Staff Reporter

The second-graders

have once again

become pilgrimsand

Native Americans. They

showed the audience

what it islike to be thankful

and caring and how

to share with others.

While preparing for this

play, the students made

their own costumes,

drums, placemats, and

Tanner Parmely

Staff Reporter

Grades, for instance,

cause many students

stress. If a student

receives a bad grade in

the beginning of the

quarter, then it is much

harder for him to pull the

grades back up by the

end of the first semester.

Studentsgo one hundred

miles per hour, twenty

four hoursa day trying to

accomplish all of their

tasks.It isno wonder they

are always so tired when

school time comes on

Monday morning.

A second item that

gives thistime of the year

more complications is

the beginning of fall

sports. Practice starts,

and that takes up a lot of

the athletes' time and

energy. Plus,the beginning

of a sport always

means a lot of conditioning,

and the last thing on

a student's mind when

he or she gets home is

homework. With fighting

to sit and stand because

of sore muscles, the

thoughts are more along

the linesof "shower, eat,

and then sleep."

Lastly,the item that

thwarts a student's mind

thankful bag; memorized songs and poems because the students graders were very excittheir

parts; learned the accompanied by Miss had to identify North ed about the outcome

songs and poems; and Crystal Miller. The stu- America, the Atlantic of their hard work and

baked all the pies,sweet- dents' various Ocean, and England; enjoyed the entire

breads, and cookies. Thanksgiving artwork part reading because process of preparing for

They also sent out all of covered all the tables. the children wrote a the play. Between makthe

invitations. This play tied in "thankful story" to recite ing costumes and

During the presen- with the students' learn- to their parents, in the desserts and learning

tation of the play, the ing by mixing in all of their processgoing through all lines and writing poems,

children recited a 1620 studies. It was part social the steps of writing; and these hard-working elepoem;

a Thanksgiving studies and history part math because they mentary students

poem; a Harvest Feast because it taught the had to use measure- learned a lot about

play, which was a children about the pi1- ments in baking the Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving around the grims and their culture; desserts.

World; and performed 16 part geography The

Jamie Nordyke Wins

Creed Speaking

Two freshmen contestants

from the Wiley

FFA organization will

be sent on to the district

creed speaking contest.

Thetwo studentswith the

honor of attending districts

are Jamie Nordyke

and ErikaRagland.

The annual Creed

Speaking contest commenced

on November

6th in the Wiley High

School gymnasium.

Medal winners are as follows:

Gold winners were,

in no particular order,

Jamie Nordyke, Erika

Ragland, Kacey Wells,

and Grady Rogers;silver

winnerswere ChrisTurner,

Taylin Spitzer, Codey

Smith and Anthony Cruz;

and bronze winnerswere

Alex Mullins,Omar Ayala,

Adam Sanchez, and

Jamie Nordyke delivers her winning

speech at the FFA Creed


Aaron Goodman.

Reciting the creed is

a well-known tradition. It

has been done by every

freshman wanting to join

FFA since 1936 when it

was written by EMTiffany.

Saying the creed is a

requirement for all freshmen

FFA members in

order to become a

member of the organiza

tion and to receive their

Greenhand Degrees.

Mr. Ben Weber was

very pleased with the

creed this year. He says

that the "freshmen did

an excellent job, and all

FFAmembers did a very

good job on wearing official


the most during midterm

time is the actual studying

for midterm exams.

Not all teachers give

midterms, but the ones

that do definitely do not

make them a piece of

cake. There is a lot of

information to be covered

and not a lot of

time to review that information.

It is also hard for

students to decipher

what information will be

on the test and what

information will be

excluded. Trying to

decide what students

should and should not

Erik Biggers

Staff Reporter


to know for the test

isvery stressful.

With all these things

piling on top of students'

shoulders,it iseasy to see

why they have so much

stress. Between school

work, sports, and definitely

not enough time, it

ishard for students to get

their priorities straight.

Students should do the

following to get through

this time with minimal

stress: keep the grades

up throughout the quarter,

keep priorities

straight, and keep from

falling asleep in class.

The district range judging

contest, where

the participants were

required to evaluate

what type of plant life is

present at a given site,

was held near Pritchett.

The Wiley FFA team

placed second overall,

with sophomores Jodi

States and Preston

Claybrook placing first

and third respectively. At

the state range judging

competition, the team

received lOth place

overall, and Jodi States

earned silver.

The freshman participating

in FFA also

competed in a judging

FFA Judges


event near Springfield in

which they had to evaluate

horses. Some of the

characteristics used to

judge each horse included

the body structure of

each horse, the way

each horse walked and

trotted, and the way

each horse handled

while being ridden. The

team finished with 1st

place overall, with Jamie

Nordyke taking firstplace


All of the participants

put a lot of time

into learning the components

of judging both

horses and range. Mr.

