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RECoMMENDED REsoUrCEs - Espresso Parts

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Welcome to Espresso Parts. We’re a small company in a small warehouse in the heart of

Olympia, Washington. We’ve been in the industry since 1992, and we love what we do.

We’ve spent the year growing our company, creating and acquiring fun new products--many

of which were debuted at Coffee Fest Seattle. Generally, we’ve just been having a blast.

This catalog is the result of that, and it’s designed to complement and guide you through our

website at We hope you like it, because we sure do.

We’re here to help make shopping and ordering as painless as possible. If you have questions

or want to place an order over the phone, call us toll free at (800) 459-5594 or (360) 357-7781

internationally. Our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday

between 8am and 5pm PST. We’re closed weekends and holidays.

When ordering, please have part numbers, descriptions, prices (as they are subject to

change) and credit card number with expiration date ready so we can assist you as quickly as

possible. From all of us here at Espresso Parts, we look forward to working with you.







Testing the untested, and rethinking what has been thought, is a way of life around Espresso

Parts. It is a rare day, when something new isn’t being fabricated either from parts or on a

computer screen. We look at our industry with wide eyes and a wonderment of how we might

be able to make it better. If you have an idea that you would like us to help bring to reality,

please contact us today to get started.


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Online Orders:

For secure, fast and easy online ordering,

visit our website at

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Orders By Phone

Call our toll free phone number: (800)

459-5594 from anywhere in the United

States and Canada. International

customers, please call (360) 357-7781. Our

knowledgeable staff is available from 8am

to 5pm Pacific Standard Time Monday

through Friday.

Orders By Fax

Fax your order 24/7 to (360) 357-8895.

Orders By Mail

Espresso Parts

600 4th Ave E

Olympia WA 98501-1113

ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 1

Barista Tools

Steaming Pitchers (Frothing)

Motta Europa Pitcher

The finest example of craftsmanship in a steaming

pitcher today. These gorgeous pitchers from

Metalurgica Motta Srl are the heaviest gauge

stainless steel available. Retains temperature longer.

12 oz. steams approx. 4 - 9 oz. 5007_12

25 oz. steams approx. 8 - 20 oz. 5007_25

Rattleware Steaming Pitcher

Key elements and functions of popular steaming

pitchers are combined to form a high quality, heavier

gauge stainless steel classic.

16 oz. steams approx. 8 - 12 oz. RW_27501

25 oz. steams approx. 8 - 20 oz. RW_27502

40 oz. steams approx. 14 - 32 oz. RW_27503

60 oz. steams approx. too much RW_27504

Rattleware Handle Free

Steaming Pitcher

Look Ma, no handle! Handle Free Bell Shaped

Pitcher with insulated wrap. If you grasp the sides of

the pitcher when pouring the result can be burn free.

Experience expert control of your milk and your art.

16 oz. steams approx. 8 - 12 oz. RWHFREE $21.75

Straight Side Pitcher

The most widely used steaming pitcher today, an

undisputed champion for the best latté art.

12 oz. steams approx. 3 - 9 oz. 5006E

20 oz. steams approx. 6 - 16 oz. 5005B

32 oz. steams approx. 12 - 26 oz. 5006A

55 oz. steams approx. too much 5006B

66 oz. steams approx. too much 5006C

Bell Shaped Pitcher

High quality bell shaped steaming pitchers feature

large pouring lip and a gently sloping curved bottom

for rolling milk easier.

25 oz. steams approx. 8 - 20 oz. EPB25

40 oz. steams approx. 14 - 32 oz. EPB40

Vev Vigano “Virna” Pitcher

VEV “Virna” Steaming Pitchers have a graceful bell

sloped profile and a folded wide mouth pour spout/lip.

14 oz. steams approx. 4 - 11 oz. VEV_8804

20 oz. steams approx. 6 - 16 oz.. VEV_8806

28 oz. steams approx. 9 - 22 oz. VEV_8808

42 oz. steams approx. 11-33 oz. VEV_8810

Erin Griffin

Thermometers And Calibration

Erin knows the

service side of the

coffee industry

like the back of her

hand—she’s been

with the company

for 15 years. If you

call Espresso Parts,

there’s a good

chance you’ll get

to talk with her

(lucky you). She

likes to play “name

that tune” while

cozying up to the

space heater under

her desk—and she’s

usually right. When

she’s with her kids Kennedy, Darien & Jesse, her

boyfriend Dusty, drinking dry cappuccinos or

eating Cliff Bars, she’s the happiest.


Calibration Tool

Calibrate thermometers

with this handy guy.




Long or short style 5009B



Thermometer clip Included.

1” dial, 5” or 7” stem 5009

1 3⁄4” dial 5” or 7” stem 5014



Thermometer clip included.

5” Easy Steam RW_11160

7” Easy Steam RW_11170

5” S-10 RW_11505

7” S-10 RW_11507

2 ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594

Espresso Tampers

Unless stated otherwise, the tampers listed are available in 49, 51, 52, 53,

54, 55, 56, 57, and 58 mm in flat or convex.

Flame and

Bicycle gear

Tamp bases

58 mm or 57 mm tamp bases

marked with a flame or “fixed gear”

bicycle gear graphic. Available in flat or convex.

57 mm flame gear 3057_FLAME

58 mm flame gear 3058_FLAME

57 mm bicycle gear 3057_FIXEDCOG

58 mm bicycle gear 3058_FIXEDCOG

EspressoCraft Tamper

Unique three-piece design allows for

proper balance and weight. Slight convex or flat.

57 or 58 mm EC_350 3 1⁄2 Inch

57 or 58 mm EC_325 3 1⁄4 Inch

EC/EP Hybrid Tamp

“Barismo Spec”

Matte finished EspressoCraft handle

fitted to the classic Espresso Parts

piston using a custom brass bezel.

ECEP_HYBRID_325 3 1⁄4 Inch

ECEP_HYBRID_35 3 1⁄2 Inch

Barista Tools

Compressore Tamp

A comfortable, practical design

and durable anodized color coat

are key features of this tamp. An

excellent daily driver.

49-58 mm, Anodized red, blue and

black 30COMP

The Pro Tamp

Our first tamp design, a true

Espresso Parts original. This guy

tips the scale at 20 oz. Loved by

the hard-core and heavy tamping.

49-58 mm 3006SS

The Clicker Tamp

Pressure regulated espresso

tamper that promotes correct

tamping procedure and pressure

with an audible click at 30 lbs.


EP5 Poly and Color

Ply Tampers

A great standard handle shape,

works well in most hands and is

available in two materials.

Poly-urethane is the same

material used in bowling balls.

Black marble, red marble.

Polyurethane 30EP5

Color stained plywood layers.

Color ply available in 4 styles. Color

Ply 30EP5_CPW

Deluxe Lava Tamp

Time tested, barista approved.

This espresso tamp is a classic,

used by many a Barista Champion

and competitor.

Black, blue, orange, red and sea

foam 3006D

Metal handle with color tops


Rattleware Tampers

Stainless Steel espresso tampers feature

durable, impact resistant

ABS handles. 53, 55, 57

and 58 millimeter base.

Small round handle


Large Round Handle


Angular Handle


Compressore and

EP5 Wood Handled Tampers

Both the Compressore and EP5 hand milled in your

choice of Bocote, Bubinga, Ebony & Cocobolo

woods. Available with or without inlay design.

Compressore wood 30COMP

“Jolly Roger” skull inlay 30COMP_SKULL

Latté art inlay 30COMP_ROSETTA

EP5 wood 30EP5_WOOD

“Jolly Roger” skull inlay 30EP5_SKULL

Latté art inlay 30EP5_ROSETTA

RSVP Domestic

Espresso Tampers

Made of hydro-formed stainless steel

these tamps are designed

for homes and very light

commercial use.

Clear, red or blue.

49 mm 3006JV

58 mm 3006LT

Bumper Tamps

Comfort and style, Bumper

is rubber coated barista

bliss. Unless, that is,

you buy the metal

version. There are

three handle styles

to choose from and

you can even get

straight solid metal versions.

in 57 and 58 mm, flat or convex.



MACAP Automatic Tamper

Consistency issues? The Macap self leveling, lever operated tamper

provides a consistent, accurate and level tamp each and every time.

Powder coat black and stainless.

53 mm and 58 mm pistons CPS57

Press Point Lever Operated Tamper

The continuous slip drive of this lever operated tamper exerts

uniform level pressures that will not exceed the set force. The

results are predictable and consistent espresso regardless of

operator. Metallic grey powder coat. Limited 5 year warranty.

58 mm piston PRESSPOINT_1


ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 3

Barista Tools

Espresso Tamp Size Chart

Commercial Equipment

Astoria ................58 mm

Astra ..................58 mm

Aurora .................56 mm

Azykoyen ..............58 mm

Bezzera ................58 mm

Brasilia ................58 mm

Bravo ..................58 mm

Bunn ..................58 mm

Carimali ...............57 mm

Cimbali ................57 mm

Compak ...............58 mm

Conti ..................57 mm

Dalla Corte ............54 mm

Elektra ................58 mm

Expobar ...............58 mm

Faema .................58 mm

Futurmat ...............58 mm

Gaggia ................58 mm

Grimac ................58 mm

La Marzocco . . 57 mm or 58 mm

La Pavoni ..............58 mm

Magister ...............58 mm

Nuova Simonelli ........58 mm

Pasquini ...............58 mm

Rancilio ................58 mm

Reneka ................57 mm

San Marco .............55 mm

Spaziale ...............53 mm

Unic. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 mm

Vibiemme ..............58 mm

VFA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .58 mm

Wega ..................58 mm

Digital Timers

Personal Barista Timer

You don’t have to live by the timer but it is nice to

know how long that last shot was now and again.


