COPPE UFRJ - Embassy of Brazil in London

COPPE UFRJ - Embassy of Brazil in London

2 nd Brazil-UK Oil & Gas Meeting: Cooperation on R&D and Innovation

Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane, London, 14 July 2011

Segen F. Estefen

Director for Technology and Innovation

COPPE Board of Directors

General Director

Luiz Pinguelli Rosa

Deputy General Director

Aquilino Senra Martinez

Director for Academic Affairs

Edson Hirokazu Watanabe

Director for Technology and Innovation

Segen Farid Estefen

Director for Planning and Administration

Guilherme Horta Travassos

COPPE Academic Structure

12 Departments for Graduated Courses (Master and Doctoral Degrees)

Biomedical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Metallurgical and Material


Ocean Engineering

Energy Planning

Production Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Systems and Computation


Transportation Engineering

Academic Output 2010

348 Master Dissertations

191 Doctoral Theses

2200 Papers In Journals and Conferences

Research Facilities

116 Laboratories

Lab Complex I-2000

Technological Park

Ocean Lab




Scientific Visualization Lab

+ 11 R&D Centers from private companies

2 Incubators

Technology Based Company (Spin-offs)

Popular Cooperatives


325 Teaching Staff

2800 Students

1600 Master

1200 Doctor

350 Technical and Administrative Staff

+ 500 professionals hired for the research



For Industry

Oil and Gas

Ship and Offshore Structures


Chemistry and Biotechnology

Mining and Steel

For Government

Public Policy Planning


Social Technology

For Services


Civil Construction



Technology for the Pre-Salt


1977 - Offshore Structures

1984 - Robotics & Control Group

1989 - Subsea Technology Lab

1998 - Personal Training and Projects in Environment & Geochemistry

2001 - 1000 contracts with PETROBRAS

2003 - Ocean Lab

2006 - 2000 contracts with PETROBRAS

2009 - Lab for Nondestructive Tests, Corrosion and Welding

2011 - 3000 contracts with PETROBRAS

Ocean Lab

Hydrodynamics of Floating


Offshore Equipment Analysis

Deepwater Installations

Prototype Evaluation

LAMCE – Computational Methods for Engineering

• Reservoir simulation

• Structural reliability

• Fluid mechanics

Subsea Technology Lab

• Hyperbaric chambers for deepwater (pressure equivalent up to

5,000 m): qualification tests for equipment and sensors

• Riser Installation: reeling simulation and fatigue evaluation

• Sandwich pipe: COPPE patent for ultra-deepwater applications

• Multiphase looping for subsea separation (construction in progress)

Lab for Nondestructive Tests, Corrosion and Welding

Focus on aspects related to Pre-Salt challenges

in materials for wells and subsea production.

Robotics & Control Group

• Subsea robotics

• Control applied to offshore operations

Climate Change - COPPE Clima

IVIG – Virtual International Institute for Global Change

Brazilian Forum for Climate Change

IPCC - most recent participation: Special Report on

Renewable Energy, May 2011.

Strategic Research Projects:

Biofuels , CCS, Hydrogen Tech, Maglev,

Ocean Energy.

Hydrogen Technology

Hybrid Bus: Electricity and Hydrogen

Fuel Cell + Battery or

Ethanol Engine + Battery or

Battery Only

Capacity: 64 passengers



Wave Energy: Electricity Generation and Desalination

Full scale prototype (100 kW) due to initiate

operation in the Brazilian Northeast cost

Magnetic Levitation

Development of magnetic levitation train

using superconductors

Prototype to be installed in the University


Future application for urban connections

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