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JUNE, 2013 VOL. 5 NO. 52

Cover Story


16 - Tony Alessandra:

The Best Things In Life

Aren’t Things

28 - Anne Bachrach:

5 Tips On Making Successful

Commitments That Produce


32 - Chris Widener:

Finding The Right Way To

Motivate Your Employees

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Avoiding CMA Mistakes

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Cover Story

Kevin Kim

Executive Agent of the Month

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Kevin Kim

By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa - Ian Wiant Photographer

With impeccable attention to detail and a clientcentric

approach, Kevin Kim has an uncanny

way of making the business of real estate

seem easy. A diligent professional who has dedicated

his career to providing the utmost in quality care, he has

facilitated consistent success for buyers and sellers who

appreciate his thoughtful representation and thorough

market knowledge. Kevin thrives on the opportunity to

build lasting relationships steeped in trust and respect.

Kevin earned a degree in Biology from UCLA before

pursuing a career in the real estate industry. “I was encouraged

to continue my studies and to become a doctor,” he

explains. “I just didn’t see myself in that field.” Interning

for an appraiser while in college, he gained an early appreciation

for the significance of real estate. Upon graduating

from college he accepted a position with a mortgage brokerage,

where he became well-versed in the loan process.

For five years, he established a thorough knowledge of

the process of packaging, funding and closing loans. And

while he excelled in his work, Kevin acknowledges that

the transactional business wasn’t the right fit for his professional

aspirations. “I felt like I was simply taking orders,”

he recalls. “I wanted to establish face-to-face contact with

people, to get to know them and to help them achieve more

than just their short-term goals.”

In 2007 Kevin acquired his real estate license; a year

later, with the support and encouragement of his wife

Mia, he committed himself full-time to the field. From the

onset, his philosophy of exceptional customer care shaped

his career. “It all started with my first client,” he recalls.

Giving his all to that transaction, Kevin earned the trust

and respect that would drive his ongoing business. Steadily

he expanded his clientele through referrals; each closing

cemented the relationships that he had carefully nurtured.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Early on, Kevin utilized the unique portfolio of skills that

have distinguished him in the field. His knowledge was,

from the onset, a significant resource for buyers and sellers.

“With my appraisal training and loan background, I’ve been

able to help my buyers estimate their purchase power,”

he explains. “During escrow, I’m communicating with

loan officers and ensuring that my clients are on track

with conditions and time frames. This prevents unnecessary

delays due to miscommunication.” While Kevin

is licensed to handle loans, he chooses to focus on real

estate. “I believe in the value of being the master of one

practice, rather than a jack of all trades,” he says. “This

allows my clients to receive the highest quality of service

in every aspect of each transaction.”

He is highly disciplined, operating with a genuine sense

of diligence and a work ethic that was established by his

parents. “They left their home country of Korea to provide

a better life for our family,” reveals Kevin. “Their

sacrifices allowed us to pursue higher education and to

create our own futures.” Kevin’s commitment to excellence

is unwavering; as a real estate professional he takes

to heart the impact that a home purchase or sale will have

on an individual client. “In most cases we are tapping

into someone’s life savings, assisting them in navigating

one of the largest purchases they will ever make,” he

observes. “That’s an incredible responsibility.”

Kevin’s clients are his partners in the real estate

journey; throughout the process of every purchase or sale

he offers education and information that will assist them

in the decision-making process. “They know that they can

trust me,” he says. “That trust is critical to establishing

successful relationships. At the end of the day, it’s a

house that we’re buying or selling. But until then, there

are meetings and conversations, questions and answers

that are integral to the achievement of those big-picture


ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Home Matters

His full-service approach defines the way that Kevin

works with buyers, sellers and investors. “I work with

a maximum of ten buyers at once,” he reveals. “This

allows me to maintain a sense of energy and purpose for

each client’s distinct wants and needs, and to provide

my highest level of service to every individual.” When

repeat, referral and new business exceed his professional

model, Kevin taps into his referral database of likeminded

agents. “It’s truly about quality, ensuring that my

clients’ needs are consistently met,” he says. “I want to

earn five-star reviews every time; when the best option

for my client is to work with another great agent, I’m

happy to make that introduction.”

As a listing specialist, Kevin is highly adept at preparing

and staging properties to show to their fullest

potential. He has sold homes from San Clemente to

Downey. “I’m well-versed in the markets throughout

Orange and Los Angeles Counties,” he explains. “This

broad-based knowledge allows me to effectively price

and market each property for maximum results.” The

depths of his appraisal experience are utilized with

sellers as well as investors. “I have a solid understanding

of comparable values, which allows me to price houses

effectively as well as to provide my investors with realistic

data designed to assist them in determining value

versus cost,” Kevin says. “This information may better

equip them in assembling long-term portfolios or in

selecting options intended for resale.”

Fluent in Korean, Kevin notes that he enjoys the

opportunity to work with a spectrum of clients that

includes first-time buyers, experienced sellers and savvy


President Abe Lim of Landmark Real Estate and Kevin Kim

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Client Jemi Kim describes Kevin as, “Meticulous

about details and follow-through, and staying on top of

every aspect of the buying and selling process.” When

she and her husband worked with Kevin on a condo sale

and home purchase, she notes, “Whenever I called or

emailed Kevin, he responded within 24 hours, most of

the time responding within the hour. Kevin has a very

strong intuition which, I think, makes him very gifted at

what he does. He also loves what he does. He gave us

sound advice, suggestions, and recommendations that we

followed because we trusted him wholeheartedly.”

