KPD Annual Report - City of Knoxville

KPD Annual Report - City of Knoxville




2011 Annual Report


2011 Annual Report

Table of Contents

Division Commander

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Meagan Jones

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Letter from the Chief 3

Organizational Chart 4

Crime Totals 5

General Sessions Court Violations 6

Municipal Court Violations 7

In Memory 8

Officer of the Month Awards 9

Office of Chief of Police 12

Management Services 14

Patrol Division 18

Criminal Investigation Division 30

Support Services Division 35

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2011 Annual Report

Letter From the Chief

The Honorable Madeline Rogero

Mayor, City of Knoxville

Dear Mayor Rogero:

Annually, the Knoxville Police Department prepares a report on the activities and achievements

of our organization. It is with great pleasure that I present the Knoxville Police Department’s

2011 Annual Report.

A year of transition best describes 2011 for the City of Knoxville as well as the Knoxville Police

Department. Daniel Brown, who was selected to fulfill the remainder of Governor-elect Bill

Haslam’s last year as mayor, served as Knoxville’s first African American mayor. Another first

for the city occurred with your election as the city’s first female mayor. During this time the department

welcomed a new chief of police along with new assignments for the department’s deputy


In 2011, City Council passed a new ordinance requiring second-hand stores to report transactions

using Leads-On-Line, which is a record management system. Since the inception of the ordinance,

investigators have been able to recover $244,655 worth of stolen merchandise. The merchandise

has been returned to its rightful owner or is currently being held as evidence for prosecution.

The Knoxville Police Department continued to attack businesses that enabled criminal activities

to occur on their property or who were actively involved in various illegal activities. With the

assistance from the Knox County Attorney General’s Office, 10 businesses were classified as a

nuisance property and were shut down. The closures resulted in the arrest of more than 20 individuals

on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges. In addition, crack cocaine, marijuana, synthetic

marijuana, and multiple firearms were confiscated and removed from our streets. The effects

from the closures were immediately felt in the communities directly surrounding these trouble

spots. Criminals were removed from the streets and calls for service were greatly reduced,

which made for a positive impact for our citizens.

As always, your support of this department and its more than 500 officers and employees enables

us to protect and serve our community. The Knoxville Police Department is looking forward to

working with you and city council on future endeavors.


David B. Rausch

Chief of Police

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2011 Annual Report

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2011 Annual Report

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2011 Annual Report

General Sessions


2010 2011 DIFF % CHANGE

Total Animal Violations 10 8 -2 -20%

DUI CITATIONS 119 78 -41 -34%

IMPLIED CONSENT 15 31 16 107%


OPEN CONTAINER 9 7 -2 -22%

PUBLIC INTOXICATION 246 199 -47 -19%


Total Alcohol Violations 464 396 -68 -15%

SPEEDING 10 18 8 80%

ACCIDENT 85 50 -35 -41%




DRIVERS LICENSE 2,654 1,833 -821 -31%

NO RECORD 266 363 97 36%

REGISTRATION 26 21 -5 -19%



Total MV/Traffic Pedestrian


209 310 101 48%

3,250 2,595 -655 -20%

CRIMINAL TRESPASS 378 439 61 16%





718 597 -121 -17%

853 630 -223 -26%




1,668 1,744 76 5%

THEFT OF PROPERTY 104 101 -3 -3%

ALL OTHER OFFENSE 531 413 -118 -22%

Total Offense 4,252 3,924 -328 -8%

TOTAL GENERAL SESSION COURT 7,976 6,923 -1053 -13%

Page 6

2011 Annual Report






2010 and 2011 Municipal Court Violation Comparison

2010 2011 Diff % Change

18-20 Alcohol Violation 297 325 28 9.43%

Open Beer/Consumption Of Beer 1,361 943 -418 -30.71%

Other Alcohol Offenses 38 54 16 42.11%

Total Alcohol Violations 1,696 1,322 -374 -22.05%

Careless Driving 686 615 -71 -10.35%

Child Restraint Law 500 355 -145 -29.00%

Display of Registration/Tag 539 337 -202 -37.48%

Disregarding Red Light 990 790 -200 -20.20%

Drive Within Lane Lines 735 623 -112 -15.24%

Fail To Obey Devices & Signs 2,954 2,059 -895 -30.30%

Failure to Yield Violations 1,286 1,141 -145 -11.28%

Following Too Closely 2,714 2,645 -69 -2.54%

Illumination Of License Plate 1,365 883 -482 -35.31%

Improper Headlights 974 629 -345 -35.42%

Improper Lane Violations 683 565 -118 -17.28%

Improper Lights On Rear Of Vehicle 1,476 1,308 -168 -11.38%

Improper Stop Light 1,168 872 -296 -25.34%

Improper Vehicle Registration/Tag 9,231 7,362 -1,869 -20.25%

No Driver's License In Possession 9,198 7,527 -1,671 -18.17%

No Headlights On 484 354 -130 -26.86%

No Turn Signal Before Turning 294 202 -92 -31.29%

Obstructed Driver's View (cracked windshield) 738 445 -293 -39.70%

Proof Of Ins./Financial Responsibility 26,343 21,137 -5,206 -19.76%

Reckless Driving 74 66 -8 -10.81%

Safety Belt Law 6,842 5,254 -1,588 -23.21%

Speeding Violations 36,076 28,780 -7,296 -20.22%

Other Motor Vehicle Traffic Violations 2,905 2,459 -446 -15.35%

Total Motor Vehicle/Traffic Violations 108,255 86,408 -21,847 -20.18%

Disorderly Conduct 68 55 -13 -19.12%

Exceed Limit on Number of False Alarms 0 0 0 N/C

False Information To Police 44 32 -12 -27.27%

Loitering 120 60 -60 -50.00%

Trespassing On Property 88 65 -23 -26.14%

Other Offense Violations 18 12 -6 -33.33%

Total Offenses Violations 338 224 -114 -33.73%

Animal Control 2,841 2,196 -645 -22.70%

Business Regs 406 329 -77 -18.97%

Code 15 5 -10 -66.67%

Environmental 187 150 -37 -19.79%

Fire Code 3 0 -3 -100.00%

Noise 356 199 -157 -44.10%

Other 21 0 -21 -100.00%

Parks/Recreation 51 41 -10 -19.61%

Streets/Sidewalks 2 0 -2 -100.00%

Vehicles for Hire 51 36 -15 -29.41%

Total Municiapl Court Violations 114,222 90,910 -23,312 -20.41%

Parking Tickets 36,863 12,967 -23,896 -64.82%

Lasercraft Citations 123,184 42,230 -80,954 -65.72%

Grand Total Citations 274,269 146,107 -128,162 -46.73%

Page 7

Data reflected based on numbers received from City Court and Lasercraft and Analyzed as of 4/26/12

2011 Annual Report

In Memory Of ...


George R.








Dennis A.




Louis T.




Bryant L.



Page 8

2011 Annual Report


Officer of the Month



Officer Matt Lawson

Officer Patty Tipton

Officer Ron Trentham




Officer Jason Artymovich

Officer Patty Tipton

Officer Brian Headrick




Lt. Greg Hoskins

Sgt. Mike McCarter

Officer Larry Presnell




Life Saving Award

Officer Taylor and Officer Britton

Officer Jason Boston

Officer Edmund Randolph and Officer Lee Shaw

Page 9

2011 Annual Report

Civilian of the Month



Beth Goodman


Sherry Smith


Brandi Carson

Dallas Dalton

Employee of the Year

David Kitts

“Dr. Kitts has carried that important

message into the high schools and

college classrooms with presentations

on the effects of domestic violence,

child abuse and dating violence.”

