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Issue 035 - May 2012 - Bike Business Magazine Home Page



Issue 35 May - June 2013

business to business

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get Race-level


why dRaggiN is

miles ahead?

New RecoRd

with 7 secoNds

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Shark turns physics on its head

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Bikes sales: solid start to 2013

Draggin reaches new heights with Holeshot jeans



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10/05/13 1:24 PM


This issue

With winter nipping at our heals, time is nearly upon us to

start getting ready for the 2013-2014 season… there is no

rest. Issue 35 of BIKEBusiness - May - June 2013 is offering

some standout news and product updates which will help

with the planning for stocking the shelves for the new season.

Happy reading.

Digital assistance on page 9

Draggin reaches new

heights on page 12

Arrow pipes hit the mark on

page 18

3D printing a new cutting edge

technology for bikes on page 21


business to business

business to business




Issue 35 May - June 2013

business to business

Now RideRs

get Race-level


why dRaggiN is

miles ahead?

New RecoRd

with 7 secoNds

of abRasioN


Shark turns physics on its head

Bikes sales: solid start to 2013

Draggin reaches new heights with Holeshot jeans

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3 May - June 2013 business to business


ZX-14R sets new Aussie speed record

A Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R set a new Australian land speed

record (Production class – Outright) at Lake Gairdner, SA,

during the recent Dry Lakes Racers Australia (DLRA) Speed


With only gearing/tyre changes and the speed limiter

removed, the Kawasaki Australia supplied Ninja ZX-14R,

which happened to be the first unit to roll off the production

line in Japan (#0001), set a phenomenal top speed of

334.99km/h at the hands of rider Ralph Nicholls.

The achieved speed set a new Australian Production

Enjoy the Oz GP in style with Ducati

Ducati Australia has announced that tickets are now available

for the Ducati MotoGP Club at the Phillip Island round of the

championship slated for October 18 to 20.

Spectacularly situated on Gardner straight and overlooking

the fastest section of one of the world’s most breathtaking

tracks, there is no better place to immerse yourself in the

excitement of MotoGP.

The Ducati MotoGP Club 2013 experience includes: entry

to the circuit for the three days of practice, qualifying and

racing (Friday/Saturday/Sunday); exclusive access to the fully

catered hospitality facility including hot buffet lunch, morning

and afternoon tea, and complimentary soft drinks; a barista

on site for all three days for coffee and tea requirements;

elevated grandstand seating; Superscreen viewing from

within the facility; one pit walk per person, per day; one event

program per person; a commemorative gift bag including

limited edition t-shirt for each attendee; and a bar for beer,

wine and spirits.

Entry is $935 for adults, $750 for children, or $9150 for a

corporate table of 10.

Ducati says the Ducati MotoGP Club is the premier place

to enjoy the action of MotoGP, cheer on Nicky Hayden and

welcome Andrea Dovizioso to the Ducati Team.


business to business

4 May - June 2013

Frame-Production Engine (P-P) 1650cc class record, while it’s

also the fastest speed any Production P-P bike has travelled

to date.

Nicholls and his team, comprising Team Manager Leanne

Knowles, Crew Chief Anthony Mack and assistant Peter

Mack, were thrilled to join the coveted 200mph club, having

exceeded the mark while setting a new record for their class.

The feat is also remarkable considering the crew is

relatively new to salt-flat racing, with the 2013 DLRA Speed

Week outing their first campaign.

Nicholls was elated with the record. “We went to Speed

Week with fairly large goals to fulfil and we achieved them all

on the Kawasaki – we’re thrilled!” he said.

“It was hard work in extremely hot and hostile conditions.

Over the week we progressively refined our approach to

this unique form of racing and on the final day of racing on

what was to be the Ninja’s final run of the meeting we set

the record. It was an amazing feeling to travel at that speed.

I was literally skipping along the salt. It was certainly a life

experience I’ll never forget.

“The whole team would like to thank Kawasaki Australia

for partnering us in this project and for manufacturing such a

superb bike in the Ninja ZX-14R.”

The team was also accompanied by a camera crew who

captured the journey and Australian record on state-of-the-art

3D cameras for an upcoming documentary.

The Australian record-setting #0001 Ninja ZX-14R will

be left in its sal-flat racing livery and will be displayed at

upcoming shows and events including the 2013 Australian

Motorcycle Expo in Sydney and the Hi-Octane Fuelarama

event in Newcastle, NSW, in April.

Registration can be made online at

Places are strictly limited.


Shark turns physics on its head

Helmet specialist Shark has released a new promotional

YouTube clip that demonstrates the impact-absorbing qualities

of its products in dramatic fashion.

The clip takes Newton’s Cradle – the row of ball bearings

suspended in a frame first created by physics forefather Sir

Isaac Newton – and replaces the ball bearings with riders

wearing regular helmets. While the result of the experiment

for the regular helmets is predictable, when the riders swap to

wearing Shark helmets the difference in outcomes is stark.

There’s only so much that can be said about this clip – visit: and check it out

for yourself!

For more information contact: Ficeda Accessories

02 9827 7561 visit:

NSW rider safety strategy unveiled

Transport for NSW has released a

new Motorcycle Safety Strategy to

help reduce death and injury among

motorcyclists. The strategy, developed

by the Centre for Road Safety in

consultation with the motorcycle riding

community and other stakeholders,

identifies safety issues confronting

motorcyclists, who make up 15 per cent

of the road toll.

“It contains a number of actions to

be delivered in the next three years and

longer-term initiatives for the next 10

years,” Centre for Road Safety General

Manager, Marg Prendergast, said.

Audits have already been conducted

on a number of routes and safety

improvements have been identified for

the Oxley Highway, Bruxner Highway,

Summerland Way and Thunderbolts

Way. Plans are also in place to further

review a number of popular motorcycle

routes including the Old Pacific Highway

and Putty Road.

“The motorcycle riding community

will be part of a working group which

will help implement the strategy,”

Ms Prendergast said. “The working

group will include Transport for NSW,

Roads and Maritime Services, the

NSW Police Force, Motorcycle Council

of NSW, NSW Motorcycle Alliance,

Australian Motorcycle Council, Motor

Accidents Authority, NRMA Motoring and

Services, Local Government and Shires

Lauryn Eagle signs on as Kawasaki brand ambassador

Kawasaki Australia has appointed

athlete Lauryn Eagle as its latest brand


The world champion boxer and

water skier, rugby sevens player and

media personality is no stranger to fun,

adrenalin-fuelled activities, and Kawasaki

says she’s a great fit for the company.

Lauryn recently acquired her learner’s

permit and will begin her motorcycle

riding journey on board Australia’s

favourite motorcycle, the Kawasaki Ninja

300 – the country’s top-selling bike.

Lauryn was excited to take delivery

of her Ninja 300 ABS Special Edition.“I

feel so excited to come on board with

Kawasaki,” she said. “I feel privileged to

ride the Kawasaki Ninja 300 learner bike.

I hope it inspires a lot of other females to

get their licence and get a bike because

it’s so much fun and it’s a real adrenalin

rush. This bike is the perfect motorcycle

for me to gather valuable riding

experience and learn all of the necessary

skills to become a safe and confident

motorcycle rider.”

As an ambassador, Lauryn will appear

at selected Kawasaki events throughout

the year including the Australian

Motorcycle Expo in Sydney in November.

Association and the Federal Chamber of

Automotive Industries.

“Targeted communication will be

developed to highlight that motorcyclists

need to be risk managers and that

motorists need to check twice for

bikes,” Ms Prendergast said. “Other

communication targeted to road

engineers will include making roads

more motorcycle friendly.”

Motorcycle registrations in NSW are

up by more than 40 per cent over five

years and the number of licences is

almost one-fifth higher over the same

period. “The reality is more people are

using motorcycles because they are

cheaper and they make it easier to get

around,” Ms Prendergast said.

The Motorcycle Safety Strategy has

been released alongside the NSW Road

Safety Strategy, a 10-year blueprint to

reduce death and serious injury on NSW

roads by at least 30 per cent.