Jemi continues, “My husband and I could not have had

a smoother process. Kevin cares about his clients, and

knows that he is dealing with people’s life savings and

hard-earned money. He does not take this responsibility

lightly. In fact, he places great pressure on himself to

make sure his clients get the most bang for their buck; he

certainly did this for us.”

Kevin continues to improve upon his business skills

and market knowledge, investing in ongoing education

and training to best meet the evolving needs of his

clientele. While his professional commitments run deep,

he creates balance in time with Mia and through

volunteerism. Kevin serves on the Board of Directors

of Solidarity, a Fullerton-based non-profit organization

addressing a variety of community needs.

His real estate career is thriving, and Kevin reflects

upon the efforts that have yielded remarkable results.

“My father once told me, ‘Never chase money; let it

chase you,’” he muses. “As time has gone on, I have

shaped my business approach around this philosophy.

This isn’t about a single transaction. Great client care has

allowed me to grow through referral and repeat business.

My top priority is to facilitate an outstanding experience

for every person.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Kevin Kim

Landmark Real Estate

1 City Blvd. West, Ste. 730

Orange, CA 92868

Tel: 562-644-2833


DRE # 01845504

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Jeff Hale

A Full-Service Real Estate Professional

By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

With a clientele that includes residential buyers

and sellers as well as investors, Jeff Hale has

proven himself to be an astute real estate

professional with natural leadership skills. In over a

decade of corporate management with an internationally-known

company, he thrived in the opportunity to

make the tough calls. “I loved the responsibility and

accountability that came with my position,” he reveals.

He continues the trend in real estate, where he acts as

a trusted resource and guide for each client.

Jeff employs a value-added approach to his business,

and always aims for the successful outcome.

“There’s no way to describe the satisfaction of seeing

my client smile at the end of a transaction,” he

explains. “It’s an amazing reward to be a part of the

life-changing process of buying or selling real estate.”

In an industry that is at once highly standardized

and nebulous, professionals like Jeff differentiate

themselves through service that is tailored to the

unique needs of individual clients. Open communication

is the conductor for successful business; years

of experience have solidified Jeff’s belief that no two

transactions are alike. “This is an intense process with

many moving parts, with timelines and deadlines that

are critical to the well-being of the parties involved,”

he observes. “I’m incredibly careful with my business

and my clients; there are always challenges and every

deal is different. Thanks to my experience, though, I’m

better able to navigate the process proactively which

greatly reduces the chance for unexpected issues to

become problems.”

Jeff’s personal touch makes the difference in his

business, though he has also invested in the use of

technology for efficiency and client convenience. His

IT knowledge is an invaluable element to his real

estate model, allowing him to create systems and

processes designed for his clients’ ease of use.

He is a dedicated professional, but Jeff is also a

talented musician who sings and plays the guitar.

“I spent time in Hollywood, writing great songs with

great people,” he reveals. Today, he continues to

entertain as the manager and member of Back to

the 80s, a popular tribute band that plays local gigs

throughout Southern California. He volunteers his

time with the Saddleback School System as well.

Jeff looks forward to continued success, and to

nurturing the professional relationships that so often

evolve into true friendships. With upwards of 40%

of his business stemming from repeat and referral

clients, he thrives on the opportunity to make a difference

in the lives of others.

Jeff Hale

CENTURY 21 Beachside, Realtors®

27802 Vista Del Lago

Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Telephone: 949-939-0834



DRE # 01416036

Jeff’s business has been designed with an emphasis

on the value of teamwork. An extended network of

industry professionals enhances the level of service

he provides to buyers, sellers and investors. “As a

full-service agent, I strive to maximize value to my

clients throughout the course of every transaction

and beyond,” he says. “I’ve amassed a wonderful

group of individuals who value business driven by

trust, respect and professionalism.” Among his go-to

specialists are a general contractor and a handyman,

lenders, escrow and title specialists. “When I make a

call, they respond,” he observes. “My extended team

members have become instrumental to my clients’

overall success.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


It’s been said that success is getting what you want, but

happiness is wanting what you get. Or to put it another

way: perspective, next to money, is the easiest thing

to lose.

So, by all means, seek to increase your charisma. Try

to become the most effective person you can be. Work at

making a good first impression and projecting a positive

image-but also try to retain self-awareness.

Look around you; think how you appear to others; be

alert to the impression you’re creating, or trying to create.

If you try too hard to impress, or make a big to-do of the

grand gesture, or come on too strong or too insensitively,

you’ll often end up creating a negative impression.

The best impression and the surest way to charisma

often just means putting others first. It’s been reported

that one New York cab driver, for example, makes

$30,000 more a year in tips alone than other cabbies.

Why? Because he offers passengers a choice of several

newspapers, cold drinks, or fresh fruit. He asks them what

kind of music they’d prefer, and otherwise does his best

to make his customers comfortable. In hectic, brusque

Manhattan, his small acts of decency make him stand out.

Thus, folks with the most effective images often are those

who are the least obtrusive about it. In fact, sometimes it’s

a simple act or gesture of courtesy-like announcing your

first and last name when you see someone who may possibly

have forgotten them-that burnishes your image, that

really sets you pleasantly apart. Or maybe it’s a short note

of thanks for some favor. Or saying something nice and

genuine about someone in front of his or her boss.

If never made, these gestures probably wouldn’t be

missed; that’s why they’re so obvious when you make

them. In other words, being a genuinely good person, who

cares about others and who does things because they are

the right things to do, may be the ultimate key to increasing

your personal magnetism, or charisma.

Always do right because, as Mark Twain said, that will

gratify some people and astonish the rest.