Chief David Rausch

David Kitts

Page 10

2011 Annual Report

Officer of the Year

Officer Michael Geddings

“Officer Geddings operates daily with a rare

determination to remove armed drug dealers from the

streets. Most people will never know the incredibly

long hours he has spent on cases without

compensation with his only reward being a successful


Chief David Rausch

Reserve Officer of the Year

Officer Danny Dugan

“Reserve Officer Dugan’s performance has been

noted by not only his supervisors, but through

commendations passed on from many others. He has

maintained this level of commitment to the

department and community while balancing both his

full-time job and taking care of his family.”

Chief David Rausch

Explorer of the Year

Explorer Chelsea Wright

“Explorer Chelsea Wright consistently sets a good

example for the other explorers. She is pro-active and

seeks out opportunities and ideas to not only increase

her work and exposure to law enforcement, but also

to better the entire Explorer Unit.”

Chief David Rausch

Page 11

2011 Annual Report


Front Row: Deputy Chief Gary Price, Chief David Rausch, Deputy Chief Gus Paidousis

Back Row: Deputy Chief Gary Holliday, Deputy Chief Cindy Gass

Mission Statement

Pursuit of Excellence in Performance and Service

The Knoxville Police Department shall strive for excellence in performance

and delivery of services to the total community. We will recruit, employ and

maintain personnel who reflect high professional standards. The quality of

performance will be evaluated by the department standards established to

measure overall effectiveness. As we look to the future, it will be in a progressive

and flexible manner that will meet tomorrow’s community needs.

Page 12

2011 Annual Report

Internal Affairs

Public Information Office

The focus of the Internal Affairs Unit is to investigate

and monitor allegations of misconduct that come

from concerned citizens, employees and/or supervisory

personnel within the city. While Internal Affairs

is primarily focused on misconduct within the police

department, the unit also conducts investigations

within other city departments. The Internal Affairs

Unit is committed to maintaining the integrity of the

Knoxville Police Department and other city departments

through fair and impartial investigations.

In addition to conducting investigations, the Internal

Affairs Unit also completes pre-employment background

investigations on all police department employees

and Knoxville firefighters. Upon request, this

same service is extended to other departments within

the city. The unit also administers and oversees the

Professional Excellence Program for the Knoxville

Police Department.

Investigation Classifications

First Degree-Sustained: The allegation is supported by sufficient

evidence to believe the incident occurred. Recommendation

for appropriate disciplinary action is made.

Second Degree-Not Sustained: Investigation discloses insufficient

evidence either to prove or disprove the allegation.

Third Degree-Exonerated: The incident complained of occurred;

however, the actions of the employee were lawful and


Fourth Degree-Unfounded: The investigation disclosed that

the act complained of never occurred, and therefore is false.

(This may apply to one or all accusations against the employee.)

Fifth Degree-Policy Failure: If the complaint investigation

concludes that the allegation is true, but the employee’s actions

were consistent with department policy, the complaint will be

classified as “exonerated – policy failure.”

Sixth Degree-Partially Sustained: The incident has two (2) or

more allegations and at least one (1) of the allegations is sustained.

Seventh Degree-Infraction Not Based Upon Original Offense:

A substantiated infraction not mentioned in the initial allegation

was disclosed by the investigator.

The Public Information Office is staffed by one

person. The department utilizes trained assistant public

information officers that are assigned to various

units. These officers have the responsibility of responding

to media inquiries and providing access to

information on a twenty-four hour basis. In addition

to daily updates provided to the media, more than 100

news releases and news conferences were given in


Internal Affairs Investigations

2011 Cases Referrals

First Degree 6 5

Second Degree 0 2

Third Degree 8 4

Fourth Degree 12 20

Fifth Degree 0 0

Sixth Degree 0 0

Seventh Degree 1 0

Pending 1 0

Sworn Personnel 28 31

Non-Sworn Personnel 3 0

No Action—Investigative File Only

Page 13

2011 Annual Report



Chief’s Office/Management Services Division

Civilian Personnel

The Accreditation Unit is responsible for

the police department’s continuing compliance

with comprehensive international law

enforcement standards developed by the

Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement

Agencies (CALEA). The unit is also responsible for

ensuring compliance with CALEA’s public safety

training academy standards, applicable to the department’s

Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Accreditation 2011 Highlights

• Achieved accreditation through the

Tennessee Association of Chiefs of

Police (TACP) state accreditation program.

• Provided information and assistance to

39 different agencies regarding accreditation.

• Participated in 6 mock assessments by

assisting other agencies in preparation

for their CALEA onsite assessments.

• Two Knoxville Police Department

CALEA assessors participated in five

CALEA onsite assessments throughout

the country.

Administrative Assistant 1

Administrative Supervisor 1

Administrative Technician 3

Crime Analysis Supervisor 1

Crime Analyst 1

Crime Analyst Sr 2

Executive Assistant 1

Maintenance Crew Leader 1

Office Assistant II 1

Police Planning & Oper Mgr 1

Principal Secretary 2

Public Information Officer 1

Skilled Trades Craftsworker 2

Stores System Clerk 1

Budget Office

The Budget Office is responsible for overseeing the

budget for the department including payroll and all

expending of funds. Functions include day-to-day

approval of expenditures, incoming revenue, and time

and attendance records. The budget for fiscal year

2011 was approximately $49,000,000.

Page 14

2011 Annual Report

Page 15

Audit and Inspections Unit

The Audit and Inspections Unit provides the Chief

of Police, senior and mid-level managers and first line

supervisors with a means of regularly assessing the

efficiency and effectiveness of the department and

provides information necessary to affect change. Staff

inspections promote an objective review of administrative

and operational activities, facilities, property,

equipment and personnel outside the normal supervisory

chain of command. All components of the police

department are inspected on a three-year cycle.

Planning and Grants Office

The Planning and Grants Office is responsible for

overseeing both short-term and strategic planning.

The office oversees the grant application process, the

administration of all federal and state grants and delivery

of new programs for the department. In 2011, the

Planning and Grants office managed $5,000,000 of

grant funds for the Knoxville Police Department.

Managed Federal Grant Funding for:

• Anti-Gang Initiative

• Domestic Violence

• Family Justice Center

• Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC)

• Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE)

• Justice and Mental Health Collaboration


• Project Safe Neighborhoods

• Homeland Security

• Justice Assistance Grants

Received State Grants for:

• Highway Safety Enforcement and Education

• Domestic Violence Program

• State ICAC allocation

• Justice Assistance Recovery Act Grant

Audit and Inspections 2011 Highlights

• Conducted staff inspections on 9 different components

of the police department.

• Two different property/evidence rooms were audited

or inspected twice.

• One Change of Supervision audit was conducted

of the Property Management Unit.

• Four Central Supply Unit inspections conducted

on the condition of equipment that is maintained

for critical incidents.

• Four inspections were conducted on computer

workstations at the Law Enforcement Training


• Performed two inventories on controlled substances

used for training and organized crime


• Performed two inventories on explosives

maintained by the department for training of

canines and explosive ordnance disposal personnel.

Central Supply Unit

The Central Supply Unit maintains an inventory of

supplies and maintains equipment.

Building Services Unit

The Building Services Unit is responsible for providing

maintenance for eight sites associated with

the Knoxville Police Department.

Building Services Facilities

Knoxville Police Department Headquarters

• Patrol Precinct located at Knoxville Center


• 5 th Avenue (Moses, Technical Services, Animal

Control, and Traffic Services)

• K-9 Kennel

• Moses Center Training Academy

• Phil E. Keith Training Center

• ICAC Building

• Safety City

2011 Annual Report

Crime Analysis Unit

The objectives of the Crime Analysis Unit are to obtain and analyze as much information as possible in order

to identify crime patterns, trends, offenders, and to develop correlations to improve short-term and long-term

decision making. These analyses enhance

the department’s ability to manage,

allocate and deploy resources in order

to help curtail criminal activity.

