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expert advice

surpassed their competitors and some of

them out performed the stock market by

up to 80 times. The successful managers

looked out the window and attributed their

success to their employees then looked

at the mirror and attributed their failures

to themselves. By contrast, the failing

managers did the opposite; looked at the

mirror for the glory and looked out the

window to blame their employees for

the failures. In a nut shell, cut the blame


3. Communication and courtesy

Respecting them as an individual will

make them feel important. Dale Carnegie

in “How to Win Friends and Influence

People” suggests simple approaches in

interactions with other people that can

easily win them to your way of thinking

like, giving them a fine reputation to live

up to, throwing down a challenge, and

dramatising your ideas. Research by

Professor Berger from Wharton Business

School has found that teams respond

with greater motivation when they are

slightly short of the target. The motivation

waned when they were far behind, slightly

ahead, and when they were tied or lacked

feedback. All these are sure to work with

equally well with Generation-Y. Tell them

they’re almost there and they will try


4. Motivate and inspire them

Carnegie suggests you can motivate and

inspire by showing sincere appreciation

for the effort that was put in, rather than

a putdown “this is not good enough” or

“we never did it this way when I was your

age”. In the 1970s, Langer’s experiment

in Harvard University showed that making

a request without providing a reason

why this request is made reduced the

compliance with that request. That is, only

60 per cent of people actually complied,

compared to 95 per cent inspired to

comply when a reason for the request was


5. Clear communication of accountabilities

Due to their inexperience Generation-Y

may inadvertently appear apathetic -

psychologists use the term “bystander

apathy syndrome”. One story that

highlights this syndrome was in 1964.

Kitty Genovese was murdered in the

presence of many bystanders, yet none

of them called the police because they

all assumed that someone else will do

it. This can happen to a Generation-Y

employee, who may assume that someone

else will do the job. Smart managers

always ensure that a task is assigned to

somebody specific; to avoid a general

assumption that someone will do it.

6. Incentivise them

Employees will gravitate towards the tasks

or actions that get rewarded. If you set

short-term goals, that’s what you’ll get,

short term results. Pulitzer Prize winner,

Upton Sinclair says “it is difficult to get a

man to understand something, when his

salary depends upon his not understanding

it.” In simple terms, what gets rewarded

gets done.

7. Birds of a feather flock together

When you convert one Generation-Y

employee to success, chances are they

will have friends of the same calibre; they

are the ones to recruit. And now you’re


It seems that the Baby-Boomers and

Gen-X’s have forgotten all the prophets

of doom predicting their failures and are

now complaining about the attitude and

work ethic of Generation-Y! Truth is

Generation-Y have been created, influenced

and shaped by their Baby-Boomer/

Generation-X parents, like the old song ‘Cats

in the Cradle’ says “my son (daughter) has

grown up just like me”. Just as we grew out

of our phases, cut our hippie hair, abandoned

the discotheques, turned our attention to our

careers and focussed on raising our families,

the same will happen again to Generation-Y.

Your best solution is to show leadership, and

to give them a chance.

Nader Seifen is Head of Franchising

and Leasing with TeleChoice. He has

been involved in managing distribution

channels for 30 years, working for

franchisors and as a franchisee for seven


Phone: 03 8699 2555


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