Dr. Tony Alessandra, CSP, CPAE has authored 13 books,

recorded over 50 audio and video programs, and delivered

over 2,000 keynote speeches since 1976. This article has

been adapted from Dr. Alessandra’s book, Charisma

(Warner books, 1998. Dr. Tony Alessandra is recognized

by Meetings and Conventions Magazine as... “one of

America’s most electrifying speakers.” Copyright© 2003,

Tony Alessandra. All rights reserved. For information

about Tony’s keynote presentations, contact the Frog Pond

at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

16 ExecutiveAgent Magazine


The Best Things In Life Aren’t Things

Written By

Tony Alessandra

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


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your use!






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a month



Brenda Avila


hen Brenda Uriarte Avila first got into real

estate, she thought that success would come to

her as it always had. After all, she loved the job,

she had a great personality and worked hard. “I was very

disappointed to find out that it took a lot more than that,”

she laughs. “I realized fairly quickly that it was going to

take a system and a way of marketing that would set me

apart from other real estate agents.”

Undaunted, Brenda created a complex system of farming,

marketing and client-centered service and implemented

it into her daily business. Within three months, Brenda

knew her life would never be the same. “I went from being

an unsuccessful, but friendly real estate agent to being a

top-producing agent in my office,” she says. “That’s the

difference between being motivated and being inspired.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Hard Work Without a Plan

is Just Hard Work

By Shannon Hartsoe

That was more than ten years ago and today, Brenda is not

only a top-producing agent and broker for Realty Executives

Alliance, she’s also creator of a highly-successful real estate

curriculum for community college students teaching others

how to build success one client at a time.

Brenda is no stranger to hard work. After immigrating

to the United States from Mexico at the age of 13, her

mother wouldn’t let her and her brother play outside until

they had finished their English lessons. As a result, she entered

school with excellent reading and writing skills and

became a top student. But, as she learned, hard work is no

guarantee of success unless that work is focused.

“Otherwise you’re just wasting your time doing the same

work over and over again,” she states. “By focusing on your

strengths and putting systems in place and by treating your

business like a business, you’re much likelier to experience


Brenda entered the profession drawn by the flexibility and

the potential to earn a rewarding living. As a single mother,

her children came first. Encouraged by her mother and

grandmother, (both strong women in their own right) she

decided to try her hand at business. “I needed the flexibility,”

she says. “And there wasn’t any other career out there

that could offer me that the way real estate could. For me, it

was all about being a working mom and real estate gave me

a good avenue for that.”

By building on her strengths – open houses and in-depth

market analysis, Brenda has built a successful business that

keeps her and her listings in the public eye. “Real estate

agents need visibility,” she says. “And we need concrete

goals and plans. Being able to engage the public with a consistent

marketing plan is crucial to building an ongoing client


is different and should be treated as such. Whether it’s a

short sale or a multi-million dollar property, the marketing

plan needs to be tailored.”

She’s also passionate about her company.

“When I was first approached by owner Debi Sugden my

business was growing stagnate at a big name real estate

company,” she acknowledges. “Once I met Debi and heard

about her philosophy of business I knew I could help make

a difference. Here I’m a part of something bigger instead

of just being one of many putting in hours each day.”

In 2012, Brenda won the Chairman’s Award for production

and credits her supportive office environment. “They

believe in me,” she says. “And I know that I can take the

things I’ve learned over the years and put them to use.”

“And of course my family. I wouldn’t be who I am today

without the help of my mother, grandmother and my

brother. They’ve always told me I could be anything and

they were right.”

Brenda Uriarte Avila, GRI, CDPE

Associate Broker

Realty Executives Alliance

5252 Orange Ave. #106

Cypress, CA 90630

Direct: (714) 474-5123

eFax: (714) 276-9676

DRE # 01141420

One way Brenda does this is through her unique approach

to open houses. For her, an open house is not just a

way to garner the attention of the buying public, but a fullfledged

event. “I’ll get the neighbors involved, I have relationships

with vendors who help me create a lot of buzz

around my listing and generate traffic.” She also creates

listing presentations specific to the listing. “Every listing

ExecutiveAgent Magazine



ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Mark Martinez

Your Partner in Success

By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa

His strategic business approach and client-centric

focus have allowed Mark Martinez to cultivate a

thriving clientele throughout Southern California. As

a senior loan consultant with imortgage, he offers exceptional

customer care backed by the company’s promise to offer a

loan product for every home.

Mark was working in curriculum development when

he was recruited into the lending industry. He was fluent

in Spanish, with exceptional organizational skills and an

ability to readily connect with a range of personalities.

Early on, he says, he knew he had found his niche. “I

began to build a base of clients even while I was an assistant,”

he recalls. “And I truly enjoyed the opportunity to

help others achieve their goals of home ownership.”

His diligence has allowed Mark – and his clients – to

combat the challenges posed by a transitioning marketplace.

“There are frustrations that arise,” he explains.

“When obstacles present themselves, we find motivation

and move forward.” This philosophy applies to his own

career as well as the transactions he helps to facilitate. In

the end, it’s Mark’s ability to achieve successful resolution

that has earned him the respect and trust of clients,

colleagues and industry partners.

As an active real estate professional, Elizabeth Willahan

has established relationships with a number of knowledgeable

mortgage professionals. But when the time came to

purchase her own home, Mark was her lender of choice.

“There are many individuals out there who lack followthrough,

or who make promises they simply can’t keep,”

she observes. “When Mark says he’s going to do something,

he does it. He offers uncompromising attention to

detail and is incredibly thorough in securing the information

necessary to achieve a successful closing.” His

knowledge and can-do approach, she adds, make a difference.