In 2011, the unit initiated the use of

ATAC (Automated Tactical Analysis of

Crime) workstation which aids in the use

of crime pattern analysis, predictive analytics,

crime mapping and reporting.

The department also utilized RAIDS

Online and ATAC Raids. For the first

time in the history of the department,

citizens and law enforcement officers are

able to access real-time crime information

through the internet.

CAU Services

Bulle tins






Reque sts




Calls for









Re porte d







Total Searches

Unique Searches









1881 1990







183 103 54 189 266

July August September October November December

CAU 2011 Highlights

• Produced over 694 requests from KPD divisions and personnel

• Since its inception in May 2011, ATAC had 20,093 searches and 5,877 unique searches online

• Assisted with over 100 external requests from realtors, businesses, lawyers and government agencies

• Distributed over 400 bulletins to the department and other law enforcement agencies


Personnel Unit Duties:


The Personnel Unit

is responsible for all

aspects of personnel

management for employees

of the Knoxville

Police Department.

• Coordinates training and transfer opportunities

• Administers random drug and alcohol testing for all

sworn officers and civilian employees with access to

safety sensitive information

• Coordinates, schedules, and processes requests for

secondary employment

• Disseminates annual and promotional performance


• Assists in the promotional process

• Represents the department in all personnel matters

• Coordinates requisitions for vacancies within the


• Schedules interviews

• Assists with the interview, selection and orientation

process for new employees

2011 Sworn Personnel by Race



Date of


Date of



David Roncska 08‐22‐05 01‐21‐11 Resigned

Cassen Jackson‐Garrison 09‐14‐09 01‐28‐11 Resigned

Van Buble 11‐12‐79 01‐31‐11 Retired

Bert Turner, II 12‐06‐99 02‐04‐11 Resigned

Matthew Porter 09‐14‐09 02‐24‐11 Resigned

Bryan Bates 02‐05‐79 02‐28‐11 Retired

Ricky Ferguson 11‐10‐86


Justin Ruth 02‐09‐03


02‐28‐11 Retired

03‐07‐11 Resigned

Chyrl Spitzer 12‐06‐99 02‐09‐10 Disability

Sterling Owen, IV 08‐23‐04 03‐26‐11 Resigned

Eric Razote 01‐22‐07 04‐23‐11 Resigned

Craig Milne 08‐22‐05 04‐30‐11 Disability

Randall Smith 06‐26‐06 06‐18‐11 Resigned

Abigail Castillo 07‐04‐11 07‐05‐11 Resigned

Lee Thomas 07‐04‐11 07‐06‐11 Resigned

Greg Blankenship 07‐04‐11 07‐08‐11 Resigned

Thomas Farrow 07‐04‐11 07‐18‐11 Resigned

Christopher Stephens 10‐22‐01 08‐02‐11 Resigned

Adam Blackburn 07‐04‐11


08‐22‐11 Resigned

Timothy Ward 12‐02‐02 11‐02‐11 Resigned

Gary Moyers 11‐11‐74 11‐30‐11 Retired



Ot her


Bryan Taveras 04‐04‐11 12‐26‐11 Resigned

Greg Hoskins 11‐16‐81 12‐31‐11 Retired

(Indicates Date of Employment as a Civilian)

Whit e


Page 17

2011 Annual Report


Patrol Division Civilian Personnel

2011 East West Unk Total

Crime Reports 16,290 17,678 936 34,904

Calls for Service 132,646 187,120 4,316 324,082

Arrests 7,018 8,864 204 16,116

Field Interviews 3,251 3,123 402 6,776

Collisions 3,156 5,548 513 9,217

Fatals 12 14 0 26

Animal Control Officer 3

Animal Control Officer Sr 4

Animal Control Officer Sup 1

Crossing Guard 29

Office Assistant II 3

Police Cadet 4

Principal Secretary 1

Transportation Officer 4

Transportation Officer Sr 2

Mission Statement

Pursuit of Excellence in Ethics and Values

Knowing that law enforcement officers are held to a higher standard of conduct,

the officers of the Knoxville Police Department shall strive to uphold the

highest ethical ideals in both their professional and private lives. We shall take

an active role in establishing and maintaining a professional image of law enforcement

in all our contacts with the public we serve through honesty and integrity.

Page 18

2011 Annual Report

West District

West District

2011 Highlights

• Attended 122 community and

business meetings to address

citizen concerns

• Responded to the citizen feedback

and efforts were focused on

Traffic Enforcement, DUI Enforcement

and Drug & Property


The West District provides services to approximately 52.25 square miles of the city. The district boundaries

are west of Interstate 75/275 and the James White Parkway to the Turkey Creek Development near Farragut.

The area includes the University of Tennessee and the downtown Central Business District. The district includes

shopping and entertainment areas such as The Old City, Market Square, Cumberland Avenue, Bearden,

West Town Mall and Turkey Creek. It also includes several miles of bike trails and parks: Third Creek, West

Hills, Turkey Creek, and Victor Ashe Park as well as community parks including Danny Mayfield Park and

Lonsdale Park.

Page 19

2011 Annual Report

East District

Geographically, the East District is 51 square miles. It is bordered by I-275 / I-75 on the west, Emory Road

to the north, John Sevier Highway to the south, and Midway Road to the east. This area of neighborhoods and

thriving businesses is a great example of the diversity of the city and citizens of Knoxville.

East District

2011 Highlights

• Experienced an increase in DUI and felony arrests, and saw a significant decrease in tactical property crimes.

• Continued to work with the Knox County Attorney General’s Office on an aggressive program to improve conditions

in the city by targeting properties with ongoing criminal activity. Using the State Nuisance Property Law,

East District officers took part in the execution of search warrants and criminal court injunctions against several

businesses presenting ongoing criminal and order maintenance issues.

• The Liaison Officer Program, which pairs beat officers with neighborhood groups, expanded to 26 officers and 33


• Attended 138 community and business meetings last year, focusing on a collaborative response to community


• Continued an active program of bicycle patrol in the city’s parks and greenways.

Page 20

2011 Annual Report

Repeat Offender Squad

The Repeat Offender Squad’s (ROS) primary areas

of focus are:

• Repeat violent offenders

• Violent street gangs

• Street level illegal drug sales

• Repeat property crimes violators

• Street level prostitution.

The ROS works closely with Property Crimes investigators

of the Knoxville Police Department’s Criminal

Investigation Division as well as beat officers in the

Patrol Division. ROS conducts Gang Suppression

Operations, which are joint operations with ROS, Organized

Crime Unit (OCU), Patrol and KCDC

(Knoxville Community Development Corporation)

officers. The officers target known problem areas,

and when they identify illegal activity or a person

wanted on warrants, they move in and make arrests.

ROS uses undercover officers to make drug purchases

from street dealers and known gang members,

and they use confidential informants to gather information

to make drug purchases. ROS works closely

with Tennessee State Probation/Parole officers, the

local United States Attorney General’s Office

(USAG), Knox County Attorney General’s Office

(KCAG), DEA, FBI, and ATF.

Commercial Vehicle

Enforcement Detail

The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Detail

(CVE) concentrates on enforcement of laws pertaining

to commercial vehicles so as to reduce injury producing

crashes involving larger vehicles. The detail

issued 9,704 citations: 840 to commercial vehicles,

8,864 to privately owned vehicles and made 253 arrests

in 2011.