5 May - June 2013 business to business


Bike sales: solid start to 2013

Official figures released today by

the Federal Chamber of Automotive

Industries (FCAI) show that 25,848 new

motorcycles, ATVs and scooters were

sold in Australia during the first three

months of 2013. This is a slight decrease

of 0.3 per cent (71 units) over the same

period in 2012.

Both the road motorcycle and offroad

motorcycle segments showed

good growth of 7.6 and 7.3 per cent

respectively. Road motorcycles continued

to sell more than off-road with 10,840 road

bikes finding new owners as compared to

8074 off-road motorcycles for the quarter.

ATV sales decreased by 18.7 per cent

(to 4343 units) compared with 2012 while

scooters also decreased. There were

2586 new scooters sold in the first three

months of 2013, compared to 2953 in the

same period last year.

In the road motorcycle segment

Kawasaki led the volume race with 2156

units sold (an increase of 87 per cent),

but it was closely followed by Harley-

Davidson with 2048 sales and Honda in

third place with 1868 units sold. Other

brands to show growth in the segment

were Yamaha with an 8.9 per cent

increase and Victory with 21.6 per cent

increase, compared with the same period

in 2012.

Honda was the leading volume off-road

producer for the first three months of 2013

with 2018 units sold (an increase of 40.3

per cent for the quarter) with Yamaha

following closely on 1921 sales. Suzuki’s

sales of off-road motorcycles were also

strong in the first quarter, selling 1428

units, an increase of 30.2 per cent in

comparison to its first quarter for 2012.

Honda again leads the sales of ATVs

with 1227 units sold, followed by Polaris

and Yamaha.

While scooter sales softened overall,

Piaggio sales again increased slightly to

452 (up 7.6 per cent) to be the leading

brand for the quarter. Honda was the

second-biggest seller of scooters with

282, and then several brands were slightly

below that mark, including Kymco (252

units) and Vespa (233 units).

In the total sales stakes across all

segments, Honda was the leading volume

manufacturer for the first quarter of 2013

with 5395 units sold, followed by Yamaha

with 3746 units, Kawasaki with 3228 units

and Suzuki with 2969.

Tragics’ long haul to Longreach

The GPS was set for central-western Queensland for the 2013

Ténéré Tragics Long Haul to Longreach ride in April.

The annual ride is now in its third year and has become a

must-do event for Yamaha Ténéré owners of all ages.

Local Yamaha dealer and top Aussie in the Dakar, Rod

Faggotter, was guest trail boss for the two-day ride centred

around the outback township famous for the birth of Qantas.

Seven original-model 1983 XT600ZL Ténérés made the long

journey to celebrate 30 years of the iconic model. And getting

there was all part of the fun – as South African Marc Ashford

discovered the hard way when he broke his ankle before arriving

at Longreach. Fortunately two jillaroos came to his rescue by

driving him to Blackall medical centre where he was soon fixed


Blackall was the penultimate stop on the Getting There ride

and further drama ensued 100km south when the last five riders

were caught in a flash storm that turned black sand into clay in

a matter of minutes. That clay stuck to tyres like the proverbial

and caused wheels to seize up, which meant that a normally

easy 25km stretch became two-and-a-half-hour ordeal for Tragics

GMac and Maryann Eime, organiser Andrew ‘Clubby’ Clubb,

Off Road Explorer’s Lance Turnley and sweep rider Clive Ward.

When darkness fell the bikes were parked and a camp set up for

the night.

The following morning bright sunshine turned the clay into a

hard crust which enabled the bikes to be ridden on to Longreach

for the start of the event.

Following the excitement of the Getting There ride, the event

itself was drama free. The first day took in the sights of the

outback on top of Mount Slocombe where 360-degree views


business to business

6 May - June 2013

were enjoyed along with lunch provided by the local Isolated

Children and Parents Association.

Day two went right past Rod Faggotter’s family farm – which

doubles as his Dakar training ground. Miles of dry sandy

river beds and rock-strewn bluffs have proven to be the ideal

preparation for Rod, who finished in a hard-earned 14th spot in

this year’s event.

Four times Mr Motocross Stephen Gall also rode with the

Tragics this year. Gall piloted a Super Ténéré with all the skill

garnered from a lifetime racing motorcycles at elite level. He was

unlucky to double puncture on day one, but the bush fix for a

dinged rim – using the sidestand of an XT660Z was worth the

entry fee.

All Tragics enjoyed a gala dinner and some serious bench

racing at the Qantas Founders Museum where Trail Zone’s Tragic

#1 Clubby and Tragic organiser Tania Clubb handed out prizes

for Ténéré owners old and new.

The eagerly anticipated 2014 event was announced to take

place in the Victorian High Country next March. Bring it on!


Domenicali appointed Ducati CEO

Claudio Domenicali, currently General Manager and Member

of the Board of Directors at Ducati Motor Holding, has been

named as the successor to CEO Gabriele Del Torchio, who will

leave the company to take up new professional challenges.

Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of

Audi AG and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ducati

Motor Holding, praised the successful work of Del Torchio,

who has spent six years at the top of the premium brand.

“Del Torchio guided Ducati out of an economically difficult

phase, back to a successful growth path and to the top of the

worldwide segment of premium performance motorcycles,”

he said. “For that achievement, we express our gratitude on

behalf of all Audi and Ducati employees and wish him all the

best in his future tasks.”

Del Torchio said he was leaving the company with many

fond memories. “I look back on six intensive, exciting and

successful years,” he said. “It was an intense experience

which will remain an unforgettable memory. I leave Ducati in

the knowledge that I have helped to place the company on a

path of growth and strength.”

The new Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali, joined Ducati as

a project leader in 1991. He had previously studied mechanical

engineering at Università degli Studi di Bologna. After passing

through various management positions he was promoted to

Managing Director of Ducati Corse in 1999. In 2005 he took

over as R&D Director and in 2009 was appointed General

Manager Operations and Product Development. In 2012 he

was confirmed as a member of the newly formed Board of

Directors after the sale of Ducati Motor Holding to Audi AG.

“Domenicali knows Ducati and the motorcycle business

more than anyone,” said Stadler. “He embodies continuity and

Ducati’s values in an exceptional manner,” he added.

Claudio Domenicali

Victory Motorcycles Australia

unveils new website

Victory Motorcycles Australia has launched its allnew

website with a bold fresh look further adding

to the visual appeal of these exciting new American


The site features new functionality such as a “Choose

a Bike” menu option that allows customers to sort bikes

by type of riding, price and year models. The inclusion

of this feature makes it very easy to match the right

bike to your riding needs, be it long-distance, two-up or


In addition the new site also hosts a highly interactive

bike “Customise” tool, allowing Victory owners and

potential customers to visually accessorise any of the

bikes with the full complement of genuine Victory parts

and accessories before they visit the dealership. The

customise tool lists all the accessories selected and

provides the genuine part number/s for each and a,

description of what’s included; it can easily be printed

and taken to a Victory dealer to be quoted on. Visit: to find out more.


business to business

7 May - June 2013


BMW Easy Tube neck-warmer test-ride offer

For a limited time BMW Motorrad is giving

away a BMW Easy Tube neck warmer with

every booked test ride at authorised BMW

Motorrad dealers.

The temperature may be dropping but

there has never been a better time for riders

to book a Test Ride and stick their neck

out and receive a BMW Easy Tube neck

warmer to keep the winter chills at bay.

To receive the complementary BMW

Easy Tube neck warmer, all test ride must

be booked through www.bmwmotorrad.

Once you have made a test ride request,

your local authorised BMW Motorrad dealer

Arrow pierces Tassie ASBK round

Link International was thrilled to see Next

Gen Motorsport’s Glenn Allerton, riding

his BMW HP4, win both Superbike races

at round two of the Australian Superbike

Championship, held at Tasmania’s

Symmons Plains circuit in early April.

Made in



8 May - June 2013 business to business

will contact you to arrange your test ride on

the selected BMW model.

This offer is only available at

participating BMW Motorrad dealers

between May 6 and June 30, 2013.

Limit of one Easy Tube neck warmer

per test rider, regardless of the number of

test rides completed during the promotion

period. The neck warmer is only available

in black/blue.