“Mark is incredibly reliable,” notes Willahan, who

has referred him beyond her own clientele. “He actually

saved a transaction on a listing I was representing. When

the buyers, in the middle of the process, were told that

they didn’t actually qualify for their loan, Mark was able

to step in and make it happen. Not only did he prevent the

sale from falling through, but he also kept us on track with

the original closing date! He knows what he’s doing and

that’s why I chose to be his client. I trust him and know

that he’s working with my best interests in mind.”

Mark creates an individualized plan for each of his clients,

based upon their unique long- and short-term goals.

In-depth communication allows him to understand their

wants and needs, and to establish a systematic course of

action designed to maximize efficacy throughout the process.

“My focus,” he says, “is to help my clients get where

they need to be.”

His efforts are backed by the support and products available

through imortgage, a rapidly-expanding organization

that adheres to a service-based model. The company

provides a refined business platform that allows mortgage

consultants and their clients to take advantage of

streamlined, highly-systematized processes. “Every day,”

remarks Mark, “I’m updated on the status of a given transaction

or application. The responsiveness of imortgage is

very complimentary to my proactive style of business.”

His assistant, Gloria Knutson, adds value to his business

as well. “She’ hands-on, really professional and offers

great customer service to my clients and business partners,”

Mark says.

Mark works with a diverse client base that spans from

first-time to high-end buyers and investors, with products

providing up to $2 million. He excels at identifying and

implementing creative solutions for challenging transactions,

thoughtfully packaging loans in order to consistently

garner approvals. He adds significant value to his professional

partners, as well, supporting them in maximizing

their business potential.

While Mark is actively involved in recruiting and

management with imortgage, he acknowledges that his

greatest professional rewards hail from the successes of

his consumer and industry-based clientele. “I love being

able to contribute to the process, to seeing people realize

their dreams,” he reflects. “It’s an amazing opportunity to

help others accomplish their goals.”

Mark Martinez, Sales Manager


2099 State College Blvd., Suite 102

Anaheim, CA 92806

Telephone: 714.422.1856

NMLS ID 302745

imortgage is licensed by the California Department of Corporations

CRMLA 4130969, NMLS 3096. Equal housing lender. 06/2013

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

3rd Annual

The PWR Charity Foundation recently launched “Opening Doors for the Men & Women in

Uniform.” This program will provide any qualified United States Armed Forces veteran with cash

for costs not covered by a VA loan in their home buying transaction.

July 23, 2013

Anaheim Hills Golf Course

6501 East Nohl Ranch Road, Anaheim, CA



Per Player. Includes:

Green Fee

Cart Fee

Range Balls

Events include: Best Ball, Putting Contest,

Closest to the Pin Contest, Longest Drive Contest

8:30 am - Shotgun Start

1:30 pm - Awards Luncheon


All Tournament Amenities

Not a Golfer? Join us for lunch only! ($40)

To Sign Up or Sponsor...

Contact Joey Vargas at 714.245.5555 /

or go online at

To Volunteer

Call Lalaine Castillo at 714.245.5530 or





By Dirk Zeller

Agents make three major mistakes in the CMA

preparation process: They work to establish a high

sales price, they include too many comparable

homes in their comparison, and they overemphasize the

price per square foot. Here’s how to avoid the traps:

Overpricing. If you approach a CMA with the desire

to establish the highest sales price for the Seller, more

likely than not, you’ll end up with an overpriced

listing. Remember, the goal of a CMA is to determine a

demonstrated indication of the true current value of the

home. You’re not looking to develop an opinion of what a

Buyer might view as a reasonable value. You’re working

with facts to arrive at an objective, accurate valuation.

Explain the purpose of the CMA to your Seller and

achieve a meeting of minds that you are not working

to justify the highest price but rather to reflect market

conditions and arrive at an accurate value in order to

present and sell the house in a timely manner.

arrive at this figure by taking a sale or listing price and

dividing it by the home’s square footage. For instance, a

1,500 sq. ft. home listed at $425,000 has a $283.33 price

per square foot.

I personally believe price per square foot has a limited

effect on value. For one thing, it doesn’t account for

the quality of a home – the quality of the finish work,

the baseboards and casings and moldings, the marble

floors, granite countertops, elegant appliances, top-grade

bathroom fixtures, and landscaping extras. It doesn’t take

into account such factors as stone exterior, paved patios,

extra garages, or architectural design features. Price per

square foot treats each home like a box on a plain vanilla

lot. It doesn’t evaluate anything that really makes a house

a house. Yet Agents and consumers use the calculation

as if it were gospel – often using it to defend low offers

– when in reality a long list of other factors make the

price per square foot calculation either meaningless or


Presenting too many comps. I’ve seen Agent-produced

CMAs that include 15 or 20 comparable homes in each

category: sold, pending, active, and expired. Do the

math – the result is up to 80 home prices to review and

enough information to confuse even the most analytical

Seller. Beyond confusion, many Sellers latch onto the

most unreasonably priced home in the review, wondering

why they shouldn’t at least start at the price the people on

Mulberry got, even though its price is $20,000 over current

market value. Here’s my advice: Once you select four to

six comps for each category, stop gathering information

and begin assembling your CMA into final form

Putting too much emphasis on “price per square foot”

findings. When comparing prices, Agents often calculate

the price per square foot of comparable properties. They

Dirk Zeller is recognized as the premier coach for

the real estate industry. He is one of the most sought

after speakers and authors for high volume production

while attaining life balance in the real estate industry.

