LIST and ABSTRACTS of all the FLAAR REPORTS on scanners ...

LIST and ABSTRACTS of all the FLAAR REPORTS on scanners ...

updated JULY 2002

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ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

on scanners, Digital Photography

ong>andong> Wide Format Printers

Hewlet Packard 5000ps, UV pigmented inks, ong>FLAARong> at BGSU

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Table ong>ofong> Contents

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


All ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> Reports on Digital Photography

All ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> Reports on Inkjet Printing, Inkjet Media, Ink, RIPs etc.

List ong>ofong> ong>theong> Reports Currently Available

Fine Art & Photo Category

Signs Category

Miscellaneous Category

Survival Category

Raster Image Processor song>ofong>tware (ong>theong> brains ong>ofong> your printer)

Reports on Media (material for wide format printers)

Informative reports on scanners ong>ofong> ong>allong> sizes ong>andong> shapes

Oong>theong>r Subjects, Desktop Publishing

Trade Show Reports (on large format printers ong>andong> related items)

• Year 2002

• Year 2001

• Year 2000

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Topics ong>FLAARong> Does Not Cover

How to Get your Hong>andong>s on ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> Reports

Education is a two-way Process


We have reports for seasoned pros; we have oong>theong>r reports for newbies. But unless you indicate your

situation, we don’t know which to send you.

Due to ong>theong> increased readership (over 20,000 readers a month) ong>andong> ong>theong> increased level ong>ofong>

e-mails (fortunately not ong>allong> 20,000 readers), we can no longer send any reports in response to

a mere “please send reports.” If you don’t explain what you need to print, we don’t know which

reports to send you.

Over ong>theong> course ong>ofong> ong>theong> next few months ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> system ong>ofong> acquiring ong>theong> reports is being

modifi ed. As modifi cations take effect ong>theong> new situation will be posted on a new site, www.wideformat-printers.NET.

All ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> Reports on Digital Photography

All reports on digital photography are now part ong>ofong> ong>theong> various training programs in digital photography

as input for wide format inkjet printing. The entire set ong>ofong> approximately 30 reports will shortly be

available as a bundle. You can eiong>theong>r take ong>theong> course ong>andong> get ong>allong> ong>theong> reports free (as your textbook)

or you can just buy ong>theong> reports without ong>theong> course. All this will happen from ong>theong> new ong>FLAARong> web site:

a prototype ong>ofong> this is www.wide-format-printers.NET

You can sign up for ong>theong> digital photography course already (which means you get ong>allong> ong>theong> ong>FLAARong>

digital camera reports) on In ong>theong> meantime, you can obtain a

syllabus free:

• Digital photography as input for wide format inkjet printer output (intermediate to advanced)

• Introductory digital photography (in Spanish)

• Intermediate digital photography (in English) for museum personnel, art historians, architects,

archaeologists or anyone who needs to take capable digital photos.

• Digital panoramic photography on location in ong>theong> Lake Atitlan ong>andong> Antigua areas ong>ofong> Guatemala.

Introductory through advanced, instruction in English, German, or Spanish.

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


Within a week we will have a new “List ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports on Digital Photography.” This

list will be a free auto-download.

All ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> Reports on Inkjet Printing, Inkjet Media, Ink, RIPs etc.

Most ong>ofong> our readers have asked how ong>theong>y can obtain ong>theong> entire set ong>ofong> up to 50 ong>FLAARong> Reports

on wide format inkjet printing. That is why ong>theong> .NET web site is being opened up. As soon as

this site is fi nished you will be able to order reports by ong>theong>me (ong>allong> reports on RIPs, or, ong>allong> reports

on inkjet media, ong>andong> so on).

Fine Art & Photo Category

If you want only a 24” entry-level printer, please ask for The

ong>FLAARong> Report on 24” wide format printers. Budget ong>andong> entry

level printers for Photo-Realistic ong>andong> Fine Art Giclee. Reviews

Epson 7000, Epson 7500 ong>andong> ong>allong> oong>theong>r 24” printers. Also covers

ong>theong> 11x17 inch ong>andong> 13x19 inch Epson 5500. Brief mention ong>ofong> ong>theong>

7600 ong>andong> 9600.

If you want only a letter sized desktop sized printer, you have come

to ong>theong> wrong place. Sorry, we do not cover desktop inkjet printers at

ong>allong>. If you need help with desktop printers, go to

Laser printers, however, are not appropriate for fi ne art

printing in color, however you can get some nice effects with a reong>allong>y

good 1200 dpi B+W laser printer for photographs

Which wide format inkjet printers are capable ong>ofong> producing fi ne art

giclee prints? This report covers only 36” ong>andong> wider. Comparative

discussions, comparing Iris, Ixia, Mimaki, Epson, Mutoh, I-Jet,

ColorSpan, Rolong>andong>, HP ong>andong> explains why Encad is not quite in

this league.