Shot Timer

Handy to have around and a necessity for training.


Semi-Commercial & Home

Ascaso / Innova .........57 mm

Bezzera ................58 mm

ECM/Giotto ...........58 mm

Euro 2000 .............58 mm

Expobar ...............58 mm

De Longhi .............49 mm

Francis (new) ...........56 mm

Francis (old) ............52 mm

Grimac ................58 mm

Isomac ................58 mm

Kitchen Aid ............58 mm

Krups ..................49 mm

La Pavoni Europiccola ...49 mm

La Pavoni Millennium ....51 mm

La Valentina ............58 mm

Millennium .............51 mm

Olympia ...............49 mm

Pasquini Livia ...........58 mm

Rancilio ................58 mm

Riviera .................49 mm

Saeco .................53 mm

Salvatore ..............58 mm

Starbuck’s ..............53 mm

Solis. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53 mm

Vibiemme ..............58mm

If you do not find your espresso

machine listed please contact us.

Tamper pistons can be milled to

any size necessary. Call for more

information (800)459-5594 or to

see if a stock size will fit.

Espresso Knock Boxes - home use

Packed and rested

Bumper Portafilter

Tamping Stand

Tamp with confidence knowing your

portafilter spouts and bottoms stay clean

with this ingenious product. The Bumper

Tamp Seat fits nicely into the front of the rest.


Bumper Tamp seat

Keep your tamper safe and off the counter’s surface.

7 out of 8 baristas agree their tamper is 10 times less

likely to get wet or fall to the floor.


EspressoCraft Puck

A fine place to rest your tamp, a kick ass

tamping station, yet heavy enough to throw at

tip jar thieves.


Packing Mats

Easily cleaned, non-slip counter protective

packing mats used for tamping portafilters.

6” x 8” 6030

6” x 18” 6030A

Knock box Parts

Rattleware Square

knock Box Splash Guard

Fits knock boxes 3001, 3002, 3003D and 3003s.


Rattleware Round

Knock Box Splash Guard

Fits round style knock boxes or chutes.


Grindenstein Knock Boxes

Dishwasher safe, compact for space-saving storage.

Holds about 5 or so 58 mm size espresso pucks.

Firetruck Red GSTEIN_Red

Steel Wool Silver GSTEIN_Silver

Charcoal Black GSTEIN_BLACK

RSVP Knock Box Kit

Stainless knock box pan, rubber covered bar and press board

wood surround. For light commercial or home espresso use.


Deco style Knock Box and

knock box Tamp Station Combo

Combination knock box and tamp holder is similar to the Deco Knock

Box, but includes a handy place to park your tamp.

Knock box/tamp holder combo 3003TS

Knock box only 3003hm

Terry and

Kelly Ziniewicz

Terry and Kelly own Espresso

Parts. Terry likes to tear stuff

apart, modify it, and make it

bigger, faster and better. Give

him an espresso machine, a

VW—or anything that can be

torn apart—and you probably

won’t recognize it by the time

he’s done. You can find him in

online forums, at trade shows,

in the mountains with Kelly

and his kids, Sara & Sean, or

cruisin’ around in his Syncro.

Good luck tracking him down,

though—he’s never in once

place for long.

Kelly keeps us afloat by—well—you name it. She makes sure things get

bought and paid for—something we probably take too much for granted.

She loves spending time with her family, Terry, Sara & Sean, doing yoga,

walking, and drinking Chai Tea.

4 ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594

Knock Boxes

Barista Tools

Bumper Knock Box

Just when you thought the espresso knock box

couldn’t get any better, along comes Bumper

Products with this very durable cool concept. Comes

complete with spare knock bar cover and top gasket.


Fold-Down and Pull-Out Drawer

High Volume Knock Boxes

These spent grounds receptacles are all stainless steel, have a polished front

face which folds down (or pulls out) to reveal an industrial sized knock bar.

If you are designing an espresso bar from scratch, this is the only way to go.

Fold-out drawer knock box 3005F

Pull-out drawer knock box 3005P

Rattleware Square

Knock box

Heavy duty stainless steel, featuring a welded

metal bar. Flat base boxes will not tip.

6” x 5.5” x 6” open bottom RW_25120

6” x 5.5” x 4” knock box RW_25102

6” x 5.5” x 4” knock box/holder set (shown) RW_25610

EP Model 1

Square Knock Box

By far our most popular knock box. The

receptacle is made of stainless steel, the knock

bar is made of NSF approved white Delrin.

Closed bottom 3001

Open bottom 3002

Rubber hush gasket 3004E

Rattleware Long

Knock box

Each box has an top gasket made of molded

rubber, and replaceable rubber knock bar cover.

9” x 5.5” x 4” open bottom RW_25125

9” x 5.5” x 4” knock box RW_25130

9” x 5.5” x 4” knock box/holder set (shown) RW_25650

EP Long Double/Single

Bar Knock Box

This medium to high volume knock box

means less time spent dumping waste.

Single bar knock box 3003S

Double bar knock box (shown) 3003D

Rattleware Round Knock Box

Constructed with stainless steel sheet metal that has

not been stretched or compromised. All Rattleware open

bottom knock box models are excellent counter sunk.

6.25” X 7.25” round knock box RW_25201

6.25” X 7.25” round open bottom RW_25205

EP Round Knock Box

The receptacle is made of 18/9 gauge stainless steel,

the knock bar is durable white NSF approved Delrin.

Closed bottom 3004

Open bottom 3004W

Round garbage chute (no knock bar) GAR1

Round Hush Gasket 3004ER

Deco Style Knock Box

Home and Commercial Sizes

These elegantly designed knock boxes are popular

and functional. A smaller version of the same design

is available for home use too.

Home use size 3003HM

Commercial use size 3003CM

High Volume

Knock Box

A long reigning espresso cart and high

volume locale favorite, this knock box

fits onto a Rubbermaid “Slim Jim”

23 gal. container. Don’t fill it too full,

they can get awful heavy.


ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 5

Cupping Supply and Education


Cupping SPOON

Stainless steel, from

Sheffield England


Oval Sample Tray


Wedge Sample Tray


Cupping Note Cards

One detailed side to be filled out as the user sees fit,

and one “blind cupping” side with room for notes.

150 note cards CUP_CUPCARD1

Card holder clip RW_83010B

Ceramic Cupping Bowl

Case and quantity discounts available.

7 1/2 oz. bowl CUP_BOWL1

Cupping Glass

A good heavy 7 oz. cupping glass is

indispensable for cupping coffees.

Quantity discounts available.

7 - 8 oz. CUP_GLASS_8OZA

Fluted Rim

Cupping Glass

Heavy duty 7-8 oz. cupping glass

with a wide open fluted top.

Quantity discounts available.

7 - 8 oz. CUP_GLASS_8OZ_B

Finca Vista Hermosa

Coffee Sampler

Extract green coffee samples without

damaging or opening the burlap.


Hot Water Supply

Full size hot water towers and coffee lab grinders can be

found in the coffee equipment section.

Fetco 2 Gallon Hot

Water Boiler

Hot water on demand - quickly

and easily now in a convenient 2

gallon (7.57 liter) lab size. The new

HWB-2 looks as great as it performs

and is the perfect size for smaller

operations. Sleek, modern design.


Zojirushi Hot Water

Boiler & Dispensers

Keeps water at a constant

temperature for hot drinks and

other culinary uses. Holds water

at a selectable 175°, 195°, 212°F.

3.0 Liter (0.79 gal.) white


5.0 Liter (1.32 gal.)(Black as shown)


Books and DVDS

The Professional

Barista’s Handbook

The most important resource you

can have to improve your coffeemaking


(Book) EDU_19

WBC Tokyo 2007

Documents the full 2007 WBC

experience from Japan.


Training with the


Bellissimo brings together some

of the best baristas in the US and

around the World.



Starting & Running Your Own

Specialty Coffee Business

(Book) BOK1


of the Barista

Learn barista techniques with

notable and notorious Seattle

coffee expert David Schomer.


Extreme Barista

Top baristas demonstrating

sophisticated latté art techniques.


The Espresso

Bartender’s Guide

(Book) BOK2

Caffe Latté Art

Hearts and rosettas with the man

himself: David Schomer.


Espresso 101

Beginning video course in

espresso and brewed coffee from

Bellissimo. Of course.


The Espresso Quick

Reference Guide

A reference must.

(Book) BOK3 $15.00

Espresso Coffee:



David Schomer helps identify

and control every factor for

perfect espresso. Must own book.

(Book) EDU18

Espresso 501

Advanced course in coffee and

espresso for aspiring industry



Bean Business Basics

The definitive “how-to” manual

for the specialty coffee industry.

(Book) BOK10

La Marzocco Guide

Covers every aspect of the La

Marzocco equipment, from

cleaning and maintenance to

replacing components.

(Book) BOKMZ

For a complete

selection of books

and DVDs visit

our website.

6 ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594

NUOVA POINT CUPS and saucers

Tulip Shape Demitasse Cups

Set of 6 - 2.5 oz. cups and saucers.

Black 021_BLACK

Brown 021BR

White 021_WHITE

Green 021GR

Yellow 021Y

Blue 021BL



Demitasse Cups

A mighty fine 3 oz. demitasse espresso cup and

saucer with the La Marzocco logotype.

