Car Magazine Preview December 2014

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Contents<br />

118COVER STORY<br />

LaFerrari vs<br />

McLaren P1!<br />

AMG<br />

GTS vs Porsche 911<br />

GTS on epic roads<br />

64Mercedes<br />

97<br />

It’s our<br />

whistlestop<br />

tour<br />

through<br />


78<br />

F1 is only the<br />

start: uncovering<br />

the real Williams<br />

84<br />

90<br />

What do New<br />

Yorkers think of<br />

their new taxi?<br />

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Our man in at<br />

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AGENDA<br />

14 BMW plots super i8 and new M6<br />

16 7 wow-factor cars of the month<br />

18 60 years of Ferrari North America<br />

20 Bianchi, Senna & the case for F1 safety<br />

22 Will the flying car actually take off?<br />


26 Mitsubishi: Evo is dead for good<br />

30 Renault EV that doesn’t need charging<br />


32 Ford Mondeo<br />

36 BMW X6<br />

38 Rolls-Royce Ghost<br />

40 Vauxhall Corsa<br />

42 Mercedes GLA45 AMG vs Audi RSQ3<br />

46 Lexus NX<br />

48 Volkswagen Passat<br />

49 Mercedes S-class plug-in hybrid<br />

50 Audi S6<br />


52 The CAR columnists<br />

58 Letters to CAR<br />


64 Mercedes AMG GTS vs Porsche 911 GTS<br />

It’s Merc’s 911 vs the real thing, as we pit all-new AMG<br />

GTS against Porsche’s new hero, also called GTS<br />

78 The other side of Williams F1<br />

Everything from buses to wind turbines: we uncover the<br />

amazing world inside Sir Frank’s £8m tech centre<br />

84 Our man makes Ginetta race debut<br />

Meet our James. How did he get onto this grid?<br />

90 We test New York’s new taxi<br />

Georg braves Manhattan driving the new Nissan cab<br />

97 <strong>2014</strong>’s Greatest Hits<br />

<strong>Car</strong>s, people, incident… one year, 100 memories<br />

110 Cover story: McLaren P1 to Maranello<br />

Ferrari here we come! Across the Alps in a Brit hypercar<br />

118 Cover story: LaFerrari vs McLaren P1<br />

World exclusive: the test they all wanted<br />

REAR END<br />

130 OUR CARS: Hello Peugeot RCZ R<br />

162 TOP 10: bosses sacked by their own firm<br />


First<br />

Drives<br />



BMW X6<br />




LEXUS NX<br />


32 CARMAGAZINE.CO.UK I DECEMBER <strong>2014</strong>

Ford Mondeo 2.0-litre TDCi 180 Titanium X<br />

Better late than never<br />

Three years after its US launch, Brits finally get the new Mondeo. Good job it’s good. By CJ Hubbard<br />

