Get in touch with the best. The elexxion dental academy. - Rident

Get in touch with the best. The elexxion dental academy. - Rident

dental academy

27. May 2010 – Laser certification course

28. May 2010 – Clinical application with diode & Er:YAG

Get in touch with the best.

The elexxion dental academy.

Laser Safety Course

dental academy

One-day course with official certification as a

Laser Safety Officer (LSO)

(This course is a prerequisite for practical laser use)

The innovative treatment methods of laser therapy include risks for both practitioners and their

teams as well as for patients if fundamental technical, biological and physical information about the

application and laser safety measures are not or insufficiently known.

We prepare you for safely using lasers by giving you an in-depth understanding of laser physics and

laser-tissue interaction. With examples, we clarify the need for safety precautions in the use of lasers

in everyday dental practice. We explain statutory regulations, demonstrate their implementation in

practice and describe laser application fields. After passing the examination you receive the „Laser

Safety Officer“ certificate.

Our laser safety courses meet the requirements of the trade associations for obtaining expertise as a

Laser Safety Officer. They are officially recognized according to the guidelines of BGV B2 (orientated

to EN 60825-1 and ANSI Z136.1) and State Radiation Protection Office.

Time schedule

dental academy

dental academy in cooperation with

RWTH Aachen and Dr. Ralf Borchers

Wednesday, 26.05.2010

Flight to Zurich at individual choice

20.00 Pick up from Zurich airport by bus

21.00 Arrival in Radolfzell and transport to hotel by bus

Thursday, 27.05.2010 – Laser certification course in cooperation with RWTH Aachen

08.45 Pick up at hotel by bus

09.00 - 9.15 Words of welcome Per Liljenqvist, CEO

09.15 - 13.30 Laser basics and light-tissue-interaction Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Meister

Content: Light Matter

10.45 - 11.00 Coffee break

13.30 - 14.30 Lunch

Laser in general

Solid-state laser

Diode laser

Light transmission systems

Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Meister

14.30 - 16.00 Laser safety international part 1 Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Meister

16.00 - 16.15 Coffee break

16.15 - 17.30 Laser safety international part 2 Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Meister

17.30 - 18.00 Multiple choice test Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Meister

Delivery of the certificates

18.00 Back to hotel by bus

18.30 - 19.30 Boat trip

Sunset & Aperitif on the Lake Constance

20.00 Dinner in restaurant “Fino” walk

Time schedule

dental academy

Friday, 28.05.2010 – Clinical application with diode & Er:Yag

in cooperation with Dr. Ralf Borchers

8.30 Pick up at hotel by bus

8.45 - 10.15 Successful integration of diode &

Er:Yag laser in dental practice

10.15 - 11.45 Cosmetic dentistry

11.45 - 12.15 Snack

12.15 - 14.30 Tips & Tricks

Presentation of clinical cases

Er:Yag & diode hands-on

Dr. Ralf Borchers

Dr. Ralf Borchers

Dr. Ralf Borchers

14.45 Departure to Zurich airport by bus

Our Speakers

dental academy

Dr. Jörg Meister


Dr. Jörg Meister

Date of birth/place: June 18th 1963, Frankfurt/Main

Nationality: german

Family status: unwed, 1 child

Location: 41238 Mönchengladbach, Dohrer Str. 248



1979 - 1982 Vocational training as a machinist in Darmstadt

1982 - 1985 comprehensive secondary school with

higher education entrance qualification in Darmstadt

1985 - 1986 Military service

Training and working as jet-mechanic

1986 - 1994 Study of physics at the Technical University in Darmstadt Priorities: laser

und plasma physics, optics, spectroscopy, vacuum techniques

Diploma thesis: „Determination and interpretation of line widths of an

argon-ion laserplasma in the red spectral range“

30.05.1994 Diploma examination as a „Physicist“

01.06.1994 Employment as scientist at the Institute of Lasermedicine,

Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf

Conferral of

a doctorate

Dissertation: „Liquid-core lightguides for high-power pulsed laser systems

in the infrared spectral range“

10.02.1998 PhD examination as „Dr. rer. nat.“


Post-Doc at the Institute of Lasermedicine,

31.07.1999 Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf

01.08.1999 Employment as scientist for development and research at the


Center of Advanced European Studies And Research, Bonn,

31.12.1999 in cooperation with the Institute of Lasermedicine, Duesseldorf


Employment as scientist for development in laser technology and

01.01.2000 fundamental research in laser medicine at the Department of Conservative

