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Trips and


PHOTO: Steve McCurry


training your camera lens

on the sinuous lines of a Saharan

dune or street performers in action

in New York City, and stopping

before you shoot to ask

advice from a National

Geographic photographer.

This is the beauty of photography trips and workshops with

National Geographic: you have real-time access to some of the

world’s best photographers in the classroom or in the field.

Get focused during a weekend or weeklong photography workshop

led by a top photographer, building your skills through in-depth,

classroom-based instruction and daily assignments in the field.

See the world through the eyes of our photographers, learning

tips and techniques as you frame wildlife in the Galápagos on a

photo expedition, or hike Tuscany’s hills on a photo adventure.

Or take part in one of our one-day photo seminars, held in cities

throughout the U.S. All of our photography programs are designed

for amateurs and photo enthusiasts who seek to develop their

artistic vision and digital photography skills.

Photography and National Geographic have long gone hand in

hand. Now there are more ways than ever for you to hone your

photo skills with our top photographers. Just look at some of

the opportunities that await you and your camera…


PHOTO: Michael Yamashita

PHOTO: Jay Dickman

PHOTO: Bob Krist

PHOTO: Michael Melford

“This was truly an awesome experience that I would

highly recommend to anyone seeking to improve

their skills…what a rare privilege it was to work

with a master like Jay Dickman. Learning from him

is like taking a sip from a fire hose!”

— Dave Munoz, Santa Fe Photography Workshop participant


PHOTO: Ralph Lee Hopkins


PHOTO: Nevada Wier

National Geographic Photo Trips

Take your camera on the road, capturing new perspectives of

picturesque parts of the world alongside a National Geographic photographer.

You’ll learn tips and techniques as you explore, whether you

join us on a photo expedition to the Galápagos or Morocco, or choose

an active photo adventure in Tuscany or Namibia. Our photo trips are

designed for photographers of all levels.

National Geographic Photo Workshops

Weeklong Workshops: Our seven-day photography workshops offer

in-depth, hands-on instruction by a National Geographic photographer and

a professional instructor. Practice new techniques on daily shoots, spend

time in the classroom editing and critiquing your images, and see a visually

rich place like Paris or Santa Fe through the eyes of a top photographer.

Weekend Workshops: Our shorter photography workshops

stretch over a long weekend and include hands-on instruction by a

National Geographic photographer and a professional instructor with

guidance, critique sessions, and photo assignments in the field built

into each day’s schedule.

National Geographic Traveler

Photo Seminars

One-day photography seminars will teach you the techniques

of photographing every type of subject, from landscapes and nature to

portraits and people. Held in more than a dozen cities throughout the

country, our photography seminars are taught by National Geographic’s

experts. All skill levels are welcome!

Photography Trips Offered in 2014:

Weeklong Workshops Offered in 2014:

Weekend Workshops Offered in 2014:

Photography Seminars Offered in 2014:

• Galápagos

• China

• Scotland

• Mongolia

• Japan

• Morocco

• Turkey

• Namibia

• Tuscany

• Costa Rica

• Alaska

• and more!

Photo Trips begin at $5,495.

• Paris

• London

• Rome

• Wyoming’s Cowboy


Weeklong Workshops begin at $3,395.

We also offer a five-day photo workshop in Santa Fe beginning at $1,995.

• New York City

• San Francisco

• Seattle

• New Orleans

• Washington, D.C.

• Tucson

Weekend Workshops begin at $1,595.

• San Francisco

• Los Angeles

• New York City

• Washington, D.C.

• Seattle

• and more!

Photo Seminars begin at $110.

This is Your Shot

Join National Geographic’s online

photo community to share your best

photos and get tips and assignments

from National Geographic photo

editors. You could even see your shot

published in the magazine! Go to

To see detailed itineraries for all our photo trips

and workshops and learn about the photographers

who lead them, visit our website:

or call 1-888-966-8687

for information about all our photography programs.

“Our goal is not only to help you make

memorable photographs, but also to

help you see in a new way that can be

applied to your photography. What you

will achieve during our time together

is only the beginning; you will see your world with

a fresh perspective.”

— Sisse Brimberg and Cotton Coulson,

National Geographic photographers

and workshop experts

PHOTO: Ken Geiger

PHOTO: Tim Greenleaf

PHOTO: Eric Stoen



from the best

in the field.

PHOTO: Michael S. Nolan

Photography and National Geographic and

have long gone hand in hand. Now there

are more ways than ever to hone your skills

with our top photographers.

For more information about our photo programs and the photographers

who lead them, visit:

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