Dirk is the President of Real Estate Champions. Real

Estate Champions provides exceptional business and

developmental training to real estate agents and managers

through cutting edge coaching programs and seminars

including the “Four Day Work Week System Program.”

Visit their web site at Real Estate Champions. © 2010,

Dirk Zeller. All rights reserved. For information contact

FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@;

ExecutiveAgent Magazine 27


5 Tips On Making Successful

Commitments That Produce Results

By Anne Bachrach

Most of us cringe when we hear the word “commitment”

because we associate it with feelings

of sacrifice. Our commitments fail because we

get caught up in the struggle of trying to change where life

seems to be taking us and where we want to go. Our every

day habits consume our thoughts - leaving no room for

thoughts of why we started the process in the first place.

The diet becomes a struggle between exercise and chocolate

cake; the budget becomes a struggle between spending

and saving, so on and so on.

The struggle ends up consuming us and we give up

trying to change because it’s just too hard. What we

thought would be efforts to lead us to a new life, end

up being just a temporary change. We’ve tried before

and failed again, and the conclusion comes down to a

discouraged excuse - I just couldn’t do it, I didn’t have

time, or it was too hard.

The truth is making a successful commitment is nothing

more than making a choice to create a desired future

outcome. You may say that people who stick to their

commitments are an exception, and you are definitely

not one of those people. Well, I’m here to tell you that

commitments are not personality specific. Each of us has

the capability to set successful commitments. So now

you’re saying, if that’s the case, why do so many of us

fail? Because most people don’t know how to make the

decisions that create successful commitment.

1. Commitment is Nothing More Than Choice

You are choosing your desired future outcome over

your current reality. If you really want to lose weight, then

you choose to be fit. If you really want to save money for

a down payment on a house, then you choose to budget.

That’s it - you just made a choice! The chocolate cake

and new shoes didn’t even enter your mind because they

aren’t what you really want. What you really want is to

be fit, or to own your own home. Once you choose your

desired future outcome, you remove the struggle that leads

to exceptions.

2. Instant Gratification vs. Future Outcome

Do you want your new home or those new shoes?

Successful commitment relies on the individual steps

between your current reality and your goal. Make every

step count, and you will get there faster and easier. Instant

gratifications shouldn’t even enter your mind. The only

thing you should be focused on is your future outcome,

and it should mean more to you than momentary desire

for instant gratification. By holding your future clear in

your mind, you will make the right decisions to support

your goals.

3. Success Relies on 100% Commitment

It’s easy to make excuses and exceptions, but it’s harder

to get back on track once you’ve made room for them.

Successful goal achievement requires 100% commitment.

Not 99%, not even 99.9%. Making exceptions sets you up

for failure and makes it harder to stay on track. Decide

what you can commit to and stick to it - no excuses, no

exceptions. You’ll find that 100% commitment is actually

easier than 99.9%, because you remove distractions, and

the emotion around them. When you can focus solely on

your goal, not your distractions, it will be easier to stay

on track.

4. Casual Interest or Complete Dedication

You might be interested in the study of law, but are you

committed to becoming a lawyer? You might be interested

in losing weight, but are you committed to being fit and

healthy? You might be interested in saving money for

a down payment on a house, but are you committed to a

budget? These are all questions to ask when committing

to a goal. Your level of desire will determine your results -

period. If you only have an interest in something, it will be

easier to let it go. However, if you really want something,

you will be committed to creating it.

5. Visualize Your Goal

Visualization is powerful and will support your efforts.

Spend a few moments every day, in the morning and

evening, visualizing your desired outcome. Imagine it as

if you were already there. Feel how good you feel, and

completely immerse yourself in the smell and sounds of

the environment. When you are able to focus on the end

result instead of momentary temptation, you will make the

right choices that support your desired outcome.

If you’ve tried and failed in past commitments, it doesn’t

matter. The past is the past, and you are a different person

today. Starting right now, you are now armed with the

28 ExecutiveAgent Magazine


strength and the tools you need to successfully commit to

creating your desired future outcome.

There is a difference between interest and commitment.

When you’re interested in doing something, you do it

only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to

something, you accept no excuses, only results.


Author of over 30 books, including the best-seller, The

One Minute Manager

Anne M. Bachrach is President of A.M. Enterprises in San

Diego, CA. Anne has 23 years of experience training and

coaching. The objective is to do more business in less time

through maximizing people’s true potential, and ultimately

leading them to an even better quality of life. For more

information on our services and learning tools, and to take

advantage of at least 9 FREE life quality resources, visit or click this link (http:// ©2008 Anne Bachrach.

All rights reserved. For information contact FrogPond

at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

ExecutiveAgent Magazine




By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa - Ian Wiant Photographer

Greg Fonseca, Stuart Campbell, Claudia Quintanilla

Outstanding Service, Exceptional Results

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


At the heart of every real estate transaction,

escrow is a service that simply cannot be left

to chance. At Park Place Escrow, Inc. every

detail is thoughtfully coordinated to ensure that clients

experience a process that runs as smoothly and

effectively as possible.

Created with an emphasis on bridging the gap

between traditional escrow services, Park Place

Escrow, Inc. has adapted to meet the changing needs

of an increasingly savvy and demanding marketplace.

With comprehensive real estate experience, founding

partners Greg Fonseca and Stuart Campbell utilize

in-depth knowledge of the elements required to facilitate

successful real estate transactions. The duo, who

once owned an asset management company that

oversaw several thousand properties, are well-versed

in an array of market niches. “In addition to REO

and asset management we have been involved in

mortgages; traditional equity sales of residential, residential

income and commercial properties; and 1031

exchanges,” says Greg. “At Park Place Escrow, Inc.

we understand the needs of a diverse consumer base

from a practical point of view.”

