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Telemetry Module MT-102 User's Manual - BlueNote Communications

Telemetry Module MT-102 User's Manual - BlueNote Communications Address of Address of mapped space in SLAVE Function - Defines address of first register mapped from peripheral Slave device. Data type - number Range - 0…65535 Default value - 0 Comments - n/a Mapped space size Function - Defines the size of register space necessary for reading mapped space from peripheral Slave device. Data type - number Range - 1…2040 Default value - 1 Comments - for register space, value of this variable defines size of mapped space in Registers while for bitmapped in bits. Bits from mapped space are placed on consecutive bits in registers (starting from least significant). So, in module in one registers 16 bits are stored. Typical layout of mapped bit space: Address of mapped space module: 64 Address of mapped space SLAVE: 3 Size of mapped space: 20 Mapped space read interval Function - Defines (in seconds) read interval of peripheral Slave device for update. Data type - number Range - 0…65535 [s] Default value - 1 [s] Comments - value 0 (zero) forces max. possible frequency of updating. It depends on speed of PORT2 along with size and number of defined mapped spaces. Address of mapped space in module Function - defines start address of internal register in the module, used for mapping space from the Slave. For mapping space Internal registers are always used. Data type - number Range - 0…999 Default value - 1 Comments - n/a 51 Force write the whole block Function Data type - Parameter allows forcing whole data block writes - selection list Range - Yes Block writing is forced - any change of register or bit on side of module forces write of whole data block, not single register or bit. It is advised to turn this option on when using variables longer than 16 bits (long, float) No Method of writes depends on changes of resources that require writing to external device. It can be hole data blocks or single bits/register. Default value - No Comments - This parameter is available only if mirrored resources (external device resources) are stored in Bi Out or Holding Registers address space (defined by parameter Space). Transparent PLUS mode Transparent PLUS mode is an extension of standard Transparent mode, with access to internal module resources using standard Modbus frames. Max. length of data packet Function - Defines (in bytes) max. data volume in a packet. When reception buffer reaches declared value, the packet will be dispatched. Data type - number Range - 0…1408 Default value 256 Comments - n/a Data packet delimiter Function - Defines (in seconds) time between received characters. Exceeding this value triggers transmission of received data. Data type - number Range - 0,00…655,35 [s] Default value 1,00 [s] Comments - n/a Channel reservation time Function - Defines (in seconds) the time of reservation of exclusive transmission channel to device from which the frame was received. Data type - number Range - 0,00…655,35 [s] Default value 0,00 [s] 52

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