Slide presentation - Clydebank Asbestos Group

Slide presentation - Clydebank Asbestos Group

Working life in construction

Construction provides much needed employment for many of the world’s poorest

and most vulnerable people.

111 million workers

75%in developing countries

100, 000 deaths in site accidents every year - ill health invisible


• 100,000 deaths a year from diseases caused by asbestos

• 90% of chrysotile asbestos is used in cement products and is handled by

building workers

• Increasingly aggressive asbestos marketing

campaigns in developing countries

• Dumping in those countries where laws and standards are weak and

where information is not readily available

• Unsafe work methods, uncontrolled and informal work

IFBWW Campaign

• Policy adopted at Congress in1989 to promote a global ban of

production and use of asbestos and Bern Manifesto 1991.

• Global advocacy and (sub) regional work

• Tripartite meetings and social dialogue

• Agreements with companies

• Information and training on asbestos hazards and how to avoid them

• Campaigning and networking - public opinion

• Solidarity and joint action with GAC, IBAS, ICFTU and National Trade

Union Centres


• Elimination of the production and use of asbestos

• Effective implementation of C162

• Improvement of medical surveillance for early detection

• Elimination of dry stripping of asbestos

• Identification of asbestos in premises

• Improving work methods, uncontrolled and informal work undermines

prevention strategies - there is no controlled use.

• Enclosure, monitoring, Personal Protective Equipment, training and

waste removal

International Institutions

UN / ILO/ WHO and others

• Trade Union role in achieving Decent Work - the main policy agenda of

the ILO

• We want the ILO to adopt a clear health based position in support of the

elimination of the production and use of asbestos

• Resolution to International Labour Conference in 2006 on actively

promoting elimination and

• ILO C 162 promote and apply

• ILO/WHO should target elimination of pneumoconioses as well as


• Rotterdam Convention Prior Informed Consent - asbestos meets criteria,

but is being blocked by objections led by Canada and Russia

• The International Association for Research on Cancer (World Health

Organisation) and the International Programme on Chemical Safety

classify chrysotile as carcinogenic

• International Social Security Association calls for ban

• Dresden declaration from Senior Labour Inspectors Committee calls for a


• World Bank procurement - IFBWW is pushing for exclusion of asbestos

in construction projects

• Company Framework Agreements have possibilities

National campaigning

• TU role in social dialogue, collective bargaining and institutional


• Workplace Health and Safety Representatives and Health and Safety


• National governments as legislators, enforcers, clients and employers

(public works)

• Labour Inspectorates

• Health Ministries and Social Security

• Industry Committees (training, development)

• Information and training for companies and workers, publications, courses

and dialogue

• Networking, media, victims support, demonstrating, letter writing and


• Good examples from Latin America following from last Global Asbestos

Conference in Osasco, Brazil

• El Salvador and Chile

• Argentina, Uruguay, Honduras

• Now, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, Colombia Dominican Republic, Guatemala

and elsewhere in the region: Nicaragua, Costa Rica

• Similar strategy for Asia: India, Malaysia, Singapore,

Indonesia,Philippines, South Korea

• Africa: starting in Southern African countries

Exploitative employment and labour practices

Precarious contractual conditions, informal work, rural - urban migration

Workers seen as a cost by employers

Productivity and time pressure

Low trade union density, low social status of construction workers, poverty,

lack of respect for human and trade union rights

Governments passive and permissive on workers rights and social protection

What next? Intensify activities!

• Countries to target globally e.g. Prior Informed Consent under the

Rotterdam Convention

• Asia

• Sub regional and regional strategy

• National strategies

• Joint campaigning opportunities

• ICFTU campaign and the International Ban Asbestos Secretariat

• Develop a plan of action

• The IFBWW needs your support and you have the support of the

IFBWW to get asbestos banned

International Federation of Building and Wood Workers

International Trade Union Campaign for a

Global Asbestos Ban

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