The test ride must be booked via the

BMW Motorrad Australia website and

completed during this time, and it must

be a model for which the dealer has a

demonstrator available.

Glenn managed an admirable clean

sweep, being fastest in every single

session from first practice to Superpole

before winning both races for BMW and

Arrow Special Parts at this, the first pointscoring

round of the Australian Superbike

Championship (no championship points

were awarded for round one, held in

conjunction with the Australian round of

the Superbike World Championship).

Allerton’s BMW, fitted with an Arrow

Titanium 4:2:1 full exhaust system,

was clearly dominant throughout the


Race one on Saturday was red-flagged

after one lap with several riders down.

Allerton got a magnificent re-start and his

BMW led into turn one, quickly building

a clear lead over following riders Wayne

Maxwell (Motul Suzuki), Robbie Bugden

(Suzuki) and Team Honda Racing’s

Heat your Premises with



Absolutely clean, safe warmth for your workshop,

showroom and offices – FROM WASTE OIL!

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The Kozy suits most workshops up to 400 sq m from most used oils.

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Jamie Stauffer on his Arrow-equipped

CBR1000RR. A dominant Allerton was

able to control the race, remaining more

than two seconds ahead and greeting

the chequered flag in first place after the

16-lap event.

Sunday afternoon’s race two saw

Glenn complete the first lap in second

place behind Bugden, with the Arrowequipped

BMW regaining the lead on

lap two and then again gapping the field

to finish almost three seconds ahead

of second-placed Wayne Maxwell, with

Bugden third and Stauffer fourth.

Other riders also enjoyed success

using Arrow Special Parts exhausts: Team

Honda Racing’s Josh Hook finished fifth

in both races, while Glenn’s teammate

Linden Magee finished sixth in race two.

For more information on Arrow

exhausts visit:

Waste Oil Heaters

Digital assistance

Bike Domain says it’s bringing Australian motorcycle

dealerships into the digital age.

Not only does Bike Domain provide motorcycle classifieds,

promotion of dealer services and publicity for your store,

it also provides a comprehensive service comprising

assistance and advice on the creation and/or updating

of dealer websites, social media and

integration of Bike Domain listings into a

dealer’s own websites.

Bike Domain was founded in

early 2013 but was first planned and

registered in 2009. To build the initial

database Bike Domain purchased www., also founded in 2009, with a good dealer

network comprising over 200 registered dealers.

Since 2009 everything has changed for online classifieds

and MCSales slowly fell behind. Google changed how

the world does business; Facebook revolutionised social

media and sites such as and price

comparison sites have changed how the public shops. Bike

Domain works with dealers and assists them in keeping up to

ensure they’re not left behind.

Motorcycle dealers are experts in motorcycles,

accessories and servicing but Bike Domain says it’s an

expert in helping dealers to maximise returns through their

on-line ventures. Bike Domain will ensure your site ranks well

on search engines to ensure dealer bikes and accessories

keep on selling.

In the short time Bike Domain has been established

it says it’s taken online sales to a new level, with market

penetration that has gone ahead in leaps and bounds.

Strategies are devised and

implemented to help promote

a dealer’s entire business and

ensure maximum exposure for

their on-line brand

business services

Google “Motorcycles for Sale” and you are certain to see in the top few listings, guaranteeing its

place among the biggest players in Australia.

With recently purchasing TradingPost. and many years ago purchasing, says this leaves a big gap for it to lead

the way in truly servicing dealers with a

specialist dedicated to helping them with

their on-line needs.

Strategies are devised and

implemented to help promote a dealer’s

entire business and ensure maximum

exposure for their on-line brand.

Bike Domain provides non-biased opinions on new

websites, social media and the best way to spend your

advertising dollars, all inclusive with a monthly subscription

so there are no hidden fees.

Bike Domain Managing Director Craig Winder has over

14 years of experience in both the motorcycle industry and

at the cutting edge of information technology. Via Craig’s

personalised service dealers get first-hand advice coupled

with second-to-none customer service in language that

any dealer can understand, from a person with an in-depth

understanding of dealer business requirements.

For more information contact: Bike Domain visit:

The total solution for

motorcycle dealers

desktop - web - mobile

EVOPOS is different in that it helps in nearly every

part of the business. It gives you the tools to get more

customers, give great customer service and increase

your bottom line.

EVOPOS is easy to use, does more and costs less.

1300 652132,au

Call for your FREE information pack or on-line demo


9 May - June 2013 business to business

Get on board NOW to secure a Sherco dealership in your area!



For dealerships with an active interest in their local Off-Road

scene Sherco Motorcycles could provide you with a genuine

alternative to some established European brands.

Sherco Motorcycles can deliver results, evident by some

significant industry accolades. The Sherco SE300iR has

been voted number one for the last two years, in the midbore

Enduro comparo and in the European Moto Verte

Off-Road magazine, and in 2013 the Sherco SE250iR took

the number one place. The Sherco line up extends to a fuel

injected 4T Enduro range, state of the art Trials range and

soon to be released 2Stroke Enduro range.

Dealerships carrying the Sherco brand are supported

with a national marketing campaign including magazine

advertising, event signage and local rider sponsorship

support. The backup up for spare parts and technical

support is also solid. The initial commitment to be part of the

Sherco national dealership group is comparatively low, with

great returns to be gained.

For more information contact: Moto Central Group

02 6248 0229 or email

bikes & atvs

Sherco Motorcycles can deliver results get on board

Arctic Cat turns heads at Farmworld

It was Arctic Cat’s first official release to the public at

the recent Farmworld Field Day held at Lardner Park in

Gippsland, Victoria. The American manufacturer showed 16

of the 20 models that will complete the Australian line-up of

ATVs and Side-by-Side Vehicles (SSVs).

The newcomer received positive attention by all, and

compliments were paid to the strong build quality and long

list of functional features and benefits of the Arctic Cat range.

“The customers were pleased to see a new and quality

brand attending the popular field day,” commented Brand

Manager Simon Gloyne.

“There was great interest shown in the build quality of the

ATV range and the unique features of our twin-seat TRV

models and our utility tilt-tray 700TBX. Customers were

impressed to see digital displays featuring fuel gauges on the

The Arctic Cat Prowler 700HDX

full line-up and were most impressed with the low price on

our entry-level 4WD model, the Arctic Cat 450 ATV,” Gloyne


Side-by-Side Vehicles are becoming an increasing

consideration for farm owners and managers, their

functionality, versatility and safety features bring the

emerging vehicles well into the purchasing consideration.

Arctic Cat had three of their utility SSVs on display. The Arctic

Cat 550XT features 2WD/4WD with front differential lock, 10in

double A-arm independent wishbone suspension, 2in tow-bar

hitches on the front and rear with a tow rating of 680kg, 14in

alloy rims and a 275kg-rated hydraulic tilt tray rounds out

some great value SSV.

“The Arctic Cat 700 HDX side by side was probably the

show-stopper. With all the standard Arctic Cat features, the

700 HDX SSV sets itself apart with a large 465kg load-rated

tilt tray, a three-seater bench seat, extra storage and longer

wheelbase for stability,” Gloyne commented at the stand,

where the number of customer traffic showed it was clear that

these American-built Arctic Cat ATVs and SSVs have a place

and a customer in the Australian market.

“The brand is only new here in Australia; with over 50

years of manufacturing in the USA Arctic Cat is a top-five ATV

and SSV brand in the United States.

Arctic Cat Australia has invested heavily in the brand and

is now concentrating on building a strong dealer network

across Australia.

“For our Gippsland customers Peter Stevens Motorcycles

in Dandenong will be their initial dealership, however there

are plans to expand the dealer network into the heart of

Gippsland West, Central and East to offer convenient

purchasing and servicing options,” Gloyne confirmed.

Arctic Cat Australia is seeking expressions of interest

from potential dealers; visit:

and follow the links.


business to business

11 May - June 2013


Draggin reaches new heights with Holeshot jeans

Some three years after achieving the

world’s first CE-Approved jeans (Level

1), Draggin Jeans Pty Ltd has been

awarded the highest accolade possible

for motorcycle protective clothing

with the company’s new and fully CE

Approved Level 2 ‘Holeshot’ jeans.

