General Provisions for Lessees of the Westergasfabriek

General Provisions for Lessees of the Westergasfabriek

General provisions for lessees of the Westergasfabriek

13. Alarm

Most buildings are fitted with an alarm. When handing over the buildings, in addition to the keys, the lessee is

also given the code and instructions on how to use the alarm. The lessee ensures that the alarm is correctly

turned on and off. The costs incurred from incorrect use or a false alarm are at the lessee’s expense.

14. Truss and floor load

There is a maximum load for floors and trusses, which cannot be exceeded. For the floor of the ground floor,

the maximum is 500 kg/m 2 . The maximum load of the roof trusses differs per building and can be found at

For the path along the Transformatorhuis there is a maximum load of 10 tonnes. If necessary, the lessee must

take protective measures (drive plates).

Standard rigging facilities are available in the Transformatorhuis. As for their use, the lessee must contact the

lessor’s preferred supplier, specified in the rental agreement. Use of the standard facilities or installation of

alternative rigging facilities by the lessee or other parties without prior permission from this supplier is not


15. Noise standards

A number of spaces have limited sound isolation. The lessee will report in advance to the lessor if third parties

are to experience noise. The lessor works with a specialised sound advisor and advises lessees to consult this

person. The Events division provides information on this.

The lessee may never exceed the noise standards. The noise standards can be found in the umbrella permit

(Rental Agreement annex). Events that require a permit will have these standards stated on the permit. If the

activity could entail noise, the lessee must measure it and make sure that the imposed standards are not

exceeded. If exceeded, the supervisor has the right to stop these noise-generating activities.

16. Electricity

With the exception of the Westelijk Meterhuis, all buildings are equipped with three-phase power. The lessor

recommends using this power supply to all electricity users. The lessee must present the lessor with an

electrical plan no later than 10 working days prior to the rental period commencing. In case of professional

uncertainty or if the electrical plan is not submitted in a timely manner, the lessor will assign an electrician for

the rental period at the lessee’s expense. The lessee will ensure that the power supply for all parts are stated

in the electrical plan: lights, sound, catering, cooling, dressing room, tents and any additional toilets/showers,


Placement of a generator must be done in consultation with the lessor. The lessee is then obliged to rent a

quiet generator, which must be depicted on the map for the Westerpark district.

17. Water

Should the lessee use water and/or discharge water, the lessee must ensure proper installation for the supply

and discharge of water. Fire hoses may only be used in case of fire. The spaces may not be cleaned by

spraying water on the floors or walls. Costs for any kind of damage are at the lessee’s expense.

18. Kitchens

Should the lessee serve food during the event, the lessee must set up a kitchen according to the applicable

legal standards and in accordance with Point 11. This minimally entails a floor and wall covering that can be

easily cleaned. Guidelines can be requested from the caterer of the Food and Non-Food Authority, Horecabond


19. Fibre optic network

All buildings are connected to a fibre optic network for image, sound and communication connections for radio,

television and the Internet, which in turn is connected to the MediaRing in Hilversum. Normally, the data

connections are turned off. To discuss the possibilities of activating them, hiring network components and/or IT

support on location, the lessee must contact the lessor’s preferred supplier, specified in the rental

agreement. Arranging for other contractors to manage these connections is not permitted.

20. Tents

In consultation with the lessor, the lessee can place tents by most of the buildings. Rent will be owed to the

Westerpark district for the use of the outdoor space. The location and dimensions of the tents must be clearly

indicated on the map for the Westerpark district (see ‘Permits’).

21. Refuse

It is forbidden to place refuse bags and containers outside. To dispose refuse, containers can be leased from

the lessor. All containers must be placed by the lessee inside the building before, during and after the event.

22. Safety


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