Repeat Offender Squad

2011 Highlights

• Developed and served 34 search warrants on complaint locations for drug violations

• Continued the Nuisance Property Abatement program started in 2011 by serving eight Nuisance Property Injunctions

along with the Knox County Attorney General’s office

• Made 131 arrests on probation and parole violators

• Made criminal cases against 69 violators involving guns

• Seized 37 handguns and 6 long guns for a total of 43 firearms

• Made criminal cases against 51 gang members

• Made 27 prostitution arrests

• Conducted 7 Gang Suppression Operations against street level drug dealers and gang members

• Developed cases and referred 33 defendants to the USAG office for prosecution in the federal court system

• Prosecuted 156 Drug Free School Zone cases with enhanced penalties

• Seized $119,328.00 in cash from illegal drug proceeds

• Seized a total of 12 motor vehicles from illegal drug proceeds

• Investigated and closed 72 community complaint locations

• 45 defendants on the Property crimes Top Ten List have been arrested on a total of 122 felony charges.

Page 21

2011 Annual Report

K-9 9 Detail

The K-9 Detail officer/canine teams are intensively

trained to work together to provide a variety of services

to the citizens of Knoxville. Officer/canine

teams are routinely used to find drugs, search buildings,

track suspects and others, detect explosives, assist

in crowd control, perform other patrol tasks, and

provide protection to dignitaries and to their human


K-9 Detail 2011 Highlights

• The Knoxville Police Department has

grown to 16 multi-use canine teams

• Answered 1,387 calls for service

• Searched 1,377 vehicles, 28 buildings, 25

packages and five area searches for drugs

• Seized 21 vehicles, 39 guns and $71,922

• Seized 4,247.61 grams of marijuana,

3,606.6 of cocaine, 1,669 illicit pills, 84.3

grams of MDMA, 30.3 grams of meth, four

grams of heroin, and one gram of LSD

• Conducted 62 criminal tracks and 3 noncriminal


• Searched 146 buildings and conducted 34

area searches for suspects which resulted in

54 K-9 apprehensions, 9 of which were

physical apprehensions.

• Responded to stand-by for patrol on 116

criminal incidents and deployed for crowd

control once

• Conducted 22 demonstrations with estimated

attendance of 13,649 people

• Over 237 felony arrests and 497 misdemeanor

arrests were attributed to the K-9


Hit and Run Detail

The Hit & Run Investigation Detail is responsible

for reviewing all hit and run investigations, conducting

follow-ups to these investigations and assisting

other officers and victims with reporting and prosecution

of hit and run crashes. The Detail also provides

technical and investigative assistance in all fatal traffic

crashes in the city. In 2011, the Detail reviewed

571 cases.

Page 22

2011 Annual Report

Motorcycle Unit

The Blue Hawk Motorcycle Unit’s main focus is the

reduction of traffic collisions throughout the city with

proactive traffic enforcement and effective crash investigations.

The secondary function of the Unit is to

staff special events. In 2011, the Unit participated in

17 parades and 47 Runs/Walks.

Motorcycle Unit 2010 2011

Arrests 168

Citations Issued 20,933

Accidents Investigated 3,786

Traffic Enforcement D.P.’s 146

Community Relations D.P.’s 17

Special Events/Escorts 138

Traffic Control Assignments 27

School Crossing Assignments 12









Safe Streets Program

The Safe Streets Program focuses its enforcement

efforts in locations where there are high incidences of

collisions, aggressive driving and alcohol-related incidents.

Officers issued 9,144 citations and made 179

arrests on individuals during 2011 while working

Safe Streets.

Traffic Calming


Traffic Calming Initiative targets speeding

and traffic violators in Knoxville

neighborhoods. During 2011, while working

the Traffic Calming Initiative, officers

issued 17,230 citations and made 161 arrests

consisting of 424 charges.

Red Light Camera Program

The Red Light Camera Enforcement Program is a

key component to reducing the number of vehicle

crashes in Knoxville.

Red Light Enforcement 2010 2011 %


Total Crashes 472 402 -17%

Angle Crashes 86 77 -12%

Rear-End Crashes 305 244 -25%

Rear-End Crashes Attributed

to Red Light Cameras

3 1 -200%

Page 23

Special Operations Squad

The Special Operation Squad is assigned to respond

to high-risk incidents requiring specialized training

and/or equipment. The members of the team train to

perform as a highly disciplined unit during any unusual

occurrence. Potential incidents might include

hostage situations, barricaded subjects, acts of terrorism,

riot control, dignitary protection, mass arrest

situations, sniper situations, civil defense and high

risk warrant service.

Special Operations Squad 2011 Highlights

Animal Control

The Animal Control Unit is responsible for responding

to all calls for service involving domestic animals,

livestock calls, investigating cruelty complaints

and picking up sick or injured wildlife within the city

limits. The unit is also responsible for inspecting all

pet shops, issuing permits for exhibitions involving

animals and special animal permits. The unit also

issues permits for commercial and non-commercial

kennel operations, orders and delivers city license

tags, and collects monies and receipts from 51 area


• Responded to four major incidents that

dictated the use of the entire team and

several situations dealing with ‘persons

in crisis” that were resolved by a limited

number of team personnel.

• The Special Operations Squad executed

13 high-risk search warrants for various

units of the department.

Search and Recovery

The Search and Recovery team’s

primary mission is to conduct missing

person searches, to identify witnesses

and to assist in other criminal

investigative matters. During

2011, the SAR team was activated

for 15 search and recoveries ranging from missing

children, adult abductions, evidence retrieval and de-

Animal Control 2011 Highlights

• Handled ten dangerous dog cases

• Sent out approximately 45 applications

regarding Urban Hen Ordinance of

which nine have been returned and approved

• Answered 9,417 calls for service including

4,010 for animal pick-up and

issued 599 citations

• Officers initiated 6,464 calls, picked up

54 animals and issued 370 citations

during patrols of their beats

Page 24

2011 Annual Report

Teleserve Unit

The Teleserve Unit is a telephone investigations unit

that provides citizens with a convenient alternative

for reporting certain non-violent crimes. Sworn personnel

staff the Teleserve Unit 24 hours a day, seven

days a week.

The Unit provides citizens with a location to obtain

advice telephonically, call in non-urgent complaints,

request property checks and make reports for crimes

that are not in progress. The Unit is staffed by experienced

officers and police cadets who provide a

wealth of information and knowledge.

In 2011, there were approximately 350 tips received

and relayed from the Crime Drug Hotline and over

54% of the department’s reports were written in the

Teleserve Unit.