IN SEPTEMBER, CAR managing<br />

editor Greg Fountain tweeted a<br />

picture of this car, saying, ‘Here’s<br />

the new #FordMondeo. Been ready<br />

for launch for three years – looks<br />

what it is: old’. Ford’s director of<br />

product communication, Jay Ward,<br />

actually took the time to reply: ‘I’m<br />

biased of course but there’s nothing old<br />

about the new Mondeo. Looks great<br />

and with tech no one else has even<br />

now.’ So who’s right here?<br />

‘Even now’ is troubling for me. The<br />

reality is that the Mondeo went on sale<br />

in America as the Fusion in 2012, and<br />

the modern automotive landscape just<br />

does not stand still for that long.<br />

Perhaps it doesn’t matter.<br />

Fundamentally, this is still a very good<br />

car, and perhaps the people who will<br />

actually buy it won’t even be aware of<br />

the timescale. But if Ford was hoping to<br />

attract customers beyond this existing<br />

pool of committed consumers, then<br />

some of the impact has surely been lost.<br />

When the Fusion was revealed at<br />

the Detroit motor show back in January<br />

2012 it was almost shockingly good<br />

looking, with those taut lines, lantern<br />

jaw and – no getting away from it –<br />

Aston Martin-esque grille design. If<br />

anything, the European Mondeo<br />

version dials up the intensity with the<br />

availability of sleek full-LED<br />

headlights from the off.<br />

Yet you notice this less, because the<br />

rest of the Ford range has already<br />

stolen all of its most dramatic styling<br />

cues. As a result, the Mondeo emerges<br />

not with the presence – the shock of the<br />

new – that it probably deserves, but<br />

with the appearance of a Fiesta that’s<br />

been on a committed fast-food bender<br />

for the past 24 months. And I think it’s<br />

an opportunity missed.<br />


DECEMBER <strong>2014</strong> I CARMAGAZINE.CO.UK<br />


64 CARMAGAZINE.CO.UK I DECEMBER <strong>2014</strong>


Merc AMG GTS vs 911 GTS<br />

WORDS: Georg Kacher I PHOTOGRAPHY: Tom Salt<br />

Is this the moment when Mercedes at last<br />

wrestles the ‘greatest sports car’ crown from<br />

Porsche? We’re first to test the AMG GTS<br />

against its target: the new 911 GTS<br />

DECEMBER <strong>2014</strong> I CARMAGAZINE.CO.UK<br />


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Williams:<br />

Racing to save<br />

the planet<br />

Sir Frank’s eponymous F1 team has had a good<br />

season but here, in a brand new £8m tech centre,<br />

the company’s wider genius is really taking flight<br />

WORDS: Ben Barry I PHOTOGRAPHY: Richard Pardon<br />

78 CARMAGAZINE.CO.UK I DECEMBER <strong>2014</strong>


Williams Advanced Engineering<br />

DECEMBER <strong>2014</strong> I CARMAGAZINE.CO.UK<br />


motorsport<br />

Our man’s first race<br />

84 CARMAGAZINE.Co.uk I DECEMbEr <strong>2014</strong>

This is<br />

what happens<br />

when you’re<br />

not careful<br />

what you<br />

wish for<br />

Meet James, CAR’s new writer. He dreamed of<br />

being a racing driver. Now he’s on the grid at<br />

Donington wondering if this was a good idea…<br />

WORDS: James Taylor I PHOTOGRAPHY: Thomas Butler<br />

DECEMBER <strong>2014</strong> I CARMAGAZINE.CO.UK<br />


car world<br />

New York’s new taxi<br />

90 enjoy car for a whole year for just £27! greatmagazines.co.uk/car I deceMber <strong>2014</strong>