Dentistry, Periodontology and Preventive Dentistry, RWTH Aachen


Our Speakers

dental academy

Postgraduate studies

05. - 09.10.1992 German Societey of Physics Training course II „Quantum Optics II“

Bad Honnef

Certified as an expert for laser safety


Member of the German Society of Physics

Member of the German Society for Laser Dentistry

Member of the Scientific Board of the German Society for Laser Dentistry

Member of the German Society of Dental Oral and Craniomandibular Sciences

Member of the World Federation for Laser Dentistry

Work experience

Scientific employee at the University Hospital of the RWTH Aachen, Germany


Leader of the research project on a miniaturized, diode-pumped,

solid-state laser

Research projects on ablation thresholds on hard tissue ablation

General research about water-mediated hard tissue ablation with lasers

Research project on under water ablation in minimal invasive orthopedic


Consulting for medical companies

Scientific employee at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Duesseldorf, Germany


Leader of the laser handpiece development (optical design) for the dental

laser system „Biolase Millennium“

Spectroscopy of different light sources

Development of liquid core lightguides for high power erbium lasers

Research project on a FTIR Q-switch system for laser cavities

Interdisciplinary research project on light transmission systems for

monitoring acetone vapours in the breath of diabetes mellitus patients

Our Speakers

dental academy


Lecturer in the modules I-IV of the post graduate Master in „Lasers in Dentistry“ of the RWTH Aachen

International Academy

Lecturer of the study course „Medicine and Technology“ with the lecture content „Laser

Application in Medicine and Dentistry“ at the RWTH Aachen University


Owner and co-owner of different laser patents

Our Speakers

dental academy

Dr. Ralf Borchers


Dr. Ralf Borchers

DDS, M.Sc. Lasers in Dentistry

Date of birth/place: 11th of November 1960 at Goslar/Germany

Nationality: german

Location: 32257 Bünde, Bahnhofstrasse 14



Profession and experience

1980 - 1982 University of Gent, Belgium

1982 - 1983 University of Brussels, Belgium

1983 - 1987 University of Berlin, Germany

1988 - 1989 Dentist in the German military forces

1990 - 1991 Employed dentist in Berlin, Germany

1991 - 2010 Dentist in dental practice

Continuing education in implantology, dental surgery and lasers in dentistry.

2001 starting laser dentistry with Diode laser treatment

2006 - 2008 M.Sc. studies at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany

2007 starting treatment with Er,Cr:YSGG laser

2008 Master Degree for M.Sc. in Lasers in Dentistry, RWTH Aachen University

2009 European Master Degree of Oral Laser Application

2008 - 2010 lecturer at national and international congresses for the WFLD, DGL,

SOLA, and laser companies ( Biolase, Elexxion,..)

Member of

DGL Deutsche Gesellschaft für Laserzahnheilkunde

WFLD World Federation Lasers in Dentistry

SOLA International Society for Oral Laser Applications

DGZMK Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferkrankheiten

ZGP Bünde- Enger Local Circle for Quality in Dentistry


dental academy

dental academy

27. - 28. May 2010

I herewith register for dental academy from 27. - 28. May 2010





Please choose:

❍ All-inclusive package – 380 EUR

• Participation charge

• Hotel (bed & breakfast)

• Lunch

• 1 x Dinner in restaurant

❍ Transport – 50 EUR

Zurich Airport ➔ Radolfzell (1 hour), 26.05.2010 at 20.00;

Radolfzell ➔ Zurich Airport, 28.05.2010 at 14.45

Please send the application by mail to or by fax to: 0049 7732 8229977

by 25.04.2010 at the latest.

Conditions of payment: payment till 06.05.2010 at our account with Sparkasse Singen /

Radolfzell, see below.

Place, Date

Stamp, Signature

Schützenstrasse 84 - 78315 Radolfzell - Tel. +49 (0) 7732 822990 - Fax +49 (0) 7732 8229977 - Vorstand: Per Liljenqvist (Vorsitzender), Olaf Schäfer –

Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Dr. Werner Zöllner – Amts- und Registergericht Freiburg HRB 550787R – UmSt.-ID-Nr.: 250255447

Sparkasse Singen/Radolfzell - BLZ: 692 500 35 Konto: 433 84 89 IBAN: DE73692500350004338489 BIC: SOLADES1SNG

email: internet:

dental academy








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