College Admission Profile 2011–12 - The Loomis Chaffee School

College Admission Profile 2011–12 - The Loomis Chaffee School

College Admission Profile


Head of School

Sheila Culbert, Ph.D.

Director of College Guidance

Webster T. Trenchard

Senior Associate Director of College Guidance

Amy E. Thompson

Associate Directors of College Guidance

Alison H. Burr

Andrea M. Rooks

Jami B. Silver

Administrative Assistant

Rachel Falco

Windsor, Connecticut 06095

Telephone 860 687 6351

Facsimile 860 687 6356

THE Loomis ChaVee School is a four-year, coeducational, independent

boarding school located on a 3oo-acre campus in Windsor, Connecticut.

Chartered in 1874 by five siblings whose children all died tragically

and who then selflessly determined to found a school as a gift to the children

of others, Loomis ChaVee provides a superb education for boys and girls

regardless of religious or political beliefs, national origin or financial resources.

Academically rigorous, the school promotes active learning and close facultystudent

bonds within a respectful and civil community. All Loomis ChaVee

students, who represent 29 U.S. states and 35 countries, plan to attend

four-year colleges and universities. The school is accredited by the New

England Association of Schools and Colleges and is a founding member of the

Association of College Counselors of Independent Schools.


675 students in grades 9 through 12 and postgraduate study. There are 219

students in the Class of 2011 (98 girls and 121 boys).

Teaching Faculty

162 faculty members at Loomis ChaVee; 69% of teaching faculty hold at least

one advanced degree (master’s degrees and doctorates).

Requirements for Graduation

16 units

English - 4 years

Foreign Language - 3-year proficiency in one language

History and Social Science - 2 years (World History and U.S. History)

Mathematics - 3 years (2 of algebra, 1 of geometry)

Science - 2 years (2 years of laboratory science, including 1 life science

and 1 physical science)

Philosophy, Psychology and Religion - 2 term courses, at least one at the

upper-class level

Fine Arts - 3 courses for entering freshmen; 2 courses for all others

Fitness and Wellness - 1 term course

Course Load and Calendar

Normally students take four to five courses each term. In rare cases and with

special permission, students may take six courses. The school year is divided

into three academic terms. Since Loomis ChaVee runs on a trimester system,

fall term grades, which are available in early December, are our midyear grades;

winter term grades are available in mid-March.

Special Academic Programs

Loomis ChaVee students may study in France, Italy, China, Spain, Japan or

Vietnam with the School Year Abroad Program; at The Chewonki Semester

School in Maine; The Mountain School in Vershire, Vermont; The Rocky

Mountain Semester in Leadville, Colorado; The School for Ethics and Global

Leadership in Washington, D.C.; or at CITYterm in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

Students may also undertake independent study and/or educational projects.

An Independent Study Project focuses on a particular topic within a discipline,

satisfies the requirements of a term course credit and is supervised and graded

by a member of the faculty; educational projects allow students to pursue oVcampus

study beyond the scope of the regular curriculum.

CEEB Code: o7o945

Curriculum Notes

Sophomores typically take four yearlong courses,

including a Writing Workshop and Fitness and

Wellness as well as one or two term courses.

Sophomore Writing Workshop, a requirement

of the English Department that complements its

emphasis on the teaching of writing, meets once

a week throughout the school year and includes

an intensive, systematic review of grammar.

Some departments oVer advanced courses in

lieu of the Advanced Placement curriculum.

The following are considered at least

as rigorous, if not more, than their AP

counterparts: Advanced French V Literature,

Advanced Spanish V Literature, Advanced

Biology II electives (Microbiology, Molecular

Biology, Genetics, Anatomy & Physiology,

Evolutionary Biology).

Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra

are oVered to exceptional students who have

excelled in AP Calculus BC prior to the senior


Each student enrolled in an American history

course completes a major research project using

primary source material and culminating in a

substantial college-level paper in the second half

of the junior year.

As a result of a curricular review and in response

to student interest, both our economics and

environmental science offerings have been

expanded. The History Department now offers

the following trimester courses to juniors

and seniors: Introduction to Economics,

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and

Applied Microeconomics. Similarly, the

Science Department has replaced the yearlong

Environmental Science course with the

following trimester-length courses: Ecology,

Human Populations and Impact, Energy and

Sustainability, Water: A Limited Resource, and

Sustainable Agriculture.

As of the 2011 _ 12 academic year,

interdisciplinary courses are oVered as term

electives for seniors. These courses approach

subject matter across a range of disciplines:

The Model T and the American Industrial

Revolution, The Economics and Statistics of

Human Behavior, Darwinism and Society, and

Oil in Water: Topics in Environmental Law.

Students who have demonstrated special

aptitude and interest in history or art can be

chosen to serve as instructional assistants in

those departments for course credit. Under close

teacher supervision, instructional assistants help

both the teacher and students in their courses

and work to broaden and deepen their own

knowledge of the discipline.