Again the family-owned Australian

business has proved its jeans are the

best motorcycle jeans you can buy,

and will perform the best for motorcycle

riders in the event of an accident. Being

awarded with Level 2 CE Approved

means Draggin has a street fashion

jean that offers more protection than

the leather race suits of some major


The ‘Draggin Promise’ is to deliver

the safest motorcycle jeans and it’s a

mission Grant Mackintosh, CEO and

founder of Draggin Jeans Pty Ltd, takes

personally on behalf of his fellow riders.

Grant was flushed with pride on hearing

of the Level 2 CE approval. “Our

company is, and always will be, in the

business of protecting motorcyclists,”

said Mackintosh. “And I really mean

what I say. Draggin is dedicated to

ensuring that our lining remains at

the forefront of fibre technology and

provides the safest motorcycle clothing


“This means Draggin’s protective

lining now lasts more than seven

seconds, which is very likely better than

the leathers I have been racing in at

Phillip Island,” said Mackintosh, who is

a regular track rider. “The true meaning

of achieving full CE approval at Level

2, the highest possible motorcycle

standard, is that our customers can

have utter confidence in Draggin


The ‘Draggin Promise’ is to

deliver the safest motorcycle

jeans and it’s a mission Grant

Mackintosh, CEO and founder

of Draggin Jeans Pty Ltd, takes

personally on behalf of his

fellow riders

“Our riders now have the widest

range of choice at Draggin; whether

they purchase our entry-level Classic

Jeans, our C-Evo Jeans (Level 1 CE

Approved) or now our Holeshot Jeans

(Level 2 CE Approved), riders know that

with any product in the Draggin range

they are getting the very best,” said


Draggin worked with safety

consultant Paul Varnsverry, one of

the most respected motorcycle safety

experts in the industry, in achieving

the Level 2 CE Approved certification.

Varnsverry was elated to hear of

Draggin’s success. “Grant and his team

have greatly impressed me with their

diligent, methodical and, importantly,

totally committed approach to

developing not only better and higherperforming

products, but garments

that motorcyclists will want to own and

wear,” he said. “Protective clothing

that is as comfortable as Draggin

Jeans’ new Holeshot Level 2 jeans are

Get Funky!

This Bagster Funky motorcycle backpack is a small

backpack with a dynamic, flashy look that makes the wearer

conspicuous on the road.

With a 15lt capacity it measures 15x31x46cm and it comes

with ergonomic shoulder straps for maximum comfort. It also

more likely to be worn by riders and

consequently to be in place should they

part company with their motorcycle,” he


Draggin’s Holeshot jeans are already

in production and will be available

shortly. The Holeshot’s protective lining

also has a climate control feature that

takes heat away from the skin, also

wicking away moisture, while its antibacterial

properties help keep the rider

fresh. Draggin Jeans is a company that

is focused on innovation in every aspect

of the business.

For more information contact:

Draggin 03 9646 0377 visit:

features a zippered pocket on top and internal compartments

with multi-function pockets. A rain cover is provided to keep

moisture at bay when the weather turns bad.

For more information contact: CTA Australia 02 9820 4444



12 May - June 2013 business to business


Falco and Staring tackle MotoGP

After several years of support Italian motorcycle boot

manufacturer Gianni Falco says it’s pleased see Australia’s

Bryan Staring competing in MotoGP and wearing its ESO309

Race Boot in the top theatre of motorcycle sport.

“We’re very proud of Bryan and can’t be happier to have

our first venture into MotoGP with a rider that we’ve been

able to support as his career has progressed,” said Mattia

Foscarini of Gianni Falco. “We believe in his ability and are

proud to have a product like the ESO309 boot that meets the

needs of the highest level of competition,” he added.

Falco says its ESO309 Race Boot, which is made in Italy, is

the result of years of fine tuning, technology and experience

rolled into one protective package. The ESO-MOTION

structure allows for adjustment to the level of movement

while maintaining ankle support and protection, and the

inclusion of the inner booty, featuring D3O shock absorption

technology, provides both comfort and protection in an


Other features include ‘Tech-Toe’ PU front toe

reinforcement, ‘Biofit’ aluminium buckles, and ‘Alu-Titan’

replaceable sliders.

Premium fog-free vision

InVision is the new product offering

from Richard Marlin, inventor of the

original Fog City line of anti-fog inserts.

The InVision line comprises premium

vision-enhancing visor inserts and

patented UTOs (Under Tear Offs) in

clear, dark smoke, photochromatic

(which automatically adjust the level of

tint depending on the prevailing level

of light) and polarised options, as well

as anti-glare devices in both Universal

and Arai designs.

In 1991 Richard Marlin created the

world’s first anti-fog insert – the Fog

City Fog Shield. Later he developed

the ProShield, Hyper Shield, and Hyper

Optiks product lines which sold well

in over 30 countries. However, in 2005

Richard faced a family crisis which

resulted in his company, Modern World

Ventures, closing its doors; he was

eventually forced to abandon the Fog

City mark he had developed over 20


Marlin recently established Maric

Performance to develop a new

brand and a new product range –

InVision. Now Marlin is back with a

much-improved product and pricing

structure. “We made a concerted

effort to not only develop the highest

performance and quality products

For more information contact: Ficeda Accessories

02 9827 7561 visit:

available in the market, but to provide

the best value-for-money solution to

fogging helmet visors,” says Marlin.

“We’ve absolutely achieved this goal.

Our competitors will not be able to

match the performance, quality and

price of this exciting new product line,”

he adds.

Marlin says InVision products are

made to the same high standards as

the original Fog City line and will offer

the same performance that customers

have come to expect over the years.

For more information contact:

CTA Australia 02 9820 4444 visit:


13 May - June 2013 business to business


Apex predator

Shark’s range of products has just expanded with the addition

of this RSJ open-face helmet. Shark says it boasts quasi-perfect

optical quality, giving the wearer complete wind protection

without compromising Shark’s stringent safety concept. The visor

can also be removed to transform the lid into a more traditional

open-face style, all while maintaining a high number of features.

The RSJ is constructed from multi-axial glass fibre, while the

anti-scratch visor detaches in seconds thanks to its quick-release

system. There’s an integrated UV380 label and anti-scratch

internal sun visor, while the ‘Easy Fit’ system means the lid is

comfortable even for those wearing glasses.

A choice of two different shells is available for optimal

morphological adjustment, the liner is removable and the RSJ is

compatible with Shark’s Sharktooth communications system. The

RSJ is secured with a Double-D chin strap buckle.

Available in sizes from XS to XL, the Shark RSJ is available in

black, silver, white, matt black, or Fastline black/silver (pictured).

A smoke external visor or an iridium chrome sun visor are

available as options.

For more information contact: Ficeda Accessories

02 9827 7561 visit:

Belt-drive bicycles?

Belt final drives are part of the scenery

in the motorcycle world – just look at

Harley-Davidson’s line-up for proof of

that – but the system’s benefits have

only become known in the bicycle world

in recent years.

Launched in 2007, the Gates

Carbon Drive system has grown from

being featured on five bike models

in 2008 to more than 200 today from

over 80 bicycle brands worldwide.


14 May - June 2013 business to business

When Carbon Drive was launched six

years ago the first goal was to build

confidence in the bike industry that

belts are a viable alternative to chains.

That mission has been accomplished.

The next benchmark is to grow

consumer recognition of Carbon Drive

as a component that makes bicycling

easier and cleaner.

Consisting of two lightweight

metal sprockets and a high-strength

belt embedded with carbonfibre

cords, Gates Carbon Drive is a

low-maintenance, chain-replacing

technology from Gates, a leading

seller of automotive and industrial belts

worldwide. Gates says its Carbon Drive

requires no greasy lube, weighs less

than a chain drive, and will not stretch.

The advantages of the Carbon Drive

System are instantly obvious to anyone

who rides it. It’s clean, quiet, light and

strong. The fact you never have to lube

it or worry about getting your hands or

pants greasy is huge for commuters,

who pedal to work in nice clothes.