Set of 2 ACF cups 020_LM02

Set of 6 ACF cups 020_LM06

Service Wares

Thick Wall Demitasse Cups

Sets of 6 - 2.5 oz. cups/saucers.

Brown and White 020

White 020W

La Marzocco Logo

Cappuccino Cups

6 oz. set of 2 ACF cups 020_LM_CAPP

Tulip Shaped Cappuccino Cups

Sets of 4 - 5 1/2 oz. cups and saucers.

Brown 025C_BR

White 025C_WHITE

Black 025C_BLACK

Astoria Demitasse Cups

Astoria logo espresso cups and saucers.

Set of 2 - 3 oz. cups 020ASTORIA_02

CAPPUCCINO Cup and saucer

Sets of 4 - 5 1/2 oz. cups and saucers.

Brown 020C

White 020CW

Astoria Cappuccino Cups

Set of 2 - 8 oz. Astoria logo cappuccino espresso

cups and saucers.



EP Lined Shot Glass

Single shot, double shot & ristretto line

indicators. The square shape allows the barista

to easily place 2 side by side under a double

portafilter spout.



Shot Glass

Double spouted shot glass with handles are

the next best thing to pulling your shot direct

into the cup.


Heavy Bar

style shot Glass


“One Shot” Pro

Lined Shot glass


New York Demitasse

Espresso Spoon

1 Dozen 6004NY

Monaco Demitasse

Espresso Spoon

1 Dozen 6004B

Dominion Demitasse

Espresso Spoon

1 Dozen 5004C


Demitasse Cups

A very nice size macchiatto cup.

3.5 oz. VTX_DEM

Stackable Cappuccino Cups

Space saving stackability and a great size drink.

8 oz. VTX_CAP

Espresso Parts

40z measuring glass


Latté Bowl

Latté bowl, cup or mug? Who knows?

It’s latté size, though, and these are the same

cups used in some latté art competitions.

14 oz. VTX_LAT

ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 7

Service Wares


Rigidly tested and certified BPI compostable in 60 days or less, they are the answer to

your green business ambitions! Unlike most hot cups on the market today these cups

are 100% compostable. Sold by the case (1000) or by the sleeve (50).


4 oz. green stripe EP_BHC4_GS (50) $5.99 (1000)

4 oz. World art EP_BHC4_WA (50) $5.99 (1000)

8 oz. green stripe EP_BHC8_GS (50) $6.49 (1000)

8 oz. World art EP_BHC8_WA (50) $6.49 (1000)

12 oz. green stripe EP_BHC12_GS (50) $7.49 (1000)

12 oz. World art EP_BHC12_WA (50) $7.49 (1000)

16 oz. green stripe EP_BHC16_GS (50) $8.49 (1000)

16 oz. World art EP_BHC16_WA (50) $8.49 (1000)

20 oz. green stripe EP_BHC20_GS (50) $9.98 (1000)

20 oz. World art EP_BHC20_WA (50) $9.98 (1000)

Emma Holly

Emma is dog-obsessed,

wears flip flops in the middle

of winter, and really can’t sit

still for very long. Around

here, she does a little bit of

everything: web, customer

service, etc. She can usually

be found on the floor with

the dogs.


Currently this item is not compostable.

8 oz. white SO_TL38R

8 oz. black SO-TL38B

12, 16 & 20 oz. white IP_LHRDS_16

12, 16 & 20 oz. black SO-TL38B

PLA COLD CUPS and lids

Not made using petroleum, our PLA plastic

products are a compostable plastic derived from

US grown corn.

12 oz. EP_CC12_GS

16 oz. EP_CC16_GS

20 oz. EP_CC20_GS

24 oz. EP_CC24_GS

Flat lid fits 9-24 oz. EP_FLCC

Domed lid fits 9-24 oz. EP_DLCC


7” Wooden Stir Sticks

Case of 10,000


4 Cup Recycled

Carry Tray

Case of 300


EcoGrip Recycled

Coffee Jacket

Case of 1,300




4 oz. SL3742

8 oz. IM8050

12 oz. IM3266

16 oz. IM1629

20 oz. IM2020


Fits 8 oz. cups IM0808

Fits 12, 16 & 20 oz. cups IM1610

Plastic COLD CUPs

12 oz. IM1245

16 oz. IM1655

24 oz. IM2428


Flat lid fits 12, 14 & 20 oz. cups IM2074

Flat lid fits 16, 18 & 24 oz. cups IM2456

Dome lid fits 12, 14 & 20 oz. cups IM2045

Dome lid fits 16, 18 & 24 oz. cups IM2426

“To-Go” Cup

Carrying Tray

Beige 4 cup carrier

Case of 300 KK2002 $40.13

Rubber Stamps

Custom Made Rubber Stamps

Our custom made Paper Coffee Cup Stamps are

professionally created with your artwork or logo. Grass

roots organic promo. Stamp cups, cup sleeves, pastry

bags or whatever with your cafe’s own artwork or logo. It’s

a beautiful thing. See web site for quantity discount.

1” x 3” RS_CUSTOMCUP_1X3

2” x 3” or 3” x 2” RS_CUSTOMCUP_2X3

3” x 3” RS_CUSTOMCUP_3X3


Designed by us specifically for the stamping of specialty

coffee customer loyalty cards. The little details matter

and we think quality stamp art is a small detail worth

perusing. Which is why we designed this line of

stamp card images for you.

Pawn style stamp RS_PAWN

Self inking stamps RS_SELF

Felt Stamp Ink Pads

Rugged & long-lasting.

Black ink pad STAMPPAD_SP2_BLACK

Blue ink pad STAMPPAD_SP2_BLUE

Red ink pad STAMPPAD_SP2_RED

8 ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594

Intelligent Counters

Rattleware Snap Bin Organizers

Use individually or snap together using the Snap Bin Connectors

in a variety of different configurations. Molded ABS plastic.

Dishwasher safe.

5” frosted clear ABS basic bin RW_82020_02

8” frosted clear ABS cup/lid holder RW_82010_02

5” black ABS basic bin RW_82020_01

8” black ABS cup/lid holder RW_82010_01

Service wares

RATTLEWARE Metal Modular Organizers

This is only one configuration that can be accomplished using

Rattleware’s metal modular organizers. Individual units can be located

by using the product ID number below each unit’s image. Each

piece is sold separately.

Modular Divider RW_05219

Extended Basic Holder RW_05220

Tall Cup Holder RW_05221

Divided Cup Sleeve/Jacket Holder RW_05224

Standard Holder/Receptacle RW_05222

Napkin Holder RW_05223

Metal Coffee Bag Display

The Coffee Bag Display maximizes your counter and

display space. This versatile unit can do double duty

as a coffee bag display or merchandise riser. Features

a removable frame that holds an 8.5” x 11” sign.

Powdercoat finish that won’t show fingerprints.


Wire Pastry Baskets

Versatile wire baskets are attractive, durable and great for

counter or case display. Dishwasher safe, available in

Silver, Matte Grey and Silver Vein.

14” x 12” RW_06120

14” x 6” RW_06110

Snap Bin Connectors

Connectors easily snap in place

under the units, creating a nice fit.

1 Dozen RW_82110

Snap Bin Label Holder

Connects onto Snap Bins and holds a 2.75” x

.75” piece of paper for labeling.

Each RW_83010B

Rattleware Bean Scale Scoop


Aluminum Scoop

12 oz. scoop UP12

24 oz. scoop UP24

Acrylic Coffee

Organizer Center

Six compartments, each of

various heights and widths to

accommodate an assortment

of counter needs.


Syrup racks and organizers can be located in

the Drink Preparation and Supply section.

Acrylic Cup Napkin

And straw Organizers

Short single 5.25” x 5.25” x 5” RW_05287

Tall single 4.25” x 4.25” x 10” RW_05290

Tall triple 13” x 4.5” x 10” RW_05288

Napkin holder 5”- RW_05286

Straw holder 5”- RW_05289

Darin Heinemann

Our resident “Box Monkey”

was raised in the flat lands. He’s

the guy who packs the orders

and ships them out. Otherwise

known as “Squirreltron” or

“Squirrely”, Darin’s expecting

a little one soon. Outside of

work come Winter time you

can usually find him in the

mountains in a state of snowinduced


ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 9

Drink Preparation and supply


The Original Italian Syrup. Pure

cane sugar, purified water and

all-natural flavors. All available

Torani flavors in stock, quantity

discounts available.

750 ml bottles TORANI

NEW Cane Sugar Liquid Sweetener



Torani Sauces

Just like the syrups these

sauces are made with the

finest ingredients.


Caramel TOCAR

White Chocolate TOWHI


Mayan Chocolate TOMAYANCHOC

MONIN Syrups

For three generations, familyowned

Monin has crafted the

world’s finest flavorings. These

world-class Italian syrups will

keep your customers coming

back for more. All the Monin

syrup flavors are available.

750 ml bottle MONIN

Torani Sugar Free


Made with the finest ingredients

including all-natural flavor,

purified water and Splenda®

brand sweetener. Quantity

discounts available.

750 ml bottles TORASF

NEW Sugar Free Liquid Sweetener


Frusia Whole Fruit

Smoothie Puree

The easiest way to make tempting,

real fruit frozen drinks and smoothies.

Raspberry, Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Pina

Colada, Kiwi, Peach, Mango and Banana.

64 oz. jug TORANI_FR

Mocafe Organic

Fair Trade Frappe

Looking for organic & fair

trade alternatives to regular

blended drink mixes? You’ve

come to the right place.



Syrup Pump

It’s plain, it’s white, it’s

a standard.