Communication is critical to a smooth escrow process;

it’s also the challenge too many agents and

their clients encounter when working with their escrow

providers. Park Place Escrow, Inc. has addressed

this issue with a systematized structure that ensures

timely responses to important inquiries and tasks. “We

have empowered our escrow officers to personally

oversee their transactions,” explains Stuart. “In-house

teams work together to maintain a flow of information,

but when one point-of-contact is available to address

questions and issues, it makes a difference.”

Thorough support systems have been implemented

to ensure a quality process beyond traditional business

hours, as well. Business Development Specialist

Claudia Quintanilla acts as an invaluable liaison

between clients and escrow specialists to provide

24-hour service, seven days a week. “Claudia is

integral to our success,” remarks Greg. “She’s excellent

at handling situations and assisting individuals in

resolving any issues that may arise.”

Notes Claudia, “Our clients love our excellent communication

and our rapid turnaround times. We are

all committed to building and nurturing great client

relationships, and that has consistently shone in our

quality of services.”

Park Place Escrow, Inc. is dedicated to meeting

the needs of a culturally diverse marketplace, as

well. With specialists fluent in English, Spanish and

Vietnamese, the organization has successfully aligned

itself with real estate professionals serving a range of

consumer clients. Experienced and knowledgeable

escrow officers and assistants work well with their

collegial partners which include loan officers and processors,

title company personnel, real estate agents,

transaction coordinators and consumers.

“We pride ourselves on our uncompromising level

of services,” says Greg. “At Park Place Escrow, Inc.

we do not waver from our commitment of excellence.”

As the real estate industry continues to evolve,

Park Place Escrow, Inc. welcomes opportunities to

adapt accordingly. In an increasingly technologicallydriven

marketplace, paperless transactions are one

significant option. “We are constantly exploring and

evaluating systems that will promote fluidity, convenience

and security for our clients,” Stuart notes.

“Our technological initiative is an investment in our

future and in our clients’ ongoing business success.”

Park Place Escrow, Inc.

2300 East Katella, #300

Anaheim, CA 92806

Telephone: 714-263-2012

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Written By

Chris Widener

32 ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Finding The Right Way To

Motivate Your Employees

Zig Ziglar says that there are three main ways to motivate

people in general and employees specifically.

They are fear, incentives and growth. Let’s take a

look at each one.

Fear. This is not good. Number one, it is not right, and

number two, it does not work well in the long run and is

not good for the overall health of the organization. Yet, still

there are people who use it. They make blatant or veiled

threats in order to get people to work. There is a better way.

Incentives. John Maxwell says that “What gets rewarded,

gets done.” This is the technique that says, “If you do this,

then you will get this.” The problem Ziglar sees, and I

concur, is that people will be led this way for a while, and

it will surely be profitable and productive. Yet eventually,

most people come to the end of being driven by incentive.

This is because most people are innately driven by something

even deeper.

• Days off to pursue personal development opportunities.

Invest in your employee’s personal growth and they will

reward you with high motivation!

Chris Widener is the President of Made For Success. He

teaches leaders how to become Extraordinary Leaders.

Chris’ speaking and consulting services have challenged

the best to become optimists, to pursue excellence relentlessly,

and to dream big dreams. Copyright© 2007, Chris

Widener. All rights reserved. For information about Chris’

speaking and consulting services, contact the FrogPond

at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;

Growth. Personal growth. Do you ever wonder how the

personal growth industry has gotten so huge? It is because

it scratches an itch that lies within each person. Every

person has within them, a desire to get better.

Now, obviously, some are more in tune with that desire

than others, but each person has it, and it can be a great

motivating factor.

First, here is how it does not work. You do not say “If

you do this, then I will give you a personal growth opportunity.”

That is still incentive.

Here is how it does work: You simply make it a core

value of your business or organization that management

will give regular opportunity for personal and professional

growth to all members of the staff.

I say both personal and professional growth very purposely.

There will always be the opportunity and need for

professional growth, and the employees expect that. They

may or may not appreciate it though.

However, personal growth opportunities, given with no

strings attached, will be appreciated, and rewarded with

ultra-motivated employees. Here are some simple ideas:

• A “Family Library” stocked with books and tapes

that help them in their family life.

• A Financial Resources section.

• Any kind of Development Seminar that will benefit

the employee.

ExecutiveAgent Magazine



Team DuarTe!

Go mobile and gain a competitive

edge with Ticor Title’s mobile apps

and automated services.

We believe in building quality

partnerships with our clients,

so together we can achieve more.



is Our


Our mobile apps are designed to streamline efficiency in

the title process. Ticor Express Pocket Profile allows you

to quickly search for property information from your

mobile or tablet device. Our Pocket Profile app provides

real time access to valuable property information.

TicorAgent is a powerful and intuitive app made for you

and your business. TicorAgent comes loaded with our title

and escrow fees, local tax rates, our recording fees, and all

other closing costs. It allows you to quickly answer buyer

or seller related questions. TicorAgent is the mobile app

that will help you close more business.

Our web-based service tool, Ticor Live, is an efficient,

convenient, and easy to use system for all your title and

escrow transactions. Ticor Live allows transaction parties

to coordinate, update, deliver and manage pertinent

documents. Track orders electronically, get transaction

details with status report, and download documents and

preliminary reports... all through our secure database.

Ticor Title is committed to developing and implementing

proprietary software and technical tools to allow our

clients to succeed in today’s dynamic market. Contact

Team Duarte TODAY for live demonstrations of our

added-value tools.

