2013-2014 Academic Year - UNO CBA


2013-2014 Academic Year - UNO CBA

College of Business Administration

Scholarship Application – Real Estate Program

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Please be accurate and complete when responding to each item. Please type or print. The application

deadline is February 15 th 2013 for the following academic year.

Applicants showing 135 earned hours on their UNO transcripts (no matter where those hours were earned)

no longer qualify for CBA undergraduate general scholarships or renewals. CBA departmental scholarship

requirements may differ from general scholarships and usually have their own application forms.

This application is used to collect the information needed to select recipients for the Real Estate and Land Use

Economics program related scholarships. If you wish to be considered for the Real Estate and Land Use

Economics program scholarships, please return the completed application and required essay directly to Nate

Bjorklund, (Lecturer and Real Estate Program Director) University of Nebraska at Omaha, MH 332-Y, Omaha,

NE 68182-0048 or by submitting via e-mail to nbjorklund@unomaha.edu . Mailed applications must be

postmarked by February 15 th .

1. Name:


Last name First Middle Previous Name

2. Student I.D. Number: _____________________________

3. Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Street/ P.O. Box

________________________________________________________________________ ________________

City State Zip code No. of years in NE

4. County: ______________________ 5. Daytime phone/Cell _____________________________________

(Area Code)

6. E-mail address: _______________________________________________________________

7. Sex:__ Male __ Female 8. Birth date: ___________________________

Month Day Year

9. Earned Credit hours as of Dec. 31 _____________ Currently Enrolled Hours _______________________

10. Cumulative Grade Point Average _____________

11. Major(s) at UNO College of Business Administration:_________________________________________________

12. Which segments of the real estate profession are you interested in:___________________________________

Understanding that some scholarships have a financial need requirement, you are encouraged to complete the

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to determine eligibility.

12. Have you completed a FAFSA application for the coming year? __ Yes __No

If no, do you intend to complete a FAFSA application for the coming year? __ Yes __ No

13 What portion of college expenses will be your family's responsibility? _______%

What portion of college expenses will be your own personal responsibility? ______%

Do you live at home? ________

14. Will you be employed while attending school? ______ Yes ______ No

If yes, approximately how many hours per week will you work? ___________________________

15. Current place of employment and position _________________________________________________________

16. Expected date of College Graduation: ____________________

17. List activities/organizations, including community service, during your time at UNO. Include any leadership positions.

18. List scholarships, awards and special recognitions/achievements you have received during your time at UNO.

19. Attach a two page essay (12 point font, double spacing) detailing your interest in a business career.

Describe any experiences you have had or individuals you have met or studied who have inspired or influenced your

decision to major in business. The scholarship committee, in making judgments about your application, will review

this essay for content and structure. Failing to include the essay will eliminate you from scholarship


I certify the above information to be accurate and correct. I authorize the University of Nebraska at Omaha to release any

information that may be required by University personnel or scholarship donor(s) to determine my eligibility to receive

scholarship assistance.

Signature: _________________________________________________________ Date: __________________

Please return completed forms and essay to:

Nate Bjorklund – Lecturer and Real Estate Program Director

Finance, Banking and Real Estate Department

College of Business Administration

UNO, MH 332-Y

6708 Pine St.

Omaha, NE 68182-0048

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