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Maintenance Tips by Hardwood Floors Experts in San Francisco

No matter what the setting, the style and durability of hardwood floors can be maintained with great ease and effort. Get maintenance tips from hardwood floor experts in San Francisco for keeping hardwood floors look beautiful, read now.

Maintenance Tips by Hardwood Floors Experts in San

Hardwood maintenance is easy Preventative maintenance on hardwood floors for San Francisco parties is hugely important. There are simply too many people holding drinks, silverware, and different plates that can easily smash on a floor. Shoes can scuff, tables can scoot, and a variety of horrors can be visited upon the floor of any apartment that hosts a San Francisco party. In order to deal with the mess, its best to start cleaning before it starts. In order to do that, all a host has to do is provide a little bit of preventative maintenance. For hardwood floors, this is easy, and a great way to avoid frustration at the end of the party. The first and most important question when dealing with hardwood floors is whether or not they are refinished, or if they are not and they should be waxed. Waxing is not nearly the arduous task it used to be, before the dawn of water-based acrylic waxes that don’t need buffing. Now, however, waxing is as simple as applying the coating and leaving it to dry. For those without pre-finished floors, this can be essential to protect the surface integrity of a floor before water is spilled on it or something even worse happens during an event. Especially for those with dogs, waxing is essential for catching liquids before the soak into the floor. For those who have pre-finished floors, a couple of spray bottles of floor refresher is a maintenance that stops spills before they start. This is a little bit more painful to use than a wax coat, but this won’t need to be used more than twice or three times a year. It simply needs to be applied and then given time to dry. Regardless of the finnish situation in a given home, the most important thing that can be done is to position mats on the front and back side of a house so that those walking in don’t track everything in with them. While this is obvious, some people forget about it entirely. In order to make sure that floors stay strong and fresh year round, mats are incredibly important so that any excess grime is taken off shoes before then enter a building. For more visit us at

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