Advanced Courses

The following courses work at an accelerated pace and go beyond normal

curricular requirements. At the upper-class level, such courses are comparable

to introductory oVerings at the college level.


English III Adv. Seminar



AP Senior Seminar

in Literature

Independent Study


Independent Study


Chinese II Adv.

Chinese III Adv.

Chinese IV Adv.

AP Chinese V


French II Adv.

French III Adv.

AP French IV Language

French V Literature Adv.

French VI Adv.

Independent Study


Latin III Adv.

AP Latin

Independent Study


Spanish II Adv.

Spanish III Adv.

AP Spanish IV Language

Spanish V Literature Adv.

Independent Study

History and Social Science

AP United States History

American Civil War


AP Economics

AP European History

Independent Study

Instruction Assistant

Islam in the Middle East

The Presidential Election

AP United States Government

& Politics

AP Comparative Government

& Politics


Geometry Adv.

Algebra II Adv.

Precalculus Adv.

Precalculus / Calculus Adv.

Advanced Statistics:

Global Issues

AP Statistics

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

Multivariable Calculus

Linear Algebra

Independent Study


Biology I Adv.

Biology II Adv.: Microbiology

Biology II Adv.: Molecular Biology

Biology II Adv.: Genetics

Biology II Adv.: Anatomy

& Physiology

Biology II Adv.: Evolutionary


AP Environmental Science

Chemistry I Adv.

AP Chemistry II

Physics I Adv.

AP Physics II

Independent Study

Philosophy, Psychology and Religion

Independent Study


AP Art Seminar

Independent Study


AP Music Theory

Independent Study


Adv. Acting for Comedy

Technical Theater II

Independent Study

Grading and Ranking Policies

The grading system, A–F, also includes a pass/fail option in one course for seniors taking

five courses. Loomis ChaVee does not rank its students.

Junior Year Unweighted Cumulative Grade Point

Average Distribution for Class of 2o12

(does not include postgraduates)

3.7 & above 23

3.3 to 3.7 74

3.0 to 3.3 50

2.7 to 3.o 3o

2.3 to 2.7 20

2.3 & below 2

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80


The middle 50 percent of the students in

the Class of 2011 scored in the following

range on the SAT:

Critical Reading 590-700*

Mathematics 610-720

Writing 590-700*

*includes TOEFL-eligible students

In the past five years, Loomis ChaVee has

graduated 39 National Merit finalists and

101 National Merit Commended Scholars.

In 2011, 255 students were administered

504 AP exams, 87 percent of which were

awarded the three highest grades of 3, 4,

and 5


The purpose of the disciplinary system at Loomis

Chaffee is to preserve order, protect individual rights,

and promote the general welfare of our community.

Philosophically, we are a two chance school and

firmly believe that adolescents can and do learn

from their mistakes, particularly when supported and

surrounded by the most influential adults in their

lives — namely, their parents, advisers, teachers,

coaches, counselors and deans.

We rely on our disciplinary system to emphasize to

students and parents that a student has violated the

high standards of our community while at the same

time recognizing that instances of poor judgment

and making mistakes is a normal part of adolescent

development. Disciplinary action also serves as an

opportunity for the family to gain a perspective on

Indicates number of students

SAT Subject Test Mean

Class of 2011

Biology-Ecology 618

Biology-Molecular 622

Chemistry 648

Chinese Listening 685

French 617

French Listening 743

Latin 539

Literature 613

Math I 616

Math II 695

Physics 681

Spanish 646

Spanish Listening 640

U.S. History 630

World History 610

the student’s behavior, to scrutinize the student’s

goals and objectives, and to encourage the student

to commit fully to the school’s standards. We strive

to use such an instance as a “teachable moment”

that will be a milestone in a student’s growth and

maturation. When a student egregiously violates

the standards of our community, or when a student

repeatedly violates the same rule within our

community, that student is required to withdraw

from school.

We encourage and expect students to answer

questions from colleges about their disciplinary

history honestly and to share their responses

with their college counselor. We welcome any

questions from colleges regarding a student’s

disciplinary history.


The Kravis Center for Excellence

in Teaching was established in 2010

to serve Loomis ChaVee teachers in

their pursuit of teaching excellence.

The KCET and its staV serve the

faculty as a proactive source of both

ongoing professional development

as well as pedagogical research based

here at Loomis ChaVee and applied

to our classrooms directly, and hosted

symposia this past year in topics as

varied as writing eVective college

recommendations to biotechnology


The Loomis ChaVee School has a

long history of energy conservation

and environmental responsibility.

The campus composting program

reclaims, on average, 20,000 pounds of

food per year. For 2011, seven Loomis

ChaVee students have been designated

“Environmental Proctors,” providing

them with an opportunity to become

leaders in community sustainability and

environmental stewardship eVorts.