WORDS: Georg Kacher<br />

PHOTOGRAPHY: Tom Salt<br />

From next year the defining New<br />

York taxi will be… a Nissan van.<br />

We played (unlicensed) taxi driver<br />

for 24 hours to gauge the impact<br />

on Manhattan’s street scene<br />

THE PUBLIC RESPONSE to the Nissan NV200<br />

varies from indifference to repulsion. It’s a far cry from<br />

the full-size Caprices and Crown Vics which hark<br />

back to the classic three-box Checker cabs, and locals<br />

scoff at its anonymity for undermining a New York<br />

institution. NYC mayor Bill de Blasio openly rejects<br />

the $1bn, 10-year taxi deal signed by his predecessor<br />

Michael Bloomberg, expressing concern that the current fleet of<br />

what are mainly hybrid taxis are about to be replaced with a<br />

bland, Mexican-built product powered by a low-tech petrol<br />

engine. There is no plug-in tech, no diesel option, not even a<br />

stop/start system. In fact, because of its fat CO2 footprint, the<br />

NV200 is something of an eco-dinosaur.<br />

During rush-hour, however, New Yorkers don’t exactly care<br />

– in a state of aggressive panic, they will hail anything they can<br />

flag down. Cruising up and down 5th Avenue on a Friday<br />

afternoon and early evening, we could have easily raked in<br />

about $250 plus tips. But sadly we’re not street legal: we have no<br />

steel medallion welded onto the bonnet, no in-dash meter or<br />

receipt printer, and no switch to deactivate the roof-mounted<br />

‘I’m Not On Hire’ lights. Apologies to all those hopefuls we had<br />

to ignore, but will remember for their creative gestures and<br />

fabulous language. I would only have got them lost, anyway.<br />

Since Nissan has so far delivered fewer than 600 NV200 <br />


Like a good sauce, a<br />

year in the life of CAR<br />

needs reducing down<br />

before it becomes truly<br />

rich and tasty. Here’s<br />

our distilled version of<br />

<strong>2014</strong>, a time-lapse<br />

journey through 12<br />

months of cars, people,<br />

incidents, adventures<br />

and much more stuff,<br />

both good and bad…<br />

and yes, even ugly!<br />

CAR 100<br />

G R E A T E S T H I T S<br />

OF <strong>2014</strong><br />


CAR 100<br />

GREATEST HITS OF <strong>2014</strong><br />


2 Its full name – Asterion LPI 910-<br />

4 – is the whole story: LP denotes<br />

longitudinale posteriore engine position, I means<br />

Ibrido or hybrid, 910 is the combined PS output<br />

and 4 means four-wheel drive. It’s Lambo’s<br />

fi rst front-wheel driver (shock) but despite<br />

beardy intent still packs a V10 (unshock). More<br />

importantly, we want to marry it.<br />

3<br />



Suspiciously beautiful<br />

and desirable centenary<br />

gift from Maserati to itself<br />

surely destined for<br />

mothballs. But no!<br />

It’s a goer!<br />

1<br />

NISSAN<br />


Weird, pointy electric<br />

three-seater most notable<br />

for pissing off Panoz,<br />

whose Nismo-powered<br />

DeltaWing racer it<br />

resembles.<br />

7<br />

Mind-blowing<br />

concepts<br />

4<br />

TOYOTA FT-1<br />

Or Future Toyota One. ‘Don’t<br />

call it the new Supra,’ they said,<br />

so we called it the new Supra.<br />

Rustled up by Toyota’s LA-based<br />

substance-smokers as a Trojan<br />

horse PlayStation fantasy, FT-1 was<br />

fi rst shown to boss Akio Toyoda on<br />

his console, and he immediately<br />

thrashed it round Fuji Speedway.<br />

His smile suggested he – and we –<br />

might be able to do that for real one<br />

day. Sigh. Now, back to that Auris…<br />

98 CARMAGAZINE.CO.UK I DECEMBER <strong>2014</strong>

cover story<br />

McLaren P1: the road to Ferrari<br />

110 CARMAGAZINE.Co.uk I deceMber <strong>2014</strong>

Call<br />

Ferrari.<br />

Tell them<br />

we’re on<br />

our way<br />

Bring a P1 to Maranello, they said, and we’ll<br />

match it with a LaFerrari for the test that<br />

everybody wants to read. Right then! Over the<br />

Alps, down to Milan and on into supercar<br />

valley we drove. Destiny awaits…<br />

WORDS: Chris Chilton I PHOTOGRAPHY: Greg Pajo<br />

DECEMBER <strong>2014</strong> I CARMAGAZINE.CO.UK<br />


WORDS: Chris Chilton I PHOTOGRAPHY: Greg Pajo<br />

Finally then, two warring dynasties meet.<br />

On the hills above Maranello, for the<br />

first time ever, the world’s two greatest<br />

hypercars go head-to-head<br />

118 CARMAGAZINE.CO.UK I DECEMBER <strong>2014</strong>


McLaren P1 vs LaFerrari<br />

DECEMBER <strong>2014</strong> I CARMAGAZINE.CO.UK<br />


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