Weber, FFAadvisor, was

very pleased with the

performance of every


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December 2008

~~ __." •• r ..•.. ~II


Odds & Ends

Brooke Emond

Staff Reporter

This Month's Top Ten:

Christmas Gifts for Her

10. An eternity necklace

is perfect to give her to

show her that you want

to be with her forever.

She will love it, and it will

definitely make you look


9. They best way to say "I

love you!" has always

been a promise ring.

8. If you cannot think of

something nicer, get her

a teddy bear or some

other stuffed animal.

They never go out of

style, and she will love it,

especially if you spray it

with some of your


7. If she tells you something

she wants, REMEM-

BERIT!Get it for her when

you are not with her and

give that to her for

Christmas. She will definitely

love it because it is

what she wanted and

you did not forget that

she wanted it.

6. Get a gift that would

go good for both of you,

like matching shirts or

hats. There are so many

his/her gifts that make it

easy to shop for the perfect


5. Theeasiestthing to get

her is probably her

favorite perfume. If you

cannot remember what

that is, shop around and

find the scent that you

want her to wear. Shewill

definitely like wearing it

because it is from you,

and you will enjoy being

with her when she wears

it because it came from

you and you picked it


4. Take her shopping. She

will light up because guys

never take their girls out

shopping. Come on

guys, take her out this

once-it isChristmas!

3. Pets always make

great gifts too. Girls love

fuzzy baby animals,

especially puppies and

kittens.Theylast for years,

and she will not forget

that you gave her that

one special pet.

2. Make her a card. DO


her a card, you show

that you actually put in

the effort of coming up

with something that tells

her how you feel and

how to make it look

good. It will show how

much you care.

1. YOU! Put yourself in a

giant box and pop out of

it when she opens the

box. Yeah, it is cheesy,

but she will think it iscute;

but make sure that you

have another gift or she

will know that you do not

have a vast imagination.

Bryan Marsh's

~ Ti.ddes f\\T Pidde

Thanksgiving, in

my opinion is the best

holiday we celebrate,

for two reasons. Firstit is

the only holiday where

over-eating is encouraged,

and second it is

not rude to unbutton

your jeans after you

have finished eating. I

would have to say that

my favorite dish at

thanksgiving, besides

the turkey, is stuffing,

and my family isalways

sure to do thanksgiving


We usually start

thanksgiving around

two in the afternoon; I

usually do not eat a

meal until the feast

begins so that I have

room to eat as much

as possible. We begin

the meal with the

appetizers- pickles,

peppers, vegetables,

whatever isstillgrowing

in the garden basically.

After all these have

been passed around

the table once or

twice, we finally break

into the actual meal.

Our family has a pot

luck thanksgiving,

where everyone who

comes to eat brings

one dish, and my fami-

Iy cooks the turkey.

The meal usually

consistsof sweet potatoes,

covered in marshmellows;

delicious stuffing;

and to top it all off,

the scrumptious turkey.

I am not trying to

boast, but I would

vouch that my family's

thanksgiving is probably

the best time of

year. Soif you are lucky

enough to get invited

to the Marsh family

thanksgiving, I would

suggest for you not to


"The Venus fly trap book." "We want you to look

like...YOU!" "She is not short...she is vertically challenged."

"I am so done with him. It isover!" "You had

the little wings on." "Whoa! Are you a mannequin?!"

"When girls say 'Hold my purse' it's humiliating!"

"Male is the wildest animal ever!" "She has super

absorbent hair." "Roger, we have a problem ...1

meant Houston."

As compiled

by: Megan Claybrook

National Drug and Drugged Driver

Prevention Month

December 1- World AIDS Day

December 6- St. Nicholas Day

December 7, 1941- Japan Bombs Pearl


December 7, 1969- "Frosty the Snowman"

first aires

December 10- Annual Presentation of the

Nobel Prizes

December 16, 1773- Boston Tea Party

December 17, 1903- Wright Brothers Make

FirstPowered Flight

December 18, 1966- "How the Grinch

Stole Christmas" is released

December 21, 1620- Pilgrims land at

Plymouth, Massachusetts



25- Christmas Day

31- New Year' Eve

As compiled


by: Erik Biggers


Lemon Snowball Cookies


2 sticksbutter

1/3 cup granulated sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 teaspoon lemon extract

2 cup flour


1 cup powdered sugar

1/2 teaspoons Kool-Aid lemonade unsweetened

drink mix powder

(mix these together in a bowl)


Cream butter, sugar and flavorings. Add flour and

mix until a dough forms.

Rollinto 1" balls and bake 1" apart on ungreased

cookie sheet at 350°F degrees for 15-18 minutes

(they won't be brown on top!).