Leading bike brands including

Trek, Specialized, Raleigh, BMC,

Focus, Breezer, and Spot offer a wide

range of bicycles with Carbon Drive,

including commuter, mountain, touring,

cyclocross, and city bike models.

Carbon Drive is also the leading belt

drive system for the growing market in

electric bicycles, with e-bike models

from Smart, Grace, OHM, Bergamont,

Mi-Tech, MTB Cycletech, and more.

Gates recently launched a new

Carbon Drive Systems website that

highlights the clean, consumer-friendly

attributes of the grease-free, chainreplacing

belt drive system for bicycles.

For more information contact: Gates

Australia 03 9797 9666 visit: www.


Rukka Cosmic touches down

Rukka says its new Cosmic adventure-style two-piece suit is the first of its kind to feature

a three-layer laminate, combining the benefits of Armacor and Cordura with enduro

features and sporting off-road looks.

Rukka says its suits with a Gore three-layer laminate offer the best weather protection,

because the top layer of Cordura fabric – laminated to the Gore-Tex Pro membrane and

the inner lining – does not get soaked and so there is no evaporative heat loss while

riding. Additionally the Kevlar-reinforced Armacor laminate, used for exposed parts of the

Cosmic suit like shoulders, elbows and knees, ensures great abrasion resistance in the

event of an accident.

Additional protection safety is provided by the Rukka D3O Air protectors. Certified

according to the latest CE standards, Rukka says their impact absorption multiplies in

the exact moment an impact occurs.

There are waterproof pockets on the chest with magnet closures, while several width

adjusters make for a perfect fit and waterproof ventilation zippers in the chest, back, and

thigh areas provide ventilation on hot days. When temperatures drop the inner jacket

and inner trousers – both removable and equipped with temperature controlling Outlast –

maximise warmth.

When necessary, wind and weather protection is optimised by a removable outer

collar made of elastic three-layer laminate.

In the seat area, the Cosmic trousers are equipped with the climate regulating

AirCushion system as well as Antiglide-Keprotec for a safe grip on the seat. Long zippers

on the calves let you wear the trousers inside or outside, even heavy enduro boots.

The Cosmic jacket will be available shortly in light beige, red and black in sizes 46 to

62, as well as in black in the short sizes 46 to 66. The Cosmic trousers are available in

black in regular sizes 46 to 62, short sizes 48 to 66 and in long sizes 48 to 58.

For more information contact: Innotesco 0414 814 194 visit:


15 May - June 2013 business to business


Grizzly discovery

Kenda released the original Bear Claw ATV tyre in 1994, and it was one of the first ATV

tyres to offer six-ply technology. The technology allowed the tyre to maximise traction

and durability, while being tear- and snag-resistant. The Bear Claw sold so well that

Kenda Tyres ended up offering 23 more sizes to the consumer.

Now Kenda has released the new K587 Bear Claw HTR, an eight-ply radialconstruction

option for those looking for even more durability over the bias-case tyres.

Kenda says the new Bear Claw HTR also offers an all-new tread pattern to promote

self-cleaning while ensuring maximum bite.

The tyres features angled knobs that dig into the terrain for maximum traction;

centre lugs for extra traction and better control; and side lugs that are offset and

cupped for positive cornering. The rugged eight-ply construction is said to resist

punctures, while a built-in rim guard protects wheels from dings and dents.

The tread is designed for intermediate to hard terrain. Kenda’s new Bear Claw

HTR is available in six different sizes.

For more information contact: CTA Australia 02 9820 4444


A compact pump with punch

Hydration nation

The States MX Hydration System has a 2lt bladder to keep trail

riders hydrated on long days in the saddle, thereby helping to

manage fatigue and the rider’s general health.

The States MX Hydration System also has plenty of storage

space and the pack comes standard with a chest strap and

waist strap for a secure, tailored fit.

A fully waterproof rain cover is strategically fitted in the

base of the pack and can be accessed by zipping open the

compartment and placing the elastic-edged cover over the

complete bag.

Padding and venting is also a standard feature in the area

that has contact with the rider’s back, for added comfort.

A range of spare parts are available for the States MX

Hydration System including new mouth-pieces, bladders and

bladder caps.

For more information contact: Link International

07 3382 5000 visit:


business to business

16 May - June 2013

Its manufacturer says the MotoPressor Pocket Pump is an ultracompact,

stripped-down pocket pump that weighs in at only 570g

and is built around a custom-modified 12V inflator.

MotoPressor has a 63cm-long inflator hose with a hands-free,

lock-down delivery valve that fits all bikes. A long 2.65m SAE

fused power cord comes with two adaptors: a direct connect for

your battery and alligator clips, both with SAE connections. Also

included in the kit is a sports needle for blowing up footballs and

a couple of nozzles for inflating airbeds etc. All this packs small

into the included heavy-duty neoprene pouch.

The manufacturer says the Motopressor will pump the front

tyre of your motorcycle from flat to around 32psi and the rear to

around 28psi in two minutes (tests conducted on a BMW R 1200

GS). It is capable of pumping to pressures of over 100psi.

MotoPressor can be used to inflate tyres, top off air shocks or

forks, inflate airbeds or anything else – and it fits into the palm of

your hand.

For more information contact: Pro Accessories Australia

07 3277 0675 visit:


Latin style

Aftermarket exhaust specialist Leo Vince has released this

GranTurismo model – a street-legal pipe to suit Vespa’s GTV

300 (2010 to 2013) scooter.

Leo Vince says the GranTurismo represents the perfect

synthesis of avant-garde design, performance and longevity.

The silencer has a conical stainless steel body covered by a

stainless steel heat shield. A graphite bush safely connects the

collector to the silencer to soften the vibration and reduce the

risk of breakage.

For more information contact: Gas Imports 02 4226 2999


KTM 990 Unifilter

Unifilter Australia has just released a high-performance air filter kit to

suit KTM’s 990.

Available now, the kit includes a two-stage air filter, two trumpet

seals, two breather pods and one airbox seal to keep it watertight.

“The response from other KTM 990 riders who have seen our preproduction

kit in testing has been phenomenal, and we are proud to

be able to offer an Australian-made product to the Australian market

that is not only competitively priced but also a leader in design and

performance,” says Unifilter Australia.

For more information contact: Ficeda Accessories

02 9827 7561 visit:


17 May - June 2013 business to business


Arrow pipe

hits the mark

Arrow Special Parts has unveiled two new

exhaust systems for Honda’s 2013-spec

CRF450R motocrosser.

A titanium dual-muffler system, including

the two-into-one titanium link pipe to fit to the

original or Arrow header pipe, saves more than

2kg compared to the OEM mufflers, says Arrow.

According to Arrow the dual-muffler system

adds power and torque throughout the rev range

while easily staying inside the new MA noise


Arrow has also released an even lighter

single-muffler system, which it says saves more

weight while offering further increases in midrange

and top-end power.

Arrow header pipes are available for the

CRF450R in stainless steel or titanium.

For those seeking even more horsepower and

weight saving, Arrow header pipes are available

in stainless steel or titanium.

For more information contact: Link

International 07 3382 5000




• Wide range of twin shocks, mono shocks and fork springs to

suit bikes from yesteryear to today.

• Progressive rate springing and adjustable damping for improved


• Variety of options for many models for varying loads, heights

and styles.

• Custom made shocks a speciality.

81 Boronia Street North Albury NSW 2640

Phone 02 6040 9955 | Fax 02 6040 9911 |


18 May - June 2013 business to business

Born for

the Street

Conforming to the CE Standard EN13595, Berik says its Street

jacket encompasses race-inspired styling with real-world features to

create a functional, safe and stylish leather jacket.

The jacket features CE-approved internal protectors in the

shoulders and elbows, along with external magnesium protectors

on the shoulders to provide maximum protection from impact and

abrasion. The Street also has an aerodynamic hump and it’s made

from perforated leather to improve ventilation.

There’s a phone pocket in the removable lining and Velcro on

the inside front panel to facilitate a chest protector. A full-length

waist connection zip connects the Street to compatible Berik leather


Made from 1.1-1.3mm premium full-grain cowhide, the Street has

a Super Airtech lining for

superior ventilation and

comes with a removable

padded vest liner.