Precision Pour Portion

Control Spouts

Blue, Gold or Clear spouts.

1 Dozen 5012BS

Singles 5012BS_

Torani Sugar

Free Sauces

Made with Splenda® brand sweetener,

create and serve sugar free lattés,

mochas and more. These new guilt-free

options offer the perfect way to sweeten

any beverage menu.


White Chocolate TOSFWHI


Torani Caffioco

The richest, thickest frozen coffee

drinks start with Caffioco. Made with

ingredients like real dairy and all-natural

flavors. Available in Mocha, Latté,

Créme and Sugar Free Créme.

64 oz. jug TORANI_CAF

Cappuccine Barista

Blended Ice Mixes

An integral part of any

successful coffeehouse. There

are lots of quality flavors and

Cappuccine is available with or

without coffee added. Nice.


Monin O’Free

Sugar Free Syrups Flavored with Splenda®

brand sweetener. All sugar free Monin

flavors are available.

750 ml bottle MONIN_OFREE

Gosh That’s

Good Chocolate

Sugar free chocolate low in carbs

and sweetened with Splenda®.

SF Chocolate 16 oz. bag GOSH1B

SF White Chocolate 16 oz. bag GOSH2B

Stasero Powdered

Drink Toppings

Chocolate, Toasted Coconut, Mini

Marshmallows, Nutmeg, Raspberry,

Vanilla and White Chocolate.

5.5 oz. STAS

3 1/2 lbs STAS_LG

stainless steel shakers

For sprinkling sugar, spice and

everything nice.

10 oz. capacity 4008

Syrup and Sauce Racks

Rattleware Syrup Racks

Stainless steel - diswasher safe. Available in black or silver.

5 bottle rack RW_06221

3 bottle rack RW_81203

Torani Pump

Pump Torani officially.




Sauce Pumps


Screened Plastic

Syrup Pour Spouts

Dozen 5012A

Single 5012AS

Chrome Pour Spouts

Fit 750ml Syrup Bottles.

Dozen 5013

Basic Plastic Syrup Spouts

Nothing fancy. Fit 750 ml syrup bottles,

pours syrup.

Dozen 5012


Modular interlocking syrup rack. Just lock ‘em together

to hold, organize and make more accessable your entire

Torani arsenal.

3 bottle rack (black only) TOR_RAK_SYR3

6 bottle rack (blue only) TOR_RAK_SYR6

Torani Sauce Rack

Modular interlocking rack. Lock ‘em up side by side. 1 rack

Fits 3 x 64 oz. Torani Frusia, Sauce or Caffioco.

3 sauce rack (blue only) TOR_RAK_SAU3

Plexiglass Syrup Rack

Plexiglas 750 ml bottle rack, holds 9.


10 ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594

The Chocolate Shot

“La Chocolatera” The European

Sipping Chocolate Machine. The

circulating paddle in the dispenser

stirs and tempers extraordinary thick

and rich hot chocolate drink. The liquid

dispenser is easily removed even when full

and features a removable spout for ease of

cleaning. UL listed and NSF certified.

Gold or Silver


Mixing and Stiring

Stainless Steel Mixing Cup

and Cocktail Shaker

Classic bartender’s tools.

30 ounce cup 30MX

1/2 liter shaker SHK001

Long Twist Spoon

11 1/2” Stainless 6004

Slim Cocktail Stir Spoon

11” Stainless 6004G

Polished Stir Spoon

8 1/2” Stainless 6004R


and Parts

More Vita-Mix models available online.

Vita-Mix Drink

Machine MP

The most cost-effective

timer blender you can buy,

and up to three times faster

and five times more powerful

than comparable blenders.


Vita-Mix Blending

Station MP

This Maximum Performance

Blender is packed with

features designed to

streamline the blending

process. The Blending

Station MP will provide

hassle free high end



Vitamix Tamper


Drive Sockets

2 per bag VM778

Blendtec Blenders

and parts

More Blendtec models available online.



Used by the best known

chains in the frozen

drink revolution. This

classic model introduces

the sound enclosure and

single touch operation.

For medium to heavy

volume applications.

Standard package



EZ Blender

Designed for low volume

operations incorporating

design features of more

expensive machines. No

other commercial blender

in this price range offers the

features of the EZ Blender.


Blendtec Jars


64 oz. BLT64J

96 oz. BLT96J

Drink Preparation and supply

Flat Bottom Drink Whisk

10 1/4 Stainless RW_03253

ISI SODA Siphons

WHIPpers AND PArts

ISI Cream Whippers



Dessert Pint ISI_CREAM

ISI Soda Siphon

ISI_SODA Soda Siphon

Mixing Head Gasket


Stainless Mixing Valves

New stainless steel version ISI_2941

ISI Decorating Tips

ISI replacement decorating tips.

Bulb or straight tip ISIDEC

ISI Co2 and No2 Chargers

Cannot be shipped via air.

Creme, 24 per ISI_NO2

Soda, 10 per ISI_CO2

Centering Noise

Reduction Pad


32 oz. Vita-Mix

Xtreme Container

The wide base creates a

powerful vortex

Jar, Blade & Lid


48 oz. Vita-Mix

Blender Container

Lid, Blade and Container


64 oz. Vita-Mix

Blender Container

Container only, no lid, no blade


Lid, blade and container


Lid plug VM755

64 oz. complete lid/plug VM1191

Vita-Mix Ice

Blade Assembly

Fits all Vita Mix Blender Jars.


Lil’ Red Rinser

Wasting water and time

rinsing blender jars?

Those days are over.


Brian Davey

Our bad ass, bike-obsessed, fly-bythe-seat-of-his-pants,

German technoaddicted

Sales Director. You can find him

flying down State Street racing cars on his

bike, inhaling burritos at the Taco Truck

or—most often—at his desk with the phone

plastered to his ear. What would we do

without him?

ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 11

Cleaning and Maintenance

Espresso Machine Brushes

Steam Wand



Angled Group Brushes



Coffee Tool by Pallo.

Everyone’s favorite group head cleaning brush with replaceable

bristles. Choice of colors.

Handle and 1 bristle cartridge 6012JG

Site Gauge

Glass Brushes

UB400 24”

UB500 13”

Common Group head Brush

Half circle gasket brush for cleaning

standard espresso groups.


Replacement Bristles

These replacement bristles will substantially

outlast all other group brushes.

3 pack PALLO_BR1

Brass bristle (1) PALLO_BR2

Espresso Machine Brush Kit

We’ve assembled every brush you need for

cleaning your espresso machine.

8 brush kit 600KIT

All Purpose Utility Brushes

Stainless bristle 713SS

Brass bristle 713B

Nylon bristle 713N

Steamy Wanda by Pallo

Love your steam wands up with

Steamy Wanda.

Green Handle 7 mm


Red Handle 9 mm




Grindz Grinder Cleaner

Grindz quickly and effectively removes stale

coffee residue and flavored coffee odors from

the internal burrs and casings of coffee grinders.

Requiring no grinder disassembly, Grindz simply

runs through the grinder just like coffee.

15.2 oz. (430 g) URNX_GRINDZ

4.23 oz. (120 g) URNX_GRINDZ_HM


Grinder Tray

We all know grinding is a

messy business. This tray

is large enough to sit

under your grinder and

collect the majority of the

deviated grounds.

9 3/4 x 13” RW_02600

Black nylon bristle


“Italian Espress”

grinder brush


1” round bristle




22” Coffee Urn Brush


Foam Bristle Airpot Brush


15” Nylon Air Pot Brush


10.5” Nylon Glass

Bowl Brush


Soft Bristled

Counter Top Brush

The perfect counter brush. Soft enough for any

surface this brush will quickly whisk stray coffee

grounds away.


Espresso Grinder Brush

predictable snap of the synthetic yellow

bristles whisks coffee grounds from

nooks and crannies


2” wide bristle


3” wide bristle


Foam Bristle Coffee

Carafe Brush


13” Granita Machine/Chocolate

Shot Brush


12 ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594

Espresso Machine Cleaners

Cafiza OMRI Espresso

Machine Cleaner

Cafiza® OMRI is the first U.S.

espresso machine cleaner to be

independently listed by the Organic

Materials Review Institute.

20 oz. container URNX04OMRI

Cafiza Espresso

Machine Cleaner

Cafiza® eliminates residue in espresso

machine group heads, valves and water

lines. Cafiza is a powder formula for

regular backflushing.

20 oz. container URNX04

JoeGlo Espresso

Machine Cleaner

Amazing fast acting espresso

machine cleaner. Proprietary

biodegradable “cleanhead”

formula is a time tested marvel

and a favorite among hard working

espresso machines.

25 oz. container JOEGL1

Cleaning and Maintenance

Rinza Steam milk

frother Cleaner

Milk frother cleaner. Breaks down

milk protein buildup. Cycles through

auto-frothers for easy cleanup. Also

cleans traditional steam wands and

steel pitchers.

32 fl oz. bottles URNX06


and detergents

Cafiza® Espresso Machine

Cleaning Tablets

Formulated for controlled solubility,

easy rinsing, and powerful cleaning.

Sized and designed for a broad range

of fully automatic machines.

200 2g Tablets URNX05

Dr. Weigert Super-Automatic

Espresso Machine

Cleaning Tablets

Offical cleaning tablets for CMA

(Astoria/Wega) super-automatic

espresso machines.

(200) 2 g tabs AS08452

Coffee Brewer

and server Cleaners

Tabz Coffee Brewer

Cleaning Tablets

Run a brew cycle with TABZ in the

basket and simultaneously clean both

the brew basket and server beneath.