While cookies are warm, toss them in the lemon

powdered sugar mixture and put on a plate to cool.

Makes about 3 dozen melt-in-your-mouth cookies.

6page •••••••••

December 2008

Be Blackout Prepared

Everyday Electricity which will leave every- ing a blackout? Thisis a

Ryan Fisher

one in the dark.

very simple thing to fix; a

There are a couple

easy ways to help ple of board games will

deck of cards or a cou-

Electricity is something

all people use someone in the likelihood help. For the heating

everyday, whether of a blackout. Firstof all, problem, everyone

people want to or not. It having some things in the should have extra blankets

and heavy clothes

has simply become a house that do not run on

way of life. However, electricity isa great start. on hand.

what happens if people Candles, flashlights,even With all the use of

have a blackout and matches can help during electricity, it is a wonder

someone does not know a blackout.

that people could do

what to do because the Some other things anything before it was

electricity isout? a person can do to make invented. It istruly a miracle,

that electricity was

When might the house more blackout

someone have a blackout

isa good question. In propane to cook with Using all of these tips to

friendly include having even invented at all.

Southeastern Colorado during a blackout, such help during a blackout

blizzards,ice storms,and as a barbeque grill or a will make people more

high winds might take turkey fryer.

aware and lessdependent

on electricity.

out power lines or even What happens if

snap them completely, someone gets bored dur-

The Panther Tale

Editorial Policy

and compelling.

Letters to the editor

should be limited to 300 words

and directed to The Panther

Tale % Wiley High School Box

247, Wiley, CO 81092.

Columnists express

their own views, not necessarily

those of the entire staff, the

advisor, or the administration.

No expression made by the

staff members shall be considered

an expression of Board or

administration policy.

Furthermore, Wiley

School District and its employees

are immune from any civil

or criminal action based on any

expression made or published

by the students.

The Panther Tale

reserves the right to edit anything

it publishes.


December 3rd, 4th, 5th

Two-Shot Goose Hunt

Friday, December 5th

Lamar Parade of Lights

. Monday, December 8th

Wiley School Christmas Concert

Thursday, December 18th

Last Day of 1st Semester

December 18th, 19th, 20th

Holiday Basketball Tournament

Ryan Fisher

Staff Reporter

.....mllil ••


Keep In Shape

Over Break

One problem a lot

of students have

isstaying in shape

over Christmas break;

most simply want a nice

break from school. Here

are some tips to help

keep in shape. Running

just a simple mile everyday

will keep a person in

great shape.

There are always

things to do no matter

where a student is.Some

simple things to do are

crunches and push-ups.

By following these

simple steps and taking a

little time out of every

In the September issue Millspaugh also had the

day, a person can easily

The Wiley High School of The Panther Tale, an opportunity to publish a

stay in shape and not

Panther Tale is a student news article was printed poem. The Panther Tale

have to worry about getting

out of shape during

publication which strives to• which listed the names of staff was unaware of this

report school and community junior high students who opportunity at the time of

events with truth, accuracy,

had the opportunity to the firstarticle.

objectivity, and clarity.

The purposes of this publish poems through a Millspaugh's

publication are to report the.Creative

poem "Down By the

news to the community, to provide

the community with a pubtest.

The poems had The America Library of

Communications con-

Ditch" was entered into

lic forum for thoughtful discussion

and debate, and to provide

been written at the end Poetry 2008 Student

of last year for an English Poetry Contest. Through

the journalism students with

practical journalism experience. assignment.

this contest, Millspaugh

Letters to the editor are In addition to has the honor of publishing

her poem in a book

welcome. They should be these students, eighth

signed and include a home grader

Jessica entitled Brilliance.

phone number. The writer's

name will be held upon request,

proved that the editor agrees Don't Forget!

that the reasons for withholding

a name are valid


Most students say

they do not have the

energy or do not have

time to exercise. A person

can always make

time for exercise. Eating

lots of little meals high in

carbohydrates and lower

in fats instead of two or

three big meals will

greatly increase one's

energy. By following

these tips, the entire

team will be in great

shape for the sports season.

Students, who say

they do not have time for

exercise or just want to

relax on their time away

from school, should just

think about this: does he

or she want extra work

when he or she comes

back to school?



~~ __• r ..•.. ~II __ 1


December 2008

Erik Biggers & Ryan Fisher's

Sport Spotl ight

Characteristics of a Good

High School Athlete

Erik Biggers

Staff Reporter

Alot of high seheel

students play

sports simply

because someon else

told them to or because

they feel that they are

expected to play.

However, many a hletes

participate in sports

because they en oy it.

Thesestudents put in the

time and effo t to

become good ath etes.

The first


December 2008


~~ __• r ..•.. ~II

Athlete Spotlight




Wi nter Sport: Basketball

Goals: Go furtherthan lastyear,

a lot further.