Which Large format printers, are optimal for Photo-Realistic quality?

Museum Quality inkjet printing on canvas, photo glossy ong>andong> oong>theong>r

diverse inkjet media. For photo studios, individual photographers,

or any sign shop that wants ong>theong> best trade show graphics (better

than mere signs). Compares ong>andong> contrasts piezo vs. ong>theong>rmal;

discusses ColorSpan, HP, Encad, Epson, Rolong>andong>, Mutoh, ong>andong>

oong>theong>rs, comprehensive pros ong>andong> cons ong>ofong> each model.

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


Experience with ong>theong> Colorspan Espirit ong>andong> with ColorSpan

DisplayMaker XII. If you want to do photo-realistic prints ong>andong>/or

fi ne art giclee prints, ong>theong>n you fi rst need “Photo-Realistic Printers”

or “Fine Art Giclee Printers”.

Hewlett-Packard 5000 ong>andong> HP 5000ps, frequently asked questions

(prior to asking for this you need to read eiong>theong>r signs-posters,

photo-realistic, or fi ne art giclee printers).

Comments on ong>theong> Kodak 5260 wide format inkjet printer. So many

people read ong>theong> ong>allong>uring ads in trade magazines about “speed

without compromise” that naturong>allong>y lots ong>ofong> curious people wanted to

fi nd out ong>theong> truth. We searched ong>theong> Internet ong>andong> nowhere have been

able to fi nd a reliable outside independent report on this phantom

printer. So we did research in Europe, across Asia, ong>andong> in ong>theong>

USA, as well as interviewed people at tradeshows to fi nd out why

this printer failed to appear in public last year. We went to three

tradeshows to see what ong>theong> printer ong>andong> its output reong>allong>y looked like.

Well, not exactly what ong>theong> ads promised. Just recently we tracked

down original ads on ong>theong> CrystalJet printer ong>andong> were reong>allong>y surprised

to note ong>theong> claims made for ong>theong> CrystalJet years ago are uncannily

similar to ong>theong> claims made for ong>theong> Kodak 5260 since last August.

Which wide format printer is a good choice when you need exhibitquality

photo-realistic prints for an art museum? This report is

completely different than ong>theong> introductory report on fi ne art giclee

printers (which is a comparative review ong>ofong> ong>allong> printers). In distinction

ong>theong> present report shows an actual art exhibit ong>ofong> wide format

inkjet prints ong>andong> explains what printer accomplished this, why we

selected that printer over oong>theong>rs, ong>andong> what ong>theong> museum goers

thought ong>ofong> ong>theong> prints.

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


B+W Quadtone Photo Printing with Inkjet Printers. We get so

many requests for this that we are initiating evaluations ong>ofong> various

solutions. It will be anoong>theong>r six months before are research is

fi nished, but you are welcome to ask for ong>theong> preliminary version.

Just keep in mind that this report is still in a raong>theong>r unfi nished

state. B+W prints from ong>theong> most popular low-cost inkjet printers

turn green, so you might want to avoid ong>theong>m ong>andong> ong>theong>ir problems

with metamerism.

Iris Model 3047Gprint: a penetrating report kindly sent by an

experienced user. This printer costs about $58,000, so please don’t

ask for this report unless you are ready for a serious printer

“Signs, Posters, Banners Which Large Format Printers can best do

Indoor Signage, Trade Show Graphics, etc. A comparative review ong>ofong>

Graphtec, Encad, HP, Rolong>andong>, ColorSpan, Epson ong>andong> oong>theong>rs.

Signs Category

Solvent ink printers for outdoor signs ong>andong> billboards 44” lite

solvent ink printers through grong>andong> format width full strength solvent

ink printers. Grong>andong> format printers, billboard printers ong>andong> oong>theong>r

appropriate printers (ong>theong>se printers cost about $30,000 up to

$450,000). Plus, how you can use a normal $15,000 inkjet printer

also to do outdoor jobs, albeit with lamination (2 year outdoor


Signs, Posters, Banners Which Large Format Printers can best do

Indoor Signage, Trade Show Graphics, etc. A comparative review ong>ofong>

Graphtec, Encad, HP, Rolong>andong>, ColorSpan, Epson ong>andong> oong>theong>rs.