The Berik Street is

available in a wide range

of sizes in blue/white,

white/black, black/orange

and white/red/black.

For more information

contact: Ficeda


02 9827 7561


Full Custom Graphic Kits

Trade Only - Wholesale Prices

Promo Stickers

Front Guard/Fork Stickers

03 9557 4165

Endless Printing Capabilities

We offer free artwork, free delivery, 7% upfront payment discount

across all of our printing divisions. Pricing available upon request.


Space-age hydration

Geigerrig, the creator of the world’s first

pressurised hydration pack, has just developed a

new motorcycle-specific product called the Shuttle.

Designed for both dirt and road riders, Geigerrig

says the Shuttle is ideal for motorcyclists looking to

keep hydrated on the road or trail.

The Shuttle features Geigerrig’s ingenious and

patented hydration engine – a dual-bladder system

(one air and one water) that pressurises the water.

This means the user will never have to actually suck

the water, as it’s pumped straight to their mouth.

The Shuttle has a 2lt capacity and uses quickrelease

valves for its drinking and pressurisation

tubes for easy refill and bladder removal. Once the

bladder has been removed it can be easily cleaned

– it’s even dishwasher friendly.

The Shuttle’s outer shell is constructed from

100 per cent heavy-duty 840 ballistic nylon. The

pack can be worn or mounted in numerous ways

according to the rider’s preference – on the rider’s

waist or shoulders, or even mounted to their

motorcycle’s tank or seat.

The pack’s unique design allows for many

attachment and detachment points for strapping

it to vehicles, bikes, and gear. It also has two

independent vertical zipper pockets for holding a

phone, snacks, map, keys and more.

An optional in-line filtration system has been

tested and certified to remove more than 99.9 per

cent of cryptosporidium and giardia. This protects

the user from water-based bacteria when it is

necessary to refill in the field. The in-line filter can

clean 190lt of water before it needs to be replaced.

For more information contact: Zen Imports

02 8878 3600 visit:


Install one on your next new bike and pay less

than $10 per month for the ultimate in security

> 3 out of 4 stolen bikes are

simply rolled away.

RoadLoK Chopper by Paul Jr Designs

See it at


20 May - June 2013 business to business

> With the ignition, fork and

wheels locked, thieves move

on to an easier target.

> NO movement when

engaged means NO damage

if forgotten and not removed

before riding!


recommend the RoadLoK Powersports

Locking system for any rider who is

serious about protecting their

motorcycle from thieving scumbags.

Available from your favourite motorcycle shop

anywhere in Australia. For more information

please visit us at

Ph 02 9484 0777 or Email


OCC ‘dragon bike’ hits another dimension

Custom-bike-building supremo Orange County Choppers

(OCC) is taking its design to the next level by using cuttingedge

3D production technology. The high-profile business,

founded by Paul Teutul Sr and renowned through Discovery

Channel’s American Chopper pay TV series, recently

produced this ‘dragon bike’ for a client based in China,

utilising the benefits of an advanced Fortus 400mc 3D

Production System.

Custom motorcycles by their very nature demand many

intricate parts to carry the design theme forward. Most of

these parts are one-off items produced for each unique

bike. In the past, OCC primarily machined these parts from

aluminium billet or high-density foam. This approach required

considerable time for creating a computer numerical control

(CNC) program, producing fixtures to hold the part, and then

actually machining the part, often utilising multiple machines.

The labour involved added to both lead times and cost, and

the parts could be heavy.

Over the last few years, however, OCC has begun

producing more and more parts for its custom bikes on a

Fortus 400mc 3D Production System. Jason Pohl, an OCC

graphic artist and designer, said the technology has taken

the firm’s bikes to the next level. “What’s great about additive

manufacturing is that you can work with the solid model

created during the design process without any additional

preparation,” he said.

“You export an STL file and send it over to the printer

and go on to your next job. The Fortus produces a perfect

replica of the solid model without any operator supervision

or tooling. We often use the sparse-fill build to substantially

reduce the weight of parts,” he added.

In response to a customer’s ambitious request, OCC

recently designed a bike in the shape of a Chinese dragon.

Outfitted with an S&S 100-cubic-inch engine and a Rolling

Thunder frame, the bike is street legal in China, the

customer’s home.

Pohl designed the dragon’s head in 3D Studio Max graphic

design software with an incredible amount of detail, including

finely stylised horns, teeth, eyelids, gums and nostrils.

“In the past, we would have cut the head out of highdensity

foam using at least a dozen set-ups to get all of the

undercuts and angles,” Pohl said. “We would have had to

scale back the design in order to keep a lid on the time and

cost required to manufacture the part,” he added.

With the Fortus, Pohl designed the dragon’s head without

worrying about how to produce it. “The Fortus machine

captured every detail down to the ribs on the roof of the

dragon’s mouth,” Pohl said. “When I put the head on my

desk, it felt like it was going to come to life any second.”

To reduce the weight after that first iteration, Pohl created

internal voids and printed another copy. The client loved the

design, which Pohl created faster and at less expense than

was possible with traditional methods.

“I am continually amazed by the ability of additive

manufacturing to transform my most complex designs into

real life,” said Pohl.

Visit: for more information on 3D

production systems and their many applications.

Jason Poh

Paul Teutul Sr


21 May - June 2013 business to business

Swamp Fox: cunning ATV tyres

BMA says its AMS Swamp Fox ATV tyre is a proven favourite with

farmers because it delivers longevity and puncture resistance,

which means less down-time and more customer satisfaction.

Each individual Swamp Fox tyre is profile matched to its

original OEM application so any ATV model retains its original

steering and handling properties while benefitting from enhanced

grip and ride quality.

The intelligent tread pattern moves mud freely from the tyre for

superior traction without undue damage to the terrain’s surface,

wet or dry.

Having the correct OEM size for each ATV model, BMA says

Swamp Fox tyres do not affect the quad’s diff ratios, thereby

avoiding potential damage to 4WD models – damage which

cannot be claimed under a typical factory warranty.

BMA says AMS Swamp Fox tyres are also a workshop

favourite thanks to a quality construction that means the tyres are

easy to fit and bead up, unlike ‘no-name’ brands that can cost

hours in fitting time.

Want the ultimate in traction and fun? BMA says Swamp Fox

ATR 30mm-deep lug tyres will crawl out of any bog-hole with

ease – they’re available in 25, 26, and 27in sizes.

The AMS Swamp Fox brand has a great following and these

tyres are available with a great stockist margin for dealers.

Because BMA has the full range of sizes, stockists can achieve

an extra margin across the whole range and farmers can see the



AMS tyres are available exclusively from BMA, which ships

nationally from its warehouses in Queensland, Victoria or Western

Australia. BMA says it has a huge range of ATV tyres available for

virtually any application, with thousands of tyres in stock from 6in

to 15in.

For more information contact: BMA 03 9876 8966



Everything you need for Farm

ATV’s and Motorcycle Parts

Bikes and bits importers are now supplying new products to the all-important

Australian farm ATV industry with new stocks just arrived:

• New starter motors for all the major Japanese and Canadian farm ATV models

• New aftermarket fully sealed , steel body front and rear oil/gas shocks

• Carbie kits are available for the major Japanese manufactured bikes

• Large range of inner and outer cv joints

BB Importers are the Australian distributors of these and many more high quality engine components

“Australia wide over night air express delivery service”

Bikes & Bits Importers Phone: 08 9295 6688 -


23 May - June 2013 business to business

Elect 1/4pg.indd 1

4/03/13 10:46 AM




Plug in parts, superior design

to OEM, next day delivery,

12 months warranty. If you’re

not happy return for credit.

That’s the BMA guarantee!




Oil Eater

Orange Cleaner

The manufacturer of this Oil

Eater Orange Cleaner says it’s

highly concentrated to save

money, and that it cuts through

oils, grease and grime quickly

and easily.

With the appropriate dilution

it can be used for a multitude of

cleaning jobs, from driveways to

machinery, barbeques, carpets

– and motorcycles. Oil Eater

contains no acids, abrasives or

petroleum solvents and so it’s

safe to use on any washable

surface, including chrome and


The manufacturer says it

outperforms most conventional

cleaners without leaving any

toxic residues – it’s been tested

and found to be both safe and

effective, and it can be used

indoors without the worry of

overwhelming fumes. Spray or

wipe it on and rinse the surface

clean – only the fresh orange

scent lingers.

