Before I started my Arbonne business in June of 2005, I worked for a

small biotech company as a sales representative. I received a great

paycheck and lots of nice perks in this position, plus I loved the people

I worked with. My husband was working his dream job as a high school

teacher. The problem was, I was struggling to manage a four-state territory

and had two darling boys being cared for by a nanny. To add

to this, my oldest son was diagnosed with autism at age 2 ½ and his

therapy bills were adding up. So, to say I felt my life was in balance

would be a lie.

Then Nancy Davidson, ERVP and long-time friend, introduced me to

the Arbonne opportunity. She told me that she had found the “thing”;

a way to work fl exible hours and make more money. When I learned

about the fantastic products and the company, I became a Consultant

who purchased at a discount right away, purchasing a Right Start Value

Pack; Arbonne’s best deal for new Consultants with 50 percent off the

catalogue price. I was hooked! Five months later, I joined Nancy in the

business. My husband suggested I quit my pharmaceutical job after just

one year of working Arbonne so I could work from home and be with

my boys. I was thrilled!

I always dreamed of being a motivational speaker. It must come from

the fact that I love to help people feel good about themselves. I believe

you can be a giver or a taker in life. I choose to be a giver. Do not get

me wrong; I am far from perfect. Just ask my husband or my siblings!

However, I try every day to make a difference in other people’s lives.

I guess that is one of the reasons why this Arbonne business made so

much sense to me from the beginning. It is about helping other people.

And when you help others, you actually help yourself. Arbonne might

leslie breedlove

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Leslie Breedlove Region; Leawood, KS

not be your dream job but it can be the vehicle for you to get where

you want to be! I knew from the start that I was going to do this business

no matter what! I was not at all interested in being mediocre and just

“giving it a try.” A famous sci-fi movie character once said, “There is no

such thing as try. Only do!” That is the truth. Are you trying to live your

life to the fullest or are you doing it? Make a decision. Make a choice.

Choices create champions. Luck has nothing to do with it.

continued ...

The Breedlove family.

Leslie and her sister, EAM Susan Boyle Patriarca.

Leslie’s Why, Matthew, Jeff and Ethan.

success strategy:

Choices create champions.

Luck has nothing to do with it!

This business is a numbers game. It is not about convincing people to

buy the products or do the business. It is simply introducing as many

people as possible to products and an opportunity that could change

their lives. The choice is theirs. However, the answer will always be “no”

if you do not ask. Economies fl uctuate and recessions happen. Did you

know that health and wellness is the third most recession-proof industry?

Arbonne is a health and wellness company. Did you also know that

leading wealth experts today are recommending network marketing as

a genius business model? And that the Direct Selling Association has

said we are the fastest growing network marketing company in their

history? It is true.

When our family history was dramatically changed in July of 2003 with

Matthew’s autism diagnosis, we had a choice. We decided to take

immediate action and get him the services he needed to start learning

to communicate and function better. We still have tough choices every

day. Recently, we decided to move our family, temporarily, to a city in

the southeast from our home in Kansas City to allow Matthew to undergo

an innovative program we hope will help him. We could not have done

this without Arbonne. The decision would have been even tougher if we

had not gone Region. As we know, you do not go Region alone!

Thank you to my team past and present: You are truly remarkable! I

wish I had 10 pages to write about each of you because you are all so

special. My AMs: Susan, Amy F., Chrystii, Kathy E. and Jen C., thank

you! DMs: Tammie, Debby S., Kelly D, Virginia, Kate, Amy J., Louise

J., Pat, Jen F., Chelann, Kathi C., Sarah D., Cadi O., Sonya G., Mollie

and Vicki, stretching from Seattle through Denver, Australia, Kansas City,

Chicago and St. Augustine, Florida. You guys rock!

Thank you to my parents, Stan and Judy Boyle, for always telling me I

could do anything. Love you.

My siblings, Angie Heller, EAM Susan Boyle and Scott Boyle: The shows

we put on in the basement on Lancelot Lane taught me how to have fun

and work as a team. I love you guys. Susan, thanks for being my fi rst

business builder! Ten minutes into sharing Arbonne, you said, “I’m in!” I

sponsored up with you!

Leslie’s sponsor, ERVP Nancy Davidson and members of the Breedlove Region at

NTC 2008 Atlanta.

Dr. Tom Barrett with Leslie’s sister, Angie; cousin, EDM Debby Sabo; Leslie and

Leslie’s sister, EAM Susan Boyle Patriarca.

My in-laws, Steph and Mike, and sister-in-law, Jen: Your support of

us during the last few years has been a blessing. I cannot thank you

enough! Love you all!

My sponsor, ERVP Nancy Davidson: You kept calling. Thank you!

NVP Anna Randazzo and ENVP Jody Holsinger: Thanks for mentoring


My crossline, my tribe: Your last minute orders to help me fi nish RVP were

simply amazing. Love you.

My husband, Jeff: Our family began when we fell in love. Thanks for

choosing me through thick and thin. You and the boys are my Why!

The choices we make create our life’s legacy. What will your legacy be?

Leslie and crossline friends and upline, ENVP Julianne Lagerstrom, RVP Marci Knoff,

RVP Beth Stedry, ENVP Jody Holsinger, NVP Anna Randazzo and ENVP Debbie Miller.

Leslie with her Mercedes-Benz

and her favorite car decal for

Autism Awareness.


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