Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on Wednesday ...


Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on Wednesday ...

ong>Minutesong> ong>ofong> ong>theong> ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> ong>Meetingong>

ong>heldong> on Wednesday, May 7 th , 2008, 10:00 hrs.

at Asian Trails Ltd.


Mr. Luzi A. Matzig

Mr. Kusa Panyarachun

M.L. Hathaijanok Kritakara

Mr. Danai Wansom

Mr. Ken Scott

Mr. Duncan Jamieson

Mr. Sethaphan Buddhani

Ms. Patsupa Lelanapaparn

Mr. Apichai Sakulsureeyadej

Mr. Nathan Szabo

Mrs. Joan Sarasin


Mrs. Phornsiri Manoharn

Mr. Bob James

Mr. Nino E. Jotikasthira

Mr. Vincent Tabuteau

Mr. Bert Van Walbeek

Mr. James Reed

Mr. Heiko Wilms

Ms. Nattera Kachornserelikitkul

Mr. Pichai Chunganuwad

Mr. Chalongchai Hiranyalekha

Ms. Supaporn Chinpasnan

Ms. Paveena Niemwongse

Ms. Waraporn Sornprom

Chairman, ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> & Chairman, Marketing ong>Committeeong>

Vice Chairman & Hon. Treasurer

Hon. Secretary & Chairman, Programme ong>Committeeong>

Chairman, Industry Development ong>Committeeong>

Chairman, P.R. ong>Committeeong>


Director – The Americas Market Division, TAT

Assistant Director – The Americas Market Division, TAT

Advisor, TTC

WD Travel Co., Ltd.


Governor, Tourism Authority ong>ofong> Thailand

Co-Chairman, Education ong>Committeeong>

Chairman, Membership ong>Committeeong>

Chairman, Green Projects ong>Committeeong>






Director, Sales Management

Convention/Incentive Sales Promotion, THAI

Manager – Communications, PATA HQ

Assistant Director – Membership, PATA HQ

Mr. Luzi Matzig, Chairman, opened ong>theong> meeting at 1005 hrs.

1. ong>Minutesong> ong>ofong> ong>theong> ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> ong>Meetingong> ong>heldong> on March 25 th , 2008

The ong>Minutesong> were reviewed and approved.

2. ong>Committeeong> Reports

Membership ong>Committeeong>

In ong>theong> absence ong>ofong> Nino Jotikasthira, Chairman, Membership ong>Committeeong>, Joan reported as follows –

- 1 st Reminder for Outstanding Membership fees for 2008 – The Secretariat has sent out ong>theong> 1 st Reminder to 14

member organizations with outstanding membership fees for 2008.


- Letters ong>ofong> invitation for PATA Thailand Chapter membership have been sent out by Vincent Tabuteau to ong>theong>

members ong>ofong> ong>theong> TMBA

- Joan will follow up with Heiko Wilms to send out ong>theong> above letter to dot.com group

New Member –

Bangkok Palace Hotel – ong>theong> meeting approved this membership application.

Members Cancelled –

1. Mandarin Hotel Bangkok

2. Sheraton Chiangmai

Education ong>Committeeong>

In ong>theong> absence ong>ofong> Bob James, Chairman, Education ong>Committeeong> and Bert Van Walbeek, Joan reported on ong>theong> following

seminars –

1. 3 rd IT Seminar – “A Bite ong>ofong> On-line Product Distribution and Web 2.0”, May 21 st , 2008 at Imperial Queen’s Park

Hotel – circulars have been sent to our members as well as ong>theong> travel industry associations.

Our luncheon guest speaker from TTA is Khun Kittikorn Kunnalekha, Managing Director, AI Song>ofong>t Co., Ltd.,

whose topic will be “Best Practices for Using Information Technology in Distributing Travel Products and


2. “The Future is Now” – Educating Educators & Training ong>theong> Trainers, August, 2008 – This programme will be

confirmed by Bert Van Walbeek as soon as he returns from a trip abroad this month.

3. “Mission to MICE”, October 10 th , 2008 at Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld – Joan informed ong>theong>

meeting that it is confirmed that ICCA will organise ong>theong>ir workshop before IT&CMA so our seminar will have to

be ong>heldong> ong>theong> day after on October 10 th . It was felt that if we issue an invitation to ong>theong> speakers well ahead ong>ofong> time

ong>theong>y will be prepared to stay on in Bangkok to speak at our seminar.

The meeting also suggested that we work closely with TTG to promote our seminar so that we should be able to

attract delegates from IT&CMA as well as local delegates.

A meeting is pending with TCEB in order to confirm ong>theong>ir sponsorship ong>ofong> ong>theong> IT&CMA guest speakers for this


The meeting suggested that we should clearly identify ong>theong> audience for every seminar as well as stating that ong>theong>

seminar will be in English.

4. Ticketing Course – It was decided not to proceed with ong>theong> Ticketing Course as Amadeus is already ong>ofong>fering ong>theong>se

courses free ong>ofong> charge to ong>theong> travel industry.

Function Room for Future Seminars –

The meeting suggested PATA Thailand Chapter should make use ong>ofong> ong>theong> meeting rooms at ong>theong> Tourism Authority ong>ofong>

Thailand for future seminars in order that we can ong>ofong>fer our members seminars at a more attractive rate and we could

start by organizing ong>theong> Educating Educators Seminar at TAT so that we can charge a very low registration fee for


P.R. ong>Committeeong>


Ken Scott, Chairman, P.R. ong>Committeeong>, submitted ong>theong> draft ong>ofong> ong>theong> 2 nd Newsletter. The meeting requested that a few

“Green Tips” be added to ong>theong> Newsletter. We will also add some pictures to make ong>theong> Newsletter more attractive.