Felix Duarte

Vice President


Tomas Duarte

Vice President



Ticor Title Company

18302 Irvine Blvd., Suite 100

Tustin, California 92780

People Who Help People


Western Regional Manager

“ ”






NMLS #923114

CA DOC # 252733

Corporate NMLS #67180



Open Doors for Agents and Clients

In the center of Lido Village,

down near the water of

Newport Beach sits a bright,

warmly decorated real estate

office. Open and appealing,

with views of the harbor, it

reflects the heart of Lynch

Associates Real Estate –

business should be fun. “I

didn’t want to open an office

that was cold and sterile like

so many corporate offices,”

says broker/owner Carole

Lynch. “I wanted something

that was friendly and inviting

and appealing to both agents

and clients alike.”

Lynch Associates Real Estate

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Carole Lynch

Lynch Associates Real Estate

By Shannon Hartsoe

Before obtaining her real estate license in January of

2000, Lynch was a legal assistant. In that career,

she often found herself helping clients negotiate car

deals or work through difficult housing documents. “Since

I was working with sales so often anyway, and enjoying it,

it seemed like a natural transition for me,” she says. “So I

gave it a whirl.”

Others in real estate warned her – it could often take six

months or more for sales to start trickling in. “I guess I

didn’t listen – I closed seven transactions in my first four

months,” she says with a laugh. “I haven’t really slowed

down since.”

Her client-first philosophy quickly earned her a reputation

as a trustworthy advocate for buyers and sellers.

Propelled mostly by repeat and referral, Lynch’s business

grew exponentially.

Lynch went on to win many awards for top production

and obtained her broker’s license. She’s sold houses in

nearly every county in Southern California. But something

was wrong. “I realized I was answering my own questions

far more often than I needed my broker’s advice,”

she notes. She found she enjoyed the challenge of keeping

deals together – often finding answers others had overlooked.

Her own independence coupled with the impersonal

nature and the traditional commission structure of the

national real estate companies left her feeling empty.

Lynch realized she was more than capable of managing her

own clientele without the backing of a corporation.

“I work hard for my clients,” she says. “And I felt like it

was not only important to be able to keep more of what I

earned, but I also wanted to be able to be more flexible and

responsive. None of my clients cared about the name of the

company. They work with me because I work for them.”

In January of 2011, Lynch struck out on her own. Today,

Lynch Associates Real Estate has six agents and a sizable

market share. Even in a challenging economy, the company

is doing well.

“I think the difference is in how we treat clients and how

we work together as a team,” says Lynch. “My agents know

I’m always there for them and, as a result, they are always

there for their clients.” Her ability to persevere makes her

a valuable asset for both her clients and her agents and her

open-door policy means she’s easily accessible.

And she enjoys shaking things up.

Gone is the traditional broker heavy commission split. In

its place is a flat rate, no fee structure that rewards agents

for a job well done. Gone too is the traditional office environment.

A dedicated reception area includes a fireplace

and a welcoming beach theme. If it feels more like a vacation

home than an office, that’s because it’s supposed to.

“I don’t want anyone to be intimidated by doing a real

estate transaction,” says Lynch. “When people walk into

our offices, they automatically feel welcomed. From that

moment on, they know they’re in the right place.”

Carole Lynch

Lynch Associates Real Estate

3442 Via Oporto, Ste. 103

Newport Beach, CA 92663

Tel: (949) 280-2882

DRE # 01274306

Your Local Real Estate Expert

Providing Comprehensive Real Estate Services to Home Buyers and Sellers

ExecutiveAgent Magazine



If I were to ask the question, Would you like to improve

your productivity dramatically without working any

longer or any harder? Chances are pretty good that you

would say, “That would be nice! I’d be more effective and

I’d probably get a raise! I might even have more fun in the


Question: How many of you, on the night before the day

you were going on vacation, sat down and wrote out a list

of the things you wanted to be certain to do before you

left work the next day? Chances are extremely good that

most of you would say you had done that. And most of you

would also admit that you managed to complete more than

twice the number of tasks you complete on a normal day.

Now think about this for a moment: If planning your job

on the day before you go on vacation increases your productivity,

doesn’t it make sense that if you were to spend

a few minutes every day before you start your work day

contemplating what is really important and what you really

need to accomplish, that you would have the same great

results? And the chances are excellent – definitely better

than good – that this process will attract favorable attention,

probably leading to more job security, perhaps a raise,

and maybe even a significant promotion.

The reality is, productivity has a direct bearing on profitability,

and all businesses are interested – very much so – in

profits. Profitability comes from loyalty, productivity, and

having a character base from which to work. So as you

ponder this question, I hope you will seriously consider

not only planning your schedule as you prepare to go on

vacation, but that every day you will spend a few minutes

before you go to work planning how you can be more

effective that day

It doesn’t take long to plan; it does take a lot of time not to

plan, because without a plan of action, people will impose on

your time with idle chatter and requests that take you away

from the task at hand. Not only will you be less effective, but

the effectiveness of the people, who take your time for casual

chatter, or in some cases gossip, will be greatly reduced and

everybody, including management and leadership, will be

very unhappy about that.

Chances are good, regardless of the job market, the most

productive people with the right attitude are the ones who

really have more job security, and in most cases a better

income. When you feel good about yourself and your

productivity, you probably will also be performing better

at home. When there is no job related stress you are more

aware of your mate and children, if you are a parent. You

will spend more time being better organized so you can

spend more time having that balanced life that all of us are

really interested in.