Contains a blue dye to help insure

proper rinsing.

120 Large Tablets URNEX_TABZ

Urnex® Original Urn

and Brewer Cleaner

Industry standard all-purpose

coffee equipment cleaner for more

than 70 years. Daily cleaning of

coffee brewers and urns.

100 1 oz. (28 g) packets URNX01

Clearly Coffee

Powder Cleaner

For glass bowls, airpots, satellite

brewers, and thermal servers.

(125) 1/4 oz. packets URNX02

Café Wīpz Coffee

Equipment Wipes

Pre-moistened, fragrance

- free coffee equipment

cleaning wipes. Designed

for use on steam wands,

grinder hoppers and counters.



CLeaners for Home

Home Espresso Machine

Cleaning Kit

Includes 2 group brushes, a

grinder brush, 1 brass utility

brush, 1 flathead stubby

screwdriver and 9 packets (3

boxes) of Cleancaf.


JoeGlo Espresso

Machine Cleaner

Same great stuff is a smaller package. Use

it at home or as a travel pack.

4 oz. container JOEGLO_SMALL

Cleancaf Cleaner

and Descaler

Eliminates mineral and coffee oil deposits

in coffee makers and espresso machines.

Box of 3 (1/3 oz.) Packets URNX07

Cafiza® Home Espresso

Machine Tablets

Designed and tested by the Urnex®

technical team to insure compatibility

with major brands of home superautomatics.

20 1.2 g Tablets URNX_05HM


Scale Kleen Descaler

Removes limescale buildup easily

and safely in an environmentally

friendly manner.

7 oz. package 2018

Urnex Dezcal

Activated Scale Remover

4 single use packets URNX08

Espresso Machine


JoeGlo/Pallo Coffee

Tool Backflush Kit 1

Coffee Tool handle, 3 bristle

cartridges, 1 grinder

brush, a 58 mm

backflush disc & 1

flathead screwdriver.


Pallo Caffeine Wrench

Lots of useful tools for the shop all

packed into one convenient little

wrench. Small enough to keep handy

around the espresso machine.


Espresso Machine

backflush Kit

2 group brushes, a grinder

brush, a 58 mm backflush disk,

a flathead stubby screwdriver

& a 20 oz. Cafiza.


Back Flush Discs

(Blind Portafilter Discs)

Blind portafilter discs

or inserts. If you don’t

know what these

are, stop everything

and give us a call, we

seriously need to talk.

Standard 58 mm stainless F_156

Rubber Insert C_256


Pressure Gauge

Guage Only V_203

With Elbow V_512

Group Gasket

Removal Awl


Stubby Flathead



NSF Approved Lubricant

PET 4 oz.

ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 13

Espresso Machine and Grinder Parts

Portafilter Bodies

and handles

La Marzocco OEM 15º Rubber

Handle Portafilter

La Marzocco’s OEM portafilter features a rubber

coated ergonomic handle with a 15º tilt in the handle

as well as LM’s “Lion Logo” cast into neck.

Spout and basket not included


Wood PF Handles

Standard or La Marzocco style hand

milled, custom wood portafilter handles

in your choice of Bocote, Bubinga, Cocobolo or

Ebony woods. Fits 12 mm thread pitch.

Standard style - PFH_ESP

La Marzocco style - PFH_LMS

La Marzocco 15º

Handle Portafilter

Aftermarket La Marzocco style

portafilter with 15 degree angle

plastic handle. Fits La Marzocco

and most E61 machines.

Spout and basket not included


E-61 Complete


Includes body, spring and handle,

basket and spout.

Single basket/single spout


Double basket/double spout


La Marzocco 15º

Naked Portafilter

Factory cut and chromed,

15º angle handle bottomless

portafilter. Fits La Marzocco

and most E-61 machines.

Includes 21g triple basket


E-61 Bottomless


Will fit E61 group machines like

Faema, Wega, Grimac, Isomac,

Grimac, and a host of others.

Includes 21g triple basket


La Cimbali 15º


Basket, spring and spouts

sold seperately


Astoria Ergonomic


Basket, spring and spouts

sold seperately


La Cimbali 15º



Includes 21g basket


Astoria Bottomless


Includes 21g basket.



Portafilter Spouts

Open Flat Lip

Double Spout

3/8” fitting MZ_240s


Double Spout

3/8” fitting - F_1706

David Ringwood

Our Reggae, Hip-Hop, sushi lovin’, detail-oriented

(some would even call him a perfectionist), superefficient

Service Technician. He’s usually there and

back before you even know he left. As long as he’s

with his son Colton and not being subjected to the

Indigo Girls, Tori Amos, or Indian food, he’s mellow.

DR is the Doc!

Curved Open

Double Spout

3/8” fitting W5301


Double Spout

3/8” fitting F_239

Standard Curved

Single Spout

3/8” fitting - F_364


Single Spout

3/8” fitting - F_362

14 ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594

Portafilter Baskets

14g La MArzocco

Double Basket

La Marzocco 14 g double portafilter basket.

Accepts a 57mm tamper piston.


14g Double Basket

Fits most 58 mm portafilters


12g Double Basket

Fits most 58 mm portafilters


7g and 6G Single Baskets

Fits most 58 mm portafilters

7 g F_869

6 g F_868

18G Ridgeless

Triple Basket

Fits most 58 mm portafilters.

27 mm high.


Ridgeless 14g

Double Basket

The infamous double basket

without retaining ridge.

Fits most 58 mm portafilters MZ_107A

21g Triple Basket

Fits deep body or bottomless portafilters.


La San Marco Baskets

Single basket SM_265

Double basket SM_266

Blind disc SM_47

Portafilter Spring

Portafilter basket retaining clip.


Espresso Machine and Grinder Parts

Group Gaskets And Screens

La Marzocco

57mm La Marzocco or Carimali

6.5 mm hole for screw


La Marzocco Group Gasket

72 x 55 x 7 mm


Faema E-61 Group

Screen for 58 mm E-61 group and

other non-screw mounted models.


Faema/E-61 Group Gasket

73 x 57 x 8 mm


Faema/E-61 Group Gasket

73 x 57 x 9 mm


Nuova Simonelli

57.5 mm Nuova Simonelli Screen

Nuova Simonelli and La Pavoni


Nuova Simonelli Group Gasket

old style group 71 x 52 x 7 mm



55 mm Gaggia group screen.

Most commercial and domestic


Gaggia group gasket

72 x 55 x 9 mm



Group Screen for solenoid models.

New “self-cleaning” style, designed

to make cleaning easier.


New style group gasket for

Astoria, Laurentis and Rio.

72 x 56 x 8 mm AS_56


57 mm Rancilio Group Screen

Most Rancilio and some La Pavoni


Rancilio Group Gasket

72 x 57 x 8 mm


Brasilia/La Cimbali

51.5 mm Group Screen


Brasilia Gasket 12 hole dispersion

plate models.

70 x 56 x 8 mm


La Cimbali Flat Group Gasket

71 x 56 x 8.5 mm


La San Marco

48 mm Screen


La San Marco Group Gasket

64 x 52 x 6 mm


Steam Wand Tips

Mistral Style Steam Tip

Custom aftermarket Mistral style

4 hole stainless steel steam

wand tip. Steam holes at

30 thousandths width

at a 30 degree angle.


La Marzocco Style Tip

Our aftermarket LM steam tip is a

product of 2 years’ design

and development just to

help you foam perfectly.

Fits all La Marzocco.



Four Hole Tip


Twin Hole Steam Tip

Twin holes at 30 thousandths

width and at a 30 degree

angle. Wonder twin

powers activate!


Rancilio Silvia

Steam Tip

One specifically for the home

guys. Four holes that are

placed at a 30 degree angle,

make Micofrothing made way

easier. A Silvia owner must.


ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 15

Espresso Machine and Grinder Parts



Electric Chute

Replace your doser with a

shiny new Mazzer “Electric”

series grinder doser chute.

Coffee drops clean from the chute to the portafilter.


Mazzer Grinder

Finger Guard

Some have said this works as an

anti-static screen.

Fits the all Mazzer grinders - MAZ_


Mazzer Robur Hopper

Complete hopper and lid


Espresso Grinder Burr Sets


Super Jolly 64 mm

Fits Super Jolly, Normale, Astoria Rio


Mazzer Mini 58 mm


Rossi RR45


La Cimbali




Mazzer Robur

71 mm Conical


Mazzer Kony

63 mm Conical


Mazzer Major 83 mm


La Marzocco Swift






Super Jolly

Hopper & Lid

Hopper Lid - MAZ_1

Hopper - MAZ_2

Rossi RR45 Hopper

Sold as individual parts.

RR45 Hopper RO2737

Hopper lid RO2738

Hopper Gate RO3352

Compak Grinder

Bean Hopper

Also fits the Wega “Max” grinder.


Mazzer Mini

Hopper & Lid

Stock hopper - MAZ_85

2/3 size short - MAZ_85M

Hopper Lid - MAZ_123

Commercial Coffee Grinder Burr Sets


Simonelli MDX


MDUA - S15800004

Home Grinder Burr Sets

Rancilio Rocky

Obel Bregant 50 mm flat Burrs


ASCASO I1 and 12

49MM Flat Burr MC_25

49MM Conical MC_74


Burr set






65 mm Burr set

for K32/Kenia Grinder.