Oil Eater Orange Cleaner is

available in various sizes from

946ml bottles through to 208lt


For more information contact:

Oil Eater 07 3256 2414 visit:

Oil Eater contains no acids, abrasives or

petroleum solvents and so it’s safe to use

on any washable surface, including chrome

and aluminium





Dealer discounts for off-road Michelins

Australian Michelin tyre importer Gas Imports

has unveiled a new promotion that’s sure to spur

dealers into action.

For a limited time, if a dealer purchases 20 or

more off-road Michelin tyres it will receive a hefty

20 per cent discount. The offer is strictly limited

and only applies to Michelin’s AC10, S12CX,

M12XC, MH3, MS3, Desert, Enduro Comp, S4, HP4

and Junior MS2, MS3, and MH3 off-road tyres.

For more information contact: Gas Imports

03 9331 1664 visit:





FROM $59


24 May - June 2013 business to business

Chain mail

Motul recently released this Motul Chain Paste, which is part of its Motul

MC Care Range.

Motul Chain Paste is a white lubricating paste with a brush applicator

tip, specially formulated to lubricate all road motorcycle and kart chains

including standard, O-ring, X-ring and W-ring chains.

Motul says the brush applicator is easy to use and applies an even,

protective film to the chain.

Motul says it also adheres well to the chain to avoid projections at high

speeds, while offering low rolling resistance for more power.

The product increases chain durability due to its excellent anti-wear

properties, reducing friction, being water- and salt-resistant and protecting

against rust.

Practical, economical and non-flammable, the compact Motul Chain

Paste tube can be stored without risk under a motorcycle saddle.

The 150ml tube does about 10 applications.

For more information contact: Link International 07 3382 5000



Braking barriers

The award-winning CLAKE combined

clutch and rear brake actuator is now

available as a dual-control system,

allowing the rider to retain their bike’s

original brake pedal. Riders have used

the CLAKE to help them to win state and

national titles, and it has been fitted to

just about every type of motorcycle from

trials bikes to GP road racers, along with

ATVs and sidecars.

Sold all around the world, the CLAKE

enables the rider to operate the rear

brake using their left hand, thus allowing

the rider to use their right foot to afford

them better control over the motorcycle.

To many people the concept of

combining these two controls appears

strange, but not when you consider that

both the clutch and the rear brake are

actually controlling the same thing: the

rotational speed of the rear wheel.

According to the manufacturer, the

Clake: simplifies motorcycle and ATV

controls; allows riders to ride faster but

with greater safety; enables the rider to

operate the rear brake even when their

right foot is off the peg; affords extra bike

control; prevents stalling from rear brake

lock; affords finer rear brake application

through it being finger controlled; allows

a seamless transition from a brake slide

to a power slide; and acts like a slipper

clutch during braking.

To many people the concept of

combining these two controls

appears strange, but not when

you consider that both the clutch

and the rear brake are actually

controlling the same thing: the

rotational speed of the rear wheel

Suitable for all types of motorcycles

and by riders of all skill levels, the

CLAKE is designed and manufactured

in Australia by IMT Industries, makers of

the ‘ONE’ force-balanced clutch master


For more information contact:

IMT Industries 0418 533 775



Only Genuine Parts are good enough for your Suzuki

Suzuki has slashed the price for ATV Maintenance parts, many high-demand items have been significantly reduced by up to 75 percent. Items include Brake

pads, Calipers, Drive Shafts, Plastics, Shock Absorbers, so Keep it Real and take the opportunity, to contact your Suzuki Dealer for New Genuinely lower prices.

KingQuad 400

54930-31G13 BOOT


KingQuad 400

54901-27H00 SHAFT ASSY,


KingQuad 400

59100-31G00-999 FRONT


KingQuad 400

52100-27H10-019 FRONT





KingQuad 400

KingQuad 400

59100-31870 PAD AND


KingQuad 400




25 May - June 2013 business to business


K&N’s Honda NC advantage

K&N has just released an OE replacement air filter for Honda’s

NC700SA naked bike and NC700 Integra scooter. Washable

and reusable, K&N says the filter is made from only the highest

quality materials, and delivers increased throttle response,

horsepower and torque.

The cotton pleated filter material offers low airflow restriction

and the filter is designed to slide right into the existing OEM

airbox without any cutting or modifications required thanks to

an injection-moulded, OE-style mounting frame.

The filter comes pre-oiled and ready for installation and K&N

says it has long service intervals; it’s also covered by K&N’s

Million-Mile Warranty, meaning owners will never need to buy

another filter for the life of their bike.

For more information contact: CTA Australia 02 9820 4444


By Yamaha, for Yamahas

Yamaha says its Yamalube range of highperformance

lubricants was developed

specifically for Yamaha engines by the very

same team that engineered and created the

engines in the first place.

No single oil is perfect for every

application, says Yamaha, which is why

Yamalube is available in the precise formula

that any given Yamaha engine needs.

All Yamalube oils undergo extensive

testing in the laboratory and in the field to

make sure Yamaha owners get the very

best protection for their engine, while also

allowing it to perform at its peak.

Yamaha says using Yamalube leads to a

cleaner engine and smoother acceleration –

it contains superior additives that don’t leave

behind residue or ash and Yamaha claims

that it also outperforms most other leading

brands of motor oils.

For more information contact: Yamaha

Motor Australia visit:

BK Performance for those Hard-to-Find Rare Spares

BBK Performance Spares - Australian

Distributor ATHENA spa - Europe

visit: www/


business to business

26 May - June 2013

Should you find that locating older model items getting difficult these days then try us.

Most may be found on our website www/

Bearings - Brake and Clutch Levers - Brake Pads and Shoes - Cables - Camchains - Carby Needles and Seats

Clutch Plates - Con Rod Kits - Damper Rubbers (Rear Wheel) - Engine Oil Seal Kits and Individual Seals

Gaskets Kits and Individual items - Ignition Coils, Condensers and Points - Indicators and Lenses - Mirrors

Oil Filters and Bolts- Oil Pump Rotors - ‘O’ Rings - Piston Kits and Piston Rings - Points Plate Assemblies

Primary Drive Chains- Rocker Cover Bolts and Seals - Switches Brake - Swing Arm Bearings and Bushes -

Tappered Steering Head Bearings - Tail Light Lenses - Valves, Inlet and Exhaust - Wheel Bearings and Seals

BK Performance Products Pty. Ltd.

8 - 11 Trade Street Ormiston 4160

Phone: 07 3286 4106


Goodridge Brake Lines

Goodridge stainless

steel motorcycle brake

line kits feature the

finest quality hose,

consisting of a PTFE

inner and a stainless

steel outer braid. This

eliminates the spongy

feel under arduous

braking conditions giving

greater braking efficiency

as well as providing a

superior resistance to

abrasion and corrosion.

These kits not only

provide reliability and

safety demanded, but

also brilliant looks that

improve the appearance

of any bike.

Goodridge Brake Rotors & Pads

The only complete range of Brake rotors. Hub and rotor complete

units, bolt and go. Lightweight forged aluminium centre hubs

and roll forged billet steel Disc rings, sturdy construction.

John Stamnas Pty Ltd - Performance Motorcycle Products. PO Box 633 Cooroy QLD

Australia 4563 | Phone 07 5447 7411


Superior chain lube

Warrian Enterprises

is now supplying

this Pro Chain

motorcycle chain

lube from German


lubricants specialist,

Fuchs Silkolene.

Fuchs Silkolene

says its new Pro

Chain formula

resists flinging

and offers superior


maximising chain

life and ensuring

quieter, smoother


Pro Chain is

available in 100ml

aerosol cans in

attractive 12-pack

counter-top displays.

For more

information contact: Warrian Enterprises

07 5526 4543 email:

Small batteries, big power

Antigravity Batteries has announced the addition of two new 6V batteries

to its product range.