Position: Guard

What I do to prepare:

Sacrifice a chicken

Favorite Drill: WaterBreak

Favorite Sport: Baseball

My Hero: ShaunWhite

The Buzzer Has Sounded

Tanner Parmely

Staff Reporter

Bryan Marsh

The high school girls

endured their first

basketball practice

of the year and are en

route to their coming

season. The first week of

practice was good, and

the girlsare working hard

and showing improvement.

Conditioning has

been a high priority, and

upperclassmen have

shown good leadership.

Coach Dunning has

commented that the

energy has been high

throughout as well.

With the first games

coming quickly, Dunning

says, "We have a good

nucleus of girls returning

from last year. I am looking

for them to pick up

quickly where we left off.

Combining the upperclassmen

with the freshmen,

who have a good

background of basketball

in junior high, I am

looking for this group to

be strong, show improvement

throughout the

season, and be playing

our best basketball by


Thisyear the team has

dropped down to 1A.

The drop brings a new

district and a new set of

competition for the

Panther season.

"We are in a strong

district. Kim,South Baca,

Springfield, and Holly will

all be strong district

teams. Walsh had a

good, young group that

JH Girls Hoops


Staff Reporter

The Wiley junior high

basketball girlsbegan

the season again

under the reigns of head

coach, Michelle

Wallace. Wallace isassisted

again this year by

Shea Reinhart. Twentyfive

girlswill be playing for

Wallace this year as they

look to accomplish their

goal of winning more

games than they lose

and mastering the press.

The girls have

already played two

games, beating

McClave and then losing

to Holly. Wallace stated,

"You get out of it only

what you put in!"

The girl's upcoming

schedule includes a

game against Springfield,

Eads,and Holly.Then the

girls will make a trip to

Granada to play the

Bobcats. Their last

December game will be

played against Walsh in


will be improved this season.

We have a very

competitive schedule.

The Christmas tournament

will be full of great

teams," says Dunning,

addressing the issue of

the new district.

Other teams that are

not involved in our district

as well will be good competition


Dunning: "Tough non-district

games against

McClave, Eads, Kit

Carson, and others

should have us prepared

for district play."

With practice, workout

sessions,and upcoming

games commencing,

it appears that the girls

are ready for the long

basketball road ahead

of them.

Brooke Emond

Staff Reporter


Winter Sport: Basketball

Goals: Makeit to statetournament

Position: Guard

What I do to prepare: Listento Ipod

Favorite Drill: 3-manweave

Favorite Sport: Volleyball

My Hero: Stormfrom X-men

Boys Basketball

Gets Underway

Erik Biggers Paintin, Corey Bair,

Staff Reporter

Chase Bair,Brian Herrera,

Erik Biggers, and Dylan

The high school boys Specht. The boys will be

basketball team anchored by seven seniors,

including Raul

has began practice

and is expecting a successful

season. The team Paintin, Herrera,

Pineda, C. Bair, Ch. Bair,

only lost two seniors and Emmanuel Macias, and

is bringing back a strong Ryan Deasy.

lineup to the approaching


match up with

The boys will

Looking forward to Cheyenne Wells on

the season to come, junior

Dylan Specht comments,

"Practice is going

good so far, and if we

work to our potentials, we

will achieve greatness."

The team will

return six of last year's

varsity players-Joe

December 5. The team

will also begin the season

with a tournament in

Crowley County on

December 12-13, followed

by the Holiday

Basketball Tournament

on December 18-20.

LJ High Tigersharks

Dive Into Action

Swimming with the La

Junta Tigersharks is

freshman Kacey

Wells. She drives to La

Junta High School every

afternoon to join the

team in practice. Coach

Marty Roberson is allowing

Wellsto start practice

when she arrives at the

pool and finish when she

has completed the workout,

usually after everyone


"I'm super excited

because my whole life

revolves around swimming

and being able to

swim for high school islike

a dream come true,"


The Tigersharkshave

two workouts that they

must complete-a thirty

minute dry-land workout

and a thirty minute water

workout. Wells has to do

800 to 1000crunches per

day, and her water workout

consists of swimming

drills,sprints,and practicing

her events. Also, part

of her water workout is

doing verticals in the

water-treading water

with her hands above her


Some of her events

include the 100m breaststroke,

the 400m breaststroke

relay, the 50m

freestyle, and maybe the

100m freestyle. Her time

in the 100m breaststroke

isa 1.18.37;a 28.01in the

50m freestyle; and a

1.05.42 in the 100m


With between 16and

20 girlson the team, Wells

is still fairly confident that

she will make the varsity


" ••• 1 think I will make it

because I have some of

the fastest times and I'm

already doing the varsity

workout," were her

thoughts about

the team.


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