Brochure 1 - Capabilities, Inc.

Brochure 1 - Capabilities, Inc.

Ohio’s Graduated

Driver’s License

To obtain an Ohio driver’s license, you must be at least

15½ to apply and provide proof of age, identity, and

social security number upon visiting the deputy registrar. If

under 18, the application must be co-signed by a parent

or legal guardian at the time of application. The cosigner

must present two forms of acceptable documents

verifying identify. All applicants must pass a vision test

and a written test to obtain a temporary instruction

permit. The permit allows you to practice driving. If you

are under 16, you can only practice driving with a parent

or guardian. All new drivers under the age of 18 are

required to pass a first time drivers course. If you are over

18, you are not required to take a first time drivers course

but still must pass all the legal requirements to drive.

While a major component of the new program is to allow

teen drivers to get temporary licensing at age 15 ½,

it also mandates an additional 50 hours of supervised

driving time with a parent or legal guardian before

obtaining a license.


Driving School

Driving You Into Your Future

Learning to Be Mobile

with Capabilities

Assissting People

with Disabilities

to Travel


Capabilities is a CARF

accredited program.

For more information on

CARF, visit

124 S. Front

St Marys, OH 45885




Driving Assessment

Capabilities trained and certified instructor

will meet with consumer, evaluate baseline

permit skills, baseline-driving skills, and

send a detailed report outlining approximate

amount of instruction hours needed

and areas of focus for driving instruction.

First Time Drivers Group Safety Course

(Only for first time drivers over age 18)

Capabilities trained and certified instructor will pick

up students and transport to and from facility (if

authorized) for this one-day assessment and training.

Students will have the following two assessments

performed: ability to obtain Ohio Driving Permit and

ability to obtain Ohio Driving License. Also, students

will participate in a day long class focusing on

driver safety, driver responsibility, laws, and signs.

On the Road Driving Instruction

Driving students will receive one on one behind

the wheel driving instruction to obtain a

valid Ohio drivers license. Capabilities driving

instructors are licensed through the State

of Ohio to provide driving instruction to all

students, including people with disabilities.

Travel Training

For a variety of reasons, driving may

not be a good option for some people.

In this case, Capabilities trained staff

can both assess someone’s ability to

travel independently and teach the individual

how to use public transportation.

Pre Driver’s Education Training

This training will guide the consumer through the

studying and steps to obtain a valid Ohio driving permit

through individual instruction on laws and street signs,

using the Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws, published

driver’s education curriculum, and customized driver’s

education curriculum based on individual need. A

final summative report will be provided should the

client be judged not ready to obtain a driving permit.

Class is in Session at


Mission Statement:

Capabilities, Inc. will strive to provide people with

differing abilities the maximum supports needed

to successfully achieve and sustain their goals.

Why Choose Capabilities?

Since 1997, Capabilities has provided employment

services for thousands of men and women

with disabilities. Our nationally accredited programs

are customized to your individual needs.

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