Inspections Unit

The Inspections Unit is responsible for enforcing

local and state laws which pertain to the sale of alcoholic

beverages and vehicles for-hire. In addition to

enforcement duties, the unit:

• Reviews background checks of beer permit applicants

and prepares reports for each Beer Board


• Processes driver permit applications and issues

permits, inspects vehicles for-hire and maintains

records regarding each company and driver

• Monitors the conduct of wrecker companies and

drivers that are on the City of Knoxville rotation

list and investigates complaints

• Issues booting licenses and investigates booting


• Monitors Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) cage fighting

events throughout the City to ensure compliance

with state law

Knoxville Community


The Knoxville Community Development Corporation

(KCDC) Detail conducts security/police operations

in public housing areas throughout the City of

Knoxville consisting of off-duty police officers. The

officers supplemented Organized Crime Unit, Repeat

Offender Squad and Patrol during special and tactical


Inspections Unit

Enforcement Activity

Citations Issues Total

Alcohol Related

Citations issued Total

vehicle for-hire

KCDC 2011 Highlights

• The KCDC liaison conducted 5,337

background investigation checks for residency

and 122 criminal trespass investigations

• KCDC patrols conducted 530 walking

patrols, and 97 knock and talks

• Officers conducted 171 preliminary investigations,

issued 3,626 citations, made

687 arrests for misdemeanor charges,

made 110 arrests for felony charges,

completed 160 Security Reports and removed

149 non-residents from the

KCDC properties

• Officers dispersed crowds on 93 occasions

and recovered 22 stolen vehicles

• Additional investigations conducted by

these officers resulted in the confiscation

of 26 handguns, 9 long guns, 10 other

weapons, 93.56 grams of cocaine/crack

cocaine, 587.25 grams of marijuana, 363

illegal pills and 90 items of drug paraphernalia

• Officers seized $2,974.00 cash

2010 2011

80 140

104 31

Citations issued Total all other 40 33

Total Arrest 59 58

Page 25

2011 Annual Report

Police Cadet Program

The Police Cadet Program provides individuals

who are between the ages of 18 and 21 the opportunity

to pursue a career in law enforcement. Cadets

receive law enforcement training and have the opportunity

to attend college utilizing the City of

Knoxville’s tuition reimbursement benefit. Cadet

duties include parking enforcement, supplementing

the department’s Teleserve Unit, traffic direction

during special events and speaking at career days

and job fairs. This program also serves as an enhancement

in recruiting future police officers and

developing future ranks for the Knoxville Police

Department. Upon successful completion of the Cadet

Program, cadets are eligible for employment as

a police officer with the City of Knoxville.

Crisis Negotiation

The Crisis Negotiations Unit responds to incidents

that require officers trained in crisis intervention and

negotiation techniques to deescalate, stabilize, and

peacefully resolve a wide array of situations that officers

encounter when dealing with persons in crisis.

• Responded to eight call-outs during the year including

talking with suicidal persons on bridges

and barricaded suspects inside of homes and businesses

• Provided regional training to Morgan County

Correctional Facility, Blount County Sheriff’s

Office, Sevierville Police Department and the

Oak Ridge Police Department

Cadet 2011 Highlights

• Four new cadets were hired

• Completed 1,034 police reports while assigned to Teleserve

• While conducting parking enforcement in the downtown and Ft. Sanders

communities, the new cadets issued a total of 4,060 parking citations

Page 26

2011 Annual Report

Bomb Squad


Suspicious Packages 13

Recovery of explosives or 5

explosive materials

Bomb Threats 5

Post-Blast Investigation 4

State Compliance Inspections 1

Operational “Standbys” 9

Explorer Post

The Explorer Post of the Knoxville Police Department

is a scouting program designed to introduce

young men and women ages 14 to 20 to law enforcement

as a potential career. Explorers are volunteers

who meet regularly to learn about law enforcement

and the Knoxville Police Department and

provides working support to the department. Additionally,

Explorers learn skills that provide them

with a solid foundation to become productive members

of our community. The Explorers are assigned

to the District Support Unit of the Patrol Division.

Explorer 2011 Highlights

Bomb Squad Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is

responsible for providing safe procedures for handling

Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) and Unexploded

Ordnance (military UXO), procedures for recovery

and disposal of commercial and military explosives,

investigation of bombing incidents, including

attempts and hoaxes, and post-blast incidents, explosives

breaching operations, and support of SOS and

Negotiator Operations through the use of explosives

breaching or robot operations. The Bomb Squad also

provides support to Federal Agencies including: Federal

Bureau of Investigation, Alcohol Tobacco and

Firearms and Explosives, United States Postal Service

Inspectors, Transportation Security Agency, Homeland

Security, United States Secret Service and Department

of Energy. The Bomb Squad has memorandums of understanding

with several surrounding local law enforcement

agencies in surrounding counties to provide services

when requested.

• Held 28 meetings and training sessions

• Assisted the department at 49 events

• Completed 30 ride-a-longs with patrol officers,

totaling 280 hours

• Training for, and competing in, the Winterfest

Explorer Competition

• Assisted local Boy Scout troops with familiarization

training and their Urban Hike

• Provided parking control at the 2011 Honda

Wing Ding

• Provided traffic control during the TVA&I


• Provided traffic and crowd control all UT

home football games

• Provided crime prevention during the holiday

shopping season at Knoxville Center

and West Town shopping malls

• Collected trash and reported maintenance

issues at the historic Fort Dickerson Park

located in South Knoxville

• Donated 2,331 volunteer hours to the department

and community

Page 27

Reserve Unit

The Reserve Unit provides supplemental manpower

to the Patrol Division. Reserve Officers are

volunteers who receive police training and they assist

with traffic and crowd control at special events,

transporting prisoners and ride with full-time officers

to create a two-officer beat car. In addition to

this increased efficiency, the program provides Reserve

Officers with positive law enforcement experience

and a means to serve their community.

The Unit is assigned to the District Support Unit,

but provides supplemental assistance to all components

of the department.

Mobile Field Force

The Mobile Field Force (MMF) is currently comprised

of 40 members equally divided into three

squads. Some activities the MFF completed:

• Placed in stand-by status for events in the downtown


• Deployment for a protest event at the TVA Towers

• Staffed Cumberland Avenue on Friday and Saturday

evenings during University of Tennessee Football

games which relieved patrol shifts of the manpower

intensive assignments and promoted consistent enforcement

of order maintenance issues in the Cumberland

Avenue area.

Reserve Unit 2011 Highlights

• Donated 2,096 hours of volunteer assistance to the department and community, including 389 hours of training,

461 hours at special events, and 1,246 hours assisting in patrol

• Helped with 81 arrests and 246 citations

Marine Unit

The Marine Unit provides marine patrols, boat safety checks and education, assists disabled boaters and

swimmers and enforces boating laws. All of its members are trained and commissioned annually so they can

enforce boating laws by the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA). The unit patrolled waterways during

Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day (Boomsday) holidays. In addition, the Unit patrolled the

Volunteer Landing and the Volunteer Marina during all University of Tennessee home football games and participated

in several demonstrations. The unit regularly assisted TWRA during special events such as National

Operation Dry Water Weekend.

During 2011, the Marine Unit answered

a variety of calls for service

including boat theft investigations,

suicidal jumpers, public

drunkenness, disorderly conduct,

disabled boaters and body recoveries.

The unit also assisted in numerous

training days with the

Search and Recovery Team. The

unit has two boats that were donated

by Sea Ray Boats of Knoxville.

Page 28

2011 Annual Report

Honor Guard

Honor Guard 2011 Highlights

• Coffin Watch—2

• Retirement Ceremony —1

• Induction Ceremonies—3

• Posting of Colors—6

• Line of Duty Coffin Watch—4

• Memorial Services—4

• Internment Services—3

• Honor Guard School—1

The primary purpose

of the

Honor Guard is

to honor and

stand watch over

law enforcement

officers who have

made the ultimate

sacrifice. The

Honor Guard

team takes pride

in the law enforcement


and strives to

present a positive

and professional

image to the general

public. Other

missions include

civic events

where the team

post and retire the

colors, awards ceremonies and

all other events that fall within

the parameters of the Honor


Page 29

2011 Annual Report


Property Crimes Unit

The Property Crimes Unit consists of the Burglary and

Larceny Detail, Pawn Shop Detail, Auto Theft Detail,

Metal Theft Detail and Forgery and Fraud Detail. In

2011, the Unit reviewed 15,542 reports and assigned

5,976 cases to investigators.

Metal Theft Detail

The Metal Theft Detail is responsible for investigating

all crimes involving metals. Officers routinely conduct

inspections of scrap yards to ensure owners are in compliance

with regulations and laws. In 2011, there were

273 cases of metal thefts, many of which were attributed

to outside air conditioner units and sprinkler components

that were stolen and scrapped.