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>


Wide Format Thermal Transfer printers. Using wax ong>andong> resin

ribbons to print continuous tone. You cannot get continuous

tone with an inkjet printer; only from ong>theong>rmal transfer or laser

light imagers

“Direct Digital Printing on Fabrics with Wide Format Inkjets (paper

backed textiles). Covers printing on cotton, silk, polyester ong>andong>

oong>theong>r fabrics.

Laminating Equipment for Large Format Inkjet Printing, a brief


Arizona, a solvent-ink printer for outdoor signage. A report kindly

sent to ong>FLAARong> by an experienced end-user (a brong>andong> ong>ofong> printer)

“Comprehensive List ong>ofong> All Large Format Printers, Makes ong>andong>


ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


Inkjet Printing on Thick ong>andong>/or Rigid materials (up to 3 inches thick)

for Photo Realistic ong>andong> Fine Art Giclee.

HP Design Jet 1050 C 1055CM (to be issued shortly)

Assembling an HP DesignJet 5000ps. ong>FLAARong> now has two ong>ofong>

ong>theong>se printers, one at Bowling Green State University ong>theong> oong>theong>r

recently instong>allong>ed at Francisco Marroquin University. We wrote a

brief report describing what it is like to set up this printer in your

ong>ofong>fi ce or home if you have no one to help you. Shows ong>theong> true

meaning ong>ofong> “ease ong>ofong> use.

First Impressions ong>ofong> ColorSpan Mach 12: Instong>allong>ation ong>ofong> this

72” 12-color Printer at ong>FLAARong> facilities at Bowling Green State

University. ong>FLAARong> editors go to ong>allong> ong>theong> major tradeshows to check

out every printer make ong>andong> model. Last year ong>theong> Mach 12 was not

quite ready (had bong>andong>ing issues). Now ong>theong> Mach 12 is improved

so we had one instong>allong>ed this summer. We are interested in ong>theong>

8-color mode ong>andong> full 12-color mode. This is ong>theong> only printer in ong>theong>

world that we know ong>ofong> with a complete 12-color set. The results are

breathtaking. This review will be updated every two months as we

learn more about ong>theong> printer.

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


Miscellaneous Category

“Inkjet Printers as Proong>ofong>ers.” Includes suggestion on which is ong>theong>

best RIP for color management ong>andong> for ICC color prong>ofong>i les.

“Wide Format Printers for CAD, GIS, maps, aerial photographs ong>andong>

3D computer generated drawings.” The author ong>ofong> this report studied

architecture at Harvard, has two broong>theong>rs who are architects, plus

his faong>theong>r founded HOK Architects (Hellmuth is ong>theong> H ong>ofong> Hellmuth,

Obata + Kassabaum architectural fi rm, now ong>theong> largest architectural

company in ong>theong> world).

“Dye sublimation, which large format printers can accomplish it?

Heat transfer onto T-shirts, oong>theong>r textiles, ceramic tiles ong>andong> even

metal.” Please note: we review only, ong>andong> exclusively, 24” ong>andong>

above. Do not ask us about desktop printers; we do not answer

questions about desktop models.

Printing Wong>allong>paper with Inkjet Printers.

Everything your wide format inkjet printer can do. Source ong>ofong> Prong>ofong>i t

(If you intend to use your inkjet printer commerciong>allong>y); Source ong>ofong>

enjoyment (If you intend to use your printer for home, hobby or a

second part-time business)

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


Who ong>andong> what is ong>FLAARong>?. A comprehensive discussion ong>ofong> ong>theong>

origins ong>ofong> ong>FLAARong> ong>andong> what brought this research institute to

become ong>theong> #1 source worldwide for public education on wide

format digital imaging.

What topics do ong>FLAARong> reports not cover?. Even with about 50

reports, ong>theong>re are lots ong>ofong> subjects we do not cover whatsoever

(such as letter sized desktop inkjet printers). Please do not write

us asking about repairs, where to get song>ofong>tware upgrades. Our

four staff members who answer e-mail dedicate ong>theong>mselves to

sending our reports on scanners, ong>theong> digital photography courses,

tabloid sized laser printers, ong>andong> especiong>allong>y on wide format inkjet

printers, primarily 24” ong>andong> wider (but also ong>theong> Epson 5500 for

13 x 19 inch inkjet).

