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Telemetry Module MT-102 User's Manual - BlueNote Communications

Telemetry Module MT-102 User's Manual - BlueNote Communications

4.4. LED diodes LED

4.4. LED diodes LED indicators placed on MT-102 front panel are convenient during module start up phase. Detailed description of signaling patterns is placed in chapter LED signaling. 4.5. SET buttons SET buttons placed on MT-102 front panel are for manual setting of auxiliary alarm thresholds for analogue inputs A1 and A2. Manually set thresholds cannot be modified or read during configuration of module. There are two flags connected to these thresholds, ANX_Set_F and ANX_Set_R, informing about crossing of the set level, and two alarms - An Set Fall and An Set Rise that may be used for rule processing. 15

As shown by graph, the value at which flags ANX_Set_F and ANX_Set_R, are set and cleared depends not only on input signal level but on hysteresis defined for given input. Proper value of hysteresis protects against excessive alarm generation by noise or oscillation around threshold value signal. 4.6. SIM card MT-102 telemetry module is equipped with standard miniature SIM card holder for connecting card to GSM modem. If use of GPRS transmission is intended the SIM card should have GPRS option and possibility of login to APN for assigning static IP addresses activated. In absence of static IP address, use of the module for GPRS transmission is impaired. Proper placement of the SIM card is imperative for module's operation. The module accepts only SIM cards operating in low potential technology 3,3V. 4.7. Antenna Attachment of antenna is essential for proper operation of MT-102 telemetry module. SMA socket is placed on module's front panel. The attached antenna has to secure appropriate radio signal level enabling login to GSM network. The type and placement of antenna has significant influence on module's sender/receiver circuits. GSM signal level is reflected by SGN LEVEL LEDs on module's front panel. When GSM signal level is not sufficient for reliable operation LED is not lit. In that case the use of a directional antenna should be considered. 16

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