MAH_3898 $305.80


Fits G1, G2 and G3


Fetco GR Series

Burr set

GR1.2, GR1.3, GR2.2

and GR2.3 grinders


Dave White

Dave is behind the websites, ads, marketing, photos, and this catalog — pretty much

everything that keeps customers informed and coming back. His love for Bluegrass

and Old Time music is proven (but who said we need more proof?) by the fact that he

named his dog Banjo. If he had the opportunity, he’d carry Banjo, his mandolin, camera,

MacBook and espresso machine with him everywhere he went.

Devon Woollett

The one and only Parts Jedi—He is a whiz

with the numbers and parts. Devon has

to be he has about 1,600 of them floating

around his head at any given time. He’s been

with the company for going on 9 years and

knows the ins and outs of the parts bins.

When he’s not working, he’s hanging out

with his wife Tian and his son Colin, reciting

lines from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or

Office Space, studying our natural history.

16 ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594

Mod Parts & Kits

La Marzocco “Piero” Group Cap Kit

This kit removes the external plumbing components

from a Linea EE group to a GB5 EE Style

group, reducing the time water travels

before being dispensed, retaining its

temperature better. Converts models

manufactured after 1998. Comes with

220V 8W Solenoid


La Marzocco Retrofit PID Kit

This retrofit kit allows current La Marzocco Linea

and FB-70 owners to upgrade their

existing equipment to meet strict

operating temperature standards.


Installations available call for details.

(800)459-5594 x103

temperature and pressure Data

Scace 1 & 2 Thermofilter

Scace 1 and Scace 2 are both excellent

diagnostic tools. They make measuring

and adjusting the espresso

machine brew temperatures

a snap with instant accurate

temperature data.

Dial in brew temperatures

specified by roasters. In addition

to being the most accurate

espresso machine temperature rig,

the Scace 2 offers its user precise

pressure details as well.

*Both require a T Type Reader.

Scace 1


Scace 2


Espresso Machine and Grinder Parts

Espresso machine Rebuild Kits

For a breakdown of the parts detail, additional parts and rebuild kits, please refer to our website.


La Marzocco


Astoria Solenoid Group

Older group design found

on models such as the

Argenta or Gloria. Will not

fit the newer group found on

Sibilla or Rapallo.

ASKIT2 $28.30

CMA Steam/water Valve

Fits most commercial Astoria,

Bravo, Formula, Rio and Wega


ASKIT3 $32.00

CMA Sight Glass

Fits Astoria, Bravo, Formula, Rio and

Wega. We’ve included two of the sight

glass crystals in this kit; most people

break the first one.

ASKIT6 $18.15

CMA Steam Wand

Fits Astoria, Bravo, Formula, Rio

and Wega.

ASKIT7 $4.73

La Marzocco 2 mm

Pitch Steam Valve


La Marzocco

Rebuild Basic



La Marzocco

Rebuild Standard



La Marzocco

Rebuild Deluxe



E-61 Wega Version

Manual Group


La San Marco

La San Marco

Steam/water Valve


La San Marco NS-85

Manual Group


La San Marco

Solenoid Group


La San Marco

Omni directional

Steam Wand


Emergency Preparedness

Two-way Parker Solenoid

220V 50/60Hz 9W 1/8” x 1/8”


Three-way Parker Solenoid

110V 50/60Hz 9W


Two-way Parker Solenoid

220v 50/60Hz 1/4” x 1/4”


Boiler Safety Valve 3/8”

Certified - V_511A

Three-way Parker Solenoid

220V 50/60Hz 9W


Two-way Parker Solenoid

110V 50/60Hz 9W 1/8” x 1/8”


Commercial Pressurestat

Most commonly used pressurestat.

110-380V 1/4” fitting - V_289

Brass Anti-siphon Valve 1/4”


Rotary Vane Pump Head

Most common espresso machine

pump style.


Procon Clamp Flange

Rotary Vane Pump Head

Higher flow pump reccommended

for 2 and 3+ groups.


Three Bolt Flange

Rotary Vane Pump Head


ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 17

Installation and cart components


Cart Water Pump Modules

Pump modules include: A 115V - 0.9 Amp SHURflo Diaphram Pump

with an open flow rating of 3.3 GPM. A SHURflo Accumulator which

maintains a pre-charged pressure of 20PSI and a gas/liquid volume of

0.7 liters. A low level water alarm alerts operators of low water reservoir

levels. The cart pump modules are easily restarted with the priming

restart switch.

With EverPure Filter Head - 2002 $514.25

Without EverPure Filter Head - 2001 $418.00

Mini Pump *no alarm - 2002M $338.80

Everpure FILTer kitS and HEads

QL2 Single


Excludes water shutoff



Twin Filter Head

Commercial quality twin filter

head. Series plumbed twin head

with shut-off and flushing valves.


QC7I Triple

Filter Head

Commercial QC71 triple filter

head, parallel plumbed. Includes

water shut-off, flushing valves and

outlet pressure gauge.


High Flow CSR Triple

Head Kit

Combination system provides

quality ingredient water for

fountain, coffee and ice machines.


QL3 Single


Includes built-in water

shut-off valve.


Flojet 5 Gallon Bottle Water Pump

Pump water straight from a 5 gallon water bottle to your light use

espresso machine, refrigerator, ice maker, door tap and drinking

water faucet. This an industry standard and is one of the finest

pumps in its range. Pairs nicely with accumulator tank #9013.


Shurflo 2088 Series Pump

This is the pump to use for supplying espresso cart equipment and is

a direct replacement part for many cart manufacturers. We suggest

an accumulator tank to reduce cycling of the pump motor. Pumps 3.3

gallons per hour at 40PSI. 2 year warranty.


Shurflo Diaphragm Drive Kit

For SHURflo 2088 & 2095 pumps.


Shurflo Accumulator Tank

Pre-pressurized to 20PSI. Water pressure remains smooth and

constistant. Use with any water pump, alone, or in multiples.


low level water

alarm system

Easily convert your existing water pump system to include

a Low Level/Cart Pump Safety System with this easy to

install unit. Features like the audible alarm and power

shut off can prevent down time and expensive pump or

equipment replacements.


3/8” Compression Connection Hoses

84” - KDW-684-PP

50cm (20”) - V_450

20” - B6F20

Drain Hoses per foot

See website for quantity pricing.

17 mm Flexible Hose - V_200

20 mm Clear Armored Hose - MZ_L309

Rechargeable 8 Liter

Water Softener

Should be a requirement for every commercial espresso machine.

Why? Water softeners reduce the calcium or magnesium ion

concentration in hard waters.



Filter Kit

The filter kit contains 1/2

micron precoat filtration

with scale control.

EverPure QC3 mounting

head with built-in water

shut-off valve. For low

flow, medium volume

brewers. Capacity: 6,000

pots or 3,000 gallons.



Filter Kit

Quality EverPure

OCS Water Filters

reduce taste and odor

problems, as well as

provide protection

against mineral scale.


EverPure Water Filters

OCS Filter - 2015A

2BC5-S Filter - 2014B

4CB5-S Filter - 2017A

MH Filter - 2015C

7SO Filter - 2017C

BH Filter - 2015B

MC Filter - 2017F

18 ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594


Mini ABS Hand Sink

This compact drop-in hand sink is perfect for

smaller, hard to fit locations. NSF approved.

Dimensions: 9.25” x 11.25” x 4”. Includes strainer, but

does not include faucet. NSF approved.


Mini ABS Hand Sink

This compact drop-in hand sink is perfect for

smaller, hard to fit locations. NSF approved.

Dimensions: 9.25” x 11.25” x 4”. Includes strainer, but

does not include faucet. NSF approved.


Dipperwell Faucet

& Sink Assembly

This faucet and sink tandem features a

stainless steel faucet seat, a stainless steel

pan and removable inner shell.


Round Satin Finish

Stainless Sink

Stainless steel 11” diameter round

hand sink. NSF Certified.

11” diameter 2008B

Installation and Cart Components

Mini ABS Double

Compartment Sink

For espresso carts in areas that require a two

compartment dishwashing sink. Built of

ABS plastic, this sink is NSF certified. Bowl

Dimesnsions: 5” x 9”.

Overall Dimensions 12” x 13” x 4”.


Mid Size Three

Compartment Sink

The ideal ABS sink for busy

espresso drive thrus. 27 1⁄4” x

17” x 5 1⁄2”. NSF approved.


With drainboards - 2007B

Satin Finish Stainless Two

Compartment SinK

Polarware polished satin finish stainless steel

vending cart sink. Overall dimensions: 17” x 13” x 5”.

Bowl dimensions: 6-1/8” x 12-1/8”. NSF certified.


Satin Finish Stainless Three

Compartment SinK

Polished satin finish stainless steel

vending cart sink from Polarware. Overall

dimensions: 21” x 13” x 5”. Bowl dimensions:

6-1/8” x 12-1/8”. NSF certified.


ABS Plastic

Drop-In Ice Bin

Holds 25 lbs. of cubed

ice, complete with

matching two-piece

lift-off cover and full

insulation. Excellent for

Espresso carts.


Shawn Goldenberger

Shawn keeps morale high with thunderous warehouse

broadcasts of Bob Seger and Beyonce. He gets to

pick the music because he is, after all, Warehouse

Manager. Ask him about computers, coffee, shipping

(the box is always to the left, to the left), packing,

hiking, sailing—heck, probably even fly fishing—and

he’ll somehow know all about it. He’s our superefficient

walking encyclopedia. Just don’t give him

too much coffee.

Waste Tanks

6 Gallon


Waste Tank

Made of durable polyethylene

and holds 6 gallons of waste water.

Easily removable from your cart

for disposal of water.

