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David Binder

David Binder

Examples Sedransk: 2008

Examples Sedransk: 2008 • Inference for Establishment Surveys • Vast amount of prior data • Highly skewed distribution • Stratified sampling with large “certainty” stratum • Plausible model, concordant with data • Inference for Small Subpopulations • Foundational reasons • Large sample approximations necessary in frequentist analysis, but hard to obtain SSO 2007 Fall Seminar and Workshop 2

Examples (cont’d) • Use Bayesian framework to obtain improved survey design • Pooling data from several sources • Provider profiling • Evaluation of performance of hospitals, doctors … to enhance quality of care • Population Based Surveys • Situation problematical for inference for small to moderate sized subpopulations • Other cases where large sample approximations don’t hold • Limiting factor is time needed to develop models SSO 2007 Fall Seminar and Workshop 3

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