Survival Category

“Survival guide. How to understong>andong> misleading advertising claims,

hype, plus bait ong>andong> switch when you are going through ong>theong> process

ong>ofong> deciding which wide format inkjet printers to purchase. Nicholas

Hellmuth’s tips to protect yourself when you buy a wide format

inkjet printer. This pithy Survival Report cuts to ong>theong> heart ong>ofong> ong>theong>

matter ong>andong> exposes some ong>ofong> ong>theong> basic bait ong>andong> switch tactics ong>andong>

oong>theong>r favored ploys ong>ofong> over-eager sales people.

Is it advisable to buy a Used large format printers? (in most cases

it’s not a good investment, but ong>theong>re are a few used printers that still

have a long life ahead ong>ofong> ong>theong>m). So it helps to know which models

are good ong>andong> which to avoid.

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


“What you need to know about piezo ong>andong> ong>theong>rmal prinong>theong>ads for

wide format inkjet printers, pros ong>andong> cons, facts vs fi ctions. Is

piezo inkjet best or can you expect more with ong>theong>rmal prinong>theong>ads?

” This pithy report defl ates exaggerated claims ong>andong> hype on both

sides, discusses ong>theong> advantages ong>andong> notable disadvantages ong>ofong>

both prinong>theong>ad designs. This report exposes lots ong>ofong> misinformation.

You will be happy to learn, however, that piezo prinong>theong>ads do many

things with outstong>andong>ing quality, ong>andong> that ong>theong>rmal prinong>theong>ads can

also match, or exceed that quality. When it comes to choosing

what printer to select, knowing about ong>theong> prinong>theong>ad system is only

one factor, albeit very crucial.

If you are a university, college, or museum, we have a special report to cover your needs. After ong>allong>,

ong>FLAARong> is located on a university campus ong>andong> associated with ong>theong> two museums on that campus,

so we know what academics need.

If you need additional information, please feel free to send us ong>allong> your questions at info@fl .

However be sure that you have fi lled out ong>theong> Inquiry Request Form at least once. Once you fi ll out

this form this registers you to get into ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> system.

RIP’s Category

Raster Image Processor song>ofong>tware (ong>theong> brains ong>ofong> your printer)

Help ong>andong> tips; relative to RIP’s for Large Format Printers: What

in ong>theong> world is a RIP? Why in ong>theong> world would I need one?. This

report also includes General Information for people new to Large

Format Inkjet Printers. This version is longer ong>andong> is for newcomers

who may have no idea what a RIP is, or does, or why ong>theong>y need

one. Covers a variety ong>ofong> oong>theong>r topics that are useful for a beginner

to know about

List ong>ofong> ong>theong> Main Brong>andong>s ong>ofong> RIP (Raster Image Processor) RIP

Song>ofong>tware including Adobe PostScript to provide additional options

for operating your large format printer. This version is for people

who already have ong>theong>ir printer, or already have one printer ong>andong> are

getting ready to buy anoong>theong>r printer.

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


Suggested Stong>andong>ards for evaluation ong>ofong> RIPs for wide format inkjet

printers. A new report; itemizes ong>theong> sort ong>ofong> features you should look

for before you pay out $3,000 for a RIP.

Color Management where to fi nd training, books ong>andong> help on color


Media Category

(material for wide format printers)

All ong>theong> various kinds ong>ofong> Inks ong>andong> colorants used in large format

digital printers plus frequently asked questions about inkjet inks. A

discourse on ong>theong> reality ong>ofong> inks for large format printers. This report

only makes sense when you are just about to buy your printer, or

already has made your decision.

Suggested Objective Stong>andong>ards for evaluation ong>ofong> inkjet media for

wide format printers

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


Complimentary media for HP, 48 kinds ong>ofong> certified media to

work. This report lists ong>theong> media which is certifi ed by HP for ong>theong>ir

DesignJet 2000cp, 2500, 2800, 3000, 3500, ong>andong> 3800. If you

have an HP DesignJet 5000, that uses different media ong>andong> this

report is not what you need. You need any ong>ofong> our oong>theong>r generic

media reports.

Preliminary List ong>ofong> Media Sources. A helpful list ong>ofong> ong>theong> better

sources ong>ofong> inkjet media.

Suggested Media ong>andong> Inks for Large Format Signs, Posters ong>andong>

Banners. If you have a sign shop, copy shop, or in-house print

shop, this report is essential.

Media ong>andong> Inks for Fine Art ong>andong> Photo Realistic Quality. Large

format Printing on Canvas, Watercolor paper, Photo Glossy

ong>andong> Matte.

All ong>theong> different kinds ong>ofong> Material, photo paper, fabric, silk, canvas,

vinyl, backlit material, watercolor ong>andong> artist’s paper, even metal, that

you can easily print onto using a wide format inkjet printer.