Forgery and Fraud Detail

Investigation Division Civilian Personnel

Accounting Clerk, Sr. 1

Administrative Assistant I 1

Crime Scene Tech I 1

Domestic Violence Program Coord. 1

Domestic Violence Program Mgr. 1

Electronic Evidence Collection Spec. Sr 3

Evidence Technician 4

Evidence Technician Sr. 3

Family Justice Center Program Mgr. 1

Firearms Examiner 1

Office Assistant I 1

Office Assistant II 6

Principal Secretary 1

Victim Services Counselor 2

The Forgery and Fraud Detail is responsible for investigating forgeries, scams, embezzlements, fraudulent

use of credit cards and internet-related fraud cases. The detail is a member of the East Tennessee US Attorney

Generals Identity Task Force and members of the Knoxville Bankers Group who meet and share information.

The detail was also assigned a number of Internet Crimes Complaint Center referrals from the National White

Collar Crime Center (NWCC) that occurred in our jurisdiction. In 2011, the Detail received 803 cases to investigate.

Mission Statement: Pursuit of Excellence in

Interaction of the Police With The Community

We are committed to a police-community partnership in providing the delivery of police

services. We shall accept a leadership role in increasing community understanding of

our abilities and limitations. Proactive policing and crime prevention shall be our primary


Page 30

2011 Annual Report

Auto Theft Detail

The Auto Theft Detail is responsible for investigating

all theft cases of vehicles occurring in the

City’s jurisdiction including: heavy equipment, airplanes,

trailers, and boats. The detail investigates

cases involving stolen auto parts and monitors all

facets of the vehicle impound lot. The detail reviews

and investigates all vehicles placed on hold at

the impound lot, clears all vehicles placed in the

stolen car lot before releasing them to the owner,

and reviews and checks paperwork on vehicles sold

in the monthly impound sale. The detail collects

physical evidence and ensures evidence is recovered

from vehicles when necessary. The detail reviewed

960 reports and assigned 697 in 2011, an

increase of 123 from 2010.

Burglary and Larceny Detail

Violent Crimes 2011 Highlights

• Homicide investigations resulted in eleven

cases closed by arrest, two closed by exceptional

means and three cases were officer

involved shootings

• Six homicides remain open and investigators

continue following leads to bring those cases

to prosecution

• Arrested 34 sex offenders for noncompliance

and registration violations.

Charged others with Aggravated Child Neglect,

Aggravated Child Abuse and two

charges of First Degree Murder for the death

of an 18 month old child.

• The Cold Case investigator reviews open

cases and evaluates the solvability factors,

follows up on any new leads and interviews

new witnesses or suspects. During 2011, the

investigator followed up on new evidence in

30 of these open cases. Two of these cases

now have evidence and are ready to be presented

to the Grand Jury for prosecution.

The Burglary and Larceny Detail is responsible for

reviewing and investigating all property crimes within

the city limits. The Detail investigates home burglaries,

business burglaries, vehicle burglaries, vandalism,

and all thefts. The Detail has made arrests or currently

has warrants on file, for a total of 1,010 individuals.

Violent Crimes Unit

The Violent Crimes Unit is responsible for the investigation

of all reported homicides, assaults, rapes and

robberies. In 2011, the Violent Crimes Unit investigated

reports of 1,039 aggravated assaults, 2,870 simple

assaults, 99 rapes, and 561 robberies. The unit

maintains a clearance average of over 53 percent.

Page 31

2011 Annual Report

Pawn Shop Detail

The Pawn Shop Detail is responsible for working

with all pawn shops and second-hand stores within

the city. Daily inspections of area pawn shops and

second hand stores are conducted to ensure that businesses

are complying with city ordinances and state

law. In 2011, the city passed a new ordinance that

will make reporting to the police department more

consistent and accurate. This will allow for better

prosecution and record keeping from both pawn

shops and second-hand stores. Using Leads-On-Line

(the record management/reporting system) for second-hand

stores and pawn shops, the detail recovered

$244,655 of stolen merchandise.

Family Crimes Unit

Family Crimes Unit cases focus on child abuse, domestic

violence and missing persons. Child abuse refers

to cases involving sexual abuse, physical abuse

or physical neglect of minors. Domestic violence

crimes concern incidents in which abuse occurs

among roommates, dating couples, family members

or former in-laws. The unit also investigates all missing

persons cases, whether it involves a juvenile or an


Family Crimes Unit

2011 Highlights

• Handled 8,306 cases: 6,705 domestic violence

reports and 1,601 juvenile incidents.

• This unit, along with the efforts of the Patrol

Division, completed 1,121 arrests involving

domestic violence.

• The six investigators assigned to this unit

made a total of 311 arrests subsequent to

their follow-up investigations of 1,496

cases .

• Five YWCA advocates and two KPD counselors

provided personal assistance to 2,421


• Distributed 2,636 information packets to

domestic violence victims with information

regarding the warning signs of abusive behavior,

safety planning and resources available

through the Knoxville Family Justice


• Made 48 presentations to 1,391 individuals

to educate about domestic violence related


Page 32

2011 Annual Report

Page 33

Forensic Unit

The Forensic Unit is comprised of five special details:

Crime Scene Processing, Fingerprint Identification,

Firearms Identification, Photo Lab, and Polygraph.

Through these specialties, the unit provides

services ranging from bullet comparisons to crime

scene reconstruction. The Knoxville Police Department,

in partnership with area colleges and universities,

hosts forensic science student interns throughout

the year. The unit also provides presentations to area

citizens groups, scouts and school groups. The crime

scene response personnel and supervisors are all

graduates of the University of Tennessee National Forensic

Academy located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The Forensic Unit responded to over 5,582 calls for

service in 2011, a 10% increase over 2010, with calls

ranging from simple vandalism to homicide. The unit

is responsible for gathering evidence from crime

scenes such as shoe impressions, chemically developed

bloody handprints and fingerprints from weapons

used in crimes; these aid in solving violent and

other crimes in the city.

Crime Scene Detail

Some of the forensic services provided by the

Crime Scene Detail include: latent fingerprint collection,

blood spatter documentation; firearms reconstruction;

impression casting of footprints and tool

marks; and the collection, processing and preservation

of evidence collected at crime scenes. Crime

scenes may also be documented with photography,

videotaping, field sketches and laser data plotting of

crime scenes with the use of the Delta Sphere or Total

Station instruments. The services provided by

this detail support the officer, investigator and court

prosecutors during trials.

Fingerprint Detail

The Fingerprint Detail uses the nationwidecomputerized

Automated Fingerprint Identification

System (AFIS) to assist officers and investigators in

matching fingerprints to unidentified suspects and

victims. The detail searches for evidence left behind

by suspects at every crime scene. Collected latent

prints are then hand-entered into AFIS. The detail is

responsible for matching latent prints to the identified

suspect. Other agencies throughout East Tennessee

routinely call upon the detail to help identify

victims and suspects in homicides and burglaries. In

2011, over 1,217 searches were conducted, representing

a 38% increase from 2010; 322 AFIS identifications

were made, which is an increase of 78%

from 2010. There were also 194 non-AFIS identifications

made, which was an increase of 76% over

year 2010. A total of 516 individuals were identified

resulting in a 77% increase over 2010.

Polygraph Detail

The Polygraph Detail conducts criminal and preemployment

polygraph tests, which are very different

in nature and content. Criminal examinations are

specific issue tests with the goal of finding deception

in the suspect of a crime. Each examination consists

of a pre-test interview, polygraph examination, and a

post-test interview. The Detail assists investigators

in identifying perpetrators and bringing cases to successful

closure. In 2011, the Detail conducted 109

Polygraph examinations.

