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Telemetry Module MT-102 User's Manual - BlueNote Communications

Telemetry Module MT-102 User's Manual - BlueNote Communications

supported by standard

supported by standard firmware and requires firmware marked as MT-102_x.xxgm.bin. NMEA 0831 this mode is dedicated to NMEA 0831 protocol. Received data is stored in module's internal registers compliant to established standards. FlexSerial this mode enables integration of any kind of PLC controllers, I/O units, measurement equipment, operator panels equipped with serial communication port RS-232/422/485 on the base of programmed servicing of non standard protocols. Default value - MT Slave Comments - choosing the appropriate working mode is essential for exploiting all available features. The choice influences availability of configuration parameters thus optimizing module operation. SIM card's PIN code Function - defines PIN access code for SIM module delivered by GSM operator. For SIM modules not protected by PIN code, the value is insignificant. Data type - text Range - letters and numerals, max 8 characters Default value - 0000 Comments - wrong pin can cause locking of SIM module CAUTION! Caution is vital when setting the PIN code value. Entering faulty PIN code may cause module start-up to be impossible and lock SIM card. In latest versions of the module, attempting to enter wrong PIN code twice renders a third attempt impossible. GSM band Function - sets the frequency of locally-employed GSM system. Data type - selection list List - EU-900/1800 MHz for areas employing 900/1800 MHz standard US-850/1900 MHz for areas employing 850/1900 MHz standard Default value - EU-900/1800 MHz Comments - Parameter active only in modules using quad-band Wavecom WISMO Quick PLUS modem module. Setting US-850/1900 MHz band in other modules does not have any effect Access to configuration Function - defines configuration access restrictions. The user can decide whether access to configuration will be allowed for all or only selected IP addresses. Data type - selection list 35

List - All Unrestricted access for any IP address within the APN List Access limited to addresses defined in the list of Authorized numbers, IP for addresses with Configuration option set to Allowed. Default value - All Comments - Note that access restriction configuration applies only to GPRS connection and when used improperly may block remote access for users that should have the right to configure the module. Configuration password Function - defines the password protecting access to configuration of the module. The password will be required for both local and remote access, thus protecting against unauthorized configuration alterations. The password does not protect against reading current configuration or the module status. Data type - text string Range - letters and numerals, max. 32 characters Default value - n/a Comments - since the only way of unlocking the module is resetting it to factory settings, it is vital that the password is stored in a safe way and available when needed. Configuration reading block Function - blocks reading of module configuration even when using valid password Data type - selection list List - Yes Reading of configuration from the module is impossible. No Module is not protected against reading of configuration Default value - No Comments - This parameter does not influence writing a new full configuration but prevents writing changes if configuration identifiers in the module and in MTM application do not match Reset after inactivity Function - Defines (in minutes) the interval between data reception by modem. Initiates modem restart when exceeded. Data type - number Range - 0…10080 [min] Default value - 60 [min] Comments - This parameter is valid only for Modem mode. Value 0 disables this function. The value of this parameter should not be lower than master system query interval. Setting of lower value results in frequent resets of the modem. 36

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