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


Scanners Category

(These reports are free)

Which Scanner is best to digitalize your negatives ong>andong> transparencies

when you need Photo-realistic perfection ong>andong> Fine Art Giclee

quality? Plus, Part II: How to digitalize works ong>ofong> Art that are too

large for fl atbed scanner? (scanner vs digital camera on a repro

stong>andong>) Comparison between drum scanners vs fl atbed scanners. If

your budget covers only a megapixel point-ong>andong>-shoot camera, this

report is not for your. If you want a cheap scanner for home use;

this report is not for you eiong>theong>r.

Scanner for Pre-press ong>andong> scanning images for using on a large

format printer. Which scanner is best to hong>andong>le your negatives

ong>andong> transparencies? How to digitalize objects that are too large

for flatbed-scanner? (scanner vs digital camera) You need to

be sure to tell us what you will be scanning: 35mm, medium

format, large format; ong>andong> wheong>theong>r you scan 3D objects ong>ofong> just

slides ong>andong> photos.

Scanning 35mm Slides ong>andong> Negatives.

Upcoming, in preparation to satisfy popular demong>andong>: “Wide format sheet-fed scanners for maps

ong>andong> large drawings.” List ong>ofong> what companies ong>ofong>fer wide format scanners for GIS, architects,

engineers, planners, artists, ong>andong> anyone who needs to digitize a large roll or sheet ong>ofong> paper. If

you have to digitize a large rigid object, such as an oil painting or oong>theong>r work ong>ofong> art, or a large

decorative textile or rug, we will graduong>allong>y add a second on how to do that (with certain class

ong>ofong> digital scan back system).

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


Desktop Category

(These reports are free)

Monochrome Laser printers which can produce photo-realistic

quality (that can print 1200 dpi, photo quality, at up to 13 x 19

inches ong>andong> can print 800 dpi up to 35 inches long (13 x 35). You

can get exhibit quality from a B+W laser printer if your original

images are relatively good.

Tips to assist you how to decide which make ong>andong> model ong>ofong> color

laser printer to buy. We do not cover normal ong>ofong>fi ce laser printers;

ong>FLAARong> reports discuss only ong>theong> better laser printers (circa $4000).

Don’t worry, ong>theong> report itself is free.

Trade Show Category

• Year 2002

PMA trade show 2002, Photo Marketing Association. Digital

cameras, wide format inkjet printers ong>andong> scanners

International Sign Association Trade show, Orlong>andong>o, Florida

(April 2002)

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


Which Digital Shows are worthwhile visiting to learn about scanners

ong>andong> large format printers. Togeong>theong>r with discussion ong>ofong> which

Training Conferences ong>andong> Seminars are best for learning about

Digital Imaging ong>andong> Wide Format Printers. This is a review ong>ofong> ong>theong>

trade shows ong>theong>mselves; which are worth visiting to learn more

about scanners ong>andong> wide format printers.

• Year 2001

Graphics ong>ofong> ong>theong> Americas Trade Show ong>andong> Photo Marketing

Association Trade Show, Large format printers shown at ong>theong>se

trade shows. (Feb 2001)

CeBIT Trade Show Hanover, Germany (March 2001) Large Format

Printers, Inks, Media, ong>andong> RIPs

ISA Trade Show, Las Vegas, Nevada (March 2001) Large Format

Printers, Inks, Media ong>andong> RIP’s

Big Picture Trade Show, wide format printers inspected at ong>theong>

show ong>andong> conference. Covers virtuong>allong>y ong>allong> major RIPs ong>andong> printers.

(March 2001)

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


Large Format printers at DPI trade show (April 2001)

Print 01 Tradeshow Digital Imaging Products. (Sep 2001)

• Year 2000

DRUPA printer trade show in Duesseldorf, Germany (fi rst presentation

ong>ofong> Epson 7500 ong>andong> Epson 9500). ong>FLAARong> editor took notes

over 9 days on every large format printer that he could find.

(May 2000)

DRUPA. The two printers awarded as ong>theong> Best ong>ofong> Show.

(May 2000)

SEYBOLD digital graphics trade show, San Francisco (first

presentation ong>ofong> ong>theong> HP 500ps, HP 800ps, HP 5000ps, Rolong>andong> Hi-Fi

8 color V8 plus comparative reviews ong>ofong> ong>theong> Ixia replacement for Iris

giclee printer ong>andong> much more. (Aug 2000)

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports


Seybold Review. Which Wide Format Inkjet Printers Produce

Exhibit-quality Photo-realistic output?

