The Social Impact - Clann Credo

The Social Impact - Clann Credo

The Social Impact - Clann Credo


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The problem: families that are homeless

The damage done by homelessness

• What are our solutions?

The social impact of that solution

What is the problem?

• Homeless families accommodated in ‘temporary’

emergency accommodation for long periods

• Generally poor quality, no social support

• Local Authorities don’t have permanent homes to

move families to

• Approx 140 families, approx 4 new per week

• Accommodation privately owned & expensive

What is the social impact?

The longer people are homeless, the longer they are

likely to remain homeless

• It damages mental & physical health, wellbeing

Impact on children

– Educational disadvantage

– Behavioural problems

– Increases risk of homelessness in adulthood

• A childhood lost

What Focus Ireland brings

• Focus Ireland has experience & competency in

working with families:

– almost 500 families & 400 children in 2012

– 13 units of supported accommodation for high

needs families

• Worked since 2012 on ‘rapid intervention’ for newly

presenting families (7 to 18 per month)

• Objective to move Families into Long-term Housing

with appropriate supports

The Social Impact Project

• Work with the existing 140 families in Private

Emergency Accommodation

• A 30 month project to support them into mainstream

(social or private rented) housing

• End the need for Private Emergency

Accommodation for Families


• 1 x Team Leader

• 3 x Case Managers

• 2 x Accommodation Finders

• 2 x Child Support Workers

The team can also avail of our therapeutic services

to support these families and children

Model of Service

What are the obstacles?

• Reluctance of families to engage

• Rent Subsidies are often insufficient

• Some landlords unwillingness to rent

• Shortage of suitable housing in right area

• Family History of Rent Arrears

• Family History of Anti Social Behaviour

The Financial Impact

• Private Emergency for families costs over

€3million per annum in Dublin

– €20,000 pa per family in accom. costs alone

• Our project costs €1.7million for 30 months

• Plus on-going housing subsidies of €9,000 pa

per family

• Makes sense on immediate cash savings alone

The Social Impact

This will not solve every problem – these will remain

families with difficulties, but with real positive impacts:

• Opens training/work opportunities for parent(s)

• Engages children in mainstream supports

• Integrates into community, stabilises families

• Improves educational chances for children

• Improved long-term employment prospects

• Reduced life-time risk of homelessness

Working to End Homelessness

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