Nursing RN to BSN Program - Halifax Community College

Nursing RN to BSN Program - Halifax Community College

For the registered nurse, the nursing program for the BSN is online. Applicants must enroll as a student at North

Carolina Central University and complete the General Education Courses in order to take the “bridge course”, N4520:

Introduction to Professional Nursing. When you have successfully completed N4520, with a grade of “C” or better, you

will receive 63.5 advance placement credit hours.

An advisor in the Department of Nursing will review your transcript(s) for possible transfer credits and assist you in

establishing a timeline for your progression in

the nursing program. After reviewing this brochure, if you want to further explore your options, you may telephone the

Office of Student Support Services at (919) 530-7235.

You can learn more about the RN to BSN online program online at


• Transfer credit(s) may be granted for courses completed at an acceptable accredited institution on a course by course


Nursing courses from other programs are not transferable.

• Students have the option of taking an acceptable proficiency examination if they do not receive transfer credits on the

basis of their submitted transcript(s).

• Students may transfer up to 64 semester hours from a two-year institution including extension courses, advanced

placement, College Level Examination Program credit and military service.

All admissions are contingent upon the student maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.5, completing all GEC

requirements with a GPA of 2.5 or better, and presenting current evidence of liability (malpractice) insurance,

cardiopulmonary resuscitation (American Red Cross), physical/mental health evaluation, criminal background

check, current immunizations, and current nursing license, if applicable.

The Department of Nursing at NCCU reserves the right to modify information provided in this brochure.

Students are advised to consult a nursing advisor to maintain an up-to-date understanding of department



rN to bsN Program

North Carolina Central University is committed to equality of educational opportunity and does not discriminate

against applicants, students or employees based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, veteran’s

status, sexual orientation or lifestyle, or disability.



Miller-Morgan Health Sciences Building • Durham, NC 27707

TEL: 919.530.7235 • FAX: 919.530.6805

2,000 copies of this public document were paid for with Title III funds at a cost of $ 0.57 each or $1,140.00.



North Carolina Central University Bachelor of Science In Nursing

N.C. Community College Transfer Courses





Freshman Year

Credits Fall Semester

3 ENG 1110: English Composition I

3 MATH 1100: College Algebra/Trigonometry I

3 HIST 1320: World Societies

9 total

Credits Spring Semester

3 ENG 1210: English Composition II

3 HUM 2410: Arts/Humanities I

3 PSYCH 2100: General Psychology

Foreign Language ***

9 total

Sophomore Year

Credits Fall Semester

2 PEDU 1541: Fitness

3 ENGL 1250: Elements of Speech

3 SOCI 2000: Society and Human Behavior

8 total

Credits Spring Semester

2 HEDU 1531: Health

3 HUM 2420: Arts/Humanities II

3 Statistics (any department)

4 N4520: Intro. to Professional Nursing*

11 total

( This is the online pre-nursing bridge course needed to matriculate

into the nursing program)

* Lab or clinical course (Nursing Technology fee assessed for

each course)


**Junior Year

Credits Fall and Spring Semester

4 BIOL 1300: Molecules and Cellular Functions

4 BIOL 1610: Human Anat. and Phys. Dev. I

3 CHEM 1000: Phys. Science related to Chem.

3 BIOL 1620: Human Anat. and Phys. Dev. II

3 FOOD 2200: Food and Nutrition

3 CHEM 1500: Chemistry of Human Life

5 N 2010: Concepts of Professional Practice

2 N2201: Pathophysiology

4 BIOL3200: Microbiology

7 N3460: The Adult I

1 N3470: Junior Seminar I

3 N3301: Pharmacology

0.5 N3001: Applied Nursing Principles I

7 N3461: The Adult II

5 N3462: Psychiatric/ Mental Health

1 N3471 Junior Seminar II

0. 5 N3120: Applied Nursing Principles II

7 N4002: The Family

0.5 N4001: Applied Nursing Principles III

63.5 total

**Upon successful completion of NURS 4520, students receive

advanced placement credits for the courses listed above

SENIOR YEAR (Online Courses)

Credits Fall Semester

3 N4530: Health Assessment*

6 N4540: Special Health Care Problems for RNs*

3 N4550: Nursing Research

12 total

Credits Spring Semester

3 N4560: Professional Role Development

1 N4570: Senior Seminar for RNs

6 N4580: Community/ Mental Health*

10 total


ENG 1100 - English Composition I (3)

ENG 1210 - English Composition II (3)

ENG 1250 - Elements of Speech (3)

FREN 1140, 1141, & 1142 Elem French (9) or

SPAN 1150, 1151, & 1152 Elem Spanish (9) or

GERMAN 1160, 1161, 1162 Elem German (9)

MATH 1100 College Algebra /Trigonometry (3)

EDU 3700 Introduction to Statistics (3) (Any discipline)

SOCI 2000 Society and Human Behavior (3)

PSY 2100 Introduction to Psychology (3)

HIST 1320 Word Societies (3)



HUSC 1521 (Waived for transfer students)

HEDU 1531 Health (2)

PEDU 1541 Fitness (2)

ENG 111 – Expository Writing (3)

ENG 112-Argument Based Research (3) or

ENG 113 – Literature Based Research (3) or

ENG 114 – Professional Research and Reporting (3)

ENG 115 – Oral Communication or

COMM 231 – Public Speaking

FREN 111,112 & 211 Elementary French I & II

Intermediate French (9) or

SPAN 111, 112& 211

Elementary Spanish and Intermediate Spanish (9)

MAT 161 College Algebra (3) or

MAT 171 Pre- Calculus Algebra (3)

MAT 151 Statistics I (3) or MAT 155 Statistical Analysis (3)

SOCI 210 Introductory to Sociology (3)

PSY 150 General Psychology (3)

HIS 111 & 112 World Civilization (6), HIS 114

Comprehensive World History (3), HIST 115 Introduction

to Global History (3), HIST 121 & 122 Western Civilization (6)

ART 111 Art Appreciation (3), DRA 111 Theater

Appreciation (3), MUS 110 Music Appreciation (3), PHI 210

Philosophical Issues (3) or PHI 215 Philosophical Issues (3)

ART 115 Art History Survey (3), ENG 261 World Lit. I (3) or

ENG 262 World Lit. II (3), HUM 221 & 212 Humanities I

& II (6) or Additional Foreign Language Semester (3)

HEA 110 Personal Health and Wellness (3)

PED (Any activity course) (2)

The Department of Nursing at NCCU reserves the right to modify this information. Students are advised to consult a nursing

advisor to maintain currency with departmental requirements.

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