Family Portrait Price Guide - LeMay Photography

Family Portrait Price Guide - LeMay Photography

LeMay Photography 1506 Market Street Little Rock, AR 72211


Family Portrait Price Guide

Creative Fees

Studio Session $85.00

Outdoor Session $95.00

Your Home or Location $150.00

Traditional Family Portrait Prices

Purchase just the photos you want, artwork/airbrushing included

Package A

2 - 8 X 10’s

4 - 5 X 7’s

4 - 4 X 6’s


Two poses

Package B

3 - 8 X 10’s

6 - 5 X 7’s

6- 4 X 6’s


Three poses

Larger packages and portraits up 30 X 40 are available.

Package C

4 - 8 X 10’s

8 - 5 X 7’s

8- 4 X 6’s

$425 *

Four poses


Portrait Album w/ 10-4 X 6 prints $250 20-4 X 6 prints $350 w/ 30-4 X 6 prints $415

Portrait Album w/ 10-5 X 7 prints $350 20-5 X 7 prints $450 w/ 30-5 X 7 prints $515

Call 219-1165 now with questions and to schedule your appointment.

Flat Rate Family Portrait Price Program

includes all the edited photos on a disk, print all you want. Artwork/airbrushing


Price $375

Our family portraits are always fun and reflect who you are. In an effort to simplify

pricing we offer a flat rate program.…which means for a flat rate you’ll have many

different selections. You will get a CD of the edited images so you can print as many

as you’d like. The shoot will last 1-2 hours and we can work in the studio or outside.

We’ll also upload all the images to an online gallery for sharing, viewing and

ordering of prints.


It is a good idea to buy a set of prints from LeMay Photography so you can see how

the photos should look like. Our digital artist would then retouch and airbrush the

pictures which make the photographs look like fine works of art to be cherished for

many generations.

Gift Portraits

8 X 10's $60.00

5 X 7's $47.00

4 X 6’s $30.00

8 - Wallets $30.00

48 - Wallets $55.00

Your Family portraits in our

special App on your

iPhone or Android devices.

*Smart Phone/

Device App Included


Add additional poses to your package for $15 each.

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