Photokina Trade Show (Cologne, Germany) Large Format Printers,

Rips, Scanners ong>andong> related subjects. ong>FLAARong> reports cover ong>allong>

kinds ong>ofong> tidbits on large format printers, RIPs, scanners ong>andong>

more. (Sep 2000)

SGIA ong>andong> PHOTOEAST Trade Show Discussion on Large Format

Printers (New York , November 2000). Total ong>ofong> four days ong>ofong> trade

shows; ong>FLAARong> attended both.

Coming Soon

“Mystery Printer,” when we identify a printer ong>theong>n people judges it on ong>theong> basis ong>ofong> preconceived

notions on brong>andong> recognition. Therefore we showcase some printers ong>andong> deliberately don’t

identify ong>theong>m, so that you can learn to look at ong>theong> quality ong>ofong> ong>theong> output ong>andong> speed, without caring

about ong>theong> brong>andong> name. This report identifi es ong>theong> mystery printer on ong>andong>

discusses alternatives as well.

“Bus Wrap ong>andong> Vehicle Graphics, a brief overview.” Suggests that printers you can consider, both

solvent ink as well as normal inkjet printers.

Lenticular prints: large format printers, song>ofong>tware, ong>andong> lenses. What ong>andong> where to buy.

Painting on top ong>ofong> an already printed inkjet surface.

Using an Inkjet Printer to prepare Masters for Screen Printing.

India: if you are located in India we have a special report for you.

Backlit Film: problems some printers have producing backlit, work-around, ong>andong> suggestions for oong>theong>r

printers, which don’t have ong>theong> problems to begin with.

History ong>ofong> Rollout Photography.

ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports

You can write ong>FLAARong> in German, Spanish, French, Italian, ong>andong> Portuguese. The reports ong>theong>mselves

are ong>allong> in English but we can read your inquiry form even if you fi ll it out in several languages. Of

ong>theong>se German, French, ong>andong> Spanish are ong>theong> easiest for us to read fl uently. The entire ong>FLAARong> staff

is ong>allong> bi-lingual: two in German, one in French, ong>andong> ong>allong> in Spanish, plus naturong>allong>y English. Italian ong>andong>

Portuguese we can read simply because those languages are so close to Spanish.

Topics ong>FLAARong> Does Not Cover

Topics ong>FLAARong> does not cover. Please do yourself a favor,

ong>andong> be kind to ong>allong> ong>ofong> us who work at answering your questions,

namely read this report if you are unsure wheong>theong>r ong>FLAARong> can

help you. As ong>theong> number ong>ofong> requests rises we can only answer

ong>theong> questions that pertain to our sphere ong>ofong> infl uence. This

means we are unable to answer countless oong>theong>r questions.

So before you get your hopes up, please download this list

ong>andong> save both ong>ofong> us lost time ong>andong> energy. There are about 10

areas ong>ofong> printing that we absolutely do not cover whatsoever.

Nor are we able to suggest who can cover ong>theong>se topics. So

please check out this “list ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>theong> topics that ong>FLAARong> is

unable to assist you on….”

These reports are ong>allong> free (up to limit ong>ofong> three).

How to Get your Hong>andong>s on ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> Reports

ong>FLAARong> is preparing to edit ong>allong> ong>theong> series ong>ofong> reports into a book ong>andong> for this we need to know people’s

questions, queries, likes ong>andong> dislikes. As part ong>ofong> our general education program we also need to

know about trends so that we can suggest to ong>theong> manufacturers what options ong>andong> features ong>theong>y

should include in ong>theong>ir next-generation printers.

For example, many people wish that HP would facilitate dye sublimation inks ong>andong> also would like

HP to add pigmented inks to its 24” low cost printers. Thus when you ask for specifi c features,

when you detail precisely what options you like (ong>andong> equong>allong>y important what options you don’t

need at ong>allong>) we forward ong>theong>se to ong>theong> manufacturers so that ong>theong>y can be more realistic when

ong>theong>y design new models.

It is also ong>ofong> interest to know what people’s perceptions are. For example, many people have

astonishing concepts ong>ofong> piezo printers vs. ong>theong>rmal printers…(mostly incorrect ong>andong> based on hype

by ong>theong> companies) yet oong>theong>r people could not care less about piezo vs. ong>theong>rmal…ong>theong>y just want a

printer to function). We also get comments on problems in accomplishing adequate test-prints by

sales reps. All this information assists us in gently reminding ong>theong> equipment sales companies that

people need less hype ong>andong> more reality.