Planning for a balanced life will enable you to deal with

the physical, the mental, and the spiritual aspects of your

life. It will also enable you to develop more friendships, and

stronger, better, more lasting relationships. There are many

benefits that go with making the plan a daily part of your

life. Time well spent results in more money to spend, more

money to save, and more time to vacation. It will allow you

to attend more of your children’s ball games or school functions

as well.

A plan is always successful if the plan is good. And if

you’ve been on the job for any length of time, you can

develop a better plan of action so that everyone benefits from

it. I’m talking about planning today for tomorrow’s future.

Think about it. I promise you’ll be more productive, happier,

healthier, and have a much better chance for increased

income when you are secure in who you are, where you are,

and what you’re doing. I sincerely hope you’ll take action

immediately to get that plan into your daily life.

Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator.

He is the author of 25 books and offers training and consulting

to organizations all across the globe. To learn more

about Zig and his business visit his website at www.ziglar.


38 ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Written By

Zig Ziglar

ExecutiveAgent Magazine




Hugo E. ramirez

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Professional Representation

With A Personal Touch

By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa


ith a rich academic background and experience

as a real estate investor, Hugo Ramirez offers

clients the knowledge of a savvy professional

tempered with a commitment to providing exceptional

client care. His focus is on empowering clients through

education, providing individuals with the information and

resources they need to make the right decisions.

A native of Colombia, Hugo earned an undergraduate

degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s Degree

in Construction Management, which allowed him to

build a successful real estate investment portfolio. “My

wife Constanza, who has a Master’s Degree in Project

Management, is a great partner,” he says. “Together we

have invested in condos, vacant land and single family

houses in the United States and abroad.”

His passion for real estate was ignited at a young age.

Hugo’s parents were also investors who imparted the

importance and value of home and land ownership to

their children. At a young age Hugo was enlisted to help

with rental properties; the experience made a tremendous

impact. “I loved it,” he recalls. “I saw real estate as an

opportunity to build wealth, but also to help others in

achieving their dreams.”

Hugo transitioned his business to Realty ONE Group in

February 2013, helping to open the Mission Viejo branch.

The company’s forward-thinking approach, he says, is in

line with his own. “We are focused on conducting solid

business with an emphasis on technology and systems,

which facilitate a smoother transaction,” he explains. “But

at the heart of our business are the individual needs of our


He works with buyers and sellers, focusing primarily

on residential and residential income properties, though

he is adept at handling commercial transactions as well.

And while many of his clients are involved in the regional

markets spanning from San Diego to Bakersfield, Hugo has

established himself as professionally skilled at managing

national and international transactions as well. “I work

with a number of clients throughout Nevada, Florida, South

America and Asia,” he reveals.

Exceptional communication solidifies the platform upon

which his business has been built. Hugo is a critical thinker

who facilely connects with a range of personalities and

cultures. “I am adaptable, which is critical in our industry,”

he acknowledges. “With every client, I am examining the

best way to cultivate great relationships that will allow us

to achieve my client’s distinct goals.” Bilingual in English

and Spanish, Hugo appreciates the opportunity to work

with a range of individuals from first-time buyers to seasoned


While he readily tailors his approach to each client’s

unique needs, there are unwavering constants in Hugo’s

business methodology. His attention to detail is impeccable,

evident not only throughout the course of a given

transaction, but also in the scope of his business as a whole.

Committed to providing top-notch customer service, he

has painstakingly examined his business in order to consistently

improve upon the client experience. “I want to

make a difference,” he says. “Going the extra mile, doing

whatever I can to alleviate stress and facilitate a successful

transaction, that’s my primary objective.” Hugo has refined

his approach accordingly, establishing processes designed

to bridge service gaps and ensure that clients aren’t left

out of the loop at any stage during their transactions. It’s

a level of customer service that differentiates Hugo within

his field, and one that has his clients raving.

Hugo, who previously managed marketing efforts at his

engineering firm, creates strategic advertising and marketing

campaigns for his listings in print and online. He

has cultivated solid collegial relationships which helps to

facilitate smoother and more efficient transactions.

His business continues to thrive, and Hugo creates balance

through time with family and volunteerism. He and

Constanza are the proud parents to two successful young

men. The couple is involved in Santa Ana’s Home for

Joshua, which serves the local community. “Every three

weeks we purchase groceries, cook and serve breakfast to

individuals who are homeless,” Hugo says. “It’s a great

opportunity to give back.”

Hugo looks forward to continuing to meet the needs of

his diverse clientele.

Hugo Ramirez

Realty ONE Group

25910 Acero 120

Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Telephone: 949-923-1133

DRE # 01904090

ExecutiveAgent Magazine






Another Deal Saved by Our EMT’s!

Eagle Home Mortgage 8105 Irvine Center Dr., Suite 500 | Irvine, CA 92618 | NMLS #849059

Equal Housing Lender. CA CL# 813i609 Universal American Mortgage Company of CA DBA Eagle Home Mortgage of CA Licensed by the Dept.

of Corporations under California Residential Mortgage Act. Certain restrictions apply. This is not a commitment to lend. Applicants must qualify.

RELAX this summer....

We’ll take care of your escrow

When you open escrow with Prominent, you can rest assured

that everything will be taken care of professionally, immediately,

and accurately. With our status updates, we make sure you are

always in the loop. Never worry about your closings again!

Branch locations in Irvine, Newport Beach,

Mission Viejo, and Brea

Alissa Hittner

Account Executive

Direct (714) 496-1970

Nancy Feathers

Account Executive

Direct (949) 282-9899

Lance Indes

Account Executive

Direct (714) 423-6882

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