10 x 11 1⁄2 x 17” 2004B

12.2 Gallon

Waste Tank

with wheels

Large 12+ gallon waste

water tank with wheels

for easy removal,

transport and disposal.

26 x 15 x 9” 2004BR

Cart Electric

Cart Electric Panel

Pre-wired and ready to install. Includes four GFCI

110 volt “pig-tail” receptacles and a three-prong 20

amp, 250 volt twist-lock receptacle. Two 15 amp and

two 20 amp circuit breakers.




Fresh Water Tank

The best way to supply water

to your cart is to use one of

these. Holds 5 gallons of fresh

water and comes completely

ready for hookup to our water

pump system.


cornelius keg

Each stainless steel “Corney” or

soda tank holds 5 gallons (18.9

l ) of fresh water. These tanks

use ball-lock “quick connect”

connections and multiples can be

daisy chained for plenty of supply.


ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 19

Coffee Brewing Equipment and Grinders


Precision coffee grinding for cupping room,

production area, coffee lab or cafe.

Ditting KF804 and KR804

Ideal for small coffee shops or

conducting sample grindings. KF804

for cupping rooms, labs or restaurants,

KR804 with the vibrating backing plate

for retail.




Guatemala Lab

Grind into a receptacle placed on

the height adjustable receptacle

tray which is grounded to unload the

electrostatic energy.


Fetco GR-2.3

Dual hopper portion control coffee

grinder. Fully automatic operation

and (2) 5 lb. removable hoppers. Easy

changes, storage and cleaning.


Bunn Bulk Grinder

Turbo action draws coffee through grind

chamber for greater grinding efficiency.

Fast grinding–one pound in under 30

seconds. Wide range of grinds can be

selected. Black or Red.

1 lbs hopper BUNN_G1HD

2 lbs hopper BUNN_G2HD

3 lbs hopper BUNN_G3HD

Bunn French Press Grinder

A double duty two hopper grinder

accommodates french presses up

to 8” tall, or a funnel for drip-style

brewer. Multi-batch settings allows

users to specify french press brew

size or for larger amounts of dripstyle




Grinder and Storage

Convenient, front loading hopper

allows grinding of a wide variety

of coffees. Hoppers hold up to

6 lbs of coffee beans. Portion

controlled for the right amount of

coffee every time. Hoppers serve

as storage when not used.

MHG from


Fetco Extractor Series

Smartest brewers in

their class, yet won’t

intimidate operators.

Designed to achieve

optimal saturation this

brewer incorporates

an innovative large

spray disc and Fetco’s

renowned brew basket.

Twin 0.5 to 1 Gallon


Fetco Eco Brewers

Featuring our new Cascading Spray

Dome System, the ECO brewer

line is versatile, economical and

energy-efficient. ECO brewers are

EXTRACTOR® series brewers so

they have the great programmable

features that you know and love.


Fetco 5000 Series

The CBS-51H features a dual

brew basket lock incorporated into

the start switch, constant water

temperature during 100% of the

brew cycle, spray-over volume

consistency and a dispense tube

system that resists lime build up.

Fetco CBS-51H 5000

Thermal Dispensers and servers

Fetco 3 Liter

Thermal Airpots

Regular 99017

Decaf 99017D

Thermal Airpots

Everyone’s favorite 1.9 and 2.5

liter airpots.

1.9 Liter 6014

2.5 Liter 6015

1.9 Liter Thermal

Coffee Server

Stainless steel lined carafe,

available with black or orange lid.


Update Thermal


Keeps coffee hot or milks and

creams cold.

1 Liter UP100

0.70 Liter UP70

BUNN CW Series Pour

Over Brewer

Makes 3.8 to 7.5 gallons of perfect

coffee per hour. Brews direct into

airpots which are easily transported

to self serve coffee stations, remote

meeting rooms, breakfast bars, etc.


Bunn Automatic

Digital Airpot Brewer

Brews up to 15% more than

standard brewers. Improved

temperature accuracy, adjusts

automatically to varying water

pressure, brews into airpots ranging

from 1.9 to 3 liters.


Infusion Coffee Brewer

Twin Airpots

Each side has 3 brew

buttons for 3 brew

profiles. Brews into

2.5 to 3.8 liter airpots

and 3.8 and 5.7 liter

ThermoFresh servers.


Fetco Luxus L3D

Freshness Timer, a Volume

Indicator and Vacuum Insulated

Liner are only part of the

advanced features.

1, 1 1/2 & 2 gallon sizes.

Fetco Luxus TPD

Thermo-proved beverage

dispensers designed to maintain

hot and cold liquids at proper

temperature in any location.

1 1/2 & 3 gallon sizes.

Commercial Filters

(500) 15” X 5 1/2” F001

(500) 13” X 5” F002

(1,000) 9 3/4” X 4 1/2” F003

(500) 20” X 8” F004

(500) 18” X 7” F005

(500) 23” X 9” F006

(500) 11 1/2” X 3 3/4” F007

20 ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594

Traditional And Manual Brewing

Drip Station

A single cup brewing experience. The Drip Station

single cup coffee brewing system is all stainless

steel construction. Operators/Barista can set it up

anywhere for gourmet coffee brewing in the shop or

even abroad . Uses #4 size coffee filters.



Hot Water Supply

Fetco Hot Water


FETCO hot water boilers

provide high volume,

steaming, hot water on

demand - quickly and

easily. Fully insulated

hot water dispensers

are ready to deliver hot,

steaming water whenever you need it.

2 Gallon FETCO-HWB-2

5 Gallon FETCO-HWB-5

Digital Scales

Eva Solo


The CafeSolo coffee-maker brews original coffee,

brewed on the basis of original brewing methods.

Simply coffee and water. The coffee brewer comes

with an insulating neoprene zip-up jacket.



Filtron® Coffee Systems

Brew coffee with a cold water brewer.

When filtered the liquid

concentrate, or essence,

may be stored in the

refrigerator for up to six

weeks or may be frozen

for longer periods.

Domestic size FIL30L

Commercial/foodservice size FILPRO

Bodum Chambord

French Press

Press pot coffee is always a quick and

easy way to manually brew.



Brewing Accessories

Yama Glass

Coffee Siphons

Coffee Siphons or Vacpots are considered by many

to be one of the best brewing methods. Vacuum Pots

are easy to learn and can produce a clean cup.

3 cup table top stand YAMA_3CUP_TT

5 cup table top stand YAMA_5CUP_TT

5 cup stove top YAMA_VACPOT_5CUP

8 cup stove top YAMA_VACPOT_8CUP

Portable Butane

Micro Burner

Electronic ignition and adjustable

flame. An ideal heat source for

table top vacpots.


Laboratory Bunsen

Burner Stand

Pair this stand up with the Micro

Burner above and engage in some

portable table top vacpot fun.

Works with 5 and 8 cup stove tops.


Yama Filters,

Screens and parts

Pack of 5 cloth replacement filters fits all

Yama Vacpot Coffee Siphons & Vacuum Pots

5 cloth filters NWG_YAMA_FPT-5

2 filters, 1 screen NWG_YAMA_SCR

Coffee Brewing Equipment and Grinders


Stainless flush counter top

mounted digital scale, great for

“by the cup” pre-measure and

cupping labs.


Escali Aqua

Dry and liquid measurements.


Escali Tabla

Ultra thin digital scale.


Escali Primo

100 g / .05 g


Liberta Pocket

100 g / .05 g


Airpot and

Espresso Shot Timer


Airpot Timer


Double Coffee Scoop


Stainless Steel 7 g

Coffee Scoop


Coffee Scoop N’ Clip

They nailed the name on this one. It

scoops and clips.


Chemex Classic

Glass Coffee Makers

Known as a pristine coffee maker,

Chemex employs all of the chemically

correct methods for brewing.



10 cup CHEMEX_10CUP

Chemex Coffee Filters

Genuine Chemex-Bonded filters.

Our selection fits all Chemex

Coffee makers, except the pint size models.

100 Filter Circle CHEMEX_FC_100

100 Unfolded 12” Circle CHEMEX_FP_1

100 Unfolded Half Circle CHEMEX_FP_2

100 Square CHEMEX_FS_100

100 Unbleached Square CHEMEX_FSU_100

Coffee Filters

We have a large selection of filters for traditional and

manual brewing methods. Check our website for a

complete selection.

ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 21

Espresso Machines & Grinders

Astoria Rapallo AL2 & AEP2

They say Rapallo is a modern “heart” in a “good old time” body. Rapallo

is the replica of Astoria’s first standard production espresso machine

built in 1968. If you are looking for that touch of nostalgia, Rapallo is a

traditional, reliable way to brew the very best espresso.

Available in lever operated and semiautomatic versions, 2 group only.

Call for Pricing

Astoria Gloria SAE

Newest addition to the Astoria family. The Gloria has a comforting contemporary modern design

that will look outstanding absolutely anywhere. Gloria’s large boiler and powerful heating element

can supply a constant flow of dry steam for the even the busiest coffee shop. Body is baked enamel

steel with painted ABS side panels.

Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 group automatics. Call for Pricing

Astoria Argenta SAE

This machine is engineered for ease of use. Astoria is recognized worldwide for its reliability and

performance. Argenta is the most popular Astoria machine in America.

Available in “Raised Group” or “Boosted” boiler versions. Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 groups.

Call for Pricing

Astoria CKX & CKXE

A hearty single group semi-commercial espresso machine that can operate direct connect to

pressurized water or via manual fill reservoir. Boiler temperature is controlled by adjustable

thermostat. Low level water reservoir alarm. Rotary pump only.