If you are doing research for homework, or if you are already in ong>theong> digital imaging or printing industry

ong>andong> just curious about what we say in ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> reports, you too are welcome. Just indicate

your true status so we can assist you in ong>theong> most appropriate manner. It’s sort ong>ofong> like fi lling out

ong>theong> marketing card to get a free subscription to a trade magazine. The difference is that ong>FLAARong>

reports look at ong>theong> equipment from ong>theong> perspective ong>ofong> an end user who wants serious help. A trade

magazine is an industry-to-industry service. In distinction ong>FLAARong> does not publish ong>ofong>fi cial company

PR releases; we also refuse to use claims provided by ong>theong> companies. You won’t see any slick

PR photos in our evaluations eiong>theong>r.


ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports

We can’t save you from a past mistake. If you already bought ong>theong> wrong printer, sorry, we can’t make

it work for you. But if you want to junk it, or turn it back in for a well deserved refund ong>andong> start from

scratch with a better printer, ong>theong>n yes, tell us what your problems were ong>andong> what you look for in a

new ong>andong> better printer (we still can’t fi x your old printer, however).

Education is a two-way Process

As you can see from ong>theong> various reports, ong>FLAARong> works hard to provide you with a kind ong>ofong>

assistance that we both know is not available anywhere else, not even on ong>theong> Internet ong>andong> not

from any trade magazine.

In oong>theong>r to gaong>theong>r data for you our editors have attended Photokina, DRUPA, CeBIT (ong>allong> in

Germany), Sign-India (Mumbai), Seybold, Comdex, B.I.G. (Big in Graphics), BIG PictureShow,

PMA, PhotoExpo East ong>andong> countless oong>theong>rs. However ong>ofong>ten ong>theong> best information on how a printer,

RIP, ink, media, or song>ofong>tware functions comes from you, ong>theong> end-user. Thus we welcome end-user

descriptions ong>ofong> ong>theong>ir trial ong>andong> error, as well as your success stories. We add pertinent aspects ong>ofong>

your observations into our reports.

Since ong>FLAARong> has evaluation studies at two universities,

ong>theong> overong>allong> ong>FLAARong> education program ong>allong>ows students to

learn about end-user needs. The students also attend ong>theong>

tradeshows, conferences, ong>andong> seminars. However in many

cases your Inquiry Form is more insightful than ong>theong> tradeshow,

because we prefer to hear from ong>theong> end-user. Thus ong>theong> Inquiry

Forms are a veritable textbook for our students. They study

your observations, learn from your experience, ong>andong> in turn

ong>theong>y write ong>theong> next month’s ong>FLAARong> reports to be sure we

cover topics that are ong>ofong> interest to you. We do statistical

analysis ong>ofong> end-user requests so we can recognize which

products need to be evaluated in next month’s ong>FLAARong> Reports. We update as many ong>ofong> ong>theong> Reports

each month as possible.

Although ong>FLAARong> has been around for 30 years (doing prong>ofong>essional photography in museums

worldwide) ong>theong> wide format web sites are less than two years old! Thus ong>theong>re are still many aspects

ong>ofong> large format printing that even we too need some backup help on. Therefore if your questions

can best be answered by a specialist in signs, media, RIPs, photo-printers, fi ne art giclee printers,

we will forward your inquiries to appropriate people whom we have met at trade shows. At each

trade show we interview ong>theong> managers ong>ofong> ong>theong> various companies who are respected for ong>theong>ir

printers, large format media, inks, RIPs, oong>theong>r hardware or song>ofong>tware accessories. ong>FLAARong> will still

always send you ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> reports.

This is because our ong>ofong>fi ces are in Europe ong>andong> Latin America, ong>andong> its tough for you to telephone

us, or for us to telephone you with a follow-up. Don’t worry; ong>FLAARong> is as American as apple pie

ong>andong> we are moving our facility from ong>theong> community college where we were six years in Florida

to technical college at a large state university in Ohio. Once settled ong>theong>re we hope to be able to

follow-up personong>allong>y, but until such time, we have asked our colleagues to assist us in helping you.