The 6V models come in two sizes to meet the needs of vintage bike

owners. One is a very compact eight-cell unit for smaller bikes while the

other is a higher-capacity 12-cell unit for larger bikes. The company says

both of these 6V units offer ultra reliability and long-lasting performance –

they require zero maintenance and they can hold a charge for over a year.

Antigravity Batteries says it makes the best in high-power, lightweight

lithium-ion motorcycle batteries, as well as batteries for powersports

vehicles and race cars. It says its motorcycle batteries are the perfect

replacement battery for the heavy and toxic lead/acid battery and offer

weight reduction of up to 80 per cent while having over twice the power.

For more information contact: CTA Australia 02 9820 4444


Springs H Valves H Seals H Bushes H Tools H Performance Upgrades

Australia’s most extensive range of Suspension Componentry


Phone: 02 4773 9115


28 May - June 2013 business to business

workplace practices

Conduct a general Health & Safety physical inspection!

How many of you out there have made New Year

resolutions and are sticking to them? For most of us

they have been long forgotten and we are barely halfway

through 2013!

Were any of your resolutions about work or safety?

As most of us consider safety to be a matter of

common sense, probably not! However, the amount

of deaths, accidents and near misses are a constant

reminder that we don’t always know what’s in our

best interests; hence the Work Health Safety Acts that

govern our workplaces.

For some business owners this all just seems a

whole lot of cod’s wallop. Many only do it just to tick

the boxes, some don’t do anything at all and others

do it well. But it is worth engaging in the process

wholeheartedly because creating a safe workplace will

save you time and money.

In this article we challenge you to conduct a general

Health & Safety physical inspection of your workplace.

You will need all of your employees for this exercise,

so let’s use the Service Department. Finish up one

afternoon an hour earlier and divert all calls so you

have no interruptions.

Use the guide below and have all employees comment

on the following points:

Housekeeping And General Condition Of The

Service Department

All work areas free from rubbish and obstructions.

All entry and exit points are marked and clear.

All surfaces are suitable and safe.

All slip and trip hazards are removed or controlled.

All stock and work materials are stored safely.

All light tubes and globes are operational.

All areas have good ventilation.

All areas control unwanted dust, fumes and mists.

All waste disposals are appropriate and effective.


There is regular inspection and maintenance.

There are no defective power leads.

All computers, printers, etc are in good condition.

Work is not performed near exposed live electrical


All electric leads and tools are inspected and tagged.

There are no strained power leads.

There is no improperly laid power cabling.

All switches and circuits are identified.

There is an effective earth-leakage system.

All switchboards are safe and secured.

Mobile Plant And Equipment

There is an inspection and maintenance system.

Mobile plant and equipment in good condition.

There is a fault-reporting/rectification system.

Operators are trained and have correct permits and


Warnings and safe-use instructions are displayed.

Warning lights and alarms are operational.

Safe work practices are available.

Single weight limit for lifting or carrying is displayed.

Certificates of competency available and current.

Plant keys and unattended plant is kept secure.

Fixed Machinery And Equipment

All workspace areas are adequate for the task.

All workspace areas are clean and tidy.

All areas are free from oil, grease, and grime.

All guards are in place.

All warnings and instructions are displayed.

SWMs and SOPs are available where needed.

All emergency stops work and are clearly marked.

Floor mats are provided where needed.

There is an inspection and maintenance system.

Hazardous Substances (Hs) And Dangerous

Goods (DG)

There is a central register of HS and DG.

All material safety data sheets (MSDS) are current.

Storage and bundling is appropriate.

All containers are correctly labelled.

There is adequate ventilation and exhaust system.

Personal hygiene is practiced after using chemicals.

Chemical emergency and first-aid systems are available.

Compressed gas is stored and used appropriately.

Stairs, Steps And Landings

There are no worn or broken steps, rungs or styles.

All handrails are in good order.

All stairs, steps and landings have clear access.

All stairs, steps and landings are clearly identified.

Non-slip surfaces are used and in good order.

Kick plates are used where necessary.

Personal-protection equipment (PPE) and safety clothing

There is a PPE programme.

Employees are issued with PPE for the task.

Employees are trained in the use of their PPE.

Employees use their PPE.

There is PPE signage throughout the workplace.

Safety footwear is appropriate for the workplace.

Protective gloves are appropriate for the work task.

Manual Handling

Mechanical aids are provided and used where needed.

Safe work practices are developed and used.

Hazard assessments are carried out and acted upon.

Elimination or control measures are implemented.


Workstation and seating design are appropriate.

Work area adjusted to suit the user.

Safe work practices are developed and used.

Hazard assessments are carried out and acted upon.

Elimination or control measures are implemented.

Materials Handling And Storage

Storage areas are appropriate.

Stacks are stable and not too high or too low.

Space is sufficient to move stock.

Access is free and unrestricted.

Pallets are in good condition.

There is no danger of spillage or falling of stock.

Stacked stock does not impede access and egress.

High stacks do not impede lights and sprinklers.

Appropriate equipment is used for moving stock.

Full and empty drums are correctly stored.

Traffic Control

A traffic-control and flow plan is implemented.

Signage and devices are used as part of controls.

Traffic-flow markings are used as part of controls.

Pedestrian areas are clearly marked.

Staff, visitor and delivery parking is signposted.

All traffic-access points to worksites are controlled.

All traffic-flow areas are uncluttered.

First Aid

Cabinets and contents are clean and ordered.

Stocks meet requirements for the workplace.

First Aiders’ names are displayed.

First Aiders’ location and contact details are displayed.

First Aiders are qualified for the position.

There is a record of injuries.

There is a record of treatment and supplies dispensed.

Fire Control And Emergency Evacuation

Extinguishers are in place.

Fire-fighting equipment is serviced and tagged.

Signage for extinguishers is appropriate.

Extinguishers are appropriate for the hazards.

There is emergency-exit signage.

Exit doors are easily opened from the inside.

Exit paths are clear of obstructions.

Fire-alarm system is appropriate and working.

Smoking restrictions are observed.

Minimum quantities of flammables are in the workplace.

Flammable storage is appropriate.

Flammable procedures exist.

Emergency personnel are identified and trained.

Emergency procedures are documented and tested.

Evacuation routes are posted.

Emergency telephone number is displayed.

All alarms are tested and tests documented.

Annual fire-evacuation drill has been conducted.

Operational debrief of fire drill has been conducted.

Personnel are trained to use fire-fighting equipment.

Protection Of Non-Employees And Visitors

Appropriate physical barriers are in place.

Signage is in place.

Pedestrian areas are clearly marked and free of debris.

Noise controls and hearing protection are in place.

Site access is controlled.

Traffic-control procedures are in place.

Hazardous substances and dangerous goods are secure.

Compressed-gas cylinders are segregated and secure.

Car parking is available and area is safe and secure.


Washrooms and toilets are clean

Rubbish bins are available

Drinking water is available

Amenities are clean, tidy, and serviced.


Is adequate and free from glare.

Has no flickering, faulty or non-existent lighting.

Emergency-lighting system is in place.

Windows are clean.


Training records are kept.

Now that you have completed this, what did you

find? Is everything okay or did you find areas that need

attention? How did the staff go? Did they engage; did

they offer suggestions?

So where to from here? Give KMS a call and we can

show you how to implement systems that will make your

workplace safer.

For more information contact: Klient Management

Solutions Toll Free 1300 136 146 visit: www. email:


business to business

29 May - June 2013

usiness to business


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30 May - June 2013 business to business



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N° 1 for Mileage

and on the seventh day, he kept riding.

Introducing the new Pirelli Angel GT tyre. Perfect for never-ending trips or just a

short weekend ride, it’s engineered to give you confidence and enhanced durability,

even on wet ground. More than sport touring: this is 100% Italian Gran Turismo.

N° 1 for Mileage According to an independent test of Motorrad Test Center comparing Pirelli Angel GT with Michelin

Pilot Road 3, Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II, Bridgestone Battlax BT 023, Continental RoadAttack 2 and Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact M/O on

120/70 ZR17 and 180/55 ZR17 set. The test took place in Spain, Marbella in November and December 2012, using six Suzuki Bandit 1250 ABS.


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