Ken will check with Andrew Wood if PATA Thailand Chapter can reprint a booklet on “Sustainable Tourism” and to

add a list ong>ofong> our own“Green Tips”.

6 Issues ong>ofong> ong>theong> e-Newsletter –

- To prepare an online booking form for banner and button ads

- Joan to follow up with Heiko on ong>theong> layout ong>ofong> ong>theong> e-Newsletter with photographs and to check ong>theong> viability ong>ofong>

ong>theong> cost ong>ofong> ong>theong> ads at Baht 1,250 with a link.

The meeting suggested that we can ong>ofong>fer ong>theong> venue hotels for future events ong>theong> chance to barter for ong>theong> above banner

or button ads in ong>theong> e-Newsletter.

PATA CEO Challenge –

Ken reported that attending delegates rated ong>theong> 1st PATA CEO Challenge highly. Travel and tourism industry leaders

ong>ofong>fered glowing reviews describing it as “inspirational” and an “ambitious, brave and visionary event”.

Almost 97% ong>ofong> delegates surveyed at ong>theong> event, which focused on sharing industry best practice on confronting

climate change, rated ong>theong> CEO Challenge as “good, very good or excellent”.

More than half ong>ofong> ong>theong> 236 pre-registered delegates completed ong>theong> survey reviewing all aspects ong>ofong> ong>theong> event. More than

8 in 10 delegates said ong>theong> Challenge provided ong>theong>m with a solid overview ong>ofong> how travel organizations are tackling ong>theong>

issue ong>ofong> climate change and almost two-thirds agreed ong>theong>y had received practical ideas for use within ong>theong>ir own


About three-quarters ong>ofong> ong>theong> delegates described ong>theong> day-and-a half event as good value for money and 81% said ong>theong>y

would personally consider attending a similar PATA CEO Challenge in ong>theong> near future.

CEO, Turismo Asia, Nino Jotikasthira said he was “inspired” by ong>theong> actions ong>ofong> his industry peers. “As a CEO, I

would like to take some ong>ofong> ong>theong>se ideas back to my own company and do ong>theong> same”.

Industry Development ong>Committeeong> -

Joan informed ong>theong> meeting that to date we have still not received any commitment from ong>theong> ong>ofong>fice ong>ofong> Dr. Sasithara

Pichaichannarong to call a meeting ong>ofong> ong>theong> Sub-ong>Committeeong> for Immediate Solving ong>ofong> Problems Related to ong>theong> Tourism


Joan informed ong>theong> meeting that Khun Sethaphan Buddhani, TAT, organised a meeting with ong>theong> Minister ong>ofong> Tourism &

Sports last month but ong>theong> date was not convenient to members ong>ofong> ong>theong> ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong>. Therefore, ong>theong> meeting

requested ong>theong> Secretariat should send out a circular to get a date which will be convenient to ong>theong> majority ong>ofong> ong>theong>

ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> members and Khun Sethaphan Buddhani will submit this for approval by ong>theong> Office ong>ofong> ong>theong>

Minister ong>ofong> Tourism & Sports.

The meeting suggested that ong>theong> Agenda for this meeting will be an update on ong>theong> paper we presented to ong>theong> last

Minister ong>ofong> Tourism & Sports in November 2 nd , 2007.

The Secretariat will also ask ong>theong> ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong> for new matters to be submitted to ong>theong> Minister at ong>theong> above


Marketing ong>Committeeong> –


Luzi Matzig, Chairman, Marketing ong>Committeeong>, informed ong>theong> meeting that to date all ong>theong> banner and button

advertisements have been uploaded in our website and this will generate an income ong>ofong> approximately Baht 60,000.

PATA Thailand Chapter Website – The proposal from Heiko Wilms, WD Travel Co., Ltd., to consolidate ong>theong>

management ong>ofong> ong>theong> PATA Website, as enclosed, was approved by ong>theong> meeting at Baht 10,000 per month for a one

year trial.

Financial Report for April 2008 -

Khun Kusa Panyarachun, Vice-Chairman & Hon. Treasurer, reviewed ong>theong> Financial Report for April 2008.

Green Projects ong>Committeeong>

In ong>theong> absence ong>ofong> Vincent Tabuteau, Chairman, ong>theong> meeting requested that a list ong>ofong> 50 Green Tips should be prepared.

We will ong>theong>n include a few Green Tips in every issue ong>ofong> ong>theong> e-Newsletter.

3. Any Oong>theong>r Business

SITE Foundation ong>ofong> Her Majesty The Queen -

Khun Kusa informed ong>theong> meeting that ong>theong> SITE Foundation has opened a museum at ong>theong> Parliament House with an

entrance fee ong>ofong> Baht 150. This venue closes at 8 p.m. so this will be a venue which travel agents can sell to tourists.

The meeting decided that on ong>theong> day we pay a visit to ong>theong> Minister ong>ofong> Tourism & Sports that ong>theong> ong>Executiveong> ong>Committeeong>

could visit this museum and Khun Kusa ong>ofong>fered a bus on a complimentary basis.

The meeting decided that we will promote this new tourism product in ong>theong> e-Newsletter after ong>theong> ong>Executiveong>

ong>Committeeong> has visited ong>theong> site.

Presentation ong>ofong> ong>theong> Long Standing Award to Khun Kusa Panyarachun -

The meeting decided that this award will be ong>ofong>ficially presented to TAT Governor Phornsiri who will host lunch on

this day when ong>theong> award will be presented.

There being no furong>theong>r business ong>theong> meeting adjourned at 1230 hrs.

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