Page 34

Firearms Detail

The Firearms Detail is participating in the Bureau

of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm’s (ATF) National

Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN)

program. The detail is responsible for imaging firearm

evidence collected and searching and comparing

the evidence against a national database. Positive

database search results are then confirmed with the

use of a comparison microscope. In 2011, over 1,252

microscopic comparisons were performed, a 29%

increase over 2010 which resulted in 84 positive


Photography Detail

The Photography Detail develops and processes

photographs for all City of Knoxville departments.

These services include creating enlargements for

court presentations and photographic services at special

events throughout the city. In 2011, over 16,000

photographs were processed by this detail.


The Internet Crimes Against Children Unit

(ICAC) is dedicated to investigating electronically

facilitated crimes against children. ICAC strives to

make our community safer by combating the exploitation

of children through successful investigation

and prosecution of predators who harm and victimize

our children. KPD’s ICAC Unit is the lead

agency in the Tennessee ICAC Task Force and

through partnerships with affiliate agencies across

the state, the task force pursues criminals harming

children. The ICAC Unit and the state task force are

funded through grants received from the Office of

Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

(OJJDP) and the State of Tennessee. The ICAC

Unit also partners with federal agencies, the United

States Attorney General’s Office, and the Knox

County District Attorney’s Office to better serve the


In 2011, the unit investigated over 170 computer forensic

exams and conducted training to over 700 individuals

in ICAC units.

Organized Crime Unit

The Organized Crime Unit is comprised of the Narcotics

Detail, Federal Task Forces and the Firearms

Investigative Team. This unit is responsible for enforcing

laws pertaining to organized criminal activities.

The Organized Crime Unit employs covert tactics

and limited electronic surveillance activities to

accomplish its goals.

Organized Crime Unit Partners:

United States Marshals Service

Smoky Mountain Fugitive Task Force

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Safe Streets Task Force

FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force

Drug Enforcement Administration

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task

Firearms Investigative Team

The Firearms Investigative Team (FIT) is the result

of a joint partnership between the Knoxville Police

Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms

and Explosives. The function of the FIT team is

to reduce violent crimes through the prosecution of

violent career offenders and drug dealers in possession

of firearms. The team has had continued involvement

with the Knox County District Attorney’s Office in the

prosecution of cases not accepted by the United States

Attorney’s Office on state felony charges. Their assistance

in cases that have been accepted for federal

prosecution has greatly strengthened the goals of this

program to reduce violent firearms-related crimes.

Narcotics Detail

The Narcotics Detail is charged with identification,

direction, and suppression of drug operations. The

detail focuses its attention on all drug abusers, from

the major distributor of illicit drugs, to the street level

drug dealer. Personnel assigned to this detail also

process all KPD seizures for revoked driver’s licenses

due to driving while intoxicated (Category II) and

drug violations (Category I).

2011 Annual Report


Training Academy

The Training Academy provides basic recruit training

to all new officers, annual in-service training to

current officers, and provides specialized training as

needed. The Training Academy keeps officers current

on new trends in professional policing and provides

training for civilian employees of the department, including

police cadets. In addition to the main training

facility at Moses Center in Knoxville’s Mechanicsville

community, the police department also has a

modern facility, the Phil E. Keith Training Center,

located on the east side of the city. Along with Partners

for Highway Safety, KPD provides “Collision

Avoidance Training” (CAT) for newly licensed drivers

between the ages of 16-18 years old. CAT is a

two-day, advanced defensive driving and vehicle control

program. All classes are conducted under the direct

supervision of Knoxville police officers who are

certified high liability driving instructors. Students

receive much of the same behind-the-wheel training

as police officers. In 2011, 15 participants successfully

completed the program.

Field Training Program

The Field Training Evaluation Program is a highly

structured training program designed to provide the

new officers with training needed to supplement

the knowledge gained in the Knoxville Police Department

Training Academy. Immediately upon graduation,

new officers are assigned with experienced and

trained field officers for a period of 16 working

shifts. The program

consists of

Support Services Civilian Personnel

four phases and the Administrative Technician 1

new officer is assigned

to various

Audio/Video Technician-Sr. 2

parts of the city Information Processing Spec. 1

consisting of 14 NCIC Operator 10

rotations or working

shifts. This as-

Office Assistant I 1

signment allows Office Assistant II 1

new officers the Photographic Records Tech. 1

opportunity to apply

his/her class-

Principal Secretary 1

room learning in Records Specialist 5

actual situations. Records Specialist Sr 2

The new officers

Safety City Coordinator 1

are allowed to

make their own Safety City Aide 1

decisions and handle

both common

Technology Unit Supervisor

and stressful situations

under the

Telephone Operator

Training Specialist

watchful eye of the





Mission Statement: Pursuit of Excellence in

Utilization of Human Resources

The Knoxville Police Department is committed to constantly analyzing, evaluating and

utilizing all available resources. We are committed to programs that will enhance the

role of both employees and management while working for the betterment of the


Page 35

2011 Annual Report

Volunteers in Police Service

The Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) supplements

and assists units within the department in

achieving their respective goals as well as in the delivery

of services to the community. Volunteers assist

in areas such as Family Justice Center, Organized

Crime Unit, Training Unit, Citizens Police Academy,

Safety Education Unit, Safety City, Violent Crimes

Unit, Forensics, the Property Unit and many other

departmental and community activities. In 2011, citizen

volunteers donated 2,506 hours.

Chaplains Corps

The Chaplains Corps assists in many activities to include:

• 8,760 on call hours volunteered

• 3,726 hours volunteered for Peer Support, Training,

Memorial Service, Prayer Walk, Chaplain


• Responded to 151 calls

• Responded to a total of 124 death calls including:

• Made 98 hospital/hospice/home visits

• Attended 61 Funerals or funeral home visits

Safety Education Unit

The Safety Education Unit represents a vital link

between the Knoxville Police Department and the

surrounding communities within the City of Knoxville.

Tasked with providing education to the public

at large as well as the business community, the Safety

Education Unit encompasses Safety City, the

LifeSkills Training® program, Volunteers in Police

Service (V.I.P.S.), a Boys & Girls Club liaison officer,

and an array of crime prevention programs, including

Neighborhood Watch. In 2011, the unit delivered

677 programs to approximately 43,730 citizens.

In 2011, officers in the Safety Education Unit taught

264 LifeSkills Training classes and made 6,027 student

contacts in schools within the city. LifeSkills

officers also conduct other prevention-related programs

to preschools, daycares, scout groups and other


Page 36

Boys and Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club Liaison Officer is a sworn

police officer assigned to work with the Boys & Girls

Clubs (B&GC) of the Tennessee Valley. The liaison

officer is active in a number of programs and activities

sponsored by the B&GC. The officer organized a

Leaders Only Club (L.O.C.) for children ages 6-12

years old. The L.O.C. teaches leadership and decision-making

skills. The liaison officer works with

first-time offenders at the Richard L. Bean Juvenile

Services Center through the B&GC Delinquency Prevention

Program, mentors youth, serving as a role

model and positive influence in their lives. The officer

is involved with the Son Rise Program which encourages

fathers, brothers, uncles, or grandfathers to

spend time with young males in their lives to build a

better relationship. The Son Rise Program is delivered

at Christenberry Elementary, Whittle Springs

Middle, Northwest Middle School, Austin-East High

and Fulton High Schools.