Student interest in doing work to

support the members of our military is

flourishing on campus. Several Loomis

ChaVee organizations — Operation

Soldier Relief, LC Conservatives,

and S.O.S. (Save Our Soldiers) — are

engaged in eVorts to reach out to

American soldiers serving overseas.

Operation Soldier Relief was founded

by a member of the Class of 2011

and organized monthly fundraisers to

provide care packages throughout the

year to a local Windsor soldier serving

in Afghanistan.

Each year, the Loomis ChaVee

community welcomes outstanding

speakers to campus on a variety of

timely topics under the auspices

of the Hubbard Speakers Series.

The 2010 _ 11 series focused on issues

of identity and featured documentary

film director Jennilyn Merten,

Discovery Channel Time Warp host JeV

Lieberman, psychologist and former

NBA basketball star John Amaechi,

writer and parenting expert Rosalind

Wiseman, and acclaimed novelist Chris


Class of 2o11 College Matriculations

The Class of 2o11 applied to 265 colleges and universities and matriculated to 93 institutions.

American University 1

Bard College 1

Barnard College 2

Bates College 3

Bentley University 3

Boston College 1

Boston University 3

Brown University 4

BuValo State College of SUNY 1

Carnegie Mellon University 2

Case Western Reserve University 1

Champlain College 1

Claremont McKenna College 1

Colby College 2

Colgate University 5

College of Charleston 1

College of the Atlantic 1

College of the Holy Cross 1

College of New Jersey 1

Colorado College 1

Columbia University 1

Connecticut College 4

Cornell University 4

Dartmouth College 3

Denison University 1

DePaul University 1

Drexel University 1

Duke University 1

Earlham College 1

École Hotelière de Lausanne 1

Elon University 2

Emerson College 1

Franklin & Marshall College 3

Georgetown University 5

Georgia Institute of Technology 1

George Washington University 5

Gettysburg College 1

Hamilton College 5

Hampshire College 1

Harvard University 2

Hobart and William Smith

Colleges 1

Howard University 1

Iona College 1

Johns Hopkins University 4

Lafayette College 2

Lehigh University 2

Maryland Institute College of Art 1

Massachusetts Institute

of Technology 1

McGill University 1

Middlebury College 2

Mount Holyoke College 1

Muhlenberg College 1

New York University 2

Northeastern University 2

Northwestern University 3

Polytechnic Institute of NYU 1

Princeton University 1

Providence College 1

Reed College 1

Roanoke College 1

Rochester Institute of Technology 1

Roger Williams University 1

Rutgers, the State University

of New Jersey 1

Smith College 1

Southern Methodist University 1

St. Lawrence University 4

Swarthmore College 1

Syracuse University 7

Trinity College 7

Tufts University 3

Union College 4

United States Military Academy 1

University of California

at Los Angeles 1

University of Chicago 2

University of Connecticut 2

University of Denver 1

University of Illinois, Urbana 1

University of Massachusetts,

Amherst 1

University of Miami 1

University of Mississippi 1

University of North Carolina,

Wilmington 1

University of Notre Dame 1

University of Pennsylvania 1

University of Vermont 2

University of Virginia 1

Vassar College 1

Villanova University 4

Wake Forest University 2

Washington University

in St. Louis 4

Wellesley College 2

Wesleyan University 3

Williams College 2

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2

Over the past five years, four or more Loomis Chaffee students have matriculated

to the following institutions:

Amherst College

Barnard College

Bates College

Bentley University

Boston College

Boston University

Bowdoin College

Brown University

Bryn Mawr College

Bucknell University

Carnegie Mellon University

Colby College

Colgate University

College of the Holy Cross

College of William & Mary

Colorado College

Columbia University

Connecticut College

Cornell University

Dartmouth College

Dickinson College

Drexel University

Duke University

Elon University

Endicott College

Fairfield University

Franklin and Marshall College

Georgetown University

George Washington University

Gettysburg College

Hamilton College

Harvard University

Haverford University

Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Johns Hopkins University

Kenyon College

Lafayette College

Lehigh University

Loyola University Maryland

Massachusetts Institute of


McGill University

Miami University, Oxford

Middlebury College

Mount Holyoke College

New York University

Northeastern University

Northwestern University

Princeton University

Providence College

Quinnipiac University

Roger Williams University

Skidmore College

Smith College

St. Lawrence University

Susquehanna University

Syracuse University

Trinity College

Tufts University

Tulane University

Union College

University of Connecticut

University of Illinois

University of Miami

University of North Carolina

at Chapel Hill

University of Pennsylvania

University of Rochester

University of St. Andrews (Scotland)

University of Vermont

Vassar College

Villanova University

Washington & Lee University

Washington University in St. Louis

Wellesley College

Wesleyan University

Wheaton College

Williams College

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Yale University

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