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Telemetry Module MT-102 User's Manual - BlueNote Communications

Telemetry Module MT-102 User's Manual - BlueNote Communications

Analogue inputs A1…A6

Analogue inputs A1…A6 – connection with passive output converter * in noisy environment, use independent supply for input-output circuits is recommended. * 5.3. Communication ports Telemetry module is equipped with 2 communication ports for different applications. They are: PORT 1 (RS-232 – configuration, Modbus RTU Slave [ID1]) The not optically-isolated Port is used for configuration Connection point to point to PC via RS-232 DB-9 connector (female) Pin Description 1 - 2 – TXD transmitter output 3 – RXD receiver input 4 - 5 – GND ground 6 - 7 – CTS handshake input 8 – RTS handshake output 9 - 19

PORT 2 (RS-232/422/485 – communication) The Port is optically-isolated, used for data exchange Maximal isolating voltage 60Vrms Operating mode selected by configuration application Description Pin TXD RXD COM RT RD+, RD- SD+, SD- Description transmitter output receiver input interface common ground (GND) terminator – if necessary connect to RD+ for RS-485 (transmitter, receiver), for RS-422 (receiver) for RS-422 (transmitter) For RS-232 mode the length of the cable should not exceed 15 m. NOTICE! Supply cables length < 10 m Signal cables length < 30 m For longer cables it is recommended to use external overvoltage protection. 5.4. Power supply The power supply is connected to „+” and „-” terminals (preserving polarisation only when supplying direct current). Pin Description GND Module's ground * UPS Input – power supply state signaling. Active state for voltage > 10,8V When not employed, shortcut with +. + Positive pole of power supply** - Negative pole of power supply** * - Not recommended in standard appliances since it may increase emitted noise. ** - For AC supply polarisation does not apply. 20

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