2011 Annual Report

Neighborhood Watch Groups

Neighborhood Watch Groups encourage people to

take ownership of their neighborhoods and empower

them to reduce crime through partnerships with their

neighbors and police. The program continues to

grow and see new interest each year. Neighborhood

Watch Programs forge partnerships between police

and the community they serve and result in stronger,

safer neighborhoods. The unit conducted 61

Neighborhood Watch meetings with 4,957 citizens

in attendance.

Child Safety Programs

Child Safety Programs are presented by uniformed

police officers to children and youth ranging in age

groups from pre-school to middle school. Topics include

preventing victimization, gun safety, alcohol/

tobacco/other drug awareness, community helpers, and

how to use the E-911 emergency system. Program topics

are flexible so the presenting officer can discuss a

variety of issues tailored to different age groups. During

2011, the Safety Education Unit presented 87 programs

that were attended by 3,525 children and youth.

Residential and

Business Survey Programs

Residential and Business Surveys are provided to

local businesses, churches, civic organizations and

homeowners upon request. Once a request has been

made, the Safety Education Unit conducts a security

survey using the principles of Crime Prevention

Through Environmental Design (CPTED) to determine

the security status of a facility and make recommendations

to minimize criminal opportunity.

The Unit conducted 25 business or commercial security

surveys with 164 citizen interactions concerning

CPTED in 2011.

Personal Safety Programs

Personal Safety Programs stress safety awareness

and harm prevention to both men and women using

common sense measures to survive potentially dangerous

situations. During 2011, the Safety Education

Unit conducted 23 programs to groups with 1,192

citizens in attendance.

Page 37

Senior Citizen Programs

Senior Citizen Programs are designed to inform senior

citizens of criminal activity that directly affects

them. Programs include information about common

scams and frauds that target seniors, as well as personal

safety information. In 2011, the Safety Education

Unit presented 20 programs to 489 participants

from church groups and civic organizations.

Fingerprint Program

The Fingerprint Program is provided at area safety

fairs, day care centers and special events such as the

Shoney’s Kid Care ID program. In 2011, the Safety

Education Unit conducted 6 programs where 2,181

children were fingerprinted.

Fatal Vision Project

The Fatal Vision Project is an interactive program

demonstrating the effects of alcohol. The program

uses specially made goggles that simulate three different

levels of intoxication. Participants wear the goggles

for a “clearer” understanding of alcohol’s impairing

effects in a variety of situations. The goggles are

utilized in classrooms, Youth Council meetings, corporate

safety programs and in DUI awareness efforts.

These goggles are also utilized in the Tennessee Alcohol

Servers Knowledge (TASK) classes as a demonstration

of impairment with sellers and servers of alcohol.

Occupant Protection Programs

The Safety Education Unit provides several Occupant

Protection Programs to the public. Currently, the

Knoxville Police Department has thirteen employees

who have completed the 32-hour Child Passenger

Safety Technician standardized training, and are certified

car seat technicians. The Department conducts a

child safety seat checkpoint at 917 E. Fifth Ave. on the

second Saturday of select months, twice per quarter.

During 2011, technicians inspected 161 seats. Technicians

also conducted pre-natal classes and programs at

various locations providing child safety seat information

to over 200 new parents.

Halloween in the City

Halloween in the City provided children with a safe,

family friendly atmosphere for trick-or-treating. After

years of holding the event at Safety City, the KPD

sought a larger location due to the overwhelming attendance

numbers that were experienced previously. In

2011, the event was held on the Mary Costa Plaza adjacent

to the Coliseum. Along with a more open venue,

attendees received all of the usual attractions, candy

and festivities included in the event in prior years, as

well as safer access and more parking. There were an

estimated 7,000 attendees at the event.

Safety City

Safety City is a community service program dedicated

to educating second grade students in pedestrian,

bicycle, passenger and fire safety, as well as

the correct use of E-911. While Safety City is a component

of the Knoxville Police Department, it welcomes

participation and sponsorship by the entire

community, including government, private businesses,

industry and civic organizations. Safety

City is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30

p.m. In 2011, more than 8,000 community members

attended Safety City as a field trip or a special event.

A total of 6,000 students in 328 classes from nine

different counties attended the second grade educational

program. During the summer months a modified

educational program is conducted for groups

from local churches, day cares, scout troops, etc. In

2011, 350 individuals attended this program. During

the summer, Safety City dedicates certain hours for

families to enjoy the facility as a park. For about 8

weeks families may ride their bikes and batterypowered

vehicles, or just walk around the 11-acre

site. In 2011, more than 1,500 visited the facility.

Safety Fairs

Safety Fairs are offered primarily to teach participants

the skills needed to safely ride their bikes in

their communities. Children, accompanied by an

adult, bring their own bicycles for a safety inspection

and their helmets for proper fitting adjustments.

The participants receive classroom instruction and

then practice what they learned at various skills stations

throughout the miniature city. In 2011, more

than 300 participated in one of two Safety Fairs

sponsored by the police department.

Page 38

2011 Annual Report

Shoney’s Kid Care Program

The Shoney’s Kid Care Program allows Safety City

to participate with other organizations to promote

traffic safety to school age children and their families.

During these events, officers fingerprint children for

parents to keep on file in case of an emergency. The

events are held at area shopping malls where access is

convenient to the public. In 2011, 2,100 children

were fingerprinted at 3 events.

School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer Program is designed

to put police officers in the school setting. The presence

of School Resource Officers (SRO) on campus

ensures a faster police response to incidents requiring

police involvement such as emergencies, criminal

investigations, and when necessary arrests. SROs

also provide students, faculty and staff with the opportunity

to meet and interact with police officers in a

non-confrontational setting. This program provides

the opportunity for officers to serve as a role model

as well as a resource and mentor for students.

Records Unit

The Records Unit is responsible for storage, maintenance,

retrieval and security of all offense reports,

DUI and arrest reports, accident reports, traffic reconstruction

files, criminal history records, and criminal

investigative files. Located within the Records Unit,

the NCIC Unit handles all NCIC (National Crime Information

Center) entries and inquires. Microfilming

for the department, data entry and telephone operator/

receptionist responsibilities are handled within the

Records Section.

The Knoxville Police Department has gone to a completely

computerized traffic accident report. This allows

officers to submit their reports on their Mobile

Data Terminals (MDT, thus reducing the turnaround

time for making available to citizens and sending

them to the state. In order to better serve the citizens

of Knoxville the police department purchased a new

records management system that will lead to a completely

paperless system. This new system is now

fully functional.

Records Unit 2011 Highlights

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Fleet Services

Fleet Services is responsible for oversight and deployment

of the police department’s fleet of vehicles. In

addition to regular maintenance and repair, over 90

new Crown Victorias were also equipped and distributed.

In 2011, the City of Knoxville purchased 169

Ford Crown Victorias, 17 Ford Fusions for policing

and two Chevrolet vans for prisoner transport. The

new multi-compartment prisoner transports have 3

compartments that can safely transport males, females,

and/or aggressive prisoners at the same time.

• Processed 23,129 (10-month total) transactions

resulting in $142,857 in revenue

• Expunged 4,370 records

• Entered 9,336 arrest reports and 6,965 misdemeanor

citations, and 5,858 tow-in reports

NCIC 2011 Highlights

• Handled 176,112 NCIC requests

• Processed 1,123 criminal histories for


• NCIC wanted persons hits resulted in 379

persons arrested

• Listed 765 vehicles, 555 license plates,

1,325 articles and 163 firearms into NCIC

• Entered 491 missing persons which resulted

and located 544 missing persons

2011 Annual Report

Knoxville Police Department—800 Howard Baker Jr. Ave.—Knoxville, TN 37915

Page 40

2011 Annual Report

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