Since practicong>allong>y everyone has questions on RIP that need follow-up, we have selected companies

who know printers, RIPs, ong>andong> color management. They will contact you ong>andong> will be glad to answer

your questions by phone, fax, or e-mail.


ong>FLAARong> ong>REPORTSong>

List ong>andong> Abstracts ong>ofong> ong>allong> ong>FLAARong> Reports

Reports ong>theong>mselves ong>andong> this list prepared by Nicholas Hellmuth, ong>FLAARong>, sent to you by ong>theong> staff

ong>ofong> ong>theong> Digital Imaging Technology Center, Francisco Marroquín University. If you need additional

information, please send your questions to info@fl . Just be sure your questions are

accompanied by at least an approximation ong>ofong> ong>theong> fi elds requested in ong>theong> Inquiry Form so that we

know precisely which ong>ofong> ong>theong> over 30+ reports are best for your needs. We are not able to answer

rong>andong>om e-mails unless you have registered via a full inquiry-request form. All our web pages

have ong>theong>se forms. It may take you 5 minutes to fi ll out a form, but ong>theong>n you get ong>theong> benefi ts ong>ofong>

our years ong>ofong> research in digital imaging.

Auto-downloads are automatic ong>andong> instant. You click ong>theong> button ong>andong> you get ong>theong> PDF.

To get any ong>ofong> ong>theong> roughly seven ong>FLAARong> Freebies, you just fi ll out a request form; by return e-mail we

send you ong>theong> link to where you can auto-download ong>theong> reports in PDF format.

The rest ong>ofong> ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> reports also need you to send in a request form. Our staff analyzes which

reports are most pertinent ong>andong> we send you up to three which most suit your needs. If your request

is accompanied by abundant information about ong>theong> kind ong>ofong> printer you are looking for, if you are lucky

you can probably talk ong>theong> staff into sending a bonus report (also free).

If after getting ong>theong> fi rst three you decide you want anoong>theong>r dozen, that’s why we are opening

up www.wide-format-printers.NET, so you can see ong>theong> contents, abstract, ong>andong> details on each

ong>andong> every ong>ofong> ong>theong> 50 reports. Our readers have said ong>theong>y would prefer to pay for ong>theong> whole batch

than just to get three free, so we are working at establishing a way to buy as many as you

want by credit card.

But an easier way to get as many as you want is to contract ong>FLAARong> as a consultant. You can eiong>theong>r

come to us at Bowling Green State University (south ong>ofong> Toledo, Ohio), or we can come to your

place anywhere in ong>theong> world (we have gone to Osaka, Japan, to Mexico City, ong>andong> ong>ofong> course many

locations across ong>theong> USA as consultants).

These reports answer ong>theong> questions contained in ong>theong> most recent 11,000 e-mails that we have

received. As each new e-mail arrives, if it’s questions are not covered in one or more reports

ong>theong>n our editors do ong>theong> research necessary to update ong>theong> information in ong>theong> pertinent report to

cover such questions.

The most popular dozen titles are updated at least every three months. Most oong>theong>r reports we

do our best to update ong>theong>m at least once a year. In general, ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> Reports in PDF format

tend to be updated more ong>ofong>ten than ong>theong> web pages, though we are constantly working on ong>theong>

multitude ong>ofong> web sites too.


N. Hellmuth, ong>FLAARong>


© ong>FLAARong> Network, 2002; January 2002, last updated July 2002

• Thank you for your assistance. I will definitely

share you organization with oong>theong>rs.

• Please accept my most sincere thanks ong>andong>

appreciation for ong>theong> excellent reports you sent.

They are educational, well organized ong>andong> at just

ong>theong> right level to help ong>theong> prong>ofong>essional quickly - yet

ong>theong>y do provide ong>theong> path for furong>theong>r study for those

who are interested.

Keep up ong>theong> good work - it is a gift to ong>theong> community.





• Thank you for your quick response. My daughter is a photographer & I’ve been sharing with her ong>allong>

information. This is especiong>allong>y interesting! Thanks again,

• First let me say how much I have enjoyed your work on ong>theong> ong>FLAARong> web sites. I am new to digital

photography ong>andong> printing, ong>andong> have learned a lot from your articles. Since this technology seems to

change so quickly, ong>andong> new models may have been announced recently.

Thank you VERY MUCH !!

• I have received different reports ong>andong> ong>theong>y where ong>allong> very useful. Printers is a new subject to me

ong>andong> reading your reports gave some knowledge that helped me decide which printer to buy...I

will appreciate your advice.

I have already given your web address to friends that could be interested, It’s a wonderful web-page

to count on !

• Thank you very much for sending me this report. It will be very useful. I will try to spread ong>theong>

message about your organization.

• Thanks for ong>theong> prompt response. You guys are providing a great service to a growing prong>ofong>ession. I will

spread ong>theong> word wherever applicable. Without your coaching, someone would have tricked me into

buying a proong>ofong>er when I asked for a fine-art printer.


• I have been reading essays or reports on Flaar for about four years. Great reports.

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