Automatic AS_CKXE

Semi-Automatic AS_CKX Call for Pricing

22 ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594

La Marzocco GB/5 Series

This machine boasts the most advanced technology in the industry: PID temperature control,

a pre-heating system and adjustable steam flow. With its saturated brew groups and dualboiler

technology in stainless steel, the GB/5 ensures maximum temperature stability for

coffee brewing, with electronic monitoring of all the machine functions. The GB/5 is ideal for

the most classic & elegant cafés.

Available in 2, 3 and 4 group EE or AV LM_GB5 Call for Pricing

Espresso Machines & Grinders

La Marzocco Linea Series

A heavy-duty machine with a linear design that helped launch the finest

independent coffee bars. The Linea sets the standards by which all other

professional espresso machines are judged. Thanks to La Marzocco’s saturated

brewing groups and dual-boiler technology, the Linea performs consistently in

even the highest volume settings.

1, 2, 3 or 4 group EE or AV LM_LINEA Call for PricinG

La Marzocco FB/80

The La Marzocco FB/80 boasts the most advanced technology in the industry:

PID temperature controls, a pre-heating system and adjustable steam flow.

With its saturated brew groups and dual-boiler technology in stainless steel, the

FB/80 ensures maximum temperature stability for coffee brewing, with electronic

monitoring of all the machine functions.

Available in 2, 3 and 4 group EE or AV LM_GB5 Call for Pricing

La Marzocco GS/3

The “Lite” Professional. The new GS/3 dramatically resets

standards for performance among home and light commercial

espresso equipment. It compares favorably to the finest high

volume single group machines on the market today. In a tiny

footprint, with water reservoir or plumb-in options, the GS/3

suits home espresso preparation and use and yet has sufficient

steam power and performance recovery for many commercial

espresso applications including restaurants, catering and

professional offices.

Call for Pricing

ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 23

Espresso Machines and Grinders

Espresso Grinders

Mazzer Kony

Kony’s 64 mm Conical Grinder Burrs spin between

420-500 RPM much slower than flat burr grinders.

Conical burrs are more precise and the lower burr

speeds heat won’t be transferred from burr to beans

preserving all the flavor, aroma, and integrity the

coffee has to offer.


COMPAK K-10 Conic

WBC Edition

Developed to offer the perfect tool for the professional

barista. The WBC version of our K-10 Conic model

incorporates the improvements required by the most

prestigious baristas for competition at its highest level.

The K-10 Conic has stepless micro metrical grinding

adjustment, a large 760 watt motor power, 68 mm

conical burrs calmly kicking out espresso at a cool 300

RPM. The WBC edition also has a special doser for

clean competition.


Mazzer Major

Super Jolly’s harder working bigger brother The

Major has 83 mm flat burrs and a substantial 650

watt motor, it wouldn’t be a Mazzer without stepless

micro metrical burr adjustment. Available as timer

switch or automatic.


Compak K-6 Silenzio

Excellent features, production capacity and price

ratio. Has a continuous micro metrical regulation

system and an aluminium dispenser with a built-in

coffee press. 64 mm burrs, 320 watt motor 1300 rpm.


Mazzer Super Jolly

Arguably this is the grinder the grinder the

American specialty coffee industry was

built on. The Super Jolly is a work horse. Its

dedicated 350 watt motor rotates the 64 mm

flat burrs at around 1400 rpm spitting out

espresso faster than most can use.

350 watt, 64 mm burrs MAZSUP

Mazzer Mini & Mini


Available with timer switch or electronic

dosing models. Grinds 8-12lbs/hr. Perfect for

low volume espresso bars, as a decaf grinder

or for home.



Electronic dosing MAZELE

Macap M4 Grinder/Doser

The Macap M4 offers all the bells and whistles of the Mazzer

Mini at a very tempting price point. The M4 features the

coveted on/off switch versus Mazzers timer switch models.

Optional “Stepless Burr Adjustment”. 1 year warranty.

Stepped Black MACAPM4_BLACK



Gold or Copper

Macap MC4 Grinder

And Dispenser

This MC4 version features a bulk coffee bag clip and chute. A

great bulk grinder for a grocery store or cafe where time isn’t a

huge concern.

Chrome or Black MACAP_MC4

Home Espresso Grinders


An excellent and affordable option for a quality home

espresso grinder or even a café decaf grinder. Available with

or without a doser, Rocky uses slow turning commercial grade

burrs for consistent uniform grinding performance.

With doser ROCKY

Doserless ROCKYDL

Ascaso I-1 Flat Burr Grinder

The line of coffee grinders from Ascaso can

be described as beautiful, colorful, and best

of all, excellent grinding machines. Available

with or without a doser.


24 ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594

Anfim Super Caimano

Automatic Grinder

with Timer Mod

The new guy on the block is hot. 110V

immaculate, efficient dosing. Serch timer

modification. Saves up to 30% espresso

ground waste. Vented body helps keep

things cool, even under strenuous work

conditions. Ideal speed, power, cleanliness

and consistency for competitors.


Mazzer Robur Conical

Burr Grinder 220V & 110v

A force to be reckoned with, the Robur is one of the biggest, baddest

espresso grinder on the market today. The robust 900 watt motor

propels the 71 mm (110V) and 83 mm (220V) conical burrs at a

steady 500 RPM. The Robur the perfect precision grinder for

quality orientated high production espresso bars.

This will be a big year for the Robur as Mazzer will be releasing

an electronic which will grind preset or on demand doses and

deliver flawlessly to the portafilter via a doser “chute”. Be on

the lookout, we know this will be a hot grinder.


220V 3 Phase MAZZER_220ROBUR


Espresso machines and grinders

Astoria/Mahlkoenig K30

The K30—the state-of-the-art, electronically

controlled automatic grinder. With precision

grinding directly into the portafilter, you

won’t lose your coffee or your sanity. A

worthy competitor in the new realm of

portion control espresso grinding.

Available in red or black


La Marzocco Swift

Automatic Grinder

Grinding on demand, dosing by volume, and

automatic tamping dramatically improves

consistency in places where training is a concern.

The Swift eliminates coffee waste and bridges

the gap between traditional and super-automatic

technology. High performance ceramic flat burrs

reduce heat transference to a minimum while

maintaining sharpness.


Restoration and Modification

Do you have an older espresso machine that you would

like to refurbish or restore? Our experience, huge parts

inventory and dedication to detail have brought a good

number of espresso machines back to life. All work is

completed at our facility in Olympia Washington.

Shipping and freight services available.

Restoring an older machine is a great way to recycle

resources and save money. Our primary expertise is in

La Marzocco however CMA, Astoria, Wega and Rio,

are all welcome additions in our work shop.

services include all levels of restoration:

Basic Refurbishment

Semi Restoration

Total Restoration

Temperature Control (P.I.D.)

Plumbing Upgrades

and Modifications

Custom Modifications


The Espresso Parts Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our products. Espresso Parts, Inc. will, on all non-electrical items,

replace defective products or issue a credit at our option. All Espresso Parts electrical devices

have specified limited warranties. If an electrical device fails to function due to manufacturers

defect, Espresso Parts will repair or replace the device at our option. All espresso and coffee

brewers are covered by manufacturers warranty, all parts and labor will be covered by Espresso

Parts Inc. and/or the manufacturers.

Damaged Shipments

All damaged shipments are the responsibility of the freight carrier and therefore all damage

claims must be filed with them. Shipping errors or shortages must be reported within 7 days.


Espresso Parts does not, under any circumstances, provide net terms. Prepayment with

company check is acceptable. We also accept US and Canandian Visa, MasterCard, American

Express and Discover. While we do NOT accept international credit cards, we do accept online

PayPal & Google payments as well as wire transfers.

Shipping Policy

Orders are shipped Ground, 3 Day Select, 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air via UPS. We can ship

via the United States Postal Service if requested. We ship all international orders via FedEx.

Items over 50 pounds are shipped via Freight.

Return Policy

All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. No returns after 30 days, no returns on electrical

items or books/videos. Shortages must be reported within 7 business days. Signed invoice must

accompany ALL returned items for proper processing. Before we are able to accept returns, a

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number must be obtained from us.

The Fine Print

All orders are subject to availability. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Residents of Washington State will be charged

8.4% sales tax. Our current catalog and price list--both in print and online--supersede all

previous versions.

ESPRESSOPARTS.COM | 1(800)459-5594 25

Espresso Parts T-Shirts

To our surprise these shirts have been all the rage at recently. We have three designs

to choose from currently: our version of the “Jolly Roger” done espresso style, a

portafilter stencil print and a latté art graphic.

Skull & Crossbones EPSHIRT_SKULL

Rosetta Latté Art Shirt EPSHITRT_ROSETTA

Portafilter Stencil Art EPSHIRT_PF

Espresso Parts 1” Buttons

An Espresso Parts logo button tells the World that

you support innovative and imaginative espresso

suppliers in a very subtle way. Or you can be on

the forefront of coffee fashion with our caffeinated

version of a classic pirate icon.



Mazzer Robur

with Electronic Dosing

A force to be rekoned with, the Robur is on

of the biggest, baddest espresso grinder

on the market today. The robust 900

watt motor propels the 71 mm (110V) at a

steady 500 RPM. The Robur the perfect

precision grinder for quality orientated high

production espresso bars. Now the barista

can grind on demand deliver the grounds

clean to the basket with Robur’s new

automatic electronic dosing and doser

chute. This grinder is and will continue

to prove itself a valuable asset for barista



Espresso Parts

600 4th Avenue

Olympia, Washington 98506

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